John Henry wants to rename Yawkey Way

Mut at Night
Thursday, August 17th

Keefe is joined by Chris Villani and they talk about the big local story of the day, John Henry wanting to change the name of Yawkey Way. They discuss the History of Tom Yawkey's racism, and what they think should happen with the street name.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. We. Never thought. Ice although that's not necessarily Fairmont was in the last night they got it tonight expertise crystal Lonnie here. For the next hour than Gilani and Bradford I believe yes rad Radford is coming that's pretty good never modernized proxy by Dover on the visit them at Dover Honda. Dot com not my night analysts he's I had some homes have never has been that your other employer yes had quite a little scoop today. The Boston yes yes Mike Silberman who actually is gonna be joining us and an hour about that that just after I leave. You'll bring in my Silverman specifically said he did not want to make sense him he would not be the first. But so John if John Farrow yeah that's good that he's got to throw that had a choice and Mike Silverman does he does he enjoys the older as that 7 o'clock or during those guys at 7 o'clock. But John Henry says that the Red Sox. Lead an effort to change the name. Of yawkey way and that news came out about halfway through our show this afternoon and really dominated the conversation down after that two arguments college tennis 61777979837. I think that it is a good move if they can do it sounds like there will be some hurdles to jump over not strictly a red sox' decision. I think they should and we got it to some of it this afternoon Chris about. You know what does it mean in you know you can you change history and all of this other stuff but I biggest party street sign or a street name is concerned. For a guy known as as being a terrible races. I would like to see it. Change. What were your thoughts I have no problem changing it I really don't and I think that the 98%. Of the people who are in favor of keeping it the same way. Really don't care about it that much you care about winning. You care about beating back the PC police the liberals who were trying to ruin this country and global line I don't wanna get off an engine along those lines now I think that's my editor told them I know I'm not gonna happen I think that's what's. Driving on the opposition to this at the end of the day I guess I really don't care. I have won the solid stance on other than I'm I'm fine with changing yes. I'm kinda done with naming stuff after were teased for one. Alia I'm I'm I'm kinda rough and not not nothing wrong with David Ortiz hall of fame player great player no no issues with a whatsoever by. That beloved fast. The the now all year long plus tong baiting of David Ortiz it's all been well and good. I'm kinda done with naming stuff after him plus he's already got history right so you've got an extension that's fine he want to ask you to let the guy on hockey played an extension. It's the Jersey is a Jersey street extension. Yeah and was Jersey street a lot longer there was jockey weight for the record for those who were worried about changing history and what the children needed when everything else right so I'm fine with changing it. I really don't think it's. You know one of those things that say any kind of a sign of our moral decay or or any of the hyperbolic. And I knew each year that people like to add to it it's clearly a a an individual that. Well you could say in helped build up this franchise and one dollar and win a hole held a lot while while he was in charge whatever. Somebody who. Is he part of this team's history with you like it or not and that's not what insurers by taking away that the name of the street that said. His reputation is not one that I think the Red Sox wanna celebrate and and I don't is anything wrong with acknowledging that yes this person on the team. May have done some good things along the way but not somebody that we want to name the address. Of our ballpark after it's where you are right when I got somebody won Indian dress ball park after no problem with a what's yet I am I. And yet they make it a big deal out of it Selig there's obviously the big signs down there there's the big banner that says you know welcome to yawkey way. So it's very synonymous the department site it's been there. Forever and that's a lot of the people are sort of make it out to be like as out of all of this is its tradition. Ice has dozens 1977. That ballpark Arab you know as Chris very old ballpark is there for very long time there is that it was not always. For yawkey way or hey come on down the yawkey way word and deed deed and by sausage and go to the steal a souvenir shop all that's the cost is still be there. I don't think something else it sausage way dual color you wanted today they could change it to something else but. I also think and and were similar age and able little of the new. A growing up in going down the Fenway Park and you were aware of jockey way you're aware of land salad you knew sort of the landmarks that where there. But it took me awhile to even know. Who yawkey was or what yawkey was named after effect if nothing else aroused right close what they're probably six or seven. I thought it was very similar to Yankee dollar while they have that's what they want Yankee thing here near the ballpark but they're not jockey. But do you do you when you look around at certain streets and say who is it's named after what we drilled a researcher. Now they're obviously a lot of fans or around my landmarks