K&C - Curtis wasn't listening; Kirk rips the weekend programming 1-22-18

Kirk & Callahan
Monday, January 22nd

Hour 4: Curtis repeated something Gerry said seconds before, Kirk ripped the weekend programming.  


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He'd skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan plug Sports Radio WEEI. Surround yourself what quality. And marry him. It. Continuity and get a life. Dollars especially good doing things that I high level of having continuity keeping things going you know little bag that John the end. Bill Belichick. The mud room. Live them again every eighteen you. So you know I am not a torture yeah. Alana. Strong minded people but when you have something good going. Yeah that one's got to get theory goes shed this man try to hold it together. Ooh not good enough on civil war. Aside yesterday. On more about the war palace intrigue there's really not a story this week get ready for patriot nation. You read the Minneapolis Gerry Callahan again look at that lucky listener everything we could try to earlier a lot of calls on the gamely stepped up you. No no you're just tuning in right now and why why would you be tremendously Gerry Callahan very graciously decided to. Donnie my seat the Lima taken a private flight from listener was from the curtain challenge for the secretary talk football. We recovered from the old days John Mack the merriment we get them crazy chick the. Analysts last time the one that. And it was like for the party it up and grabbed yeah yeah to where I don't know if you can do that now probably not a good idea now it's. I know I I talked to somebody in the know and they said. If you came on the plane you could sit up front with the pilots. You wouldn't have to be in the cabin with the order where. It's this it's not it's it's not you know you do this for two we just all we tried everything I was just throw a slight terminals. Operating table you usually at ground. Or your behavior and what shall make or too comfortable he's fine he's fat and happy. He's definitely done that in or most of us were that he's whatever it is yes but we look forward to weeks or join us and that's where. Rejoicing for the whole all the shows and get together and have dinner one nighter yes we were just discussing that that last break William boss wants take a solo mining idea we may have all right well the big bosses because our company is headquartered in Philadelphia lost touch. Lotto web a lot of Eagles fans in our management team now wacky bets yes we're going to be in their gonna win there Eagles that Brian Dawkins jerseys in their foot the dog heads. Dog masks so you ready for action I thought this ridiculous they're big morning show continuity as spit balling here the big screen different. Lobster rolls or whatever you want vs she she sticks you in a man oh awesome as he knows. You know the because it Cheerios hurts him with a bizarre in out of Alito and I went to Jeanne as with don't McNabb brighten that story. He survived that grueling. I think he did in the these are great and for operator no problem drove it thick this thirteen years ago they met in Jacksonville. Remember the Eagles and all of their their marauding band of degenerate patriots at that time going for three and four years Edelman for him or you're weak in the zone again. The that was for the Eagles about sixteen quarterbacks ago way and three coaches ago excellent point patriots have the same quarterback in the same coach Phelps. One Portugal and fill rate they've really between reason and then he shouldn't count on should tell it's fried cheese holes forget Chip Kelly forget falls to 27% in two picks right your basic back. Yes the priest that guy let me ask you this as good as what's his full plays great and Super Bowl great. Still gone. Yes no doubt see you later yes thanks for everything that's he's gone right unless he wants me back upon knows that and we'll send the case came in the two starting quarterbacks. If a couple things in common yesterday. Didn't matter doesn't matter how good they available on all matters and future differently and payable four cut probably by Jeff Fisher that is correct after both played for the rams in that deal. Cut them bowl the creation of this is this is gonna be fourteen years later the same quarterback and coach you're going for 34 years right that's unlike an unbelievable and these same men against the same owner Philip but nothing else they have no doubt is known no one else. Is still there and give another interesting one. The defense of quarter bowl Belichick disciples with the defense quarter Jim Schwartz is vs our defensive coordinator Matt Patricia. That's formal lions' coaching future lines coach true. Bowl using there and experience coaching for Belichick and opposition Jewish. Not that I know is on Jewish Jewish. Battle between Pensacola is this your first time ever get towards the point by all accounts