K&C - John Henry wants to rename Yawkey Way; Dave Goucher is no longer with us 8-18-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, August 18th

Hour 1: Mut is in with Kirk and Gerry and the guys begin with John Henry wanting to rename Yawkey Way.


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It's Kirk and Callahan had even mentioned you know the way trump is handling this stuff. Right now I won't call them monsters. Because they weren't there like that there through one entry I love the record and he took a shot of the country's leadership experience. Did you eat everything goes right up Michael. Oops if you're racist you about your mom not a racist I'm on the walls in the sports straight those sports I think that's that's all I do with Kurt committee. There will be questions about copycats will be questions. If so what happened. In Barcelona. It was their fault at all. A copycat version of what happened there's Charlotte role what you just said. It's one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard even though there may be different character different political ambitions. They use of the same killing device and Gerry Callahan. You feel bad at all knowing months beat guys feel like you can tough Clinton and I was a total dipped them if you feel like a little bit I hear it is. W ya right yes. The lines. Love. We'll talk about it tomorrow. He knows. Plus Sports Radio WEEI. I've sent haunted by it comes out on to do more people really Angeles. We can do some. He should get rid of that statue month exit capital. As a tackle real hair on this is the time the real there. Then that's when lawn jockey things yeah. This month. We'll get to that believe visa issue goes on my thumb jockeys have those. Old I don't remember that yeah yeah definitely. You can never be sure it was him who who was that the robes on oh. Ya just amazing the day that it became trendy to change names tear down statues that very day. These days that John and we got Hahn he would be suggesting John Henry's pandering and suggesting John Henry's and you enjoy your week off next week if you don't beat the disease is education. Via I wanna get this I wanna do this in August welcome Lucas I regret that really rather not do this in November January. But of course and everybody knows that and who really doesn't leave. On it like meaning what is it your dreams and your nightmares is China because you cited a street signs we chew up into the streets and and I loved the rationalizations. Of all the buildings that they can foundation has built all the hospitals. All the good. Panel stay. But the street it's time to pick and we'll all feel better well I'll feel better way than it more obvious to refer to beat Michael Silberman story. He had yesterday late yesterday afternoon once again the herald's got the John Henry scoop some odd it's a weird thing it's. Like children right and let this be an inner circle might emails they fall they certainly Fossett political world yes through there's no Dennis now it goes to even if you look at. It would of course our strategy could boxing's not just don't ya I'll thinks problem to a soccer team policy in the middle like when you wake up and I got haunted by. Green thing where people you know put their feet left right left right left right to go somewhere else that's so on and I. But here's here's what's so massage or less went knowingly used. Dismissal of the slippery slope I mean your friend dale. Did yesterday I would go look at those guys don't want to hear. This is the definition of a slippery slope I mean obviously I went over what the statues. It was a good question asked by the president or what about Washington but Jefferson. And the next day we have our lines of antsy and and commentators and and politicians say and we wanted to pared down in Washington Jefferson. You name. I believe forty of the founding. The signers of the declaration and its own slaves yes so that we advocate of that or six I mean let's be clear on its own you individually really care if they change the name is absolutely not know to why. Absolutely not I I've no great love or respect for yucky. Maybe his wife and I believe she's the same name yes that. Yet yet key injuries fighting about but if it nice read the rules notes simple of the I laughed out I'm not kitten I laughed I thought it wasn't York when he said David Ortiz. Always we say yesterday when they retire I thought he was hit cheers who got more opposite Henry he would renamed a street. David Ortiz way or big poppy way. I mean how can you not love I talked about he talked about it in an attitude adjustment for. If you give this man right of charts that this and you don't want to even more. Even even more. Even more what do you give a guy as an all evil elegance is I'm not taking did you hurt other issues to this from taking calls suggestions yes we yeah 61 so some ideas I I don't I heard some good ones Euphrates a good Illinois. It is a man who has everything. In a word of more. Cod style he Fraser Jimmy Fund was only a few good ones there and Martin Richard you don't like that idea Khaled you are going on you don't feel I'm bad I don't like my original was that Jeff Bowman is that I think is liberal. I mean honestly who was done more courts Stallman or talking on Ortiz. I yeah. Yeah Grand Slam against Patricia all the Christians and help them catch this idea of course is Hillary furcal are ever ever Bowman and it's yankees know for its exhaust our series ever achieved are barred Richard great if that Jeff would be great. And you what they were at the Richard family we saw them a couple of years ago park is awesome awesome they're great we have bill on a couple years ago great guy to be fantastic appreciate it. We're keys we show up. And smile on his sunglasses and waving not appreciated blatant copy to Kevin sport shop I would appreciate it right I mean it's. Isn't part of the authorities named after Ortiz yes there is a bridge facility obviously Jimmy fun way album by the Jimmy Fund right that's so what if you wanna name Jimmy putt on all fours I don't have any rate whatever love or respect that care that changed the name. I follow all the rules and change in name and I don't think he should have a mob of anti file thugs behind the hole and ripped it down I think you should do with the which eventually ultimately they'll just get ready because some people are doing because they take ordered trump to their