It seems like Gisele really wants Tom Brady to retire

Mut at Night
Tuesday, January 23rd

Mut and Tomase are talking about the story that Gisele Bündchen has talked to some of Tom Brady's friends in an attempt to enlist their help in convincing the 40-year old QB to retire. They talk about if it comes to it would it be family or football, and at what point will Brady decide to call it quits.


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Monday night. We have a super all that is possibly the worst. Possible combination. For the city that harmful side. Until you sound excited to be careful burial not bark off the edge of his seat. They couldn't be more fired up to go to Minneapolis to watch the Eagles and the and the adultery with my. Yeah yeah won't go under the super ball and we are doing a Super Bowl we're gonna general business. Man I'm next but not too long yeah well I don't know if protest could delicate let's take care of business. Well I don't know what businesses until tomorrow. Along with full. Build muscles were a week or more from from built. Schools are living you do business. Now here's my bad night on Sports Radio W we. Doing business Monday night or Friday. Okay is here our producer has always. Who's our producer training tonight and David good that in the back with a shot from our futures well John good evening hour yet what's the site you'll this month I mentioned the central Minnesota trick I don't know and wanna thank you for supporting. Other cause they like her retreat on social media both. Was going through and a lot of people the state supported. Not that was keeping track. Morning show supported yet. Mid day show all about it. So mossy Bradford. Hannibal web site behind it Roemer behind a producers here at a date thank you much behind them who we left and wanna shell had zero interest. In supporting this and that is our leading. Two to six show have wanted nothing to do with this no re tweets no lights no joking about it. I'm no fun whatsoever in key for madness your partner keep it okay with a on the ears for mocking me forever and am the only who can go to the Super Bowl which until there's many is NAFTA. On Andy has wanted to go to means more work for the producers visual work for him so there's and it's a sticker on yours yet every he'll be here but there could be some more work policy Jason Rossi. Are there people like I found interesting as well our support and it meant a lot that. I you guys supported it and other shows do it and that listeners certainly did at this trending like an hour. I yes you're trending topic in Boston and all of Twitter hello I mean that's what I was told to do and I got an official word yet but I assume the program nurtures a man of his word. And that's the case that I'll be in Minnesota next week do in this. Ridiculous show every night radio star cannot wait stormy Daniels has nothing will she be there on radio road next week she might literally be on radio route. I would sit down talk with error as some of the question lies down and talk partner what did the mini pizzas on the pencil like if when we say we asked for many pizza pepperoni though like many pizzas on a pizza. That's sort of interesting to me yes like that your parents forget the spanking my important what like a mini pizzas on pizza like seriously that's like something out of inception. Would you call on Asher an answer blames the essar the drawings that look like there eating themselves to you look at them. After it slightly Hank Hill pulled out of its smaller can of WD-40 to get to cap off the bigger cam that we're at at at and exactly that aggressively nesting dolls odds I'll be here between now at 10 o'clock its all your phone calls at 617779. 7937. I think the big story tonight I could be wrong. Is the renewed interest in Tom Brady's retirement and Gisele Bundchen going to of all people Jay Feely today. Terrible size but I quarterly heroes that are exactly Michigan teammate and Saturday on vacation get my guide to retire and I understand her side that. I'm not buying for a second this ends up changing the path of Brady's eventual ending with the patriots is playing as long as he can. While he's still really good and then at that point walking away no earlier than that because it was wife would liken it. Yadda I don't think she's gonna have any impact on that decision any times and when I say this this is gonna sound harsh and I'll explain. But went like already half that if he had to choose footballer his family he would choose football and not. Because he would in his head he would say well that's a stupid choice on and actually have to make that choice I can have both he would convince themselves they asset both. But football is always going to be a part of that. I think that's why he's so committed to TB twelve that's why he's doing videos like converse is time he wants to let people know and share with. The world what quite frankly Stanley already knows this family knows what he does. For football they know the sacrifices that Thomas put up he now wants to share that. They went elsewhere to speak to what your saying that the football is a bigger part of it and unless he's hurt unless he's playing poorly. You're right John he can do bull now. Did the the part got a talked about yet here tonight. Is it is the backlash against Giselle locally. If Tom did walkway after six all I got. How amazing would that whole oh you crap you traded real agent EG and then Gisele is like kids Tommy we who we are going to Brazil I makers conference I don't know why but. OK okay if I could go away and durable just and that's an awful that that's it. That's it done no Bilbray you know there'd been all of sudden Brian lawyers like Brian Hoyer and seven Arrington and get you a seventh ring New England. Follow me and that to me is a