Schwartz is the incan Patricia is a great guy. Who will succeed in Detroit analogy for once he's very nice that I did not want to giggles. A member giggles existing landing these kind of guy he has and the great sense of humor and seems like a nice guy but. So it was a really Smart coach richt leaves it in the good point does the tension between Belichick and Brady is that it exacerbated when there are no. Offers these in the form of coordinators here who obviously McCain has a great relationship of reforms we can tell. He's gone. Come and we believe other coaches are going to be a special teams coach Joseph judge his contract up. Florence may be gone Arizona Patricia is gone. Does that make you say they take some guys with them. Yes it takes me as when I'm probably not manga unless Belichick approves I don't think you don't judges' leader and it was a report mr. special teams. I get better he's taken majors has a thirty seconds before it's better when you report that way right I'm Melissa I'm show may have mumbled. He listened to the show why did you not hear that register for a table one that you just say he did today and Andy mentions first. It's okay but you you believe that we will have another installment of a trouble in paradise from sept wicker sham. In the next two weeks issues between those stories breaking news. Right now. On Twitter Joseph judge you heard this and on leaving his confidence yet here early days god in me. I mean if he's a special teams coach he will he could have his choice of you know. Sure Indianapolis Detroit Arizona yes I'll take anything Tennessee any stock at all any stock. In the idea that coach Erica. What is effusive in his praise or Brady's toughness is maybe he could. No he's TC and I've heard this that there's some indication that there is tension but. When Belichick downplayed the injury and doesn't. Take the time of praise Brady. Is not the same response you'd given last year ten years ago five years ago yes it's the same thing he thinks some guys are in on the get a trees and he wants to and he even hesitate the president and all. Much of Orion Alan and that's sitting by the way out of the question. Shell and Bill Belichick he'll relish that Bill Belichick does what fifteen minutes with the media. After the scheme huge game and they do want is a suit on a suddenly thinks this is the time and place to ask about Ryan Alan Gerry to Palm Desert regions. They asked him that they feel like their football guys talking football coach. It's only for the I if you wanna talks schemer some McGee again outside vaccine you're asking about the punter. We have Aqua it was a good question of like a guy who's easy to overlook in the game like this is the weapon that you haven't right now. Good job for Sawyer. There rightness that Ryan Kuhn its true of all year. Obviously a good or good job and made and they get that interest. Again you know we've we've talked about this earlier. The that this team these guys Belichick and Brady and his crew have ruined sports talk radio. They've done more room than you have in your judges' leader and I was report. In the time between the time I said it and then I gotta say is less than a minute all did no question no get that but but. We did this I've been doing a lot longer than you have I'd probably did. I'm gonna guess. And conserve investment five million shows on who's the best quarterback. It was a real debate. It was first as legitimate today it was a legitimate debate Brady and Manning or slogan right and then it was operating in Montana and then it was Brady against the field. That's long since been buried that's over Brady's by all accounts by everyone's account in on the greatest quarterback ever of course I think. The greatest player ever and that I haven't heard a good debate over. That's over a moment of my idea Lawrence Taylor the guy realizes you're right I can't al-Qaeda or Dick Butkus and somebody's until today it's over this is the greatest football player ever and we just talked to him twice this morning yeah it is nice to come on the second and on the coach. It is no debate anymore the greatest Clinton's eight professional football coach affect the only sees the the only the only one in the conversation is his protege mix Abrams and caught what is your county dominating he's the greatest coach in history not not for poetry history. Greatest coach better than John Wooden businesses about yes than. Those teams from that I was in the air as we we Scotty Bowman who went a lot easier. The so that's going says the greatest coach the greatest football player ever. This is the greatest dynasty. We've ever seen as a braced Brady's greatest he's British is actually American sports mr. Greenspan and Jordan yes. Seat is tough with that because Jordan is not only great winner and a great score but also an unbelievable athlete or walked away did you know sort of stayed at the commerce and tiger. Yes. Yes and