K&C - Gerry and Trenni finally agree on Trump; Curtis' Antifa sound fizzled 8-22-17

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, August 22nd

Hour 4: Gerry and Trenni are both down on Trump. 


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It's Kirk. We're the podium meeting with the members of immediacy to get it. Borrow my glasses and a lot look at at the eclipse of the sun total put the part we just have to watch on TV later yes OK if. Well. I think you've never stare at this you. No I don't fault withdrew committee head like coming out what kind of a blueprint. I will not say when we are going to attack. We will this is not a man of sound mind we are not. Nation building again we are killing terrorists are job tonight actually is to scare people to death on this subject Gerry Callahan. Understand a lot going on in the world I like to just keep it here all sports book that you guys have. Mention Gerry Callahan bite me sometimes unhappy life. P.'s life I don't know peace and quiet while we have talked about their why would I go won't hurt Allen. I'm stormed I don't wanna come on that show where we hope that things that are going on in the world get turned out yeah. Don't get back to sports folks story on Sports Radio. Three hours in its. Discussed this yet. Honey let's look at Maine yesterday. Callahan sucked. And I was. United glasses no one I've stared straight Animal Man I'm not afraid to you a little little lady there is on the east stared straight at that they're wannabes it's something that that what I'm supposed to go the store and buy. Class than 7-Eleven passes. Some network Adams I. The interview on social media media I'm like twelve guys there into the sun no fear none whatsoever. I. I was global warming was very cool McKay oldest son loved that likes it teacher long bits. Yes and on down on it but it was. It took a little plus people love to be down on something doesn't like Nike and laid everything everybody else you know sunning everywhere else likes a minute you know. It's a song like she'll events was another 12024. Can be a better view for us in Boston. Seven years from now next time full clips by our view so. People solar lunar same one look at what sort of solar has solar solar eclipse in 2024. We're gonna seals can be great to get your glasses. Myself I'm days time in seven years ago. Apparently full eclipse is significantly. Cooler because Hayes you beg you actually seems like it's dark outside the united dusk wasn't happening here is what happens I'll Kenny didn't get Lloyd did and yet like I noticed announced temperature dropped Allan on it yesterday and an English get a little Tennessee. Was in Tennessee was daughters says that kind of fed up what homeland and he between. The full a clips and I heard and women's two color. Foale a Clinton Katrina Lindsay ons like his song. We spent some time talking about it I read to one that was one of actual you know that's I had attacked us Smart I did that too well tiger I'm not sure. His future holds them watchers are gonna be competitive golf for BA. 58. I absolutely. Do adult film. On whatever called these days. He beat highest paid male adult film actor of all time. Pound and a lot of spin it out and it is nothing easy or like keep east can't drive an elder Tiger Woods Sudan but. Good luck to him trying to suppress these photos and think by like the end of today gets a better tech more people have seen more tigers. Private parts and saw the full clips of the and total eclipse of the sun Titanic and Apatow Hudson heart so I suggest classes this stuff this'll burn your eyes. That so far. Before we disagree on but some things that happened over the weekend let's I think that you guys to agree most people probably agree you followed as the president before he was. Early that he was staring at the sun. Late today at 9 o'clock last night eastern time he took to the podium to address the nation and he's not gonna tell anyone where the attacks are happening. After you know battle plans. I'm gonna tell us is Annie got 4000 new ones that we're fighting for four and still he says what are my best bass line was kind of tension building were killing terrorists. That's all well and good. What is victory what does victory look like is that asking too much debt fines victory. Did terrorist. Well we're trying to kill terrorists everywhere right but around the world ramping up the efforts were were or telling Pakistan to get themselves involved is he still call Pakistan that was encouraging but I would not wanna be. A father of a soldier and marine headed to Afghanistan because you're fighting an unwinnable war. Your fighting for ungrateful people. And only come to give it like a week before some friendly of blue on green. Shooting. Happens in and some are guys get killed by an ally who was. In RG Heidi in disguise that's gonna happen it's happened many times I cannot believe we're gonna lose more one more American life. We have normal labs right we dropped one couple months ago don't we have more more labs. I'd rather throttle 40000 mall labs and send 40000. Men and women there. Hard and you have to I I know that it's war and whatnot that you also can't you can't destroys civilization. You can't go mental illness civilization we'll see Afghanistan you call it civilization you know what I you may not have any compassion for people who are stuck many of them feel trapped in stuck their living in not that's not how life that they want that there are still