K&C - Andy Hart is a simple man; 10 blazing NFL questions with Ken Laird 2-13-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 4: Gerry is astounded by how little Andy Hart knows and Ken Laird gets deep into the Patriots with 10 burning offseason questions.  


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Security. Major ways it is a fear based organization Larry Johnson I don't know what he's talking about I had a lot of fun this is a lot of fun and I think people enjoy the city. I had a lot of fun playing there no I don't know what relationship if you wanna double break your coats and throughout his life finding that guy Tom Brady that's fun I demand that we have fun with Gerry Callahan how do you feel about red originally being honored by the Boston Eddie and Leonard Ross an admirable move. Slot the lack peoples more of this call Black History Month black foot drop I love that guy the way. It comes off is troll particularly in a place with a reputation like Boston I do find it interesting that the first person they tweet about during Black History Month happens to be a white guy. The Ottawa that was the perfect Kurt Mann and you can hold it against Andy card that you. We've got a slider he's good morning and the heart's erratic short in his best rap music is Indy was and tomorrow you might wanna grab to be. I can tell you who live through under the weather kept getting up top mountains. Andy Hardy in Baltimore pitcher to good football so this will be a little bit different for the moment Sports Radio W. School. But now I'm here's what the Boston Police Department should do next five days to weed out. This tribute to beat five members of the Boston starting unit. The with the first all black starting five true look at the answer now okay they want I got for they should go five and a report. Bill Russell. Obviously. When he gets announced Jones who says do jones' two jones' old two and three I'm done you know which jones'. Sam. Could you as to how well the other Jones. No the other Jones boy from the old Celtics. Kind of payments kind of had a career as a coach he sees. Excellent CN nailed it and a give it him to Mexico to give his first name those last OK so much. Age. Close. Curtis your titles in Jessica oh man outside Sanders and the fifth Willie moles that would be the fifth member of the first. All black starting five. The date December 26 1960. Already Albrecht had the balls. To put in all black starting five and and just rattle the cages of the rest of the year NBA in the sports world and for that he deserves credit. I think. I hate to say but I think Everett had a good idea to put that for starting five in parentheses as well as protect Cooper Bill Russell the other mentions. And and you were now back to name no one would have a problem with. Except for all that uncommon as you get all wrong some people clearly some people is we'll be all we get to the 72 questions we have on the patriot yes in the far. I have to mention this because of them. In his. Trending sock puppet mention in the end drew an attendee gained 25 pounds that's kind of going around. That's the story of the day down in Fort Myers right. There's not much of any great interest down there but tell him and attendees going to be interesting because there's a lot. People have high hopes high expectations have been attending and he's gonna lower our culture he's got no he cut his hair. Any got big now when you say he gained 25 pounds. I would be. Since. In the October right I would assume since the end of last year you're an expert 'cause you're you're you lift weights and you you legalize same month. Hum. You don't gain 25 pounds since our. Global unless to fight out. Let's put it point absence and sixteen the offseason is Tsotsi last year the trees anyway in October. 185. Outs in the put on five pound he sounds that are rewrite that the president's game twenty in The Herald yes. Since the end sixteen ounces in news review those who says he's up to 190s. Last year was 17. And you either are on drugs which we know we stopped or your facts right you can't put a diplomat. No but I don't think he actually gained twenty minutes on so well now it sounds regularly gained five which is a non story now I have no way he says he always wants sixty signs it. Wanted to sixteen it wants sixty. Tell you in two years he offseason. Year last year 165 and Allen was 19. That can't be almost can't. Over two readers are good days when he says quote I just ate a lot. Worked out I don't know we'll see what happens. I don't know apartment and attendees to most boring and it's and intentionally but it says nothing and I mean he is painfully dull and wanted to be that way. But I give credit for honesty atoll that means it's not all muscle on human Kirk estimates. And you can observe him right sure sure ass and take your shirt off that's what you would do to much to think it's a good thing goodies and I Elan gained twenty pounds. Electorate look at it I'd like to assess that. There I don't think he's gonna look back. Well he's gonna look. Nails that they will make a more of this than it is now that I heard about it a 125 pounds in like a month now it smiles when he pounds over two years I think at the age of twenty torture when he's free drop that the next trending yeah I looked up and I think it is misleading the listeners a little bit there sports placing it is you definitely spiced it up quite a review our you can see you think it's tough to do this with Kirk and I wanna talk about like. It is strapped and has no interest sure. He regardless spring training for a week he has no interest in anything above the reds two nothing. So like for two week spring training with Kirk he's gonna wanna talk about what do you interest with the routes I mean I I asked the question