The "Jaguars will win" Hot Takes are spinning up

Mut at Night
Wednesday, January 17th

Mut is talking about a couple of sports people already picking the Jacksonville Jaguars to upset the Patriots this weekend to advance to the Super Bowl. Mut gets into their argument for how the Jags could win, and why the arguments are flawed, but it's only Wednesday. 


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We're jumping to. Radio guys picked Jacksonville when this week and it's Monday night Sports Radio WE guy we are. Guess free we are hosts free for the second time this week. But rob Bradford Cohen insists he'll probably feeling better I think the more chance talk you guys and we will do. Elderly some baseball at 9 o'clock. I don't for the entire hour on baseball it is the hot stove show but given the time of the year given the patriots and jags this weekend. We may cycle back to football but I will lead off the hour. With some crapping on the Red Sox based on some news today about the offer for. Bitching about the Red Sox lack of moves your frustrated with the Aussie and so far your place to do that. And talk about that will be at 9 o'clock here hot stove show WEEI definitely in a that first segment. Odd to piece it is one. My president Donald Trump has released his fake. Media news awards here's the problem. He did it on a website. That is already crashed. So we sent the link out and it's the GOP. Website. And I must acquit the three seconds after three tweeted. And that still giving me this site is temporarily off line and we are working to bring it back up please try back later. Pretty much better when you obamacare website went up and took people three months to log into it. So we'll find out what's done in June with a fake medianews award winners are. And he's all fired up today he's do you tweet now tonight a great things are and ice is in retreat our economy is booming investments and jobs report back into the country and so much more together there's nothing we can't overcome. Even a very biased media we are making America great again. I would just that we are not making the web site great gigs I can't get to the the fake news awards. I'll keep trying between 9 and Allen. 10 o'clock but I would patio despite take awhile. One there is sports media news note here. Sunday night NFL countdown. Following the on FL countdown NFL primetime. Following the games championship Sunday. They're given us the original do well they're given us the guys who did pride time for year after year after year. Chris Berman Tom Jackson are back on Sunday night I understand why. They made the move away from the Al Borman they want against it move somebody yelled standing getting younger crowd there and eight. Push firm out a countdown at San ponder step in the ratings have been terrible. Are on that show. Ball once or twice a year on the holidays and then right now. Will influx of Chris Berman and Tom Jackson given us the NFL highlights and championship weekend. A wall for that. And I always I killed Berman at the end of his career for the home run derby specifically. As the light the acted ward in but he was an original. He was one of the first guys that was their doing it at ESPN and Andy was a personality yet a character. And I EO what he did. What are Google's fastest two minutes and and and sports and went through the highlights like on Sunday night he was incredible tree can weigh that. He also give us two or three of the best Odyssey YouTube's ever during this countdown shows Prius PM. What I'm doing TV and I got eighteen god can't I can't everybody's doppler ten minutes meet everybody seems that not everybody can we expect Jesus rights. I mean it's not in my stance is that when everybody has to more when I'm trying to concentrate. Geez you guys. That's so rude I can't believe that that says so got him. This why is it going all the sudden have to rule that two hours to move around weights and make it. Cheese. Is Arnold's love life that's like no one's ever worked on TV here before. She uses. Duncan under the I really actually can't believe what I did so. It's like no one here has worked on TV before. Barrett dial tone. I know seven people running she's. And it goes on a couple of once he talks about the due date Dan Capra the but the deed deed dues. Which are the Canadian Tylenol. Little bit Cody a little pop as he says got a good one. And and a Rebecca. All of Rebecca. Howe is a bottle line I sent you. Although as a classic and the bird is an original we mock and here at the end but you've not seen muscle and a rock by now but it figure if you've never done the Chris Berman. You know backstage YouTube search. Take ten minutes ago. It's definitely worth your time. As he's back on Sunday night on prime time with Tom Jackson so a couple of loose and elsewhere it back to you