of the bars. And how does that street this is now Gary dodged often and over and I'm not Aaron I don't know where where things are. But I don't even know the percentage of fans that go to the games now. What what do they think of a major document publish that as the street near Fenway. They don't think god almighty god knows the guy that was so reluctant to have an African American player on their team and it at all these Olympics. Yeah they're the the older fans there very well aware who Tom jockey is. But 35 and under. What. What would what's your convention in that it is isn't really the kind of thing that they'll be a hue and cry over it. They'll renamed it something I suggested an opulent jets this beat Jimmy Fund way and there is Jimmy violated by. If you can't be durable part of the city here and and that's kind of on you appear for drivers like to be depend lane over and it does happen over and long would then that that kind of on your Hoover driver Mike. Something along those street just exactly the park drive whose son content. Just not after David Ortiz. Let's let's give that a rest are minute nobody is suggesting David Ortiz and with our people it's all over this this afternoon but they've got these things get hot about this guy John Henry John Harris suggested he said he if you were at the renaming the street. He would college David Ortiz way or big poppy way. Why IE on Sunday not on board way and yet it's. But the audited Jimmy Fund way. Jimmy Fund street. I've worked for Jimmy Fund road that it's fun. Jimmy Fund peeved flat surface and appliances edit answered already sort of jump ahead before callers. I'll call in and talk about if they do this there's sort of changing history. I would just begin by saying. You're not picking them out of the baseball hall of fame and scrubbing them from all the record books in the you'll you'll never bring up his name and never discuss him. It's a little bit different to have a street named after you. You in my opinion you know we we got a missile power station a statues and street names compared to museums and all flames. They do go to baseball team or if you go to a certain museum whatever the topic cap that happens to be. If you wanted to everything about it you learn the good the bad everything you'd tell the whole story I wanna learn about it bowed her walking on the street. I don't think that street name needs to be named after racist if they wanna change I know what's on the red sox' decision but. Based somewhere it is if they really want to get after it push for change I don't who want to plug it. And a lot they have a lot of influence here now and you know full as you said it's in The Herald reported this might Silberman did a great job and had the opportunity to speak with them like yesterday about this. And all this is in the story IE if you are now a chance to read up on her website. The Red Sox have a lot of influence because there's only two daughters. On yawkey way. And you have to have a 100%. Of the of butter is on board. In order to go through the process of changing street in one of these weird public works kinds of things when there's only two. Not that hard so it's the Red Sox and then on the other side it's the De'Angelo family that owns the the merchandise shop there are tacked on a flight got. And they're on border at the tip their problem okay there they're both supported us so there's no easier than we thought you two for two well on this particular street because these it's not a very extra what do they also according to the article and again didn't didn't read it super careful to character in the show but just skimming through it was annoying when those breaks in Hainan on Italian liquor on the brakes are trying to Hamas terribly slow reader. But that this was an idea that John Henry had this isn't just 02007 team as the students now. He had this idea earlier and Mayor Menino was there aren't you really wanted to do GAAP and something that you really wanna get into. And so if there was over their more hurdles then then there is now well so what happens now is the a byters which in his case he beat the Red Sox will take the lead on this apparently. They have to submit a petition to the city public improvement commission that starts a whole process of changing the name. And want to get data prove they needn't go to. You know what what's it going to be. What do you actually going to edited collar. This act and I guess may amino and support of unwritten Neitzel Herman has I have spoken with the mayor's office in the last hour. On May or Walsh is supportive of the change so he is said that on the record deal to happen yeah I mean the mayor's office is supportive of it that's obviously pretty. Solid. Megaphone. And the I'll let Mike talk more about it when he when he comes on wild and I think he's also had a chance to talk to some of the other. Elected officials that represented that area and I think many of them are probably support about it as well but got the mayor in his corner and also has. Both of the the tenants the butters on the street. That our support of so a lot of that is. And Eddie pointing in the direction of this happen. I at this point one of the quote so volatile as a direct quote but in the that it. Article. It says Red Sox principal owner John Henry saying he's still quote haunted by the racist legacy of his legendary predecessor Tom yawkey. So I mean that's pretty powerful stuff and that's how he feels and I'm sure he's felt this way for a long time there are other fans that feel this way too. I'm I think I agree you Chris in the sense