K&C - Gerry and Kirk review Stronger; Hillary Clinton continues to play the blame game 9-13-17

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Wednesday, September 13th

Hour 2 -  Gerry and Kirk review Stronger; Hillary Clinton continues to play the blame game 9-13-17


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Iron our children. Going head to head with Roche shirt. Sounds like to me who who running who wins this that's going to be tough to fur gets a little we eat can you know falls and the second place at Robinson or. That's the plans I don't know if it's cold running of the caddies calling boomers I think cold calling. I to boost trees. They go on an idea department I think it's a good move her credit for it and I agree Fred in boomer. I agree I think it's a great fit for Friday he called me remind you today you want that happened. For that somebody good over there who. Somebody who maybe can't make a comeback and the problem that apartments that tax that it would be great that's an extra thirty. Cardinal impression too slick you were when you said. He said he's the next X you're right I think he's got some guys have real time way right again operate today are tank yet the federal moment. Yeah he was sung round and a host who could like build up continued. It and make most of podcast as cheese that's you didn't get enough on and one thing it's. Mean it's. We're still in its financial problems that passionate Obama. In and need to do and he should be a stall they just hold on that's not the only kudos to the issue. He stinks. Agents yeah I'd hate to tell other people do their shows but here's what they should've done yesterday I'm sure we should talk a cash or 5 o'clock this that it would even I didn't hear at all much heat it eat your regular milk and he had to send it back Curtis to get chalk said her as the current Boston Pollard ran for you could do it did you. Entered. And drink plain milk and I'm I'm a creature like the taste of chocolate. Some travel with a chocolate milk in the morning that's part of reset the clock routine god got for being okay. My golf wandering off to the car I forget high voltage I want to dale and keep did you say Michael all he has that your friend of neglect just eat it you you like to mill hill let's hear this and this read those tweets I mean. You can hate the president like you do on him that everybody we have punish folks that meet that month it's the president but just as you but they don't. They they go further than just saying he's white supremacists and equitable will make it only takes a way of I know I don't know like I agree and like defend we use them to defend defend her. We try to get Michael Rappaport on the line anyone else trying to get that we're trying to get who could do what are you can't defender if you go by IB EXP and told us so upset the apple that sat ubiquity that's scary I don't well I don't think it is bad is which Schilling. I addition union was more that's fine. But look at the policy but there's a candidate for you totally Swedish policy get rid of it that's fine Richard LC. Which ultimately that he's not once again tell us and have a Michael Smith with or have someone like to meet with you can argue that night shortly and an ornament my assistant. I don't know its enemies he has spent on those extra when did you these these sports site it's. The worst thing ever and why it's just like the same thing Linda's Mickey or something that they do every other coach in just over and over and over August 6 and Wear sneakers a teacher so how embarrassing that it was a refuge elsewhere teacher and really pathetic and brag about them as a Friday's. You know it's too bad she couldn't convince white privilege which I made some tree for much Janelle a much better piece. Stupid smug Trammell will. More opinion dated a junior here. Yes she should write and and training does not she's got one tech Onebox which came tribal it was defend too. She will hold probably right now it's off him while I Cuba while I think you could certainly an opinion on like you Kurt and everybody should just say. If you look at the policies. Agents say you know the talk politics by and they do know Britain's Cadbury might spend before my spent I think ten years was that she said compared to root for the Celtics that refer to that's really portions of the stock really weird. And Linda Cohn was sent home she said. She didn't think they should talk politics which it is against the violated the rule. The tennis guide that fighters. Because he used the words that sound like another word that someone took offense to Britain McHenry got reprimanded. For whatever re tweeting some early liking political liking to light and he's got suspended for criticizing Roger dale is no alias pains to say that the corruption and murder that's. I. Or its phone today ever look at that the craft of my advice I think they kick the tires against the public a couple of all of this acknowledged on the telephone calls all we had dinner with he wouldn't make a phone call you just it's one of those things like from goodfellas you know I think about it guys yes we Eric. I've said. His cancer care and Ozal is obscure practice seasonally telling it was their last legs but that's that's hard. You're sort of make you know. But he's a character I had seen the movie. And I didn't move isn't really what where when was in