pats and jags here. At 61777. Night 7937. As I said we are looking for people are picking Jacksonville this weekend. Not not against the spread it out why Jacksonville can win Jason Smith. Post on fox sports radio and he opened the week this was what Sunday and a Monday or Monday morning or Monday mid days. Putting is flag in the ground Jacksonville will win on Sunday. The jaguars should win because as much as they were a bad matchup for the Steelers which they work very horrendous match up. For the patriots. Offensively not so much I expect the jaguars to bludgeon. The patriots with Leonard four net all day until he breaks things in the second half but the jaguars defense is a horrible match up. For the patriots because they get pressure on the quarterback with just their front. He I'll keep sick even though people don't seem to wanna listen. When you get pressure on Tom Brady you hit him once or twice early and then you are just around him during the game nobody changes. From an elite quarterback ended being a guy who scattershot. More obviously invisibly than Tom Brady. We if you hit Brady a couple of times early and you are around them here's what happens the Tom Brady. Tom Brady start stepping up and throwing the ball early. Throwing it early and throwing it lo and there's a lot of incomplete passes and he starts yelling at his teammates and things don't go well for the patriots. The jaguars can do that in spades they can get pressure on Brady just using the defensive line. As long as that happens you'll watch Brady will be flustered he'll move around the pocket or throw the ball early and he'll throw law. That's what's gonna happen they won't put points on the board and the jaguars will salted away with a late drive. Letter four net into the end zone from five yards out for a double digit lead with less than two minutes left to go on your thinking oh my god. The patriots are gonna lose. Save that one patio. Toward Brady struggles on the opening drive and and find that the second half. Michael back to the Super Bowl last year. Yea face pressure their early Atlantic got to want Jared had a monster game gets a Brady did in the second half he was nails. And carved up the Atlanta Falcons. So. If you get a hang your hat on that. You've got at least be honest and say there are plenty games recently even into his thirties and now forty year old season where Brady struggled early and found late. I'm confident that if he struggles early he did against Tennessee you'll find it. Even against a very good Jackson will be pads so that's the Jason Smith take. Pressure on Brady he gets off the spot. Throws the ball on the ground and away league nobody changes. From an elite quarterback in to be in a guy who scattershot. More obviously invisibly than Tom Brady. That's a tough one because he was scattershot at times during the game at Tennessee and ended up with 337 yards and three touchdowns. So that's a tough wanna back up your Jason's been but I give him credit it was Sunday in a Monday or Monday morning to plant its flag early. Jacksonville wins on a letter for a touchdown late. Under two minutes ago he calls a shot will give him credit he's embarrassed all bears next Monday. That's out works closely tonight right we will also. Tenet we will celebrate if I was wrong open Tenet whenever sending that. I told me on the show what Jason Smith he gets a different treatment. How about Jacksonville beat writer give his name patio thanks for the sub market might K. Mike K was old Ryan Hannibal. On animals WEEI football podcast but not. Not Sunday football not not NFL Sunday football podcast is a terrible things harder on. But he doesn't football podcast couple times a week during the year he talked to a Jacksonville beat writer. This is his breakdown about Jacksonville beat the patriots on Sunday. Oh yeah it will and he. I think it is in India reported record game I think I could be talked down from a but it right now arguably good object. 2420. That would what that that would be would go I think eager super app Atmel awake again that you. And I think bore hole is streaky guy in and out pretty. Well yeah I like being. If patriot pins a little over all and end. Navy to scale back a little bit I think we think can be good for network and I think it's the popular game. If anything the patriot ample historical bandages the project work had been squashing. You know batter franchise mark all year so it'll be an end date yet. So he's got a 2423. Their defense is fast. And Blake morals is on Iran. And again I would say would you say things like that you were ignoring the obvious the Blake morals is on Iran. He's completed 53%. Of his passes in the post season. 