An insightful Bill Belichick, plus Rafael Devers continues to mash

Dale & Keefe
Monday, August 21st

We start hour #2 with a talkative and introspective Bill Belichick, then we discuss the interview and get in to Red Sox / Yankees and some Rafeal Devers talk.


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Our number two dale and Holley with heat Sports Radio WE yeah I've retired Rick's off on vacation he'll be back tomorrow. Our coaches our has brought you by Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. Every day amazing and by the northeast men's clinic specializing exclusively in men's sexual health. Our conversation with a coach that brought you by Putnam Investments. Pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork. Patriots coach Bill Belichick joins us Dario if they'll have gone Michael. I think the average revenue that they case Heidi LP as the Portland you could visit you know you were up the podium meeting with the members of me so eating get to borrow my glasses and Latin look at the at the eclipse of the sun just have to watch on TV later guess aka. Coaches have too much going on this time a year pre season game number two in Houston overall not a you've had a chance look at film and break things down. What did you think. All of them down homes there were some good things in the room knows a lot of things we need to we need to do better. We had a chance to win at the end the just couldn't could make enough plays. My own internal over three higher. Than six it's not good so. There's a lot of things. They work on. They went into the week saying you just wanna make sure that this week as productive for the team. And start off the West Virginia winds up in Houston in terms of big picture approach was the week. Everything you expected it to be. It was a good week it was a really good week who we learned a lot we've got a lot better fundamentals where we'll rep those a lot of excellent players. With Houston do the same thing so those thought Wednesday practice against the Texans in what surgeon who was. A wrote a practice forests. So you know highly competitive and lot of good. Lot of good competition. And the Cleveland club with a letter. The most curious about the logistics. How do you and bill set up. OK it is what we wanna work on here and and then we're gonna go to that Heidi Heidi guys coordinate. When you've got both teams out there at same time. Well fortunately. In this case allies have worked the other quite thicker schedules were pretty similar anyways so we come. Follow what we normally do wow. Variations sometimes use the team and they do things a little differently and that's what we do that this was then he goes the other way. But some compromise point. But in this case. Goes it was a pretty easy and a most are teamwork was just phenomenal once thought drills so one group would be out there and then we switch and Eckert there incident on loan to field so well that way if you're but he could kind of see everything I think that they'll bring them. Teams together you know they officers for the defense and vice Versa words when you practice and teach others. It's I know my sport at the end of playoff series the two teams line up and shake hands and I really like that. I don't think I've seen much in football and I saw your team in the Houston Texans do that after practice. Right after Wednesday's practice I mean again that there's a lot of mutual respect between the two teams and organizations you know tone respectful. And ability and his coaching stay. And the players and and the way they play in the way compete. And so of course on what they're in and freedom I respect what they do they do. You know we have tough competitive practices but. Over an unfair it was clean and if it plays that made everybody better. And in terms of team building you have your first cuts in September. Does that help you is that is that make it more challenging in terms of okay Amber's gonna try to get ready for the season having all these guys on the roster. Guess is good now. Is the latest cut that I can remember in NFL. How does that affect you. Right. Well it's. North little bit different as you said but. And that is what it is I think we all know. And National Football League from this what you sign up for. All the guys that go to training camp don't make the team so. There's going to be competition's going to be roster action like there is a career. Whenever state comes in one comes to points three cuts but it's that's gonna happen when an Atkinson. And that's what it is so we just approach or professionally with the players. Which wanna giver got a chance getting them opt into the show what you can do into the best that he can and then in the end. To make decisions and nightly. Performances based them. You know what the players competed with their little accomplished so. And I I think I think we all understand kind of what with the ground rules are and what we sign up that's you know we hear you plan. Does that put you behind it all of because you're so lame and you have to that cuts are on September 3 and you view your first in his forties later. Is it does that mean just not a plan a little differently if I think. In the last pre season game you know in the past. When you made a cut to 75. Some of those fifteen players. Could could have an opportunity to play in the game just because. And after five weeks of training camp you got guys that are banged up. And he got guys that east along watch play. So. You know having a few extra players to get that opportunity actually I think and you know work maybe