K&C - Callers react to the new show format; A crossover with Merloni 2-14-18

Kirk & Callahan
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 4: Kirk and Gary speak with callers on the direction of the show and Lou Merloni finally joined Kirk and Gary for a crossover. 


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt committee. And Gerry Callahan. Sports Radio WEEI. WU. Management. Not being able to see what's on. Herb dean passer created I don't miss my balls. I never think about them in women sleep being. I nerve the fact been that he had people who beat is it makes me so happy. I don't. No surprise it's definitely you know I guess we'll get. Your dues I get this close. But noted proved perky Callahan show on 93 point seven WEEI to double bottom with a bullet. And I appreciate the initiative but try to love it. In the hopper pseudo smells its advocates laws could first ask you heard a really good you're good idea to arrive at the ice Uggla and a few Biden are you an idea. Love idea like this on. It's a good night. Wasted no. Hello I hear so. And I thought they execute and street racing industry now I like about my team out darkness it's the perfect. Well it's dark state that does little but see that's the best. It's not let their personal announcement re part in dancing dog did Gloria it's those are great songwriter LT 800 heart what elements of aborted run off of Russell's stats also you know you did kids that sort of crisis. Hungry heart of hundreds dead as the wife and kids so. If it's a half. But it's relatively it's all about The Beatles lyrics I wrote this. Which are home. We do it in one. It's sped up time and half this. That's good note but in I had the pleasure of knowledge well that's right he also applauded by the light. There as well as he may have prevented delivered tiger. Sounded better although I don't like pelicans on it with persistently bugged by blind about it much and doesn't. Just like you get to the next in those same thing with them because tonight. I announced my movement like god like his version is the slow songs he's gotten older it sounds better certain Bruce on sound better with older resourceful Kate Bush you know that. He's born in the US are you must love that song too right what Jerry is that it's in America what do you know when I told Andre is the stuff for the content pertinent. After the words you are right and what's going on audiences that yes the jury was it B who's allowed. At the report coleslaw or just from mocking his work in military. A man of Allah yes that's right. The 64 term he's dancing and it argues that a vote but who's having you shouldn't do is that enough in yourself that's my favorite songs did. Because you touch yourself now is I'm thinking that's the first Bruce song I ever heard. Ever so I thought that it once was. It was in the brutal mistakes that I remember win aboard a run came out there covered Saturday which are older than I was eleven I Q so I thought I was. It's. Not I tell a story. This is the sort of person just like anybody else would only work in other person like Huey Lewis or Boy George whose over to new guy that you saw my uncle loved. It was a known about them now c'mon is more I got the river album. Foreign born runs guys believe and I never left at one point in my life I sing or talent. Could have Bruce are manhandled him to roads and in new about ethical though is that it was. We'll put off that I Dario and I love 94 that's a great that's a great. As jump on it await Panama after teacher. Are off to a drums so awesome awesome. Always great it was from top guns with the Van Jones on there today. That's stated that top pocket clipping zone for top gun and I'll hold my breath away. None and and and and and and no but he used to for the video anyway talking higher and higher and and and pop on. These video from top companies yen though they do that Sammy you're going to be sure you may be right out and on May be crazy stuff we did solution outscored cal and we'll talk some organic occasionally fire. What's up through the fire okay thank you need to send in your public service announcements of having a fund raiser. For your local you know we're happy with how happy to pass it along and how you up I think of us is a small show. Does the little things. We're community or Q yeah I mean you know about the community it is somebody needing something in the trying to raise money that way that's where admitted I'm happy to help and it's gonna be making amazing program harp on mark Lyons said hey bush don't want to apologize George Bush am I should be more because I gotta tell you feel bush. Which curse ultimately have met people at this in my life. Smart you get real familiar to overwhelm essentially the aids he's over your head right he's one of the smartest and I was like the smartest person in the room with butch and this is Stephen Hawking could walk. Do broached honestly I don't know what's really not rock but you know he just walking or a talk show host. It bush turns to. There's gonna I just at this and who's gonna be a big bean supper 7 o'clock. Wears a size at the town hall it's a very do you become any you know big supper eats including brown bread a hoax aid to get it and he's jealous of alert. It's to benefit the it's to benefit the Al homeless shelters set aside wizards are geysers are guys on their booming death penalty yes that's an excellent. Bakeries are so for more information on the matter said Rebecca. Meg duke reprieve before to the call your issuer is seen as well. This is exciting for the folks in Weymouth this has happened launch of pockets of town on new charity bass really yet we see it's a fire department some also with the fire departments are retired patients greats as well which I always love. Russia has a lack elect will be