K&C - Andy Hart reads "general stuff'; Everett in Brighton and Gerry finally agree 2-13-18

Kirk & Callahan
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 3: Andy Hart does not have many interests and claims to only read "general stuff".  


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Security. Richard what is it is a fear based organization may Johnson I don't know what he's talking about I had a lot of fun this is. This is a lot of fun and they didn't enjoy it can say. I had a lot of fun playing there no I don't know what a relationship that you wanted to double play with your coats and it. Well he's by finding that guy Tom Brady that's fun I demand that we have fun with Gerry Callahan how do you feel about red originally being honored by the Boston Eddie and Leonard Ross I have no problem we'll. It's not. The lack people's money is Carl black history of blacks but from my love that guy the way it comes off is trolling particularly in a place with a reputation. Like Boston I do find it interesting that the first person they tweet about during Black History Month happens to be a white guy. He also brought that was the perfect Kirk man. And you can hold it against Andy card for the well god as a fighter he's good morning Andy heart's erratic sure in his best athlete is Andy was in tomorrow we might wanna grab two people. As I can tell you who lived through under the weather kept getting hip op nothing else. Andy Hardy and both Jerry could no football so this will be a little bit different for the month Sports Radio WEP. Really eager for any heart is here the patriots football weekly he knows nothing about anything but right now. He was willing to come and we appreciate that Kirk name was not because. He was. Called the meeting with the boss and immediately got the flu. But has Belichick say availability is most important though yes I was available only he says that that is the most important thing showing up on here because what matters is it. Kirk is very sick you're right he's very sick though I've never denied that he's very back. But down much one can make this is afraid of any heart. That's we were sick of Hamas we have four hours yesterday so we're stuck mean were we were left them. Hope you're dreading Andy two hours in your room reading and nothing much in the except. The patriots and a list everything I know two plus two was all right Nowak asked like what are your interests. Sports do you read and lift. Read general stuff. It would take on you're gonna hate this who went a movie comes out I generally just look like a movie comes out of the read the there was last time you do that did you read. Only by your name. Now electoral monitoring on the mean what does it the girl and train them on things like that you read the books that you don't have to go to the movie they sort of movie. Now that I do everything right go to the movies movies not as good if if the book has a picture of the movie stop on my move right there. To. Tom Hansen exactly. So you read the book and then here that feels like that you can be this is O intellect says on the book with so much better than the movie right zone to do now apparently I don't know read general stuff. I read you know some Dan Brown's a heartless cold and every 'cause you got to do an excellent fifteen years ago you had guys had him on I bought a book love it if you read almost ultimately if you have a good final hour and a half we'll go we'll give you Calkins latest Gaza I'd love it yeah but aren't. No I don't think so. We have couples to left enough strikes cut sports car doesn't like them Kirk's the contrary and because I don't know what does anybody not like that's a great question I won Chris if you like. Not if you like fiction like novels. You have to like I'm getting hooked if you like quitting hooked it being entertained right in the phone book and get caught up. It is like being right keep going you know you regret it because they're up our sleeves when these terrorists Nazis thinks that he knew he wants to see what he's reading and has to be something. You know little little smarter. Read books. Upon as the record books. Ray book talk to Tom carries the classics. Like what we can go look wolf. Moby to come out there's a great story there but it's buried in 300 wasted an accomplice and so on and we're not look very committed to Arlen Colvin for second that real quickly your board that are real quick yes you had the problem where they all blend together like they're great when your intimate thing you forget. I think I actually started tonight on lifetime and I'm like. I like that about him he knows what he does well he sticks to it unlike other guys and they get. Another great novelists and they decide they gonna do like. Nonfiction Miller ran the violence he has. A musicians come to branch out this is different and I like your original. Spain has done that he had to he had a good thing going on he's still good but I mean he didn't wanna be typecast. As. Novelist with a serial novel that you had with the Patrick Kenzie and those guys so he changed and said he did the known whatever it is 800 page novel about the Boston