in the and Gretzky America and more. Those on American athletes in the horse that are. They're born can assure yes. Well seconds it's just the truth. Play it play Amir Edward Moses no teams coach Joseph judge his contract up one Florence may be gone Arizona actresses gone. Does that make you and it takes some guys with them yes and picks me as when I'm probably not. May god unless Belichick approves I don't think you don't judgments that affect. But here's here's the other thing I was thing rain what she's so yesterday in 510 years. We have this conversation occasionally and what would a SARS but there's nobody will understand the questions hard. I want to peoples and it'll implode. The greatest clutch performer of ever seeing you know by that much into Indian middle. The best clutch performer I would always say bird although a Michael Jordan's right there with them Michael Jordan quote about the poppy and Tiger Woods Tiger Woods obviously the stars on a bit but you know collect all the Alice clutch for us think of always a Tiger Woods. Is that part at Torrey Pines. Eighteen to get into the playoff with Rocco and I never crossed my mind he's gonna miss that never would have broken leg and a torn this morning ACL and then at twelve foot putt coming out amazingly also lets you make ugly and most tomorrow's history you're good color. A stroke output tiger. I took. But I mean you know again the same thing the tiger Brady shouldn't and won't teases in the competition is pretty much performed shore but pretty wasn't even always think to a memo she was great but you know I was thinking was that clutch is the difference that was an amount that happened I think almost twenty years I think Brady gets better when the moment gets bigger I really do and watched the highlights again. Tell me when his pro Tellme which fro is. Six inches off topic all tell you what I would you are under duress obviously guys come and Adam is questionable structures are some contract by Canadian people get better. But I always think the guys were clutch won't call o'clock PM against get worse he'll change like Mariano Rivera didn't change Tom Brady. Makes those throws the second quarter he doesn't change other guys. Only got to focus again I think they got more about the way it was a great clutch player absolutely right there in we always hear the John Candy story in wants it or advancement unless you thought there on down the field against right investments but I think I think Brady gets better in the moment it's bigger I think it's inevitable when you've played that long and what you play for. Is winning you know as you know plans for paycheck anymore you know plan for acceptance and a plan just to survive in the league's. Brady's done at all now it's about now adding to his legacy with wins and he. When he is a chance to win when he is a chance to you know win the game put it away with the like that for criminal. He just get more locked in things slowed down things become clearer and and you get better I really believe. I mean I don't know the empirical evidence is probably not gonna back me up on this but I think give better when the game's on the line is any doubt in new numbers that put him. On number one and any athlete ever in American sports is the difference this position between him and number two is greater. A cruising on towards the best whatever player who best art ever second best guard as Magic Johnson it's a conversation it's close. It's not close to Berry and the quarterback it's. I think it's close between magic and Michael I mean you know magic one you know five titles he won at least borrowers. But about it but come on come I would agree and I'm not disagreeing he's the second best guard right it's because at this gap there and Alex's biggest gap between Brady and Montana Manning right way to raise among liberated cities obliterated all the debates all the article here's a Kurt Warner plays a starter he real good starting with Kurt Warner and has estimated the whole thing. Our war on a look at six. A good question. But poise by the NFL standards Brady's close to having three halting careers. We or two and a half and and we put like Eli Manning's gonna get in the hall of fame for one reason or to read once you gain some rubles on the other than that art. 222 all fame careers. And what you agree about it right Brady. It was Brady below his knee if he never played again after that you made all of could threesome rules Warner played more than one MBP fourteen games. 12. 