they're standing organ will be there -- a little more of that here it is it's going to be really good and manages hysteria it's that there is very spirit 7 o'clock tonight and if you get their early due to pictures with the guys Garrett there pieces at all fiftieth slice from your house of pizza and a Coke or Pepsi is well tipper at the court a packet of sites that's going on tonight's segment market checked into that good is it because Lovie and of the ex jocks the great call the greatest and I typical of bad things have an accent and they're all wonderful when all so great Troy Brown could be either as well to help Celsius and Kirk talent show where ratings don't matter. A content doesn't matter getting in trouble doesn't matter fighting as a matter defending ourselves as a matter defending other people on a station doesn't matter. Bashing other stationed as a matter we're just here. Did you before hours of light conversation about that out today we're gonna pound which you wouldn't believe okay we're gonna work we've pounded from from. From the sea of main indices of California or and we're very big into England my understanding is I just got the last hour Brooke so fastened into our least. Forty secondly he's not. Not every academic student at all to separate station in New Hampshire so he's your degree be archaic. We did not know it'll do what they're great and they are great I apologize to them to regret yet after you have to you know that's the goal by John Somerset is it as he had a giant which have been Gary's he is a little bit too much navel gazing too much mess in Iraq you wanna get back to basics right John. Absolutely and what you guys talk about these are new book about an aspect of the wood in the backs should we use maple match for four outs and then my other questions. What is the there can't you can go to find you rolled in mind frame. Crystal ball. Publisher was second questions even ash that's ridiculous writer. Dare I'm not going to respond com launched their biggest domestic hub hub of the first month ago it's legitimate question yeah I noticed about action segment self. I've spent in the on the books are about that George Brett pine terms in the I still think about that will. I think in how he was the crowd Obama that I am about my daughter my mom's wake felt bad to choose to have I was almost distracted by the pine tar plot at the one that I always come back to a Sammy Sosa and the super doubles. I'll give us an actor and always there you never get away right regularly from the and it is always the argument you know in college should be the EB using aluminum bats right a safety issue now especially you sports do you enter there is a cost issue but. I think that towns need to go to wooden bats for kids aren't in danger TV we spend enough time talking about our program. I don't. I should dedicate we should do some point. Some sort of like let's forceful or sports history month when it's withstood that its Legends of the Fall nearly every game we sort of focused the show the entire show on the forgotten legendary athlete and look at him on -- it's great so it was a right said he bought a sell another old Celtic about it enough attention old Celtic possibly ID easier McCall I would look at the commerce people don't understand it easy it was very important to obtaining a road course to Russell well but he said to read our backe cigarette I'm not gonna play and he wanted to retire you think given the fact without at McAuliffe to be no Bill Russell. In Boston should admit calling be celebrating about Boston Police this month I think it says yes well I you know necessarily viewers I don't agree -- exactly had the intent of being treated so I'll look should get on television celebrated this month I would say no we disagree and know I didn't think I would say no one when I know that he signed on to green and like thanks in each and sank by you know out of time okay bodies a little late today president not able to just wants to be critical which I guess will allow a big fan of that but that the before George. Good morning gentlemen good morning but fateful first I wanna. Say happy Valentine's break are you you know I'll get a good round did you have it. One area we Murrow and shouldn't that I can't disagree with jet that would that. Okay but are you ready genre before so the F word which we don't retreat of the week we do you don't know what's wrong that would say this hour I walked out here have to show the interest on industry. Walked out there in the challenge in the looser out there right now to come and give me hope. In the say hi I'm missing behind them I love our listeners and undefeated my love with listeners well that's that's my challenge them they got it. While I just appreciate from the Boston Public Schools before lunch today. Our spaghetti and meatballs would garlic bread. Or baked fish sandwich broccoli and or tomatoes cucumbers salad and a fresh suit press person fruit fruit fruit. It tomorrow curtain back having no antibiotic. Ever barbecued chicken drumstick in corn bread or meatball sub. It was hit. Apple's tail was at having lunch between peoples have communication Q and that's true John and Norton wants to say goodbye to your current tally which we're doing today it's a funeral. But do although it's almost. Still ready good and bad bad bad. We're talking about are easy so my parents future parents watched you re right that's right there with data that it's a personal wealth of games. Nothing not saying nothing I mean you its carrier agnostic they're it's it's something you know who we talk about our lives a lot and I think it's just something we need to keep between Arafat and correct I grew the program directors and consultants also status. Suburb pierce once again next week. What's the what's the issue