Police Department but the Boston Police strike in 1917. Is open. Which I'm sure is good but it's thousand pages long or will be on audio books. Yes audio books and look at that point yet but Carlin is the best of anybody. Who doesn't agrees or maybe you and I are with you on that RI on board are on constant com and I come back hopefully. Anyway let's go back the calls people wanna talk about this should read our back and honored. During Black History Month our mayor and the guy who was the runner up in the last election Tito Jackson. Find it offensive. No you're right Tito was not nearly as I didn't close and emphatic as it is the mayor. But senator Max well I think a lot of people were expecting him to fall in line that's what I like about this he's thoughtful. He's thinking for himself he's not fallen in line saying he's what I'm supposed to say he was a little on the defensive the hole I know I work for the Celtics. Color but maybe you know I think if he had a problem with this Hussein and the European honest. Mike is in Boston and Michael are you. I just want a straight black church remote was created just for the purpose. For odd or somebody who would black. That change society why. That's not our well first of all already dispute is Cedric Maxwell not allowed to have his interpretation of Black History Month it doesn't. We've put our interpretation to you to write and let you know how they obviously do not know the intent. On why the mud was put in place like that yeah and I don't beat you here. You don't you don't know it is still on the I read the definition my definition earlier I'd by huge celebration of African American. History does the word. History and read our back at least in this town at least in his sport. Was a significant figure in that regard. Political candidate yeah obviously when he ate a first. Well not true at all eleven to. 111. Point OKY February mosque. I don't know I February. Obviously you don't but it's to honor two people according to my definition sock puppet. Frederick Douglass and Abe Lincoln now one of those two is not black you find that offensive or inappropriate that you. You'll find that offend them and Lincoln. Was. And that's fine but what I'm saying and today they need what we all hot button issue. So anonymously your boss can get we come up with something better that at all coach. Of course I mean welcome back. Why would Rihanna over blog wrote back right. And I combed. Anybody OK I'll wait you mean right now. Okay go to Vietnam. While I don't want to say this one but. Can't you model bar Saturday. He would like to lift and. And options yeah she's done a wonderful job that you've got to be kidding Mike from Boston. You'd think it would have been more appropriate to owner Louis Farrakhan. And honor and our back. I'm saying that leaders virulent. Anti semite. Or a guy who calls like Apple's. So. He advanced civil rights. One. Okay we're dealing with lunatics now people want Louis for their content honored but there are legitimate one. We don't brought went up holder that might never heard of Horatio homer the first Boston led blast police officer forty years but you know what's a good idea right. So doesn't you do went through to the exclusion. You know our back and vice Versa but I don't think Tito's asking for that that's the -- case to the mayor said it would you agree with all like that we should on the loose I don't know but hey you probably could have come up with. 28 options and in the midst of the 28 tweets. Read this is not a red in there no you don't have to sneak a minute but in relation to the others I don't know that the that is the uproar that's making 28 doesn't want a last one. That's fine that doesn't make it wrong. Or doesn't make it wrong and the reality of the situation is because of the way the world was he was in a position to effect change correct. He short ones and there were no black men in his position because of the way the world plus and we do spend a lot of. Time at least we have a talking about the Red Sox issues in that same year. And how things could have been different that might not have been this curse of the bambino or curse of the whatever. If they have signed Jackie Robinson if they had gone into that with the same. Open mind the same color blindness. Color blindness that them. The Red Hat. Right right so if let me give a counter if this tweet had come in Pittsburgh. During Black History Month and someone tweeted that whichever Rooney was came up with the Rooney. And that was a good thing right but let's usually take not surface. Would it have been as as roundly criticized or is this a Boston issue itself. Because of the new Rooney rule thing yet pretty stupid when you compare don't read did what he was attempting to do he we're talking about red litigating this just a porch GM there's a lot of people the NF globally there aren't enough African American assistant coaches aren't enough. African American executives GM's decision makers that that's a that's an ongoing issue and the Rooney rule is at least designed the hope. Is to allow those people to a sent. Correct short my question is is this a Boston issue would this