K&C - Holley revisits Adam Jones incident; Dale Arnold joined Kirk's podcast 8-18-17

Kirk & Callahan
Friday, August 18th

Hour 3: Michael Holley spent much of Thursday's Dale & Holley discussing the racial implications that the remaning of Yawkey Way would cause. Dale Arnold crushed Mut on Kirk's podcast.


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It's Kirk and Callahan Henry even mentioned you know we're trump is handling this stuff. Right now I won't call them monsters. Because they weren't like that terror through one entry I love the Packers and he took a shot of the country's leadership experience. That's something goes right up my people. Oops if your racist you about your mom not a racist on mother roles in the sports. Does break the sport safer that's that's all I do with Kurt committee there will be questions about copycats there will be questions. If so what happened. In Barcelona. Wizard ball at all. A copycat version of what happened there Charlottesville what you just said. It's one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard even though there may be different character different political ambitions. They use of the same killing device and Gerry Callahan. You feel bad at all knowing months beat guys feel like you. Tough on him and I was a total dipped them to treat me like a little bit high here it is that you guys like he has. Lines. Or. You know I love and we'll talk about tomorrow and you know. On Sports Radio WEEI. Not an ideal that we get locked don't know they do encouraged within weeks airport. It's awkward three. I ask that obviously that's rhino themselves for the count and 61 sentence sentencing your wounds. Seven night threw seven to celebrate the life in times of deep ocean and Chris Long is thoughts and prayers are its bow right we've parties that Chris Long who's to get profiled colors Nobel Prize will be threatened. Hey it's time enough. I've not been the case commissioner lord that he's going to rationality and on the case in general warned us courage as he did that he put his arm around Jenkins because. He cares about that because and you currencies great guy that cares about two could you are yeah angels might want to. Too far Gerri by saying Lombardi trophy should be along trophy can do that there might not enough. No not enough I say nothing else I'd try it out samples of guys who because our athletes and because problems that the mics and in penitent looking up to them their whole lives. They get this over inflated opinion of their own until Saturday yeah we know I'm done this before Kirkland into it again and on the best examples are Isiah Thomas. Roger Clemens. Sugar Ray Leonard of one I was around him a few times he really thinks he's profoundly thoughtful and he's not. And that's probably before it took a million podcast that had bitten oftentimes only its ticket Talbot Chris want another example that because. People like what's his face Bruce author and then ball and fawn over him he really thinks he's Smart and thoughtful. I thought it was going to be to be honest with you when he came here it's our way he was terrible on all of our global. Is terrible player obviously and but he would do interviews and it was just in the blanks there is es me. He sees tough week for America. And like really out I've heard a lot of people say you know you want athletes involved and protest I've said before I'm never Neil Fernando. Because it's like these are different everybody in this country but. I support my peers and you don't see why you need allies and people. That are fighting for quality right now how did you ever see so. You know my thing is this your Malcolm's a leader. And and I'm here to show of support as it was a white out. You know. Do we don't wait to read or Marshawn Lynch is on this is he's doing this randomly yours he that he actually care always done and he did a business conference yesterday he'll do it and he won't duties have been subdued sometimes you don't have much honest as we were just watching them couldn't securities that depressed covers with a forty overs Carol did you Xbox media even notion he's just doesn't so we won't confide in the shed that. And you're a union huge to their sneakers in their their fate like you. We'll talk let's talk a couple of guys just talk and we'll sit there and just and it Israel and all they tell us in just the last war in Iraq and all done this many times I don't care of and that the Little League World Series bothers me to have these grown men tussling and fawning over children orgy like commit to. Mocking salute is that fat kid brother Michael Powell was just everybody was just laugh and how big he was the you know what the kids. Obese he is an issue obviously fossils is to kill. It probably has a box of popped out for breakfast every day's Paris need to do something because the kid is it is not going to be healthy correct. When he gets a little older rock you know look at this phantom and hit an L laugh about oh check his birth certificate achievements. Because some kid from Korea looks like he's 27 years old. It is not an athletic contests easy race to puberty that's what it is the team that has the most guys. That got to puberty early ticket wins it's obvious that it's. You know it's just it's just bizarre to watch for the kids you leave the kids enjoyed being on television generally I think they really enjoy it when they give up make an error on national TV you know what I love and poker clubs tomorrow. As when they break down in tears in their parent like you sold out actually in love that much of a case of their individual but as a group do you think they'd rather be on TV or not yeah I think in red lit a win little kid goes a Little League World Series but they have the appeal as watching the heartbreak of watching the coaches console them. I don't think any of who's ready are ready for a really don't know. Little little child stars as it's it's not ever isn't it like this can definitely tell it long term well. I'm really as the odds on someone