part of it if you want if you want to make the list of okay wise as. Likely not to be happening after this year is much he loves his wife loves his family I'm sure listens to our does that thing where. We've all been there Tom I get that you nod your head. When your wife is talking about something that you don't want to hear at that point he knows that she wants and retired she knows that these are not said. On. He would not have been so passionate if you believe any wicker shams peace. About going to Bob Kraft and say look I'm going to be here for awhile like some assurances that I'm going to be here with your team and renew my contract. I like to beat the guy going forward and once they treat Jimmy drop below that to me is a sign that even Bob Kraft is pretty short his quarterback's going to be here for reform yet. So I'm with you there and I'm sure Brady looks at it like you know G or every cause there. When I'm done UK yes when I am done. You've got me for the arrest of our lives and I plan on living so I'm like a 125. So. You know we've got Lanny it's time together I can only play this game for 234 more years and every you know what every honestly tells himself. And so let's make the most these next couple years and I promise you I will leave with my faculties intact I believe on my own two feet. And then we can ride off into the sunset you know whether or not she believes that based on the Charlie Rose thing where she talked very you know openly about concussions are playing that sound earlier. I'm sure she has her doubts in her she said at football when Aaron should but football's violent gamer an aggressive game my husband asking questions we'll talk about my has been asking questions yes so I'm sure she's worried about thought of that as she should be. But you don't get to where he is by a letting even the tiniest sliver of doubt and to your mind about your commitment about your ability does stick around by your ability to hold up physically. He's not going. He's working out in Brazil on this commerce times like he's on vacation with Ernie he's working I I completely with you on this and whether it's commerce is time for TB twelve or just the commitment. The appear estimates of the patriots in all season that so I am certainly not or are we gonna culpable people call tonight say. It does sort of change my mind I it's been very very minimal most people agree with us John what can you take those phone calls at 617. 77979237. The nod to sell harvest family. That might actually keep playing football as long as he wants to. Is that his kids are getting to an age where it must be really cool to see dad is the greatest quarterback. In the National Football League and the perks as a kid. The goal of being Tom's child at the ages of you know 4579. Whatever they are right now during that there are they beat the big hit out at. There tighten. I think his kids there almost exact same age as mine site and they're adding he's got eight and ten minute forget the younger but she's not it's it's as she write that as young as with the daughter yes I was are only two of the earth I must. OK let's figure atop its so your roots thing European at the age these kids yes there's anything occur. That's a really good age yet for Tom Brady to be I would quarter alternately say. That watching daddy excel at that game while exciting would also be terrifying can you imagine. Watching your dad go get his. Ask and it's MH forty when you're a kid that light they Thomas blocked no matter how you heard masters and use them to donors that word but I'm just saying. It is not. Alex Guerrero approved. But can you imagine what you know watching him just get his head handed to him I would wonder if at some point. Like daddy or hurt her daddy or bruised her daddy this of that maybe that would have an impact template that I don't think we're there yet are you of any lingering takeaways from Sunday you wanna get to forge a principle yet you know what there's one thing that we haven't paid a lot of a lot of attention to and it was wrong I will give the NFL credit for this or the patriots are forever while you're you're the NFL a lot of credit today year old now that's certainly the ads you have space and it was for its rhetoric not like a guy doesn't watch the sporting more you Cheryl the NFL that I love all the things off the field. So grant gets crushed. And I don't know about you but I turned of the buzz us in game let them like he can barely walk and he's gonna be back in this game and like ten minutes they'll be back at the start of the third quarter. And the independent doctor that concussion protocol whatever. It seemed to work in this case because we only have to go back a couple Super Bowls. To Gillian adamant getting I mean he didn't know what day of the week it was he didn't know what his name was. He was staggered around like mr. McGrew and he stayed in that game and now here we are couple years later and almost as big game. In in even more important offensive piece and he got crunched and he got his bell rung in and son and he didn't come back I just thought that was. A sign that may be. They're not just paying lip service to that. All concussion like those interest in the areas that may was the timing of X it was at end of the first half but he. He bypassed the tent altogether like on the telecast they said you know he's gonna go the ten. An arrow on Twitter said no I don't know he's going rights locker that he's not even walk in the locker room John. The guy that was with him that the coach and archer was sort of always sort of guiding him along the way and Tracy Wilson and indeed the context of when rob came on the sideline all I was saying was wow. Wow. Wow. And you know forgetting the terrible crime can pass concussion test anyway that the things that we're going