K&C - Headlines with Gary Tanguay 6-19-17

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, June 19th

With Kirk out Gary Tanguay gives today's headlines: New terror attacks in London, Megyn Kelly sits down with Alex Jones, and an armed man has barricaded himself in the Saugus Mall.


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Kurt can count and headlines. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind no producer Chris Carney Smart and Canada and I want to assume the man who. For his massive weight loss brought the world's great moments like. How much Robert Blake freehold Britain's prince took this animal health to reflect growth will you'll see things that I would not happen if I hadn't Ringo Starr yup they go partner John McCarty but this is now clean and. And and you only improve on Curtis whose fault I will break blame I'm Blu-ray movie are you remember. Protests like we'll see eight months and years and that's just basic you know support multi year went right associated mother. Floods functional streak to leave his stump functional strength you can Jim love rollover. When you do not answer to a question of the corners situated answers well to this question. That's a draft allowed inside ship sale and so our own watch how many gas. 8614 Beaumont very close hurt 8714. Bloom always unfortunately it's. It's. Time for Curtis and Kurt and tell my hands and time. It's who killed Tony Soprano in the super. Christopher you. Your thoughts of that okay NC first of all whenever I'm a dramatic curse lately and now it's been a while then he goes how absurd hatred and very much well. Some earlier. Secondly I felt real and three relax on that. Out of money thank you very much headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard. 800 get paired your post. She wants a spender like he's in handcuffs in New Jersey sheriff's officers undergoing illegal spanking from post as I said. After bosses found that she wants for his new dominatrix and try to boot her out of the department Christian I mean as a last name. Was recently sworn as a member of the Hudson county sheriff's office is facing disciplinary hearing crucial to fight for career it's claims that status is X we mistress. Disgrace is your organization. On but she didn't do anything illegal now illegal. Go kinky. Volunteering to be kicked in the bull Trout store election last month to six days before she set to graduate from police academy where bosses became aware. Jump to keep your job between 20102012. Even made some steamy. She's a fine look at police officer would you say. It's a Fuzzy figure it gives ever give actual point is mines and from the current ones. I mean you can't see images in uniform would you serve circle she's an attractively I'm an HYNN. Right. Mean what Reagan did that higher place on the force the issue that is that is a world I've never images there keeping my I totally and I understand that like the whips and chains and things dominance. What what is a kick in the growing to four I did some unheard of for a long time there are certain people I've heard of badly mommy issues and they want stuff like that who have little like a baby. One thing gang banger like you do you think you've walked in there and you get your big lollipop and gave it. I don't keep us every I'd need to Wear a diaper and yeah USA where the car. Has shot up. You get Spain and sit in the corner. He's is that like on daily mails got pictures ever in the video all spandex who likes. Can you tweet that out. I just got away with all right compact as it's. Hurt. Pretty. Would you kick in the nuts there she saw they're wearing blindfolds. Or what does that test does that ruin the it's a deficit note from me that you're if you're. Every element of yeah halt again from that read them. It hurts no matter if it with the it would not the kind of ruins the it was a wonder that to people really like the what would Tzipi so people get aroused by paid like they do with the black ones while I educated middle alibis that cat scan and a speck of blood like you know. By McNamee. In the not scheduled dedicated to the blood on don't you address a possible book gimme mine a rough sex and hopefully not. You know to me that. A little light slap on line now never never been span and that I don't like the does that mean there are never the white like a little like patent push down not once and all I'll just echo what she's wanted to really you'd be willing to go that. A with the horses you with that rightly they do during sex view that we. The Whitman goggles and couple times that jockey glasses the crap out of billions by the way the new tees on showtime. On the makers. Anyway what we sent. Outskirts. Trees kicked ball literature. I'm proud of what it centers. Well funny you. As part of billions of TV shows you know. Billions that new lies that party repertoire now people want to move now my attitude I don't like pain like certain point if you can't relax you like me you. Run but Terry view what sort of in the running high on an elected leader knots it's a little different if you don't don't like a five mile run as you look for you know you'd like pain you wanna do that run at Mount Washington knows haven't done it that's different no because your old cock it's different it's of the you know pure senior. For you wanted to. Older odds are painful yes let's. Hot. Like we're definitely prepared run America capable not painful that they are painful belt and I said they are painting with where you can talk it. You've talked him into an ultra marathon people who do ultra marathons are into pain that I've done it. It. He just like thinking about yes yet business yet you've run at 3 in the morning in the dark that's without reflect the best of earth and adjusting. That someone who's in two so you'll need a reflective vests the preeminent worker you know against the on the road instead are restless roads what drunk driving that was thrown into extravagant epic you maybe. That's about it how dare I got it right now sixth round who. Anyway. She I arrive at all mistress cursed suck. I think we should do the Koreas North Korea story as I did see