that when I go down Fenway Park all around driving down there or not just hear the name that's not something that I necessarily. Quickly associate without it's it's not that we weren't really Red Sox fans when Tommy John did anything to do with you weren't alive when Tom got. Had anything to do not I mean I I grew up with the idea of the yes headed the only friend would always tell me the worst part about the Red Sox of the biggest problem the Red Sox at around Baghdad people. Because it was REIT trust for awhile and and in some of the issues that cause they're kind of mediocre team for a lot of that now a lot of that period as well your kids. It feels like what do thing to be big stink about it renamed it to something. And then nobody care. I just don't think it's going to be any kind of substantial tangible impact beyond the initial. Everybody's sort of you know going out going ballistic about it oddity was somebody said to this afternoon what people are still gonna call that for awhile that he fun. Okay I I call them the Devil Rays for like three years exactly the things that things change that eventually you'll change if not whatever but that next generation when they go to the ballpark they just won't even see the sign that way at the bring it up they want that a media at yawkey way when you don't happen there warning that it did do it but if you give to somebody else if you wanna delve into the history the Red Sox don't learn about that and learn about the idea visionary actually down there and again with a street name. Lots of it is sort of it very much an honor for somebody in so you can choose to honor somebody else. The thought somebody who deserves it more and Tom yawkey wanna know that's why it's David Ortiz that's the only answered. How would Wear the Jersey people. Really upset was there Jersey push back in the seventies when when this was renamed probably. When I had the set about change then it was I don't know I don't know who honestly I don't know Jersey is may be a look at a little more out to get the whole little more education there the hours of Jersey pushed back back in the day getting some great recommendations up the tax line. Now we're playing this game how about fen way. Omega cheesy well how about land ordered way. Bluetooth. Two back to Baghdad and those are great my I think Joba in your opinion sucks that works Norris told you our opinion is spelled wrong. And they really get socks Cisco mail you lacks ideal size. Sucks I'm how about Tony Campbell Bianca. He is the it would be capital way guess he's the eagle tread photographer. Who tick. Two balls the strike last night I was taking a picture that and he's OK so we've joked about it right now that he's laughed about it and more than anybody thought it was hilarious greatest. First pitch all of my history is in a first pitches are better than it has better than fifty cent is better than Barack Obama it's better than it was a Carly raid jets and almost killed herself like there's so many ridiculous first pitches. That's the greatest yeah that's the one that I watched so many times juries here by now that you have been. First pitch last night yet the whole 1967. Red Sox out there watching. Ten feet behind them to double that he wasn't even in the catcher's circle whose weight behind that and off to the right. So the pitch would have hit a right handed batter if you put that behind. Are right handed batter he get any kick it out a way to take a photo CF the camera for the space and a straight shot to the groin. And what it's ever Simpsons a small man beautiful out there right bats football to grind anybody in the groin is the greatest. All I got a lot of titles here he's got a picture of the book on the ball on its way and that last frame rate before you. Gets them street the brand of acts that are in it we have to turn east street reach out I'll never exactly in my life and the best as you can see some of the reaction from the guys on the 6070 and Danica Patrick that there are laughing because there there's no like oh outerwear out of there you know you exactly where on the UI I know incredible Hamels what. Been in an. It I don't forget aren't aiming there because he would've been the greatest and integration and had to take a little bit heat on to a one off like a changeup like he was out he had a little bit of fire on I cannot say that man has an earned every street named after. I solid air of good stuff like some sort of memory or they they should just go to get like the video of the open put it somewhere in the park it at staying power you can watch it over and over again and you won't be disappoints for the greatest videos of all let's all the sellers says about it you give us a call on you know. First pitches in the groin or about the other change of yawkey way those are really the two dominant topics here. To begin never moderate night's 61777979837. It's rich Keefe crystal on your Sports Radio WE yet each month at night on sports talk. Yeah. The first pitch to the drawing it. The greatest baseball moment. I'll 2017. And I don't think it's a close second now Watson again too it's amazing because he throws that it's obviously wide. Right you know it hit again a right handed batter. It was funny is it looks like it's gonna be short and it elevates a little out just enough so akin it lands. Right in the guy's stuff not the on the unbelievable. Now that Tony would volunteer for this now by. He could stand there and had decade tried that a thousand more times. And I don't you know hitting it they wouldn't do it again. I love the reaction because general