angry they move on so the Washington monument at some point will be renamed that that is going to be pulled down renamed reading. I'll go that I'd like I don't think she yank it that's going to be the Jenner monument or something you know you what are whatever you want. And you know all these things on Jefferson stuff that abortion stuff they're gone they're going to be gone. I George Washington university's not going to be called. I honestly I mean FDR you really want things named after the man we've turned a 120000 Japanese George two K already. Is calling for. The removal of FDR. Was statue. Osama commemoration. Of the IR and in. Initially it sells so I. Tell you why that's not appropriate the guy if you're Japanese American. Agree FDR as the double why would you not want why would you want him honored. It wouldn't because he was a liberal you wouldn't again but here's the problem is if you go picking scabs on all these guys who find some. I can say right now and in them this is not hyperbole there is much more evidence that John F. Kennedy was severe racist than Tom yawkey. I happen to think that all 45. Sodium so what was more races the other. Let him go that means prices. I taught got you got pretty tough got you as a race what US a good question yesterday. We're talking is this does it does we used to as much charities Tom yawkey did. There's some of that away the bad we had these jobs plus he just asked to yet we had two months he's sitting right there were. The witness that too much is right now. And he said to. Give he he gives Robert Byrd a complete. Test because he made amends he told a person on a plane right OK but you would agree that that's would be the take for most liberals that were opposite case Cuba it's dark it. God knows the clintons over here is important you think this out they got Sosa Robert Byrd denounced the Klan Robert Byrd was the he was the biggest. Or now or pig. And of all time I mean all he did was bring home the bacon West Virginia. Tom jockey for all his faults. The biggest most generous of him he and his wife and his foundation. Is there a bigger better more generous philanthropists in history of Boston. Almost 500 million dollars you're talking about me she wished and especially after he died. She continued that legacy I can't they doubled in the video she's dead they continuing now without it you Nokia if you've been to Mass. General I mean it is. It's amazing to be good to the occupy a nation has done. And so we're gonna on we're gonna remove missile streets. And these huge signs of Mass. General client and to open up a plaque and on an album children's why do you why do that idol it's a great questions and has a lot says block things out of real lack I don't understand said he thought why they can't pass and one that paragraph vital police amnesty artists and we know what's interested now now fully aware of what his job is trust me and he has to do this works for John Henry. Just got a promotion. Who's gonna he's got who's sort of carry the water form again but the but the bought you could change jockeys name. The point is you know when people do things when the wind is most at their back. But they did yesterday's laugh I mean he was haunted if you talked about a good three years ago haunted because of that name is that operate just how many knows have strongly stiff in 2002. He could sure. If he was so hard to finally sounds like the Angelos were all on board two are so it could have been done like that even note Tom Menino. Was against and so what he could we say it was a little plot. He stayed on the real passion they changed the name I don't like the idea that they can change themselves if they wanna change it why can't that they basically can't deacon big because there is there's no it was waters. They get the AD and we'll learn they agreed they can change it feel like they can change history when they should be voted on by the people Boston if you wanted to do if you wanna Haywood that when I guess what will happen. That I'm not sure at what I want you used to beat people Boston would be the Boston city count what you guys you guys say that but then she'll these polls last two days and there's a million of them. Not say Boston but most of the country about where he's OK state can you give me a second here lately something priceless. You've seen across the country where all we take these. Confederate statues down. While most people don't care they're not offended by it is thought I'd look at this and say OK the Red Sox are apparently haunted by this. I don't think fans are going to be what the fans vote on this one changeup oddly do you elation the only change transitional Red Sox fans. Actually it's a live in Boston Red Sox already have some sort so I am I. Okay and residents have you ever been in in and around that neighborhood not if I'd say I think there's a lot of Tompkins and neighborhood your city or unpopular Clinton than let them vote on Jerry OK I don't think you want the neighborhood like that that the the it's a public street rational serious applause and vote on the whole signal also give us in the way and the street yes if you're gonna change why not they will they'll be like is this really has this really matter that's why I would like something it does your anti government Red Sox but even if you deal Tony refuted the matter you. Most people I mean would you go with us. I'm at I lived in Boston maybe I would I would indecision a winner out. I K I adults with night on my plate right now would be voting for but may god maybe I really thought about that Barack did that there may be. The Republicans and patient may be fun. It is tune in and if they say change the name and knock I have on about change it to mean the Red Sox take their own internal polls of their fans whenever. I don't know who gets to decide to decide what the new name of Renaissance Hotel whoever it is their ideas in this from city councilman some old bull will go right. I'm not sure that's who makes the call today at all the rules here. On on renaming streets and it's halted due. Jesus also the lesser lights the dues that they do their identities and yes and let the next guy who I think will be more deserving wherever it is if I gave me. He's even if it is David Ortiz the next have been more deserving yucky I jockeys just the rich guys who had no aides. So do you think it's pretty rigorous okay he sees a player's real hero worship players