The Indianapolis Colts suck at Twitter

Mut at Night
Tuesday, February 6th

Mut and Rob Bradford are reacting to the news that Josh McDaniels is staying with the Patriots as an offensive coordinator. Team owner Robert Kraft came in at the 25th hour and sweetened McDaniels deal to keep him in New England. They also watch to see how long it takes for the Colts to take down all of their Twitter posts promoting McDaniels introductory press conference tomorrow (hint: it's a while).


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It's really are the only place in Boston talk. Josh McDaniels Bill Belichick the colts the crowd Brady Barr or all of that money at night Sports Radio WE BI joint for a couple hours by rob Bradford WEEI dot com Ron how are yet thank god we get those thrown right. What's the thank god we get those Bruins right I had some big markets large trade thoughts on the negative I I nerves and am so excited to talk about my drew farmland stories you are tonight. And the like get you don't hostile to martyr and obstinate that's OK you can showed off for all the all of the rest of the month because this is this is awesome this is great for business. But when Super Bowl then. We're in championship runs and when the team in Boston team loses usually it ends and that it. And this is the exact opposite starting. Went my way of Malcolm Butler locking out my crease chasing it's great continuing to Malcolm butler's it's a Graham account today and now capped off tonight by. I think the biggest news of all. I'm Josh McDaniels is staying staying with the patriots as offensive coordinator Bill Belichick is also slid it back in 2018. Those two guys will be here. I'm my gut reaction is. I'm Josh McDaniels could not been sweetened ice contract could have been sweeten is is written today by Adam chapter. By anything. Money wise he's gonna get paid handsomely that coach Indianapolis this has to be some sort of assurance. He will be the next head coach other when literary brilliance ray whenever whenever Bill Belichick leaves. Or is fired or walks away retires Josh McDaniels you are the next head coach of the patriot that's all and come up with as to why he would it. Put himself in in really the the the line of fire amongst other NFL people leaving the colts there at the Alter it be hard to get the job going forward. So my guess is got a job here when Bill Belichick. He's targeting that's the other that's a big point in this whole thing not. He's not getting a job anywhere else from Uranus and he's the GE's the next coach the patriots post Belichick yes yes and it initially. You know may be the the I had some glee and saying hey you know what in the next hour relief at the resignation from Bill Belichick and ugly because I. Rusty Bill Belichick opened just because. There's been news cycle keeps on churning. And I thought that might happen yacht specially after every you'd talk about it all night long about the Malcolm Butler thing. People coming to Malcolm butler's defense is that arable looked. For Bill Belichick and your gonna go in today or he's gonna stand out in front of that team like he did when he made them Kevin Faulk call and say hey listen I've made no apologies. I have you are made that choice well how do you do that in this case of Malcolm Butler UK yeah because half the room said no way you're wrong and you that you may have cost is Super Bowl. So knowing that maybe I thought hey you know Bill Belichick had enough. He's gonna get on his boat sail off but now you're absolutely right this is 102 years and out Josh McDaniels takes. John shaft just weeded out text from one league source quote. That's craft putting it to the colts again he will forever try and believe that place ever since the placate. But when he and Debbie shore Kraft put it to the colts again by. What can he do I don't think it matters that it was the cold night in Idaho was. I guess I don't know was so chapter story rob slump I don't get wanna get two guys waiting patiently able to all the phone calls almighty I promise. Oh why did the patriots is it as simple as they waited until. The last minute to negotiate a mcdaniels. And I heard that at the end of the year I heard from people. The state patriots never approached Josh never talked about head coach in waiting never gave that assurance never. Went there are all now in Shepard story read the same thing but the patriots never talked about as long term future here in the last couple weeks last few days. Ultra aggressive with the contract push. Is it as simple as did bill tell them he's walking away are they now committed that were willing to walk away from bill. After next year what what was that flash point that made them now wanted to jump in the con. Like negotiation all the sun with Josh again had to have been Belichick sang I'm gonna do it X amount years this is this is cited. Got a pretty good idea my gonna do this for a couple more years because about what you have to remember to is that these assistance mcdaniels. Patricia other than Miguel's go way back and take that job. They really they had their chances they could've gone in taking these head coaching job before. But this time it was acknowledged well now they're gone they're taking