John Henry wants get rid of Yawkey Way

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Friday, August 18th

Hour 1. John Henry has released a statement saying he is haunted by the fact Yawkey Way is still the name of the street. Christian takes calls and reacts to the breaking story.


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The us east late night with Christian art can Sports Radio tell. Would that team winds down Christine. Talk a lot like Christian market the we're gonna get we're here. Late night Sports Radio WEEI euros Christian RJ and nice to have you this here tonight your phone number 6177797937. Text messages of 37937. Your tweet to Christian art and full showed a night. Most Thursday's lately it seems like we're gonna have a peaceful shows dramatic. That's the best. A lot of culture. I mean I love coming on after Red Sox game to obviously it's nice to have sort of the first world we just saw black. These all four hour shows this or let me. Explore the studio space if you will and tonight we gotta we gotta doozy of a story here this one came out late in the afternoon I'm sure you heard Gilani and Bradford and mutton keyed in on my Keefe in in Polly and everybody else talking about earlier today dale all that. The story which is on everyone's mind and everyone's tong right now is. John Henry in his interview with Michael Solomon of the Boston Herald who you heard him actually play that interview was Silverman again later on the nineties you missed it of lining Brad whose bread for there with them when he did the interview. OK well we'll have that for a little later. Om and it was very good in he got this great interview with with Henry in which John Henry said. That he wants to change the name of yawkey way now this is something I think is that a long time coming and I'm not. New to this I'm not fresh to this I'm not taking the opportunity of what happened in Charlottesville to say that I believe that this is the time to do it. I'd been working WEEI for four plus years now. Two in this late night show coming up on a year at the end of the month. And I am many times. Whenever the topic is come up. Which isn't that often but sometimes a broader problem around. Said that I think having that street named yawkey way is a disgrace and I don't I really believe that I thought at all. Now that's not to say that I think some of the charitable works it's been done by the yawkey foundation. In the years since 1977 when Tom jockey packed. Are disgraceful I would never say that. And I think you have to sort of separate one from the other here. And realize that that street is named after that man. And that man was not a good guy and he was a bad guy. Not just the racist Bradford was talking about it too Don Fitzpatrick and some of these other very questionable things that happened here over his tenure not to mention the fact the team was awful. And part of the reason why they were so bad is because they refuse to take a look at Jackie Robinson Willie Mays. You know I mean there's there's a lot of reasons why had a real problem with that about a problem with the ever since I became aware of who Tom yawkey was I mean I think that's. Totally reasonable. And I'm glad they're finally addressing it now Bradford isn't callers and in some other people kinda had this problem with the idea oh you're just doing it now because of what happened in Charlotte's. Okay that's I guess an argument I don't really think they you know it better late than never is my is my response to that. So why because they've waited a long time because it wasn't a top prior because it wasn't something they felt really. All that in together with thin and something they wanted to push for. Now they shouldn't do what are all like that doesn't make any sense I think that's very poor human and I've heard a lot of people make it today and I'm just I'm I'm confused by and I don't. Think that that makes any sense at all right at people should be happiness on the spark change I would think so you know I would think so and I know a lot of people don't like change I mean they just don't. Old people young Q I heard keep pace I hate change if I mean I personally. It depends what you're changing making he can change certain date there's. Changing something for no reason I think is stupid but you know if if you're changing it and have a good reason to change it and there's been a good reason to change it for all I don't know forty years now. Then go ahead and change. People forget. This isn't something that's been there forever this is a confederate statue which I think those are all come down too by the way. But you know it's not it's not a confederate statute this is the street that got changed the year after Tom yawkey died which was 1977. That's forty years ago. It's not some rich historical street it was Jersey street did you go back to being Jersey street like. Think you know or we're talking about this like it's bad yawkey way forever and it hasn't. You could change in the seven easy to change it back I'm sorry I think that's ridiculous now as far as today and and I've heard people on Twitter and other aids is saying this. Now what what about what about his plaque on the wall on the on the building on the actual partners into that plaque of Tom yawkey space what about the Morse code inside the building. For those things. I was sort of revert back to my same response ad to this confederate statue stuff. Which is. You wanna put something in the museum. Okay ordered in the museum let people learn about Hillary's history don't act like Tom jockey ever never owned the team. Don't act like he didn't do other