and and to guide users. Adam Jones way. That's excellent fair and tones when we will we'll have to distinguish whether it's fees since then ankle cornerback. But it wouldn't degenerate yes or radio out of his. Cal mechanically I mean I am I got I got my idea it will go to month next but my idea Chris Long way since he says such courage and such courage and the man that guy basketball Steele I mean honest producing the beating he's taken I hope to god if it doesn't care if he doesn't care. How's he just lays it all on the line I love this it was like. But it would Crist on people say what's on his stick to sports who's saying that don't have that nobody absolutely you ESPN argument right there he puts his arm around what's is pleased that the guy who put the fist in the air the Eagles Jenkins Jenkins Edwards I'm Ron Jenkins what courage not a man is second accustomed. In this country today with us through this device issued for the farmer Mac guy. You know particularly African citizen like trump. Until I get I don't like us. On the record yes well mean that is courage let's take a gay marriage. He's he's like Peewee Reese hug and there and he's got X if it. Angela race circle I wanna be the first city honor and Hillary because she was the one who told us all yesterday take all the monuments that she's going to be an error everywhere are redundancy and exit the race or break or you could take monuments that I don't care vote like robbery glee with which don't take it down the way they did. Compliant and put the rope and pulled it down stop and it's not that's they do it's that it's put the Taliban does they find these old. Religious artifacts and blow mop that's what people that's what the left that's what the heck of a crowd that Tomas secret wanna do to blow the scuff up like it's on 22 year old who's taken out of property lease statue. And it is big battle now though it was a it was a woman and a big moment. And she's in North Korea support she supports Kim Jong Hoon that that fat chick the climbed up the lovingly on the back at this. I saw one kings got to be used when he's white T shirt. And he's kicking that they give it the finger they go about how they use the failure the rough is it that you like Robert. Is in the Apple Store line right where the Starbucks sign he's given it the finger being a big tough guys seemed to say another problem that do take a titles since assistant look at again the problems. And count how many people appear to hurt their feet right if America is like. Ten people would kick and half of them limping away which is great big rubber you can get finger and to give the finger in the new spin on it got the jets a guy's been on an and read the blog wrote the finger. The poorer finger salute the quick aside yet when we get back to the important matters today the name of the little street Boston. Did you see the video from Barcelona yeah. So they have a video they have on and doctored witches graphic as hell even when the one with the blur out some of the faces is graphic as hell blood and guts on the street. And they. Bleep out the sweat pants it's that you're watching carnage real comes legs blown dying Terry. And someone yells you know. States in no blank T right and they blew it so I concede. Dead bodies and blood poured down the strategic and here's where. That comes along that you wanna and the FCC. Was out of offended we have not yet what's on the bloody got some old guy yes legs blown off yells out a swear words. And we actually hurt you up. I'm nuts that is the moment codec I just swore I'd like Tucker a copycat events anyway that's generally establish its path. The more publicity did what did you write more likely it is is this Saturday. One of these guys no one of these Klansman right is gonna do and do exactly what the terrorist in Barcelona dollars and eight decisions about copycats. And we have a new winter. Of the single dumbest man in the in the nationals can't take a ticket take a deep breath Wolf Blitzer with a pause and usually brave hasek yes. You know what that probably that guy in the guy in Barcelona in the band. I'm in no vote knees or Berlin London and talk we don't only went about that he had already Charlotte the same the same killing device. The same killing device was the same exact car sing killing device you know what I'm would you I did this feel the negative again yesterday. CNN is funnier than sign film credits funny here's the best show on TV it if it's funnier than you know The Three Stooges. You wanna laugh watched these clowns want morons like will blitzer overreact if you would ever let Anderson Cooper panel at 9 o'clock because I was yesterday that's what all of you just move on talk on the air right now Kawika can be popular mama cause I wanna hear real covers this is a profile in courage. Chris Long up that stands with his teammates who. Once it from the air pumped Khamese whose imprint on us and we don't you. Guys here in years through here. It out. And they get that soccer's one that's about America. And sometimes you get that sent McChrystal the windows that they can't police it accurately we had this man in our city last year McNabb go and now that's hard to believe public that we blew the statute on fox. The dispatches their venture about Jones and Chris Long ways serve you know cross abandoned analyst Jones last long long jaws Jones. It's long just half about half of my point is African but we name and after someone named Johnson concern famous Johnson that you'd like to honor. Who appropriately in the am I mean McCain to a human Nightline and John saying yet we've come a long Johns and away from. Larry Johnson. Yeah I've still got a long Johnson way actually. I'm so proud to be under the same time Chris Long is it's incredible right it is an honor your right emotional ego I its COM and knew that Chris Long and deep ocean in the city. And then do the morning now again just kind of think the Kosher is not gonna be here anymore on each if somebody else might beat on the radio say haunted by talking about him and get through this and run to go through those retro thing around each other and I don't end up like we did the other day on the radio telephone late unable speed tears those choked up. A very told let's say right now that are months here when you minister tuchman goes shall we just can't go American like this put pictures that the Geneva to the Arctic Ocean telephone. Go goods get people