I don't know but it's been a lot of movies and he's he's an all these like Bronx tales. He's good actor looks the party's tough look and I don't songs look at what those. Anyway you'll know when Tennessee's great actor but he was thankfully it's a movie. Two policy on demand. On the course please would you ever think of poems and among its time cheese I would say have a secure an empty Nester for Christ's faithful and historic college. Apps and do what about Galley. What do you have when you date 99 at three kids hitting ninth I take a nap. What do you have to do Jeter nothing ease you out just saying to dual OSI Walter oldest thing though you saw my later tens. -- you know started carrying went to a movie on it working and I got off free I'll sleep you know it's a solid job you know needed to get up this morning put on the helmet put on the hard hat and did you picked up his dad's lunch bucket. You know our god and our store marks are always at all the daylight all the construction got us to a guy wearing your eyes my guys doing guy is yes if you felt like a bill as a guard at the masters. You have nothing to do and so it was easier for me you sorry you have little younger kids are part of the job. Fire it's obvious on the show every nut yeah and only if I had anything I needed there might be invited I would have gone tonight shall I thought my god by enemy. Size that big good segment for you showed you guys at the branch of you like Neil Everett elected to answer the remote from there. Who would've been a good idea we need to engage and invite I I'm gonna say and and you can disagree or agree. Jake Gyllenhaal as Jeff Bowman. Is the greatest acting performance I have ever seen that you're gonna go to a I have ever seen. He but it blew me away how good is there and normally I don't like he's a very I don't like to re acting jobs because. Mean it's so subjective you know it's a subject you can hear it's let me think he liked him any money like legacy you're eating shooting or was Michael -- greatest bird man. I don't promote social it was a huge you know you don't have to like the movies think he acted as well look who it who formerly held held the first position Carroll O'Connor's Archie he's the barriers our cars are even bother yes he'll he won't he had a month freaked me out how good he was Jake Gyllenhaal know these people are all between them you know you can like him he's a big liberally Levine Jones and he loves Bernie Sanders. And I met him we had a nice talk took some pictures with you changed my politically yeah I did they stick their way I explain the whole doctor offender good and should help them on the global warming. It is freaky credible goodies that mannerisms. Look in his where he the when he walks on prosthetics. If it looks sounds. Feels smells like triple urged their shots at him where it looks mean I was talking to. Bowman's friends after his fame members after the movie if they were for that the hair. They would have it beaten with a win he'd get up out of the seat and the way this class. Here toilets and it means everything he did it's a great it's a really really really good movie. It features a performance that's better than the movie angels called get nominated for Oscar will get for going to war for sure hurdles in ruins things are up angled to. Yes for sure you're an expert on these things and the only thing that's as good as. Is packing our Montana and Arlen. That I'm glad he's good but that the costar. The woman can and can use their name from it was a I don't Tatiana that yeah. Well it's my steps it. First general hospital. It's a matter she's in real life she smoke pot. Really cute movie she's really cute movie but things in which was all dressed up called up for the for the premiere she looked unbelievably good but I never heard over Tatiana mostly she's a much orphaned black. Christina. No not heard I've never I've never seen and I don't hurt her I heard yet showed it to receive a solo freaking good she and goes below the below with you know punch when you I can nominate total toes to enter and with with with Gyllenhaal. And she holds her own more than holds the two of them together it's no love story and all that and it is and there are so good together. It's it's the movie what's great about this I thought was really great about it first happened to it within a huge event it's a simple little movie but the guy trying to figure stuff out that's all he struggles in movies a whole it is not an easy movie to watch its struggle. He goes through hell. The what does happen Mark Wahlberg is a point 28 save him teach a mile walk writes a story about Jeff Bowman in his sort of screwed up family. And he screwed up to an ebony goes through in this this woman who. Help save them now to thwart an open and real life at the and that's no but it doesn't away because he's got his guys is overstated team is already indicated that it was over his own school. He's doing better than ever and I mean including before the bombings and better than ever starts out you know he worked at Costco and Billy yeah and you know just the simple go Perkins beer watching the stocks. And he's become this this. This example is great examples great inspiration. He's embraced it of closing we had him on Monday and you heard the interview Gary he was really. Really good but I think it's more than that Kirk I think it's more than