yesterday. Now I'm okay about soft collusion. I asked the question yesterday and I've yet to get an answer to eighty Martina signs any night. George what happens and the government earns. To first base and they keep them from casting. A US eighty Martinez shore so you're saying he only plays first when the Clinton lefties capsule so you got a twenty million dollar guy Uga players want to week in full year. A candidate totally I don't care how many more years. Once a week. And the Germans plays once a week. Maybe twice. Reporting perfect and you don't think that'll be an issue knowledge. If we can't get out. It was a all is going to sign. Martinez he's like that's your big story he's not on the red such a big story is maybe well people in the know right say he had that these are going to happen he's just you know playing hardball and so today and good for them in Atlanta not and they both can regret in a year and a half minutes signing DH you know there have 125. Million. It makes sense that really excite. Know people. Anybody is going to sit down and into the Red Sox let's watch a spring training game let's turn. No one cares about JD Martinez. I I tend to agree but we'll see what hassle what's your second biggest story of the secularist looking forward I don't it's probably the biggest on the mall is David Price and right manager score that doesn't interest me even a little not a dynamic is gonna music clubhouse cool Austin music in the clubhouse in a lot unlike the papers for its Alaskan upon. I think the pick it up until now will you be. Interviewing David Price just try the request is in this request after hurting the PR department its effort in that last two years ago he joined us last year didn't. And and I'm gonna roll the dice and say he'll go to years in a row where it's don't think. Which would be fun and you know we'll ask your recent Bradford yesterday and an exit. Braylon act nor that's not good that's not occurred you don't want him having that. That kind of combative advertise aerial relationship thing already in February. Very nice to it would mean he's. The guy everyone's watching C it's you know his body language courses he's smiling as he then interacting with us teammates easy. Happy here so he what like will he walk by your show. I don't know how to work down in the and in Europe in the boot and you just an epic you know it was sensitive picnic table yes so he would actually have to walk by and snow yes yes or no use to be at the old park mean rightly came in and you know when the accident so yes that would can combine to be dirty looks smile and flip the obvious as rice would combine to keep its foul. Keynote given some golf balls and among Grady is but. And then other guys you know no more cool would just walk by Saddam boom and you'd be. And we would probably do too many. Well thank Joel Hanrahan and Ryan Dempster Jonny Gomes and Alex and beer rob Bradford of Gomes goes through there was some cool guys 020 hours. To fill with JD Martinez it's yes although in a week to talk what other things. Lead story of the week this will be talking about. Where you dinner purchase them and our dinners. Her Xena browse the and Sam McKee we also talked with Tom Werner who by the way. Nested in the day he is the executive producer at the new Roseanne. And she's have you guys watched trainee Duchardt curling reports I have is she doing curly. I've not seen yet she don't. Actually are so sure I haven't I meant to physical work is curling over and also don't question the other night they were an analyst and he doesn't last the entire Olympic bill but there's all these different segments of their nominee why should one's talent agency trend there was a guy from Canada who's a legend who's seen the real DB. Really what's his name more so I think hope someone Morris. He'd Earl Morse is sun so you do great Errol Morris's son and NC trend. Like the site at each and actually can she do the cut in for one of the sport she's doing like downhill skiing and she's got a good assignment training stock and carlin's pretty good view. Think they got Minnesota you know. If you look back at this match you have to look at it the fifth then what exactly went wrong for you guys an offense that. Did a couple of shots and the first aerial has to make the last want to try to get some points. You know where I talked with coaching is at halftime he expressed that is gonna come down to misses or makes when you look at the fact that the there were some misses can you look at that takes some positives from an I was not a. I hate that question after every loss that we can you take some positive some this. Can you talk about. So makes and misses it is I don't I have one like basketball curling. She's she did her homework she can't travel around and go to Nebraska and Arnold book curling. I'm sure somebody is. Learning something that and if you go to the easel. Loss like this to bounce back up. He wants pocketbook as I am now. I'm in in my day that wasn't a work every question was on talk about this puck but tuchman is pretty excited on satellite and talk about that. Heartland that's the new trend is definitely address freaking question appropriate he can talk about the boundary for me just talk about that. Because I'm yeah real quest now he'll say now. That's I think that's where it's come from is the fear of if I ask a yes no question he'll just say I don't know or know. So now you just say they'll talk about and you take in any direction you want bills like get a quote Phil MySpace has taught us that. You should ask why why questions you can answer and 12 words. Originally and I do I know I'm you aren't a lot of times in those press conference as you can ask don't anything it's not getting an answer. And I've watched them I watch them so what's the retreats you