John Henry and the Red Sox want to change the name of 'Yawkey Way'

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, August 17th

Hour #3 and we discuss the big Sox story in the city... the Sox and John Henry want to wipe the stain of racism from the team by renaming Yawkey Way.


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It's. However green it's on Hollywood team Sports Radio WEEI should have mentioned that you guys. That it is a free ticket Thursday we've got a Sox yankees tickets that will be giving away. At about 530 today. We talked about this story just for the top of the hour rich just mentioned it during trending now Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald. Has the first mention of this I've seen anywhere. And and they they herald is describing it as breaking news and I happen to agree with them. John Henry says the Red Sox he in the Red Sox will lead the effort to change the name of yawkey way. He said he is haunted by the racist a legacy of his legendary predecessor Tom yawkey. And that the the franchise the Red Sox franchise. Welcomes renaming hockey weigh in fact he said. The Sox initially brought this up to the previous may or may oral administration which would have been Tom Menino. But they got some push back it didn't happen. But he would evidently like to revisit it. On Michael said he applauds that I agree I applaud it in fact I'll take it one step further John Henry. All you need is a bucket of paint. It will paid over those those Morse code initials of mr. and mrs. jockey out on your left field scoreboard if you want to and it would bother me a bit. Of my first question was what took so long for. And I guess and they are good leaders pointed out and how memory innocent miles. You know you really wanna do this this is gonna become all whole thing I guess that's the answer to I don't know why you'd wanna. Keep it and what why just that's been there. May play listening with great change. Yes which is why some people wanna keep. There's development Bennett if they're either either either either they don't like change or. You know I don't see any problem with the yawkey name or at or the yawkey legacy. And that is because. They don't know about it could I get out they know they know they don't care. I think you look there are racists out there. And it Tom yawkey was a racist that that's fine. President when I was when I was a kid going to Fenway Park what you knew some of the streets right there are other plans now there's a populated it becomes kind of symbols of the surrounding area around the park. But I did know. Mark my parents for its own idol obviously about Tom yes yes I know that that's an answer I don't run don't go I'll be joined occupied he'll tell it your cousin on the young yawkey way you're not thinking. Number that as little as we go to this baseball game and tell your story. Our to have thought no jury decided no for the longest time I saw it really you know start looking into it and and try to throw things like that are maybe some even mentioned it now of the to some more. You know homework wrong on this but I think for a lot of bands that go if you ask him deal with this is named after. Most of don't even know younger fans I might agree with you I think older Red Sox fans certainly know the are keys in and understand the legacy and understand that the Red Sox were like the last team in a great impact. Had a tryout on their field. For a guy who was pretty good at this game that happened to be African American and they decided that now we're good. I just lasting and agree. Recently I got ads can point to something we just like this out. Last semen a baseball and agree. Brewer hit a critical of the draft now Boston Bruins integrated before Red Sox did shameful shameful. History. So it can dance around it if you want it is. What it is as a great coach says about us. The Red Sox especially. Since John Henry and his group took over franchise. They've worked very hard in terms of player acquisition and it started even before that could Dan Duquette. Greg did look at absolutely. Was he's the one trader for Pedro Martinez he's the one who signed. Manny Ramirez so he was trying. To just get at. And as much talent and he could no matter where that shot was from me as much talent as he could. Now the Boston Red Sox finally win the World Series but there are other aspects. Of the operation. That just didn't feel modern they didn't feel. Flexible. And so when when John Henry and his group took over. I think they inherited a lot of mess. Inherited. Some some lawsuits they inherited. Some hurt feelings inherited. A legacy that is in a lot of ways that's something to be proud of and in terms of acquisition and building up the ball park. Yet they they were able to divorce themselves from some of the things that went on. In the past but now this is symbolic symbolically taking on the yawkey name. They're taken an on court pick had done that year one but they did or were able to do it now that they've been around for awhile so if Phil emboldened. Now to do it. Well outside get your reaction to 6177797937. Pete's in Connecticut eighty. They don't guys great show as always thanks he's reaching. A two point really you