people who are innocent in who have done nothing there except for just tried to live their life. The only life they've ever known what you're just a wave them off the face severe now sorry. That Moab or just to go what I understood it. I'm not sure any innocent people that like ninety I Asus fighters I've. And how relaxed I needed terrorists that's the goal and now and Obama didn't have the balls to I don't that's not a law that's okay that's a national model for every decision he made legal what there's a lot of drones struck places a lot of innocent people that's one thing at a huge problem was that thing in the Bowman Muslim wedding that was his thing and I think more on a Muslim wedding but what honest hundred American soldiers already I don't understand. Afghanistan yet and number one right is going on why. Why I don't know if this is one that's eleven the worst terrorist attack was planned and directed from Afghanistan. Right and our goal was to destroy. Training camps for Muslim terrorist and we did that in like a month. We should have been in Afghanistan for 23 months and weeks. That's it that's it I got to join me that we should not be they're still not pitched and we sixteen years either stick along if a. Pissed if he added cherries why didn't sixteen years and I hope I was trumps at seventeen on TV last night and I start doing them Avago. How could be seventeen. He happened after 9/11 and flooding come up with a number seventy map wouldn't eat you know this pineapple now on the teleprompter he met like I've never seen a record he's red hot. Small banks are at left right left right and left however early in trench read entrenched in Afghanistan since the Reagan years since the 1980. On the other side right we weren't either side that god was on our side UI I while aware that we we armed Osama bin Laden that we armed the Taliban so that they can defeat the Russians but that's the problem we've been in hiding and in. Bear relations. And their nation me I'm a nation building or there. You know. Now no one wins I mean the British lost the Russians lost we're gonna lose so it's gonna be twenty years thirty the next president whoever it is and it's got a chance Jerry the next red hair and make the same speed spend about thirty I just read in some capacity. For 35. To 37 years and we're gonna stay there and kids ago that tiger married no kids and we're looking no matter what what is there has deemed the site and I'm. Arizona. A volunteer army when you really start to look at the breakdown of how of who volunteers to go into the military very rarely. Is it my brother or your Brothers or sisters or your kids Gerry these are all kids these are military families many from pour. Disadvantaged. Neighborhoods and communities across the United States you've had no other way out they don't see any other life for themselves about joining the military it's become a very small. Portion of the society that is sacrificing their lives. For the acts. Well that's a volunteer army but it is what I read and it is neurosurgeon and again I can't imagine being series for Connecticut and your son that is a marine is very problems should be I love with Ford tweets about this kid. It's going to be in Afghanistan and you're going to be like why what and when you fight and know what's parent wants their child in Afghanistan. I mentioned this before but it's striking how how primitive. They're called they don't think. They're gonna become a modern democracy in of that the difference in Iraq and Afghanistan Afghanistan doesn't say. Even our allies don't think to suddenly gonna becoming modern democracy. In the middle of that that and it actually. Don't you let people govern themselves and if it's not a good idea and it wouldn't it be in that it was and I I don't know enough about the infrastructure there to know that if leaving just leaving it alone my question would be. Is leaving it alone and do nothing. Further brie and further bolster up. BA the reinvigorated Taliban short ice. Mean others who were fighting them but they control more land the they have been like ten years we're not we losing the fight we're not winning and in other fighting. To the death that's when look at our guys are. Roland and out every 68 months and in the coming home these guys spend their whole lives fighting us or fighting whatever imperial power is in there but. In the book by Iran maybe you just better to not be an imperial power and take everything out of there and left to govern and south I can imagine it's going 101000 miles from home and in thinking you're fighting for something meaningful if it's any withdrawal jingle creative that he from the size terrorists would instantly fail. It's an out of anywhere but honestly Pakistan their probe is more terrorists in Afghanistan. While we go to war with them. So good idea what's in it as well India is always doing that right that both have new centers of threats last night at a trade and. An Indian taking some of trade dollar and has an impact all of ice dance gotta get all workers strike really is coaches. Ridiculous they all have nukes correctly pointed at each other. It's not a fight I'm sorry to sound like unfortunately little reality trump played blessed tweets for years about how much analog golf Obama plays and then plays lot of golf and he flat out as much we guys allowed Jessie to it we're wasting money that this one of the reasons I voted for the guy was anti Hillary vote number one but he said we're gonna focus