on. I I am completely shocked heating come back and acting so my shocked so good for whoever's. All that was that they followed through on it and had his best interest in my system and is. I know it's supposed to be an independent you know and separate from the teams in from the league non as my quote I don't know much lower college input to the patriots doctors have. When that it's supposed to be none right but I I don't we but and I'm not singling out the patriots this because this is a league lightning. Where you see time after who has it tests that was Tom savage who was the top sellers having convulsions and Fiat and he statins I mean night. Who do you blame man and by. It's supposed to be in the and it's not supposed to be. That team so heating come back and that the Jim McBride story today suggests the people around him. I say he's gonna be okay for the game once and I fully expect them play a week from Sonny gets in two weeks and even if he's borderline. I'm not going to be shocked if he only eight arm out of a shot or B doesn't play that he does yet and you know it amazes me so this is having covered baseball for years. I was there the night in Toronto where Brock coal and Pedroia collided on the middle for a ball. And it wasn't a terrible collision honestly like a football scale would be zero point one. And Holtz has never been the same I mean we're gone on my two years now when he. You know I think he hit a wall at some point as well but he's trying to come back any comeback for a week or two and and it's it's symptoms again attorneys out and David ross' same thing he took a foul ball off the mask and was to nowhere was that many came back and it happened again and in it these guys and missing months and then you have that it. Which is whole week how face mask the face mask full speed. One guy 275. Pounds the other a move and about sixty miles an hour flying everywhere yeah exactly and it's idea he'll be 52 weeks late. In a normal world he would never beavis and for the rest of his life. He probably won't be but I I won't be surprised who could be surprised he's not at this point not that player not that sport at 61777979837. David Roxbury. Joins the conversation it's Monday night John Tomas the long hey David. Much. Thank you for taking my call I you know I've really judge this they show a lot you know there there's a radio station that may be the voice of the pages but you guys certainly the cult. Nice says they've now last time. Got left all of that mentions that though it would be blocked and are tight end that we got a tight end it could block kind of stayed in the game and we got. And that economic input in you don't get that in the net and I didn't even think that it that it may just think about that. We are going on what we got a guy that could block in emailed statement gave it great walk I never even thought of that. Oh yeah Iran Iran many pass routes he and flooding all the were a big part of that block in the second half yeah. Just just the idea that that that don't kind of information can be derived from your show and I thank you church Lila Collin who knew. Need I didn't expect a lot you lightly with the old hobbies that Stuart Smalley of of radio or I didn't hurt some Smart enough. Dustin. And elect a. But you know what I'd like my climate let them. Ought to agent I think Bruschi is is an incredible. Element of how a guy that went from the kicking teen. He and moved his way out and I think is because people being. And then made him believe in himself. You know the patriot way you know 1000. He's. Did I not of course you know he. He's he's very pro patriot yes. But but also on TV leniency in his opinion. Something and he went public guy that was on it'll cut a check to you know what kind it and I think it's because a lot of attention weight and. Belichick believing it people need to know make you believe in yourself. In you can go further than you possibly cooked in that's why people may want players may want to come here in it and then go lawful thing. That makes us play a friend in all of a sudden he comes here and they treat him. Cadillac. Now he's he's sitting pretty indicating that the patriot system. I hear you David I still think though at the end of all of that and this is in Taba players and taken less money to play here in the idea idea how to act it comes down to the short window these guys have so many say the patriots cheating grumble well. Is that gonna affect one free agent signing here is that a some worlds in less money here than getting the most money somewhere else I would say no I don't believe. Because these guys have such a small windows in the NFL John. Only that side really exist outside of veteran players the end of their Corey yeah I mean there are guys who will take less to come here trying to win you know and I think that's they are veterans and you have to attack on our players and their a guy in his prime is not likely to take much if any at a discount to go anywhere including here now Chris in Texas on the patriots in the Super Bowl like Chris. Hey guys what happened to taking my call got an end. John what are Exel bloody what's it reminds. You get a well I'd first like it wanted to say got a few things to say it'll cost too much looks a lot though. You know the article. Purse wallet come from. Serbs you know in the navy in the coming from someone that serves that you know really took the stand so. Think in that you know if you. There's just there's there's there's a level of respect that comes in pretty anthem outside the boy you know anyone else says or thinks. In a wee wee we wanna what we are always with it everyone kind of went on within a wet behind kind up on the back burners and I agree with you article because I feel like all the mainstream media and everything. I really believe that