know I think it's the year. Is not at its summary York April miners in recent street he got cut sheet. I don't necessarily care that the two in the name. In the that was cute as such about diet and probably. Want this kind of you're right. Well and decoding acts and who went behind all of this could be seen how literal over the all over the world or country. We're trying to take away somebody's history our history shindig are your fears and your back board that partner. If you look at what the Russians to the polled believe try to spread communism substance to convict him tickle their history particularly the stack. I just trying to beat at act I gotta I gotta interject here and you don't know you can continue. Stop stop dramatically the Communist plot. Just stop for a minute and you can continue you don't eliminate history you take down a statue or change the name of a screen reader daily upbeat. Artist Chris. You don't do that you don't that you're you're you're right what would you do if you break down the leader's word you're history you're racing history. You walk. For example birds liquid and a lot. I was at that school board will be honest now eat an apple. Soccer team. On uncertainty throughout our pastor question I don't know what you're saying I have no idea what to talk George Washington our first president Pete. Specific. Rule that would effect. Hang in their Pete Pete it's gonna ask your question in part of the ball back a promise. What is the problem with your key. What is your problem with the yawkey name being removed that especially this is let's be specific that's a part of my world history in Poland and Russia. And. Educated can. You talk about what will run enough probably not he's not out. He. Should instead go instead go. They've gotten gotten exited through the donkey named stay ergo. I don't. Doesn't bother me governor let me think this is definitely to send somebody correctly this is. If it's ten it would it's great if it was cool this is a good. BP just got aqueduct and God's got to have dancing shoes on not listed. As Lisa and Lisa let this go to copies can make the copies can make decisions that the defense did an easy question. Had a great grant going valued giving me and I'll keep keep it in our time job. Eric you got that now I could've gotten there quicker than that but congress somehow turn that end of the Communist plot in Austin today to Yahoo! the wall and taken over. It's people educated and and I heard this a lot the last 4872 hours about this whole thing about steak and a statue erase our history. We don't gamble up. Traced all day care. Everything is still there and you can still know everything you want and all I can know all about time you hockey. Even at his name is an on the street outside the building. And yes this in this. Probably apples and oranges but when you think of bad people in baseball specifically racist in baseball I usually think of Ty Cobb this type of our guys. Should he get kicked out of the hall found. But so the street name is different. Reckon jockey not a great guy. But had enough accomplishments at least two at one time up the street named after more than way named after him. So the city renamed it you know it it wasn't named yawkey way until like 77. Yeah okay and I think part of what it. It was his team that. Right well it was his his wife was still there as jockey still Jean yawkey as he got what 76 yet are so he died 76. And so she's there. And still got ownership of the team so since I'm on the scene. I get the makeup bag it to make up my own rules right get that I get to I have the power to influence people. And and to get to get it to get attribute that I'm looking for because that family was empowered so now the Henry family is in power. I wouldn't want it called Henry street outfit but at the party aren't well only reason only reason he's talking about is because he's got the power to. Change it. Or is that the powered up that account lean on people little bit hey I'm the owner of the Red Sox we don't like it this is what we would like to see happen. And did you stand back and see if if that name was taken down so and somebody else who takes over after John Henry's had always thought things went south with the Red Sox. When they took jockeys name off the street we're gonna restore. Just power. It's just exercising power and and that's how it got there that's I was gonna come down. Now so forget Ty Cobb I realized so so Tom he's actually in the baseball fan. Julian is elected 1980 builders category am sure but there you look at these different things where is it okay for to be in the hall of fame it's not a case are now history and a firm. No wonder why isn't a whole thing. Yeah I don't know what what he is as you know you go back and remove him from the hall of fame could use a bad guy. I just tell the story. I would tell the story I would tell everybody story that's what Emmy and a and I know you know going down you know I noted zags is digging in Zach you're a little bit. It's the same reason I put some of the steroid guys at all and had stock stories look at this and perhaps saw out of the Tom yawkey. Eight he has been the these of the great things that Tom jockey did and there are some