K&C - Andy Hart returns and rips Mut; Gronk may be heading to Hollywood 2-8-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, February 8th

Hour 2: Andy Hart made his triumphant return to the show and immediately ripped Mut. 


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It's Kirk and Callahan. With Kurt committee. And Gerry Callahan. And Sports Radio WEEI. Andy Karr makes his return to the curtain and blue cast accounts they are really struggling right now with the depth chart of any heart back. Oh really I would say so would you please see little Teddy I got ball pretty hard yet and that's why you're ready what's worked well for any heart or move pretend that it's cool that's a good. Heidi he's gonna go tomorrow but I think it'll be salvageable like the mine's football guys guys if you are right there rash Andy heart those of the guys you can. Fire zone. You know 34 really deep down. You're lice list humorless dummy Andy that's Andy fart. Also much does say so so so so's and I love her the two together and I don't think they like each other I think it's genuine. Who do you dislike having a likable so having not like this is someone talks about you that noise and it has just like them let's start to the point where you know him talked I was jealous of that package Osama is a loser may be willing and eager young kids sure against young kids ride bikes maybe he's played tomorrow will be opens a real and I and her father and is considered boys and I mean that. She worried yes no yes I couldn't see my kids kids out in the scooter never. Now the funny thing is much never says anything with. Over plays on my Alia a guy I they to study for that was great stood again sometime real you know it seems that I could see he's a for a you since he's he's divorced yet and I really hate him he just bores me I'll go ahead continue and they are immediately no offense but when he's on when you guys doing out. I cousin music when he's on in the evening click right country and I know you hate Keefe but. I actually listen the first hour and keeps their renewable energy in the show and you're keeps going this month you bring my energy thousand. Cessna saw war and as a ban on is just ridiculous it is good the radio. I think he has brought an energy that show that was lacking. And see any difference I. Energy and cheaters there was no energy in that show before you point there's not even a debate on that on what. When that show and Jerry the what was on that show love Jerry should do that love Gerri great guys look at. There it was a bore mean there was no energy at least Keith has gotten into fights would Daylon called bail out and gotten into the hall yes he has brought a much did you guys don't listen to you labeled him let's try Ellison. Now I admit I don't snatch. The assembly is an issue the company and found it to be an issue now I don't see a problem there are dinner the other night the program director of the balls to say to me Kurt and hand. You probably shouldn't say don't listen to the afternoon show you shouldn't and I said what he talked music right politics of the back. It keeps again and no you shouldn't say why. You want people listen and this besides that it's these two good afternoon listen. Babies I was I was going to bat right there was how grown will be as an actor I don't know every day you have to. To job. Isn't so black by go through action I've back and forth some are off by news and it's a good afternoon with some I know you'll find them listening. Right by you have to hand he said do you know it's no good after all he doesn't listen laws I. He listens to cage. Your program of pages but rather trickle down hi together I iPod Allen the shooter that sounds like me on at least have quietly laughing let's go through them the unrestricted free agents with. Yeah. The Obama calls via a football guy because I and it would 34 it's like that's a deep dive into football on us and by deep dive is the worst word ever well if you don't know that that's two words Stewart but when you put that in Astoria automatically and I know it was a good Aaron London said that word of the week last week was our PO I well I. And away was let's. Called a levels were saved the game a lot yet it was it was but it's not music rock I'll I'll ask you this so Jerry Knight. I think it's holy why don't get two hours. As we know you're good enough for McCain as a Tweeter I was just checking to make sure that it is or I don't know if this was the prime time asset. Originally it was six today as they won't even let me be in on when that is the lists seem fair to view an election 660 what we're gonna do was this what you with coal bowl have liked that done Darrell hour. Yeah that yet we're gonna split mutual honesty from time now our of their only had one or so and did you go to our he definitely where we're gonna the united gas the first break roughly nine minutes these egos was not at 9 o'clock in. Britons now. Tiny casket opponent. I damaged gratuities scripts as questions not to argue how open they are an attack but we want you would point questions for Belichick but I do without the router undergraduate when bill you invented joint practices. Are you surprised that you do it now would you contribute to the ones now. You do not. Now I never I'm not anything that's what people don't I don't know I don't idea I'll arguing that the team hates me the media hates me I am in no and I. We saw heart last week that there would Wear to the things yelling you're walking on eggshells at the hunt and on network and that was the command unit was doing you're walking around it nothing has fueled its leader writers have never really you're hanging out again and again after Robert on Friday on his boss the hottest spot in stock measure measure of Gorman that's to do all in wrath. But I feel like no narrative Gorman could give away at your own your own Easter but now Monica the show and Albert she was there when you were stalking is stalking and these the other thing for Meredith. Shortness who doesn't so small. Mobile while it seems like like to substance real seemed like you know. From Hollywood like when your. Switzerland when you love them who smokes. Iraqi packets at APEC slick can pick well untouched legislation like your packets execute our problem yeah rename it GCC. Kate beckons there. To make it beckons