optional on the message for 67 guys at least a like god. It's it's the out the best. The catcher theaters try it tries to make a play about it and then royal. Lob it does not compare that so that's on the table pictures of wooden awards have at it absolutely should but the big story today from Merrill does John Henry. Says the Red Sox who lead an effort. To change the name of yawkey way and we're talking about do you experts keep crystal Lonnie I'm marital seven Gilani stand on until ten. And earthly things offered Matthew in Boston without Mathieu. They're Ortega and her real. I don't listen and all of this you know debate if you can call it out on now revising its. History and I'll feel like at the crime lab baseball you're. But it's you know I had an interesting question I wanna throw out here these guys and the listeners as well. You know come down to those revising history or not. And my question is really you know maybe I'm I'm young and ignorant but why why do people hold onto it. So all you know hard that they get to legitimately upset by literally changing name on the street. You know dictating note Tom jockey that I would understand but otherwise why do people care so much. Arm because they wanna win. Our thanks rob Ed and in my eight might answer that that you wanna win. In the same thing comes up at the Redskins debate and I took my fell out of that. A long time ago I want nothing to check out amount IA I let other people it's not not my aid not my battle fight Brinkley. By. And more about the two respective sides going to be down the other one in this case what if you work you're old enough to have been a longtime friend of Tanya are keys. For your good for you were one for getting so many trips around this on a number 20 I understand yeah this would hit home this to be a little bit personal for. For everybody else I just don't I don't get with a big deal is under with a big push back is. And I also. Does that I'd like change and I don't don't don't like change the overall but there's certain things that need to be changed not resentment might change you do. You know pick interchange trying to do things you know I like it as routine spontaneous order to have an a lot of what they do end up being routine yet can't just completely mix it up. Every single day lead and reckless. That below reckless I'd like Tony stand in the Aaron baseball's plan to doubt that god blossomed there yet that the really sticky gas stance I don't know where it came from but it's gonna stick it through its working but they'll ol' slippery slope argument of what's next what are you gonna change them up. I think you look at things and sort of case by case basis and some changes are reasonable other changes might not be summer more timely than others and of course. You know people are gonna say this is also PC pandering to you yet I'll consider happening. To extend they're not rock. The events of the recent events whether it Charlottesville just in the world in general in the United States in general. Have all of this issue to the surface to the forefront it's not that it hasn't been there for years I was there shimmering underneath an out but it's called it to the surface and I think that's why. You know people who may have had these opinions for a long time are looking at and saying. This is may be the time to sort of pitch my dad my flag here and and and fight this battle now or bring this issue but now and that might be behind. You know why John Henry decided now's the time I I don't that in other words out completely dismiss the idea that those people say well they're jumping on because of the timing of what's happening yes. I think they're probably as an Al budget. Because they should've done it. Ten years ago or fifteen years ago doesn't mean all of it in bands we can't now ever done. Like washing hands is no matter what area of the deal better late than never got the same effort it's very supporter in the top box guests at the similar type of thing it's a cliche at this point let's go to blood John up in New Hampshire it's going on John. They are you guys received while doing very well. Good I guess I got two quick points on this 11. I believe. Mr. Henry it is a little upset about all the negative press that the Red Sox received after the Adam Jones incident. And this might be somewhat of a reaction to that although he did say. That he wanted to do this during the keynote ring right and I'll take him at his word on and but I think this might have with the fire and that a little bit. But might might sought on matters. Okay so we're gonna change your way. But do you really think that any of those talented ESP and its connection to any. Think all that any less racist because. We're gonna change the name of yawkey way. And also a little bit further. We're gonna change the name yawkey way but it does that make up for all of the incidents that he's been so. The tone deaf on over the last 67 years you know between the beer and chicken. Ian you know various and to have gone on where we're you know you were still firing where he's just basically been oblivious to how everybody else to sell. You know so it's almost it it's almost like he's jumping up like OK I'm gonna try to get some good now and that's what he's open. I mean answer your second question first now it it doesn't change in anything but doesn't also mean the UP UT. What you're doing now is right you shouldn't do what it's kind of like you were saying the better late than never yeah if you make a lot of bad decisions that doesn't mean you're not allowed to make it a good ones that