of the things that were attributed to him arts program. It should it should be in there and that's why I would say that they are died are probably not but I would say they are different because. I think that last caller part of what are you talking about in there because figured out was I care history something about changing history but mr. so. Conference hall of fame is more the museum that is moral place for histories of sort of the good and the bad that the characters of of Major League Baseball whether they're the worst got the role of the best. But if they. Somehow got voted in whether they were a great owner great player great manager whatever they're in there and you can learn about him. That is different than having the daily reminder of a street being named after you that's more. That they're they're both otters but they're they're different like I don't look at this record that that's a nice history I don't think about it that way but maybe others do there. You don't bring up so that's why I think those those different I would leave him in the hall of fame fine you can tell people about them but the street name. Not necessary especially for a street name that gets so much attention to construct just the little street name on the on the side. They have you know welcome to yawkey way it's an enormous. Banner or an arrow industry trial would buy date dear whatever else and everybody knows that that's. Jockey weight so they they definitely should renamed us Steve's Rhode Island hasty item. Hi guys obviously I really want to call about the achievement in this team now look on my part is there's like say yeah. I've been accused of being a bleeding heart liberal okay. Blocks this this is just so what will you meet these hard that. I don't know our economic captives or how did you autumn I'd be a good. Worse. Than the I don't want to cheat because you know and it's been a whole generation of people. People are all important call everyone knows it ideal you know what an independent body or Wimbledon ball. Knowing. How to show what every they got everybody's. Gonna knock on the yeah. We didn't want him most of them don't even know him some old but like us. If I've ever ever ever know we have most of them don't know about it in west request for harm and taken the name down and then coming up with another that Colin Smith street Johnson street. Boston street and it's just a little bit this way this a lot of what's detectives what you did you have to be able to get out and say which really wanna say. If if most people are offended by view you see it that way and it doesn't really matter most people don't know who who would it. Why you wanna hold onto it so much of most I don't know who would tell. I just because I've been ordinary or forty years and tradition and I no additional streets look. And I'm like Pedro I don't believe Logan. It's three has tradition. They stood to. Demonstrate they can take a big change Brookline avenue tomorrow. Two mats at east. Would you not happier would that change your Red Sox expect it all now. I guess this just a couple of the I guess it's one when they tried when they try to force our little part of this whole hundred artwork out. One pulled back into it so let it started to look into a hole. And and our economy is still there. Yes they're under. Now that we're you gonna call him I know I guess that's gonna help your story you're helpless during the call tomorrow instead guys Andre. And Emma an arm and and did well on the statute saying and and I don't understand the history and everything else. But if you mural tidbits what about history. What you see the statue doesn't know who it is what do you do. It here this statute but they are then he hasn't even not just pick. And or ordered Google did that history it's something that. That didn't structure I'd do all the time like war shouldn't say she's got to Google I got. A Google and I tell you got I got a good idea what I'm not a bad guy. Steve how do you think how do you think the fifteen year old African American boy feels if he's walking along a sees a statue of Robert Healy how do you think that makes him feel. You obviously do like you sympathize with that apparently not. Well I'm. No like drew to a point but I do think there in and I don't know what words used in recent history but it weakness in something. It open. All joking into the history. This is not a perfect entry in the past and you know hey you know and talking like that I could leave I don't doesn't sound like it but I'm I do. And I just. I'm I don't know I despise and you mentioned a more open only ignore racial politics as I know he. Because a lot of pictures would you he and Jim Rice I would I would told them that question to debate and as we just northeast I'm lucky or you're a legal Morse code but yeah. Widely thought that the white we think they named David Ortiz why aren't there why do we think that they renamed that section of street David Ortiz why. Always their reason. When I retired to honor yeah David Ortiz is there are all he's been here absolutely a while that it. So why did they name yawkey way for Tom yakking to honor Tommy hockey or maybe doesn't deserve to be honored. Maybe at Texas too damn long