things while he was the owner of the team that helped build baseball in this city and make a Red Sox what they are today. I'm fine with that I'm also fine with not trying to do you watch out. They'd generals of the confederacy in the history that they came along with all of that that's important it's part of what this country it. What I do have a problem it is putting up these. Statues. Or naming a street in reverence. The people who don't deserve. Don't deserve to be honored in that way Tom yawkey does not deserve to be honored in that way I am sorry he doesn't. You know you wanna talk about the hockey foundation is done since he does fine okay let's talk about it they've done some great things. They've done some wonderful things in this city. That foundation and they should not change the name of their foundation obviously they shouldn't change the name of the hospital what everyone do their fine. But a street. Street to your home. Now so. Our John Henry the owner he's the owner of the team he owns the naming rights victory he wants to change the name he should be allowed to do and I think he's right to do. I think he's absolutely right to do this I wish you'd done it sooner. But I'm not gonna get all over for not doing it sooner or not gonna get on him for being opportunistic here yet this is good opportunity for him to go in there and really make a push. But that's. You know that's the way game work sometimes. I sort of liken it to Obama how he was anti gay marriage until he became president any push for. Now people make mistakes people change their minds things happen. But I think ultimately come down on the right side of something you shouldn't worry about the fact he didn't do it right away it shouldn't be that big an issue. Okay yeah I would probably should've done this earlier. Well we're doing it now. Okay you got a problem whether it in taking up somebody else you by the team you can change it back. 61777979370. Your phone number 37937. If you're number on text you'll get your phone calls in just the second. A couple of things about the interviewed. Henry saying he was haunted by the organization's past. Is something that I know is gonna get a lot of play haunted by the pad and makes it sound. Lol dramatic little melodramatic for him I'm not gonna lie I heard that as Latin America. You can say. Many thing you do there's a lot of ways to sort of frame. Bite you know this image of John Henry dinner and tossing and turning it night. Trying to stay away I just can't fall asleep because of the Tommy hockey in the yawkey way in the history of the Red Sox and everything else. In that that sort of the line in June let's let's be realistic here. It is something that you wanted to do. Andy you weren't really given an opportunity to do it under Menino Menino said now. I'm not gonna even opened this pandora's box here OK you've had a new mayor for alarm. And this to me is sort of OK you know you're you're doing the right thing but let's not act like this was. Bubbling up so much and and finally this weekend you decided on camera do the right thing now. Haunted by it and in analog that. But I guess that's not the worst thing in the world it you know and people get dramatic sometimes and I was a little bit on the dramatics. But I have no problem with this at all I'm glad they're doing it I think they should have done along time ago I don't think they ever should change his name in the first place. And I really doubt it was 1977. You know Boston was like in 1977. Busing. And all the horrible racial tension that was going on right now on the name that street after him. They should change they shouldn't someone shoots the weapons of wait a minute we can't and after him. You looking around right now you look at the cities like greater I mean that's an it was a different time obviously it was one time was forty years ago. But it's still to me I mean that was that was kind of a nephew I thought to a lot of people. When they changed it name. And and me yawkey way now. As far as the history of Tom jockey and sort of what he what he was all about what he stood for and what is beliefs were in in everything else there's no denying a what's gonna deny that he was a racist. No one's gonna deny that he was that. A really backwards person when he came to his thoughts on African American people. I don't think even the most you know even the most right wing hard card they'll all of may I was raised that the deal was proud of being a racist he's proud racist. And you know like so Joseph Cronin. Joseph Cronin whose number is up there with the GM at the time anyone could take a look at Willie Mays. His numbers retired now that to me sort of falls into the historical part of this okay that's that's a number that's up in the park. You know it's sort of like put of one of those statues into a museum put him in the museum maintain the history he couldn't acts. You don't have to honor these people you just don't. You don't have to autism that is not part of the contract. And I'm glad they're finally. Realizing it. You know I'd I think it's I think it's a very good thing I really do and I've said that before today have been saying that for years. So before anybody wants the Collins I'll Wear or years ago I was right here saying the same thing that I'm saying tonight. 