55%. For the season. He was a great a total ball two weeks ago against buffalo. He'd dink and dunked his way to a win when letter format and TJ yelled and and Tommy Bohannon and James O Shaughnessy. Last week in Pittsburgh. It does not feel like he's funny role. On a roll it's 337 and three touchdowns for Brady. Boras doesn't feel on a roll. So again if you want to pick Jacksonville. This is what you're getting. Brady scattershot pressured. And Blake portals is on a roll. That's sort of where we are and we're on the eve of this thing really turning. My prediction patio 8:45 eastern time on Wednesday night January 17 is that tomorrow January 18 as you'll get. Two or three. Real big national takes. Oh why Jacksonville is going to win and that's when the tide starts to turn. This is when media guys start to say how can I make my mark. How can I be seen how can we get clicks how can I get views how can I get booked on Boston shows. Friday Saturday and Sunday on gonna pick Jacksonville. And it will be the Jacksonville's America's team they are the good guys Brady's a bad guy. It'll be defense and running game and portals and Tom Coughlin buckle patriot fans. I they're all lots. We are getting that the next 444872. Hours. And by Sunday morning when we sit down to do a five hour. Action packed edition of NFL Sunday. I'll have a whole stack of people. In Jacksonville will win that game. And I'll still be saying the patriots big big big boring here's the caveat now. Give myself a little bit out. After all that. If Brady's hand injury ends up being serious when nobody heading into the game all bets are off the problem is that we're gonna have no idea. Tom Brady today and I it's an informational story I can't give big big cake because it's the patriots and it's the injury stuff so who knows. But Tom Brady today. Did not take part in the team's media responsibilities. On AFC championship Wednesday. Stacey James announced he was working with the medical staff. It seemed like would that news he was out just hiding for the media no big deal pickle Brady thing but a couple hours later caring to regain tweets out. Source tells her Brady jammed his hand running into a teammate X rays negative. Her counterpart at the Boston Herald Jeff Powell says source tells him he will still play the game on Sunday barring a setback. So it sounds like nothing I I get it sounds like nothing. And we Hollywood here no further info. We'll see who's on the practice field tomorrow we'll see if he still avoids media responsibilities by saying he's getting medical attention I've no idea. But in most case with the patriots we will have no idea all the way till Sunday at 305310. When he drops back for his first pass. If we find out before then. That he's hurt or he's limited. Or Brian Hoyer might play for for God's sakes. Then all bets are we all but I I don't believe that's going to be the case and I'm not fear of that I don't think that's going to happen but I'll leave myself a little live and out. Heading into the game now on Sunday. Elliott's up in Maine he joins us at 61777979370. Guys are very patient. On the phone tonight no gas no calls that major calls up until 10 o'clock Ellie what he got tonight. But man I did on Eliot excellent value. Like I am dark here in normal bit Li B the problem. I don't listen okay good that's that's all of them on it yet are you still can be banned from Cain actually. I don't know lap I was band on the Twitter account I've had. I've sort of had I've made some decisions and how many handle that. I may hold off until tomorrow but talking about that but I some plans for Friday is when I would say as some plans in the works for Friday morning. I'm opening here premiere open Friday. Regular term bubble city and see what that all the strings we'll see you knew worst thing Gary Lewis and so if mcdaniels. And particularly. What what do you think we're left liberals leaving. That did defensively. It seems like Brian Flores would get the job if you have made the job and Arizona which I guess is still possibility but. On paper right now Brian Flores takes over for Patricia and I Chad O'Shea the wide receiver coach would take over for mcdaniels on office is what it feels like right now. Have you heard of that they've been recruit he from. The government or a blue. From property company and I've been offensive coordinator salvia. Is he is he gonna get an opportunity that Steve that that makes a great phone calls. I've heard. That's from Kirk I don't know I really checking the Twitter. Costs these so Stephen Providence who calls to make follow my five year old son is gonna be the new. Patriots offensive coordinator. That that is out there I don't know. But in on Twitter I don't. Have much in jail. Hoot who tweet that out Elliott's and the check that I can I not seen that and a bad job by Patti and I missing. I mean are you guys meant that Ellen I will check that it would be NBA lost four. I guess they're show laws but. But