if the average chance they are gone and that's why you heard a lot of they say things are coming a pot crop apart at the seems. And this isn't like it was before and everything's turning over because the assistants are more than willing to move on. That was the narrative going all the way up through the Super Bowl so you have to remember that in so the only thing that could have change narrative which is. If generally. Bill Belichick says are going to be coaching this Amani years. And it written into the contract and that's a big point you said it much before this is a money thing in the Coulter I'm sure they're gonna pay him. A crazy amount of money yeah coach and make a lot more money isn't head coach this is yet is in this. The difference here is Bob Kraft I would imagine saying pen to paper. I am willing to righted in that you are going to be the next coach of the patriots after Bill Belichick had. It has QB in this case like a rock will NFL network says. And no surprise here Joseph judge also gonna stay with the patriots he was gonna go with Josh the gales the Indy but you know Josh not going to Indy so Joseph judge will stay so. Let's turn over the coaching staff. I think Kirk mentioned this on Twitter he's probably right there is also an angle to. Tom Brady year McCain as a Brady's guy and it view. If you know Brady wants to be here for 345 more years and you don't Belichick is given a certain and point. Well you wanna have a guided Brady's comfortable playing for joining maximize the rest of Brady's career. Mcdaniels fits that bill completely yeah but do you think that Brady out last ballots checked. Yes oh definitely now. All absolutely by now by yet but by how much are you were talked him multiple easier. Well I mean I've got my multiple seasons where wishful thinking I don't know. But it is I think another big part of this is to go back to becoming a part of the scenes conversation with the patriots. Bill bill Bob Kraft saw this coming. We heard the stories we're against it before the assistants were leaving and not only that you have Brady where it's going to be a rob blows out the door. So everything's coming apart. And after what happened the other day Bob Kraft may be some of this we got to circle the wagons guys. And we we have to do whatever we can to keep the continuity going because. Right now not only before was it coming apart but now with the appellate check the image of Belichick is really coming apart how to we realistic and and this was a big win. How to week how do we help to. Reset what is looks like a fractured locker room while we know offensively now we have Brady we had mcdaniels that unit performed very very well Patricia go on the defense and obviously bot is going to be go wants is still some work to be done there. But it's less work now with those guys back. On as far as it did the the other ramifications here. He's gonna be seen as a villain ever broadsided knowing when Josh McDaniels better just ignore. The the national lose here for a couple of hours a couple of days because there are assisting coaches who we talked to by the teams hired an Indy by phone. I'm fact pro football talk suggested the last couple hours job for dams on the phone talking to assistant coaches and getting them acclimated to their new jobs in Indianapolis. Those folks now don't have jobs they got to go elsewhere. And so that the word I've seen a bunch here on Twitter is radioactive. And absolutely when you ask any assurances. Must be there for Josh. Head coach here and isn't it is Dayton department handles an injustice. And there is no doubt it is this there is. You know we we know other people or there's been there's plenty of people in the industry would say you know what thank you Bob Kraft I appreciated. By already committed and clearly he committed minutes make note apple is about that didn't sign the deal but he cannot he committed he started hiring assistant coaches and a lot of people would say. And I was I was raised to do it this way I am going to be loyal to give you my word. I'm going to stay in that's not the case here read this budget blinded by outsized say that Josh McDaniels did the absolute right thing here. He he he did some some of us as wrong. Ray is just as wrong it was for hill it was right but. In terms of like being the guy that a lot of people the NFL want him to be a one a coach to be was not the right odds get your reaction. It's 6177797937. The phone number any news the racial hear it here first the only place that talk. Big Josh regain as the pages tonight is here on WEEI bobs out with straight about. My god about it. It. Credible or are you wanna see him this it is okay yeah radio Bob honesty this is the best being on the air for breaking news like this is the best thing in sports talk radio sucks me in the best. Popping one after another you know it's like a bad marriage slowly coming on and and the iguana almost two decades. It's oh my slightly reminiscent of Francona brought a lot of skill and I just think crap probably see themselves. Sort out arranged to Wisconsin. And you know I don't know what the relationship where we're culture maybe it's really gotten to a point where Shirley. In any deceit but you know uncovered and