who have been affected by the loss of Kosher is about a month and you and I as we discuss stuff here are thinking. A ball movement Vegas itself thought. I'm moving debate lies that come with a you're not a good show for. If we shipped yet so we must surrender we consider Dave Kosher and is next stop my TV ads and Las Vegas whatever they're called on the ice that is the voice the golden. It's flat it's difficult onset of coaches him let's go. Is that overnight they changed the name of the team is so tied in with my youth now at this point might upset for Harry to hate the can in the south right so we have to move to Vegas. How many times you show the kids yesterday to Bergeron call a lot of times Christie's who could forget it was happy to be a dealer Bergeron call and GM and Harrington we're living downtown big significant move that some nursing school how she may yet aggregates news can be masseuse and make out whatever they actually host an effort to exit. What do you need somehow watching I mean you do that the golden knights play the Blue Jackets some night I'm not watching it is insane and I'd rather die. Bought it. You you shall we would I get the image I think generally a couple weeks a lesson in on huge Unita should do. Do it Rupert pumpkin will will will kidnap them. Senator Byrd are about it. You recently broken. And will Kim kidnapped Kosher to sort of have to ourselves. Usually he's gone. The duke podcast to him about it a skit and yeah you're right it died had a dream lesson for the Bruins treating creature. It put on streets of fire. Think of the year ago. Years and on your face is still a Kosher way again in January gets it Cooper. No I saw each other for the rest how I want to try to dot I tears. What appears you do now. Disputes he walked around the streets. And Izturis got easy it is in counseling right now it's time to get through this as it were checked I don't have a way average he's getting his turn off fault device I think using said on this one it's. Is it like losing. A spouse or child not worse I would spit at me and I asked you hours right. Most of our listeners we have law is designed admiral like Helen Tucker. It's a guy who watches hockey games intelligently with the pockets on the ice and he's leaving us he's moving Las Vegas. In which means he'll never be any marquee games on radio right. Moreover I spoke. Probably shouldn't say this breaking news I talked to Jackie Jacobs yesterday the Bruins are playing issue of the narco that's good at what why would you do it's too soon it's too soon. You gotta waiting we're to rank this. I'd go marathon moment first. That goes should leave expected rate and probably know my parents passing and 13. While ago. Kosher first. Nine elevenths settlement. For it on the cat and then he couldn't top. And I just have to my parents habit and like I mean and McCarron oh my parents are dead now and how who's ever gonna forget that he yelled Bergeron name do you see that the Bruins who were very yeah it's too soon. Oh. Where you live you live in the city you're where I'm relive this close to the issues hit. Is practicing. To do such as the news has the practice meaning you can blow the park and yes. The suburb. Who's on the gold knights went to them from the Bruins within the expansion draft is called Miller bogeys. A little harder Paula a lucky scholarly and we're going to be like these every NHL. They're both can't since I'm. My gut feeling. Private Ryan's mom and this is the right. This happens I try to defend play by play guy gets mocked him so much but I had with us this please please don't think that you just heard that unbelievable career overtime. Well who's who's ever going to be able to do that now he's gone I mean could Dale Arnold do I do you do better. Newbie to play by play for well who meet the score securities the way it was natural to anybody could Dick let's do that. Yes yes they do that yes. Yeah meter back a the next did you do that yet so I try to developers rose name. I need to value the sound of your belt in tank which on replay that ultimately is not so. Tried and wins it he'll play here than you play by play still pending home and talked outcast person being called game yes yes and students now politics podcast ran again when he they ran Pedro is first two innings pitching in that blues piggybacked tally on the table but did play by play designed to was not lies that got us out. You know just pretend that mold others are not a good. I don't know enough. I don't know didn't buy an unusual but I that's easy throw one moment the ball against the hour on. She says she says mama public service you miss us with the train wreck it was great. Really sorry is the vote was eighty degrees have a five degrees yesterday I was not watching that terrible trio. Which is it they do a good job of excellence at times I enjoyed it of the network to me to its. They're taken minds of Kosher I'm a judicial from Vegas wants to go beyond a bit of a disguise their goals this correspondent and anchor. Yes our six point 7% to seven. Had challenges irreverence is kind of like our hockey now eleven. And move is as Reimer would say it is in a lot of ways it is Steve Kosher. Moving on which your second favorite Kosher call to perform culture of the time yield a Chara it was awesome twice shelter job Weis. Catch up hockey is unhappy as my old friend top closer. That your I don't know he's your podcast part totally out of was the first second half of the pocket he told he would rather do you play by play and host a talk show. So maybe and was not the first. Yes so maybe I don't know I'll find out we have plenty of dale holy keys on the plate today bodily yeah what we do. It has taken their usual passive aggressive shots about us cut until call came and called ma right yes we'll have to all afternoon shows weighed in on the entire era. Controversy year yawkey way. Which all of the jobs open. Sports announcer play by play WBZ FM the ego the sports on the search for an expert by ice talks Bruins kids he has to apply office. Who does get the energy for Mohammed league hockey takes certain and if you call professional College Hockey sporty as the government takes a called games for an original six team in the hub of ought to move and if so we want to hear from new. As a play by play announcer you'd be working alongside eleven year NHL veteran Bob Beers in the Booth. Boston Bruins games or heard from New England. On the