seem like gay a long shots at least. Bill let's go to Joey in Milford on the jags this week and I joke. LA. Why hey let's get real quick you'll read else. Will you. I obviously you're not a hit double outlet like OK yep. Friend of bill's it's pretty random question GO. It's not a you know what I'm saying but it labor outlet guy. So I think they do picture accidental operating at. Should should have known as bad job and did not sniff that out patio to very bad. I'll continue with your phone calls I also wanna come back and play some Charlie Weis today. Charlie Weis had a low spot. With dale and Holley. Any a couple of edges against including. I would say a a eight take that nobody asks. On Tom Brady now he's close Charlie Weis is friends of Brady. But he had a take that I've had nobody else give. When it comes to TB twelve. We'll get to that and your phone calls will do baseball top of the hour nine at the hot stove show well the least a segment of baseball if you wanna talk baseball. That will be the time to do it gonna bitch about JD Martinez the Red Sox not doing anything that'll be a great spot to do so. After 9 o'clock tonight but Charlie Weis in your calls we come back it's Mott at night's Sports Radio. WE. Money at night rolls on Sports Radio WEEI you've got to. There there comes a sixth sense of this sort of thing. When you've been doing sports talk radio. A very mediocre level for I years upon years now it's been a while for me. You did you get a sense when there is day. Aid batch or just bad phone calls coming and I should've recognized that with Jolie who called in from Milford that was the first one. So I hate to do this patio and I'm sure they're nice people. I got we got full phones just clear right now clear and we'll take phone calls again after 9 o'clock tellem thank you. But I'm done calls until line I can feel it coming like a tidal wave. And solar clothes the full tree now or 9 o'clock. I can I can smell it is something their bill the week. It pats and jags. These are sort of a board of monks and patriot fans with this and so we're gonna close the phones until after 9 o'clock. But thank you for holding off for those who were there as for Charlie Weis today. Interesting conversation with dale hall and is a lot of things being said about Tom Brady. I've not heard anyone say what. Charlie Weis said today about Brady and is surprised or lack of surprise about how good Brady's played here at the age of forty. No you wanna know why yet has he told these because he told and so okay and I've had conversations over the years it it's loaded field of view about very reckless you know those. Never felt better you know so I'm not gonna lie to me not help I think you'll have a better your next year. When you got everyone there healthy I'd like that. And it's you're articulate articulate will be better next year and nearly 41. It says they've brought the ball on the in Arizona and other authorities status amid the the closest state might be Drew Brees he's 39 or so those problems and then these guys who showed no evidence. It's that there any word don't what is it I know a lot of TV and radio and stuff and you know they are all common purpose that's December. And that's it you know tell me how Al green's stats were and September October. And November and I look at disintegration. Her prosecute coal it is cold box or would senator got a right. And the plane and outdoor stage now they do actually yes you got that you know people forget all the other factors determined to. To place. Alls I knows come playoff time this guy shows up all the time doesn't stay in it he certainly had. Everyone keeps on route and everyone can sound room for the patrons lungs. Okay they wanna see Brady all those days they they won't seat belts are all the slaves and you and most well. Most often times it ends up with the same result. So lengthy cut their from Charlie and it's a lot of things I think most people would agree with. But they are tucked in the middle. Tom Brady would be better next year. Then he is this year. That you have heard literally. Nowhere. When it comes the analysis of Tom Brady and a caveat is these very friendly with Brady. In the stories when Charlie Weis almost died when he had his. Gastric bypass surgery. And Brady showed up I think it was either the first or second one there in the hospital with Weis. Amid very friendly with Weiss and their close in their friendly so that's the caveat he's a friend of Tom so he's going to be. Very supportive of Tom. But this they will be better next year nobody saying that. It's a hero eagle watchers that Tom Brady fan boy a friend of a Brady's wants the pump them up. There they go what a branding cooks in year two. In settlement comes back. And we see this continued. Health of Rob Gronkowski. And they bring back go to the running