maybe you don't need all them vote. Sometimes you could certainly use few more than 75 I know it seems like that's the law that everybody's not playing the whole game felt like a normal regular season games so. When you take you know first group out and take you know call forty guys now 100 pound. In China play game with what's called 31 theory of the specialists and quarterbacks in Athens and revealed that many guys to quell all the kicking game plays and offense defense in a limited your system quite a bit maybe you only use nickel defense stopped on me in the use. Two receiver sets of you don't that the receiver you know he's one tied and you know that the tide and whatever is I think it kind of it compresses. That list pre season game I think this have been more people available of teams that play it more likely. It played the first three so say echoes but affiliates certainly at that thing and but he keeps those players against another week to. To make an impression. You mentioned bill O'Brien in and there's a bunch of guys on that staff who've either played for you were coached with you throughout the course of your history here. And I'm curious about Mike Vrabel first years of defensive coordinator this year is he a guy when you work coaching him. You you were thinking to yourself you know what that guy might be he might be in this position someday. Usher at that affect mechanized. You know we talked about the joked about it Johnson. The canceled more than once in Monaco when when your coach defeated the coach a player like he could see how annoying you can sometimes but. No my officially a pleasure to coach because they use the so and a football and so intelligent in the inquiry. Sense of the game and football situations and awareness so. I think you can kind of see that this is something that might wanna do with the cabinet and you know. In the end most on most important things is coaching his leadership in my leadership as a captain great leadership and command on the field presence. I think you need to have that to via a successful coaches among later players and and teacher plays things like certain things great leadership skills to find yourself making acquaintances with a bunch of people that you know before from this organization last week. Yeah like he set just have the staff zeroes in on Larry when us. Ability. Money Romeo. And then you know some people come medal in a couple players down there tools. That's a lot lot of respect for the organization waters but for the team. And my wrinkles teammates used to saves one of those rare guys who could give your coaching point during the game and be instinctive. At the same time is is that rare from your experience you guys who can. Who can play both of those things instantly. I think there's you know ha of course allotted you know a lot of great players lot of instinctive players I think there's a difference between being able to do that which. I can and a lot of players that could do that. An enviable coach teach it to somebody else don't know those necessarily listening skills. You know coach does that you know great game instincts and awareness and could. See things they could even tell you why or what they saw they just knew it they just felt. But then being able to explain that testimonials that are communicate well this is what I solace what I did. And sometimes I'm an obvious strengths oats. I think it two different schools that's. And in terms of coaching to boasting about this the other day I I can understand why the U coach or rookie. A little differently than a five year veteran. Veteran has a lot more to draw from in the rookie. Being introduced to leak to help elect a five year veteran six year veteran is somebody like Brady who when you. When you're coaching Brady. Do you feel like. I know he knows this this this in this and it mean what's it like for a guy. 1617. Years. In the football and you're still. Coaching. Right well I think it depends on you know what what exactly you're talking about but as a realistic training camp on. Look at a Kosher for 43 years but at the start of every training camp as a coach I still have to refine my. On the field coaching skills and after a fun night in game coaching skills is somehow an adult for six months and it's it's with a different team that's what different players this was different. Options than. Whenever they were a year ago or two years ago so. There's a whole preparation process that's and all there at I don't care how long you've played each year is different because. You have to start all over again you have to learn your team. And you do and symphony under in six months alone. You know he stopped and some for six months and try to pick it up later. Might be related on the scout players are going through draft process over. Things like that but it's not the same as on the field coaching decisions that didn't start until two weeks ago so. And on and as that it relates to. Just in general. Sure experienced players know a lot about the game but again there are new players under. That they every team you play is different each opponent's different and different. Players different strengths and weaknesses and they've made changes to their system just like we may and are so I think that's important. Tele player no matter Allen's lately justices and only seventeen years that means it. He knows the team were playing because it's whatever changes they made from last year to this year had a rough night with a team. That's your job as a coach to try to get him prepared for that team so. I mean I think there's there are