on. This country in not at events like this and at last night. He's trying to spin it no less than a year of presidency. He's while we have to do after key campaign honesty and get a piece says Alan I. Retreated as the caper retreat from are you gonna call me. Klansmen I do that every tweets on this tweets from couple years ago he thought says this is insane let's get out we spent a trillion dollars. Eight trillion dollars of American taxpayers money. In Afghanistan. This primitive place where they still believe in dragons. That was rubber O'Neal's point in his book he said he was with someone in Afghanistan and they were talking about how. Like when the sun comes up it's a drag and breathing or something is that they. They believe in dragons. Is trying to reason with a until you know we can get this place modernize without infrastructure and with with the modern grid and you know more running water and everything else this guy's afraid of it too ragged and commonly eaten his kids not Ewing with a people who were. Are panning for you know and then on the modern. We're not liking for a mall and again I have to be built in their neighborhood. I you know there is a part of me from humanitarian side that's fun that's not right you go to Lebanon or write edit yeah Jana humanitarian aspect right out sending 4000 more and he says we're cool yeah we do that we do that in the poorest parts of India we do and that is an island British sociedad and appalled we do it in parts of act for timer not embedded with troops there so I feel that there is a way to somehow humanitarian efforts. And to try to provide those people with some sort of this is this some sort of solace or some sort of food and and some sort of struck shirt that at least keeps them. You know I don't know I it's hard it's complicated. It's and by the way is clearly what Payne grabbed by the manager that the main body fat beats having gotten president last night this was an approval poll try to you know ballclub a little bit and went out of the way as part of the wag the dog that's happened. Because mom and Steve man was booted out he was one on how to make Aniston and yet there was one. Fighting with white you elevated this when he didn't have enough power now that he's an option now that he's brought in you know John Kelly. As his chief of staff and you have so many generals and military officials you knew about that at that. This is the direction we are going and right yes it's unfortunate and I know what can you promise I won and you hope that those military officials can sort of rein him in the they have been able to really Rain Man and yet he's also listening to and and an area in which. I think most people were hopeful that we would finally. Disengaged. And. And as silly there's more engagement now we we started to show talking about the events of Saturday do you know that your producer Chris Curtis let budget all went there Saturday. Has a three minute conversation with that and that the member. He talked I went out I look at legally as yet there's a conversation with a Roemer Tomas I'm happy about that and we'll Kirk's not happy oh we proclaiming that he did. He went on dreamers and you won in your shows that I was embarrassed now Roemer were there. He waited yes we respect diversity allows you know why anybody made into Kyle is and you could of waited until 1 o'clock hour did you tell with the naval base. Asked to call him so light. I rated buy your ordinary and was given I don't care I was glad to call that I was listening it was a good show until we left him to write for came and brought the whole thing to a screeching halt but what. What did you tell them you were from yeah or from curtain Callahan and that cool overwhelmed with the intent for folks NT from all odds claimant Mattel Roemer and show I don't know region tackled by surprise out note yes I. I love you sometimes symbolic flight. Kramer is not the smartest I don't know what he can do cherish where he currently challenge backers bought. Give me a hard time I was on similar didn't mention the shall I judge when I spoke with the and to the people when they were collecting their stuff before they begin arriving began their marching they didn't wanna join me but when I was at the location where they ended up right at the entrance of the free speech earlier I've found one person who was going to talk about. What can we hear this guy we come fast enough so we've played yes to receive this for Jerry to hear restarted their today. No one's retreated the Boston and the the Twitter account more than they show and Jerry gallons let's hear from a member of that group when we come back. This mostly listen to morning show. Sports Radio telling you. I'd look I've not heard this yet for goes wrong goes wrong but Chris Curtis said. I talked him heading into yesterday show that he has a great he said that we're grape cherry. And trying to break. Three minute conversation with than a Boston you know benefits Boston at the open and the example we want to hear anti fit guy if one gentleman yes when did you in his name reeling and knocked him musing in the band that I only face yet yet they have Bandana and a quote but it's what turnovers. What punks almost the no bush and Nazis last week and cellist who know so their faces. Have phone got fired from their jobs at Taco Bell but you know. At least they show their faces these punks are afraid to show their faces are these Asia is important note on your eyes when you get that