reallocate beckons and both lovely would double the level in nineteen years old. I don't think they figure rule is sub divide by two and had seven mentally or some rule about by Atlanta through you say that to be at least. Like a team right and wanted it to be you know and closer to my age daughter's clothes okay that's what Hussein. It goes all of them 311311. Next week about it and suggested closer to you post a 43 now can I Quincy Jones with. Mocked trump it's not it's not realistic it's fifty years winners when we're 85 Medina forty year old. Now gone now now joins us now. We should thank you should be dead but you know she doesn't really view this like so little Peewee Herman if he really loves in the Rosenberg so you rather have your side all real. Seventy he's 38 years older if you're about to die. Give one last fund for lenient but in part that's what you are remote from wife number two who were like number three. Well when you reach that number wives is that no longer going to be soul mate clearly Chris jones' and more actual right begin Donald Trump myself I may number three he doesn't you have three soul mates they don't trust what you don't tropics when he really awesome. And course and cost kind of course I got a big ego and noticed that he might. But no in his heart of hearts that we do is anyway so yes Stanley Rosenberg thinks you Herman who loves them they may well face to. How do you do that it's you know and they dump you back there because I mean they're like Bachmann and I dumped that yeah I don't bet is that really happens and so Olympian who who who who who. Tech gadgets on him there today I shot article turn out that you said that they don't always act. Sonic I don't think it insane at the first year rhymes with spunk the other word for that. Junk. Hunk rhymes with being in. I say that you should I did. She was the spy on of Trump's. That's. Right absolutely. That's I don't know that that's why consult with us he said. Oh yeah residences. Now though talent. That. Are all shot up what discipline as they are afraid for their jobs they're afraid. You know they know that's scientific correct it with the giants last ninth grade you're here you know I think it's noticeable. Yes I so I think I saw you with a budget of about one you're talking the big team a 22 baskets right. I want it and one was all pros. Well as a flight ticket. Which one. The soup Nazi not the father populace I am not a 100% 100% of illnesses pretenses are OK let's look yeah. Good personnel outlook in my quick really quick you're stalking them and once they hit a beeline to try to get booked on the not done that there's nothing worse than when you see somebody you kind of go into their fame you feel it yet to introduce them or it just what sort of the big loop yes thank you but I butted into what's in the years abuse dishonored. Sun and your son Jackson okayed by month's statement I said Jackson heart. He's the productivity arts seem that a big issue now that's. I believe you can see there's an element as legal talent as far as you know that's a fact as far as an uneasy as well are you reminded us a line I think it'd. But so every time she says all the time you don't that every time question. It is is that different rates was not that's exactly what exactly claimed a month sock puppets I do talk about the president's daughter. Offer crises should not but it's not exactly you have to be careful. I think he'd be more controversial if he said she wasn't even the man. Who argue Heller. To skip through tomorrow can we do it now that we now to get through this going to that's a good I don't know if I agree with a but I like it. Sure it's let's go to Dan in Connecticut I agree and yards from the show and what's out there and I thought. Tucked in. Is it heavy hearts and Andy shark shocker far. Whatever you want it to be that kind of wait and yes crazy good day and alcohol induced humor. OK so you Marty read the byline there at that might eerie. I need to read it is no one else read. What why might I am I jealous of me I don't hear the signature. Well Kart feel threatened by people that are like MP less strong personality. Well I. I would say jealousy threat might be better work I have always been for about. A I was anatomy on yesterday's two hours that's it three would kill them. Is what got idle on the show with people with that person what else what else there and let them talk for a moment please. Well I I'm just like cart it always talking smack about Eddie and out like you know here's your opportunity I knew that that very similar actually. Well Wendell real well while we're cart someday which and it will be at being. Spectacular I heard I heard. All. Like I did final match. You think he would give up that pro football weekly series hello got you always written and I'm not here not really look at and the -- everybody I think there's another call that hates Andy card and he hung up. What changes might intimidate. I dissect it and you want a moment. Something he loves money hates and even widest possible I don't know what's right no one's last month I love my baby is lighthearted objects under a dollar and they do. Money is lovable that's probably is too nice again. But I do our thing coming into turn out here means you're Smart more hair you have all starters are not much smudged it doesn't look much let's not talk about them that's what cart. What why it would which the Genesis of the nose problem with it why no wonder that too we something I ripped him a long time ago on the regular podcasts you'll need your help casino or the sound is nobody was I mean not know it or not doesn't want people to that podcast for sale. People do with different. Backed genocide is different back then. In your was listening to that was sausage that's who found that all of this right so every that he was El Paso at listener what he was he those questions so what did you say about the just. And now. There's a song will you know was mocking him for his you know he owes you so lucrative radio careers all right dude with the houses you'd written a low risk zillow and all those people. Bring out his paycheck and oh he's the guy on his knees in front of Bill Belichick in the press conference not exactly sure bill with zero way. And got a taste and shark and then I was video within. Whatever that week he filled in and was