Boston's Bruins radio network across the country on the radio that compact please include an audio link or attach audio examples. There's no skirts and soccer and sporting the energy Jerry he's very low key as. All of hockey and audio of the great announcers are looped helix summerall ethic I think sported a DHL and listening on the radio how do you know that the guys getting the right pieces emerging. However Miller wrote to search the ocean group who owns right. Exceptional oral and written communication skills are qualifications more women than the bigger. Bachelor's degree in broadcast these masters golf the world's top WEEI here in Boston all over New England affiliates. Ability to work fast paced environment and multitask. Forty can do that Roosevelt mall you get to journal weekly hockey short Saturday mornings during the NHL season moves that real quick. Or did you hear that I didn't know that and participate in pre imposed on shows that he go ice Johnston and act right you're sporting apply. Yeah I thought we could talk to me sporting arm and a year and I love you picture I think I'd give excellent. I wanna I wanna this requirement is passion. He is past is that idea that the energy was starts when he's different he'd play about Plame. You can only do you think dale would be good and I've heard that they'll be excellent that you want to really get this I think dale. I do you want deal to get that configuration for another drive time or not to I would surprise time there that's more pro another big move for you this afternoon I've outgrown itself juicy would you make. You're buddy rich Keefe actually do talk show because what he does not just a talk show it is not he does it totally does not it will play a sound. Okay does know how to do torture as that. I think you can teach him but he really does so it got details were gonna play and I and he can teach kids and help us don't have stepped right in and be a top six forward as you know -- a nation are Jake Nebraska Seton a caller asked him what he has some challenges. And he says it knock you socks and now you have you talk what's causing it to you saw he is saudis and and so paying dollars and -- -- as to listening to love bug is that what you do and what time with us on how well Texas Lou Lou you know it was so funny you and foundry guys are so funny again this is what I was doing nothing yesterday and yes sure was so funny you've got my whole schedule them thanks revisiting the -- 6177797937. As the number one. Yeah. Is their chance let's go to jail all of that yes hopefully bridge I get there it deal lawyer tell you might actually do time. Mica answer you know comment on this. I am certainly a talking another joke about it and it's it's not that funny. Joke about it. When you play the moral high ground are not right now no not no I've not you just pop that run but he don't don't play that came with me I'm well aware you can leave if you're gonna do six or 773 deficit that we have died anyway. 617779. 793 several play this hour for dale holly Keefe. We'll play the Felger mass sound as well we need your history did not I'll guide you measure audience listening. Talk about it dummy he used so stupid I I was busy listening to our station wishing praying they would actually as I got engaged. This slick five. Yeah 3540. And will play at all would do but he does it kind of goes has been not really on the call and call Ali. Number why can't deal or he ever challenge him we're gonna find hard is that to do listen to what we'll get that sound is William number 617779. 7937. They're going to change your name. John Henry bravely courageously. Brave man himself has decided randomly yesterday today was today. Yawkey way is gone. And we don't take calls suggestions for street names yes that's a great she's so anything month absolutely let's do it. Excellent we'll do that we get winds mostly listen to morning show. A Sports Radio W week. You know I'm just read on pick and stuff off the top of my head but you know freedom way or whatever. Like some little guy yeah yeah yeah yeah like I I would pick something that has that that is a social value. That you did get behind it then then beyond that would really have some meaning. Don't be. Free debris whatever and meaningful and so special about him freedom way as opposed to the rates way or my Richard where the brutal way we're having a look and we meaning that's the most meaningless thing ever I'd be surprised if you if you would differ had. You walk up BC freedom we take a free and probably good thing I didn't know that it wanted the Freedom Trail there's a lot of golf for me that was terrible freedom itself. And ignore the freedom pru is utilized I don't want and I. Would never put noise and that is a red lines and when it is. Yes. I swear ago when it whenever somebody come you know the worst things officers have becomes a visit from out of town you feel compelled to a couple of things that never crosses and I'm known as they ever asked that set us apart on what it is now figures. This exact its fair out of town tourists that suffer for the couple places in Boston you know I have no idea but I when I saw the old notes short Old North Church stumbled by Republicans aggressive. It is that's what it is we don't Joe's wedding it's tucked it really down at weddings I did yes that was elected. Just a great guy Summers ago council's public church then like masses or I don't believe so yes. X. Ago so they'd that's that's that's exactly he would love bug chime in on this one I think you you you heard I heard I was on the TV last time like 830 flip around that show was on I don't know why. Maybe your best of that was part of the best prepared this while Tony's idea to call freedom freedom ways that we send. Freedom want it but you have to get you begin rookies or no because you never know what's gonna happen ten years on the road you never know how some person's gonna let you down. I would pick something IC more generic you that that she stands for something you know I'm just read on pick and stuff off the top of my head like I'm sure our freedom way. Or to win a stupid but that is a good point by Tony that is a good point they never know. I say the solitary you wanted to name it after a guy and be sure that he's not gonna screw up name above you or way. That is the only guy that I think is a guarantee picket guy Larry Bird that I tell a story all the time when you're alike went to