makes like Chris can't welded. At the event and you not seen again the vice documentary on HBO you have to slogan. So we opened the show talking about this I wanna hear directly from may remember this is Chris Curtis is was Saturday. Is before after. The real it's called the violence between the anthem members and keep the members and the police model race between the picture of this gentleman. And is good news. And data brokers face it like to see it on the curtain Callahan account there he is it looks like the grim reaper. But. This was earlier in the day this was around 11 AM it's situated themselves right at the entryway for these free speech relegated to the park instituted sort of set up there waiting for people who arrive. And and sort of them as they're walking in to. Are you disguising your identity but on that. The reason I'm gonna do are you part of being cheaper group it's it's like here. I assume everyone is a nice person until they prove they're not assume everyone is anti bash has done it proven that you honor Canadian parent and what do you think about the free speech relative figures have been allowed to happen today or what you are free speech and it is free speech but free speech is a against the government I'm not a government hasn't at all. And you can say whatever you want the government can't say. And it doesn't mean he'll face consequences and it's gonna be addictive and that's when I aren't going to be its lead surpassing. You don't have consequences but so you don't police on high schoolers I'm going to happen. But it's a carry on so you seem definitely it's people put a protest most people go to protest protest they don't know that it didn't quite telling. I'm not a violent person. But I think I'm earning that much more suited to take a hit and then say this guy Kabul this guy that affects us but like. Gonna throw a punch but you have to block you can't let kids get him back in little woody pushed the ground I mean it's going to be a proud American morning you have to. These bad idea that when you're screaming at the Indiana Jones dome and earlier. I gotta say his hat reminded me Indiana Jones Indiana Jones it's not is this just. Tomas and a and so I think anybody walking in there or sympathizes with Boston's. I do not school reverent. Slump has made it very clear that. He supports. Left don't know enough about the whites and to be fair. You're not agreement comes up. Not is it was like good partly why the gang site and it does this is sort of earnings are beyond me I'd like to you hold much it was good night. I mean I can integrate the good part. I thought it was good I don't know what I'm enjoying its cards sent but what I mean I think Detroit Jerry's or I am joined. I don't wanna Jerry I don't know anybody who didn't bring one hand they're all winner says this moron and elevenths not aware that you avoid people as they walked him of sorcerers thought that you can. Heated. Shove he has not screaming at its over the Dartmouth servers just answering questions and let's really answering questions and you're interrupting his ability to answer. I mean to be fair when I'm answering your answer and I'm correctly. So tailed off their area that's sucked but whenever. Hum did you get any like angry protesters. Other than this guy did you get anyone that wanted to play shout people down. He talked about pushing the ladies all we can we saw on video in ice for guys. Dragging an all woman to the ground because she was carrying a flag. They don't believe in the flag they literally tweeted out a picture of themselves. Burning a flag this is from Boston and keep his own Twitter feed. Bad PR problem as I said earlier that the media as we note the dishonest fake news media in Boston Globe. Want you to think the NT produced you know fighting the man here and are taken on fascism. They're not. This is from their own Twitter feed let's get one thing clear and TP is an end now and Arco Communist cause. Those on the left who calls patriots stepped up the F away. And is a picture of them burning a big American flag then there's another tweet tweet where they're burning its size is free speech. They do not believe in free speech they say Boston NT five corrects the error of free speech and then they right. No room for capitalist conservatives libertarians classical liberals or supporters of the US constitution. In our city. Credit to Boston TV at least they're honest the media is not the these guys are anti. American. Say any clearer anti American there and a violent. And R&R and Arco Communist society acclaim and narco Communists until Saturday I didn't know I mean I should have looked for their Twitter feed I suppose. But I thought they were so frightened fascism. Kill my eyes. Since you again Gerri is if you'd down its. If this is thanks if you didn't if you like Taurasi does say don't I don't because I'm not I don't support. Violence on either side I don't support extremism on either side I think stop at that site training nobody supports the other side. Nobody supports the Nazis or the Klan. Or the white supremacy eyes okay nobody I want to take joined teammate pitcher where Mac but again I go back to. The fact that you said I really to read anything about that Saturday that you surely didn't mind tweeting at the police weren't there to control things and Charlotte probably meeker says the cops. There's always supports the top but nobody here doing this I placed in this IK and product and how excited they cried Jane