to get there. But maybe it was an ill advised idea to honor Tom yawkey. And I'd be shocked if it would affect how you go to against the fact you played out tonight and the only guy for forty years I wouldn't go if it was. Yet now I pardoned Richard way I think you define a did you review and out of the game just this month. And I like it here John Henry talk more about it. And Ali you you know Davis scooped it to Silberman. And talked about it a bit but. Even even more I think yes I would also just he's driving around traffic on the right and come into this studio. I think you say an acknowledgment that they still have some work to do. The Red Sox perception wise they've done a tremendous job. I'm bringing in all sorts of players you don't hear the Boston Red Sox. Ours our are opposed to out now. Having players from the from the Dominican players from. Or Chicago or district black players and talking about specifically will. However black players in the league now with a number of 606262. Yet as though back up and that's one and it's from the Red Sox and their percentages probably pretty. Compared others yeah you know. But there there was an incident this year at Fenway Park. Or Wear Red Sox players that yes we hear these things at the park so. Steve previous caller I agree with you it's not perfect. A perfect country nor is it a perfect ballpark or perfect franchise and I think they are looking at it they're trying to do. Tried to correct some of the things that are perfect trying to correct try to get there. I Dennis is an East Boston meet Dennis I need to. Although it's gone on and just and it's yeah. We're well geez you John and not give a damn about and you're always socialist billionaire so audit that. We need what I think. Doing. Pandering to Asia it's. All kinds of art out there everyone want. Say something it doesn't seem that school so when does this work. Fans aren't necessarily epic or so a lot of the call call and BI and there's no organization. There was no urgency you know he here's more from the chance he gears of war he heard more in the beginning of his ownership a year or more about a new Fenway Park. Anywhere else have you heard a lot of people Dennis. It in East Boston same manner I can't wait for John Henry to change the name of yawkey way you heard that a lot lately. Right so so Josie and Mercedes pandering I don't understand what you mean by that. Honestly act if we and it they'll all work to do this Adam Jones anguish they've made up they call their fans great. And headed up OK. So Adam jones' line. And you know honorees those audio line. Well some I don't know you don't want a steady line item you ask them evidence. You'll just it's just time and then yes. I. Ticket this sort of interest so. Caught at a problem it's slowly it's pertinent. I'm a little while you haven't quite yet you haven't quite given us who exactly he's pandering to with no one has demanded that they changed the name of yawkey way understand and I guess they were actually pandering. Under the M Menino administration when they first asked the city if they could change the names of the streak he's on entering through the educated pool areas burger back. Yeah. Of stuff I mean I don't you know I am I I I'm not I am not because the we were talking about the David Ortiz way for the optics that yucky extension. Are yucky way extension. And we actually took a few calls real but the prospect from now from death lurks on I'm not surprised. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. Rich keep. Fox sports yeah. Yeah. Give away our Red Sox yankees tickets about an hour from now. Balls felt right now back to a 6177797937. Josh is on the cell phone hey Josh I don't. They had paid announced its Elena. The company did you get covered so much and I've started edit the arrowhead. That they broke it here. I bridge that he might think that I did talk about it but it would buy out. And how happy at what point do we draw the line here John Henry come out in like they got an issue yawkey way. You change but I think whether it's hard to imagine. It being and I it not been pain don't let. I get it debate really about it nobody thought as you did all that and that I am. But like I documented fact it might. You could change it but the machine and name is. Matt street glad that you. While not oh let's play the game Josh and say they call it Red Sox way. You're a big hit largely remembered as shocked. Out of our mind I'd like that each and every one that I thought I thought he. I do look at it you wouldn't just like. It restored and I fired. But it Barry and that area this looser and it would it would break it it. I reject you. And there's like they Albie meg not an American in. Whites or arm you can't separate history at eight alt a rate that I I you have. Haven't you aren't taught that I'm not a very also that you need to go that big donated or that big Ganassi. If your John Henry you can't change the history of baseball. You can't go to every every franchise and say well what are you ashamed that was in your closet. Aria okay I'm a taker I'm a pick that name on paper that you out and I think that's that out but if you're the owner of the Red Sox. And it's in your it if it your