else a third a third team from Washington. I did not yet did as sure as the equipment Chris Drury and many others have gone on at least you just fun to get you guys to me you guys are great this is a professional that I got it yeah it works out for those guys Hubble for the guy who you know small town that's how life. I've I've not seen the Washington he's at thirty. No I've not but I could I've seen in real life kids who're just placed on a pedestal when the and they never grow they stopped growing and you look at him later in life I think I did two and a little blue polish juniors and look in 25 years regularly you think that's a good thing these that fact. He weighs 200 whatever pounds the agent after this it was it was a little girl's softball Walters who make a fumbled ten year old girl she was Arafat definitely would not be so then why would be fun has borne disease penis it's funny piece. Yes and in a nickname is boobs so it's it's funny innings you know. He's twice the seven stores Phyllis that's it for years I hate. This. But I do I've never and I November Obama of playing the High Court is treating him like Major League most effective I hit its offensive and offended it's just yet you'll tune in to watch a guy that lasts 12 not want these Chinese Taipei against. A local teammate and like I watched the game you would you tune into watch like annuals like I have wanted to watch this year but I watch it back over anglers how's he watches every year. A Little League World Series. Yes being paid sixty million. And they and they showed them sometimes until it's over right is so I think it's what's in the mid season as it's so all huddled all. Right right it's just it ends just in time for these kids to go back to school. And every summer. But I was pushed a family vacation down there they're -- Brothers and sisters were all there though there and on the same unit they Wear the uniform on for the big announcements are the eclipse again dude doing live from the gamers and special glasses for the fans. Are like how much does boo boo quotes and boom when I was. Out too late you to when he was more by Q2 two point. And that's funny. The two kids 5222 once you make and model wells' family loves a little better firefighter to describe what is it gonna look like when he's 253035. A lot of these big deal and a growing into your body Gerri yeah and a little while at us tomorrow that just untitled blog she lot of these kids they they are bigger they're husky kids early. And they sort of grow cookies before relaunch not to the same ideology fast and on a 52220 organized news summaries of LA in the united units of measurement that I can I can recall. There it's a big surprise we don't know what the Boogaard and took a couple of half. But the easily grow into his body and I'm sure is gonna look like in the union like what's Spacek from stand by me. Yes exactly yes when the camera this what's been hit it right after sprout up in skin isn't it's through upload them at writing process. He's gonna be operate a few politically if he's in the 400 text. Using chains such an economist at his house okay related tax dale what he got with do what's the spelling bees well I do what you watch is only people spell correctly or incorrect I watched dispel long its young don't they spell your eyes and that's what Jack I. I don't anyone I thought that rate cut are actually argues dog is worse the precious words much toppled a parent is apparently being right there precise on this exciting race and focuses on them like if your if your son. I was playing league rosters don't leaves port yes do this job and algebra beach acute in the world and tell you what exactly it is God's honest with the if he's twelve recently and like he has he wanted to interview must be very uncomfortable if you can ask that in for a autograph. That's on it's it's a meanwhile eyesight it usually Ortiz like three times to me and I'll only charge five to fifty point that we still let Sean do it I would be very comfortable that's my point moderates and comfortable to watch children placed on this kind of strike a better question and ESP and treats it like a Major League game I better question over my this is an expert on how does affect a cross scissors as a coaching across. Did you get ten waited 27 minutes cameras yet we don't we monetize something that's let worst thing you did your family this past six weeks with that segment across eight minutes I heard I heard I heard after iron after it was a terrible and and you've left that aren't good amount of government launches through during headlines you Atlanta I can't explain why what it's like to have a cute play club across US. Because ten is an expert on global crop. So I very much plays discount programs you have the everybody plays. Everybody gets a trophy situation. And is that it has anything it's even beyond when I was a kid who played Little League and you play for two innings and reapply to innings but. You know he's still had the starters in the good players playing the majority of the thing that's different now and towns yeah zipper out there isn't out until at least that you great artists to artist would agree Tang Wei checked out by that point the last hour need something to keep mattress it and I went to that and I was also pitchers who dare Hollywood is the best yes I ones. I wanna hear the breakdown of club different valentines or yet there are now where the other records don't mean you made that judgment you word police over yes that is going to be good son a percent well. Now courtesy can help us out that you can. Introduce yourself to children. This works and their plans sports from the place you want to blame everything everything trial. Now my kids are only doing spelling bees no concussion the spelling bees as parents would very normal told I and justice Hewlett tickets for football. She's not of course I'm not no life. We've had this discussion now I've changed recently since the study came out or at least twice but he came out the the study came