you know did that would just be a another another reason I bring it all back up an account of what it's fine behind. And I slot but we haven't talked about it yet I want to get into it at some point here tonight John wrote a story NFL makes the right call. Rejecting the veterans please stand suitable 52 guys do you agree with the NFL rejecting the ad you're OK with that. Yet here's a look and again I yacht service served in the navy and I'm about standing up and and you know there's there's so much respect and stuff that goes with it Amanda fought win men and women have fought and died in this and that. And you know what I do agree with which it did just look at cal put it behind this and we've kind of moved on finally you know you're not you're too much about it anymore and I just think it would be good for the sport. Huge fan of the sport and everything himself but to tell my opinion on that but about the path to happen personnel question who want to get your opinions on just a couple different ones. First of all the running back position you know I've seen the incredible stat you when Dion lewis' starting. No the one defeated them starting. I would think so how can start starting until midway through the year though did he start the Miami game don't feel like the double track. But got none nonetheless if it's an unbelievable record so if you think yet. You'll Birkhead had one touched nasty shot to the back drop the ball upfield or YouTube for the rest of the game. Aim to back in Italy on the don't know what his status is what I mean he's in the dock helps or what not like you think the only with the gonna get all the touch is going into the Super Bowl. Yet James White so I now say those guys great site. Jay's life well you're right iPod outs but lets focusing on on Birkhead and end up Mike you know the other two get. Are ridiculous cellular interactive firm at what all but one game in the second Africa and then thanks you're servers thanks for the call he's not gonna play me like Mike Ellis a wealth it's unless Perkins like Gilles he's not gonna play a mean. I guess of Berkett does ago but at that point there if they have they need to listed as they have other night is that people than for special team yet. I. I've no idea what to expect it's I've knocked on the deep dive yet but I I would not pick any pitcher running back to get the all the carries as Chris that we are beyond that at this point whites got his role Lewis has his role of Birkhead is healthy. I think you played a sneak it roll in that came before he got hurt that you do budget are things they line up. Which you backs against the mile wide they can move from an all different sorts of spots so. To just suggest even though is they played well with him as the starter that Lewis would be the only god touch of the ball now don't believe that the patriots yet. US we won a question earlier what stood out about the jaguars in the one other thing. Was. Brandon cooks like I went into that game thinking cooks they're nine and a look at non track and he will be a non factor and not could not have been more run. And you you look at the way he got shut down in Miami by an anonymous cornerback. And then you look at the two pro bowlers it'd be facing here who. You know AJ grille had blanket coverage on Antonio Brown for a lot even though he gave up touchdowns he was all over him and I just said. Cook's if if he's doing this if he's requiring this kind of effort out of Antonio Brown to score cooks is not even sniff the ball. And that was so far off and that was as the biggest game could and I know cooks dropped a huge pass that would've. You know at at the time to look like could have been incredibly costly but six catches hundred yards to pass interference penalties. He came here's what I never got after the game he now says why did AJ boy give. Brandon cooks so much space because the routes he was running. He came back he was wide open on the east comeback routes inside yards down feet over and over and over again I heard it was is this great man corner. With the patriots should assign or Stephon Gilmore bull. He isn't playing a lot of get up in the face of branding cooks man in that game and I. I don't believe. It John that they went into the game again like you arrival there against the market problem but he's that much space is that wide open. Yet yet okay Paul Louis gates talked about this after the game besides he had not yet he criticized the game plan he said we played a lot of man in the first half and as the second half we are playing a softer zoning case and I know why we did that so I think he's YouTube but that. Certainly made him look bad there a couple of those there was. An eighteen yard pass downfield which is exactly what you're talking about you know he ran Adam hired and then came back and we it was like twenty yards up the might. Who you know one can make up that. And it 6177797937. The phone armor still speaking picking through the specs of all we saw on Sunday patriots and jags a little bit looking ahead. The patriots and Eagles I guess still well pulled it off the symbol and we'll get to Johns column at WEEI dot com. A guy who stopped watching football because it's solo bro I am now thanks football particular stand. Against these evil. Nasty. And veterans. Who served our country and defended our right to do things like talk sports here on the radio. Do that with your calls money at night Sports Radio W. A lot of night Sports Radio WEEI Johnson Osce is here as usual Tuesday spot will be with the guys. On Thursday morning as well with Kirk Callahan your calls up until ten at 617779. Seven ID 37 urgent go to WEEI dot com every single day but specifically today. On headline there too mossy NFL makes right call projecting veterans please stand Super Bowl pad. Some base it was the