K&C - The Globe thinks we are 'meanies'; Callers react to Andy Hart's appearance 2-8-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, February 8th

Hour 4: Joan Vennochi is not a fan of K&C and callers give their thoughts on the return of Andy Hart. 


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He'd skirt and Callahan. Which Kirk made ahead and Jerry Kelly ahead on Sports Radio WEEI. People for the is it over. Journalistic. Values that we are trying to maintain how long ago laws. There's a spectrum of misconduct. But that's part of what we saw here. Didn't rise to a level of its kind of misconduct that we covered elsewhere that was seen covered elsewhere in the news if you mean the bottom line is the transgression that market covered in this story or not it's kinda transgressions we would generally covered and other private property even just. Would rise to a level of coverage. That's primer version and just held even toxic that's dish he's in charge of the globe which is another hinted his defense. Obviously they butchered his sexual harassment thing they were just terrible arsenal story many ran and ran from it. We I think we was in the image on the reality Jim O'Sullivan is that right this yet this. That the ruined some people like Jon butcher grass right hula and I was flirting. With a girl a young woman was eight as far as we're right on the that's the with a story that's all I was in the story. Right now my output that is what practice with the globe does happen to go back in time whether it's us or other stores stores of sexual harassment. And then with their own paper they have a weird history and destiny you know and a story off the road they said they would. You know they would Lear these interns or bring the main raft of basically these guys sexually harass us on the law like nineteen years long long dirty history and tried you know seem like their about it. Anyway I was going through this and this is from 2005. January 11 2005. From Gail fee member and have been. It's a trek right about the globe ceremony go to the hospital this. A Boston Globe editor was arrested for open in gross lewdness after two young women complain he turned to put their front door naked and masturbating. Sources say Bryan mark or is that Richard. That's right definitely it's RQU. A RDA deputy city editor at the aboard Rashid. If not personal leave situations and he's due back in South Boston difficult Friday apple happened here in fraud or got tossed and whenever I don't know that. Partly through weeks ago is he's he's he's too young women who were college students believe. Arrive Tony knows the suspects' stores open he was sitting in the chair Plainview staring at them master data published reports said when the cops what was Condit his version. The first words he asked my being arrested answers yes he plea considering that the next day he should be viewed them as he city editor. He is now the editor of the obituary section of the globe you know we still there today. Working with the women and working with younger women interns in doing his thing and that was not mentioned all the arsenal story. Even the city editor news became the obit writer after return from leave after his arrest and again not referenced wants all the globe. Works in the newsroom system women interns all that stuff. And never again never written in that arsenal story now I died there of some in my life died important in that guy that creep is writing a bit I think I'd be pretty pissed off. Israelis arrested this was dangerous arrest these are just too you know those rumors. Right Brian marked org was arrested and apparently. There was no price to pay a that's the way it works so we were channeled I have always said it depends how long ago it was yes which is not the standard that applies to Claude I don't know their own reporting. You name it lots of stuff of ulcers stuff what stuff. Other central rather how long ago they were you know long ago was for you know. Build cause beer Jerry sandusky what is. But apparently they haven't timeless as that. That price I guess the globe and their. Mark Cheney etc. but with Thurman in kill bill that was before this Donald's Trump's pastor dollar trust pass from yesterday's that that that timeline doesn't matter what because some of the seventies through the media anybody on on their side with the wrong guy. Who gets your own obituary today import wanna hold somebody. That's a guy erode the guy was arrested 2005. For masturbating in front of two college age kids mine Tuesday story. So that he. Just wanted to you know we are completely yeah. Had a higher journalistic standard yes so the that's that's the kind of people you're giving woman in the world the women's and he done before so as you'll say aside and I agree that generally people who do these kind of things they retire they don't just. When I was the second time ago we put a peep show for court ordered to jail and a lower from from the track. This the possibility you walk in there you know you take a right there's Jim O'Sullivan you take a lefty Brian mark ward. Doing what they do in doing you know there's you know the twelve year old kid from northeastern or from BU going and their for their first day. It's of 62 year old thing you know I think Alec what we should talk to her that she's mine gonna auction cash might. And it's unbelievable. Our or. Thoughtless little teeth and then and I can't jump he do about it now performing appropriately we have a trampoline and make it your knees up. Good article for wanting