and it sank in rendition let them. Like your thought on. Well that I mean I may I guess that could be the case but I wonder how awkward that would be. To get at Belichick sort of pushed aside from mcdaniels all have the sun stick around a coach with Josh again I think it's a weird dynamic if it goes down this also ball Brady. I mean yeah you're going to be be the owner of all championship team if Brady is still good you're going BA coach of a championship team. If Brady is still give this I heard you talk about that the way in the Belichick and Brady. All over the place. And and still the fact is is that you watch what happened. It is absolutely Brady Brady Brady Brady and on our ballot and I for awhile is on Belichick when he watched that game on Sunday you can't help but your circle back to. Operating Nixon Weymouth go redneck. Yeah you guys don't take up rather greens. And so playmate. Arm and arm was going to bring up was I saw two things happening while listening. Dominique a cute biggest area was saying I I assume that's got to be a plus. Well to do I was concerned about died he's got an edge yet. I think he'd be allowed to be does retired yeah costs we are great so that's going to be a problem. Also do what I wanna ask you quick opinion they get a bunch of unrestricted free agent. You have days. There. Sold her and I Amendola. Abiola. Is I would come to mind as to what he can claim that those guys and they get very much. Yeah I have not done done a deep dive to decide what freeagent. Joseph judge Jim and Josh McDaniels against Hewitt that was well what hints on the contract right for whom Michael ruffle the NFL network is reporting that. His assistants had this is this girl. According to NFL network's Mike are awful Josh McCain is assistance. Including defense quoted her Mac ever flaws. Signed contracts with the call all and it works they with the team so. This is okay. Sit at this this is the absolute assurance now. That Josh McDaniels is the coach in waiting yet assistant signed deals and Andy he doesn't take a deal. Stuck hiring world now except the England he's the head coach in waiting out no one reportedly yet but you have to believe you're right rob it's part of the written character what are pit bull. Mean this beyond this is really. Yeah as is Dick move and as I it's it's how much weed and he's the colts' way all this time. And I know we all wanna put it to the colts but the he acts weights all this time. Wait for the Super Bowl the hire this guy makes no sign in despite what people say. Not enough signs to suggest that he's not gonna take the job he cited these assistant coaches as it all by the way I about a year this isn't ballot Belichick Belichick didn't do this with the jets. You're right he did now let's we haven't dug into this night I don't believe it to be true let me ask you rob. Is this a sign that you think that Belichick is not back next year now coronary and I'll sustain their ball back next year. On is there any change is there is there a chance now Nobel check at all. Surprise retirement resignation. And Josh takes over his full time those guys are in in through what's going on so I would imagine he's coming back. Even though my first proclamation. As policy Arnie backed near Tweety from his account that yes telecheck ballots active gone. Flash Brad thank you it was might guttural react yes why you're allowed to have evacuated act doesn't have to be documented all the time. All I thought immediately that's exactly all this controversy all its. We've done a fractured locker room Belichick has gone by I I trust those guys I think he's gonna let me say out loud. And know that this is again a got rolling it out they're just asking the guttural. They fire Bill Belichick and bite they're not going to but I mean this gives them the head coach in waiting if they decided. The Malcolm Butler thing was beyond the pale. It affected the team in Hurt Locker room and the guys are saying they can't play for ability more than building the team dirty. If they wanted to fire Belichick idol think they well. They have their guy away now. They have begun way to find out that would never ever happened that's terrible that's a terrible is as much as Belichick's screwed up. That's a terrible look for the crafts. I mean that is he's still perceived as the best coach that ever lived right. Football coach who ever lived we do an agreement that yes my team no doubt it now nobody's. By he's that's volume that's not yet you don't you don't fire that guy coming off the Super Bowl unless it's a craft Parcells situation in. I don't think that's gonna I mean I think. This Bob Kraft is a lot different than that Bob Kraft back and the lions and the DeLia a map Patricia oh yes is that it really that beneficial to have his press conference in a statement but I don't know what that means anymore the culture I report to Russert front and say how are part of this I mean is it still out as some believe they'll wait Stella got gesture after a long alone no way it's still. The colts Twitter account. We will in case people wanna tune in. We will live stream this and up right now we you'll live stream Josh McDaniels introductory press conference on all calls properties mobile Twitter