a love story because. You know you this sentiment and has been one big movie about the marathon moment that this guy knows and documentaries has been stores to open book has been. A lot said for at least for us a about the marathon bombing. How much you ever capture the the pain now the anguish. This. And an Iowa and I was remember I've seen them sea of love. Talk my mother about how good approaching them was just said. You could smell the booze on his breath sitting home watching on TV or and that's you can still receive lovely place to drunk cop runs Al Gore. You could smell the booze on regionals breath and be better than that you could feel the pain or should normal pretends. Acts like chip going through all the went through surgeries and and all the all the anguish and you can feel the pain in the camp. I don't sit on the part of the fallen offer him in the shower trying to talk Syria because they pose significant damages and this is a great scene and he's just in and then they. On top of the first open as an emotional thing when he's screaming. And he's yellen at an ever and his girlfriend innings in just frustrated with life you can feel a couple of. She screams I mean it's still it's a small little stormy may do the seated at the Bruins game. Where you 33 freaked out Wallace allow registry matter in the ultimate flashbacks and the stuff of the family it is real I I can't I'm I didn't like patriots their thoughts on. I can't recommend stronger enough it is excellent I hope it does well much or how well to its own little story and it's hard to watch images in a tough one. Unfortunately because of the theaters you only people who go to the movies. True so economic and taller relatives are going to be you know that Michael Keaton movies in excess of rubbish it's kind of a who do well on demand because they're trying to make money into it's not a kids' movies some like you know the sixteen year old are gonna flock solicits legit our movie. And it's it there's some funny parts in Lebanese funny as hell I guess uncle Bob the other person I talked to family members after some friends. Who weren't thrilled with some of the scenes that were not quite check out they don't they don't have to change things but they do anyway they have a couple of scenes that are fictitious in the in the hospital I knew this Sully his friend who's won since with the most well when he writes down. That he saw the bomber and help solve the case. And they changed teams cousins Eric who's a good friend he's always there but. Why did make the switch in those guys like I don't know who's seen the bar where he gets. Confronted by phone call while Hong Kong Hong Kong government hang up right who's who says that you know it's made out that he was an actors paid. Patriot news falls. You know on the left shows that this Sheila on those fellows jobless problem. And it's just like you know well that the place is just it never happened. And why not just have a brawl they're drunk at a bar why you need that to two I was sitting in the car where people insured that happened. Sort of yeah Dennis and I think that's happened in some for our part we have many times straight practicing hours crawling along you know this errors I'll be traveling carded. And church well you know me. It's great that I don't I don't have to embellish but it it's what you do that class but I screenwriters Doug cabinet after you know Bowman's bodies manager Costco and he said it was one of the heroes yeah definitely. And he said he could have talked about that stuff he said you know it's funny is we walked out of the them. What was the concert they did. Numbered leaders and analysts as ultimately want the car right yet. There walking out and he said there we got confronted by a false flag who said you're an actor and have a big fight about it he said they just move that over to that story we did try to drive a car samples to see somebody sustainability and own dad told me that anymore that I false flag I confronted Jeff while he said in wheelchairs and later leaving there there were leaving after the one fun concert some guys said on 63. Base you're an actor on which you get paid for the slick to the -- up to a normally. They thought I was gonna be you know when these guys hey hang in there hey thanks so much. No it was you know you're an actor right Hamachi get paid for this you know which used for blood were so they moved it to the bar but but by the way it's a barn channels for the fourth child for people and nobody would ever know and no one's ever. I guess you could actually give you get good flights in and if you out from right and I don't have this it was that Stewart's classic ads that thing and their their punitive to America so it's sort of the security get what they hear from moss he did you do get a little of the Olympic the over Red Sox stuff about the success the accents rules wrong actually it's OK so it was a hard Joel's fuels. From and you ultimately hired actors to use of the Greeks look if you take a look at. You know with a great leading man. Now we talk about why can't you always been the best actor of his generation it's July and all of dissimilar house Greg might you might turn out to me and he made some great choices it comes. Night crawler I Crowley was so assault Paul has no point to a solid solid good zodiac I mean he's he's tunnel already or move but he doesn't