backs in the at a third god of the mix and they get another inside or outside guy and a short the offensive line the draft. It gravy is the same guy he is this year just BP's the same player. He will technically be better next year he's gonna win the MVP. And what Weis says. Dammit he's right. And no one else is saying it big what Brady dealt with settlement did not play this season. Burke had missed a big stretch Chris Hogan Mr. Big stretch offensive line had issues crawl with the game. He's still going to win the MVP. And because a lot of that including Julian Edelman is why he should quit the MVP. It took away second most of port opens the player for the year and he still went out there it was great excellent. That should be part of it that degree of difficulty. All these new moving parts. First year for branding cooks. New players involved first year Rex Burkhead. And they play like a well oiled machine especially. In the beginning and middle portions of the year. I struggled in December and a much hurt the cold way Charlie says. But early on when he needed braid to be that good because the defense was still trying to learn right defense first couple weeks. First half of the year wasn't as good as it is now they needed Brady QB Brady any was with new players. In that lineup he's the MVP and Charlie is not to sound like a fan boy he's right Brady. Brady could be better next year. If you believe that he is AG at a much slower rate than the normal NFL quarterback does and that is something. That is something that I've heard nobody say of operating the next year. On some other cuts on a play for Charlotte's only two more. I whose ass all the Seth wicker shared story that's story's really died down I think will we see the patriots in the Super Bowl. They'll be NE SP and follow up BS can be crazy not to have wicker sham go back to his sources. And try to get some sort of followed to this story. In fact it was Bruce Bruce Arthur. Everybody loves a columnist up in Toronto. Who wrote the aftermath the wicker shared story that he was here in the seven bunker champ had more that he was working on. Or more parts the story he's trying to get sourced out so that's coming at some point. Listening to Weis today. He again took a different take this the wicker shares story was a good thing for the patriots this time here. I think it did you do it. Bootleg giving given me. To rabid animals. I mean I beat you wanna talk about how stupid people can bury you write an article like that quote almost didn't fire hoping. And more we want look. What you'd love to have even more motivation. Okay war ever read more accurate reason shuttered Waddell. A UN and me I mean you think you can combat. I mean there's certain jealousy egos involved and for. Professional sports you betcha others. Okay does everyone you know everyone. Without walking around saying you wanna factors at won't feel good when it'll attention yet it's part as part of human blood. But that in the day it's about one in championships. Okay no matter what role the matter how bigger house ball. You know what you with a championship skills that you feel special and that's all they care about is winning championships. So all that article it was it was a small fortunes you know. Which is really good news to the patriots coach called and it was getting fired up even more given to have more and more regional. Yeah Agha some of that could be true. Will see the army and did that adding they did more than that I addicts certainly. If you believe in Rappaport. Who reported that after that you did this on Saturday or Sunday morning. On this past weekend he reported that after the year ballot check craft and Brady are gonna sit down to. Go over these different tensions those tensions are definitely there or were there. To the extent that will wicker champ present them I'm not shore. Is Tommy curry had many of these couple weeks prior to that. So the tensions were there. I'm not sure all data was fired Emma. I get their reports by inside like you Rappaport the you to sit down and meet after the year but there are some issues there and the biggest issue going forward is going to be. You know can attach at the relationship with Guerrero can Guerrero Belichick worked closely together or they gonna. Have this. War with Tom hear all the work that needs to other guys down your place relationship going forward a cant they find the next should be dropped. If they do that they'll they'll be fine with the fan base if they draft a quarterback in the second or third round and that guy flashes here early in the year. Everyone talks about how looks and actually be drop low they'll be just fine. So those two issues. Again figure out it's only it's quite as rosy as the way. It was positioned thereby Charlie Weis one more from Weis. About attacking the