to be careful and get it right. They're but they're gonna that's that Dan Kennedy who works at northeast and who probably hence young girls in this class over the globe right he's happy yeah his live Internet. But people like this course agencies quoted that terrible Jim Marjorie stories classic you know it's goes loser who does not as writing a book about the globe positively matched it with a corporation John Henry correct. And should never it's amazing the globe we can do this every day of one to a beverage that is that you want in there. This primark quandary is a bit Jim O'Sullivan. Here's this guy hears that guy you you know it's Bryant has his hands as his pants rooms and it's usually good sides to the ground ground yeah it's very follow. And Angel binoculars and although I guess not. Told the rocky road eight. Disjointed column. He said well I was in it's I honestly I'm not even I wasn't sure in the end the point too little. I was hoping she was attacking you mean the loss. She called this mean these. Mean he's. Yes I mean easy tells WB I mean nice. Mean it's I don't know if I on the football but the meanings you know going to be honest with you one thing that surprised me is how well she knew football. She was writing football terms in the and that that I didn't expect around and argue that no I know my record my wife when. My mother in law would know these words she seemed collection host football. And yet heard disclaimers I don't know football but I know whenever block arrogance or something arrogance right. I wish I guess your point is appellate checked. Fans are now not accepting Belichick's arrogance because he lost against it's so we support we've written. I wasn't sure either that the headline is doing was fine with the patriots arrogance until they lost. That's true to an extent as we pointed out all week I industry hadn't even coordination once an explanation and are gonna get it they're never gonna get it never but this is where in Shaughnessy wrote Bachmann everybody's written it. That Belichick owes an explanation you would agree with that we knew. This is a big part of the job I guess and and you receive the people always Harmon and Minnesota via devote their lives this team in on the buy their 125 dollar jerseys in the in the tailgate and buy the tickets and they just live and die with this team. Those people that's why Bill Belichick makes and twelve million here a threat all assets and trying to craft a system and eventually Belichick won't be Belichick should. It's some corporate that you will show it but he ship and that's a point and she's right this in this case. Even the most noble patriots fan wants and it's and understand. That the Belichick hates the media and they hate the media to and they don't care for dumps all over my crease and Tom carnage of they don't care. But they want to know why Malcolm wood did not play a never seen. The question with so little. And as a way of saying it was also the disagreement there's no answer I mean I know which you've heard and it's the same thing chapter hurt and you understand important although I believe the guy told you. That's not an answer in pipe dream but I just believe it because nothing else come out and it has just comes out a book I'm willing detail to this could happen but. It went out Thursday and this is the biggest story around for a couple of days in Boller basically essentially went out there and said OK here's what it is. I want yours did and essentially we went amazingly short we were certain he was late for a meeting or miss curfew or smoke whatever he violated a rule. He says he didn't. Oh and he went all eight degree that yes not guy your guy says Belichick. Didn't claim that he missed that meeting her help local rule no everyone still insists he was sick which is republic said why mr. Clinton was such a reception game really. He said if you put this houses right and it also says it's crucial one if I plate right which I agree. And my guy in the Benoit agrees with rent and your heart and the heart this fresh off informants and easy cause that no passion for the fall colors. The that sounds like the truth they gave up on him wasn't a player that's definitely true as a player they gave up on him he's done here. He's going elsewhere you know play elsewhere next year but this time one year ago was an all pro. Rankings you're one of the best it was a it was improbable. He was all pro all pro two years ago he was a Pro Bowl last year it was all of them he's one of the best two corners here before that he made the most important player in history to suitable the right the year before that he was Super Bowl hero right the issue he did not see the field. And nobody nobody knows why now all. No I mean I'd do Bill Belichick knows. And he's not talk about weirdos players probably do but the nuts and and remarkably. A cleaned up Matt Patricia who trimmed his beard as a domestic. Was never past this is the biggest play and suitable the biggest event in the sports calendar. And all gathered meteor in Detroit didn't ask why do Malcolm parliament play. I would I'd be curious to be just go with the same answer to do that we game. Appalachian mad dog during the break I said the mask but their defense been shredded the super bright on the deep enough lions fan from alliance and I'm a Detroit really terrible Butler. I care about this guy's coming in to be my coach. In the last time we saw him he got charette did by nick falls right. How do you ask of others keep somebody from Boston should be harassed and