area we don't yeah. Yes I mean. We eat. Here's a Michael Marty when he minutes ago. COLT spent an hour on the fall of mcdaniels working on staff and sending slips for in for potential assisting coaches hires. If they hired one guy they hired this guy I don't know we have Matt ever flaws. As a defensive coordinator. Indications are they'll goes guy to stay with the colts but in different jobs. I imagine that you convince guys to sign their EL absolutes. It Dick move kinds of south yes plus and. Plus a million okay your kids yet they still have jobs good for it ever floss or whatever his name has heard of him for the admiral backed up by him way. But you was so you have jobs but you would like to work under the guide that you would you sign on to work under. Now was that pro football toxin that they had three guys ready interview because that there was an inkling this would I don't happen. Yes well I'll I'll say this though my. It was pro football talk back in what was that was an hour before the Super Bowl an hour into the Super Bowl. There's said that hey don't bank or Lee on McCain is going colts there had been some rumblings so. Maybe there's a little but certainly when you put out a release saying we're gonna have a press conference. That that those thoughts are gone. Absolutely. Wanted to move pride back to it from Rappaport. It says not only did he hire this guy. Ever fullest but mcdaniels is calling assistance earlier today and offering them jobs. So early today he's talking or got defaults and come coaching Andy why he stayed with the patriots. He's head the head coach in waiting and there's not a question he is also. Persona non Grata around the NFL one point was it was this like for the Denver it's at right when he coached Denver for a couple years he ought a lot of people there are they saw was appalled. Armed. This war starts. That I toys of them they okay. We I think we ball aren't the same page now this is gonna play out where. Belichick coaches for a couple more years it's in writing that game just I think one more year our role what one -- one more year transition year okay so if mcdaniels mcdaniels is signing on for the patriots job. He must have a ton of confidence that like you said. Brady is going to outlast bill balancing act and play well war at. Who voted three years right at least two to three years because if that is the case. And Brady isn't there Brady retires yet and this cult job can be can be better than the patriots job. Like right now it's not a terrible job of B Andrew Luck plays. 61777979837. Is affordable comeback place in south from Mike Ross flows on the NFL network breaking this news down we are breaking down a boss the only. Station in Boston talking about this. I can listen on the Eric listen on the app that WEEI dot com or Dow only app on your fall were doing until panic. And then bed now or until 2 AM Josh McDaniels is stained. He's staying at the offensive coordinator Tommy current and others saying. Bill Belichick is also staying a crazy day for the patriots more reaction with you next. Boat. Yeah change. And nobody has. We'll be because the last night. Everything you say about that if there's something. Of the year now. I have no idea you'd have to talk. Those teams that are involved with. Head coaching position or. People who are involved with those games. I should they go that was bill a conference call couple days ago it's Monday night's Sports Radio WEEI the news tonight Josh McDaniels is staying. With the patriots I'm on record as saying a tremendous. Tremendous. Re sign for the patriots they keep their office who died they keep Tom Brady's guy. They keep some a live mind you you were a big challenge Sega gonna circle or serves around them but. Outside the patriots and I said this and and and Curtis called Tweeter at the just find it to Dick move that much or how old I sort of first picture you gotta find you get credit for that active. But outside and when that will be viewed as that and it is if you go to what team. Are signing assistant coaches an hour before. Are you take a job back the different team those guys now stick with that team would you not as head coach. Gets the definition of a day it's good for him and his family the patriots but. Doesn't change that. It that's available creative I three and I asked to be used by act act. No I have the treated at all what would you be my three and I at by Cameron Clark. Yes a pitcher of the banner raised by the Indianapolis Colts it says on the banner Josh regain a head coach. 7:59 AM to 434 Pia and in skip days on this is actually best we've tonight one minute ago colts officially. Have canceled Wednesday's press conference that cooled introduced Josh McCain as their coach had a deleted the tweet yet let's check. I do now for that information. 