and the vets who are veterans organization wanted to run an ad that in the game program not on TV OK it was it is it print ad yet in the game program. Which just was a going to be players kneeling and with a words please stand prevent wasn't clear by the Al wasn't please stand for veterans because their football action NFL actually suggest that can you change it to this please stand for veterans. They just wanted it to say please stand. And the NFL felt that was too political and my thing which I didn't get into in the story which should accident thinking about it but it. You know the story was written and east and quickly just to get some call it Internet writing that he got out and exciting to understand that it's not let got to know this whole like kneeling and standing for the anthem and all that it started from such a dishonest. On a genuine place. With the commander in chief who doesn't even know the words to the anthem. And it allegedly. Allegedly allegedly sorry I'm I'm willing to have placed a bet they want I actually my signed stormy Daniels. Did and now. Anyway. Because because the original. Cause of all of this to me was just so dishonest like. This was you know I felt about this issue while Locke and so you're gone away it's gone away doesn't exist doesn't exist any toll agree so. Why like what's the point and also I'm way I am at the NFL on this. It's a game program like as error thing it's supposed to be like the American Eagles drinking Pepsi might you know Abe Lincoln drive and a Chevy Tahoe like there is. The it's not really the place wouldn't you agree goalie you're flipping through your game program. And all of a sudden like if you saw light you know the black Panthers salute from the Olympics or something you'd be rightly why. And so the same kind of thing like you retire and space into an anthem saying it was it L I don't know what the Allison looked like but it was pretty clear. It was a group of veterans that want to acknowledge that they were part of that group. That felt like for veterans you should stand I have I can say that anyway so what the NFL is under no obligation to run your advertised and I wish I wish that is as well paced and OK I wish they'd just said. Look it's up to us we we have finals and this. We're not in or on the apple they basically did all what they did was they did they said the following you have it in your story. The Super Bowl game program is designed for fans to commemorate and celebrate the game players teams in the Super Bowl. It's never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some to be a political statement the NFL's once supported the military vote so that political a political statement. So I guess maybe I not look that he Super Bowl game ball probably ever yet but I think guess what it looks like but I the launch title I guess they tasted too high yield high school college sports you would see the game books they've etc. what I know you're getting it again. You know a big all against state farm had a big Cumberland farms add. You're big Buffalo Wild Wings as it again. So. The thing that bothered me about prime McCarthy's comments was on the broadcast last year. Budweiser ran well logical thought was a pretty political ad. Where it was in the is in the aftermath of of trumpet he's about to be getting just had been. Sworn in and obviously he had is the issue of immigration. And so the first part of the ad is about the sky traveling from some of the country to America to Saint Louis that that the learn how to make beer. And it's like gog. You're not around here are you and just had a very start any idea what we are all women yes and it was it was an immigrant type basting the clearly had a political conduit. All sides of the aisle reacted to a go back and look at the depth comments of pride bright Barton NB MSNBC. So as a political nature of that and it and it ran. Multiple years ago. Tim Tebow on his mom or in a TV ad that was for a family website that is super super super pro life like that is the basis of why they exist. That again I'd say is a political state Henry stance against or for. Something and none of those ran in the game dated and see and that's the difference and that's where you eat you got me a little bit of box because I can't explain. Why on TV it's okay. I want to gain program it's not other than to say they don't want that. As a lasting image in a game program for the simple date they feel like somehow that is negative to them more I would just say. It's veterans. Saying to stand the at that was a big issue this year. What's the big deal to put the program if you consider the couple ads that mention that ran in your game broadcasts over the years on the net. Yet and if if they had said and maybe they will and maybe they have I have no idea I would rate the exact opposite column. If you wanna run it as a TV ad time. Go ahead like I feel like there's a little more gray area there Raikkonen for yet they probably can't afford it although they could kick start the money for probably in five minutes of what attitude the Cox news about they would take that. I have noisy on the road or not I'd been maybe they would maybe it maybe they would say it's too overt because the Budweiser one was. It was kind and gentle and it was a bunch of white people as our call right it was sort of time it was acting like you know Irish or German insurer and let him in his body in an immigrant a white Irish immigrant with a black immigrant on like steamboat steamboat gets blown out. An able that the jump ball the steamboat together article it was it was a lot of money put into but it felt very political. Re watching against that yet so you know there in those plans over the years that Tebow on I don't know actually remembered by. You know you're allowed to advertise for your uterus him