out none of them for the high school associated with this study about people's pockets to update CT to make that decision it's an emotional rational decision but my son is not gonna play football those in high school my wife disagrees and second it would be too late pass on hearing obviously do that against you if you judge Jerry and please why does play basketball and hopes that it does she see my point no I don't want let's say a I'm Sharon can't snow not I think I had discussions about Arnold they have not yet changed everything and realize that puts him at a stretch of Jerry's take on that might take you're. On the subject you've got cut proposals that consists of Eric your your kids what you're you're gonna tell should I think. I thinks accountants can groom this time I don't know indictments things obviously he had a fund called one minute education on the gonna go privatize schools. It's in the hands of the state the Google its most and I played in Middlesex league games Tuesday and Friday nights so little cart with pride to drive to New York to visit dad a couple of hours on Saturday and tried to act for. I don't care even if your kids on. Diminutive like you even if you just what was out there is let me finish okay and will be at the 350. Bullets otherwise noted. You get all the basketball true they all play that and I'm an intricate deeply group five economic team so I'm deeply about it as business. High school varsity team is what if I play later that evening commute trust fall wants to will be unhappy probably about each grade stupid. The patriots' 34. Okay I'm given the benefit that I'm saying for more juniors it's a lot of provide an utter free going to be fifty what makes you can make that notre ought to make sure that Evernote we don't go out the numbers for parts of star lot easier junior high school bite and most it has been weeded out just I was so proud how many juniors in high school trial for the team at ensembles it's 88 dollars on eight hit guess what is it won't be one of them is will be and why freshman I was on this late August freshman and as Canadian is partially progression through this every single class much has the three big supporters. So a big would you say yeah everything out here at all Watson two of cancer sheltered. Knowing at this point I don't parties on the eleventh hole in my graduating class of undergraduate class on lowering it to 600 so as those before it gets tougher guy who's 22 on August of regrets also 2000. Also known case of 22 point 300 points and 602 sport quickly 300 boards. In basketball want to construct when the younger Evan -- you'd say you'd agree by high school it's been run by high schools haven't all the hundreds that makes all the short little. Noam and it ski kids right there go the go by the wayside they're dead pin placement of a package that Dennis Hopper hoosiers. This is TDs went on for quite excited it was dumb and it's naturally and at what what they like football they don't obviously either obvious or basketball present witnesses say anger and you can. Yes. I thought that no one else can play as Jerry just given the odds and Kenny Chesney sang a song is I can they not support the ball. CC should tell wants to play varsity sport you should play for what he likes basket. He should try out but he predicted to forgive me because. Harris who because of that though has not gonna be big enough and sorry cricket big if you police in the small as 2% that I 20/20 5%. Yes wait. A wrestler anyway. Artfully gymnastics. I wanted to. Know Rick and Richard asks to see that you. Really mix. And it gets sharp and they that we don't know it's mostly girls need a boy. That he could be cheerleader to be the top of impairment write you're your art again. If I'm not a hard I don't I don't they didn't give me your alternate means more than another team that don't like it actually saying this without yes we've had on yesterday's senate seat clue remember the titans of course that means more boots and employs a fall what his plans cost the plate he wants to be part of the team he can be part of the team the American football team and yes so would suicide squad because they have sort of lowest part of coach Hartley is there's chassis to bring yes yeah I'd say my authority as well I'll get drunk with my dad mobilization. What was it shore until. The sheet he said he can only two weeks ago would yes four out of thirteen guys who consistently can I get a 11011. And see if not you think it comes can go to hell no I do nothing is gonna go to the NFL Gerald easing go to the NBA will play high school basketball that is for sure I admit its emotional where if we site. When you see those numbers I'd. The go play football it's summer time how many times you traveled for the lacrosse tournaments Obama needs is an important goal and an overnight across Britain actually act. Click on a error. Paid promotional stuff. Got a lot of parents freaked out today I went anyway has flaws. He can be kind of wacky on the slow moments and time ago I guess right he does have things in common he can hear us here. If you wanna tense coaching and if you want your kid to get better. You know eat you have to you have to do club now they're gonna PP people look at it all mean. It city disagree and you can still get through that not another of those phone I disagree you know why we did that Curtis knows because of Jerry's take on high school myself again this about me yeah most boards here guys you're familiar to blame for your it's your heart. We've got David Price cuts by a I'm a stand. And our lives it was unbelievable. Yeah it was only blemish probably education. In short good guard I didn't know high vehicle quick guards that are on live TV I've and I know there is guys John Stockton or Steve Nash saying that everything has lost its history I think you're good guy is a job it's not one the only as a short white kids make in the team in Chelmsford pretty good yes again 300 boys and if not talking about 300 balloons that you initially felt. Actually it's talking hundreds public it's a basketball. In nitrates. I'm. Probably hundreds goal that child with his trapper front runners on social small donors I like your son again that doesn't. Kick it back. I think I like our through remember now nothing I don't wanna be played a different sport every single seasons or else it's a battle so least I'd keep my announced again credit. Can chance because his new daddy is a big whoop. Mavs assistant coach is now pegged it. Daddies now. To his its its you know its. Its sixth or seventh said it's a good. Stupid segments. 