34 times four times Tommy full seasons in the that's I mean might actually take it more rate eight times ten games that give us all season. But. He he made the hall of fame but he has some black ink he did lead to worms all also passing rate postseason games to but we think about Manning did nothing regular season led the league and nothing you know and show some respect tackle post seasons 12. Super ovals in two big upsets right I think you'll make the hall of fame he he won't get as much support as is two classmates and would you be a sit Philip Rivers and of course Roethlisberger are head to head budget cents the Regan and budget since the guy in New York after we saw last few months who makes his case you can really like them. Who was that Peter remembered as an old saying you some love from and guests and just like these in whether it's carry a higher reserve whoever in your your care overrated. Pitcher by definition and you won two games and you beat the evil empire you beat the patriots. Think about it I don't want to own name of who he Oliphant well hell I even know you time and he's ever won the best headquarters for going to make the hall of fame might he probably will this career passer rating is 83 point five which is awful in the in his era that's below average. Totally carried as a catcher he's on the you can imagine one directly into Wimbledon I think I think. I'm a market Denton hopefuls this year split seven games he started the last three then he sucked. A terrible he was awful. The last Israeli must have been the now 79 until Israel was the lowest rating in the last regular season game ever got benched that's right for he lost that. I mean you look so comfortable yesterday at a rate at home. I mean that helps a defense against the great defense and just shredded them very comfortable that's because of two guys them again. Director quarter in a poll. Todd Walsh and forget it the office equipment for the Eagles votes he's the player. All. All the shots I just talked about however and right a right right right right there boomers putter frank Reich. Fred Merrill again. We got rid of the poll by the is going to be celebrity abuse victims alive if he's alive he's probably gonna get out of the hospital go right on like Christina and kind of got to be does he did note that these extremist who go to Tuesday. Everything is for job. He obviously he has a GI editors doing this when we haven't seen in two marshals got a lot of this stuff on these highlights is probably do do we have on our own website pros Roemer linked to a board. There's lots of video home video these maniacs. In Philadelphia Terence city up. There's a dune buggy that goes up the rocky steps. Literally goes tribes run up the steps like midnight you do that I don't know what this all these people sure it was lunatics Kleiman poles and as one guy. Fat guy drunk guy and Brian Dawkins Jersey trying to catch the train running alongside the train and what do you think it's it's like something out of a Adam Sandler movie just slams. Face first into the pole. It's so funny it's so good it's then that encapsulates. Eagle nation better than ever seen certainly know what else is good. The movie invincible this proposal we all the friends all the friends around him noses drunken losers but Greg Greg in years ago editorial. He was right continue to work in the best Philadelphia sports or visionary and best Philadelphia sports movie would be rocky one yes it is. Adams in Medford AM what's happening. They are officially take my call we should point out our appreciate that. Just wonderful how the other given this gentleman about apple about knowledge in that genre being argued that very arrogant. At the end are no longer the better news you don't. Orgy that you have mentioned that these special insult our heartland but not immediately. All. Courtesy junior Terry say that. It was in all the paper suggest that it's that is contacts out in his free to leave I'm not sure if Belichick really. Valued him why would let ticket given that these one game away from you guys right. And I'm gonna gets between mcdaniels and Patricia and glory days and Vrabel I'm gonna get someone. These going to grab him if he's created and you don't judges we even though the report. I get sort of a thing I'm really concerned a little bit funny talk about that next couple weeks campus you know what. What job as Steve Belichick. Steve Belichick to go check a move up here right there to watch special teams coach. Defensive coordinator offensive coordinator and linebackers coach those are all openings looks like injury looks would you be good maybe that will rejuvenate build ago another five years men maybe when babies in Belgium does not look like a guy at the end of the road and now it looks relaxed. And it looks like he's having a good to have you ever seen them as happy as it was when you know I don't include this programmes awkwardly at the end there now he was very happy I'll talk about open heart surgery here. I mean he just looks thin and boy did he look good the post he got all dressed up for the post impressed console myself that I'm aware that tomorrow you that. And he'll be as Ali is ever done I mean with well. The only key if you won't be less than non. We listen in 97 cemetery rate dated Jan and yet look forward to. Stuck to Lucas and Bruce Bruce through except