K&C - Cedric Maxwell on what Black History Month means; Kellerman is a dope 2-13-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 2: Cedric Maxwell was excellent on the Red Auerbach tweet from the BPD and Kellerman continues to say moronic things. 


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He skirt and Callahan. With Kirk made ahead and Gerry Callahan. On Sports Radio WEEI. He comes off is troll but particularly from law enforcement. Particularly in a place with a reputation. Deserved or not like Boston. On Black History Month to show a white coach and talk about the contributions he made that feels like I'm short too many troll and warm portal. He gives the impression that you have this insatiable appetite to celebrate someone white as opposed to someone black. Which is what does go what is one of the reasons why we have such a big body on nation way to go. News coming just when you think these idiots on. First take it says the dumbest thing you've ever. There it becomes Max Kellerman never under estimate Max element the dumbest guy on ESPN. So it's that long list put on a certainly today given that the honor he thinks the Boston Police Department. The guy handling Twitter for currently BP. Calling me just try to get a reaction that's what Dan Shaughnessy does and I commend him for when he. Or who talked to a tomato cans he's trying to get patriot nation coordination. Upset. And get them to react at all columnist that's what radio show host so you think he blog post until police department. On Black History Month is sending out a tweet hoping to get a reaction troll and of people. You are a moron next column and I mean I I guess. You know your. You look good duplicate that feat that that half a beard you dress well and that's important TV but boy when you open your mile. It is time to call triple A and and and Stephen way has he really easy time debating that don't. But the O Steve and honestly so you have to. Be be black to be honored for you for what you've done for black people you can't beat them you can't honor Abe Lincoln. By the way do you want Black History Month is February. Partially because of ably in England. It's ours someone someone tweet somebody blink in this month that's offensive the first thing I thought of what this was Schindler's List. A Jewish right I don't believe so so that when she was made it might have been a in about a guy who wasn't Jewish. Saving Jewish people correct and lauded for right praise for I would say so isn't this similar. Well it's similar. In this regard we catch commending them you're saluting him what he did for. Because you wrote for the people who were persecuted or duck or worse are world saving oppressed. And you forget I mean obviously everyone knows when he Lincoln did but I don't think everyone knows what rent our objective data they know that he. You know I'd the first black culture and the first black starting five or. Or for black practical or what he did when they weren't going to hotels that discriminated. I mean tactics real courage as always players the Russell. No they they would point out anytime anyone asked how great. Red blows in this regard and it wasn't all truest decry what do we. It would get to that I that's a part of it that's a good question we'll get to that because. I thought next ailments at the dumbest thing on this that I would hear but known as a columnist from the global topped them. Because yesterday I went first artists that this can't really be offensive because the Boston police department of party tweeted about Bill Russell. Now though the number of tweets is interesting to me. But this wasn't wasn't like they did a tweet today we're gonna celebrate Black History Month with 28 tweets. Honoring. So influential Boston right that right if it wasn't so that the timing in the Russell motivation. All I think will help them break. Let just that the Celtics are in the new I think the Celtics were in the news and I think they didn't just say he has to rent our practice it here it's ran down back who did. This this sadness and it's it's pretty important to think about what he did. All in terms of Bostonians are Boston sports figures. I would say Rendell back between Google want to be sure. But he's not alone and that that's my only question is you've doubled up basically. You had to tweets regarding Black History Month and they're both Celtics Roddy White Celtics. Played another peer yeah and the piers Anders I mean if it appears that you know all the guys back in town not Russell but in a lot of older you know self expect can tell what their patriots won. Patriots were in the news page they played in the jungle and on bonds February and on Boston the Boston patriots and and one and they were the Boston matrix so what the idea even if he knew they never trees above. Tweeted about Bill Russell. Which sets so many people look at the equipment. This guy and not this guy. That doesn't change would read Albrecht he would. No no not at all and and I think it's kind of creative to be honest with you. If they just tweeted you know his two whenever you know you name Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King. It would be you know you'd say great that's when it rolled right past doesn't take a lot of them flocked to direct it in you know learning anything. When you when they did this I said. You know maybe there's none may be there's definitely a lot of people who don't know what read did mean red obviously is a big iconic figure. But teed it everybody out there in no particularly younger generation know how instrumental he was at Selena so what's the. Harm David Jerry if you showed up for international women's day it they are honoring a guy who did stuff awaiting you would think that's a lot of I would love to I would not if the guy is the only guy that's my question if there's only guy there there's this convention is one guy does want to know if there's ten women they're honoring