I'm on a roll about those two businesses that might help now in its they printed that John's point you don't need to forget. The other stuff. I honor window I wanna compare. You know Tom jockeys name on there too chicken and beer in two or solo by height the general idea I guess is you know he's been there for. For all of it just because it is one thing good doesn't mean you're forgiven for everything you don't have to and let's also for not pretend that this. Ownership period has been a disastrous one for the Red Sox and the path of success the feel free World Series three World Series banners but. So sort of a point nobody needs it to the first point about the ESPN talent I personally don't really care. What they think. And I'm one of those. People show their provincial nature in different ways some of it is the hate nobody picks and my little brother at me thing for me it's late in half from here and here you think yes. But there that they've obviously done some time though Boston is that's and then as something. Two as an egg a little throw away line at the end the computer whatever the main topic is. At the end what will all oftentimes also says. And analysts streak by Fenway Park named after Tom ya on the news and then here's here's here's ran day and so if you remove that. I don't think that's about but but but I'll also says to. Rob Parker. Amani Joan once you like it. They better knowledge. I hit it it's your ball out. Al Ahmad won't saw art and shame on them that they don't yet it gonna come out on Boston's so freaking hard enact. All right Jason in spout your indignation about one quarter quote racist place you'd think it's age don't know if they take a step be it the city of Boston takes a step that they will clearly when approved about. They better knowledge that with the same kind of intensity. That they have some of their criticisms of this. At some who have criticized may do exactly that I feel like others are. Mike gets to be rob Parker are could be wrong by a summer like I'm also going to know anyway but somebody like that was. A little later is met. Evan you I think yeah I guess because it's too late for you so sorry but do you know he'll never BO that we lost it yet fired forget it fine you're you're also up on. Let's go to Dave in Connecticut all day. I'd rather go on and got eight Olympic. The world the political correctness. Do we removed everything associated with the Red Sox went on and Jean yawkey name on how. What do you mean it's on the score board is Morse code running down to a vertical stripes between the current game score numerically and actually. In coach Wright thing is Morse code depicting the memorial to commenting are we changed that Al New York. Yeah I mean I didn't even know there are so yeah assignment there are so that it and hope. OP BO let it I mean it. You know a lot of history. And writer Ron you know it history that we hang my ex governor does and that's where being on the wrong then. You can change it and but my point is you're not scrubbing it from the record book not removing him from the hall of Famer you're not. It there's there's there's pages of a Red Sox history not taken him out of there. But you can take a take them off the scoreboard you can take it could change the name to somebody that you feel like it's more deserving what's wrong without. I. Am tired of every thing being politically correct. At all and it and you know what they've there is something to I mean people are offended by everything there are some things are you should be offended by but there are a lot of other things that's. You know overall I I kind of get where come from there really aren't you you're now people are just looking for reasons to be offended or look to your reasons the the debt settles I think there's an element of that. Honestly. I had no idea Morse code things there. You are noisy afternoon thousand dollars and that makes him pain suffering out of a little that he had no freaking clue whatsoever that now I know it's they're down take it down. You read it but I get down and down on the island of Morse code 60 sounds dash 77. Yeah it's in there. 790% of the phone number give us a call I'm here until seven the Lonnie staying on until ten at this is Sports Radio WE yeah. Like at night. Talk Sports Radio tell. Never modified rules opportunity for us Gilani. Big story of the day out of the Boston Herald Michael Silverman who will join Gilani and Bradford coming up at the top of the hour John Henry says Red Sox who lead an effort to change the name of of yawkey way we've been take your thoughts on adults continue to do so let's go to John in Springfield he joins us next soldier on. And it ought not a real. Good so it this year. Particularly because it was always shocked at justice. Goes I. I. Thought I'd look at all jockey. Not sell. Out what you record. It's. A history ought MacBook short Austin. Eric. Spanish and their routes and I. Thought. Don't have browns here people won't like. There are other routes. Out any what is. Denied. It was. You know every one would expect that there are critical reader. And its secretary should all over this state in every city suburbs. Out. Different groups. It it hurt our and a lot. To that is where it. At certain groups don't let it out so well out there are here and out you know everyone I thought it. You know still. Repetition. And a huge. All while jar. People are. Just that it Eckert should. Yeah. I mean I think everybody banks were called I think everybody's. Stance on is obviously a little different but I don't think the majority of people feel that way