play some better question would be if you honored Branch Rickey in the Brooklyn. Or honored Don Haskins and El Paso short those are our parallels I don't think could be as big a deal in fact. Tito jacksons of the first three words in his suite are only in Boston particularly at a place for the reputation. Reputation that 88 has done his best to advance troll. Troll and he thinks he is if you missed it Mexico element thinks the whole explanation here is the Boston Police Department. Was trolling was trying to get a charge and if you believe that that's a an organizational troll or just the guy who runs the count one and already we have any more from that open. Mean that's the best can be reached I was a guest judge. Retrieve all the apologies the PPD apologized and then Paul Evans apologized. For one for a tweeting about road back for and obviously you get. Robbed beaten into it by the mayor and others and ESPN. More complaints Stephen A Smith he pretends to be outraged to. Stephen A Smith the guy who's. Makes his living allegedly by coming in AG opinions being outspoken. And thinks this is she you know picks that the Boston Police Department should just shut it down. Feels like I'm sure too many trolling I'm more importantly he gives the impression that you had this insatiable appetite. To celebrate someone white as opposed to someone black and which is what Disco what is one of the reasons why we have such a big divide and I'm nation way to go. Yeah that's one because of Boston Police Department tweeted a cholera number that's where we have a big divide in our new action that really escalated. 6177797937. Andy heart from port. Patriots. Put plants football. Weekly who is your on the payroll down this you know concede anything disparaging about. The team right that the rule that is not the rules out the rule they never tell you what we are as objective as any you advocate called than the boss's office job. I've been when you do do you call in sick the next day I do not a good and you go I'd take my punishment and move on got one advantage over my friend. Kirk Seamus McMahon if you're listening years of course he's listening. In albums as not so sick Youkilis. Right he's he's he's in bed right now is to look at the cool thing on his forehead note and the mom or disasters listening to every word you say protect Syria. Tomorrow is gonna savage you. For whatever and our final that I can take a big boy could him and then I'll come in when you asked me to come in again if you ask me to metal into a mutt just a moment they stumbled in the set markup or not the talent here which is gonna have you shall walk and I walk out there with his pants maple Dino and just walk and I that you can -- contact you in Miami bureau of these bigger than he is able month. Of course he would is pretty safe to set stronger. I can start large like eight months ago. And mutt doesn't eat either you know east as things in the marine and he's got this weird thing he does need to act after noon liabilities he made up or noon. But use more and we are finally have it's like the more I hate about him good next time. And play musical instrument asthma can I cannot. Will lump. We'll get back in the paper it's at some point because. We bull found those Rodney Harrison took Damien Woody comments really cut interest and now Belichick has some explaining to do blocked and returned your phone calls on this wasn't inappropriate for the Boston Police Department to honor. And our back during Black History Month. That we got more of these blogs disgraceful I can appreciate what radar back into the game of basketball I appreciate the opportunities he gave up to African Americans were. Awful for them to do that it's awful Black History Month. It's an insult to black people. That's what makes sure that up. It was an insult to Cedric Maxwell. So now Stephen A speaks for all black. I don't think how many guests insult the Bill Russell is gonna guess but you know could be wrong or. Chuck Cooper maybe I'm wrong but Max I think surprise some people know surprised. Kyle Draper when he went on to give whose opinion and then explain it in he tale. And when I guess we just disagree I disagree with sock puppet in there I think. It's to honor you know black history. It's to celebrate black history not like people like if you mention Abe Lincoln I think that's okay. It looked like a joke tweet at first I thought it was I thought should take heed to beat our self aware like another was originally the police department and there's a national tweet. On gun among vegetables that are Smart and he never read it. Without knowing it was an issue in earnings and its knowledge he skimmed his timeline that whole funny tweet from a fake Boston sports police account when he read it was already and if you don't. When I see him debates he was with its Stephen A Smith it's like watching the patriots against the jets you know it's like. You don't pay to have a really easy division Steven baseman skip the easiest question he's got to compete against that don't every day I can't be very difficult or challenging. It's on like the Eagles a. On behind bricks yet mrs. rock. Couple