and then there's also a man who was a big part of the cause then I think it's different that's my point is. Just beat the number of tweets in the decision that there was this need for a Celtics related tweet and will go right what innocent tweets about police department are minorities on all right I didn't do any of that. The big tweet how many police are I mean I assume the guy do in the Twitter is probably Celtics fan he's probably watching the pierce thing. And then maybe he was and explain to somebody what I objected and said you know what might tweak the sound. When I saw our ice thought nothing of it and then I said this can't really be a thing this cannot be controversy he turns out it's a huge controversy and of course. It goes national and of course you have idiots like Max elements are all especially in a city like packed. It's if you like act of this this SAB. They had the first black head coach in the NBA as CD at the first black starting five is the CD with the first black draft pick. All because of an outback but the reputation as part of why it the Reynolds thank smoldering fire on new gated by morons like Max element that's why have a problem but anyways the reputation of Cutler can't stand him but anyway. I thought that was the dumbest thing here's and you mentioned this earlier what's reds motivation. And reds motivation of course is to win basketball graduate to offend when Johnson wasn't actually a fun things to win. Win basketball games and win championships here is on the and even knows but Nester Ramos in the Boston Globe globe columnist. I don't know where it appears is just on line I don't see it in the paper but maybe it's so I missed it anyway he writes of course is very offended by this of course. Red has the wrong color skin doesn't matter what read did he's white and you can't be honoring him for all his contributions. In this in this month. And he cannot believe anybody is not offend. He is mr. Ramos and his club says. Even the specific chores the red outback is a little strange or back is an important figure in the history of basketball and it's integration. Yet those who knew him best say his guiding philosophy was not equality or diversity. But winning basketball games yeah. Had he not drafted and played in employed black players and coaches he wouldn't be ran down. Not because of any societal impact but because as teams wouldn't have been any good. So let me get this straight Nester Ramos. And over access and I'm gonna pick the best players regardless of race. And that's not commendable because he should've done it. Just a looper as diverse no east lake restoration will look grass on it more fondly if you lost if he had five black starters and was the worst team in the league said I'm just gonna do it because right I keep that on diversity stock. When I'm having fun how stupid is that when you think about it then go back only wanted to win well guess what. You you could compare it to the Boston Red Sox now I don't expect to see tweets from the Boston police department for a note Tom yawkey. Running a discussion on the right Higgins there's plenty of discussion about it industry everything went electing you balance that would discussion about a guy who did what positive things slow when the Red Sox brought in Jackie Robinson for crying out. They said you know allegedly I think it was Mike Higgins said get him off the field. They denied him a widget trial they did not sign Willie Mays when they had the chance. You know wine Nester Ramos because winning was an important they were they wanted to remain calm. Segregated they did not want a black player as a result. The next. 4050 years they didn't win. If that's on Jackie Robinson who remains the matter one right. But only because they want to look at celebrity and a good thing so rent our back said I'm gonna be colorblind here which I thought was the goal. Amid a pick the best players one of the best players that affect the best player was Bill Russell. And Sam Jones and Casey Jones and down line way to go. And they won and they changed the group to face literally of the NBA. That's not good enough because Nester Ramos from the Boston Globe. Thinks he should have done it just. Four. Although the way dumber than the trolling common. Wait a but think of us it makes no sense there's a logic behind think of how stupid is that in Boston Police Department police officers in the main wherever and headquarters. With a computer and he's in charge of tweeting as you know 100 of people all riled up. Relieved that this is objective. The mayor calls a completely inappropriate and April host mistress is rents misrepresentation. And us totals say yeah right that's some there Walsh would have said yes Matt Walsh is the king of the pander the king of the panders he doesn't really think that. He's just so PC. Well. What is completely inappropriate about it. Like you could argue timing or the lack of other tweets regarding one thing but completely inappropriate means it was totally wrong like there was no value when it. It should never have happened it was the dumbest things anyone's ever done. It was not so completely in April the only thing and. And the sky and the gloves as appealing and appropriate as he was quite right. So Abe Lincoln I'm pretty sure was white so if you pay tribute to a blanket in this month the guy who you. What is part of the reason I believe Frederick Douglass and labeling Knuble February guys that's part of the reason this is Black History Month. So that's inappropriate to pay tribute to a point. Look at this quote out different Gerald Ford I guess this this month really took off during his administration right to honor the often neglected accomplishments of black Americans so. I understand you said in weakened in the birthday it was prevalent it is that the goal of the month to honor black Americans not. Yes not everybody knows that has clearly Cedric Maxwell doesn't know that. I can because