and his mom dad and she's owning a hard day's childbirth laws and as I am shocked that they were you survived it and the and it was pulled here's the website for. Yet their family famine added there advertising there you know foundation or whatever you know whatever that thing was. It's an ad for our pro life pro area this is pretty it's pretty split arguments countries yet but it wasn't simply a pro life that it was an ad for you know whatever it is they were got a wealth is that it web site or whatever about it. But I'm just saying at least that's not an overtly. It's solely political it's not for anything other than a YRS wire veterans tops wire veterans suggesting. And I'm sorry I just. I just talked I wanna apologize I don't want you walking out in Albany you work. Why are veterans suggesting they would appreciate you stand for veterans how is that overly political. I'd because they're saying please stand and we know exactly what that's about that is. Dredging up this horrible issue that was. Used solely to divide us even you can read all the horrible issue yes the the idea of players kneeling was no longer even a thing nobody cared nobody paid any attention to it until the flame thrower in chief. Started their own as Molotov cocktails at these sons of you know what because. You know he that's how he rally and I don't as a country responded to him yes yes and that's yet and it was but was that. Was Arab blasted implement our beautiful in them that I don't even know the words to was that you really think that was done honestly do you think his motivations were simply. About I want people to respect our anthem or do you think there is something. Underlying it which was I want these black guys to know their place because the white guys have voted for me. That I'm now on speak in their line messy I think the second. It was about respect and it was about. Rallying do you think he respects I am I the agony of yeah he's do you think he knows the words to be I think it's like to use planning and he just lenses that stuff. As a prop always definitely yes yes yes so I knocked on my eyes and I had not seen him be disrespectful towards the flag or or the anthem itself on the than. Miss remembering the words potentially. Down there I don't think there was a flag in that room with the storm I just think he's our I just know that out DOS here on the show. Now my president. Is this considered. This respecting the flag of the doubt don't that's God's Aussie again. But I am I not seen on her to drugs or back up I'm just not gonna write a column more or agree with you that is some. Great stand by the NFL. I it was a right off it was always very great right it was a it was the right audiences agree it was not handled poorly by the NFL during the year and now they don't want people reminded of their biggest game yet do you just say that name but I don't say it's about. Political order to save us one thing I want to say they don't want the black guy hot of that of that. Of the kneeling throughout the course of the year pilot just. Just and I think they effectively did say I think it's political I think we all know why it's political mean. Kind of the same thing I still think it's some. You give them credit for doing I. I guess at some level I love Vienna I don't give them or you hate the end but I would give more credit is that you don't want anyone pay for you know pay the money to do it. It happened I'll watch it affected our league go head open. And final way to make orchids and a tale well they are tried and nine different versions of you can get it too I mean he's read that they said we tried to stand up please stand for veterans like. You know even that. Would probably be pushing the boundary a little bit don't go away please stand by in terms of if you wanna keep it apolitical if you wanna keep politics out of it completely. Any mention of standing in veterans and our minds are all gonna go back to that. Sons of bitches speech won't let you guys react to this as well John's call it WEEI dot com at 6177797937. Mr. pro Ana FL John to mossy. In the house here on WB yeah. Coming up after 9 o'clock where do exercise here John where I'm gonna read to you. The explanation of Tom Brady's injury in the Greg bishop story and you explain. Well what they're talking about like how how did Tom Brady actually hurt because between what he said. Kirk and Jerry on Monday in this bishop piece I get a mic. I have no idea how yet postage but I still don't understand why he'd better yet and how we got and we there's no dispute that night that this did happen in practice I don't think any there's been no like. What really happened and you know this isn't like he just slightly the urban crier getting slighted by his wife for anything like that like. So we agree that it happened in practice so this is going to be an interesting exercise because I'm with you I. Who listens to what he said to Kurt in Jerry and then I read how bishop described it. And a lot of times it seems like the exact opposite kind of motions that were talking about. Too but will will get that will do after 9 o'clock and you're right now that you be able to explain to people try polls in Braintree on Tom Brady's contract I apple. I gentlemen how are you missing good ol' guy. Almost according to spot track Tom Brady's contract in 2019. Yes. About 2020s CBA in the NFL network mention the other day that the owners want eighteen games in the plays and how rumbling about getting rid of the franchised actually see the writing on the wall for the 2001 season. So we haven't been two more years but you gotta wonder about after that depending on what happens. In 21. Yeah I mean I would say this Tom Brady as long as he can play the patriots or find a way to make it work at a I don't think there especially now Acropolis