so a lot of things that it as a coach you try to do for every player. Not just the rookie season in some cases that you coach a veteran players different there's things you can tell veteran player that he might understand or be able. Comprehend. That or just over the head of you know it's. 100 mathematics first 400 mathematics. And he'd say it to the guy and elementary class and he would get a six of the guy and advanced class and he got processes so. That there are certainly things like that to the you know I wouldn't say younger players because just don't think they really understand. But you know with a dialogue experience. Supreme Court here in a week ago and say to them. Remember we saw this and 09 distinctive. That that's that's issue we got to do OK and they can recall that. He couldn't say two rookies so it's. But that is different it's different look and I would say in and restrictive way. That he you know leave you cushion to level that there are. We had a chance last week to talk to Bruins head coach Bruce Cassidy and Celtics Coach Brad Stevens both have been down here watched you work at training camp watched your team. I know you had a chance to visit with Tony La Russa. Do you find that if you're a coach it doesn't matter what the sport is there something you can learn from a coach who's doing it a different way air or in even in different sport. But think of the life and learn absolutely Julio light colored but our coach and coach in and deal with athletes and deal with teams in particular teams. Or it's an individual sports it will be different. Yeah guillotine sports you know though although there's a lot of a lot of commonality there. Obviously. You know strategy and techniques and so forth the terms of preparation and training. And teamwork leadership I think there are a lot of things that can carry over. And you know what they're on C when you talk to somebody it's a difference for. You know there's no agenda so. And I talked another NFL coach room. Now at some level were competing. We're gonna college coach. There's there's some level of. Where is the information got to go can you say what you know how close our area that person would computer Sherlund. But once the coach from another sport man most times there's there's no agenda there at all you know that you. That are trying to tell you out of coach football but maybe on a from a team standpoint and leadership standpoint or preparation and our logistical thing Heidi handlers had him on that unity get ideas from. You know how they do it or what they've been successful with the with the philosophy is. And you think about holes I can work for me over it's by good for you but I don't think it applies to me. And a lot of cases I've taken out of those. Tips or suggestions or stories and found a way to find something or can accounts good idea maybe we can't quite do vote no to some little bit along those lines and I was very effective so. Stevens was talking about the organization of your practice. And how you know it goes from one place to place to place and just everything moves quickly. And he said he wants to take that and take it to his sport and see if you can do that I guess with the Celtics at their training camp. But its interest and you look at sports like basketball to scuttle flowing sport I mean the game stops on an inbounds play. Not forget about free throws accurately. I'll let you know stops on inbounds plays or can actually set up a play like we wouldn't go back and Holland to all play and draw the defense. But it's such a free flowing game so much transitions that. Thinking on the wrong communicating on the run. You know playing off of each other you know seeing what the you know we have three guys back to get three guys finally pick a mob who goes where you know those kind of things that you. You have to figure out instinctively and on the wrong on her a lot of or laser or more setup that we occasionally run in those situations it is. Those kind of things that I have learned from basketball and hockey you. You know how to be panhandle things that are more flowing. And you know just part of transitional part of the game. Where sport like baseball. Everything set and every play isn't a new place to new pictures and encounters new. Whatever. And that's similar to football. And in the huddling and so four down and distance and so. You know it's interesting how they're talking as a baseball guys said they instead just literally and every pitch. And the same thing if hopefully stretch you know first downs from the second six seconds that is different than. Third for. And first intent on the minus thirty is different than for some time plus one thought some. You know those. Analyzing those situations and listen to them how they think about it what kind of the thought process of going through the different situations is is there interest and even though. You know the pickings are pretty different and in baseball game where they don't practice. Play every day well we eloquent once a week you know. The sixth Fatah and for whatever is 45 times a week so our preparation for the game is lot different then than their preparation. The second carrier overs but it's you know it it's the games are different but the and there are some things that he can find common ground. That is so interesting you mention you know the last time you coached and that in any game and significance was in February. And you're back in training camp in July. How long's it take for you feel like okay. I'm I'm back I got it okay Perry go yeah I know have done this and allow. Vacation is