you tomorrow but I I hate this I hate these I got trophies because this woman. This girl who's facing. Car 11 o'clock is objection is no doubt about that so question I hope she gets she's I don't sales she gets more associates be headed out the judge judge panel that I think people should brace themselves for a less is more lenient sent to all general jealous you. I do not well she might go to jail but it will be brief. And it's going to be a legal matter that does in the say no my hands are tied right when you think about it. She might not have committed the crime much about I keep reading about the same. Does that relieve chronic I don't think she can. I don't but I hater and orderly and will have a big hole irrational about this about the judge. Had to be sober about this and really look at the law my guess is that would seem to break the law. She's going to have the move away Adam whatever change and Damon Weaver. By the new life because she is evil yes I hope not I hope she jumps up a break out somebody commits her to do which he commits as solid as they argue she's evil but not criminal. Right ought to emphasize. Question. That jealous of some people affected not to attractive and look invited before losing in tax you know. But right now it's back in the day just the worst look at her right she saw repulsive later cuts what happens will rule wouldn't. Our weakens if she walks and caused it walks and a predictable after I'd say more likely than not the Nazi wolf you know. Go to jail for simple walk at table one I would say the says I would say in the same going to be sad day man. But not terrible. And then look at Bob McGovern herald the days right this wolves this election make legal history this is sort of you -- well I mean how many people of that. Evil. Mean I haven't had ads with that would do which he did it. I mean it's just it's it's double I say such 11 o'clock today that its in house. Imus if she is found. And not guilty however precedent and there is the problem. None among zero she walks to forfeit about what the other and I 'cause you'll to I mean I think cause he's gonna put on injured. Which is Toobin has a big quandary trying to nine means that I have to retried they'll try the other ones and that's true but the he walked out of court the other day did that and over day. It sounds so he's our he's in he's playing the U pretending he's handicap is ending these blind blind and there. That's actually him leaving court unbelievable. So reckless arrogant he's he's lost insane now this for Dino but not on images it's some. That's headlines brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard via Los expert at 1800. Games I misread it better and lines. I'm gonna do that. Who say what country and back this week. And headlines and I keep Lou in and you can change in the the sentence is sentence what is an hour we want here. No you lowered our one year one year why did you hear one year but again it's like why I'm here now is why I'm in the weeks right I'm gonna make a plea for leniency because he will unlike causes lawyer but to be alive here. Like the fact he's so wild sexually active with his okay and I mean he chose to be gay. And Albert there. They're gay guys that. I'm as crazy as you'd agree with that won't be as crazy you do it evil and you can work that you've been boxes while the screams and knots are on that throughout podcast this week while got heated he'd overthrow it or who want to freeze herald served Bucky so much troubleshoot the expansion for but yeah. After the thirty story I have salute you heard it I didn't listen to yesterday does that relieve it is quite. Realistically how heated is not eight I thought it was going to be more given the way it was voted I thought it was me more heated listen we are repeats. Pride weekend hates it. Hate that hates. Straight women in gay bars out of my fair park made a huge rant about stricker he's talking about what I was basin that animals are dancing for yes it takes pictures and outlook Cali he writes it was good and he doesn't believe there's any such thing as bi sexual right which I admire the ideals that whale of its short and boxer has already did Donald trumps the worst president ever that's gonna offend you. When he says that. That's all I never heard that everybody. Was he done so far off by the way don't have a doesn't it challenged at all by Democrats to Republicans last night's over the four congratulations and BP but they'll prayed to get people OC two home runs of surprises you that fit and now everything is solved there all the different about it I was on either one of those teams I wouldn't want that televised that is what harassing a grifters overall. All this that huge massive brawl there was one guy it was a but he was so fat. It look like he plays also in bad pace of plus or we are all that looks really. And you because there's follow also find as you uniforms of the same and you sort of use that same camera angle I have when they show national games. And the pitches were so slow. And it will look so slow in the basically Curtis was wondering right around them morning Barbara sounds right up you are right there is right chemistry very very close by. That's headlines brought you buy doctors or people on the text and watching the show mercy but they want Roemer and that is why they hate them but they think you've been too harsh here nice they would take that Tex if you don't catch contribute to show effort under the got to be Vanessa Nelson. You can pick it car. Battle of the brain let's say about what he called you one right now I have two questions for during the break lines are open. Where did you admit that's what sets 77 at 790%. Of lies open do you want out your back should commute the sentence number one number two are you into dominated someone else you'd eight nominate your story. Dominatrix victims were women said. And Amish himself with the person receiving the dominated the dominated I wanna know I want it. I walked into that world just nice. Couple I don't fastest if I it she's what 777979%. We'll be right back half hour from now just about battle of the blame us but we.