I couldn't remember it was an error I believe that that I do believe. He claimed that would have been the last 32 months I don't remember what day after he walked viewers you savaged him Pasqua. He was acting through trying to win clerical receivers did not handle that well honesty is doesn't I don't know Tomas now and then there's no defense and of course Bill Belichick or butlers of the fan of last few Twitter fans nobody saw John's side you have a job achieving -- moments he screwed up when it was the weird thing that was ever video tells me sound like. When their listeners who you know very common really yet and I don't hear myself you know you have a three part question it you have to later I. I think you have a good radio voice unlike Kirk in me I don't like. Alike that. When I Boortz meet Yoshi meaningless his voice Scalia pipes it does it matter I was listening to the guy coming in whoever some overnight guy. I'm sure he. Is supposed to have good bye to lose that. An announcement he was interviewing somebody from Philadelphia and Al are the property you know I heard I heard it was terrible things fill in for a although I was like yeah it was gonna be an Angel propelled the most of those are crazy eagle eye and a let's go to Charlie and Ireland tonight Charlie. They do it more action it's up. I think with regards to a significant percentage of patriots sent. Belichick and the heart hammered redeeming assault and although he may not to care about that ticket capsule all somewhat or enthusiasm and based. And I think that images the brand election in my. My question is due to a top concern this other crap about it number one and number choke how to Google site. Getting a place to come what went wrong. It's not at all thank you Neal and their six and one next year whatever they are talking matter but. This this does when you factor bill Belichick's legacy all the great things. The blogger thing is one of those things that sticks there's no doubt tournament at poppy you and is curtain and and just made the point muse is debatable but you just said. The biggest gaffe in his patriot career as the biggest gaffe in the history of the city I wouldn't be one. Wouldn't that girl but that they weren't. Away right if there's I think we all operate he was driving down the field right wanted to Philly doesn't convert that fourth down so hard up wanna go to the police budget you picked the play he's a play away from what you say I was totally naked and work ignore it makes it worse for all but don't talk about plays Liguori episodic got a hit against. Hatred leaves him in it was a bloop it was a fluke he you write write the fist and does that so he popped up this topic RC paired as a matter of an. I mean kids who and that's because I don't know 'cause some decision when he started them because he'd lost and those paramedics works I play you did when you look out their new ones but might seem like he weeping during national map yes we may watch. The game again and you see half dozen plays the ball look could have made got a problem. Public pension Butler at the start by provost at some point right say okay. Obviously the big bother was you know struggling would've referral Peters. It's a poignant essay we gotta get back do you have any rather than. Worry that he might fail replace the guys who were failing right and actually what I want to see how what is your explanation when I don't have one. First I think we need to go back to you guys remember when they signed Gilmore and Mike Reese wrote a column. About when you sign a player and given big money you get everything that comes with the player on and off the field and the patriots lulled. What comes when Malcolm Huskies we Stephon Gilmore and don't love comes and Malcolm Butler there's been all these little snippets of it's hard to get into the field there's a lot of work invested in getting Malcolm Butler play every week on all these guys as a track team. Because I think he is a great team because they're not the ones put in the work in at some slack he needs some injuries at the meetings and he's well he's player on ass off that other thing I don't get is people like if you put him at halftime in at halftime after halftime. Believe you're gonna get the best you can read her tackled a whole career scrap heap scrap it after you're gonna get tackles on third down which is what they need right. So I I there is no wonder there's no. Understanding for me what went on and then I was saying to to Jerry off there. Asked Patricia about it yesterday as I'm always so bill comes in our own states and here's the game plan. Malcolm Butler out. Shouldn't that Patricia said. Coach he's played nine year agent of the snaps as you're willing to always be did we told chapter and I've missed a big Patricia you know about this until even later that yeah I don't know about that there's been. As role rose said I didn't know it'll kick off but he also said I was practicing opposite Gilmore all week which is why is typical wise cry being kick off because he realized it's not a blocked by the head coach keep you know these guys have swagger so they assume. I he's not complaining but I'll be in play too. Seven Richard Seymour you guys write some football. Remember back when. He went to like his father's funeral came back late build in place to start the game right and Lee was in the Jack what they were still running the ball went to the tournament they put him in. Second or third quarter record exactly and he swagger out onto the field first played blew it up. Fixed his shoulder pads for the camp like strike I'm sure by about those guys don't have a look at that admonition that definition though. You know Seymour did something wrong. I used it was it was yesterday's late wrecked by this scenario poverty and doing like. If our believe nobody writes of all decision what's up what you gonna say Butler pretty much called out bill Calder borne out securities I didn't do any of this right that was two days ago. Is that right call their bluff and nobody has responded all songs I believe. Well I was told which after was told probably was football so that's that's the difference to a on the game. Winning play you have them according on hurts their best receiver essentially their best pass catcher. He stumbles he trips he beat mix tackle too late that's that's that's