over here I am. Now well I. Think physical shape and it's. Appropriate really in its mid season form. Think when you talk about somebody's in mid season form. That's probably about where you're in that season you know as an individual probably is team you've gone through all the training processes than you've. Enough games of real games competitive games where. You know he can start see you know how the match ups are gonna go where your week what you need to. Compensate for maybe where your strengths are where you can attack and see enough different teams leave really. Can get a good you know a good handle long what you're team is what your individuals are. You know same thing for each guy and I think when you get that kind of mid season point somewhere. In the middle of whatever season it is then you know at that point you're probably. About as sharp as your going to be not the you don't keep sharpening as the season goes on the unity in Europe at that point we've gone through all the the preparation process so. Mid season to me is always kind of. About time worth thinking kind of start to know you know September. The world still trying to figure out of the football. Don't season thinking one thing after four games. Lot of times not as good at something you think you were in here that are its most things then. Monthly were. Some answer. And perform and hire some guys slower you know whatever. That takes a little wallets and on that equilibrium final question for me to cliche in baseball is that it's spring training pitchers are always ahead of the hitters. You find in football. That one unit is ahead of the is often to head of the defense at the beginning of training camp for defense and the offense doesn't work that way in your sport. I think it does I just don't think that there's necessarily a pattern to it. But I think the defense could be ahead of the offense the offense and defense vice Versa the entire figure out. You know what that is. And adjust accordingly well well. Yes and it right and it just accordingly. Sometimes. When it's your team. It might have to do if you know the installation her or what you're putting in. And how quickly goes and you know sometimes defensively or offensively and get caught. Just because you're not ready for some than than what you re forty you just do it that thought that the problem initially. It's a problem. Slowly as a as the head coach you kind of trying to make sure that the that the offense and defense are you know compatible in the we're not. Rodham plays that we are not rated at fanned it out but you know run blitzes and defense is that we're not reform offense. Then we just you know it's it's not we can't handle what does not prepare forms so. You you kind of structures. The best you can't get together it's it's not perfect because sometimes things happen and you make it just answer. You know things happened that. That's not who is supposed to happen but they happen that way in and yet the government or and so. But that's. I think that's that's pretty. It's pretty hard for two units. On any team to be equal. You know there really are whether and if you're playing another team that's. You know. They're often you know the matchup usually once a little bit of the other when you have a team it's pretty pretty hard for both the right there at the same spot so. Usually one as well as ghoulish tale but you've got to keep them from Vietnam hand. Because if they're too dominant than the other that we cared about psychic that are. Well it's appreciate time enjoyed Detroit since is that is that a thing if UK enjoyed actually picked it's right to try to trade down. I got relatives from there she is very ten pence on which parts here and yes but well lets them that. The airborne Bloomfield Hills Birmingham. Fortunately there's some great sponsor coached there too. Absolutely. Absolutely and there's. And it's and it's an auto town. What color was our two pillars McCarty had. Thunderbird as gold their gold. Did it get to pick colors as they here's your car. Now on these particular. Typical what strikes a strong. That is strong. That would appreciate we'll see an excellent okay Akron has that thanks to patriots coach Bill Belichick joining us here in Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. This telephone number. Tom. Most of the time I mean if if if if people mindless. You can learn something when when Bill Belichick talking today. There are some days where he's probably a little more. Giving than others set fair to say. Yes yes yes today was and there are lots. Planet was fascinated. And I was curious because I talked to both Brad Stevens and Bruce Cassidy about coming down here. And both talked about the things that they were trying to get out of watching a Bill Belichick practice. And I had a feeling that he had feelings about watching other coaches do their thing too was fascinated me lesson that. That in talking about the differences between you know watching knows studying baseball managers instead and basketball and hockey coaches. Just. So a lot of it is just common sense. But then. They hear from him say okay at. I should've known but I didn't really think of it that way before I can see why. You know you would want your team to do that Iraqis feel like you would you would copy that were or the challenges of copying that in football. Taking something from basketball like the fluidity of basketball any mention. You know just transition to transition treasures transition deep there's no such thing why just on interceptions made it right. When you've got to turn defense and often