Lukas. More Ambilight. What a day I don't wanna rain on the parade but it Lorraine aggregate god you get a check out Kelly Slater cocoa beach Florida eleven time it. SeaWorld damn right good point killing eleven time this will be world champion figure that. Let me still competing at all reported again eighteen year old twenty year old kid. He's even better the more easier better than mark Richards right. Yeah they are great. But I mean I doubt she's Kelly's better than Brady. He it unprecedented eleven time right slots is going Super Bowls that's all the time in the the quarterback relates to global. Warren Moon I think played may. I'm Randy got to go and that's it but in retrospect yeah yeah I think yeah the prospectus. Lucas come on the plane remained the only time what at least later. The tough times. Can I borrow that smoke now wife so what was that he stays on the board how do you win but if you win statement apple. Is now right. But the winds are all different sides of outside fare like Greg Brady and some he stands on education. I don't nothing I know nothing about a lot of things sort of adds nothing about having to surfing Seraphin looks like a lot of fun of judges like about it is degrees of difficulty in the boots and a surfing yes like for sporting once that never got after just forty. It's when she talks Serafin with some spiritual marriage is partly. How do you do that. If control over the way what if you stay down like on your hands and knees can you win I don't get out and out. Due to Slater gamely Pamela Anderson he made his way through the ice is small wife degree of difficulty fighting in evade the progress of the two most it was Slater here's that was a little follow the speed power buffalo. We've got to be five widget that it would be five form you agree that there would be 61 not only to be 61 of life and five for real life that. It defines. What kind of athlete four have to be explode web. Yeah guy who's on the greatest athletes ever think about the ideas for Monty vote was 53 opinion before a twelve year. First round he had to covered particularly foot tall that he had recovered Magic Johnson. Before and after all mugs and bones government holds what guards until the wheels so why would magic post tomorrow. But I mean I madness which is something so what prompted them Borges is attack on U. It's a good question. For some reason I don't know what it is that she's too well Norman how does a lot of cute I'm always final round I think he's one of those guys he's beat guys. Who get territorial somebody's on the beat breaks story. And again the loyalty from the guys at the station Craig and Larry. FC deuce fake Christian number two Larry Johnson point it's Jesus and Craig must Larry told me out here he did it. Larry do I heard the signal her into his lap reportage Okeechobee soared from Larry Johnson. Jesus Christ is accrued and again he said Jesus Christ that he gets dead leg lookalike that seat Larry laugh as easy that's easy that he would drop that picture of this is because you thought laugh and laughter jokes about it. You think he was obligated to come to defend yes yes I. Oh well we'll. Oh like you don't wait for ice not simply had a hand and that was what was. I've promoted Monday show its good affected dale under achiever loser. That's OK you can take shots at them but you know they were there now laughed a little bit of that and that's what I am what do you tell what insight to seek out. What does that mean. I'm having sort of like Craig actually work and work that's a reason unsuccessful the senior not worked. I don't stop. We gonna do you know burn my wife my family. To Watford in Minneapolis helmet trying to trouble and work hard for week there they get paid to do my job for the companies will do my job. Man ain't. Tech Craig and Larry two losers who set their bag for phone calls. Think the same phone calls and seeing 158 holes every week again from Wednesday for six minutes. Letter from new report that creep for eight minutes these guys he never ends that show is awful it should be off. The air agree no yes I'd like you I like I'm a fan hers would either. You dreamer instead more and he's not mourning got Roemer who's seen in Dallas morning post Saturday walls along with everything you can react to the weaker because again they react I think when Larry Craig do they react when it happened in the week is that you do not what he like Larry Kroger turn into months what stupid people shows. Have tried to mossy it's got to people who the weekends. This course is charged artists. I've I've majority what are we doing finishing have to goes dumping it in fox yes okay. We have to talk where it's the whole time there. The show starts breaking open those corporate eastbound especially Craig Craig is up microchip and let me go through the paper defied a U. Cynical people from the newspaper traffic Aaron and me real well before we go there are other ways to do