culpable by bigger problem though Gerri is that you found fault with everyone except for the people who were Trulia faults in Charlotte's. And you can't say I didn't pay attention to it Eric I didn't. Post this about that in post that about because it wasn't in my own backyard or. I just don't wanna give them any Nazr I don't think that there importance at the end of the day the anti aren't important they're. Another free obviously out there that there are you OJ influential beauty. Knock downs no no no no I don't know no China there's a thousand empty for guys for every now that's in this country. They're just is go to college campus. Believe me and keep as prevalent on on most college campus campuses particularly around here. Chilean Nazi and show me one well it's a little hard to shove it is found as they are aware general governor had now they're not afraid to Wear hoods over there yes I'll tell you this feud they're afraid to show up. They didn't show up and Boston were not there it was simple what happened Saturday was. Say you're somehow upset that they were afraid that that's not to eat that's should be and it at least that's how a badge of honor you should say that as a community became together we said we are not. Stand for the same kind of heat that took place in Charlottesville and became togethers it's the only thing free speech either. From friends I believe inference I did I say that I don't believe in free speech of both sides had permits to speak no told the free speech people they couldn't come. They chose to not count because many were there and I asked her first ball counter protesters showed up in such a large numbers to say. This is not funny at Google not stand for your hateful rhetoric here. This coming this city has had. Had a black guy and it for how long with all these idiots saying how racist they aren't hot N now and now that can becomes together 40000 strong and let's just say that maybe those numbers are a little exaggerated let's get 20030000. Strong. In Boston on Saturday and the one thing we should focus on the 88 and Teepen is because. They are bad for the cots their that I don't want it I don't want to live in and under the but it caught it and power and are called Conn Arnold can't hot Marco whatever content in that realm that is certainly not the the world that I wanna listen I am proud. But I am proud of living in a city that say hell no we watched Boston real not become Charlotte's overall numbers on allowing. That's what happened it was simple the Nazis and the Klan didn't show up so. Innkeeper turned their wrath on the cops with what you got oh you know why and why he called out you know Larry tween so much tough because that was. We we were getting sanitized news fake news the Boston Globe what was the 35 paragraph before the pointed out that there was violence on the left. Share according to the lucky dog from the outside bottles of hints at the company outside of what they were knocked a hole in the black owned it looks like you. Didn't care about what happened in Charlottesville that to you that didn't matter what it's like sending your lying eyes that nothing happened here think they know this I. Exactly and I did I shall have no I did an adult we didn't and I think that drive their cars. Is the pits you go to record in the town where the event happened on Saturday that's not that I conversation as the story of the week position and having with Mary Joseph even before this happened even before Saturday took place. I saw over and over and over again on your Twitter page things about the contract and their job on that balance that's a that is not. Balance that's not now mainstream media you say you couldn't say I love you couldn't you could not come out TJ can you see Gerry can you take your blinders off receptionists and seed the press ads see. The optics on it. That someone who like Jerry I don't have a yeah I. Have not exactly being an open minded please tell me where I'd tell me where I was deceptive deceiving seems it's let me just say it seems. It seems odd to me it seems curious unique that you will then maybe it's a terrorist attack attack happened anywhere ask you should. Talked about it. Sure it's there's was there. Where that was your question and coverage about Barcelona was there any question right away it was it. Allahu Akbar they are bear hunting down there waiting for prices to talk about it. You right away how many posts Java I think I counted seven or eight between its bid between Thursday's attack and today RT it was actors it was Thursday neighbors attacked. Prided earth wherever and today right into that time icons at eight week I counted zero. Feral posts from you on anything about what happened in Charlotte son Nat is my issue is that you have the prompt. Sana blamed the cops the idea and you blame the politicians desperately tired they're Smart thing but there's nothing on the air about actually playing or even not aids that's childish we. He's so that Christ child you want me to pander the actual while I'm in between right now now these are mad at China are bad would you feel better. As I am not on the due out now it's now sees now it's disingenuous. Nazis the fact you can even seen Jerry you'd like even lobbying and it looks like Nazis are bad didn't isn't any getting getting as a radical Islamic Jihad if Lindsay. Is there any question that they are not bad people there any question that a terrorist they do most terrace is a bad person but you have no