guys even new guidance of fellow patriot employee preacher like dirt yeah. Okay it's okay so early South Park as long as you offend everyone you offend I wish Belichick had like a press coverage Cummins and one of these obligations. At the Columbine you don't have to talk right he rarely does an OTAs you have to now. I don't believe Flynt is next obligation draft draft night drafts whom not April 26. The night on neck and a first round he'll talk. Really yet. Usually sometimes jet has helps our album I'll combine and sometimes he has to Syria due to the chance he doesn't you and I agree we talked before the show about this can't agree game home on Sunday. And two guys Rodney Harrison damion we bolts had the way he handled Butler could be a problem correct in the club house. And that's and I was surprised I mean obviously people argue me whenever caller say it but. Players and these are real loyalists real specially Rodney Wright mean more. And we've had that captains you talk about guys that were the heart of his leadership when they were under him they know how it works they know the expectations whatever it was an eight. Maybe I'm missing this heat you talk all the time about this team since 2000. Two right now 2003. And when they questioned the locker room or when Paul Williams said it would out of Japan is it right lawyer already language. Obviously lost 31 nothing the next game to the bills but then they went on when this horrible came together and that's kind of you know those. The reference point for Alaska is urgently. Win you know and I Luke's locker room when Tom Jackson said they hate their coach Rodney Harrison says two can agree in quote he can come back and backfire on him. The players might not play as hard for him. After the Butler thing that's a little weird though don't think again guy's gonna be on the field questioning Rodney Harris I without delay this guy helping you know and I'm a letter was a little bit with bill Bentley on the role of Kirkland and it doesn't work afterwards innate it's. It's it's subtle way deals and discourse works in the sea hawk like walker the guard is gonna he's pulling and he was gonna lay out that defense and women Atlanta there's this levels and what works and you're ten year old flag football league. But there's works well my college guide these guys who. Think they're playing their hardest and then there's guys playing their hardest so is this big game thing there's just an off season that's a good quell he benched Butler so I'm not gonna run quite as hard on this last spring and I'm not gonna do the section set a squads. We always say Belichick will never ever tell us the truth about this they'll never revealing. We'll Belichick person willing Michael Marty Walid. Somebody close to will another coach Willie. You know Matt Patricia. I've been surprised the lack a little party comments you know he was that the Jamie Collins obviously the posting columns trade remember he was the whisper. And don't. Kid hasn't said anything now is while we we want to on the station because you spoke Telus would Belichick thinking hard Mike good morning how are you. I it. I wonder if there will be a back and forth. If Butler will be the first rate has Butler at some point is gonna answer questions go somewhere have a press come here and he'll sign like within like Patricia or maybe Billy O'Brien I mean when we do you think you'll go. Got to think not Patricia Wright mean officially part of the decision making process we wasn't he wasn't at all while I mean part of it but he could have been overruled sure. But it. What I would let's talk to do this my guess is Matt agrees with the on some level and he knows he knows what happened whether it was performance whether it was disciplinary whatever the story is Patricia knows it. But he spent. An hour talk of the media and no no when asked. That is and he's embarrassed he just lost the Super Bowl and I think if there playbook and they would have won the suitable. That's a bit of it's a debate they would have been. Better suited to when he needed one play. They need one big tackle. But things are good at that he was crying in the may he may give up a bomb he was he crying and the third quarter and fourth quarter leading to cracks users so excited deleted that let's go to Dakota in Braintree a Dakota. Hey guys indeed so I have a I have a question that may be. Yeah conspiracy period you'd probably have cookies. Easy to T conspiracy or a conspiracy. And spirit of hate is unbelievable I'm jealous so. Am so let me ask you this straight I mean you played football growing up I mean I played football only high schools apparently speaker on the field stuff. It Bogle was suspended probably take the first quarter of the first half. You got one plane could be that he ran onto this field when he wasn't supposed to and that's how we got the one plane and then. Belichick decided to sit him put the second half. Yeah I can't imagine that happening when it was on. Punt return and you had twelve men on the field right. Let me tell the guy did not go on listen I'm new sneak in the game you don't go oh why why you think that if he wasn't supposed to play on punt return Dakota. Well when my my point is right it's very ought. And only took place one play you never stepped on the field and all the. They only want to play one punt so he may have played with he had been on the punt team because they punted right you know I don't know I get in the gutter in the vice guy. But this is why I am it's why I'm asking the question because I've seen it happen before where somebody goes on the field when they're not supposed to be useful to sit for the first out. But he went on the field broke out rule and then Belichick decides to completely sort of out of the second. My point is that he talked