jaguars patio this was and it was the second cut. Talking about the offense a bit the patriots. Against the Jacksonville defense. And in off at the quarters mining Charlie's mind how the patriots attack is really good Jacksonville. And it all comes down to the since being challenged us to feature rich you know comes down to matchups you know it comes on the scheme matchup. I hope so what one of the one on Internet while their only chance to anyone has some truly never beat the patriots who is putting added pressure and Tommy's case but I don't Russian workers loans so they have a pretty good pass rush you know pretty well. Pretty formidable machine gun to a lot of people would. Four hours to question that is and we we talked about how good Turkey bounces OK important not particularly mr. Ron okay am. And the little pictures Stewart that you spread him out and Tommy throws the ball where that's another way. Neutralized in the past Castro. That was when you know you look for guys to corporate and there are. Don't quarterback. It's sort of also obsessed killer really really takes you know upset. Some bluster or I think that you'll see the pictures you know to keep moms are wrong. Mobile not to try to. Excluding especially if it looks like they're getting help you are running back position and that's gonna come down and accepts about it didn't look like cows do you go to Google Talk about a quarter and and put them on broadcast and gronkowski slots kind of tough to do you want to open will tighten pollution walking wounded flexes out or you know you're in an empty set or you know each he's detached outline what he's when he's attached to loans from her clothes lunchroom. Slot are Purdue size she didn't you won't get it. Grown gone really down on June 1 and second down special rule play actions they do and then on third down to spread. When vulnerable quick conclusion desolate lord knows. The way Weis talks right there you sound so confident. He sounds so confident the patriots ability to for a couple guys that. Know a lot more about football than idea Matt Boland one of these guys who's talking about its cover three Jacksonville look. They don't make many adjustments and they they play with they they're very good but they play with they play and so it's easy to come up with a game plan. To attack it any a bunch of plays over the middle getting tight ends and running backs matched up with. Their linebackers the exact same way Charlie just said Jeff how community similar thing today. That it's a good defense but. It is what it days and you can it's not hard to game plan for. And we read those things and you think of who has run in the game plan McCain as the Brady it is hard not to imagine they're going to score on Jacksonville. Jimmy go Rob Lowe in year one or year one of him playing full time their temper Siskel and a month. And Big Ben gay and why wouldn't Brady seriously why would Brady. It sounds dumb it sounds basic it's like he come back do with this game. And so you wanna hear the entire Charlie Weis spotlight went over twenty minutes. With dale Ali keep that they can listen on demand I'd WEEI dot com wanna bring you about all the highlights of that spot. We site guys called and I cycled in during the segment I'm I'm closing calls until 9 o'clock there's that there was a width in the air. A whole string of calls common after Joey mil for called in Sobel will reopen the fault after nine. At 6177797937. Trent Dilfer went on this amazing rant. A couple years ago against Blake morals and today he completely pushed out. We get to that and your phone calls after nine and some baseball after nine as well it's Monday night's Sports Radio W the. I think you were were actually well not like places person and I think he showed some courage and determination. Early on that the end of the day you've got to go. And I talked a lot of quarterbacks this they give us the one thing you have to go do some gutsy tough guy he's more and browser process. We'll all say one thing you got to go straight that your go to school all the other old walked. You're so what are very small area. I had to Wear the receiver is at floor right there at majority either way just so we are part of what he just body creep out Serb. He's very good athlete but I think he makes a panic decisions IPC is terrible past. So I don't think got a good job buddy Jack Wilson terrible cities. For so franchise I know this sounds harsh and music that the guy that has yet you know sledgehammer comment. But I feel strongly about that I would not want a ghostly portals I would Jackson well and I've got it. Believe jocks. Want to be a war over every week yeah yet. And watch every game or pretty open and honest and have I'd lash republic was OKE eight and will be yards a lot of jobs yardage and a lot of mystery meat he buys