6177797937. As your phone number 37937. Asian number on text let's get to your phone calls here early and often. That is the late night promise and out will start off with Joseph in rain a major are you don't. What's up. I know. Changing walked eighteen in yawkey way is that gonna solve the country's problems. Is gonna solve the problem course. Right. Black white people do bad things black people do bad things terrorists do acting. It's just getting ridiculous now all of a sudden change in you street. Yeah all all I know it's not gonna solve all the problems we you're gonna not have a race this guy's name right there next to the park. Are you this statue. Of Bill Clinton. You know I think Minnesota. Ohio so we're all I. Be OK with taking down any picture bill in any statue of bill Clough when white my ass with Bill Clinton. It is back and change the world. The people people get together and do stupid things. I don't help I played well today and it said if you just shut it all off. When he went won't help talking that you see how humble he is the country is a big new is telling us not to do that. I think the country's harmonious right now judge you haven't Charles that's a harmonious country. Who broke it. I about the Nazis provoked. Okay and black and white and black eyes matter wasn't there. And it would have done and they're evil they're equal to the Nazis throw it black lives matter and not the same level of right now I don't think the white people's faults when they drive a car into a crowd of people joke when I drive a car to a crowd of people job. That's not the last weekend. At a Nazi rally and not good people so the light cyan a light trying to explain it away like a black lives matters bad too they're not as bad a Nazis and you know that. All right all right don't get my work I'm not content may not trying to and I see the good people you all the article also add people Baldwin's Wendell white person does. Something. It's the worst thing in the world. Joseph you're wrong sorry that's ridiculous there's bad tee when white person does something it's the worst thing in the world. What are you talking about that's ridiculous. The white person committed terrorist attack it's a terrible thing if a Muslim person commits a terror and terrorist attack it's a terrible of a black anybody does that. The terrible thing that terrorist attack this weekend. You know I mean police. Black lives matter yet I got to what it takes and a group for sure if people marching down the street saint kill cops. Most people's army rounded up and arrested anybody said it. But everybody at those rallies take it. Everybody was at that not you rally was to Nazi slogans and wants to exterminate everybody is not just like them you can't say that about black lives matter. Their slogan is re matter not we're better than everybody else not we want a murder everybody else mine. At the same. People making these ridiculous comparisons. Between neo Nazis and anyone in the only thing you compare neo Nazis deal is ices. OK that's it and remember Curt Schilling made that big week. You tweeted I'll remember what the Nazis and the Germans and they're here with the Muslims like right so we're allowed to compare neo Nazis and icy strait and and the Islamic terrorists that's the level the terror. Got not PGA guys ice is here same level. NT four black eyes mattered proud boys all those right wing Albright a little bit lower except the all right once a little bit higher now you know why. Because they marched with the Nazis. You get back to me when a teapot or black lives matter start marching with rice's right and we can talk. 61777979837. Is the phone number quick break back after the. On Sports Radio got. And then boom boom boom. Things. Back here late night Sports Radio WE EIN heroes Christian art in your phone number 6177797937. You can text in a 37937. Kyle on Twitter says someone minor camps sports talk to were talking about sports against. Okay it's the street next to Wear the Red Sox play so. Totally all about sports. In late and we talk about that's also true I mean this is late night here and I know that after like twelve it gets really weird to lake in around this is a big story obviously is a huge deal I mean. This interview came out today this is brand is hot news today so you wanna call it change the subject talk about the team all talk about the team with yet. I got what it takes on a team. Right I'm leading with this because this is what's pushing the needle right now so if you want a college in subject to operate like he says in the intro things about to get weird things will get weird. They did that every night things. If you wanna call and toxins or start a Red Sox one of our patriots Celtics ball or what everyone. That's fine. But what's got me riled up right now is this whole discussion and sort of how it's how we got into the spot with it right now. What happened over the weekend and sort of the last three days in and everything else I mean I think this is topical and I and find talking about it if you don't if you don't wanna hear about sorry I mean that's gonna. If you did you have a radio dial you can use however you want. But it does we're talking about here right now 6177797937. As the phone number 37937. If you're number on Texas go back to the phone calls and talk to Paul and west he'll have ball. They beauty nutrition area. Christian I agree with your actions have been listening to four years in color for that he did I say that. This guy who lives that will grow over actually shed what silently busy this little magic happen. This is a person sickness for Akron and currencies that apple will. She's a disease like you said it before domestic terrorists in the strict. Yeah it is I mean at their I think most reasonable people Paul can agree that. You know Nazis neo Nazis in this country should be treated exactly the same way anybody who's sympathetic to IC should be treated in this country that's how I feel I'm in