neighborhood it's outside your office and you don't want it there that's one that's a small thing you can change is that a you know but it. If if you go with that logic. Hey it existed for a long time I can't change everything that you would. Ever do anything to change and reject anything out there by eight LB like saying yesterday on a cancer so much bigger than than we are. We're raising millions of dollars for cancer but we don't have enough. To eradicate cancer now we don't have enough to eradicate cancer but we have an uptick handle our plot to what are you doing in your neighborhood in your situation. And so I think that's what John Henry is doing. I don't know he had that you know someone who tried by the studio on the pillow talk that indoor girl right now we're destined. And I like what he's doing like what he's doing. You don't get sick if these were or does it stop. And you go on and on in and take one incident and tried it and trying to make it fit in with. Thirty other incidents in the world or in the country that bother you if any that deep just look at something that is happening around you. And you say do I like this or not go case by case. You take out all the statues now go case by case what is your case war. Divorce yourself from the yawkey name. I can probably call up fifteen Red Sox players. Over the last 3040 years of McCain's. For the atmosphere for the culture that existed. With the Red Sox. Not that long ago. But also for the people that several other they're so I don't remember it as doc you way okay yeah fine. For a few years or maybe several years terrorism you'll be different but this in another generation of fans. That show up to Fenway Park it's not going to be yawkey way that arena to ask about the name there have to say the name there at the C standing about it. Things things change mean it was. That was the fleets that are for a little while that number that there you know we talk for the complete arm shot out of that I got a different names and so. People what you might remember certain things but even fine if that's where it takes another twenty years from now that it is out of everybody's memory nobody even talks about it. I do get it started sooner rather than later via the world famous address for Fenway Park is four yawkey way. And that's in 1977. Prior to that the home address for Fenway Park was 24 Jersey street. That was the name of the street and that was the name of the address of Fenway Park teaching before 1977. For all those people are talking about. All my whole life it's all I've ever note. Okay here young and you know you've only been gold of the games have since they became good. It was 24 Jersey street before 1977. Wife went on when they changed it didn't have ushered it. I don't much care what they change it to battle I would prefer they and by the way I'm I'm not suggesting John Henry isn't even beginning to suggest all its name it after me that's not what he sent. My guess is if I was guessing John Henry had a vote. He probably wanted to name it David Ortiz wire something. When that track and bandits well there's probably. Will not everybody's like and agree I think correct address that though. Caller every wanted to put it to a vote and Stiller ray also be upset that they're connected than when Ted's on the cell phone hey Ted I don't. Yeah let's go outside. On drug at the same testimony flexor that Khalid escape. But I think can get some insight into what Menino was thinking which it is up. And industry is creating New Coke at a profit chain that you. Ted can I just put on hold for its he would I want you which had a signature cell phone. Signal. And and see if we gave him a better just in your same karma. I don't know a lot of I love I'm happy to hear it I just in the as Arthur about the start of the comment refers. And yeah exactly. You're under protect it better now let's try to go back to jealousy fits better and I'm glad to be more efficient echo. Yet so that's better. I am sorry about that so Menino is Lincoln. I've got blocked money throughout this city mass general hospital Boston medical center at the symphony have jockey. So we can if face yawkey from the entire city and and its impact give the money back where where where does this stop. You know generally sanctimonious argument I think there might be eight but I think. No no no I'm saying. We're John Henry. I can't if I'm owner of the reds are than the amazement of myself and then out of a duo to separate myself and across on the owner of the Red Sox. And the mayor says to me. Well let's let's do this is symphony hall my supposed to do this at the Children's Museum that's what do this. You know cancers that are assay. That's not what I'm concerned about. You you're the mayor that you had to be there I'm just telling you that our ballpark. It's Fenway Park on a pop extreme and I think I could have got the name there I don't want to name there so you do whatever you wanna do. Or you protect whatever you wanna protect over there on this afternoon for your help here. A much like some lane. You and I would say. What. You are mapped. I wouldn't do anything because they donated the money that made that wing possible. That's different they didn't donate the