maybe it's more it's certainly more than a should be Nidal agreed that but I don't think it's the majority of people. They can or should be segregated and and what don't people also though they confuse. Better. With perfect. Was there while race relations are better than they were fifty years ago sure yet but it worked to be done work to be done obviously that a tremendous amount the last the none of it there there always is and as certainly suggest changing the name I think. If that's the bullets outside the science and huge thing a solid it's gonna be a complete game changer but it's. Here here's the thing. Fixing America is this is kind of tough period ability that an extra hour while Brad was coming itself doesn't get a lot of. This is the easy one like this is the easy stuff and yet at the heart stopping and don't get me wrong I would love for elected officials specially take leadership roles and try to tackle some hard stuff that would be fantastic. This is the easy stuff. No this this is not going to impact. Anyone's life change anybody's life. For the negative I just don't see how that's even for possible. I think Hillary Clinton both OK if you get upset about deaths like this. I think it ruins your day. Yeah pretty good life we can get some get some good stuff going there's nothing else they'd they'd give you any more worry angst frustration. In this. Then the possibility I would say the probability at this yeah it again you have. All you butters. On the street are for change in the name led by John Henry's obviously got a lot of pole and the mayor's office is sad day. Marty Walsh is supportive. Of this is well and waited undercut that go back to the timing thing and I think the people bring up that point of a valid point. What undercuts. A little bit what John Henry was saying about while I wanted to do this under Menino. You know Marty Walsh is ranked brief second term this fall all the late march 2013. He took office in early 2014. We had an opportunity. Without. You know without that Tom Menino in office. I think it's disingenuous to suggest. Today. This is an at least in part driven by. What's going on in Charlottesville and sorted and what happening child bone toward the national discourse. That has been building now worth some time. Around race and around the conversation of race in Boston and some of the reputation city Anthony disingenuous to jet that drive the timing of. It's deck is the word that uses that is that John Henry is haunted. By the racist legacy doctor haunted. How many years can you go without doing something by spotting goes to an out of my apartment the next ice still I nuns I by terrorists and it's it's an actual problem that I have I don't want to you know again until more freely now. Let's go to Matt in Pembroke she good yes about it are without Matt. So I just want to ask you guys on laundry being in the great publisher. Yet. Is Eric aren't outraged. At the I. Is there any teams jockey locker error. That it back Circuit. Court directs orchestrate. I will be art. Stock. Ought to ought while he's gotten in the medium and bad guys. And. Larry while not a question I would Larry not to in the media guide. So what are what are your. Oh look. And it what are they gonna say owner 1933 in 1977 just a question mark yeah I'm still. They edited out of his name is still gonna be on the team yet the facts are gonna change with a good or bad acts are not going to danger there. What are at. Final on errors but don't try their. Best and totally okay. Congress eat pork. At all at. All yet on that back. I don't I don't see why they would do that I don't know why the media god be so important you I don't know I had to I don't I'm in the media I don't read the media guide it's a little Lotta there a lot eager to I'd say that's first time I went to the game notes and Lyle. Was the other night when he turned triple play and everybody did units and that was last and Richard tripled. Let if they want to do that if he were to do what Matt was just saying I'd be the first wanna say that's stupid. You don't work you can't wipe it away as they needed Harris earlier and that's fine I would just say that that there is a big difference between say. The media of museums or all hall of fame and Taylor Potts from over but never happened on our. There they're very different and maybe some people view at the same I don't you're not. Just making him disappeared outs robbing him from all the record books the media guide which is important son Chris who just take you're just changing the name the middle of white out. Public giving it to somebody that's more deserving whether it's you know go off foundation McEachern fund or if it's a player on your big fan of Ortiz get a period afterwards he's been I will start for a test. So they've got to figure out the name will be in the next I Daubach like I know you're very confident in the dollar blockbuster gonna more than a tactful liked our backs on my mind or are rob Bradford going to be replacing me here than ours that you guys have Michael summer coming up. Michael summer's going to be check in any of the big scoop of course in again I'm curious to see I know we talked to some elected officials the weather there on board with this. It comes down to a city. I did the Red Sox now initiating the change in the city deciding by. When you have elected officials are represented that area on your side it's obviously never bad things we'll talk while that Mike are some more about yeah hockey way coming your way next here on Sports Radio W media com slash score it's risky for my friends and I.