his guests and why not right we've got to get to this because it's so good Max is so good on this and and Kirk and I talked about the soft here. And we were talking about which Celtics you know would make sense to call and talk to obviously Bill Russell. Would be number one but we mentioned Macs because he's not org didn't use to be maybe the biggest Renault back I obviously recognizes his brilliance. But then he's still Newton talks will be traded away in. And that wasn't happy with that it is feud with red it's in that book selling in the green in New York New York guys wrote. Max says this perfectly. And I think in the process changes Kyle Draper is much. Didn't take long on this issue but let's hear from Max player Burnham played the first minute of this. How do you feel about there's about red. Who's someone naturally being honored by the Boston Eddie Cantor rust I have no problem we will affect me I mean I'm not looking at first base second they would ever. Is this a cause this is not it's not black people's month is call Black History Month. And the history of the league was moved because of Britt are back. I don't even as they have what we get to the point where we are we're so politically correct that we go back here we. Take down which we which celebrates. His accomplishments. In Brussels accomplishments. Of what they did to. Make it gathered for all these people we tell at least the first black that you know how many people don't know that. Don't know those facts that also subset the first black head coach Ed first black player that the first stormed out of blacks. I just it defies logic to me that we had this day and time I know we've gotten to be tribal. Because of may be what the president is doing right now and everybody has their own little place their stay in the it. But you do not have to be. The lack to be celebrated during Black History Month is the consummate. Up which next I don't I don't think the issue is celebrating radar back because everything you said was true. I do divided interests being at the first person they tweet about during Black History Month happens to be a white guy and so we'll be I don't brother was the first. No I don't worry third you re tweet tweet about Bill Russell. The second what was our back that old elevated for some reason re tweet again about Russell would have been in that case I don't I don't have a problem with it. Good job due good job Max and Draper at least he admitted it I mean the timing. I guess is the problem some people have but it turns out they honored Bill Russell first. And then read our back in the tweet to explain why. At first black head coach reflects had a five so if someone and maybe it's on his Don Haskins. And Matt we brought this up yesterday Max mention it. Who field the first black arts all starting five the Texas southern which is now Texas you tap. And beat all white Kentucky the movie Glory Road about that so can Don Haskins being honored. And you know it blinking can. Lyndon Johnson I mean can you mention these people. This month without this kind of backlash will I think I know the answer well there's two things you are right that I don't think everybody knows about read about the the exact history but on the flip side of that is. Maybe people don't know what Black History Month is that that quote you just read it clearly Cedric doesn't. But no he does oats black. History month he not black people look at what was I want to get Gerald Ford quote seek out a Black America nobody reading all radio read the we've read the origin of it yesterday. And it's you know black it's about like history. Not doesn't that say black people I don't believe in when originally. Adopted this. And think about this is history chart of history. As Max and it's a cause it's a movement and read later Roland let's talk to Mike in Framingham in my cowboy yeah. There create critical article read all back a little old district which they shot at the attitude everybody up there you go back and order a goal. All of luck on the court anyway. I don't know you people want to. And look bad day in wedding because you all are on the court in my particular book and. But think of it coming obviously the guy in the globe as a problem that this is this. Motivation or eyesight wasn't altruistic he wanted to win. But in winning these that I don't care what color you are is intact. The whole point goal the end goal yes he's that the angle isn't that would. Mean the idea that he was supposed to. Diversify. Salutes. Whether we won or not is just. It is so dumb of cells that have killed you imagine what well let's take that step further saying he diversified he had an all black starting five to lose he didn't pick good ones. Ten the crowd's gonna boo and the crowds racist right. I guess that that would allow it would have been played out. But got lost in his race I mean we know our back was a great coach and great GM but it's sort of the balls it took to do this I mean it took cuts should they they didn't say hello take as much guts if you truly know. I take back one in the title next year bullet does it feel he's right the fan base in so Lagarde now paid do I mean you look at their of them getting under 101000 game. When they went on hotel at two hotels you've got to tell the whole team out of here we're going pronouncing in this place that takes real guts I think at that time it'll take more to. Would you at least agreed to wheat was down from the guy who tweeted his boss the police department and ask your advice what's the reaction be if you would admit. I would not immune that is don't know you not realize it would not react well obviously I don't root cause you're gonna get all the you know the usual suspects. The panders like Marty Walsh idiots like Max elements that. Would you advise him to take it down no I would definitely not advisement of right there and as it is an admission of you just heard have to Hawaii lie and liars yes what