I don't I don't see how anyone could disagree with that but some people their lawyer. What though some people set them I have friends that live there and pitched surprised. A lot. He should these kids were at about that's actually sets they would they would permit to protest love guns. And the other people who supposedly peaceful. Basically we're really elegant agonizing in the police that Jack Reagan. The biggest mistake the ancient streets down. You know the Al consulate she said that he should have blocked barriers that quote let. Our entries and lash them and none of those four of their guns and know what really got hurt until that nut job at a psychotic break emergency girl you know so. It's the major besides the story and a lot of good guys or welders plumbers that should we never swear black people we work black people that none of dual black heat. People they are mad about that such a condition that it Oreo the setback along well you know. And they can take their southern pride and stick up their ass as far as I'm concerned I mean really you know you gotta have gotta have a statue out in public for these people put it in the museum like he can you imagine it DNA a black person walking past the statue of pitchfork Ben in South Carolina which is outside of the state house down there I mean. You know it's it's insane I know no other no one else would ever put up with this for this long. Yeah. Are. I'm losing you here prominently ego to thanks for the call I appreciated phone's cut now. You know. That for me listen I think there's absolutely no reason to train change history a guy. But those statues those confederate statues were not put up during the war are right after the war. Many of those statues went up thirty years after the war ended and they went up to intimidate black people that's the reason why many of those that you were put up and that's a fact you can look that up. Okay there is no reason for the losing side of a war to put up thousands of statues for their generals. In in the wake of all that in one of the most highly tense racial times this country has ever seen after that slaves were liberate into the twenties. In the south. Those were not there to the you know there's a southern pride those were up there did send a message to all the free black people these are these are our heroes. You know this is what we wish would happen we wished we would won this war and use the would've enslaved. And then they stayed up there forever. Because what southern pride. You stick your southern pride Brad has Padraig is there any please. It's insane. 6177797937. Let's go to Ross and the talking Iraq. But because it was. Just on paper book or Benedict and I look it's like even bigger and his love it and local and out of all the critically between BO and you know everything else between Nazis critically about peace or their own thing organized reform and global but I don't want to say anything crazy to me. First sport didn't like especially the ball and where the guy that helps you get your first world feelings have lacked name like Martinez. And Ortiz and urban areas. You think it's okay to keep talking way yawkey way would bet that it's his didn't. That makes some of the best years we've had there's been plenty of nonwhite players on the team. And yet they have to come to work every day and walk on the street named after a racist people out. Yeah you know that's the problem I've had with this all along is soon and once I really realized through yards he wasn't what he did and what he stood for everything. I want that name changed right away and ever since I've been on the air here I've made a point of saying that now I'm happy that it's happening. Yeah absolutely and I think also I think you know people say well why now I think now a perfect if you work a purple color. And you'd hear that interview because yeah watching. How much more proud would you be in the wreck of an organization that but that's how I look at it I am and I'm white I'm still more proud of the there for him coming out saying that sixty. Wanna support that he even more than I had previously. Yeah and Ross thanks for the comment appreciated as far as you know what to change and aim to I don't think that the goal over the top and call it you know Jim Rice way here. You know make a special point of grandstanding in naming it after you know wipers are Hispanic or whatever it is. I don't really think that's necessary and he just call what used to be Jersey street you wanna get cute caller Red Sox way call whatever you want but maybe don't name it after. Don't even after here's here's what I'd like to see number one don't even after anyone is still alive. If Joseph Paterno taught us anything it's that statues for people who are still alive tend to be bad idea if and that's 11 thing I kind of let it. Do you or any people resisted that statue coming to. All of these big people screaming in the street marching through the street I'll I'd block a deal. Last year. Haven't operas right to keep the schedule. You people. And in really. Think about despite your picking. Bit about what it really neat thing about what that message sends that everybody else. May looking yawkey way and think you know what that we thought. And is really that should they shouldn't have that name up there now for the name of the street. And to act like college you're changing history changing history. They change from Jersey streaky yawkey way in 1977 that was forty years ago and it's not history. Excellent 77797937. Let's go to inning Connecticut nine. They laid on what's up. I outlook that don't take this the wrong way and I don't