have that signature while Washington broke mountain while ago yet. I'm not necessarily what's kind of you know crossed over into. But that it's part of the conversation about mommy you think Matt Damon's been in the 2000 great movies inject your own business and he's he does it take this big parts I mean you think he turns them down. I think he looks for small compelling stories or did she take a look at NightCall solar what do they are I'm calling million dollars to do to be Batman deterrent I don't think he would. When we I think he would Asia I should take Joe's been offered some kind of super nationals there's no question in 200 was down because I don't think I don't know this but I don't think Damon would take nine crawl. That's my I I doesn't lose their pets but yes sometimes but you don't athletes certainly when he's a city slicker sees McChrystal summoned sideswiped you're available. Do you think you rockets and his move bubble boy. About rocket which was the book all use in the the movie with Chris Cooper did Chris Cooper and yet. This is done some little you know gonna obscure forgettable movies I think you know and has a big blockbuster I guess formed that artists this won't beat either but if you win as he won his even nominated nominee for Brokeback but on and that was of no interest but why doesn't his two gay guys. I don't know and this is a good movie. You don't watch it was nominated for that penetration yet he would not it's true. And have always. Never well and probably never won one and he's never won I hope he gets nominated and you I think old African good I think you'll that they both. That you know a lot of people talk about and him yes both want him to talk about fast spenders who else. Damon. And added that the action comes yeah Asia as he did hundred those guys that is in the weird way but he's probably not but he's feeling payments been around forever. He has yet here's my sugar and the other guy in the room was mention Heath Ledger of seized on what he sees it he was Willis actor he's a great it was great actor but yet Jerry I cannot you know our pages she jar -- yes yes sure he had surrendered jarhead he never had a passion for just talk from a jar and I love jar of cushy chairs -- population when I was of his retirement Hong Kong the hang out on that is giving them trying to see what. He's never done a big blockbuster movie ever you know I was gonna ask him if I had a longer conversation with a man who went on for quite awhile. Almost an hour. Just he Christian Bale just put on like a hundred pounds went to change he's an analyst at yankees right after you as a possible rate and and you know that they'll think it is his performances take the Oakland in the fighter credible. Which was a winter premiere too and it was similar with the family was not. I'm thrilled with even in the best light bought or your sense of the family's reaction to this net paid. They said this more than one so this. Just happy so where that's good individually they weren't all thrilled with the portrayal of success through public. My friend bought his way of caffeine is always there with and they were always with the chip took on compartments and and they just leave Iran and Lennon plays ball but there's no life no life at all and then the Finley gets together and none of them have wives or husbands and kids weird. If they have dropped straight and show wives as well as the budget thing. When New Hampshire yes sisters Venus and that's a huge budget movie out of the held the apartment which is don't be in right crowded in the bathroom. Amid so graphic too was the stronger the bathrooms on. Puke on himself on and on Celtics postponing or they have to spend a special effects for the legs. Joan I'm not sure it got removed usually aren't cut off I met a guy here. Now while he's in Africa that would you do that though few Christian Bale in this and did you put on a hundred would you. Yes I would saw a lot of you kidding me to break I'll go to the sale does he get taken off. But you lose forty doesn't seem healthy I'd say no it's not held on vick's I don't need to do is gonna be Dick Cheney. Hundreds of but you're gonna additional we will look at issue they'll say that is Dick Cheney a visual feel forty years younger. Nobody's going to be bigger maker yeah and I wanted to know what all as the day gets to be -- have housing walk you know right away for five it's like to tackle for and received you know he's so good is that the equivalent Agassi last week and yes he did he's an a hole. Dogs are seeing a great actor told leasing. I tried David men. A mice. And can get on the given today and a parts. We give him an a because you know. Of the things that change has yet I again have to change I can understand was a little annoying than it is riveting. Riveting off. Excellent excellent amateur when they thought we recommend when he has the flashbacks to the scene of the bombing itself. I'm just sit there and there's a bunch of almost survivors in the room with us in a row and now. Have sent their watch in his in his blood in his graphic. I felt my wheels patriots face is so time would be good budget for pages. But you're 67 million yeah to which he talked about analysts. And that was that was his relation with Carl's is that. Correctly portrayed in the weight I'm not sure know. And things that we can use on the front right with us