quick things pointed back to the calls this was going to be the next issue it's not the IOC. Told the goalies in the US women's team the weren't allowed them the statue of liberty on their helmets. And everyone I was ready to pounce coming to imagine that the suits I don't know what that sort of political symbol political it's political statue of liberty. Hum they changed their minds that decided it was OK so we get to keep peace that you limiting. On their helmets and when I grew up he grew up around here and correct. Did you ever came into being part now. Neither never went as a kid that went to a never watch never cared it's an insular meant among four schools their alarms at sit. People from elsewhere who think they're going around here loves to be part that's not true I covered it. I read about it it never really cared I did one thing every year root for northeast and that was it. Because obviously that they underdogs in my father went there so I root for northeast and but I never really cared. I care so little Paul Perillo where work with that PFW which you struggle with. Always he loves northeastern he goes on these stupid that's fine and he wants to talk about I literally walk away Chrysler's tuchman northeastern and it's a great event for those four schools and their albums people who didn't go there may be some real hockey fanatics. But for the most part nobody cares you don't even know northeast Monday. Niagara Falls on Twitter who reads general staff and had a hero out of my tears slid into Gillette at 10:30 am and have your Paul talk about it and I have to walk away and never was into the final game I'm into the consolation you more I was on the record the past anyone the consolation game because you lost. Brutal would you watch it every minute consolation local hockey showcase so you're not from here you probably think we all live for the people love to be parts of northeast always regretted holding graduation celebrating the blowout right vertical and hammered a hero. It's gospel should bring football back and so should be Yu and stout that rivalry again. Well it's it's novelty it northeast can be you know rivalry no I don't know I mean would people care about that they both brought football back with people care yes I would. I was just as you would isn't it great spot to be used the Nickerson feel like their own right on the highway on the pike. Let's go back for calls carts and economy Kurt. A good morning on your morning. Commit. Yeah I just wanted to I didn't. Read between two on the clock police department or among black and cool contortions. Watches Celtics. I don't think it. If it for Black History Month. For any reason anybody to. Be able to do something significant to help put another should be looked down upon or somebody shoots eight all. It should only be some reform that raised its record activities on Larry's dad is the dumbest thing I've ever in my life that's like saying so. It will black guy to troll if you don't you know black caddy helps them in each year recognize. It like yes on this guy and he should be a black art is what she recognized. In this candidates that are somewhat greater distance and it's what given the maintenance is in effect and yeah lies. If it was significant. Yeah it was a little older person. In the game of basketball. Are now back. Bring that diversity to the city of Boston Massacre. And for whatever reason that somebody wants him it's not a slight against another ethnicity or to somebody because. He did something to help someone else. For the betterment of the news business it. Right and you don't that's right that's a great point guard to great point when you think about it like puts Mexico elements that or what. He rejects said that you know this somehow. An issue in Boston exclusively. Well wouldn't that be more reason to celebrate when our back did. This was at ground zero for the integration of the sport of the sport of professional level I assume again they do the same thing in Texas for. For Texas southern what do the same thing in Brooklyn for Branch Rickey right here. As where you well first coach you do that coach right here as we sort the first black starting five. But you do there is a feeling of almost whoa all these bad things we're known for but well yes red did this right there's a little defensive nature of it. Sort of the Ozzie Guillen watch my best friends are lies it's offensive because of idiots like Max element of people like no matter Walsh. Making it seem like. This is more of the same from moss on more as more of a reputation for being racist in any well. It's because of people like you who've never and here perpetuating Reich and Steve click. That I would be offended first by Stephen A saying he speaks for all black people. Right well whatever that last comment was in this this offends black all right yes well Kurt wasn't offended by Cedric Max Cinemax hope you do talk for us and unlike Stephen A smacks -- through Max and real correct no real thoughts and real foundation for those thoughts I mean he's been here he knows the man he knows the history he knows it better than most I mean I thought that was