ready to make yankees yawkey way possible it was Jersey street before the Iraqis owned the team. Yet since then that's what it feels like a flaws like any. What candor in the Tiffany and you and I were to walls were all in agreement with the name mark but it feels like law. I don't know isn't easy is not an easy thing to do. It can't just do it. He's gonna he's gonna have to have some allies to pull it off. John Henry can do it John Henry could just change the name sounds like you would do it but again. I didn't ask you this because eight I have disrespect to anybody today like this because you don't agree with me. Doesn't mean you know I'm I'm trying to lectured you or something I'm trying to change or might just tell you would do. Someone get defensive now. Made the drive yesterday and I got there I probably probably 6177797937. Is telephone number. We've got tickets will giveaway at the bottom of the next hour wicketkeeper madness today during final round yes we do that's coming up about 545 thereabouts. Yellen Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI. The final play of information if I wanted to make sure and looked it up and the the name yawkey way was changed from Jersey street as we said 1977. That was during the may oral administration of Kevin White. Kevin White. Was mayor of Boston. During one of the most racially turbulent times in the city. He was mayor of Boston from January 5 1968 to January 2 1984. He declined to seek reelection in 1983 because. His administration. Had a decade long federal investigation into corruption. Led to the conviction of more than twenty City Hall employees nearly as many businessman. He was never indicted of any wrongdoing. But by not seeking reelection he was able to avoid public debate debate and criticism. By other candidates on the topic that was the mayor who. Led the charge to change the name of the street from Jersey street the hockey. And so whenever he does leave it that there's there's no change after that. As I'm surprised I shouldn't have surprised by as much pushed back is theirs to lose the light changed their message might not agree. With would yuck himself although some might but big to say well that's is what it is that's what should be forever and and a fifth British actor could make a lot of changes with the without attitude I'd days in Framingham hated I don't. Kite it. Against and that cold any semblance tracked Ike yet but the question I have to live it up and I'm in Beijing airport calculate by. President what do well or who also are also racist president ever cat. So desperate to divert to check out all of the action. That's. All right Brent popped up there potter pause right there you know and I would say for that and you're gonna bring you bring over great point. Lot of people are saying this now okay. Including our president. He said how long how about George Washington he owned slaves or let you know how how part of ego. They teach that school. Out now we try to teach that is what you just that. There are some people if you brought that up in school who said our arms about the president of the United States. I don't know what you learned the president's you know what for a fourth grade third or fourth grades ordinary start to let the president's and and what they were known for. If you told the instead of tearing down his statues. At Princeton Arnold has that your prince and I use him you know that better and I do but that are doing that. Tell the story of what these the complete story of who these people were I think that's very effective as part of the problem. A lot of people don't know these stories. So if you would talk about Wilson as the president also talked about Wilson has a flawed individual. I have great. I can't access the exact compensation let's step back up and not let earned. That's. A rocky. There. That that's fine and that we ought to let you I'd rather have people operate at the fact that so. While seeing what species still have saint and actually it. And the fact that our or edit or. All that anything else outside. As a talk about it but you know once again you know Dave excellent call excellent call let. That all comes down the power. Why hasn't wired they called that are they called that to begin with if you look at the history of their owner. Our George Preston Marshall. Is a segregationist. So that's Rios is nice it was all we don't edit it really meaty things turn off from Boston and it can he use a segregationist. So it's his team and he was not going to change the name of his team and now. Daniel Snyder. I'm not saying he's a segregationist but he is all about Washington football tradition so. He ain't gonna change it either. Things can change it's all about power you're empower. And you think it's offensive to get rid of it. And if you are are trying to preserve that you fight tooth and L which is what Washington and Snyder starters been doing it since he's been owner. In Connecticut need and might. Bogart's no wind at all of this and do we get rid of all statute to street's mean that the mark king because he was there cascade marriage. Do we get rid of Ted Williams statutes because he was a fighter pilot in World War II. Why why do Iran I would do that