changes everyone's gonna talk about it either way because it's the Internet it's Twitter topic which I'll take it I mean you just heard from matting on creating fires literally I want to admitting it is not. Which ones why why me like you could question you can debate it but taking it down I agree with you is an admission. This was done much and it was what was your wall completely inappropriate but I want that while not truly does not completely inappropriate it's up for debate and pushed mr. admitted it was it was. So Cedric Maxwell can happening I'm impressed it was OK do you think max's father people that think it's okay right. When they're not racist some of them are black basketball players. Obviously some people are offended some sort of some sort of I didn't get an editor at some admit to bias and or guy and the wanna present. So tell me what you did not work that's not worth it that's exactly that was fine before hand you could argue before and should I post this worth it not worth it positive negative. Once you have to weed it by taking it down you are right it's an admission of some sort of guilt. And I think that's in it's a job that doesn't need to be made you'll did tell anything that was completely inappropriate you may have enacted a discussion that brings some value. Tell me where you disagree with Max. I just I didn't actually wrong about the black district reading this sport from Gerald for idol in history Gerald Ford get to decide what that black history and that's what pushed us. It's the be all went well. I don't care that's what it took off he gets this so yeah I would what I mean the deficit. Any mention of Abe Lincoln branch Ricky ran our back is offensive to its offense it's just that's on the mayors like us you know people look at it does. Really. And anybody can look at anything and say come on. 81 person two people so every at every tweet we're deleted that someone questioned the beetle tweets on Twitter it would be a useless socially and it -- everything you tweet out. Some people like it some people hate. Right is from some Dyson scouts to the ball at least try to do something that's gonna bring honor and raise awareness. I. Does that I don't like they're tweaking I don't know why I don't why are putting let's sports bra and out. Why oh why shouldn't if you've I'd bought an official Boston Police Department Twitter account wouldn't that be. Information things are happening to whatever mills on that's what that that was not information that clause ending in a way. On the way it's up to social so often imported the mayor does the mayor tweets he's been tweaked the usual some Barrymore the city of Boston the mayor mayor Paul mayor or hire this person the mayor's office we'll tweet some worthless you know pandering. Now cliches and and only to notice I think. It is as as Max Cedric Maxwell and keep saying Macs and some people like an economic element it's a chuckle cornbread and I love that. Cedric Maxwell. He's he's he's right lots of people don't know or read it. And even if it's only a few even if it's not lots and what is in Europe closely Ken lay judges who is worth the read one person was looking would have we did that would have that was our philosophy we've seen nothing we have India RD near every game we talk about the Malia one. Personal stairs two days talk radio. This is obviously became a big thing they want to be killed you know part of life became a big thing because they took it down and your mayor saying it was in a pro ride your only entered an air coming out that's obvious right. Eat yet he said earlier pandering politician. A bit redundant now but when the politician when I first saw somebody on Twitter Ottawa's offense must have these can't reported a first person to be offense I'm not sure it was the first comment Tito Jackson the that's it you know accidents audits and only in Boston with the first preakness Tito Jackson wasn't accurate wasn't the first week in them so this whole thing and right right which culprit upon was the first lots of people did well or not and second ranked site and I think Max. It's rare that you have a guy actually persuade people that's what senator Max will be actually convinced people. That this was perfectly April the bigger problem is is that got you Ernest who. Everybody reads these things wanting to be offended or wanting to be national or wanting to have taken down. Just read it to think about it for a minute and say that's interest and I know all that about rent and then like the most fun. Oh you can go quickly and the next day. Boston Police should Syria and let's not forget you know whatever Reggie Smith and no forget. Yes poking not pokey response agreement and whatever you want to do is to every every ten minutes and you tweet about a but deleting a glass or worse I. So waiting it is the the thing that I think throws gasoline on the fire it was done and mortenson doesn't delete things that are just factually incorrect and he can't figure it out. But the Boston Police delete that I was offended everyone we'll take you calls and we got headlines sock puppet and then via offended one is going to handle headline ought to Curtis and always. I'm that your call you coach your shuttle will offend anyone to call to Shelby said he might leave early so recognized first as. Excellent Curtis has headlines and we will take your calls. Kirk and Callahan and headline. Sometimes pulled from the beautiful mind of producer Chris Curtis I consider him dialogue and this city. The man who before his massive weight loss brought the world's great moments like teens who. Look how much rubber like 300 yards from an animal health secret foot ropes will you'll want to see things that I would not happen if I had a Ringo Starr Yahoo! go Kart John McCarty. But this is now lean and mean you William Poole critics. These are now arguing about the drug war to drive itself and Australian dollars if I had my million dollars what numbers did you I employed there for one. Eleven. Yes. 71. 