7937. We get back to the main story today. And I congratulate my friend John and build upon us back to my good friends and Ken for taking east and that's why missing and they jumped over the pace a lot of heat today. Will go for the Michaels over Hillary's want to have a First Amendment to protect unpopular speech to exact some some John Henry Chris Long it's sent and they're sick brain at all thanks the First Amendment. Thank you hear that we get back east Kurt can tell. I speculated yesterday that much mother and such of the for a note that some bombs point smug looks like he's a little move forward right now is Clifford Novosti that he made some appearances in Boston frequently. Late 70s and England's central maxed lemons there was they're wrestling as I and a tougher one time he didn't do this Kurt can Callahan. C fox Sports Radio W. I would simply I should more generic you that that actually stands for something. You know I'm just read on pick and stuff off the top of my head but you know. Freedom way or whatever. Like something like yeah I did you like I I would pick something that hasn't that that is a social value. That you get behind it then then beyond then it would really have some meaning. Buyout freedom and we have a lot of progress but even listening to that point now and I can't think of anything more beautiful and freedom. Or yeah I yeah he's a guy. Sunshine boulevard. I don't play sunshine and I think is a lot of pandering going on animal for change in the name. That the two residence of the two of blunders. A port so they have a right change the name officials aren't sure how they come up with a new name but they could get it right. So I would say I mean if you wanna today day and age for a lot of time and effort and thought into it you could name it after a war hero you could name after. Jared Monti you can name and after Martin Richard Peter pray that you could neutral after so we're real meaning I mean Tony he's wrong for him as. Justification turn your toaster this morning yesterday. John Henry talked to Michael Silberman. And said he still haunted by the racist legacy of Tom Kean told The Herald the franchise welcomes renaming yawkey way. The Sox Henry says should take the lead the process of re branding. Jersey street extension outside from my partner was renamed to honor the former owner in 1970 cents. Today haunted after owning the team for fifteen years on the team for yes about you know. If the united I think the one reason it's touchy I don't think anyone's gonna go to that relief for Nokia than. The occupy a nation John. Robert Byrd. A tone for instance Robert Byrd should be revered because. He denounced the Klan and missed and regretted all these years as the chief recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan. And so Robert Byrd deserves all those that arsenals on as well. Couldn't say that our key. Did more good than that mean he could be again I don't think there's somebody got a foundation is still called out you should always they can change now there's a saying exhibit though they have no domain trend could be said but I said yesterday just keep the name and you walk around you talked your kids say yet history has been after guys on the team -- to some good things. It was also racist then you going to watch the game. What's your answer be if you said why was he raised what makes you think he's racist now let's say they're not very few people do -- of this assortment the story obviously but at least it's there relaxed team right but that's not okay proof of race that is the division the second last team's owner was a racist. I don't know Robin heard the last halting now and empathy we can't say chicken house has a quote that he did that it is that it's odd for my whole life that has never been attributed to him. Nah I started out I'm sure I'm trying to government which talks about. Oh yeah employees negroes negroes or would you say that that's sounds likes them out of the fifties. And Obama did everything that he's coloreds negros that it could be tempted to be in packs or something you tell the court right yes our that that's I mean. Do you think it's on documentaries. I think he was ahead this is a tendency I'll be racists and and at all but it in there here's the boy talk if you asked me is Mike Higgins recesses of course fair of course. If you asked me if tiger comes race of course I'll certainly not the all star Clint says is proof that's a good example while sterling we pretty much note on styles sterling. With jockey it's more. Tenuous would you say yes kind of vague we I would say would you say that he said you're teaching your child. HO says why why was he raised with me truth what don't you think there's agent signed Jackie Robinson Willie Mays because you want to. I mean really cute pictures scouts tell us what Jackie Robinson believed gates said this is a no I guess so unless but I don't know how hands on he was just say was the use everything at his best right evidence that he was racist. Is he employed Mike Higgins. My keys well accounts was outward Overton you know not shy about the you know racist. So if you have that guys general manager. Then I question you. Excellent right but again how many teams passed on Jackie Robinson. How many teams executed obvious answer as a race all but one right right that was yes and I think almost all the movie. 