stores but it did the story with. Through a month in the Armand Armon woman pinned sculptor yes and he had done war. And I said and Wade Boggs was big a big deal around here for awhile so how do you feel now because the Michael Adams and that the stuff. And you put all this effort into it they displayed and then boom. And it survived the Margot and things like the guy made the Joseph Paterno statue probably felt pretty good about it. Now it's in the in a closet somewhere covered it and to covered in the TARP true I mean you do all this you display it in the guy announced max's wife would have committed Dennis Johnson correct and he's never know. You're not sure but it's street sign Siskel sign. And you put up whatever march and Maarten which way I'm I'm pretty sure news that you sure he's not considering it. Seven or teases you know what if god forbid I know it's really really I'm corrections possible. Got rid of failures and out as find out that he was actually may be doing steroids or refute each take him out. Couldn't argues. Just an outdoor soda on a daily today and has already they already deemed that story. Part of mysteries and Abreu and a T stuff we're building an anti Shia dominant in the lake and river tunnel. There remained a bunch of stuff after him let's let's come up with a new. I think I'm okay it's a made it this type of public and news events is default immediately with a David Ortiz that's it he that is the ultimate example of jock -- it's unbelievably this relate Americans are great Bostonians first on the guy over at home runs include basic. These apart have a hard time believe this is from Sam's story today without Evan throw out the it's the issue here is that symbolic in something this powerful we've heard from many people in the community I don't believe that it is something that makes. Has made folks feel uncomfortable. About coming to Fenway that's troubling to us so I don't think you're gonna see anyone try to completely erase their history so there are people in the Red Sox world it's a we we don't like coming to Fenway because they yawkey way I don't I don't believe he not ever ever many people not remember many people are troubled by persons walking on a golf. Stand by it but salmon out I guess I'll defend him at this point because I understand the situation. This is what Sam has to do so John Henry does but Sam works for John. It is posted right Sampson is due when asked are you really think Sam Kennedy county believes that it's important eighteen to name a street. It's gonna be symbolic and he mean what what's gonna change I shop now the other lady from the part the Boston NAACP. Who's bold leadership or not she believes this will serve as a turning point for us we take is an opportunity changes the conversation. What's Conchita what opposed the original conversation was about why. There are taught art at Augusta was everybody's races 55 there's no I I agree should should they've signed Willie Mays Jackie Robinson now I think it. But it may go. There aren't they are the last team did you know that the last night there last evening you know what once they change hockey game I want funds are the last team was a wanna change anything named after him too short absolutely of course why not about that but that's you know. You're right what's the conversation that's assay to this it's tenacious ultimately conversation let's that's you know what. You have to pick your spots and I'm not I don't care about who's known vehicles and there I don't care what the rub least at least that you wish either but you care what it symbolize the right this idea now we're now going back and changing ever so that's the slippery slope as a public went where does it all right so so there's statues in the wonder what what is it witnesses fleet there's suggestions. On line and is not document but that true speaker was part of the article affect. So it's a salmon John Henry I would say true speaker a hall of Famer Red Sox hall of Famer you wanna start. Take interest speaker to stuff down way athletes that we have to outweigh out of the weirdest moment first since before he died later life Hamas is what does it matter he was if you as a member of the kkk on the job that's all the kkk in the twenties was different than it was. Yet ten years earlier. Where you wanna stop with this me if you're if you're worried about that racist image of a hall of Famer who was in with this group now that everyone's now talking about again in 2017. He was a member in the twenty EC wanted true speaker. Out of all the bad stuff all things you'll be surprised here to Marty Walsh whose support of this change all that close to being cashed it yet explain to me and they think it. It kind of throws me neither one of the Boston doubts I'm stunned them and you know ever. Her voice I discussed as a number of times with the previous may Oriole may oral administration. Needed now on hope what they saw as a can of worms. There are numbered buildings institutions appear the same name so Medina was saying oh that's very irresponsible. Well maybe just thought the guy that was a great philanthropist before he died. And you go after it two I wasn't he was maybe can rationalize embassy in ingenious lucky. Was a great philanthropist OK on time after husband dies or what year was Jean LaBella before and what you don't write what you was Walsh elected. Thirteen five years ago working whatever. So. Again this is the previous one so these three or four years room and we wake up in the moonlight the sweat suit you know. Be screaming easily you know unveiling Silverman voice screaming. Uh oh no jockey John Savage that your hunters screaming and rolling around and really having flashbacks to be you know the first time he's on the street name. Why did you would fourteenth or fifteenth or sixteenth two weeks ago or three days ago. Did that feed supplement called him what do you think he calls government. I fix this I think so government to good their email buddies back and it's a good move well absolutely of course by Silberman yet because it's trendy and and and Henry's noted. A moon that and right now the Mets trying to top each and be more. Politically correct in the next absolutely. So I don't know what the next step is but. They called it is part of that lively segment on Dale Hall were he refused to say your name and his name. Or yours or dale ones. They said mine tonight there's the dale was slick dismissing