with that should be on a more Jon got it. Good morning and it is it is also brought. I appreciate. Hidden in do you live glad to be old on. It's actually nice Canadian sports once Lyles corrects our defense. I almost crashed like he's got Bruins knew that you are talking about. I mean it SA brewers crushing one I've watched every second every shift this year happening at UC slots it was at their last bachelor and I did ya know pictured it. It's a game and I would. I think it's great to be getting out of that old routine of current events in the actually in the Thai exports thanks. I have my my real question is what medications that mentioned that you take is they've really wanna buy stock in the company. A Carol first of all I was particularly witty yet thought I'd like to. And I medication they take them on the sports among them patiently resident Randi though. I mean I think measured sat me down it's a list. We make a deal. We don't care more ratings. And spewed newborn showing if you do lousy ratings war Fareed for well that's the set debt that's a promise. You -- of people that liability gonna be very broad honorable man and there's no question about it that's ourselves. I'm happy to go and unhappy do a show of its docket generating buzz. But in general any conversation from Jerry ratings in the trade off is that we get to keep our John LO eight you know and you can understand the support you're getting because you're going to a gunfight with a banana peel correct but that's fine. Yes that's fine because. That's that's the path we've chosen one measure comes knocking on our door however that dual sound knock on the door. We'll have a nice cup she treat she always open that's a terrible disease yes as I don't like it to awareness of the slides over right bicycle once I hit seven cents and Huntsman hasn't been without these two guys who didn't mean. Never heard Imus today of course that's not that's that's the emir permit a mere. Acquired. Another second what is now they say time version. Our bags and I don't want that did you did you get rid you OK okay you listen to it before you play. Yes but they are going to heavy use you don't know how to spell you damage earlier today down those multi saliva chords really hard to. He's Saddam. After all we've been through day after all of the landmark things we've avoided. That makes it on the air. I did make nobody he didn't make it on the air but it had that would have completely sunk the ship yes all the analysts and all obviously that's not our fault we know he's an all but. Show is on a lot of things that are you ever how much the world changed huge joke like that. Yeah but I get that you know I understand that that's not a good word. I I'm a great saying right amazing and I agree right but it's amazing at that was like a joke that was all right right circulated there was a Don my tires joke or is it wasn't that long ago twenty years ago at the lions are going to be fill your second 6177779237. Once a great show. Like ratings I don't agree ratings I'm like great bars on the pressures. I'm having so much pressure if you took a lousy show I tee up this year's it's easy it's like Yale so. Six or 7777. On threes have Wilbur. A casket is her talent show the it proved her talent show everybody my body that Norway at the big autorads and everybody in this town. And he's a golden all right Doug is a great guy there were brought great lives ago so the break I was trying to ranked one of the most of the afternoon show. It's tough it's sort of like when I was a kid sort of that bird hey you old. You know opposite like bird morbid celebs like Mikhail more time and pretend I was Mikhail downstairs and play bass on basement not protect them keep them on the radio and it's. It's it's really it's so easy it's just so these are stressful. I've been missing you so happy in and I think that gonna get paid off today show I think that's I think that you just in charge of police life and you've choose happiness and Kirk. You're your own superhero. Yes and I like when you have your phone right against. And that's the and you know I just think that the jobs they are really like to keep up next a phone record regulate this I just was wondering you know maybe that's what the modern trend now he's ever. In money technology you know if they should be okay open but it is. You know. No I don't it was for game committee the committee looking and looking into what is it shorting or debate with a look at you what to TV should be short and what's the pilots would I'd that's that's being educated I felt the car felt good morning. I heard big night at times like. Oh sure we've done a lot of it's not a three seven's sports talk RWE I G two we're sports conversation six point 7779793. So. I mean 41 in the more soon to be 942 temperatures forty degrees and horizon knowledge my temper the supporting Phil. I bought me a fifteen day or get beat. Oh sure no problem at the forecast which really good over the next fifteen days of sinus oil's been really quiet snow February after the big general urged been nice surprise. But yes in the time by the way right now still ninth. Thank you very much shopping area look at traffic so yeah. Highways and byways. Alicia right now Richard Gary. A fender Bender in Littleton spot right around 495 backed up right now west another fifteen it's wonderful to carry them to just about done. We'll probably the pipe right now Qaeda die area cut to other Democrats accompany her at. We'll probably the pipe right now if you go out there right now we should be O'Keefe and I went right in the bright just like you just a little pigs are better here right now. Other sports rated WBI soccer man five weather traffic time. Oh. Let's go Mike you mean like the present the first real Cogent point show him. Eight let me