that we had the right the deed in with the wrong. But at the scene with Carlos was great greats they got those palaces Chris excellently tells us that much Roy wasn't there yeah patriots there was 45. Was it was good for this to me now. I don't look at it on is no I mean can't these Montrae fourth no no I mean the scenes I mean I get financing from fulfilled lives so our rooms that one that department dirty apartment right now I mean an engineer as they do actual Spaulding rehab these the actual place. With the actual survivors in the background in of this. Yesterday did yet and inject I mean I can't say enough Joao was great she was great. Let allegedly was really getting gonna have to wait till it's on TV you'll see me. He told I was looking for news agency it's hard them in the background and have you seen one timer yeah US and focused and missed them looking on was looking for where I stood of course I understand so we'll see you should poll who's just an idea and I'm DB pay. I think so. Thanks as you get a couple of fairly broad movies yeah I am a big role survivor's remorse that's true. Oh that's right yeah yeah I don't know I'm going to be paid tomorrow right here you guys yes. Yeah and Archie called back and so I have gone to premieres and Jake Gyllenhaal is better than any star ever seen him work the real suckers and bailed the premiere for the fighter he was okay. The Gyllenhaal says hi everybody took pictures and what's it like took showed us that didn't come out but we're gonna work. Note torque at 6177797937. Headlines. Each time once again for. Him lie steal it. We it really really serious. You know. You called me last week to commit to date I expect this commitment in return I am done I don't. Want them. Let's go on one interview mr. gently upset at the door into the night and you'll get out of it features a we'll go immediately. If you just curious about the. Wow. Okay. Like always be applied to like licensing many amateurs partnership to. Wise and I know I said I had I had an on the. Am. I up on him to. Tailgate he started. There's time and he knows he's he does he goes who's wrong about. The first time no problem shuttle got screwed. They've been put on the car and Bradford and so there are advocates. I was I don't I mean that's when I needed to operate that's when Gary's addition when he is at primaries to put in the little effort. A little. Number and that's when he came to you know it might pose for general pace trying to get shot or strategy now that he didn't in my mother needs essentially suck it. Two words Audrey words casting you know to address these that's questioned her c'mon guys that he said there. C'mon now congressional salary about your golf awards and that's nice to know I thought about how wish Obama. I got sorry but your dad sir Richard mom. Well it's somewhat quiet and we see we still love him he's still muses that at some point you stop trying menu and what happened I was just in the office and Kurt. Curtis laid out every story gonna talk what you didn't touch any of them and never really did it I think I would say that's not good but it is sort of an on their effort and actually keynote. Cares what you did before affair probably. And ask a question and answer respect that. I just kept it and you know when I have something to sales but the last I had some say it was that. Marie that Brady's guilty that was the last summer remember you have in the real. Strong wife who he would. You're star troops stand by the yeah idea and you know what a moment I could. A head of he's gonna tell us to stick and friends for Easter does ensure you get to work on yeah Larry told you played and you Geist. And understand that unless you're huge headlines brought you by doctor Rutland the hairless doctor. Of the airport or 1800. Gate here at the excuse tore continues. For Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared your entry was to them podsafe America compared with all of us favorites yes given you subscribe to that. No I don't think he's as good director. It's different if there are persons on their room. This is north read things owned I loved him in. Gritty. He was okay rooted really liked him and biggest ABB's what was that swingers sway your real time great things are different Judd who worked in the Clinton. Our administration and now you're okay what's the ocean on. Well to do any research. I agree Hillary sound with with several we have first this is on why she lost the late. It's a strike yes. Hillary Clinton's gonna when asked question loss and should consider what you know I didn't go to was I just shouldn't I just anon on the right but once again like it 2008 I just I got off message trying to adjust to do a good job isn't to blame all the an early lead in Illinois and that's what she's getting that would. The blame ultimately starts with me is what shows there right yet the analog beginning offenses good news here. End of the day I think on the cost me the election and I think also with yeah I. Or. She says. She is that should have only met him I respect that she's home regardless of the election. Think also people with our other names that okay. I want my tax I want my Supreme Court justice there was at that each as well as well done Obama about public. Here's a calculation her mind these Republicans would want is that it's tax cuts and wanted to root Supreme Court conservative judge warns what do Democrats do. You point you lost to Donald Trump you limited about it well I don't understand why people who. Share our views are more willing to invest in media that can be competitive because what you got his right wing at the NC propaganda. And you've got to. Mainstream media engaged in false equivalents and all. Also made for me just guess they're grandmas human being like the media media was liberal and just got to meet all of that what used to its console so Hillary Clinton. Lost is that as I've said the three great would you like to not sort of insurgent candidacies of last 25 years or Barack Obama. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and he already gets the same person you reason why she's a great candidates running ads she lost to Donald Schwab. For president if she blames home she wanted to wait should call me. Republicans and the meat that is well all parties a lot yet girl alleged Bernie are regularly birdie and obviously I read that you know we are back in our victory is welcome to I'm gonna get the audio version as a lover is always great finish dead and yet it. I can't wait to read but now there's a list out there it's a Mena. All the people she's blamed so far. James Woods to Uga cities disappointing as a medalist. Is I think was one of the last cuts but this literally. Twenty different entities including the mainstream major shot ever really grows enough to write the follow up so where would get where you're. She says sexism has reappeared are. Oh okay. Being treated to a level of overt sexism. That I thought we had. At least diminished and maybe he's landed on but it seems to have come and Minnesota patrol. I'm I'm hoping that everybody will read in my book that chapter because I want everyone to think about it and be serious about it. And then I think we have to stand up and speak out and men and women alike so. Win Pamela Harris is basically. Told to stop talking Elizabeth Warren is told audio. He's got a wide yeah the world hey hey we can Jesus Christ that is overtly sexist you know when we wanted to. We can't tell much quicker it was with worn story sect he warned in a new mayor. Young African American kind of impressive growth in the studio with us I talked to him on the air and then off. And has said he was going to run for that state is going to run for the senate. He was told to step aside this it's the beside him and we have a woman. Louise earmarked for that seat and all of the usual suspects all the unions the globe bill got behind Elizabeth Warren as a circle so why fighter. And you know he's like he can't do that is right cheated he's right he's waiting his turn but a young Smart. Black man. It was told to step aside so this this this woman who's never accomplished anything in life who used. Affirmative action to get was she has never won an election in a life. Could be handed. The secret you can't see over and catches the crew's Eddie my ass anything Elizabeth Ward says because she's a woman you just can't be every judge not allowed to speak she's become the the titular head of the for the party so now you're sexist so was it she. Didn't she criticized Clinton for taken money from Wall Street. Non models where she backed Obama. Much you know jump on board he got everything just governor Richards she's a total hypocrites they're religious element out of that. That's your king James Bible anything else from the former so well or more Nader well worn but well she is critical party since most insurance won't hear us. I had such a different experience you know wait. You know as you all know because you were part of the Obama campaign once it was over it was over and I quickly endorsed President Obama. I worked really hard to get him elected I was still argue with my supporters at Denver convention. Telling people don't be ridiculous you gotta vote for Senator Obama at the time. And I was thrilled when he got elected I didn't get anything like that respect from seniors and his supporters. If you're just shooting at him on the election you cheat him. I mean they can't hit the answers. Literally they came to the next several smaller than his sister knows it was a batters. He solar wind did it just so directly so you this but he. Not exactly what is permission to spokesman than lose a bitter Alicia has never shoot a bird should have lit himself on fire is such that I bend those on the news raw essentially figured you'd go by a nose Vermont necessarily disagree doses but what's your response to do it doesn't the killer that's the theory that he by endorsing her somehow in the supplements beach house on Lake Champlain. Nice place and one thing led to an out. And I am. Trees are so it's a sellout to us of course any thing else for headlines they would reassess where we're we're way behind. Way when you care about that to Portland titled something else to know I had this conversation we have some sort of like aerials course. I went into the Christopher Columbus statue that was good news viewers are so good for packer tickets a deny that we have you as an alternate for the state wonder last oh yeah. One hears he wants pleasing one and I don't believe a lot of conspiracy theaters with Kirk says he thinks Stevie Wonder concede I've always believed that I execute that we've Stevie Wonder what's. Hamas like he thank you take a meanwhile the sooner we like thank you go to Gasquet