receivers. This year I mean it was Regis I've played so bad. I played really bad quarterback yet felt. I don't remember ever coming closely at quarterback where you just have no white or falls don't release sure. Well played it gave us the want to write headlines. Portals the worst quarterback FL Jacksonville socks that I don't give it up with Jackson it's. That's the that is that I would that would keep him out of the United States that it would have liked. A couple of guys backing up the opinion across bus on that patio spot at night Sports Radio WEEI that was Trent Dilfer. With the rich Keith and Keith shepherd. From December of 2016. So last December. With the guys during a holiday show. I think first of all I think Pete wants to back up that Jacksonville they does work in Florida fulltime now. Righty did need to relocate to Florida. Fort Myers I believe is that far from Jackson. I think Jacksonville's little to further north I have no idea but this and Fort Myers is a a minor league Jacksonville's and the same thing. Citing Pete Frye will back it up the opinion truck on that. Consider he said I would do all I want and X. To actual audience states works there now. And Dilfer. Feel free give us is great cut last December. Portals shocks he can't spin it we hate Jacksonville. Like morals and asked about that today. Asked about the criticism a Dilfer. Trent Dilfer apologized. To blow bottles today for past criticism of his play Blake quote. I thought it was pretty cool he came up and apologized. I appreciated the gesture. Added it wasn't necessary. Hash tag jaguars. So this eight great clip. From Dilfer. Bury him. Anyway and had to apologize. Now I don't say in this story on ESPN. Or I'm Jim and NASA dot com. You know why Dilfer was there right on she played with a of the box. Maybe he now works in the area I don't think he works he's still working ESPN patio is one of the guys who got. Jettisoned. During the firings ESPN. I mean he was casual I think he was tuscon might ensure what he's doing now bad job initial look that up by just. I sold Dilfer is aimed at assumed ESPN. But I I I I wonder. What he was doing there. But that great tirade. Trent Dilfer apologizes to bore holes today is this just the data seventy. For past criticism of his played Blake say quit post pretty equally came up and apologize. I appreciated jest yeah erect what is what is would file would Trent Dilfer is doing now. I like manual and own up to take but this why loved. Worst. And that's the thing right MA in late morals is not a guy I would normally root against I guess my brilliant at an utterly. Patriots fan at this point six hits him Rudy against wait for because he seems like a nice guy if you listened to. The bar stool podcast pardon my take. Which is their best podcast. Portals of frequent guest on there. And several book club they do is Wikipedia club they go over different subjects and a gold Wikipedia page that he's funny self deprecating and he started in on the joke. We had they did this thing where they are talking about giving due advice for DeShawn Kaiser. And is the I was like yes stop throwing interceptions. We just don't eat just eat cigarettes that you run sincerely good good guy when Dilfer says. He's a good guy became quarterback I believe that a lot of people think that. Probably portals. But he is the reason why they won't win and it's too bad after that great. Great rip job of portals Jacksonville. On the old holly with shepherding Keefe. Last winter. He had to go on down back it up today. 6177797. ID 37 hole reopen the fault lines now people to call on and asking patio what is Mathieu went. What's his problem like I could smell in the air that both couple segments there were some. Weird calls of on the board. There's something going on there that segment and happens sometimes to reset the phones will take him again after 9 o'clock at 617779. Seven ID 37 and will start the hour talking. Some baseball. If the baseball calls the reaction is there will do baseball the whole hour. If not we a played football stuff I've gotten to yet. But wants Howard baseball because the Red Sox reportedly admitted offered a JD Martinez. Eddie is a brutal offer. And makes you wonder if they want JD Martinez or they want you to think. They want JD Martinez. Of course it is winter weekend this weekend what the hell we celebrating if your Red Sox fan go down to a foxwoods for when a weekend. So if you've been sick on some law hot Red Sox takes. You have thoughts of the team on Martinez what they've done what they've not done this is the time to do is the only hours of radio. On WEEI this weekend that we really segments. On the guy this week. It's not gonna start football. We start this hour baseball and Martinez and you potentially 617. 7797937. The hot stove show he's the hot still segment is next.