42 and Zachary. SI and 65 group pictures of what apple makes him races you tell me says I'd they blame me I'm not even a southern yawkey sent up from Detroit. I know feeling against colored people I am play a lot of them in the south. But they are clash and when that story got around that we want negroes. They all decided to sign with some other club actually we scouted them all along we didn't while one of because he was a negro we want and a ball player that is directly from yawkey in 1965. Feet of what was in an excise it Jackie Robinson a good player. Things aren't options. You could miss Kelly miss had a bad day if you think it's gossipy Jackie Robinson who make it one of the greatest athletes this country's ever produced on the fibers expressed ever. Instead of Willie Mays is calling me stupid say Jackie Robinson do all football track I mean this guy was unbelievable athlete. Neither looked at him and said you know what he's not only did the same thing that most of the teams did sure and those times where are not going to be the first why those teams do it because one. If you watch correct so what is that had its operations at right they're all race sure okay great. But you've that's huge how would you explain it to Harry when he asks says they didn't Sanjay Acura and I would say to proceed I would say it the last Floyd to check in places like axle and Mike Higgins had this organizational. You know racism pure racist attitude yes so. Again picked the name them change the name I don't think he can do anything about the Iraqi foundation manually change the name of the park was was Charles commission erased. Probably probably that's right I'm guessing I don't know that it. I guess we'll look back I mean he didn't sign Jackie Robinson I made that point in Melbourne I mean we can look it up yes but you know I mean it in order. Absolutely. Known from back then. Whoever not mean I don't feel that Connie Mack Barack Obama Mack oh the jays three to 1950 through. He was Eurasia. Pass the Jackie Robinson dressed he's a classy Dresser. True. To be where some time has just missed and struck down yes for oh I was when I was a kid I used to wonder why yucky didn't name the stadium after himself and not a part of mechanic now Yankee Stadium or just state. But life Fenway why is that sacred just section of the city. While it's a brand that. Of course Lisa Beckett a change right now really haven't changed any brand that's that's cool story corporate reason bonds are priced at Fenway game priceless Branford right now right. And his buddies I don't watch that let coach how much would as I've got a little bit of a vocal on the payment billion dollars and change it would be little. If the money was I'm sure it's a price now yes that they looked in that I've never should read that story it's elementary. Next time some of them it's a whole Henry should ask him that he ever thumps on the rights that would keep and where some caller. Something Fenway you know there floating feel at Fenway Park yet that some like that the could mimic a fortune so on the name Pamela Pinto and a post a comment Chicago I com that's happening. Morning guys showed usual I think if you allow me to say other than changing the name of yawkey way. Would be a travesty. A huge injustice. Include joke all this knee jerk baloney changing its name. I can't get over. There's no question that the Red Sox were a monumental failure. They're not integrating. That key ten year period to become last seen as a joke. That you can't deny that and Tom yawkey owned the team and his legacy is tarnished because. This might question Tom is why why why you want a candidate the yawkey foundation sees. Why would you be so passionate about a street in one way or another I mean it was Hitler have like I'm with I get that but. Well nobody likes a player like because. I'm a big believer in what's right in which raw end. You know. What they name it after him in the first place because he did a lot of great thing. Well as it goes up. Much different time back to you get a say that. Well in a much different time and it is it. It is was what he what he accomplished and a very liberal guy computer race relations and so about what's going on in this country right now I'm not repeat trump I'm just sick about the protest in the fact that. These Nazi jerked him march route of say the things they say. So this is not some arch conservative guy you know old defending this and that I'm just simply saying you sit it was a different time back at you right guys. But one where you are keys great things any different and his negatives where they any different back. Our colleagues I I disagree this is not knee jerk it's been talked about many many times itself but behind the announcement uniting our time you know can't be trump so they wanted to unease even Nino was against it which I can't believe that's that's Henry says Henry says an integrated timing seems meter yes that's how little but it's not the first time we've discussed this. Pretty into sorry guys guys in it it it didn't it was not talk about until Adrian Walker's column two or three years ago. That's when it started to really get talked about the a lot of people for decades have been unhappy with the Red Sox failure to integrate. But they ignore the fact that -- he did in two great by naming Dick O'Connell letting him do his job properly the 1967 Red Sox had seven black players on the rosters six of them vote for the full season that welcome Howard was partial but he was a major player not so if there they had eight guys in black men on the roster in 1966. Again not a full season brawl because they're changing personnel to improve the team and win the impossible dream. Does that mean nothing to jockeys development as a human being an agent. Roy McCauley personally don't know if you don't know if he develops a human being well he was you what you should do I showed no question outlet or your your argument Kirk was. That they didn't integrate in the forties and fifties. Well Tom's mic and good point they did in the sixties when he gets was gonna probably a year that's so that's a guy Spezza