pastors on Twitter auction most. Sure we'll miss you were younger July was the MVP of that series but that was the greatest game of his life. In one of the greatest gains you've ever gonna see an individual player that's about it great memory Austin. Offs that used to Brad Pitt's house. But beyond that we start the show entrances where from twelve before we talk Red Sox away from one to two will talk trees. You tell your audience set 5% of the time when knocking at the patriots the big for the if he chipped in the breeze and that would twenty's emission Irish. Owner. It's. Its defense that was a scheduling on the red eye. It was unbelievably that was different that was snafus dwell on first the Red Sox were the ones who okay wise between Red Sox picked the time like our communities time for our shores when they were just what the treatment on articles and it's their decision and Tom Brady on wire that that's a bad point to right the view and it's the same. It's in the same and that seems like they're PR staff informed you think it's going to support of course we have Tom world. So the white quiet Time Warner for twenty minutes. It's an event that they were at and so what it is such a cold still out spring break you. Shots. Now of course I I thought it was the worst possible to have on port. No no no no no no no excuse why you're corporate you dial explain you can go in there and say listen. On each chip two games tomorrow we're going to talk patriots throughout the course of the show gonna bring you Chris Sale he was. Where where two guests. Guests in one shoulder won't have next four years spring training. That's for the united in my look at them can assure you Alex Cora you can look at your story and around. In the Al this in the world on paper it Alex Cora on outscored them on the station. I asked for this doesn't want. He's on its eyes set tie via around says nothing he's as they have jamaat why. You know these are days before the FC title game and everyone's wonder about Brady's ex asking about Rosie back. This is that yes. It's hard and that's heated person Iowa as Werner a rosette a look at the federal analogies from astronauts from the mobile XY heartened that and they're farmers these are my. Nothing less relevant right now they should put everybody on the patriots beat her at that high on what's his name substantial Parcells and that style from us all into. It's the what's he says we have lost he said what is sales deserves all the credit because every team is being run by Isabella shackle as a Parcells and Coughlin and Mike Zimmer are giving actually lifts public would do was unbelievable I was in here. Roger your job it's you did did the at and I want to hear from donors whose job peaceable why did you systemic regulatory actions it's we talked some topical. No I was considered callers right nine click here while Denny and those screens. I watched don't know. Because like the partnership with the Saturday morning those I think and callers every action and I could to graders come we need updates Kirk men and broke the story and you get stitches and Chris has its like I do you know how many part of the show he's. Not afraid if if you and I said Wanda Crist wanna be like her married that you don't get me through. And we defers to a certain wanted to disagreement it was an insurance they can call a good look who's on the line and Jim the rest ago with the I'll see you. You know correct you she'd hoped to have CD inside is that Craig and Larry have on Saturday you know Larry from Newbury port. I'm Mike from can't make it about six an account. And and about a lot of moderately big schools could come today could LG is critical to breakfast and all those you. World's. Top. Listen to meet current run of things on the right now I try to junior trying out all right knee and a dual. There's a Georgia or to Austria Saturday morning eight to ten a big solar assault on me. Thank rod Arnold. You are talking about wrestling fine Harry will be happy now that we don't have any wrestler Maria loved Jim I don't want wrestling talk can his editors and anybody else the station he's funny. Is correct but an incredible I put Monroe when regular certainly Hank Finkel on Saturday. Really hurts someone time and doing what. I missed the current account cared more. Time good job Chris would you road knowing when we're all on the plane together we can work these issues out you know the boss will be that the program director of the producers. You know was I thought was excellent was was pitching coach talks. Was akin. That's what pitching coach. And the whole mile in managing people you have to have open that is great it's on Saturday for 45 minutes was explicitly on that he's really. Altima on what you brought tremendous treatments. Excellence. Right so you you just had Borges and regular analyst who never ends that your endeavors on these days all mentioned you can be the be nice won't be can