51 Oakland bristle at once you're on the ones you can do a great three students didn't mow them early yet. And it's either jungle garden jungle where are they casting their guests and I think it's time for Curtis courage and Callahan whose lives. I Jerry headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard and doctor Matthew oppress the heat haired doctors of all he carried at 1800 get here. All right we start headlines off because we hadn't been mr. trump giving a letter sent to her postmarked from Boston containing white powder. I turned out to just be cornstarch. The family responded Donald. Junior created no one deserves to be frightened this way. They called it disgusting. The NYPD FBI and Secret Service for all they can. Have an arrest like within a day if someone sent this. I mean they're. Can't be some criminal genius has to be some dope ever thought he could I gonna catch up. I was fingerprints on the and blue eyed guy. Gloves in excel he's my nephews clubs. And drop it into a blue mailbox in the middle of nowhere and really so you don't think the pitcher seems hard. I I think they will I have my news probably beats in someone we know probably be like that mossy. As some gets you to mossy oak trees that element she's in Korea. Better change they catch this person or the ground he I'm shocked to them and cut the ground beef I thought that there was some open. The two is broke in look at you know steal some memorabilia and they would that know the B guy down the street that that you knew what a Super Bowl ring on eBay and I did yesterday season. That's at the safes wanted to go through roommates to understand no idea what's going on to seemingly tone room I assume one home schooled me security Capital One who owns one of the roommates right this is drivers his right hand man of that that I was wrong with that name is cool. Waddle because it's given him. I think it goes site now a room where you think that's weird we'll throw a couple men and why is it a sense of fun or a little more open minded and all that. You talk about I'm surprised that that's what I don't let us toward we should retract that thought it might. And how surprised they haven't come yet I am really surprised but. I don't think they'll catch this person and west from Boston. That you really close to cops too busy tweeting to go after the scared to find. Movie how sensitive date from when you open this letter and men you know but it wasn't anthrax or something that was gonna guess you don't usually all you wasted for I know a lot like a scary that is yes. That's not cool. Now that is completely inappropriate look at it like liquid collective. So Jerry your favorite comedian slash actresses amid a new movie who's that Ellen Amy Schumer Amy Schumer according to some reviews it is. Up there as the worst movie ever made while people. The rules I was crazy idea let's be honest permit. No matter how many times a year it's what's on the inside that matters women no deal sounds it's what's on the outside the whole world judges. Hey I'm just like dealing with the low self esteem and I I want to punch you right in your dumb face right now you have ever written that I have. That sounds bad but it's not worst and moonlight and so are camping were stunned when like well it's called I feel pretty and it's about. A head injury that causes a woman to develop an extraordinary amount of confidence. Thankfully she's drop dead gorgeous so Amy Schumer is the woman as soon as the woman yup it's a whole movie about Amy Schumer would lots of confidence and so it's the opposite shallow Hal yes. I don't know that Shell Oil he he sees the BC's to the inner beauty inside she feels the outer you don't lose and show how. It's a trick question I don't you know what you could do battle of the Britons against India hardball you're good then. Yeah I I I feel bad for you because often I'm sitting in the car listening in my I don't nothing about music and nothing about movies and on the TV while. What Jerry calendar here. You're in jobs in challenge yes I wasn't memorable watching that and remember you. It's okay for you. That was a book sitting at the Shell Oil which when was that no you don't even remember it I was of my literally might title in the credits has Bart line. You pay for. You piglet. 67 needles and you still debate with a fellow no residuals no checks coming in now if you the line you get paid residuals Dino always richer are gonna line. Even appeared to blurt out Smart just yelled back yes and you get a different classification of your line but I didn't Carolina just. They I was in costume or at a leather jacket chill it chain. I was your bad are fly ball on. I don't know what bar fly is Jesus you want them ice in a bar while I was like a fly on the wall of the barn really add generally get a lot of players that are right away don't read what the bark like. It's a plot right next to my sister's poison or don't think that's the answer okay we know he's done that's already cashed out our life. Regular bar customers with a as a whole will you be about a starring Mickey Rourke apart haven't seen it. You know Mickey Rourke yes X. I come although I will they had never seen any need Schumer and I will not blowing snow or just a ball boy with my story but I had a moment. With when pumped through when she was in constant use of peace. Are you what's been close to compete brands you know you were you watching a hockey game together in the trailer. That was in costumes so she slide. There was no more the moment penal as their lives across the trailer when I was. I told how much I loved Shakespeare in Love. But that's the only move that could think of his choosing and sounds awful grounds offered for her. She was very nice very nice yes took like ours that god depends who it is. And since we of these callers lined up on the read mayor Walter statement from excellent more