want them approximately but I'm kind of I kind of blame this whole thing on the media. I have a real tiff with the way this whole thing is dormant do we do we honestly believe that we have our ideal Nazi problem. In this country like I don't remember hearing about this in the that they I don't remember ever hearing about this on the news and and the way it's being on only helped. There whatever small closet and how I'd look at. Look at this and I think it's a small talk in a my new majority of people to even give them the leisure. About making it on the news like this is some kind of serious division within the country and I heard music arts to that. You know the countries in that you'd race work. We're really not. As far as what out on the way I see it and then. The wait maybe I live in a box but I mean is this not being escalated to the next level by the media just just. Blast that he felt as if we've got some kind of serious like we. Ian is the media and I suppose the report on a terrorist attack is the is the media not supposed to report and terrorist attack. You're you're talking one individual he wasn't a rogue individual that was a that's out there Nazi rally. How many. A couple hundred there was about a thousand people there I mean there was a lot of he saw that candlelight data with the porch is the night before entertaining Nazi slogan of a lot of people out there. And I was just in Charlottesville. You can you can correct me wrong I've also seen media. Take pictures of riots and take the same picture eight times so it looks like there's. 2000 people there on the find out it was fifty people I mean the media this this doesn't look you know they're seven. While army I'm not condone in any at all sides and yet I can't you don't have to be jockey weight Arctic adopt our market that's up by taking all not a little stop. If that'll make one side how we would and by Kate tick all the butter statue down and there are. Can we be done what I can we say hey. We made it somewhere is actually gonna make a difference but it all means take it all down I think the mass majority of the united physical content. It'll shut everybody up and make everybody happy to vote. Not gonna make everybody happy though you let people down there are gonna fight tooth and nail to keep those statues up because of their fragile white southern pride in you know that I mean you know that's I'm not there. Yeah I mean that's sucks doesn't it I mean doesn't that say is that a terrible reason for them to keep the statute. Yeah I mean I I have to agree that it cannot. If it's gonna make the site up in are you argue keeping it out I mean it's it's it's it's difficult to it and what I think even if they come down at the end not. I mean I you're call it now they say no this is the time if you definition instant that aren't. Into the time that jump on your soapbox. And I think that's where a lot of people get flights. Some people don't probably have no idea about yawkey way that is just like oh my god not on all right what else we've been doing wrong the last. I'm here I had no idea I have never never even thought that would never heard about it never thought about revenues I don't know ideally at any not a problem in this country apparently. After last weekend outlook saying we have mr. Myung not a problem really have a series and its alternate. They're committing terrorist Dexia I would say yes I would say yes they'd yes that we do I don't know if it's their rampant thing I had no idea I don't know what the numbers are. And how many people self identify as neo Nazis but I mean just look at it this way. If there was if there was a rally just think about that if there was in in in Boston this weekend okay these these free speech people are gonna come down to the common programs that. Imagine for a second that it wasn't right wing free speech activist. Imagine for a second that it was a pro Muslim. Group. And that they were sympathetic to crisis and that they let racists people did people who identified and believes in work down with vices. Let them march alongside them in and indeed there in the street. Would anybody. Anybody be taking up the other side. Insane well there was both sides come on now. Both sides were violent once I was ice is okay. I feel like you're allowed to be violent towards nicest. And yes I know it wasn't all right away that but these people were in this if they were there at night surrounding churches. Chanting Nazi slogans. And there was a lot of people that are. You know and that was just one player late age you can't I'm sorry maybe maybe it's not a huge huge. Creeping not either gonna take over the whole country and I'd say enact. But how many notches is in need to be until the problem. You know how many how many of these guys have to drive cars to a group of people forts are probably I I I consider problem right now based on the fact that there was a terrorist attack. And that's really all I think anyone should need. Go to Chris in Rhode Island Records. I had a dollar was up. While I'm on the slick a little portable lighter subject to lighter than this is that impossible to light isn't just an answer you think the red. Well on our back pocket guide the discussion going on on the super couple weeks about you know the Indian to law out taking too long in my last night in the bottom of the night. You know and the catcher were kept coming out in the intermediate which forty partner on Peter your take on. A solution at eight ecstatic to you and Cink 8 and ultimately I am out. On how many a great time there are pitcher and our character in that the picture or eco and wayward you know