was exposed by you I was looking forward keeps its conspiracy theory that Buick as the dollar Trombley yeah that could make his case like we walk we. Senior political by the Internet people that Stevie Wonder can seem to be shocked if the order could say yes I'd be a bridge where OT be shocked and it's. And fears that common he feared he. Jim Nicholson consumed. You said. Which hosts now. She's the hottest hits it. She's stuff that he's such a great story even you have to admit that much from them. Can USA. It's not it's. It did not apparently it was good terrible terrible evil in the future can. Think right. The eskimos at some of them. Tell that by assaulting protesters that's so we still great allies aligned like Pete Carroll from the rest of presentation. Of inside job. Do you want to Los I was on the stealth right yeah he decided to make a little political but here. As we should begin to eleven guys on the planet. And anyone. Who believes that there is no such thing as global warming. Most people line and or on content. Lord. Please consult. Just think superstitions is shut up just just get out there saying. They're part time Plosser duped yes sir duke it you know a big Stevie Wonder if Canada now. I don't know let's see owner Isaac now that's a great record to talk and you don't think he's line. I don't you think he's black Michael. There's a ninety kids' fitness and yet will think of it if you blind. You know are happy since then. Cigarettes were about what a Rachael Ray Charles sir Charles. You what's the tip cup and you tell the difference is that she's Stevie Wonder look at things patched things and take his last academic evil you know what you're telling me that he's not at UC don't win it's easily. He gets. He gets. What you believe he he he ever and always believed hit like 93 out of hundreds free throws in the and we had. If it's electric apparently don't play it like hell yes oh is five so they lob no sorry we are not more is not a child which is actually due December. December 2014. Yes. You know the original story right we weren't allowed to tell until it passed away but when he's saying he was hard to get them from the fan witnessing godless America right. I think it was the number was 80000 dollars for the just sing the song and they had to get in the day. Oh yeah process they literally had to get argued yeah now played. Asia only it was easy got his prize easy conspicuous some ugly brawl over the good body. But her face. But at some look at this this this Pittsburgh story back when there's been wrote funny things. About how much did Joseph sixty he wonders if they don't wouldn't. It's important for some fifty years for shipment basketball games why the hell would you basketball. Your blind. Like this maybe takes in the town here it's like you know what it likes our analyst Harry goes up and smell the popcorn. Don't know they think somebody can describe became theater of the mind keeping his son was in her life on her if you remember the blind person like. He had put the car for over six hours here on a plane. And economic hardship you go hardly worked OK so heat it's always been a movie yes. I don't think you are close to normal within ten worked out boarded showed he has nine kids. I'm kidding of course Hampshire Steve you orders. Although I don't believe that of an announcement on what you never know we view you have these fears student would be would you be stuck. Yes he was supposed to go break the minutes of every change it to not include more in the court Stevie Wonder if he said early you ripped the pros go in the windows loaded and none of the people last week my only took the mountains into RPI says no I said what. Does it prove that he did. But disapprove giving you credit by the way. We have abandoned the club but eventually you have to go to break necessarily. Go to ten when I was destined for two hours for. Okay one do that better turf biased headlines brought to you by. Doctor problem 100. Get here will back the clock the jury once we lost them off. We'll do that let's get Michael rap or any progress and I still effort to get back ESPN is 6177. Cent. 790 threes. School board cute rocker room to the bull put them thought that all hole and holed. We'll get right there than beauty great moments that you little story why you would. That was cool for you from green and see what T. Could give him some Kid Rock never did when he was to win their ninth national hip hop bolt hole catwalk trash do. Cuba Cleveland. Rapidly that reflects. And wash your mother. Bob if I'm wrong abroad and is really stuff. Now you could say which one was hit rock he's got talent. Talented gentlemen we'll be put out a system when you're having dreams favorite artist I think this would I don't care if he's got talent and you can wrap. He is I'll fight in Iraq to. He is very tale of we just who has electric for me about it doesn't matter doesn't certainly senator it sacked Perlman does nothing for me but he's talented at all and saying Tellme is a difference as well. I knew that if we functions and picture with Sheryl Crow OK you can get this whole catalog I am a fan. You have to be thin again I like did you sleep whether yeah yeah the fans act. Crates greats shut. The GI news what's Michael Rappaport talent or question I know it's it's it's a mishap isn't limited actor anyway I mean late in beautiful girls of innocents