effective this will be done in mayor Walsh's own voice I'll do my best easy to have hope and at yesterday's three and the Boston Police Department was completely inappropriate image gross misrepresentation. We are honoring Black History Month in Austin. We are celebrating the accomplishments and limitless contributions the black community towards city in the entire country from Gary tuchman degree leaders of today is Chief Justice Ireland. Artists like Ewing new addition and Michael Bay events. Powerful activists including the news I'm personally committing to the people of Boston we will always honor our black leaders activists and trailblazers with the respect they deserve. Not just in February but every day. Every month when he's walking anymore than that would make. A February special would it if you do everyday. So it wouldn't matter and when it though honest to god he stinks it's completely inappropriate. Two on right now about well he clearly adheres to the Gerald Ford definition. Do you think he did you think he knows that I think you I don't look at Google I Google that and says. It it. Honors or celebration. Of African American history that's with says. The Black History Month. Is a celebration of African American history those laws dealers there's a to Wikipedia yes that's us all what do you think he did. I don't know less than Wikipedia but he did the same went first so what was it declared who declared it. I'm beautiful as it was 1926. Black History Month. The idea it was at a different forms yet Larry it was black history week in 1926. And then it became what we it was a month in 1974. Week. I think it was and who turned a two month. It's almost February was in February. Between. Or on celebrating the birthday Abe Lincoln and Frederick Douglass Evelyn to what is he he's he must beat Akron I think so. The beard as thick it was called before we. And we hear more on the way from Max Cedric Maxwell and so are not Mexico on the William Moore from bolt from the because dope. Mac element is going right and wrong okay good Michaels in Brooklyn and Michael. It Marty Walsh wants to know what completely inappropriate and if they celebrated Richard are. To me would be completely appropriate general Richard Reid as each she'll ball. Brickyard redo the man who star Kate Kate so to me that would be completely appropriate current black history. I would agree I would do that I don't understand. He's making an example of what actually completely inappropriate would look okay. And this is not read how are probably did more for the black community that. In new decent. Then not new addition all our 90% of the other people that you would want to mention it because who did make contributions. I don't get up and unthinkable. He did that's what you should celebrated got episode color blind. It's not what he didn't necessarily. It's what he did it when he did it. And the library in which he did it. In what he was in position to do right and how easy it would have been to do the wrong thing correct like everybody on the. What do Pete did say you know what I need to integrate the NBA and he just chose our guys and they lost. What do you think Dinara would be that it would be. The sky and boldness. Nester Ramos would have on it would embolden the other racists though the owners that they would have reason I say he tried it didn't work. Stay why and you win that's basically what he wouldn't know what you could do it in contrast with the Red Sox that the Red Sox chose. To stay white and lose. Back then you know that when they did not. That's more admirable according to when they mr. did not sign Jackie Robinson or really made peace. Jackie Robinson and Lee believes that could have had on the most ray what do you think the dog your line not to Jackie Robinson. Why I saw the movie but because what part of Britain want. What do you mean he was good he was coatings right I used MVP. They wanted to win true yes they said wow this guy complying to what criminals of their reviews other idiots won't play him he's good enough I'll take you to play for me. Yes so what they did was the opposite of what you know Mike Higgins dealer Tom yucky did correct in that same era and did he benefit shore course he did. But so did Bill Russell and everybody who played for him to make a correction before we Wikipedia updated. Span this is really bad it wasn't a barf like I was lounge lizards so you yelled at me for not knowing how terrible that you didn't even play unit and it admonished me if you know lunch loses you know idea. She's really. That was my my name or my title. In the credits Ozal rounds woods you hung out in the bar I'm assuming you know alarms no I've said it. Three times they've played it to me to you go open some cult or symphony no hum insurers over everybody listening knows little lounge lizard is yes without Google and yes no body no chance yes no chance illegal under the age of Curtis thirty know. Some things out on the lobster that's what nuts huh. I don't know. And that's a perfect that's a perfect Chris Curtis Hanson. We a lot of calls me two calls we get back. Algiers in order calling whoever he or more from the great Cedric Maxwell and the idiotic Mexico. Head of the word is legendary coach that you kept up when they won. In 1966. State veto all white Kentucky team with a all black team. Don Haskins is celebrated during this time of Black History Month what he did. You tell me they're angry at our back kid he celebrated during this stuff now I know people right now so you work for this open wheel. I'm a black person you have to happens a look at backs how things go and get rid our back is being honored so economic. I. I love the fact because I don't look at what they he moved the bar. What could possibly be wrong with what Cedric Maxwell had to say last night with the when there for an Maloney. Yeah the prom with that part tube sock puppet. I just think he's. Ease this let he's staking it