playing the public could make which he and stop guys even big guys. In their tracks he's a good tacklers aggressive shore may be Butler is on an arts on the play maybe what he's not men and when you have forty on the best. Player on the challenges do you think they win the game of Butler plays the they have a much better chance on us I think about it I think I just it would do what samples of place recruited me but yeah I agree I think that the album anytime Jordan Richard was on the field that was able to apply learned. Five analysts on this with the men on the wheel right and he stumbled they went for safety role got burned by Jeffrey a number of times there was so many plays ball could've made. And cans theory is that boat that was slumber and masked model into. A crime that. I think in the past the opposite especially after awhile after I also got about six making eateries wasn't playing we look at it from buying and our crime nod he was done is knock let's play what game so you got I branch a lot out battle I'm not putting you win police say clear that was the case of the defense couldn't play I would assume because obviously Belichick's players like yeah why it. That's what happened between the only. Logical large gap between in ninety minutes right times in ninety minute appoint somebody Dodi but ultimately said he didn't designate what we would have heard by now to I would think he said don't do anything that's rumored if there's only so big happened and that may we have said go F yourself coach Belichick had appointed tires Super Bowl. Yes that's seamless straight explanation doesn't treat you if he was not actively would make sense he's not gonna play don't activists like my specialties. But nothing quite as if they've forced nine punts and if they get a play on nine punts again yes yes Saddam was sleepless nights that's definitely another classic that was when one of rogue answer would kill more antsy would play so it was an emergency so he would have play we don't look like an emergency the way they're playing defense so you're telling me that you could play ten plays and special teams but he could play six plays on defense. Yes to an extent the head mounted on special teams benighted that ultimately sentenced in makes no sense. That was the problem was on punt team to. It was upon. Return right would they obviously Blair putted well we don't know ready only got her I don't know maybe a personal protector like 6177779. Community arts here. Headlines is next these. It's time once again for headlines disposable income is in people want to admit that it was rolling. I you know we are I am gonna talk to you if you don't like it. You can leave Robin I can finish this what you whit about you under a week under this is show without heartsick what Evan needs 77 lines and in my right tour. I can I can do this we can finish this all the things. And today this is so baffling to me it's time for courage and Calais hands. Lives. Hit behind brought you by doctor Robert Leonard document Preston suing the leading care doctor ironically Mike the Nancy. At 1800. Get here I might be. Series this. We look what's what's on the some people of this story I just checked the data I mean as a matter its board. We could spike if you'd like to keep the globe from no problem. Since I'm working anyway. Do right now I know keep up. Good to argue politics. I I applaud that was answered my apology excuse she says. My theory is that was the last sort of life in jump into everything he could his body at all like he left since he's been such a drip with us it's sad news. Put them. What's. You what is going up to a recent. Crap we use. My point was to mossy it was great Wiki correct yes since that with us he has sucked. I wonder if that was all you know when these you know when these moments we get every last wiping your body Napoli just die. But he like like like let's blame off to be a pretty screams freedom and guys. Like that could point. We should cut two months is audio and put the reasons of the Europe I think so I definitely geared at you know I mean. We knew deal was one of the great interrupt usable time. You know you throw to me once or twice over the years and I interrupted him it's what we did Heidi but we do you have to now. Where this idea that you couldn't truck come from where. I don't know. And let somebody finish a spot okay is that too much to ask. Yes sometimes it is yes definitely for second sometimes it is we don't know it unusable right. He didn't like being the guest that is slightly the minutes Hamas is said to whom you can leave right here on equals he thought when I leave me to my summer shortly right he thought all. Boy I guess I could. Now you like and sort of having too much he's back in Philly you digital cinema that was the last federal court yeah I was alone and in the world there are and you in northeast and you're Deb what's northeastern proceeded. You want to northeaster. I. Probably as different project that this guy's a professor and he did not. Northeastern university's distancing himself from comments made by prominent economics professor recently said he wouldn't mind seeing president from. President seems to build strong. Sometimes it quote is as I've buried blue stone you know buried professor of political do not been their along tough this job professor of political economy. That's your job at the at the Michael Dukakis school economics one of the teachers there but it makes a lot of money. All easy it's easy course 400 non I don't know much that's a actually in the mid once he had sake anyhow wallets twice a week it is not your value has office hours on Thursday is right right there he's got grad assistants would write about you all the nominees are read a couple of terrible books right yes the -- of red sometimes I'd want to see him impeached habitats quite honestly. I hope they're north BI agents here we're watching him dead so buried lose them. In January 31 lecture focused on the rule of law and equality United States made the phantom person you should because it's a black thing you did correct I've said this many times about people that say I wish to seek ago. I don't murder and he offered it up as an option to Indianapolis and yes I've said many times and I want. People to die necessarily. I don't really care of certain people might like forget or not