that quickly and at an instant. But it was good the whole thing was fun to talk to him and and I I did notice last Wednesday I think once in West Virginia. Where after practice the two teams like that shook hands now Tuesday's practice down there was described by those who were down there is. Particularly intense. Guys really go on that really going after each other but you heard bill say. It was good it was hard it was clean. Right it was clean and end on Wednesday you know they all lined up and shook hands after the whole thing. I don't that would that would try to keep that to witness a heat you know like handshake line in hockey out of a playoff series so. You know a couple of teams lining up to shake hands after practice. Just try some folks grace. Yeah makes sense though with this one. You're talking about Billy O'Brien met this guy. And and his team Billy O'Brien and all the coaches on the team and we re able and Romeo and and is so Welker. So. Of course if there's not mutual respect. Between these teams got a family squabble. In it that that's not the case I'm not surprised. It was fun they would say it was funny talked summits they get ready to go to Detroit. Kind of just a walk through this week they're gonna they're gonna have a joint walk through on Thursday. And I mean literally walk through but note the Patriots offense against the Detroit defense and vice Versa by the game on Friday and get ready for the last one I think this will be the last pre season action you'll see from the starters. Because of how the proximity between the last pre season game against the giants. And then the regular season opener I don't think you'll see any of the starters in game four. Any of the of the regulars. It didn't think you see drop idea too I never thought I'd see him. So I could be read but you're a mean. Game three short game four. Here is just a preservation mode. It is getting ready for the regular season about about you but I was surprised to hear him say M asked the question. Didn't know what the answer would be of a surprise what the answer was. He said he hasn't. He at anybody Allison on the lot no no matter how long you've been in the business no matter how long you've been playing or coaching. You haven't done it in a while are gonna have to refine your skills get back out there. And T have his answer be what to this question how long does it take you to feel like you're there mixed. These that it sees. I did they tell all opening night here. Build a road in. Low level before adhere to why not go for any fair game five. Uncharted you'll get there. A big close. Game seven game made okay all right. I I justice in the balls out of bed. Ready to make coaching decision. You know it if it's if it's may. He knows oh yes third and four this is what we're gonna do here. But to hear him say it until mid season where he starts to feel like OK I'm I got the. An example of working hard playing hard because you can play hard. You know vacations not thinking about the job it all out of that boat don't worry about nothing about any kind of coaching decisions I don't want any I don't want any NFL updates. I know what battle about following Adam shaft or anybody else not take calls. I'm just going to be a beach guy I'm going to be a Boca. Into football until have to work again. They like if you. If you do think he ever really you gets away yes. I'm when he and and yeah yeah guilty he's like they did and it's not ever if you never get away probably didn't take you until mid season to write you back. This is like he's getting away for real. There are no contract decision with the cartel the talks about football here about. How many about it. In June. Nothing after minicamp I'm done if dungy called in LA I got a sombre I'll talk forever Hudgens out of you don't you don't have to call me now right now. Maybe. A lot of those that conversation was fond of stuff does get the calls that you guys 6177797937. We got Sox taking two out of three from the Yankees we've discussed that already we've got patriots. All went to India in the pre season. And I can tell you the guy who sit here few minutes but doesn't seem very concerned about that. In Nazi real uptight about the other team's record so far in the pre season and talk about I know. Hey I told -- gives it even a second thought 6177797937. Mike's new head and Mike I don't. It's been alas I get bin. Well I'm not too good after this series and the lack like actually called it's funny because that mentioned Todd Frazier remembered how he would. Immediate threat got to get in that nineteen got them and you guys put up devers who become. The next great Yankee killer site not gonna eat him for the next fifteen years we'll act Frazier is great defense but horrible that. Come up short in the looked at bats although he's pretty good this past week and let. That they are thought I would ever ask that you have to give credit where he is where you do he's been a thorn in our side and the one everybody that's come up he's a great hitter. Do you see them as kind of not in terms of position but in terms of coming up quickly and 82 quickly and being kind of like Michael comport to what what I mean by that it. Could portal came up in the middle I. He's in which is seen the medical making a big run toward the postseason effort is doing the same thing this year. Evers like import those did back in fifteen got off to a good start stayed out the rest of the year. We'll see what ever is that eight well how far they're right there Red Sox go in this postseason. Is this just a flash in the pan to where you gonna come