he was that the United States was at war he was serving our country I would take these are statute for example. I'm saying I'm not no please your making the ridiculous you're taking this ridiculous stance of what does it all and what we call from me I'll let it just looked at things individually dance pop I don't know how you look at things individually. Ordered what do I expect. Our ballpark can achieve it one year no no no I'm talking about you -- key way why don't you wanna change the name of yawkey way. Picked it because certain despite what you don't seem to understand. It this is a very very dangerous spiral. Okay I'll stop with this dangerous spiral wrapped. Got a little people who have all opinions always fall back on that when Dan. Have a have a mind of your role. Make her own mind don't let the deadly spiral take you down year. So let me ask you how it's changing yawkey way out and make things better. It was gonna make things better why do you honor a man he was a racist. Why do you honor a man who was a racist. You could change I mean that you want a changeup he waiter doesn't occur or older I don't I think clinical. I'm not that that's a topic that's a topic you say all of this who do you have any other specific examples that bother you things that have happened. Not things that you think might happen in the future somebody's gotta say this madness and it's not something that I was bothered on what bothered you. What bothers you. So so so which ressam Martin Luther King Richard. Now on to what bothers you know. I'm an outcome could be an idea of what happens what what what thing is they went down what statue went down what monument went down specifically. That bothers you to use that tip or you know where does all of this stop what has happened. That has offended you personally. The dismantling what monument. Oh. What kind of away at me personally is that backed the left wing. Kris go he's got an awful. Why they have to do. Did they have a permit to do bet that that occupant. Of the Oreo here. Lou not yet just what they want done is occupied but. What am I bothered you you don't show you get caught up like in a vacuum like this abstractions I'm saying specifically. Did something happen. Of what it was at Charlottesville that that what was your bothered by that what was it. Our eye on telling you what bought is that. People in this country now dictate the walk in their own here. That now are not citizens arrest I gotta I gotta go real thing that aren't good enough for me you know another forming the so let's. You know about something that bothers you specifically about the statue is that all of the stuff he's our bothered by the country now the country about here is that I I love that you know the slippery slope thing now next thing you know you'll be you'll be taken Ted williams' name off the tunnel. Why would why would you do that. Or Tom because he served our country and and you take his name off why. I don't know what he's going over there though isn't very well find out Billy's in Manchester New Delhi I don't. How. Well I. I. Are acting out on an incredible by the way happening during the first surgery of what it was incredible pot actually. But you know. Things got out fine. I like it here look what. Mean. Some people of Jewish that it opposed Rose Kennedy Greenway because. For what it is that that gulf outlet that and I got to slippery slope and then we'll edit. Individually but certainly that. I'd I hate to start judging people based on the anti Semitic opinions of their spouse. Well let's put out while I'm making a point but if I forget Andy Kennedy that I beat the Michael you said earlier all of them finished. So Michael Douglas was. Felt about history. There is a part of what are. Are available by year. Well Michael you and I went to open the street right. All we heard about the Kennedys as Kennedy great president assassinated. That's it but I've heard about half of this look let's let the past. You better reading that book by Howie Carr. You can go out and it would raise the Kennedy for years Gordon got you or whatever I like that they'll look to be prepared for. And what if the why would have fought crap yet. Company named after a bad but this whole thing with fossil double double the wayside. He's the supporter twelfth week it in this sector practical. Support from most media you know. A races left just let one. And look I am understanding and several other people keep talking about well what's this gonna lead to. Like I said you just judge things case by OJ does that this one is yawkey way. A street that was changed the name of the street was changed by the city of Boston. To honor racist that's been the biggest defense for keeping the name is just so you don't have to potentially take down other names that that's. It's not a table and let and it only is name should come off the wall of the hospital he donated the money to build that wing. Right there's no reason why take that down the public's free that is outside of Fenway Park that's revealed it was renamed from Jersey street to yawkey way as a way of honoring Tom yawkey. Sure that was worth 6177797937. Is telephone number gala Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WE.