the other guy intuit to. You have to convince whoever supposed to be out there. Maybe pick I didn't make it I didn't go out there there was a mix up and who's gonna be covering the honor I don't. Or opened to us so explain to. So he met so your point is he wanted to bench him and make it a zero next to the plays. And you indeed be mad over a single play. All the potentially for the first half in and what would help you with out any of the coaching staff telling them to go in I am not saying he told the other guy not to go win. It could have been somebody not covering the guy not out there and decide to run into the Eagles again. No chance. Or how do you focus and says it's. It just doesn't make any logical sense you all think they had eleven guys who knew there were on the eighteenth hole I am now what was your other point to to call him. But that was the I want to ask him if that could happen because it's illogical. And nobody could explain would actually. That is accurate that's a 100% accurate it makes no sense it's inexplicable aren't always right that far down the key spears the highway but I think that somehow he snuck on the field. And the guy that was supposed to be out there either he told them not to Lauder announced I ask again so who cares we played one well that's his whole point is I was gonna ban you for the first quarter perhaps it's almost used on the on the field you know what. You know played all game. OK I don't care if he makes it home. If he'd slaughter the family of five. They needed him in the third quarter sure what he did to earn the benching echoes of the window after halftime it's suitable. I I would think and especially if you take them at their word that it was a a football move friend look at that's the big question Andy has no answers as usual just like everybody we'll get anyone arsenal as an answer to offices down the whole big deal about it if not I told you wouldn't yes he cares we had you in every level for one reason we touch it some patriot incite you know what's going on with Major League lacrosse and their offices are right downstairs. You know exactly what they're doing this week I am sure I want many teams are nearly twelve you have no freaking idea. I don't know a thing moments with the cross I think you know we only a week the new bounce. And you'll do your part in new balance and a and balance family are hit yes I don't think so I don't think so either but we elect issues. Hmmm when we get back sock puppet Kenny boy has nine questions for you. We need to be a tight rapid fire. Like there'll yes annoyances as I can make it has gotten parts could opposed to make him think too much X. All right. Finally I told sock puppet into little hole. Homework here I like my guy canning and he did you know who's ready. To us I mean by that we've already determined that any heart knows nothing about anything except patriots football degree. Agree agree he knows nothing about anything except patriot football degrees or whoever asked in the question whether circuit you reached general stuff. Gently general stuff he is a little boat. He doesn't figure to about Tyler Colvin but it was about to impress you that's true. Oh by the way there is I saw one of them. New books you giving Andy he didn't do a great job today but you know came any longer. And I thought ma was going to be here with few birdies crede who clearly established that mud is scared of India art as a should be. That's what you think you could hurt him I think that could what's your way. Up to ten. He really told you 59 while they're fat and clinically obese according. Physical and I think it's not meant to be where he's like 140 does he really guess he's kind knows at least pretty. And it you know it's muscle as a little bit it's easy to have a little muscle and we 140 pounds WR some of those body build as you see on my TV their little little guys right. Billick finally coming in for a pound and one of those is one of those rate is no lightweight but we'll see Booker or keep working on it you two together and see if you know you get along. But they're gone ahead Kenny Boyd. Number ten and I have the rules. Is this Yasser now. It handled it like OK number. Reaction to my outlook about benching is now officially overreaction it's an excuse for the yes they all suck but they could have been better with him up and Bill Belichick has lost its fastball it's ingenious. No I think he worked miracles of Matt Patricia during the regular season and did more with less most of the year but it fell flat as to why he does it all the way in the super. He behind bars and no way. Well a dvd Eagles just were better that day eighty Doug Peterson did a great job by the way the defense has no players that prop correct that's problematic that's why they will target and the quarterback yes he'll be looking for defense to play makers in the draft break out. Number eight we're going backwards. Well Belichick the GM looks bad lately too. Yes. Some of the moves he's made me not maximizing assets some questionable signings in the Andre Jones was key in the super boy I don't think he was I really don't think he was even get hurt woody beat who's gonna be good no he wasn't good when he wasn't going to be good next year I don't believe Iraq after I don't an area that he won't be here for those years as well be good this year he's probably going to be gone against those guys at 7000. I'll just ask it kicking that's more than it. Am no freaking way. We're tired fourth quarter but that only one was his fault they let up 41 you worry about four I was ordered a 41 63 were with the other three. Donors or Allen's fault cardinal. So they're terrible snap it was in England like growing it in the bottle you can catch that that the council chip failure so he saw as well here almost at