pretty. The lightning when he went into the full explanation of what he meant and one hour back meant. And lots of people on I disagree Tito I don't think people know the extent to which. Rig went to integrate the sport it's an insult to black people insult not to Cedric Maxwell but or hurt. We have to do this to have to do this to. Whatever efforts in Boston what's happened in Everett. And local that's a look into that approach I big title with big in the world situation it took me to switch into and out. Amid the block and to the public want to want to mention that our back. Bill Black if you look good either did so by mentioning while the player that he brought in and talked about this story and what their contribution was to the Boston Celtics. It would probably Scott couldn't do what. Boston history and intent and by doing that without backward dimension to an end and that's saying as. One of if he did they did that were granted they'll have to and earning characters but when he saying. For our starting five if they put in parentheses the five names that you think that would have been okay. Absolutely without Mac would have been some out. Put into that story without even missing in May and so little bit about it but it was with invented a little lightning. They become like infiltration. Because the bulk until we have a market celebrating black history. And instead of mentioning the individual black individual could lead to. Well well on the the better part of a blow to be great for our culture and our history. You will be in one of the police department and a huge mistake I didn't get mentioning wreck. Just I would have been read about all the players and eight and instill McConnell who think they. And so it didn't think that would have been in and get back into the narrative and then with the old but I do you have a station where. On get individuals who are the and it in an incident individual knows what peacock network date now we put a city block. I disagree emperor I don't think I mean you're talking about the Boston Police tweeting I assumed to very diverse following. They're not all big basketball fans or red fans I think I grew Max. Maxwell lots of people don't know when red did so ever. Ever just to clarify it may have said. The Celtics were the first organization to do XY and Z and included the names of the players rather than reds name you'd be okay. Absolutely. Slowly and that there have been a lot of black history. I'll upload that get most like to read what the but as a black people that collect. Totally white and black Americans know about the black individuals. Now you can throw that sort of prejudiced of all the women abolitionist and helped. Hopefully slavery you can talk about those being an EU in the history of slavery in the in the decent guy. And ended any body electric and intelligence or one and no alcohol being issued and do research anyway. Is it difficult to motivate them is. Don't like the individuals who paid to bar complete for the Celtics. But they could have written that the reason it you know the reasons you know Chuck Cooper was drafted. Was rent the reason those five guys started was threatened me obviously. I think but but yet it is in the paint I was in the same thing. We really don't relate to big black people were dressed and ready as we. It is when you ever by the blue NBA's New England could because of the history. Because it the right. He gets them in great form black. History not just went out back I think you would probably say. Little bit of me it was more about black history and almost sliding away by not lit hitting those players and what do you get for the black. Of the United States and not get all the united they by the way and and seeing the mud and why individuals. To me that much of a lot of the like individuals or maybe a little. Black acting make history in that while we celebrate the. I it's a good point by Everett have never said that before in twenty years but I never said that's good punt by Everett but if you put it you know Chuck Cooper and then you put Bill Russell. Sam John I don't know the stone and five do you know. Sam Jones is bridle and I don't know. That's true I gotta stop asking that question and I do that sometimes occurs some of monitored you know in the what to ask that. Have to stop asking India that question in each take the winner. The battle of the brands which is Chris Curtis. Don't kill me and you be even dumber now I would I would tell us. But you're if you put in note in parentheses wherever the Tweeter news from the BP. Top draft pick and then it's coach Bill Russell and then starting five Russell Jones Jones and and whoever. The starting five days will give a tip give it to the world or revealed to the world when we get back I know. Sock puppets can a little jittery America's Ahmad at the clock and the clock minute hand which is not good which is hoping. Thoughts and prayers for curtain and and was home sick today the Pope he got the flu when the boss yelled at them some weird cause and effect but it happens hopefully will be okay tomorrow. Who's in more than tomorrow. Since I know Garrett listening managed tease