respond that's true we'll do our best and Boyce a bowl week. Can help Obama get along with a wanna get trouble to bully its enemies and it was one goal and one of my gonna do I get I get rich Eisen pissed at me last night rich guys and he's a big star punches in the NFL. And now he's. Dell's little. Not curtains. And she rich Eisen reached out each of your team's young he'll be back at guys. Lori UP pact after the worst QB in the NFL. That children. As mustard and Johnson. Sports Radio WB ER yet we're still in the air which makes our next caller it's. Definitely happy about this a three hour tour today Danny. Well last week at a college always edit yet a third that is the view so that that that take away from whatever's going on today so I'd. What player who got pretty decision. Yeah last week I don't know get a very hydrated if you wanted to lower shelf so I would just stay all next time anyway. So lots of Red Sox going to be easy to her Dave Dombrowski at him and at the time to Time Warner over by the way. That's ticketed that day he is executive producer in rooms I am yet to. Exciting for the how to deal grass he's Pedro Martinez off the refugee camp outs were all joining us to talk Red Sox baseball. I think they are under orders in trainees defensively on your southern U Pedro Martinez told you have to do no not true. Not I've done these things you do is you say okay. No problem give us the two or three Q you have to have on you don't have to have Jackie Bradley junior and I love Pedro as much as we're done and well you know well done fertile years not a lot to say that Ortiz on too. Yesterday dated from the got to get a hitter he also says he doesn't. Was that he wants them to speed the game up. X speed up the pace of play. He does he saw what was the speed of the place of play and dammit. Larry NASA wants to and to no child molestation. She is a with a dank. She communism knowing civilians in this is a factor original Michigan State how tough was the school present if in fact the right guy and it's been tough week for Tom Izzo and and valuations mom or part all right that's our first game. Yes good for her I get is a congressman like he has a factor in this case I was mesmerized by Allah is great testimony she doesn't cry she doesn't quiver of the lit doesn't shake nothing. She is an ice queen no wonder she's so good on whatever men events she does and gymnastics all those girls were unbelievable. And believe I agree but you outlined the small things I use the guys and raped you as a child she was a great witness her great whenever we enjoy credit invention a great job she she moved over she's like it's about USA gymnastics right in the making is that pat themselves on the back. Different places opened the Davey made an announcement they should I mean and no one's been fired correct no one only so many Sean basically the whole place at the should be jailed for crime a lot of the people who knew. And and what the parents that feel bad for them but. There were days where I learned to an extent. To an extent I would we talked it was a Gary last week and he used to praise cred he said at first. Imagine living your daughter and my daughter fourteen year old under some cases. Go in there with this guy there's -- areas that get creep waiting in the door closes and you just sit -- so I put traveling when you're borrowing a lot of parents forty and what did you 2000 miles away and you're 121413. Fourteen year old daughter is with that I was he parroting and his parents and there and our ethics -- responsibility for that after I told you one of the witnesses that I saw and only remember an ancient scriptures crime which was great she blamed for parents and parents were right behind her and a -- right and and they you know they obviously feel awful would you say if he when your friends doing it somebody -- was became estimates he's -- insane or I would -- and signs that they're saying anyway and only one right that put these kids of these programs score that Kelly only camp when they call that corolla enrollees for their bodies and lives. Let's just leave for gymnastics they don't grow and I mean they they turn into these Lou knows mu transformer like machines right. But anyway. We get an update from Philadelphia folk that this is amazing to his most amazing is what the fans news he has a ninety total arrests. When I guess six. Two for disorderly conduct one for salt and a police officer and free for counterfeit products six. Three for counterfeit tickets. So in other words registry for counterfeit the counterfeit tickets. In other words only three people got arrested for all that may have we saw a possible as well. The guy who drove the Reagan dune buggy at the steps. But the thing about the guys in the polls much from this idea of the guy he's seen riding a top public and suvs to go blazers have three guys on top of the US UV right down the street and he's one of they just not rest