tell you don't make. Let's go right etiquette can't complain so you're talking about Red Auerbach and how three years. You know we'll import the black community yeah I'm worried about the secondhand smoke he exposed out about holy. Right it was five black. Ed at the guard to get fans there he you box that you smoke a cigar. That's a good point I mean the silent killer I think that's a really fair conversation you know what. Of dumb and remove him from Black History Month Imus celebrate somebody else who deserves it more Black History Month also a rod rust that it's about rod rust out there or or Victor tie. The defendant's seat Mo I didn't. Victor I didn't mean. I'd I'd guess that all they know he told a joke what it he also do with humor scud missiles to get this Cuban missile Tokyo's who tried to ease its agent with a little humorous. And it's. I'm Eileen you know since he take care that evident Evans and Hopkinton Ed good morning. Morning guys pay sources wanna say hurt thank you so what's this new format you and allow its allow more time to read it below and watch a show. Asks I don't know. Again it's important if you're listening right now you have to listen anymore to camera and compelling and fight the so much else to do is some great shows on television. Some people to read you your Hopkinton to start of that Boston Marathon itself can run jog a little bit yeah enjoy this beautiful day. I agree and Gary I wanna say this new format really suits you because you're so much more engaged now and I. You're you're more. Archie are going to yesterday well there's no Gerri where you like it more jerseys here is just me. You've told me that why do ya all soon wonderment that I would give what I had daughters occasionally but project started you know Belichick. Excuse me well Jerry's in the politics an island off off off. Lewd and edited videos and even touch that as other safer right now in the third rail third rail congratulations your seat you know and I just think America is great. Asomugha. Ed Wellesley Edgar morning. Hey good morning guys. Kirk quick question player. I feel those new format as can be heavy on interviewed Eleanor if this is is this could have sparked the return of Mike will put Jill Hamburg and an accurate portrait. I'd love to have moved look at facts and I said of you heard earlier in the show Ed. Next week for Mars my goal is 20200. Guests document lupica probably has an of the book. On short MX the interest rates at forty guests today David boss Bob Sweeney just pass and that's I guess an hour right. Twin Towers but it's at him and un doable doable to UN to I guess it's 605 Dave Dombrowski I knew curtain and and by the way could easily be back on early edition easily. Might be able to get you in this guy you know I think guy I am a dead end but I would love if if somebody's like you know filed. But Chris Forsberg in the day who is built for television. This guy's terrific extended it Gasper can make yeah they can filling absorber tranda whatever portray can't make him one night merchant Bertrand slams and other car something you know in the village and and you may be a holiday but tort cheap jolted at half price and enterprise be that rubble memorial to him more of these or was it to be great I loved and he urged the talk on the topic of the day with you guys a lot of fun especially attorneys put yet but definitely for sure. Michael Brookline you of the final word. Good morning Kirk the morning. I think you're missing little boo boo the most important thing because certain. Former world will give I was. It will give you the opportunity now you're bored people putting your readers would kill the ratings and out due to Red Sox game. Good white I think I think I think your implication there's of the Red Sox schemes are boring and disarmament disagree with the Red Sox team Ngo. Well I think in a perfect world would take over from Jerry going for me I wouldn't mind this year just switched jobs. Turn out to the games I think you get jobs at good morning I think that did you learn to appreciate the line that they go through all chemistry that they actually just outstanding union the bond that geo and and antenna that is just tremendous and I think evaluate Jared been doing it along time it would be tough for you to duplicate. Tim and Tim and Joseph really a bargain at that I can't wait to seek to Joan next week double down. Its course and I saw it. Although particles are good at 705 on Tuesday secrets are the exits. Ground ball by Reynolds 37 miles an hour I was one at. A fast for schools but Huff. It's a credit that. It's. Usually widget that you to know which you can't write that stuff you have to present organic Abbott's no program director Bob as you signature right that's entitled to an equity act. I was a couple of horrible torture shall cross we get back zeros to their final looney as a movement I know that coming up like that across six or 7779. 790 three's have we'll take a few more calls it like if you lines opened 617777. And three sevens we. Sign off on the worst radio show in America curtain down. Yeah. Kirk Callahan it is beaten these just to show in New England going forward I'm telling you we're gonna finish thirtieth this ratings before. Doesn't matter which I like. I feel free I was birdie guys and he knows a jerk so many times over the years I apologize to everyone earlier. That was Ifill Bert I thought we had to do a good show and get good ratings erosion have to. That changes everything so you know under bring in my pals from the mid day every day now for a for cross. In the Maloney have butt heads with the past I I said on the narrative on the apologize to you. Let's look at me and it's at some things about you in the past. That I just I didn't mean senator anger becoming a child and Els you know and