us. You don't want to miss it. Don't want to miss Kirk would Tang Wei and I can't tell you why Kirk pertain like tomorrow at some point. He's going to be great. Movement of you're reading and being two hours and you're already knew nothing but in the except beats him to list everything you know two plus two was all right no that. Pass like what are your interests. Sports you read and lift. Green generals Peter. I did what I said it wasn't just general stuff what say something stupid that you guys can pick cat. Irene general staff of two words you guys are gonna pick at the next hour. I only believe the Reno and Copeland that you just suck up to me that yeah carried. Him are true favorite. Edit it together. I like admire both are. The whole series of the book was in like 25 I know I like tells us. The other ones I told you they blend together you live what book you read the next one you lift your read generals I coach I go boating I have kids go boating riverboat. My regret saying that now on the boat it's just a little center console nothing fancy wa not do it well done now you know. If I'm not new. Not anything fancy live on the water she's just now. But you spending fish. Little bit not regret that it's so to your that you wish who broke yes we too boo to picture and it does more career paths. Now we more you know you'd you'd go out in the vote for the day go anchor at a beach so on the beach and trigger a couple Beers all the kids one. Well I'm pretty simple. That's only collect two months of the year younger that's at target just lift to look at yourself in America now I just that I have kids. Rihanna kid tells and likes all the time names we coach you do things the coach. Everything flag football baseball across flag football educated. I ten. As we play tackle football look like a real allergies were any good on this trip and what were you not complete tackle put in high school he will. Wasn't playing now as I don't see the need I never played easily gets nice tool for any sport. Need is there for a plot involves. Of course there is their reward no there's no reward it's much more Dana he's my high school and it is when their ten especially true. See that's an out at least so he doesn't need to get the trenches and learn is blocking schemes if you're an athlete you'll be fine as soon as an athlete low. He's ten your skill position players in my obviously the quarterback. Mean that's why not attack I know you like or idea. Sold defender if you football but well no I think this people are actually I like minded by the way and malevolent act as people say don't play tackle high school football when you're nine or ten tackles not dangerous to our kids don't hit well crap is being mean everything has torturous if you lie you're cued to grow slowly climbs trees I know your whole shtick yes he likes so he's not one of them no I'm not let them rides her dog he does you know Doug Deluca I think apparent now. But I just also to the main reason is I disagree with the time that's committed to use football. The whole August the first three weeks of August he would ever and I also want to practice I'm OK well whatever war. I think that you I would get fired Ottawa doesn't take time. You up for Sunday for an hour and a half that's it or resentment anger in the week now you practiced for like twenty minutes and oh yeah it's gonna be way behind the way outline calls evil is not your program is that yes the same playbook and you know all pleased by the time you're in ninth grade. That it's it is complicated there's a reason is no it really isn't the team with the best players generally wins and it'll give the best at. Lee tape he tried to ever try to coach the six year old cocoa is too complicated it's not basketball it's not. Even baseball is just too much too you know when they're that age they don't know that you know. Don't touch upon to just scrolls and right you know they think it's like the jump on itself like that right. They don't you know that nearly twelve right so hill learned at the right time it doesn't matter and colts players don't even know that there right in the NFL but okay good. Whose name's Jackson right yes select and he's getting in that mr. named after Bo. Oh not Bo Jackson I'm real general I named my son asked Tito and expected Rondell Biggs yeah well I'm not gonna. They've made to be regular column does he have anything else to do eat it lost in the mayoral race right to mark edged out by Marty. Only last month by forty points. But I would like to even next time next time Iran's an honorable form. I can't vote in Boston and well you know sure you can I don't know bust on proposed did you yes it definitely. You're the one yes it's code to play in Boston Nick Clegg. Clay. Can hear him he's there. They claimed. One last time I clay. Go on like a lot less than politically he's just sit there on line. He died who's got stuck when Andy could who Curtis. Along with stark but you Glenz in Natick hey Glenn. They got to have a question for any. There are a lot of vote. You know as possible involvement and ultimately gonna let the next quarterback he acknowledged how involved was he. And