to the beating them is obviously people were offended by wells while it is a dozen nails on the right to interpret them run up of the month himself Michael urgency about his. While Norris Gerald Ford. I'm just reading the significance right here on whenever we don't. Even if you go by your definition would you say the Rendell back. Hum did some wonderful things for. Black people will now of course Gerald Ford's definition it's the accomplishments of on the league Glaxo also I can't it's like. Right I would say red like he does not pick and figure right but not under that definition people in line if you have definition now than red zone and the definition of is this celebration of African American history now you definitional work that. Picking and choosing which Wikipedia page well it's so if you are if you fall back on that definition you're really offended. Speaking of offended I think this sort of began this thing. Whose balls that roll on well enough Tito Jackson tweeted. Former Boston City Council tweeted in response to the BP. So we already have the shortest month enough of this please file this under. Hell nah. Also known as not having it or not okay. I Sunnis getting about the short month but. Tito Jackson former Austin City Council joins us now I teal aria. Hedo. And here good how you doing. On why you don't I'm fine new tweeted I assume you saw the Boston Police Department tweet and then responded does that on this. Yeah I did in you know him and I think. That actual. It acknowledges yes. Distorted history. Red album I don't think they're they're better. That has actually been under sole week week and Boston are acknowledged. You know it is it is. Are choosing. The first black player. Starting the first black. Black fires. To you know historically and arm and also edit and we have a statute. Armed address the issue here. On is our Black History Month you so that the mulls what we can celebrate it in particular unsold our stories. About arm C a history of our people in the in the United States and beyond. Who have had to overcome by actual or. Would you say that I would just say that red is a significant figure in this city. When you talk about African Americans overcoming or all of us and we'll celebrate progress. I have a question. There's no one who pushed went on the station would have been no let our practice and doesn't know what he did. Well yes there is a known al-Qaeda I would say you're wrong you know that people don't realize. His role in this regard it is the first starting five or traffic the first black player does lots of people don't know that red I think senator Max was right about that. So coupled with a swarm with the first work there's Terkel like. And do people know we used to know. We haven't mentioned him until you know what sergeant Horatio homes there do not bounce our charter or original home. By the way she was the first black police officer in 1878. On the Auckland police department he served for forty years. What Matt makes cents. War but also police department told now as a person so we can you have one months out of the year and and I'm discriminate. Our vast majority of history have not told stories of people of color and women in the United States. You know can I ask a quick question though just we've had a discussion throughout the show what the definition of Black History Month is from your perspective what is the definition is it about the people. Or is it about clause that's sort of the two sides are. We about the that the struggles. Armed and be achievements. Are black people in the united six. Our announcer actually there and if they let people in general but I that's that's what it is and so it's it's it. You know acknowledging our people like Red Auerbach. Unlike imposed on who what abolition of switches are mapped to sits ones on one of the the bastions for our abolition as soon. Well garrison and others. I believe after a week if I would want to folks who have two names have never been said on air waves like the one that we have armed and have. Are you that such a problem is right the U thinking they had done you know Chuck Cooper and they did Bill Russell on and maybe a few others that that would have been appropriate it's not in an inappropriate in and of itself as your. Your point. Or what the issue is again or from Boston I am a muscle to external commercial which ran to beware partial repair and when it comes down to a we really have to acknowledge that are believed this to this story oh that's great may have made morale back. On this one that is common agent in markets with. On there are many people stories have not been told. And many struggles. On that full that full I have not actually understand the bomb and and there's always there's many folks that are still happening in the city that also. And so we have an opportunity. In our time to acknowledge some of those faults once we've exhausted that I that we can have another conversation. Well you know we've. As somebody who was obviously quickly critical of the tweet should have been taken down immediately or is this something that becomes a leaping off point for discussion. What I won I think it does become a leaping off point for discussion but I think it. It becomes a leaping off point for the question one of Austin police department is not a reflection of holes on B. And actually back to this question that we should be content at all. Yeah organization to have nearly twenty car part people and they don't plan out what each. Don't have a conversation about who who who you are should armor over the course of are lectures tomorrow one way my Christian walk out of there you are so why don't have a meeting the senate has synthetic what do we ought to the first one here where we are courses or. We are or figure this out. It gives such an opportunity in their own level we make. They'll. Our art at exit eight and it's and represent the whole city most. Right and I knew he