I don't care. But this is a professor and publicly saying he should be assassinated he wants to see him did you prefer he were dead and I've tried so. That's the president we're talking about it too right. Because you're a teacher professor and about 1819 year old kids are listening to her every word he's not saying assassinate you are in these men like you plants the seed is anybody's Internet security. We're not used to push my guess Gil an Larry enjoy it right on the edge I'm not gonna do it but he's like to see in Danica is a bump up from seed me you wouldn't mind seeing him I think so I said that about Obama would be no big deal just and there what about your back. Buick. I would. Do exactly like a piece of reverend. It's a random person. But the error play on Brady's go to what actually care plus Tom Jones life. Yes correct itself up but I would say. Brady's daughter yes I wanted to live to beat 300 sector. Like your Tom Jones alive or dead not really are such as getting fired. You lost the job over writer's sort of not really kind of a knock me you know real pain won't be fired but it can be a fighter. Said that's how all issues which I only talk are you calling for his job I'm. No you know they talk of the faculty luggage fire values to the northeast and as one professor who is the trumps support one now they probably of what. 800 professors it's a very big personal founding director. Of the Dukakis center for urban and regional policy pieces out like I'd as. Dukakis and Hamachi until two there. Lost all get a scholarship but it. 45 I looked it up last 3662. 5000 it thwart a decline in fifty years ago that you. You just had to wish you maybe didn't include room and work like that whole thing right 625. Pence from like 1974. Mr. nice. Now that would be guided it for 29 cents this morning and studying the colleges. This professor of blue stone yet three million dollar house in Cambridge OK in what was right make you can't take you more than 152 rock solid force enough holy crap re bringing them we'll always remember all those books that extra. And he never worked he never actually worked today in his life it's just forget I want you fired at a nine -- second house for 300 million dollar house really but that's almost as license Lindsay Warren's house curves like five and a half later straighter grant she's make a 350 joint class each one costs as a movement like 500 do you think about it with this tuition and accents and if you're paying 70000 dollars right yes exit out what we're doing that what do you do. A Smart way that's an underrated under played element of the time tomorrow. Trump tax bill which has been so great for the country is there taxing the that the colleges now there yes what do you call on the chief. They are right over there. You know about the safety and the student aid now financially. You can no longer deduct your financially interest good. But I don't know that that's when you are universities is costing. Harvard like ten million a year great awesome. Let's find me a candidate dimming the should be taxed in the Catholic Church as well of them that would put a lot of business would. Gooden and kids can for your walk around you're in it'll left to right to reduce Quincy Jones that are here now yeah. That doesn't interest me that you are now lion you know with judges yeah okay he's liable. Dating Yvonne got these final Marlon Brando sleeping with for prior. Yes I do I believe that I do not the seventies were a wild time wild high wild. About it Richard Pryor's. Time some little guys. It was a seventy she says drugs were still good especially Cuellar has been enough cocaine you bleaker radiators in the flowers in the morning. It's a good line but I don't think a guy who likes girls and two cook and so at least that you know. You loosen up a little about sex I can remember about that much literally I think you'd alliance and I can confirm not that much but I could see if you're on all kinds of drugs it. In you do all kinds of drugs act that same idea did you ever have sex with a man I don't think cells could quickly as I get and it sure if some may call in I have no idea. But I struck enough for a did not. Drugs she was a good looking guy I could see my substantively and the music room yet to do like write all know we use that you are you make about giving or taking. Is that that that stays the good the look for that they go. I think that scenario and it has got the Bronson Arroyo nineties there. Oates myself I know and have to go both ways that it isn't the give and take really want it's inappropriate to go. To me that's secret and I'm looking out for you you troubles. Not if you leave it there is I would. This story as I was over the so you know and believe in the model hello and Richard Pryor its axle brittle as well known bisexual who has Pryor's. Fiance tango says last prior Paris it was passed away 2005 was open about his bisexual. It was I don't happen and they don't act. The prior review drugs just you know into racial thing wasn't really big back that he it was a big East Asia those that. That's a stumble on both a basic the and he said the same interview. Here's Quincy Jones. Yes to ask him a trough and they talk about Tyson did about you know we'd really yes or twelve years ago Tommy Hilfiger. Was working from with my daughter said about once had dinner at US had no problem she's fine and after. Should the most beautiful legs I've ever seen in my life follow he said. He's great get a read from what I MF her yeah. She's a fine him if there. She was born in 81. Which she's she's on 37. She's 36. They gave these fifty years and twelve years ago he was 73 she was what 24. So that's. He's been a lot of young women he's pretty famous that's impressive if she probably on the gas may have some daddy issues subs to sort out there. Don't like that. A so creepy. And so creepy. Yeah saying if your daughter was UW did not mean to defend that no. American defend that we can amendment I don't that's kind of the perhaps and he didn't help that you got back to be taxed the dominant Harvard where he says that he at least a million dollar playing again late wonderful thing by. Or my daughter perhaps I'd be dating I sang that you're saying you're implying that there's some physical attraction there yes. That's funny no way I don't know why you're implying you're