stop them coming out ball in market their luck and I figured and it may take an hour. I would agree to decrease except that is the reason why the Red Sox won that game I mean think about it he kept coming out and talking that. That pitcher they kept stopping he was waiting on the mound hold the ball real long and then they. The umpire grant the timeout and that's why Molina Los mine the Metheny came out and started screaming yelling got kicked out of the game. I think that shook up that reliever in the stocks ended up benefitting off of it rallying. And winning the game as your larger point about you know the game moving on stuff like that I I don't know I feel like all those complaints. While relevant always take place before the all star break and then once a pennant race starts really going to hear in any games are important people stop complaining about that you're the first person I've heard. Talk about pace of game and about a month now so I'll give me credit I mean you're you're sticking your guns I just don't. I don't know I don't really care that much about it at the moment like I I enjoy these games I don't care if they go a long time it's it's baseball it's it's intense it's. It's a pennant race with the Yankees like all that stuff OK with me at this point. Elie you know I mean day date. At the. Try outs. And every other sporty figure you know you're not bad yeah apps on sort of limit otherwise it's happened and that actually say that correct market IndyCar stalled email acting because that. Great hitting in the bottom of the ninth that really old reform. Yeah it was a great at bat and Oki bats of pat on the walk off was tremendous courage by it I mean. In out to have that pitchers who's the who's a rookie. Stand out there wildlife while both Molina and Metheny completely lost their mind I mean those guys lost. Eight freaked out. And it was great. The Red Sox in town they sorted took their time and these bets had this grated pat let me you know pitches go that we're just out of the strike zone wait for his patent smack in Iraq the monster like of terrific I was decorate. That was a great ninth inning. Bogart's with a leadoff home run. Often Rosenthal I mean that was that was ground I I really I felt really good about this team was that. I feel like this Yankee series they're going to be in in control here for at least for this game tomorrow night pom rants and down. And down Montgomery. Then you guys. What does that force all against sabathia I think and then Chris Sale and and not a good double check with their actual schedule century and a and all your pictures there Palmer and sale and I forget who else Fister maybe guy after mr. Sonny gray it's wondered if it goes Palmer rants. Montgomery. Sales sabathia. Fister great. And I love the Red Sox chances in two out of those three games just based solely on the pitching match. CC sabathia he's got the DL he even threw I think like 25 pitches out of the bullpen session the other day. I'm I'm OK with the Red Sox facing CC. Probably only to go about a couple innings anyway and then he got that bull pen for however long they need to go and say yeah I am feeling good about this team right now it's hard not to be. I'm 61777979837. Is the phone number we are Red Sox folks I mean this doesn't have to be all by yawkey way and not season everything else and statues of Robert. 617779. 7937. Quick rate over a back after this your only that. What exactly creates Bruins Red Sox Celtics get more which gives you better Christian art. What Sports Radio WEEI. 607779. 7937 as a phone number 37937. That your number on text European with you go until 2 in the morning here on late night 1130 be joined by blind Michael due this week in social media. That's come anyway next hour and in the meantime we'll get back your phone calls your phone lines are loaded. You say you're tired as top or people don't seem to be let's go to Teddy knew tonight that it. The me did you Denny. K hey. You dig a speaker phone please. Hold on a daily or. It's got to be let me turn it hit quick question but a quick question of course I'm. I agree 100 till everything you say it's. But I have to. He small. When you renaming. The road. Ocular. I don't endorse John Henderson was. It's his decision to sort of start the process of getting arena and obviously it's gonna come down in the city in the you know it's a public roads so I mean that's gonna turn down that area. The pro you know I'd like here we come from working on shock and fought. And it it is appropriate for the soccer and you know. You know I don't I don't agree that and you know I only Henry should have looked so some would say on what. Belongs to all of us. You know what do you mean he's he's. The road blocks all of us. Break bread doesn't mean we all get a that he can decide he can start the process of what it's gonna be called. Sure he can he can be one about to start is it blogs all of those that belongs to me and I don't want you license. Bikers anyone hurt as a war. At a law mama heard that. Chris Henry started that process but we have to remember that the world do not want him a lot. Okay in a fight came off that way out if I didn't like I said it is that he owns the road he does not on the road to public roads are yet you're right there. Yeah so it is a bit that's not a problem on the monitor it about the capitalist if you work work you know. They're the capitals on the road predominantly on the road to write pages on the keen texting. Understood to improve if they were appropriate that whole area around. And when I'm you know I'm being picking them that he can get a couple when I'm gonna hold