definitely agreed but the hospital that just was geared his pencil. And you don't ask about this pathetic performance the last time you'll see him on the patriots on line. And gets a 41 points a mile backup quarter Gerry Callahan Detroit Free Press senior columnist so what the hell happened on Sunday three days ago and neckties and about those two was well you gonna be like this you'd be like Belichick in the future site in the do. That's a good question and we are 617779790%. Amid do this as well I saw that it calls on this. Yes those last couple of hours how much all the call right now local lines as we worry about the stuff we think about the stuff what did you think of any heart. Good performance and should be back yes or note did you like candy heart McCurry challenge. Sit up latest because we don't get a phone calls we have our answer he hates month it's Tina right did you agree go to the phone calls we kind of a war. Right let's attack but no calls like 617779793. Said did you like Eddie heart and her talent show. Does he deserve another another chance in the third seed yes or no 14 lines at 61777979837. Jerry died at. I agree with one thing you told me earlier that I just ignored. This Quincy Jones and view is madness it's. It's crazy madness straight I don't care about him like you don't I don't know right I don't understand about what producers do want to do a lot of Michael Jackson's abilities he might be you know we might have a touch dimension here who want him she is off the rails crazy and easy answering. And you go on what things said about Michael Jackson Paul McCartney racy these. About The Beatles The Beatles I'll disagree aren't real maybe read some of that as well get your call 6177797937. Yes or no one in the heart back. I see the calls we'll get to those back to patriots stuff is crazy Quincy Jones interview plays stuff to get to we get back on per gal. Like on Clinton's room includes Quincy Jones produced. They could superstar terrible thing. These. Once a good song Amanda city's been hit so Exxon office. Hey you brakes on grates on grace grace grace which are man no raids on this rates little girl raised on. Mark off the walls are great album sows terror off Somalia he's rumble off launch more human nature. Now I'd like Jackson 5. Liberalism and two kids as of this so your real makes little boys in the sense. Just trying to get can Linux lovers should take that extra it. We asked questions you wanna hear more from me grab going into calls on. Ice I was wrong moment you want more and ignored. The answer is yes then take calls and we're not even tomorrow. That's coated homage cruise very calm. Hey Gary are you record the morning is I'd I'd give you the vote on Andy's Islam and I think ease. Unimpeachable. I would say god I know you're coming up on things thanks on the criticizing and you ought that it welcomes a little of that but that's okay tried too hard as much better than to my seat and it does bring them back he's the only guy we have now many life. That's life modestly fumes a loser leaves my life and brains they should sentence if that would be talked about that sleeves in Wisconsin what's up Steve. Shopping. I didn't do it another shot very well I agree that. Not that I mean and won't get much you know a lot of months you have to kind of I don't know to talk. Right now it I thought they had a very well today and he deserves another shot I agree that. So you admit you're wrong I had to go into and you know we'll see how coast casino that's that's what you want to our future with Joseph let's let's not put him really all evening news of patriots can we talk a lot of patriots. Token tomorrow Andy Benoit will be in the harder he should make for me the Mormon resist every month so we're I'm sure last two weeks I didn't matter you'll see Sox sure I understand that goes in the car it'll be a closet is always you always are bogus and since talented really deposit. They're worried shot Joseph wants seconds on applause come rain early for Meyer's deal. Monday's 730 went to assess. No not 666. Now you're you're a Hillary you're still young among young it's not an on six and only six into the old 630. Okay you want the sweet man as the dean you can. That's cents at 64 at Diageo Tokyo. I I agree with current. Or trying. It's up for a vote at all about his association with the patriots. It will be shelling has only go over forty that brought me a picture but it's on. Its original point that's true thank you that's right thank you JO he's right. Doesn't sound like older tackled well or stupid like month. He's better than migrant we all agree that now they ought WEE I thought it pay her ex. When I'm off you can have in and month he liked attention. It feels like a eight a physical relax me for both of us maybe afford to play ricks in Connecticut what's a brick. Oh boy Andy no wait here. You're there without adding any way spite incite anything. Do you like that you think he's worse than ten way then then I'll toss you know I know well I. I think karma I hope that they wait. And I'll take things way we're since my I think yeah I did my ears like the bottom of the barrel I eat I'd like angry at the appellate. Notes for the funniest people's our show at this late in the Hedo people wrong with us or hate us so why do you listen. Elegant but. I respect that I can really either. But or just right this could claim he's encouraged keepers a radio personality who I was afraid of my choice about it after a five minute you start what's up Kevin. Don't know that it viewed