seeing as saying I did say these are her kind of he's he's a shot you're doing a girl attract what major Strasser Smart and successful don't get that out of context yes it is. You have in common with your father. Either we'll stay or go home. Donald in order to well I was going to say sex but I can't. Look at just got that. Let's not the daddy members view reduce huge point that's that would be the leaders want Jackson said. Daddy can do it like that I should say yes you can. That's your press it would be can we get back to the taxi. What did you of this vision daughter stopped calling. Hopefully never like she goes you daddy all the time you like it too. We need to just say daddy you now should have let me when does that stop yeah eight kind of athletes now whose dad is still there. She and a food group were given you know I don't hear what she wants no part. I didn't write down the date but you know I mean like one of his ass amendment when when he's 36 tenured as the president probably probably not that seems strange to daddy. Maybe the I don't know I seems odd yeah yeah I know we know people were dating but also be liked as David namely. Is a grandfatherly common thing. They do right that the don't think that's what you that men actually do we can get that answered that we've there has been written somewhere in some profile what is crickets call via. I think moved the Donald or some some bizarre that's really pitching yes there was hair yet. If it wins or loses viral photo was their getting green swept up in the wind and is like not the some patches in there. It was issues it takes an ambitious is grandkids call him ball. Was he really was only kidding has he really. Vertigo the good it's a hard word to get used to I'll tell you. Does it say yeah yeah. Please let me do that because he's one of those people desolate audio is because we're able to admit it. But he's he's old and fat I mean it's called column Greenpeace and that's. You must exhibit the rate structure of the greatly as do the tax cut. All the money your statement a good question I don't know. A regular you that you have so much money you know to do and more as something to that if there is a bit of a first look at that. Are actually true headlines brought you by doctor Robert Leonard doctor Matthew Preston 1800. Get here over some of the crazies. Do and Arafat how Wal-Mart got six tonight. Persons. You know what I mean. Oh you know what I mean David. All the liveliness accident got that sex body and everything you'll source fiesta. I never read a book since my great guards white impact right between my butt cheeks. And there's only one thing you could deflate. It's Jerry and he'll miss from all of us and he goes off and to the bright lights of home to a and that's the secret Barbara that you screwed up. You know on the do a couple of bad movies make a lot of money even if it doesn't work comes back here who wrote today that he talked to Sylvester Stallone and the video rock the rock of the rock and they told him that he could make a living Hollywood which of course you just heard that. Right there not for long. Tell me do what he wanted to be the fifth time makes panels for make a million bucks easily or once Monday night one more and then you're done that's exactly my point these circuit but don't do that reverse order collect the next 320 in football and then by that I think what you all and things and physically right now it looks fine on Sunday he did you McGrady did. Our company not a concussion there halftime adjustment was broad prompt every place so we can score that's how they just another TV stunt if you want to. I would be a and his contract I would be so they're coming to ahead on this Contra I would be stunned he could ease he made ten this year. The center of scandal almost 1111 and you know once fifteen right yeah. But they have cap issues because of the country where I would be more stunned that he goes to Hollywood than it would if he was treated he gets traded. I think that's just a contract in a typical scene patriots you've seen the commercials he's he's awkward yes but because people are telling him you can't be awkward her I don't know man died gruesome as it is too low he's telling telling him that this world know. He only let people make the movies and have to invest a hundred million dollar and stupid went into that Obama's lead harmonies illustrate BT when he's like WW we Jon and movies straight to DD and even a box if you don't work each basket and that. Nine million less than a making plays football component is estimated six million basket. It's as much he doesn't always you're listening doesn't always will air later football I agree Paul has a closing door in the next couple he writes I was gonna say if he's thirty in my by like the Jim Brown thirty years or maybe or at least he's not coming back for ninety million next two years rescheduled them and that's and that's autos or ice time and you know that's not gonna happen. Right although kind of side with the patriots on this you know because in point. No but. What do you overpaid when he misses the whole season. So then you're not an underdog and dehydrated he thinks like at all and I don't think Drew Rosenhaus does and right when you make eleven million dollars in bluntly put on the bank as he spends her that the smartest financial guidance except they took us thanks analogous happen and it's over money we have applied that was in the states. Restaurant. Yet did you listen to you guys played a call. But the advertise its ground I have as a model for all of his full name hide its proper accounts they brought Michael laughed right hole I was so everything's got to -- energy the entire house is lifted and I moved Russell and high hours of the truck was point and you from that Jessica lived and act in movies and how many times that he lied again and again it doesn't Iraqis are I think it's a case. Sylvester Stallone is not a dumb guy and they are still not big enough. And physically yes. He has a game of crohn's big like a like that kind he would have to XX thirty pounds of muscle and he you do the addition rock and some of these movies is now sold waited up he's not even funny yes he's mast crop would have to put on a ton of muscle. The biggest thing is that good for his back is that good for good it is it was big diesel. And