people just there and let him go hunter arrest they onerous people now. It was impossible I thought this would be like hundreds and on about 20/20 five. Mean it looked like some kind of crazy you know soccer right Ecuador correct would look like Philadelphia visceral look as though. It look like in Minnesota the only thing keep in Minnesota safe is the cold. If it Jacksonville was insane loses roving bands of eagle fans that we're just terrorizing everybody. Who made was afraid of them and York. And kids that would just that would just awful awful they're awful people and they will be out in full force of Minnesota but. And be so cold that can't promised him at the end of the of the suppliers for X our direct. And of us. Station WEEI. T and T recent bestselling novel to life pianist. Heinous child knows and critics or clear it's the most anticipated and I'm sure. Just like. It's wherever it goes. We have an old. We have a suspect. The series. On TNT yeah. Patriots fans are all about numbers sacks cubic yards yards per carry winds and most importantly championships. Investments numbers are game as well. It's why we give financial advisors innovative investment solutions to explore market strategies and better maneuver in the marketplace. Today when their clients called their number. They're ready to deliver. 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That's a winning team. No if you move your high interest credit card balances to a DCU visa platinum. We'll get one of the lowest interest rates than anywhere and so whether you keep your card in your wallet and on your Smartphone or Smart watch. There's certainly no smarter way to pay. What can be she's visa platinum CD you can apply now at least you dot org or call 803288797. Federally insured right as you read these easy pitch. Federal credit use. Could come in ahead Sheri cal. More with Kenny and see right now on Sports Radio WEEI. It is. It's. Do not. Sought for Alex or. What the east. We know caller Philip is zones in Philadelphia freedom oil back armistice that's terrible song you know good old John is good. I don't what you view I don't Jon and I'm sure they don't John's excellent battled on the crocodile wrongly cargo hook is bad. And I would agree Baghdad. It is a great song. Could some great. Some guys just the first song he can do for movies yes. Used to have substandard Celanese and it absolutely the sport reveals the picket tomatoes I think as a terrible side it is off. What else can get the Philadelphia music all week. Look at artists from Philadelphia sure. Sure some rocky music maybe wouldn't it Frank Stallone get the music from invincible and excellent football moving. Sometimes my friend Mark Wahlberg this good man. And they're doing some facilities she's on steroids that's this market. You know I mean America has a long time ago true two point we get tomorrow. Alex Roemer exit of the reading teammate has made his final plea for the well actually if you started out at six to ten next week. Yeah I'm still he's still trying to and endlessly on the plane that tree made his pitch for the plane on private jet which I am taken to a Minnesota where you're buns yup. The big day guys in my Franklin or where you will not I want these kind of sand on this you you will not you'll be okay that's fine. If I told sets booked to stop some happens in the can I stop this in my us your country it could. You've always wanted to travel with. Marc Bertrand. Notably in the seat next to you see is any mature will be in a row. With more of a good time right so yeah. All of the globe staff will be there as well like middle seats right what was said. As an embassy that I haven't played it safer when you're surrounded by the kinda Joey said what do you say guys had very simple. Here's the number 34 letter be taken that back row like I relatives and in the men's room that you're going into so close it's not out yet so otherwise yes that that won't happen on my private ripped tracks flight but. I mean but the people a different light like sitting next to mark pertinent to the big confidence through playing yeah I do. Do you weird like that yes I totally agree truthfully official flight so if a I mean they pastor Tom Brady by French Christian right next I think that's of programming for the day until. Mike let me ask you about six candidate to back him up and big enough about me. Dropping Thursday at 2 o'clock as well keep in mind that we're back here tomorrow morning with Alec Freeman Jerry meals if we signal thanks Tom Brady and don't hassles like Tom Brady has just had did Chris yes that enemies if you miss that you can. I'll be here on demand at 2 o'clock Kraft thanks Iran right he is well we're back tomorrow morning at 6 o'clock. And we believe other coaches in the bill special teams coach Joseph judge his contract up unless Belichick approves I don't think you don't judges we've been that was a report yesterday. Special teams with.