ultimately to an outside. Go Rockwell. And obviously to serie a boat took a primary but. Right well that's a good question like that question and we're looking for a percentage. That just beat and I wrote house. Always will be greeted by quite credit for Brady right yes who gets credit for problem I would say Belichick gets credit 'cause he runs the draft when your second round pick that's. That's a high end decision when you get lower in the draft that's where their say and which deal like of these three quarterbacks Dick indexes I would you know take radio like him. So you get a little credit there he he was at an active factor they all the position coaches are active. In a safe you know makes older was a Dante Scarnecchia guy like the U you sign off on it. I think they have to pass through the Belichick the scenario first the scouting department. But yeah I would I think Josh deserves some credit for a labeling drop below guy that could work and then developing him I have lots of boring paper's questions for Andy beat you like it actually want try question. Sock realist and I love the snow only 99 you wanna I'll ask one. On the ground it's a on the drafting a quarterback in the first round. This club a first round pick of them yes they don't want to unpleasant I notice that's different. A one into two cent one and two twos which will they use one of those free picks on the quarterback yes. I think they will and they can't get any of the top 45 guys are all going to be gone probably the top four after that may be but I wouldn't rule out. A twenty something pick if some guy slides that they like Niedermayer. Thicker maples a slide into the twenties and a lot of people have labeled him a Patriot Act there's a lot there that that whole fiery personality thing and I guess you can look at that too is a positive that's a negative depending on how you sort of hone it. I'm not sure I see him as a as a patriot why because he's kind of crazy now I also don't think he's. He's he's after he sort of an athlete but not a true battle he schori is he's in Iran. Small runs son he's undersized which I think could be an issue but. No it was undersized he's not going to be there he doesn't match probably not going to be their so yes we are wasting everybody's fallen in love that's it shows up of the Columbine law letting on here there whatever news and you guys have read about that kid. Lot of law letter whatever the hell is near his dad went to navy he played lacrosse he'd like. Checks off all the boxes of a dream Belcher prospect but yes I would I believe is the first two rounds they could take its. Just too bad they didn't make a better deal for Jimmy on the if you Wear this but they settled for second round spirited that could go to say the fourth pick the first round. Sure wouldn't have been awesome then you'd be talked about replacing Brady with you know a marquee cross Josh Allen there. There was name is. Rosen Sam wrote on loans it means I'm Josh Rosen Sam Arnold. Or baker may feel. That would have been great that would have been that would have been good for pre draft coverage and you guys would've spent hours on with Kirk I can do that what you hear akin to a Kirk period isn't so you just bow down towards religious emails everything you're not allowed to talk for these sporty ruins everything just you know you're a former SI writer your former columnist influential sports writer and you're not allowed to talk sports we shall we have a decade and today is you're hearing and I can heads. 109 quit unless you I have a few too and we will get back into this. Belichick story this piece care agreed ended Sunday were former patriots are questioning. Bill Belichick I don't remember that happening they say Belichick. Has some explaining to do mature. In what form that comes like he gathered the team around when they get together OTAs and apologize. For not playing Malcolm or. They say that that is going to be a lingering issue. Going forward. That it teaser in my responding I never know with you just do you have any thoughts at all I do not I love to be up our fly on the wall would have delivers that speech in. March or April whatever OTA's excellent now why play the Jersey quest for the team why can't she get some that are dead as they will not allow me in there that says CIA work on the second floor there on the first floor and never really to show meet. You see Belichick in the hallway. Now the bathroom is now. His hallway downstairs sincerity code but the cafeteria and I know the parking lot. Occasionally but you do you know you name oh god he's calling me and asked. On the media circus usually when he's upset with me but it really will give us something inside that some inside stuff on Belichick like the Belichick. Please. Give us terms of any month. What's his favorite uncle and yes there you go and I doesn't read her own code. And he's reading like the art of war in the offseason and making it part of his Super Bowl game plan OK this is the two most point people know and and and and your name your full audit you Jerry and his Ken's gonna ask nine questions of Andy's see how many can answer when we get back.