easily start local housing will what's sad as that is to say Vin Diesel a far better actor Robert council on his policies that we get our super track. And help and I'll sit on grown and I analysts on that standup show up as an uncomfortable and he was great by the way in the comedians were good but I'm comfortable watching gronkowski is jokes were re using most of us are those good sport about it. You know he's just no cut last Saturday what kind of movie you make like you know Stallone I mean now what was twins where the joke is you're the idiot. Schwarzenegger can't yes I got it he's a man and a movie star he's the Buick B movies are all we can make a record on the rest of my idea the Fam I agree of saying. But I don't do it usually like you're advising go make six million bucks on three bad movies and and trying to not to let telling us that perhaps he's sticking his head it's you this or that does he think this or does dad than this or does well. Runaway dad the erosion is like football is that they mill road and Ozzie wants the his. The real Barack rosenhaus it's 50% of non football deals in the government reports on. Fire before it's will be things Lanka can stay for two more use plywood Brady every dollar check in wean them break records and go to the hall of fame and then. You can walk away while still able to walk mate maybe third maybe you'll note or two years and just two years you can be done short discussions and other back injury. Rick is the up again so that's the deal you make nobody knew they'd reinvigorate it by NFL he's brought to he'd be ugly list is long and plus it's gone since it's a whole you know he loves football. Pittsburgh game where every catch he's shaken and dance never gonna get that. Making some funny comedic line OSHA and again that hasn't happened in the news Jacksonville and also as you wonder if that triggered something when. A year after he blew out his knee there was this story that you know he he thought his life was over depressed I wonder if this head injury. It's funny sound with him because this whole shtick. Warner pits shaking in my course because my original hoax from a more than knee he was glad that in the one yet and it got the compact he's the James Harrison Calcutta and had not only concussions he said. Who knows which we had to official concussions in the glad for that yeah it was hit in the indictment with a brother so my guess is actually he's got some stuff here and I cry guys and I'll go through stuff where he's got more than others. I would say lots of receivers can hit lots of short stack hurts gets it along Randy Cox if he has 25 offers something just 25 million dollars in the bank maybe he's thinking you know what I just walk away. I've but not possible. Keep here Adam Patrick Willis and Borman what's in the Portland or is Portland. You know guys like that or quartz show on the road Calvin Johnson. But that's that's three guys it's a the same most don't know how was male. Adult males was not pretty but when I'm thirty ran to bunkers so good some decent would be in the best I agree on this some real I mean that has to be intoxicated. When I mean great mysteries same age sent threat right -- money might be like you walk away from this to go be a screenwriter and I'll think about it. You know I just made you that you miss this too much could all of this crazy. Plus those missed those 80 in the peace in Willis mean they had options right they're Smart guys they mean mails worked in the financial industry now is winning doesn't just do the stupid accord with their money. Make money being grown ups the show up at some are some best in the game at his position I agree I think rocks thing once things yet it dismissing completely. Now in this climate humans doctor physically I think given I guarantee people pleasing is that Hollywood they're wrong your right the wrong he's gonna suck it. But they're kissing his ass kissing gras. He could do this you can do that you can star in this you can make real money but do you think their offer he's he's scheduled to make eight million this year in nine in the year he could making million extra eight billion dollars and yet she's yet to know Hollywood step and I think it movies it's overrated I don't. I don't think you're quite the same position. You have a bad at his current position to make that he's not sure it's but never to a reversal let's just say it's aided the symbols stumbles forward darken the rocket Dockett missed the shore rock which of the movie year third fourth. Two or three million Stallone two or three million. Couple other TV appearances boom you're done right on Bosworth member his movie career I don't know that's yummy I believe prime Basel parred made but she made thirty movies totaling a million share something silly but it'd take like thirty grand that is appealing directly never ever got that first rule that the expand the bulls were rock will be the rockets have been. It's selling it though he's probably just fifth guy in some. Rock unspeakable as July and two million you come in hot they realize yet you suck but you have nowhere to go down if he's not thinking like that people talking martz thing but I advice I can't really stupid. Why did you think I was. I I made two predictions in those right about one wrong but the other I was right. Well Patricia told you for years had to clean up the addition he's vishay he would lose that he did when he does that every offseason I think most overblown story I don't know I senators appeared in the spring look at availability I feared it might ought to an eight year pushing one cute when he's head coach since September whenever opening day of the big -- guess it'll be OK all growth is through the property is having a backwards yes tell me what pets alone yesterday eighty yeah without a comfortable and it also have a pencil was a problem must educate the head coach with the beer down your belly but Garrett cannot just can't happen you know I can't emulate O four and I said by today said two days that lumps the suspect under arrest. For the break and Crocs house. My question will be when they get stuff actively tell Willie tell us what's in the state what kind of gun laws we now welcome president Harrison's it was illegal gun legal as a register my guess is it's legal. I don't think I do you immediately put that out there they