you guys have to sauce that's a survival temperature argument that he was racist because there were no black guys are certainly were no great. It'll change in the sixties what everyone else was doing he had to a couple. Well sure Denver for he had that eight guys a bitch it was more integrated a lot of teams helped more integrated and the team is ten I think to survive at that point one would be good usage of genetic. And that's why that is that's why this. Team. That's why every team in baseball integrated after the Dodgers to get good. The oldest person in baseball who wanted black people on the teams to do to do the right thing and believe in equality. Was billed back and he did it quickly so only two owners really were trying to do directing the rest were doing it because they had to compete. And indeed he saw what was coming and they did state they were Smart yawkey was slow. And he didn't run his team properly and you had a bunch of drug whack jobs were on the front office so that two mistaken he's responsible for but. And when he finally did put the right people in place it's it's got to mean something and he did develop as a human. Shortly there and let the free should be as also how much more you chase name of the street this is does that all that stuff really go away anyway. Also what does it matter. It does and what made it if it doesn't matter the light change. I agree I I I don't agree that matters is what is this the beginning of we're now gonna swing Christ all this stuff that's true that's one issue for me yeah. I'm yawkey and this is Nikita nobody talks about. If timing are key word. Fighting for the confederacy and advocating slavery and I think it's a joke that there's a confederate flag or any confederate monument anywhere in our country's still OK if you are one of those guys. Absolutely but this is what people forget. Tom yawkey advocated nothing. He wasn't out there trying to preserve racism he was doing nothing in this is what everybody in society did yacht he was no different than every other owner until 1947. And he was no different than most other owners until 1955. And then he was no different than a few other owners into a 1959. So he was he was what we're we're the black people in broadcasting or newspapers or government or hospitals or the medical profession I'm telling you in in mainstream since. I would say John I took a giant that's it John Henry caught I think John Henry how many black owners other baseball today. Black or am I your our baseball team in black or baseball and two on one. Mean there is beat I guess if he's happier I am going elsewhere in Ottawa before SI didn't include among their list of most influential black athlete is that father have to apologize and he's my guess baseball because there's been some but the comics are great point to their every horse had to get integrated. And as he points out you can say yuck you wasn't he was my very last one do. Yes but he did it in in a big way in the sixties and added that that was that was preservation point. Well not only is Sarah of course significant totals up to say you think he'll definitely a black guys today now that it. Of course he did because that he supported it eight guys and after Zuckerberg later on today. Yes that's my hope so we certainly differ if a black it was an older of course he did he said yesterday. Why didn't what does garbage I was musical and he used the N word in the last use of his life I'd sort of so we didn't heed renounced claim to know which was his pick a side. It was the question you Robert personally became not racist. He publicly yes privately. How much can you on yucky privately was not racist after I race I think he evolved like like please don't like everybody yells basically once a human nature. Human nature. He probably had more black guys I don't think you re just cannot be racist and I only gets tossed into either racist or you're in his wife's vault she gave to the Jackie Robert here's how it is not idiots that's that is out of his you're wrong is it's a learned behavior kids are never racist it's sleeplessness hit. Let me finish Keisel look it's 568 years old playground in the race as they learn they learn it. Whatever from your understanding from home or from other kids or from whatever books and movies they learn it. And then they become Democrats and everything's about race sort kill and then insulator so what change to Tonya lights like recently learned not to be racist when to have their differences I don't know I'm gonna guess. The interacted more majority owners as of October 2013 baseball. 98% white 0%. African American. Managers 87%. White 10%. African American. Boy if I'm John Andretti or you know or board about that that's going into these games if you if you if you hit it a foot on the race African Americans are in the Fenway sports group that's a good question. I don't know. And who's in the ownership group. We're gonna get a list of those guys as the presidential still. I mean how mammary and I don't know Tom werder I'm not sure what his belief is I think. Posture. You know beyond league office staff 67% want to focus on fixing today instead of sixty years ago. The good and that's not going to get him the award is not a good guy awards tonight it happened and I'd I'd like this fortunately change jockeys it's way. Whatever I'll picture again we have some good suggestions that pop and then he said and. What about them. The tee stop as you can change I had that will change OK but then you can't touch any of the hospitals we'll see now for now but attorney which weighs a wind is how this starts. That's my point the winds blowing in this direction so if you Mass. General you can't change the name jockey or really whether you ought to pressure publicly. I guess it's a legal matters had a melt over the trumping the Tiago yawkey foundation and we heard from their spokesman what's the guy's name. Griff Whalen was Griff Whalen who says spokesman. Eric know their name on how are your from the coal poker and cards and you