the upright. The mis hit it makes it almost got it through to swing it is like being ignited and Stepan props go ahead six. On number six the notion and idea of staying Walid the Belichick staying long hours long. Yes it's flawed I don't think I mean it's announcing like five years that it's extended forever in the Napa cover vote for both coordinators now. He's gonna walk away when he wants to in this won't affect it. So notified. Brady should not take Afghan war money to sign other players around the contractor raised. Know you'll get a new contract this off season he will get some guaranteed money he likes money. Now before top priority top priority free agent use. Neitzel. Yes and it's older although I have concerns that he may choose to walk away and retire to argue if you don't have a left tackle their hard to find you don't have the pick to get when you don't have the money to get one because he's the best on the free agent market. Left tackle the problem that is there is gone it's hard into wrote Kenny but. There's a handful of free agents only one we assume is leaking. Our shores that these gas wells is leaving you pixel lament retired yeah I don't think he'll leave to go elsewhere he plays next year will be in New England because of the sun. Because the sun because of comfort because of everything is everything involved any can make you can make good money here doesn't need to seek the top of the market but about Deon Lewis and Lendl Dion Lewis Dion Lewis I think could go. Two things a bit of an additional hinterland a five million dollar a year running back in building nope I'll find somebody for three year too and they'll do the job. Number three. Osment please. Just like the altered show that I'm not the one segment up he has the patriots are being on cost free now. Players know where aid they can win or be they can make the most money if the patriots are competitive in those areas which they will be. They will sign players glow late update off Twitter. Ross Tucker. You know he has taught casually here for half a minute chimed in with a couple points he like me asked. Who's tellingly Johnson has wondered if somebody told him this and he said of the five places he played. New wing that was the least fun. Russ Parker says that that. And I assure us a true it's one of the great regrets Belichick's corners he'd make it more fun Ross Tucker might have been nice and podcast. Number can't do. Number two. Better for the patriots and the annual state over trichet. I would say yes because of because of one TB twelve I'm torn on this one yes because obviously Brady must be happy that he has is guy but. No because the offense has been good regardless of the coordinator was of the entire U breeze career. Weis O'Brien whoever called the plays you're going to be successful Casilla Brady have ground defensively. They've always had some ups and downs and if this is a down right could be an issue they don't have the players. I think there's a loss there Patricia Imus a chaotic now favored to go to the super bull just because of the quarterback is the defense stinks right now. And they're gonna lose you know the offense yeah I mean I think people presume gronkowski back Andelman will be back in the top. Five type offense every year you roll out of bed when Brady would let the corner opposite field when next year freeagent should rookies and I was quite well. Isn't Reiner groh who is the backup quarter back up quarterback will be lawyer in the third will be whoever they draft young. So where is back in the U two's they trust lawyers and number he's faced us in a million but make no money he knows the system they like him he likes then boom back. Should Vontae Davis will be reported alongside all the C you know he's coming off injury right. Major entry believe last night and make Daniels and Brady are getting more involved in free agency and draft than ever before meddling in the Belichick's. Ominously no but that's the best of your ten questions they liked and understand that in the middle and then Brady now has more yoke he sort one on the power play here Robert is keeping mcdaniels Belichick didn't really want Robert wanted him I think I'll Orszag. Okay here's the best questionable I've Paul McMahon in the heart on Twitter nicely tweet about this. Jimmy Graham. Yes and mark why not. That's a good ending to number two what was wrong and it gives you insurance for eight on restricted. The league is an unrestricted free agent but also who. Really soft. I will admit the negatives on a legal problem too many passes he saw that's what you do you bring him here did place second third that'll and a second or third fiddle he's tremendous ten touchdowns last year in Seattle still has something left it took us to 951 but finally India points on the Jimmy Graham. It's come into doing. Don't think I guaranteed a but I'd like to see Harry see the picture on the Internet he looks good the patriots uniform number number where. 88 we have that's been retired Christian for your numbers. I lose and they go our next to us whose favorite song good song playing request who Maloney now Seoul. Hopefully he's around this place and our visitors. Thanks for a coming in Andy thanks for having we'll do it again next time we won't Tillman you're here and they will get you guys together and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Kirk we're hoping he's back is a little bit of touch of the flu today but I think it's a quick little 24 hour bug. Unless you know but yesterday and called him up off boss's office again. That might linger but hopefully Kirk is back with who penguin Gary tame way cool I'm sure can them Kurt Curtis the post via highlights later on permissive but. It's gonna be duped. Kirk and tangling tomorrow morning at 6 am. The oh. And near the.