61777979837. Before yes that out loud congratulations call social media guide for. Being pulled away from it a Tuesday night Sumner rip every it was a bowling night ending possible for one every so arrows above our say yeah I'll runs the social media accounts they used Jim Irsay but Girardi barbour's state I was at him for the brave and I just go to Jim is a new board or hi Jim. Doug commercialism or somewhere right now unfortunately it. Are you don't that we won't and that's what the score at an altitude much worse but it was the LaMarcus Aldridge. Who now. Merely said that you see him exactly the LaMarcus Aldridge scenario that's all of this is much worse it looks like you'll you'll look at those children crops going. Belichick storm there's there's no way crap. Do this without culture all. Crafts. Drains on the aisle now the owner of the New England Revolution does not want to spend. I'll check went to attempt it's it's when you're not leaving that conference board's MP. What year you're bitten time and money or have neither lots you know. Everybody or should the salary cap is not a real thing in the NFL. You ought. Chart want to by the grocery but it part of the groceries and he unlawful I don't want as our mcdaniels the one yard line would be. The king of France. You don't move the Cyprus. And I. I would agree it's just surprising Jim that and and it's a second story now so that the recent chapter taught the same people share after a report. A couple about a half an hour ago about this Mike Reese has his ballot at Where he says. McCain a decision to stay could spark speculation. That perhaps bill Belichick's tenure is about to end but those close to make Daniels. Say that isn't the case Belichick is locked in for 2018. The biggest factor to mcdaniels was that the patriots who had address his future to the past week or so. Made an ultra aggressively pushed I don't Tyson to stay. Had that happen a month or so ago McCain has might not pursue other head coaching jobs as aggressively as he did he goes in the family considerations than number three. Mcdaniels fondness for the patriots began to grow in recent days. As you consider what he was walking away from specifically the relationships you build those inside the organization. Blob blob mustn't know nobody in these stories that opposites mcdaniels or somebody close to mcdaniels. Talking to recent chapter nobody's saying what you and libel. Lee has to be true. He's bidding given assurances he's the head coaching weight how does but how does the his affection for the patriots grow and he's reflecting on how great is this today. And yet. According to there are some reports he's talking to potential assistant coaches this morning. I'd heard that doesn't at all hours ago with a run out I was so it's just to go so so. I see you saw clearly I mean that's coming from and Dana aside as coming from might come from mcdaniels. Say you know listen I it is reflected on and I felt like it was time to stay and blah blah blah ball block. Well he you know and so you can't interview coaches you cannot agree to have a press conference and then there. You just can't do it and go back to the caller much I don't this is all craft. All craft. This is crafts circling the wagons saying we're gonna stop the bleeding here and for the first time probably. In the is entire. Ten year. Say I am willing to say in writing you are going to be the next head coach has to be. And actually has to be at this point let's hear from Willie and against a former patriot who just on the NFL network minutes ago and suggesting you and I are wrong rob okay this is not a succession plan. For bill ballot Jack's secession ECB plan for. I'm Josh McDaniels to take over for Bill Belichick this is just about Josh McDaniels. What are doing though it you know Josh McDaniels returning. To New England wasn't predicated on retiring or cricket coach bill. Bill are still there tortured and knowing what patriots. There was no discussion. You know what my knowledge that there you come back here in U verticals Shapiro. I don't even know. You know have a chart for a vote wouldn't. When bill could probably take it upon retirement we needed their culture in Utah so rewarding and putting out productive product. Our our leader being built knows that but Accenture you you know there Josh are improving water to stay in New England. Com and inspection what organization. You're comfortable. Are in years old. A tortured relationship where Tom. All home you know here's what the big factors your relationship with ownership. And you know he was more comfortable I just don't think he would Brady personally he was ready to grow. It's also spam producers and they know our big secrets what sort reply to the scrambling up the talking ban you throw prepare situation. Was during the spring in New England you have opportunities. You turned down opportunity actually. Or he possibly could repair and you know brought into an organization record coach didn't really feel comfortable with certain situations so we decided. To back out of other situations are come back to doing worked so there's really not the first partnership happened. Dome they'll continue to be opportunities for our sport forward. Model because you're Spain's his reputation or you know or opportunities in the future beer Coke. How things are wrong in what Willie McGinest says I just I was yet yet the talking points you mentioned family you mentioned that organization. It's the same thing Rees hasn't chapter has and those guys might be right I just don't believe I I don't believe. That he would make it and embarrass himself. Nationally on the NFL's. Staged the way