would would you relies too you know I assume that it's kind of for a when you say only in Boston that's kind of a racially charged. Way of wording it in and of itself when you agreed to say only bundled thinks this could happen anywhere else. Won't mean we're not a if they honored just you know they honored Don Haskins and El Paso would you find the time or not what Branch Rickey. There the issues in this. When it comes to we we have a storied history on and Austin are round on. We look pretty late. I took game when it comes to our segregated schools and and a light on how the development satellite in the studio bought. How we get we can't go around musicians right we article from. You know issues that you are what Christian four here on on your street some. Eric Harris we gotta talk about these machines could understand we don't live in the world where you only allscripts. These issues are whistler every and so we all week you know something that's racially disparaging or. What we do something now on cannot be missed the mark just announced it has told bill that's a reflection of city. You mentioned earlier you mentioned the negative issues racially in the history of Boston this tweet seems to come from a sense of pride that. Other cities were late to the game that the Celtics and red are about was early to. Right now our. National public people do you expect now no no Willie Williams. Our. Moms. Who are sort of didn't they better if only we ought we augment our put out and that and. Are probably afraid to tweet now on now I agree with that a 100% they could plan this out they could add 28 until he got to make what they said about -- back right it's flooded it's part of the discussion. Optional are day don't know local perfect yesterday yesterday it was debated in the which became which found. One usually easy layups. They they tweeted about the Russell. But why are there to ten that's great public. That you're a social media accounts you have the opportunity to think about this to plan this to time the tweets that they come out one a day. There is a little bit of hap hazzard nature to this that I think is a little war that's beside the point that doesn't make. Meant that doesn't that doesn't help. The number of a black folks were observed in a department of relative to go you know the simple portion and in the city so we had a week we have. The look that look at these greens and and it's been a target this is an opportunity to enact our crisis and terrible and waged a that we have an opportunity to house. A conscience and how we. Ever arm and a lot about wanted to go to people so. What the talent that congress and so you have the department by the way have a budget or over 329 adults. Are sold compared to I expect. That's a department that are on our global resources would sit down. We're in the south and actually her back structure that's not what he is emission and reflection. On our city. And these students become our home it's something that that gives low back to the city apartment. And that's why I spoke. Tito Jackson former city councilor and maybe or you'll candidate it's act Tito Jackson if you want to call him on Twitter thanks you know. You. I think you have to at least initially hit the timing to shop put that a timing has to be question that time the question the timing and what order they dated him. I'm separating that and I'm saying Rendell back easy feeding. Appropriate guide on an update on the in this month in this month's special question when you explain what he did. I'm 100% wax Cedric Maxwell I'm with Cedric Maxwell. I think a lot of people don't know I don't I don't you know I think rent out back is this chronic finger roll for eagerness now. I'm he's not like Branch Rickey historically in the mines and I'm hearts of all of everybody. As a civil rights pioneer in the world the sports and not you agree I agree. And then you have the idiots like the guy and the globes and that he only did to win. What was one I was supposed to direct but let's not that's true that's a wonderful thing other people were discriminating. And they were losing C Boston Red Sox. I think that's. An opportunity to to pay tribute Leno back in honor him and educate some people but don't you think Tito just had a different opinion than the mayor the mayor said it was. Offense completely asleep right it's like if you know at least acknowledges yes. It could be appropriate in the right use right. I said if you you know do it every day and you on its cops and honored to Cooper with the re in the new for already in. Right and it's not a big so he doesn't believe it's completely in April actually that's a good point man it's too bad he lost that through walls disease sounds like he's smarter but not mean he is. Right he you know red did wonderful things he thinks people already know. A mature they do yeah I don't think they do and I'm probably good barometer about it sounds funeral homes lose it is open out. You know it was relevant you know buying supplies won't lose. I'm well that's the whole point I'm supposed to be creepy guy in the IR. Basically you take the basic the movie last. Yes you can see me you didn't resonate seeking you know. Hope to see Darius Rucker who's with us he didn't resonate and as -- lounge was Europe are flier alert the hell don't work that is and Gary is backers including. We'll get back to the patriots which is the only thing India are known disagree I think I'm doing what I -- out if you the last two will she know what can handle and you need me you know just said you don't know just I do want to look at a Wikipedia he just said you know on TV re TV movies or music Cheerios and bring with the politics. Or anything you don't know anything except patriots yet and doing a fine job the windows you know bills what do you need to know ask a question. OK LS I know everything what else do you don't everything. He just said. I give I surrender to we get Tito back in here.