I'll see you know an instant your own content that you with the kind of egg wash windows site has been in effect I agree with you right. I think it's about how well I know that. And I needed time to face the that if I didn't play baseball is. Yup there right now dual washing with Floyd same way I can. I can't apologize enough I think everybody did earlier and I like the fact that you know when you're in good leadership thing I can show was great. I'm glad I'm Edwards like about it I just thought that you kind of brought it all in the mean it's it's sports rights portray him yes I think it. You apologize to some people I think I feel like I see you better Kirk mini and right now the animal torture Turkmen and thank you he's complete and whole yeah. So I think it was a good show yeah. I mean it is a matter no was the delicious won't like what I will not rates know what's gone on me is that you guys and you miss this is good negative is wrote the top. Scott Glover inside the rotation five pitches five issues. You guys didn't hit on that today and I'll donate I totally agree or pound angered the producers but I'm just gonna say that you guys. A my yon if she's got to do better job then flew Paula bladder taken out. I know we got to find that. I mean elaborate lobbying is these rights freest it is a great job and you call in it will live blog roll call and globally underground to the side -- the video -- is -- at noon -- -- -- so -- we him but we weren't -- -- with three people yes you know it -- so -- -- -- however I -- an -- we -- due respect to the person uses a -- -- kind of and people from its -- -- -- but we also at 1 o'clock -- -- -- to break -- that luxury tax -- this. The only enables you people care all and there's there's he suggest yes can I get this all the time. Guess they can go to Judy Martinez but can negate into Jake Ariana. It will hit on a lot today because the awesome implications let's hope we will clear all that up with us. It Axel that's the deaths of at a really good trying to stick around and join these guys as well that's a good showed us again. I think it's an outstanding show I think it's the best Sports Radio in town it's on to the whole family can listen to. You know you are the kids can they can gather around you'll patrol when they come home from school to eat their lunch right and notably greatly comes out of this is we're learning the news today is who we've learned this. It's not important to good show. It's important do we shall we he's leaving that you can't go home not worrying about it feel good about I don't feel now this sacrifice ratings for for peace yet as promised by everybody. If you guys finished fifteenth in the book you're keeping jobs in science if he's a bonus no matter what you know it's amounts of enemy onion and human Willard you have to push buttons for I wish I agree with what is tomorrow look like god Chris. We are told looks it looks beautiful as for your pockets every day but bad to have our friend Mike McMahon who love sports excellent B good to have him an idol I wanna apologize to him. I've made fun of his three drunk driving arrest in the past. That was wrong these kids. In his Q a why should take that back we'll against it there Carter right yes that's an icy Karl pick mountains. Iowa obviously know a lot of some of the public eye problem sell part of your show I guess I didn't I didn't agree with it can use your voice is. That's compared to keep a level there's just I didn't agree with having nick from Boston Beckett on. Because I still think you know what he did. To Ron Borges I think was wrong oh I agree you know and I think that he's a cynical bastard I agree it would hear somebody sit there and say what the last thing turns trust me. By no means that ever call for somebody's job what do you think the end game is when you keep pushing what do nick from Boston think the end game was when he's gonna feed a lost bleak story to a guy what you think was gonna happen to him knowing Iran when you sit there and you hide behind talking about a you know goal for somebody's job. That's a freaking joke and a calm down now palatable by the cart. Yes now from. I'm sure that we want to right now because always related mindset and explore every expert yeah sellers of matches and deeply worried at the bigger sports talk show shots angry. He upset me okay with a talk about it if you learn anything. Don't pocket opens up such a withdrawal would undergo I guess I love them all you have to keep that witness she sent me do you go to football is obviously get that angry I'm not musher can even actively listen to on this Lisa left and right now that all of all the pieces is oh win. Right now Owen got ahead of its all gonna sit well it's all lead into. That's station for me starts and they Owhali and rich keep extremists and to those guys at the pillar and I'll envoy to amenities you repeat that show you gonna take notes of course absolutely everybody is used to record player what policy next week maybe all of it will be for most of them. CO2 that you guys have a good time. Is ahead of the voice form okay first of all love you guys who have New England of the listeners of sports of the Red Sox Bruins patriots. And Celtics not love even more tomorrow morning 6 o'clock hit all those topics. And much more I'm looking forward to Barry Melrose tomorrow morning at 730 a book report that as well I think it's going to be a great show Kirk talk and sports radio and X we seven. If you media way sports talk with. Would be new and improved patient keep talking about talking reduce all the news about your show new and improved. But think what new way to improve what. About newly approved current account and I got to worship when you actually see but with a bullet. It's easier gateway towards sports this afternoon.