know they're not happy about this. He says we are on it and the act you name on so many organizations and institutions that benefit Bostonians and all races. And we've disheartened by any effort. To brawler broil the jockeys in today's political content back what's going on that's the foundation they're not gonna stand by that change the name all the buildings at Mass. General. Any other hospital what they would fight it is they don't it upon should have some sort of contract involved either unsure of money I'm sure there has. Well look at this. This summer sports management sure I'll find people similar diversity and he's these upper management guys. No sense now why didn't Sampson Kennedys like yeah that's Sam's white. Seeing a lot of smile and rich white guys in this picture him again. That's fine you know that no problem. But which diversity within your own if you that you try to fix the passed on to fix. What's your view that is our diversity of thought maybe there's some yourself Lou like who raped right wingers Sony's lack broke. Life is so concerned that's great if you're concerned about it. Picture own pitcher situation for if you care about 6177797937. We will be right. He skirt can tell a from this thing for. I'm going to say on the show we are not going to participate and to understand no problems no more doubt unless they carried no. Look at the grade I wanna do and it went to understand eyes you know can do it right I told us they actually do them no Kurt can Callahan. Seek fox Sports Radio W. Him you heard. Would have brought you mean I had no desire to atlas which it said it's my answer but what then or now or any other time okay. But he brought. He said he would he wanted to do was. Three UN and say listen and Patrick pay you didn't want to fight that's his side stories this other pressure bull that's ridiculous says. They go part of clueless yesterday. Mary you're getting to be very gut out of bill what. But I'd like to hear about a guy like that AG deal recovered well then parts of dale I'll say that there was a lot left than it is just like always stop everything. Is what occurred connect across there were people like we're friends he is is your father wouldn't barrier does a good friend and he's a great guy but. We know we know. How good he could be. We took place yesterday when whenever you. I keep I don't know if you could be I exit for no but you know so but Michael has a view on something Michael hall and I know deal could challenge and I know we couldn't. The really good he could be the. Shoes he could be Smart I think dale person who says I. I don't want to I personally these videos without knowing who don't know about knowing the facts I think dale doesn't really care they changed name BIQ where it feels like he has to goal. I imagine that's what you think he thinks that may be Adam Jones could be maybe could yes they can publish this whole. Probably like college and what rating your head you believe his chance right now Heatley now if you ask the questions like you'd you don't get the answers you look at we have Alice after mr. Rossi tossing we note let's sparked months he said. He doesn't care wreckage about it Jones told the truth yes he likes the story he likes it that's what that. What would you say a lot of people get aroused by the intimacy that's like the story is Charlottesville yes and they don't want people who died but they'd like to see. A Klansman and Nazis and they like to see a basket that could silence already guessed it somebody at three different people in the orioles' organization went to Howard brides and power of the big story for the Fed horse loved the books. I know for a fact perhaps if Pacman Jones is line I know I'm telling you know. We Howard Bryant every port. Ocean course here we don't chance. It would never have never been like. It like like like like the pope's and I know there is no god right and a lot of places what Howard Bryant that's what he deals in this is his currency. Racial grieved by assists in 2017 they're probably more people to wouldn't report. And what rights and a lot of people that I'm and our vice hours he missed but there are a lot of people are on the. If guy go to Fenway Park somebody says that. And I can't I came back I told you guys. That was set I think they believe me yes you know. Even if what I question even of even if I didn't have like a witness that are not down anybody else here are some stops shafts now. I don't know how I was Tony's guys or to break up comes from material with the guy and he has earned a break. I'm kind most analysts are during the breaks the real. Ireland getting okay. I really do that I think a I allow myself to be surprised by things that I shouldn't be surprised by. There's more right along he just said we you interrupted he said. I'm too optimistic Michael cities too optimistic in any makes the case. Just so we're clear here Michael thinks Red Sox fans a fan yelled out the N word. All the other Red Sox fans ignored it enabled the I don't believe that you don't believe that idea and he's the optimist. Guess yeah I guess that's the that's kind of like a trouble for before there was taken inside the Red Sox fans but that's OK I mean she's. In these angry anyway going to be placing more a guy like Adam Jones would go to a game. And make it up the same night that not just random register random hey I was called this. Same night somebody happy that's out of it's about it's let's let's let's if I bet they all know. Well Lou we've got to work and O 152. And did the research at 158 he might have found out that the correct. If Beckett throwing that Jones. This one's no it's not that night no not in the stands who stars out of the belt by the Chicago Bulls have Jones in terms of with the Orioles about Elizabeth and Adam Jones nobody's. Ought that the police talked to Adam Jones and just about an hour started Alex Jones nearly does but it was not center field actually. Went and Smart on video right. It if we started deftly port the dot org it might have been an