back down to earth and pick it suggests that you can look at it and got sixteen. Or are they facing the question I'll ask here is based double what you've seen what does he have to do to continue to sustain that type of well somewhat. At what you've been able to do if you want to be successful goal. You know my good question good points all around I don't think he's a flash in the pan for this very simple reason pitchers have already adjusted. Raphael devil devers at twenty years old is not just hitting fastballs now here's of their great example in Yankee Stadium last week. You know to one game and he's down zip two and a brawl with Chapman. Destroying my 103 mile per hour fastball and he hit it OK that's great. It's great to hit a fastball like that in the game situation like that but peppers is hitting everything and every part of the park so it's not like. Let all right and really distraught does that. Just on this twenty year old kid some breaking stuff and see woody doesn't that is not Tripoli. I'm not gonna just feed them fast balls fastballs and wouldn't get around a fastball. It dawson's office that you see what happens only. Already that's just sit there and say well we'll adjust later they're adjusting now every series you don't win the Yankees are just. After what he did last week not this Sunday the last Sunday in Yankee Stadium you don't think when they had the meeting. Edit that the big picture had that you'd like to stay patient early this healing work we do this every series there's an abuse of meeting its not gonna approach is gone. They've done that are Retief have already done that Cleveland is doing that right now devers. Everybody else a Red Sox so. I. I look at a twenty year old not being overwhelmed. And any hitting consistently and happening powers of the power is not a fluke. He's got power he's not like every part of the yet. So that is going to be there. It's going to be a guy who who hit 330 the power I have no idea probably got hot. He's better defensively than a bottomless. I I really expect yet I expected the deal that is going to be terrible yeah I thought it was going to be an issue. And John Ferrell has even said that to us Michael let that I think fairly even had his doubts or his question marks about devers defensively. He's he's not only been fine he's been good. He's been so necessary for this team can you imagine I'd right now they've got no Dustin Pedroia at their best. In terms of average at best hitter yeah. If you still if you still if you're still whether those baseball fans who believes in batting average I don't know. But if you believe in it Dustin Pedroia is right up there have no Pedroia. And what they had at third base was scary. At good defenders. But guys that couldn't hit. And they get Marrero is a great defender. And I have Brock told there are times. Had Rutledge there are times just however a revolving door. And to have devers compared to what they had had she been season saver in some way that I know it sounds. Like an exaggeration it's not old. Hired Tim never say this on the broadcast com Sunday I was yesterday I was driving up to me. And I heard him say when devers city's eighth home run he said he's hit as many home runs in twenty games. As the other Red Sox third baseman combined. In all of the games leading up to devers a rival. The foot putt at and he's already cleaned it up he's already given a production where they had no production before. So devers has been. He has been huge for the seems so is it was Nunez download and always cooled off a little bit but it had but. Imagine. If they have if they had known as they didn't have devers. Probably the game that clearly would be a game if they even had the leader at all. 6177797937. This telephone number we get right back to the calls that you coming up next. Elena holly with key Sports Radio WB. 177797. ID three sevenths telephone up. That's why 37937. And I will say this and him as the season has gone on we talked about how. Much like when Pedro was here when Chris Sale is pitching if you're at the ballpark you go get your beer your hot dogs when the Red Sox for the plight. If you wanna miss a pitch 100 sailors on the mound. Rob feel devers has very quickly and become that guy that you don't wanna misses at that Michael meet every time he steps into the batter's box you wanna see what this kid's gonna do this time he's become that already. Yeah yeah those things that I yeah. It's gotten you mention he's got power ever really does. You look at the ball. Coming off the bat channel and that's gonna fly ball no. Homer. And me is it's got that top spin swing and it is it's pretty incredible to watch so he is a guy who at any time. In any situation whether he's 1002. Or is hitters count thinking I can see you can see a pretty tremendous home run from it. They don't feel like you we've even seen the extent of his power. I I know he has power but we haven't seen them just oh X-Men. They got all of that one. He's just he's just a big kid who's got and knack for hitting home runs so I was looking up this look at the stats. And I will take this as a preemptive strike on my part. As a commitment which autos steps right now he's hitting 266. Any he's got 2626. And 81. 