gun. They're not looking to move on from him and my guess is they are long term plans are basically. Crossing their fingers and open TB twelve Justin and I addict I doubt it. All I see the same stuff 42 got a soul for that year. If there were stoppage and they missed. Lot of I I figured I mean that's out there heads are right are they gonna redo his deal after this year. But he is right in the sense of if there's a stoppage in I don't know if anything has pointed that it's kinda early night in fact rehiring Roger Goodell by means there will lock you stop yes he a good job last sounds like the but the point is an interesting one if they are work stoppage could potentially sit out Tom Brady's last. Great year you know. If they miss the whole year if they miss a year I mean I do to an iPhone iPad at that and I'd never I always that the players have how now had years to. Build up there. War chest they've been able to do this they should have been doing this I don't know with a if the players association has done this or not. But they were Smart they should have put aside enough money where they can pay their players out X amount of dollars per month to miss an entire year that is the only way possible. They're gonna get what they want whether it's not having eighteen games whether it's getting article 53. Taken out of there org Dell's got control. Any sort of that it was article 40s4653. I don't really dozens it's possible to think I know that. They is sort of that John they have no leverage because they'll do that at last time they'll cave. Even at to reduce season at the NFL guilt they want no win. So I'm with the UI I I see no scenario where the players have the balls or the money to sit out for an entire year. And I also assuming you can guess you missed the year because you get admits the year it set out. But Brady's gonna get a new deal after this year is deal right now one of the things the wicker sham peace with that his deal right now is so team friendly. They can cut him or trade him to do whatever would no penalty and so he's big on crowds saying. You can do what you want right now I wanna deal where's my new deal is what's in new deal after last year and never did. So technically you're right I'm restricted in 2020. I assume he gets a new deal between now yeah I mean I don't think he's looking to move on hey you know from New England at any point that he wants to ride it out here cost I think he'll be here I Nixon Weymouth on Tom Brady had nick. They alarm bell which are eager to. Let X I it's about the game yeah. Its value billed as it is supposed to be right that relate. Okay. My question is what was what the white hockey glove on the left in pain as Indy car plates may look like they're a re suppose you aggregate click where it legacy. And don't be so we set out why. That's sort of let Wyclef electing a. I was wondering that too when he came out I'm like I understand he's got the coliseum wasn't just the glove that was like halfway up his army just seemed like. He look like hell boy he had to beat this one giant Arlington where. It's Indiana Utley it you don't even say what way it is you know we are actually similar to bring to the right I don't know anyway. One well well go to what to do ballgame 00 by the way. Yeah I know you didn't use bullying on a complete. Player yeah it means they also say they they went to a science or add on it would hate to be considered the the plane's tires and it is widely. Only eight and everything but yeah David go hide in the end in the end zone a little catchy if you get here. In his equal by the way this guy Kevin they'll blow you blow to write about well each action is that legal to yes. Yeah is now right there Wednesday there was a rule where if you push him out of bounds they would say they do the pushing motion and give it a catch that was a long time ago on the NFL. You'd have much wrote things that I forget this when other end of the of the of the aged boy apart. That would speak to if indeed they went away from man defense and aggressive man defense John went to a more lax own. That was beaten overall approach in the second out because which is dumb if not he really is it's a I forget the exact account but it's Smart footballer Smart analytics where. They detail on three straight possessions she does it sound so dumb thing you know out. Three straight possessions on first down in the second half run they had a run up the middle out of shock them. Had a second down play long they threw were. Third down long thought they really the same place series. Three series in a row yet against the New England. Freaking patriots how dumb does that I mean don't the worst possession they had was what went about five minutes left and make up the ball and you're like all right. This is where it's on the offense to run clock and they took like. 18 seconds about 8 o'clock and punted it was astounding and it was. Run for our yard loss and think it was that it was as the series it set up bam and they'll punt returns today. Got to attend they lost a yard on first down at their net fifty yards on death replays yet and then okay punt and made and they took no time off they coached a very good 25 minutes they had to act I'd say a perfect 25 minutes they fell apart after about that and a half. And delay game and a lot more are rocking in a car rocky run WEEI. Yeah a fact that they're gonna call you got a rock under. I it. If you wouldn't mind hear me out in the while listen to you sooner but I just. I carry it to the cut is subject for me and I I think the American political what we're our current insults name into it. This I would appalled and got that back when backup quarterback cabinet intent that just go on sports content off the side of this crap. In in my opinion. You might have a different opinion that song at the