these slippery slope argument. This if you don't know the slippery slope is this is the definition of its last 48 hours and an I'm dead serious when it does anyone wanna. Challenge me to make a case that JFK does not deserve to be we be buildings should not be named. After the sexual predator was in the White House who was a rotten human be always a Democrat bang bang and bang on an apple was yucky it was a in the Democrat in the southern racist they also I would registered Democrat. Yeah I would think that you probably right I mean not only used if Kate. People that an honor to have I don't think he was a flawed man who was a drug addict he was sexual predator. Look at Mimi Alfred I was last inning journal for rehired funeral in turn. Who was abused by this monster. And half the stuff in this state is named after him right now I'm Wiki documents are racist great change in name what happens next week where it is and that's. You can't change the name on everything named after him that the foundation is built and you know there are such that no this is no way to do that today. What the hospitals would I suppose unless it's in the contract again pressure starts we called. John Harrington yeah. And I'm sure he's not happy about this book that he has won the toss it right knock talkies they give a statement. They're not happy says gene and Tonya peace philanthropy has always been color blind or extraordinary generosity. Has made significant impact on Massachusetts in Greater Boston contributed more than 450. Million to hundreds of non profits. And if you look at there is there a website where they go at those pictures of all the kids who have benefited there's lots and minority children lots of minority. Patients who have benefited from the occupied nation and I wonder. As anyone come up with a non person is this the most generous philanthropist in Boston history he might be. It may be I don't think it'll Peter for annual gave the whole hall he gets it also want to. It is something else Sam said. I guess John Henry L now time to send a message it's one symbol I don't think there's an indictment of any one person he says of it's it's it's not that's an indictment of Tom yucky. I I think it's indictment precisely the way this person totally fine do it that's fine with me what a couple caused when the grass general says we wanna change the name of the yucky. Whatever can build that seems to me be more difficult to deal. Yeah wonders of those dollars in the contract that they can't do that mean gas and idol picks I don't know that the but here's the question. So the pressure moves on aside your walkers for a couple years ago if the pressure moves on to change the the key stop there. And then they start changing their depression start coming really hard to change that aims for the for the for the buildings. It'll probably happen right I mean if the irons hot and people spend their time doing this. Well. If you're asked. Liberal estimates he has whose works. Tyson's appropriately but when certain Robert. Clubs America's burning people. And I stand by my prediction that there will be trouble on Boston Common on tomorrow maybe government be wrong on this I think we have an update on what you've done when you give an update on the wealthy. Let's go to pat muscular paranoid. Good Gary how aria morning. Yeah I majored in. Utah music gay marriage in the slippery slope that men marrying our animals. I did not I did not a did not know that I never said that that was bill Reilly's take you're an idiot I challenged O Reilly on this like. Every day when the subject is gay marriage a thought that was idiotic. A used to be against gay marriage is you know have an epiphany you enjoy your freedom. Act at a like I owe Riley used to do this all the time so what's next in the Marriott and let's say to me and Rick Santorum said that you can argue I would do all day argue gay marriage or adults the sanctity of we'll take traditional marriage lead to human beings different imaginary music so I would make the politically argument that you can't beat for gay Americans say they're consenting adults and then say what if some Mormon threesome. Wanted to. Merry well our our. I'm Soledad I don't care that's found me right. I assume most people would be but someone so I wouldn't and never said that. But that's okay Linda's and Long Island. Hey good morning. I don't momentum on what they're saying you're gonna care any direction and meaning street there was no warmest autistic people and the Kennedy's. So do we not care about women do not care about how they're treated can be you know take duck yeah out and the Kennedy's. It's funny that was of great questions it's a good point out of them and how his book is unbelievable can you Babylon house and bookstore you today in his new book. For a couple speechwriters from Kennedy talked among Camelot I'm looking and seeing how you write this fiction. I mean Catholic. Who believes this sells its and that that I guess SL 6070. Google Mimi Alfred you can drill a hole I think. Say it was NBC dateline when other shows to hold a couple of hours of their few years ago member. Now it it the whole thing went there to talk to a pull your little reluctant cockpit fifty years talking to the pool now that's and I was the powers who are basically you know and she this poor nineteen year old internal idealistic intern two of case. Told her that August he was abusing her he wanted to articles services little brother too right that's right there's else. And of course they'll make Ted Field that is so he turned this poor girls Marten. Idealistic and too you know. Common Welker right I'd hang out here you wait 6177797937. Couple lines open as well you want to join us we're here. We get back on here from these guys they'll only keep X I would did you that they. When Imus yesterday here this after keeps key moment of weakness for playoff Hawley and then Keefe reaction as well we can. Listen to his ranch in morning drive you subscribe to the podcast. Now follow him on Twitter at current commitment no more of Kirk Callahan on Sports Radio WEEI. People realize they're not itemized individual their part of a larger hole. 