adamant. About his music and it cooled beard laid out. Anyway I absence of any the bring candy hot backed. In the middle of the morning should rule don't bring back men and peace soon. Good he's kind of like a slow baboons. And saying wait to. Bring back. And it all now. Bring Andy hawk back now all. Well election in the hunt there all hits you know. We'll bring them back and you should retire how many hours you wanna mix them. Our stuff maybe you know what racing is retiring. John taught Torre anymore and I'm as a torn anymore get more and getting nervous Quincy Jones is at the top of his game just peak these other 2030 years it will who's this interview with them in the vulture I believe vulture I think that's right. Yet culture and it's not rights when you get someone in their none in the right state of mind disagree I think where they might be visiting Quincy and then the sunshine home. He might be off his men's what was your first impression The Beatles. They were the worst musicians in the world there were no playing M efforts Paula source bass player ever heard Ringo going to talk about it. So it's a became inundated George did and rigorous and that it sounds about that said yeah MF for because any new great guy. You work of Michael Jackson with something people don't know about him is his hate to get into a publicly about Michael style and a lot of stuff he stole a lot of songs. Donna Summer won a lawsuit over royalties and dispute over. Billie Jean says the notes don't lie man he was his mock rebellion as they come into the line says house so it's as greedy and greedy. Don't stop T get enough Michael should have given 10% that's on through Greg whatever is it. I was a C section says would do come basic double the plastic surgery I was justifies here's because it's a disease he had BS youth that's. It probably is let's and his father told resolving the abuse of what you expect. This is but in the end Michael's problem was Propofol. What do you think really thank you mention the clintons were friends yours whys are still such visceral dislike of them. A lot of people seem Hillary for example you see this business side of herb you keep secrets they backfire with what seekers this is southern should be talking about them too much me. He rips everybody's butt off everybody from I hate to MF for good equipment and literally says that he needed. Them on the bunker. What about cost you when about it reality surprised you can talk while the some public. What. Who says so what stirred everything up is all about twelve ism. Says it's trump an educated rural uneducated rednecks trump is telling them what they wanna hear I used to hang with him he's a crazy MF for a limited mentally. A megalomaniac. And narcissistic cant stand my used to date of vodka. To date yeah years ago yeah twelve years ago Tommy Hilfiger. Who's working with my daughter says Quincy Jones and he buckled wants to have dinner with you I said no problem she's a fine MF. And beautiful legs. Wrong father of like this. In every answers crazier than the last we get them on a period after which I don't mind. We'll do pretty it's a documentary cameo which he's like he's he's 85 yeah. Let's have on our over a back. She's missing. And worse and itself. Girls don't even know how to scale of one and it's minus 57. And abracadabra awful known as this city. Words to separate the artist. I don't care about demand congress this month sucks the artist whose goodness younger did you like rhythm and blues music that's why. You like the only thing kind of music. Speaking of which we never gone. To hold Stephen Hayes at first half acts like he's at 64. It's a matter of the the producers us. And you are to be good job there thought. Tomorrow and what will be you'll not a good job it's finally the big data mall reuniting leave early. At 45 maybe traffic yeah sure the bloated three hours early in the Toledo by the when the story that Kirk rid or. We talked about about vehicle guy who got in trouble yet primark globe editor in trouble for. On next to a naked and do grab. Told there. On if Paul Kirk and Callahan yes on this boots on. Red Sox problem of the song I like all kinds of issues I do have more civil war. Open musically you know you know what side you're you the most closed minded global Motown Phil Spector records and cook a all of that like Kenny Chesney I can click here at church known but you know not. I mean these guys are next make sure to listen to them and listen to Monday night we're back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock am fortunate back with. Lots in the moment today and hopefully he can respond to winning a senate vote today which can happen in that was one part reviewed hearts and that's. That's farmer back tomorrow morning learned to hate like you do it's almost if you're born. And formidable that was that was. But you. They like and that's on. We're making good that the picture in picture listen as I said here's a line at the station the rest of the day to day get me big guys on until two. Then months on a night. That we're back on tomorrow morning correct and you podcasts I would regularly yes they'll come up we'll open about 2 o'clock so played after listening started to. With me Greg you'll listen to it. But now a lot of us before tax from drew them was to much. At 6 o'clock guard god bless you when when I love you think if you hugs and kisses will be emotion just kidding had a birthday Curtis. Your last. You do whatever right tell you have a grab your crotch when a drug use and they could rigs.