to he did tonight believe these it systems at the at the altar even the colts at the altar. And not have assurances he's the next accomplice lit lists as ego I'd get you get that they get the talking points or get they're probably talking at same for people and all of that. But this take a step back and have yet common sense about this. He's saying only you know why he just like to hear so much and he had such an affinity for Tom Brady. Lob Alibaba bought. He had I don't a bundle people knew this. But he had a few weeks to think about this thinks up this that he he he actually could sit in his hotel room in Minnesota. And think about this thing you'd have to go all the way up to today hock to assisting coaches. And then say it then pull cord myth huh. Willie McGinest crook player putted ignorant could studio guy whenever. But how do you go out and say all the things that you just said including all the way up until the end which is I think you know he get another job he's gonna be well respected in the league. And you keep it. Timmy tough to do we get more breaking news tonight. Breaking news on Sports Radio WEEI. Brought you by Julian Phillips auto glass. The colts have issued a statement tonight folks. After agreeing to contract terms to become the Indianapolis Colts new head coach. When the patriots assistant coach Josh McDaniels this evening informed us that he would not be joining our team. Although we are surprised and disappointed we will resume our head coaching search immediately. And find the right fit to lead our team and organization on and off the field. The scheduled press copies of Lucas Oil Stadium. Will not take place tomorrow. More information and will be forthcoming as they suggest he agreed to a contour terms to a contract. There's been speculation never signed the deal but I was gonna ask for this sad trombone side not you referred. Adding that hole did you keep doing yourself and you have a sad are. Is this this is still important we go fort William from porn picture of right now Belichick and Kraft having dinner. Really. Says. Yes. Ten minutes ago I love to be a fly on the wall for the congressman Rodney Rihanna is zealotry. It is now. It is that is not efficiently comments check where they are. A particular injuries time commute time. It's not definitive like the it certainly looks like them but it's only half there as an app their faces are you do you read through the comments evening final with a restaurant odds on markets and Everett mark you're up on a crazy crazy patriots Newsnight what he got. And not be accurate I want I'm a great show thanks would pay any real quick so well and chopping you know does become a cult and patriot. What. And not actually hiring another partner ought to ought to coordinate their. Well that depend agree making up calls for the team when he died on the couch where it again. What assault what do you think it'll they'll become head coach of the patron yep I've said that hiring a topic of what needed to do the job. It would be it will be. Brady and you can't you make this a making up. All I can see Josh colors on plays speed like Doug Peterson I mean and they'll the higher coordinator when a pitcher Josh wolf. When eventually take over ballot check which go rob libel think is destined to happen now yet John circle please. Well what do you think portable what they've bought the other way to between Daniel and belted pounding that accompanied aren't kind of they beat us and it doesn't do. On felony if it Billy's back then he had to sign off on this and at Y. I I don't I guess an ally if I can't imagine the bills upset with the Madoff being nigh eve. I'm maybe the relation to craft and telecheck is soap oral eating dinner together night according to it looks like obvious as is or assailants are down and dot feels like I believe that I was a great restaurant he choose not surprised you know it's right there. Who doesn't like the obvious the is this some eight to think that bill what I had to sign off on this even though there's some tension there right now they wouldn't of this so aggressively gone after mcdaniels if it build and sign off on this note tension between those two. We LL be calling all I'll say between Belichick and Kraft. On their dinner tonight a pair according to Portland yet I mean everyone know no one ever has had dinner had been like each other before. That's me you know that from being out Minnesota he I thought Jessica did there would know there was anybody. Posse saying Dhabi goes where they are. And I will not reporting we'll do this we'll get a break every brick you've taken there has been breaking news at some point you're not gonna miss a second of it. I'm the Bruins and Celtics on tonight and he's this is the spot to talk all things Josh McDaniels. Was left the cult of the all their does not wanna be the eight C a the NID he is staying with the patriots and apparently so is bella checked. Right back here calls. Mud at night when rob raft. A busy busy busy night here in patriots land lot of nights Sports Radio WEEI at a show after the news just over an hour ago Josh McDaniels says note of the colts. As I said the and I. Yes animal moron does on the eight C of the Ike and the lots problem and