'cause we had been spreading our names we've been organizing on the Internet and so now they're coming out now is busy today we greatly outnumbered. The anti white anti American film. And at some point we'll have enough power that we will clear them from the streets forever that which is degenerates. It why can't please we'll be removed. Like what appointee checkout and I repeat what he's I believe he's got a room plus tell he's there tonight. Yes we. You'll be dining at W discussing pending now only has guns seized guns in his knife. That's the crowd the beard post you'll be all right where that writer from that when he's I don't that's generated files are. The guy Chris can well Cantwell had shaved heads and go low and others yes he snuck port Milken is Isaac I think music is the long war America it. Yeah he's here and did it was a cupid one of these web -- took a marquis had dating profile hello yeah this could find it from a lot man on the charm I would mix imposes additional powerful in their own little game that some chicks marching with them when they were doing little death blood and soil with their Tiki torches stated that some women. But that those guys are coming they might even be here they are vowing to show up on the common. Kirk and I think to Massey said there would be no incidents I said the would be. I sedan it should be holy and here's his stimulus that these two missing you Charlie Baker and money. Mayor Marty. There was name is Walsh Walsh said. They can't stop them their common this group has a permit. What's the group notes that the permit his name's John mutt blood rally organizer or cast your quick question for free speech rallies or else the name and one quick question before didn't you really proud of governor baker yesterday signed that was Stanley Rosenberg. Senate resolution condemning white that nationalism in the and I I was shocked that our guys stars and the principal and I do think he's gonna have to share the profile kargil war additional officials player's salary copy of the resolution trumpet officials in Virginia Chris Long and Charlie taxes don't. I'll tell you Vegas she says it did there's only going to be hundred yeah people on the right is so what what's the group called. The Boston free speech coalition of that Austin. Hi. Yeah. These morons talk show opted not invited nobody wants me if I can't be stopped flaws and all of a backpack. Or Tiki torch they come when you go boarded our boats in the Freedom Trail and another to fail all yes that's yes yes they laughing fall in love and look Daniel owners that it is owned slaves I would be diligently is very difficult thing at all. And you think his problem you have in Boston it's like San Francisco or Berkeley you have the income for people horse pseudo went to the types are. Just the violent left. Will outnumber these clan daggers that play in a 1001. Has to be cameras right. And this solves a media coverages that might have the right or media there actually Irving it's like right now is there. Two good point three weeks later do you bigger rush good point but there's a lot of college kids in intimately if you live around here. And there are six and for flight yes. I'm as as we know how wrong Tomas is about this but around the country is a million at the of people or you know wannabes. On college campuses that wanna you know you know that kick ass. For every one. Of those legitimacy is that the that's where Tomas is front must he concedes that he does have a problem. He agrees right he agrees it's amazing again. Like you trumped denounce these racist Nazi scum bags. It was that'll die. I've always had doubts that we went to the ACLU. And we went to court and we won. Bossy and it supports and Tampa and black color. That's the difference between right left anyway but so. I saw I think you don't show up at this with a black and in over your face and do nothing I didn't know I you know even though to my she says and they're really powerful group I didn't know by Tommy rob. The national director tonight's of the kkk did you see this guy. It looks like David Gergen he's The Herald that I just talked to him about showing up. And I don't serve our members they don't support Nazis no us or members from the Springfield carrier going to Thomas rob. National director of the knights of the Ku Klux Klan I'm assuming members of the Boston dared. I wouldn't cause a disturbance are members don't stand out in a walk around giving Nazi salutes and appear next for Nader cub scout leader for the for the couple of doubt that. So yeah that's that's going on the permit. Allows them. Between noon and two new details you allowed to go that setup. At the park men bandstand tomorrow. If Europe listening to family rest of them city if you wanted something fun to do. And they expect him says the prospect of a massive counter protest. A massive is there a story about Dan Atkinson. A massive counter protest that's gonna happen because people think it's on the due to some that do on Saturday and that's true. You know been brutally you loses there'll be cores if you lived in Boston if you live near there because Hillis I would just as usual nothing to you when you circled on why specialty. And then the cameras are going to be there and this is going to be a couple of dozen people are gonna say. A monopoly for the cameras a moment. Take us what's what's gonna happen if that happens the cops had to step back and that's with a device that had just like an issue of forget that they be worried about the building to be arrested and Charlotte's Philly knew that was not undermined it yeah maybe prohibit teachers she would have liked handles not go as a reward for peace in law. And what Campbell's not going we know that for sure he said he didn't there's a award for his arrest stemming from the Virginia rallies who's gonna stay home for why this once again arrested for very good question but but if you don't need him. That they were there almost irrelevant they just have to show up right and then the counter protest has come. And then you know things in an unbearably. Explode from there on the they'll lots of people mutter who want to get instant he says the people. Who got arrested for turn down the Robbie Lee statute they were lined up on the sidewalk. Getting ready to. Surrender and confess to take compartment. As a confederate. Robert Lee statute that is one on that island in the harbor later if you get it done via. Arches come up 61777979. Through said we see guys hang on to liner two open. We we teased you'll get back the afternoon guys kinda went out this and then sort of did how would you describe him will explain why they don't go that's good good we will do that we.