advocate receptive as it was not the nose that was Soledad Joan yes the big story got confused beat people I know how and why he races I'm. That's relies a bag of peace that's been thrown in the black explain what what is it different from the like. It's just the same guys we're sorry they wanna tie it into the whistle racial ideology connotation throwing them back to paint them black. I didn't think there was racial card and so I think I got kicked out. Do you get arrested just kicked out how to get kicked out and the cops talked to and doesn't look the peanuts and when they did. He never mentioned the inward correct. And it. Same night somebody about it Adam what do you think about it at a back appear that the thrown at the guys we saw you think. It's a reits. If somebody. Would. Say something to nominee outfield. And he got supported by several players. With the Red Sox an outside of the Red Sox and he's lying alone they supported intensity war hero we should Red Sox players and hurt that's. That is that is shifting the goal posts that you wouldn't believe that is that is that's. That's borderline disgrace it's Amir overtime. Number I don't racist because as and questions from the leader Olmert Paula I'm racist word. Say something to harmony outfield. Then he got supported by several players. With the Red Sox an outside of the red face bill line. Supported house put that just. I come may have a life like Adam Jones they had his back in this but no one came out today heard that not even a team no. And there was not a uneven and I'm sure guy there was anything and Niko doesn't exist high school kid. We know now with lying to might look at Joseph might add to those that night talking court. It's different very fortunate I heard there were 59 under sixty egyptians tonight the ballpark he said so that is why mayor Michael. I'm just lying there no one's injected fifty and sixty hell additional expand my little change in its history the disrespect affect her bag of peanuts. I was called the Edward handful of times like banks pretty awesome so just once accord him a handful of times who's called via word right. What's it's what would what's number 45. For five different Times Square and I'm Jones he's Colby and not one Red Sox and so this is an indictment on all the fans and M another random and another random racist fan I guess threw a bag of peanuts in the dugout there was in him because again what's the what's the race conscious with the peanuts they understand. And by the way can we wanted to revisit just quickly I know people are tired of the put some reason no one picks up on this the Calvin had extorted it's unbelievable according to Kelvin panic a global freelancers and a writer with a mixed race on it was written about. Before. He heard the inward someone told him in a really weird way use the N word about the National Anthem he reported and they kick the guy out they banned for life. Boston Globe in on the biggest media owe the New England. No Shui is this is patient zero this is the first and only player a person to be banned for life for using objectionable language. And has never the Boston Globe has never reported no they know we use the noble the circumstances and they have never. The guy who was who her door who reported the guy writes for the Boston Allred wrote for the Boston was to write about he writes about race he writes about his son. Correct and Malia so that's what gets first person story would be pretty compelling are the only it would be good Troy the only guy since then well read the only guy since that news is reported bettors has led to rest of that was that guy. Amid say since and has been over a million people Fenway Park. That's the one guy it's happened to salute one of the million to undo those odds. And because we questioned that according to Michael hall he basically. Marreese right I question the Boston Globe this would be journalism 101 you have the story it's a big big story you know it. And somehow you're sitting on line. Because you have the owner owns the the pact there there's nobody my question is where is how the heck government it has disappeared eggs kind of you know. He's not a shy guy is not a shy guy wears his stuff he's the he writes about how tough it is cruise mixed race on writes about the relationship. This would be right up his Alley right in his wheel house he's never written now Michael as a journalist who was journalist worked at the globe. I would think he'd be at least curious just asked the question why did this story go away why don't we don't know. Why we've not heard from Calvin how honest it's like his the globe not told us who is the one there's only because you don't have legs bike because Michael Pittman did not happen. That's why did apple and it's evening now restored and they know it and also its its its. I'm offended by much by NY it's borderline on talks with the line it's borderline offensive to call us out and basically play that game. When we're streaming did you just facts I mean I mean. I would say that you know that the the onus is on you guys it's like twelve angry men we don't hear which I don't I'd have even gone as far as you have cause and so. Apple pies I've said Calvin Hanik line how much will again Jones why yes says okay so why I send you to right I do. Right but but the Callahan things is more to it's confusing. A Michelle McPhee said the cops said there was a guy who used the inward. Right and was banned for life ever much of that they said they flag his credit card they told security right but they can't release his name and say they had the of the globe has no rule reason they can we've ever gotten the police release. It once arrested realism arrests have reacted to this I guess is we weren't around I was around half that. But we may begin to play we get back same Kennedy talked among the decades Sam had this big new refugees definitive he says I believe we everybody we'll get that we get back and we'll continue on this story yucky yucky story 617779. 7937. Fourth and final.