that's correct in his I got a hero a patriot to be the offensive coordinator. Reports have Bill Belichick staying. Other coverage continues tomorrow morning Adam shaft there will join curtain Callahan seminal five. Bob Kravitz that in the stick in the mud and Goldman and at 905 guys out there and Kravitz tomorrow with Kirk Jerry and perfect hangar in tomorrow morning a great spot for Kravitz Travis had to have their say you do indeed he deserved to sharpen knives tomorrow audience thank. Yes definitely deserves a we'll get an update from Tommy current he's a good next hour at some point. He'll be on after the Celtics and NBC sports Boston will get currency latest he's reporting on this issue writing on it. As we speak so Tommy Carl will join us at some point. For a couple minutes in the next hour is Doolittle reset here month and one thing that we should understand from the patriots point of view yes. Is that this does this does accomplish an enormous school and in getting them back on track. Because with the Butler conversation I listened to Monday night starting at 6 o'clock tonight. And it felt like things are spiraling out of control I actually when I was watching the Super Bowl they pointed out about Butler was implying it felt kind of like that right then. And so you have that narrative that's going in Malcolm Butler and fractured locker room and Brady favoring thing in all of this and that's still going to be the case to a degree. But now you have mcdaniels back Kraft has managed to at least nudged the conversation back to all of as well. Right a little bit yes not a he eased if the if righting the ship and settling things down as one of the goals you did it would one move tonight yes and a process she pissed off the colts you don't like because if placate. Funeral at the rest illegals and terrorism bother them that they like being disliked at some level. And I think gully gave up in all likelihood. Was that Josh McDaniels is gonna become the next head coach of the patriots when Bill Belichick decides to move on. Which isn't one that was going to be the case and where I'd go back to mcdaniels. You gotta be sure in this whole thing you have to be really really shore the by the time that that comes to fruition. That you become the head coach the patriots that Bob Brady is playing at a high level that. If you if you think that. That to me tells you. There is a two year time span here in Bill Belichick though you think I yes I build out of new coach for five years braves aren't going to be around I'd. The potential to one year thing he's the one they left on his deal member pro football talk took a lot of crap for this week on Super Bowl Sunday February 4 at 648. Pay folks their definitely are well connected people in the NFL circles or not ruling out Belichick's retirement and the jails getting the job. That was February 4 the Super Bowl lighted 648. And they had that so. Bell mcdannold must been talking the patriots two days ago wasn't just a post Super Bowl and I initially thought this must have been right after the Super Bowl let's start talking. If they had this Josh and his people were talking to other people on the. Even this victim I think again we we've said it knew that I was an unbelievable Dick move one on Josh McDaniels yes right but think about this play that out so two days. You have knew that the colts. Terrible social media people. Put up there thank announced this press conference you hire an assistants they're putting pen to paper all the while you're still talking to the patriots about this. Like so that all all those people willing to give us in the rest of room at all you know he just reflected at the last moment on now he was talking about this couple yeah he was he was playing all that and got the patriots to sweeten the deal which you Bible believing his unit coach Dwayne Tim is in Columbus, Ohio. I'm Josh McDaniels made him. Hey guys haven't gone that. I don't know you guys are targeted at the Craig you'd score of the Bruins are two launcher fired up if you get that next that's all I'm I don't want to sound. I'm a couple points I don't know about the I think it's an absolute snake move by the angels that bigger implications for Iran Matt ever loose who was cited. Indeed he in Indianapolis. Last year and he'd been in doubt for a couple years and last year he didn't make an extension in Dallas waiting for easy job. This year Dallas offered and it ET Japanese didn't wanna step on rod fairly close and instead I'm going with it in just about their plan all along the route has not yet. They're pretty good friends at work like that. And I proposed is a guy. Jerry Jones thinks like divert patent now he doesn't want those guys can get away and looking at the like on the nick nick BC political flat with Garrett this year I eat at coached since he turned down back big. I hypothetical. To go inside with the colts and it was a big you know and again a lot since then and there are some like he'd move it over to get it. He's in with the patriots at an unbelievable unctad to move that you to a friend or leave it like that. That means. We'll tell me are so our our Josh ever flew his good friends. Yeah they're connected to coaching circles there's a lot of hatred