who and then move. Because this is a new Yorker into a summary on I agree he's limited he's not funny but. Porter knows he's doing a church working but it may want to new York and and it's not work for me at all Portland really nailed you last time news on. Am so important because I was Austin. Yet you're suck it up in Austria that you learn. How to find them look at that you know he's the sun more in New York some of June Brody in New York radio personality and David Rapoport a radio executive. And general manager of the all Disco format a New York radio station. Any parents got divorced Rappaport mom married comic mark won all. Who owned the problems. So start grew up on the upper. East side player or talk a rapport because he defended Trammell last night says when he stated that where all the big part of that caters from years in the women's who from protesters tonight. Nobody speak up my girl to mill hill phonies speaking up for what. What the question did troubles hurt supposed to do speaking out. Fired that's OK I didn't vet this Friday morning she didn't get suspect that a warning she didn't growing lead toward did not they said they needed to actually talk to work it says what. But he somebody's purse or tyra policy person talk to agreement shore. Gruesome to Mel I agree if you bought. He's left the politics I don't know. And it's changing the delete tweets now would that be the first thing he would run a bullet to do they always valued needs sixty so desperate. The eighties and Jane Elliott as his attention this is not. Good for them because already they're dealing with this shows percentage show is getting killed ratings wise chilies that have nothing to look they have nothing to lose. You know they you don't want to write the show before them gets slick twice the rate at which we pardon the interruption so that people have to. Half the audience bales the I have to leave his elbow and John Ellis earlier than the other athletes TV on in the kitchen while the making dinner nobody watches the show it's tread full. But that doesn't matter he's been doesn't error agent and are about ideology there about advancing their agenda. There about making sure that they can brag the next any beach convention and out of their Dennis Moore called isolated just desperate to keep their jobs and to prevent court country. Let's talk the Mikey was such go straight Mike from book on what's happening. Nice idea I would that a decree and that Kid Rock I actually went home Friday. Here's. Yeah. Another person might receive organized and who cares. I do I think he's he's that guy is a talent I'm sure straight putts and I doubt that. I literally blew everybody. Loves you literally everybody ladies and consensus that stance that's Oscar and a. I've got to hope he runs and I Obama's statement on the these are live in concert I did at the Super Bowl. Browser wouldn't it be ground if you Donald Trump opened the door to these unconventional candidates from both sides of the only you know I would have loved secure Iraq debate. All of a horse show or something shows I would you know are way that I confederate flag would have just peace and everybody off. And just speaking his mind and obviously. On the left side on the other side the can have some real great you know appealing populist analyst Michael Moore yeah excellent Clooney. Historically if you move on Italy to run for office here never which if you were him I wouldn't know what I hate to educate the million dollars for the southern poverty loss and one of the great left wing scams of all time. He's an eighties at lunch when would you lol go to late. Which it would certainly like Cuomo would call Kevin Love to of migrant camp chemical that's Christmas set up next to him like coma and I don't. The freeze in the winter. It's a terrible election of the 50s60s yeah it would definitely stay there. This beautiful is like a tent city next week Clooney's compound has was not their mothers and does it matter to me I outline our Africa. 6177797937%. The old tomorrow because. It is human ESPN's standards wild 24 hours just seen. To Mel on the sixth last night to talk about all he's in recent statement. And everybody always writes in the Arctic and all the credit for me and you deserve. Assad. Is not clay Travis and gentle boy. Also we want some of the defendant always get up 61777. On 79372. Questions. As Michael Rappaport ever says anything funny or something it's quite good and right without appeal. Defend Jameel yes I'll probably you guys this morning I think everybody agrees would be. It's often. She did it forever open you might have I didn't think too late to get Iranian here wanted me to take the bullet Youkilis writing all I could say is who in this last hour and a half. It wasn't as bad as Schilling pitched it should you re tweet wasn't due Schilling that's necessarily my issue will attempt at humor and that's all that once this is literally typing the words that the president to white supremacists. Who your owner of breaking get mad at me but this dump offs this default would want to buy most of these kids. I don't want this life okay he's he's advocates. 33 trying to he's now six months pregnant right do you confirm idea here though no no not yet written start to show well. I. Don't like is a white teacher Tuesday's gone because there's going to be maternity shirt days please view our order.