took seven guns unless they're legal right I think you cover that up and hope they'll recover the guns when they should what they're blaming guns ruby who of those guys on those room he's yeah my guess is there that came out so quickly question England via. Iran. Oh unsuitable. I lost in case you wonder. I'd we weave when we get back we gotta get back to to Belichick so I don't even notice that you write about this and he sure. I mean did you question the coach sure yes. Everybody quit this is question them you not really the the most overblown thing was divided inaugural of course there was no division in the locker room. Every player that's spoke either said I'm not saying damn word or said. Ask coach he could've helped us I don't understand it. There was no division in the locker room locker room what was your plate it is now they say he was a great teammate that night Thursday morning we know nothing else other than it's amazing chapter I was told rotten we don't know anything Bill Belichick clearly didn't it's this is I think we can be done that in the conversation it's over and what does that mean for meat. And I don't Milan this for me to Bob Kraft looking rock blow. And I look it would be given Butler that's fireball offense and he's gonna do it that's absolutely fireball offense but you know under stones that one would cracked. While we fire was a play away from winning the Super Bowl because he's already the favorite to win the symbol next year to be the favorite it was a ball pitcher Josh retained as a coach would be yes. It was a time yeah it would don't know what Julia has an AFC. Now that I don't think that what Jack's somebody else has begun under Josh McDaniels track record no Belichick know Patricia people not to give him the benefit of the doubt. Tom Brady a vineyard done they've committee tells you usable every year. A second time it's regulates every other year don't exactly go Italian or your. And that and and and went into north title game. There were to they would not be the thing you have to win the AFC they won't opt out favorite apps well among a laity who can ever be the favorite. Jacksonville after they get a quarterback yes in the would be the perception that Jack of all evil I don't or they hope albeit at a packets if Belichick leaves they will be considered one of two or three contenders actually this man knows. The football well well also it's when we go back BC globe the age newbie in big trouble is we didn't do that story and headlines and we might well you can blow. All entitled to start headlines or should it okay. We still get through Kellerman and Stephen Eritrea have not gotten to chat about it listeners should play up tees which doesn't do this. That's all means Kirk can't handle and these challenging a good job the tiles on whenever that last argument was about off our coast is home who are and tell you the favorite and do you think this was not a show an attention it was going to be favored and it's a real well I -- and I hired a dandy right there won't play favorites if I cast iron to the odds drop a wheel audio and I guarantee you the last time I was on the they would get a first round -- for or upload your fault you know who can who can forget that segment that was a good segment you never had me on since what are what are you -- I don't remember that -- you know -- seriously -- you're really saying. Believe sincerely you all right so your opinion isn't about to leave their odds on who knew that's great city of wood on the opposite route that you actually said. The odds don't change this with Daniel it's your beds when this settles there's still favored. Yes he ought to make a down a little bit not enough to bring them to the path to live with a whole lot of odds are the favorites and they wouldn't. They would not be the favorite when the suitable about eight Aussie way between now and actually not a conversation they will not about that's going to happen. But to coaching this year wouldn't stun that's gonna that's absolutely and happily give an hour days he's given Tuesday what's what categories something or me for my 21 or 21 two weeks from I say February 5 Natalie definitely gonna graduate in July did you get into why they had dinner in front of everybody. It was one dollars and Chambliss show the block us from I don't officials like when he empty over the north and it's safe as a bogus say they get along when they're not getting along that's what he did. So that was beat us. But today. It was something also talk it out to dinner they have building a hundred yards away where they can meet and know icy river and they each have a staff of twenty that could go over to get a stake that a guarantee would still be hot by the time they get back to putting on a show there was no reason why didn't wipe out an annual people a lot of people at that picture obviously sandy Reid announced it would even more power in its excellence outlaw 77. 7937. Call if you want yes and what we're doing exactly your way to break five minutes ago is when and and I yelled at ideal after the show port. I think crap after the show for you guys started a 22 you guys to eleven doctorate from sixty minutes segment. Why did you start eight point ultimately like education future is pure jerk it shock I just tried six different times to get to go to break caused him to go not six months ago for an ego and you consistent that you can't handle workers in these challenging each table and watch Jerry. As chaos each got rusty it's getting credit no Saturday night plus or angers me is gonna talk with a guy. You wanted to pretend he wasn't arrested eleven years ago he once it definitely wasn't a number ten I'm not too limits or I'll do it on the lockout would leave cannot. And well the guy was arrested 2006 he won a lot amok in the Buick the globe doesn't happen like yesterday they don't watch wanna do. I don't make any sense does not make any sense why don't we don't then you should get this targeted him and I imagine they're mad at its center and right of that original line again GA edit. All I saw was him flash the paper in the beginning headlines shares down on the bus were lost 45 it's. Reverend real debates about the as the F believe that ninety pummeled all the juice fatal tally and I leave now. OK leave. There's a whole other like 617779790. Through several grip.