problem. Always say as you retrieve some for Howie Carr which made my stomach turning it wasn't and it said hot the re treated said how funny didn't see any names of Mohammed on this list of the arrested. So grotesquely. Reassessed what it wasn't an ounce on modifying it just it made my stock chart and that's I'm sorry Jerry but that is my problem. But I've literally contemplated let. How is Gerry and maybe Jerry sort of sympathizes is OK with. What they're doing who'll. Among Islamic terrorists are big fans no not chronic I carry a guy now not all right terrorists and there are all right terrorists are all right terrorist. Is likely cut compare like to death hole from the Islamic terrorists you the all right you wanna do that the United States shall you'll be stabbed shall it be a little weak including 9/11 a no. The that you Kendrick who now let them. I'm gonna come and we met little. Contest pretty easily. Paternal wanna do that account tweeting and generally mean now that he's not iPad is Timmy has area it can't see any health. We capitalized everything good spelled in the right simple high eighties a period in between I I encourage you to follow an Australian TV I think it's. At and T for bar I would follow some time talking to our listeners. So you'll understand if you. If you like training you waste your yacht while ruled out here you wished money in the Boston Globe you need to know the truth about NT four. They will tell you themselves. There against capitalism there against. Democrats are gonna answer an opponent today that they're against the US out constitution there against free speech and try these happy. About what happened Saturday. You have to have teeth hijack is that anything so I'm sort of hijack the day that I can your oyster and Internet anyone here anyone across the finish in all this morning and I say that I have to Austin and chief said do you think I not found some good morning you usage. Very proud of what happened Saturday very proud that people from bottles of peace at the cops and you proud of that on that day I'm ashamed that. I'm ashamed I let Sarah should not cherry. Jerry that's quite shared it Gerri I guess it's okay. Let's let's let's you read every rainy how we can archery beach Indianapolis of those arrested in yesterday's quote include include as its peaceful right comet. Only one Mohammed is a disgusting I recently said that's a list of who was arrested you know found that news were out you could have easily gone to BP. Only want to have a I know some guys get it will be one terrible awful horrible person whose name is Mohammed. But. Let's not at all. I'll let owes anything about trading Nikkei is they're not important that when you. There and I am sure they knew were like most people who went there you were very disappointed there was no Klan. There was no Nazis just like how people just like the people who were disappointed to find out. Adam Jones wasn't really called the N word. You want the Bogeyman to be real there that I won't. You need the irony of this is one that you play you call racism the booking and so it actually doesn't want to call it racism the booking and that calls and that these are not always actually eggs Nazis and Klansman in Boston. They didn't come. They didn't they weren't there and you know what and I and I am proud of the fact that one or is out so let's talk so quietly on the ground welcome and spit in the face some can work truck packed again will fall air engine are very proud. Share taken care barriers let's do this take this off the air because angry Lou is pacing. The building right now he's gone walked by this window that gawker had about ten times. He's pissed about John fairly want to be here right it and that will get the mid day guys. This. The angry Lewis here is fired up news John Ferrell screwed up again and had no answers again writes I lose her home and I went plume. Because that's who I am absolutely not the guy with glasses that went for 68 means that you should choose to everybody what's gonna maybe John Ferrell future. And I I love there are lists here I'll hunt hard carry these are CNET. And many admin as scheduled to return tomorrow just say that in the view of TNT for guys yeah actress that he's had some good. That took let's start out okay. Fail was sorry it's on its argument that even sounds sorry you can find someone was angrier the police was full of angry at -- the guy's phone yes we couldn't find that someone was breathing fire and they didn't wanna talk to major adjuster bunch of lying to them tell you within PR. I will next. Chris drills and PR so I UN Jaret act tomorrow. Yes it thinks of me it's scary out tomorrow and now he's an ethernet and third minute tomorrow we're gonna have got a teacher going for four out of big show I'll be locked and loaded says what happens night on a lot of cover curling he can't find some network Wednesday's. Well I think you and Gary are actually going away together as a economical thought let's. She's the and you guys are both off I did I get behind us physically I give anything to be hanging with the tank weighs on Nantucket and I'll be in Omaha Nebraska the week remember Kramer man like the over the next couple of hours here amid an ice sheets. Yeah I'll have fun to have all hall curling a joy. Somewhere in the middle of the man. Somebody and without the guys bombing which is Perkins Jerry they'll bull be here the Big Dig guys with that angry Lou coming up here on W week various burning people. All.