266319. On base for 92 slugging and we have that congress right and right which would you trade him and I said yes. Yes I would never get back if you wanna I wanna give it back yet. But the twenty years old but quick pick about the how. How you applause after watching a guy like this are talking about Stanton. From the Marlins John Carlos Stanton who shockingly pastor waivers. This is a claim just play less and if at all because the contract epic but what do you think one team would claim. When that's a lot of money I know it's a lot of money but the Marlins. That's assuming that if you if you if you the Red Sox for example of the wrecks that you claim Jon Karl's been on waivers. You're assuming that the Marlins got to say I would want to contract you've got to him real active and rightly so I would think one team would say. Maybe somebody once intimidating yankees wanna get them. Or the Red Sox won again I'm skip and jump in there on the block. Have no intention. Of taking this player. But the Marlins just say okay. Are they that desperate let you hew to a PR blunder. If you just put a waiver somebody claims and you let him go under it happened he now he was he was well past his pride well past. I think that happened to the Yankees. With Jose Canseco and mystic. He's put on waivers Texas Toronto one of those teams the Yankees claimed them. You know like OK you got them. Any sitting there and on the Yankee bench. They had no Lou I don't really use form. The perfect guy who's at the end of his career and he's got some value. Jumped girls can't just 47 years old. Any kind of recent piece locking his slugging percentage is it saying. Part of this I'm shocked the Yankees claimed Canseco from the territories is that what it was yeah in 2000. Is it to that 2000 that was later okay there's they claim in 2000 and then they just kind of he he sector but have I mentioned Stan because it's so crazy Stanton came up on TV last week and what would you trade for it. And devers and then came a knock it straight endeavors to see what happens. This guy is it gives you twenty good game yesterday guys the guys available when he's in the minors and always talented kid but we'll move on from him he comes up. Any exceed everybody's expectations. And now you're not willing to trade for one of the premier power hitters in all of major thanks Kelly and hammer state Kelly I don't. It or not I don't. So I wrote this the clue about as exciting as Pacquiao Mayweather. A lot of high. And it didn't see much subtlety sonic thing on a. We did well out of what he said we're you're expecting the eclipse to see your name in the sky that I was so Kelly for members like what. What kind of excitement we're gonna go for that it was pretty cool. All you guys at a better angle on the whole I looked up and it was. Get your glasses. But. What what. You looked out colosio's. There's noted the president by the way is the president of the backlog orders of the white outs I looked up squinting. When that you've got the glass that goes to the big scam. Not all of our people out of the country exactly like all look like a real clear it collapses to. But who are stuck in order and I thought we might get a little bit of that actual united. I didn't let it. I was critical. You ought to see wait for the next 100 years. Well I heard the ninth either one you know equally. It's exciting but I wanted to get on a personal quicker but could. Optimistic take back our pitchers have already inducted. I don't think it's data showed that so what is like judge all. Judgment pot luck for the entire first half year. Average came out now a world a little bit longer ice expert in a couple of outside but as of right now. I think there's a vehicle or in some reliable Ortiz had a long stretch of pitchers have an a ought to make that adjustment and we saw apple. I'm really open but luckily I was efforts. You know well couple things number one would judge. I think what really got him was a home run derby. I don't know that got him but aegis easy he's out there is messed up that's 12. After and this is unfair but I do it anyway after hearing. What Kelly had to say about the eclipse I don't wanna I don't trust is data from him talk about data. Now our that cutesy love how to go to another auto sector source. Or third or dodge in Rhode Island hate I was first put out his glasses but like I said the president wants to do so. Hey Todd I don't. I noted that I don't Andre. I'll never caught up in meetings and things that are or city that he doesn't think the Puget just yet I. I think you know when held very came up and almost seven he kind of took up early to look. I believe Patrick could see them. And question over 300. And not do what until many Africans and sexier than any kind of a drop off now. At scouting order or just had a little party ticket to look at it and weaknesses in this swing article linked. Additionally Libya it and in a lot diplomacy. I think that the cliche is. Pitchers adjusting to you and that there's some truth to it that's why as the cliche it's it's it's partially true. But the part that no one ever ever considers is. How about expectations. Expectations may change or training for the entire season may think about it you're double A and you get that boost. To Major League ball and you haven't had to deal with the grind you do you get caught up in July or August. And you're just playing baseball and hey this is fun it's not reality. And then your team go from the regular season to the playoffs and have that that the excitement and the adrenaline of the playoffs how about. Going into the next year we have to report. In January. Or February. And you're going all the way through spring training all the way through this season was somebody expecting you to be part of productive player not just the nice little change of pace. Call up you're you're you're now a regular player. Subject to the same scrutiny of everyone else that's probably a a big adjustment to.