K&C - Former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson called in to discuss the uproar over the BPD's Red Auerbach tweet 2-13-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, February 13th

Former Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson called in to discuss the uproar over the BPD's Red Auerbach tweet during Black History Month. 


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Hedo. And here good how you doing. On why you don't I'm fine new. Tweeted I assume you saw the Boston Police Department tweet and then responded does that on this. Yeah I did in eagle and an ethnic. That actual on it acknowledges yes armed distort history. Right now I don't think they're there that. That has actually an under sole we we and Boston are acknowledged. You know it is it is. Are choosing. I the first black player. Started the first black. Black fires. You know to start again and on and also edit and we have a statue. I guess the issue here. While it is. Are Black History Month you so the mulch or we can celebrate it in particular untold. Stories. About. The history of our people in the in the United States and beyond. Who have had to overcome our struggles. Would you say that I would just say that red is a significant figure in this city when you talk about African Americans overcoming or all of a house. Was seldom progress. I have a question. There's no one who pushed him on the patient who doesn't know who went out back and doesn't know what he did. Well yes there is a known al-Qaeda I would say Iran you know that people don't realize. His role in this regard that he's the first starting five or traffic the first black player does lots of people don't know that red I think senator Max was right about that. So Kabul and sworn with the first work or hurt or Terkel ordered. There and people know we used to know. We haven't mentioned him until you know what sergeant Horatio homes or do not bounce our charter or operational homer. By the way he was the first black police officer. In 1878. On the Auckland police department he served for forty years. What Matt makes cents. Who also police department told acknowledged that person so we can you have one months out of the year and and I'm discriminate. Our vast majority of history have not told stories of people of color and women in the United States. Can I ask your quick question though just. We've had a discussion throughout the show what the definition of Black History Month is from your perspective what is the definition is it about the people. Or is it about clause that's sort of the two sides are. We about the struggles. Armed and be achievements. Of black people in the united six. Announcer excerpts edited black people in general but I that's that's what it is and so if it's if you know acknowledging our people liked Red Auerbach. Like those. I'm poor were abolition of switches are mapped to suits or as on one of the bastions for. I abolition as soon on what garrison and others. I believe after a week if I would want to folks who have two greens have never been said on air waves like the one that we have armed and had that are. Are you that such a problem is right the U thinking they had done you know Chuck Cooper and they did Bill Russell on and maybe a few others that that would have been appropriate it's not in an inappropriate in and of itself leisure. Your point. Or what the issue is well again or from Austin RI I'm a muscle extreme Obama sought to turn to alert our sort repaired and when it comes down to it. We really have to acknowledge that our belief that the story. It's great may have made morale back. On this one that is commonplace in American sweep. Aren't there are many people stories had not been told it many struggles. That full that full I have not actually understood. An and there's always there's many folks that are still happening in the city of Austin. And so we have an opportunity. In our time to acknowledge some of those faults once we've exhausted that our that we can have another conversation. Well you know we've. As somebody who was obviously quickly critical of the tweet should have been taken down immediately or is this something that becomes a leaping off point for discussion. Or are one and I think it does become a leaping off point 04 discretion. Well I think if it becomes a leaking oil for food the discretion when the also pleased to parliament is not a reflection all's on C. It actually acts as lesson that we should be content at all. Yeah organization to have nearly twenty car or people and they don't plan out what each. No had a conversation about who who who actually garner over the course of are lectures tomorrow on wait a closer look at W her. So why don't have a meeting the Fed has centric while we honor the first one here where we saw this is what all we've apartment or trigger for this out. It gives them tomorrow when their own level we make. It helps. Are increasingly able to represent the whole city aux. Right in my room and it would did you realize Tito I assume that it's kind of for a when you say only in Boston that's kind of thing racially charged. Way of wording it in and of itself when you agreed to say only bought you know thinks this could happen anywhere else. Won't shall we were not but if they honored just you know they honored Don Haskins and El Paso would you fund that time or not what I want Branch Rickey. Bit bigger issues in the when it comes to wheat we have a storied history art and Austin around on. We look pretty late. I took game when it comes to a certain schools and at a light on how the development from like in the city to walk. How weak yet we can't go around musicians aren't we got a goal from. In addition that you guards are what Christian not for here on on the horse race and as guards we. We gotta talk about these could understand. We don't live in a world where you only Austin. These issues are we work every and so won't we won't we it'll and so that's racially disparaging or. What we something that arm kind of been missing the mark just announced that it has told bill that's a reflection of the city. You mention I beat you mentioned the negative issues racially in the history of Boston this tweet seems to come from a sense of pride that. Other cities were late to the game that the Celtics and red are about was early to. Right now our. The national public people. Do you expect Manilow know Willie Williams. Are but the mom knows who I am so dependent. They pay if only we ought we augment our put out and that and. I'm probably afraid to tweet now on now I agree with that a 100% they could plan this out they could add 28 and he tells you go make what they sent a book called back right it's athletic it's part of good discussion. Oh well I don't know local perfect yesterday yesterday with a beta of that would freaking out which found. One usually easy layups. And they think tweeted about the Russell. About why we're there to ten that's great public. That you're a social media accounts you have the opportunity to think about this to plan this to time the tweets that they come out one a day. There is a little bit of hap hazzard nature of this that I think is a little war that's beside the point that doesn't make. Doesn't that doesn't count the number of a black folks were observed them and department relative to do you know the same proportion in in the city so we had a week we have to look that look at these greens and in the content target this is an opportunity to enact our crisis and terrible waste. We have an opportunity to have a conscious of how we. Ever arm and a lot about points and as a people so. What the talent that congress and so you have been department by the way have a budget or over 120 million. Aren't sold compared to our expect. That's a department that are well our global are resource it would sit down. What himself and actually her back structure that's not what he is in this reflection on our city. And then these students become on it's something that that gives blow back to the city of awkward. Since that's what spoke. Tito Jackson former city councilor and maybe or you'll candidate it's act Tito Jackson if you want to follow him on Twitter thanks Tito. Thanks you.