connections. Wait that would ever loosen. It sounds like he's not an violates him I'll let you finish it's on the he's not the only coach he signed a deal outside their multiple coach with a sign an Indian obligate it's great for the patriots. It's a terrible look for McCain is what those guys. Yet what he did he was waiting to be possibly head coach or partly defensive coordinator chuck that into it he could have been a defense according to a lot of these opening a new coach is all any. Waiting for that Daniel. I don't think even interviewed a lot of places and he didn't get Oakland but. If you go through what happened what if they keeping them like crap in bella checker having dinner right now overall the whole ballot check machine can't. It's nobody's above the patriots and the patriot way what Belichick did on Sunday with Butler was saying to. Brady saying to Kraft it's my team I'd make that decision and whatever happened to goes down with me and now looking at. Brady in crap are sitting there like all happy about their relative to cost Brady his fixing global rate he did it. I heard a hydrogen and leading in their cost Brady 64 race. So that your team radio little fired up and that's what he Brady's commenting on the that script votes and that's why tonight. And they're actually that this job has been talked a week and again goes back out now. Because detention that's writing today and 88 Belichick decided I needed that and a great bargains for me to work 85 to go and and it had to go to another you thought I'm never hire as that are requiring that middle pick over I can imagine Bill Belichick was the lame duck this year it was pretty innocent take over this is another victory for team Brady. And they they're moving odd. Moving ballot check out of the west. He's getting it does he think he's done this year do you do you think the Belichick is done coach in the patriots down. I think it's 5050 I think he could be I think the read the patriots have announced that McCain will sign a contract offer it. It's about 4 o'clock press conference like you Foxboro the Bill Belichick and yet little. Tim a Columbus with the most insight we've had on a Mac ever lose who is against mcdaniels body Peter shrugged if they gave this guy's name right. Peter Schrager on the NFL network just said. The Jospin Dayna who's going to be one of the highest paid coaches in the NFL tentacles yes he turned that down. To stay here is some breaking news go. Christiane hybrid vehicles FF that's that it activity we're gonna believe your night like tonight on that crazy if it Alex in Providence saint Jack saved that Tim from Columbus call. And save that call that guy sighted way to connected BA sports talk radio caller but Alex and problems go. Delgado got a set one quick point of speculation here so that our liquidity noticeable. I obviously need Jonathan Kraft was little more out there with national media this week. Referring to Robert. A lot more proposal Robert all you need to make one think and the bureaucracy and ready and it would keep Jonathan. And then part B of that eighty pieces that got Jonathan happen now he's up and he's OK I walked Josh and market quotes when bad. When you have bombed in Munich. The car on the lead at the Obama. Well I I definitely think noticed over the course of a center that. Robert Kraft has been much more deferential. To Jonathan Kraft in terms of well yeah I'd forget what decision was made. But Isaiah well you don't read Jonathan was aware of this Jonathan was aware that he made certainly Robert Kraft was making it seem. Like Jonathan Kraft had an even more rest say me even more with even more in touch and in tune with the goings on that data today that may be be wise and that that I noticed that throughout the course of the year I admit that I did I know is that for us because you're not tune in on not locked in like you know I Tommy kerns got a call at some point this hour he is reporting tonight. But not only is Josh McDaniels staying with the patriots Tommy current is reporting and confirming. In fact reporting now confirming anything. That Bill Belichick will also be back for 2008 team he's writing right now he will join us when he's done writing so we'll get an insider's view guys work on the story as we speak. And of course we'll talk you on a breaking news night. We're not only that Malcolm Butler that got the knuckleballer thing now seems ten years ago this is better than winning the super cool Malcolm Butler went on in the grand today and set all the rumors about him with curfew and concerts and everything else. We're not true. Tom Brady then you commented on that story on its program and said if you were incredible teammate that was a story for about eight seconds. The story now is that Josh McDaniels has left the colts at the altar he is not on a BD HC and I and the he's staying with the patriots. And we're all speculating on what that means long term. And the other side is it Belichick is supposedly staying as well. So we have a lot to discuss with you what this means what you expect. 61777979370. Is your phone number rob Bradford is here he's been excellent in this first hour plus today lock and ready to go. We take more your phone calls with Tom.