all paying back to the people that gave their lives to look at that we can that we out at it. In the fact that the at we'd better get paid millions of dollars. Don't have to the end now. It a problem for me now because fox said. You wouldn't swap that would make it a political. Know it people in this country that if it doesn't matter what. It is what I believe. We don't you don't speak for me. Edit on my leg and let and we've got yeah. I would ask I would ask you before you go. Do you find it respectful. The way that trump exploited. That issue which had died out I mean there is only a handful of guys doing it I don't know what I was paying attention to it. I I don't find at least I doubt that that's that's my point was wide that is nothing to do with why it's an issue. For some people including myself that means that he's. And the article yet not. It back for the fact that they out in the beat it back to the people that died in your freedom of speech and that they would want out. Yeah I mean we're gonna disagree on this so much is fine but I would say that the when these guys are doing that they're not doing it to be disrespectful in fact. I mean to me like. I know this gets lost in they are kneeling they're not sitting to meet. Kneeling out jazz dared him yelling to me as suggested that connotes some level of respect while also. Peacefully trying to highlight what they think. Our you know issues with the racing class and stuff like we're not gonna retry the case then again my simple answer is I grew with Iraqi said he can and they can. Steel bowl things you can feel like a stand up and don't make the anthem about you but also think that the president use it to. For two to rile the base that is for shore. On and you know I've talked that I again I do it's it's a it's a 92 two minute three minute place where. I just give their platforms these guys have. There are better place than to make the comments and make the statements they want in the at them for me and people feel biffle you feel differently. But what does Ariza retry a months after the fact Mike is denied Drake let's get him in before the break came like. I guess so I did you and good great great choke nights like I'm. Well global Troy go on a truck was in my caucus Houston woman but again Yasser and I think a problem that Jacksonville had the second half. Obviously mostly to end and so quarter fourth quarter. Don't know how to put their defeat on somebody's wrote. They just be you know and saying yes none of it they they play conservative Neitzel right good genes what is feet or not. And that's just tell a look at. I'm the cut as some might call out John and then the piece that you wrote that. You know when you guys talking about on the advertisement in the article lingle and all that. It might be reached them and ask the question anyway you know are you said that. Aren't they said. Good to detect an organization from a suitable armed. At what yes. Where's the difference between that it being printed right Luke in a public address announcer every NFL stadium you go to. Sentenced please rise in the movies at the national at. Yet because one is clearly. Political I mean they am vets when they say please stand they are addressing. The whole controversy of kneeling that took place. All season and was a major black guy in the eyes of the NFL. Whereas when you say please stand and show your respects that's something that's eight that's not political to me that's something that. Police say. At at every game throughout time it's not like that's a response to anything that's that's just sort of a standard. I think may you would say no matter if even if this had never happened. So would go directly to center and John you know on sir I yelled yeah I don't think it is. It's still in print and that since obviously you know Bible so. I don't know it's. Maybe it could have but I don't you heard stiffer you know in San yeah I mean I. I'll say it again I just think it's because it's in direct response to everything that happened this year yeah I. And it if you're going just blew literal than I guess he could make the case yeah he's an NBA announces I said I see handouts I disagree NIC did get off get on your feet you ungrateful or Staten Natalie I guess. But that's not what. To be fair that's not what that veterans that is saying it's about a it's what it's a good thing veterans are calling an opt the players and and the fans in greats who were outstanding for the yeah yeah I think that's a suggestion might be more American be a better Americans stand for it and maybe there's a certain morgues AM or registry again getting semantical went out to city they feel like is veterans it means curtains on the down. I understand that I'm not I'm not blame I understand. I also. Bit NFL is under no obligation to run every dad it's given to note and I could just said that and we'll see about it to be fair on ousted as the veterans group. They're gonna get their money's worth this that is going to be ever routes except in this they're gonna get their message out there. I worked out fine for ordered yet they're they're gonna get their they're whatever it was gonna cost in the program but it for five times that in free public again today. Off people like John other columnist who writing about it all I'll throw the country and should be big story again tomorrow. Court break we'll come back colonial your poll goals and I'm gonna read to you out there and listening audience the moderate night family and to John to mossy. The Greg bishop description today is very good the tail packs jags story Tom Brady how he got hurt. You guys explain to me how what Greg bishop says results in. Twelve stitches a bloody mess and a guy worry that he might not play. Four days pirates of the game that in your calls hour for much at night next.