my bicycle I get locked up is barrier there I can't get through well. Right but I mean you understand why that is your. Are you understand why they blocked off because there's thousands of people walking through there you can't you can't have that be an open road where people can drive and ride bikes are there are no. Chris Chris Chris don't believe they're blocking out so so. Preferential person. Can park for the rock of beta blockers in the players were playing the game. Yeah that's where they work it's like the place for them the working it's a multi million dollar prize that occur in other. The players and others Welsh. Let's just parked there and gained. He's not he's not working for the team and you you one final group Arctic grip. You do whatever it is certainly is more than just water to tell you can't just tell me that Teddy and tell me who investigating you're going broader. I don't want to talk about it monitor click OK well thanks for the. I mean I can't what we wondered we want from. You know the parks are now tell me wanted to do an investigative report is I don't know parts that I. I think the players park there in the people who work for the demon that you know cruel and umpires another team and everybody I had a partner the partly in the park. There's a little garage that you going to do when there's that whole thing over there and that's what a block arsenal players can get there and because it's a safety reasons why they blocked off. That's what I always thought maybe I'm wrong but I always sort of figured OK we're gonna baucus wrote so that in round we don't ever have to worry about a car accident or. Anything else going on in the street when there are thousands of people. Every day. Every day there's a game that shuffling going through there and going in and I mean it's just that's that's common sense I would say. Can't drive down the middle yawkey way metal detectors there and use it as a security yeah you know I mean they there's a lot going on there into Sanchez. Such as the regular old road like gallon it's not Red Sox season when there's not a game going on he can drive around there it imparts great there but knowledge and park on yawkey way Gurney game. There's no parking there I mean it's all set up for the for people who enter and get in on screen invited the hot dogs and whatever else and have the lesson pregame show that's not. It's not and that's I don't really agree with that complaint there anyway let's go to Bryant and Attleboro hybrid. Acres and and it's up. That was toilet that in your artwork as council on I actually it was down there. Are gone backward in its own. Yes I packed yeah actually lived in Terrell bell and our remember. I had her own in the 982000. Result. Somebody actually co oracle to mean it is you know when you when you and I was born and raised here early console here economy Inky Anglican negotiate. You know as speaker because the U I can't have a slight. As you likely have a slave summons at the end yeah. An old married did you apologize we like I'm so sorry that that was all my fault I'm sorry can't slaves I take full responsibility. I can use any means. It's gone back then you know. Like a Natalie is the essence of the yeah the end all and intentional Matt Ryan ends those appropriate and but yeah I mean and you know it really really battle meaning you know January 2017. And we still have these problems I mean I hate. They sound like racism is ever gonna keep as you know I think it's always going to be there at what level means that so called to last you know if you come together. You know and what they wanted to work out and that is I wanna give you got kudos where they're at radio telephone yes thank you. I was listening to it as a great great stories and great things. I hospitality kit to five years ago about a lot of raw last year so you know pac ten ahead on some of the stories and some of those guys did yeah and I think yeah it is a great job and ultimately actually athlete news Chris Allen and it was awesome. When you I mean he has yet there are synonymous as far as you know what we got into some telemarketers are armed actuaries to. Rate frank thanks for the call I appreciate it meant non. Yeah just before go to break here the telethon in his last two days as set last night when I went on the air. I know that I'm sort of in a weird spot with this amount on there wasn't on during the actual telephone. It it was sort of it I was sort of the break him today and when the night I should say. Where you know eats you can't really get guests at twelve kites you know these kids come in and talk to me at 1 in the morning I mean obviously that's that's not gonna happen but it. It is for me anyway it's I was very proud to be working here I was very proud to be a part of it. Even on sort of for free like I was and over four million dollars man the view callers listeners everybody. Amazing stuff really just. Really really great and speaking as someone who's been touched personally by by cancers while. Just last summer. It was in analog to meet him. My cousin was in Dana Farber for a long time went over to MGH. Trying all these different trials and an all these things and it's just it's so hard and it's so awful it's so heavy in. And these people who may get their life's work to train and help those people like my cousin like you were when you heard yesterday and all those nurses and everybody else. They deserve much much more than. This world can never give them that's that's what I think 6177797937. Major phone number will take a quick break get you training now come back and right back to your phone calls here only.