How much confidence is there in Josh McDaniels if he's the successor to Bill Belichick?

Mut at Night
Thursday, February 8th

Mut is talking about Josh McDaniels staying in New England as the Patriots offensive coordinator and presumed successor to Bill Belichick, but how much confidence is there in McDaniels to keep the Patriots at the top.


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We're ready OW we've got to pick up the bill and at the end. Mostly patriots. Mostly Butler mostly awful. Mostly Belichick and your call 61777979837. We'll check in with Tommy Curran and a little bit. Get an update for Tom his reporting he's been all over the story obviously. A stories plural from Butler to mcdaniels. The patriots are we headed to the first non NFL weekend. Since well of second three weeks we had a one Bob we suitable. These tightly of the Pro Bowl. Alec go into a long long off season a busy offseason for the patriots the 49ers got busy today their quarterback of the future. Is now locked and loaded Jimmy droplet gets a five year. 137 and a half million dollar deal ninety million guaranteed. In the first three years source confirmed ESPN. That largest three year cash total of a new contract in history of the NFL that according to average after and give you an idea of Tom Brady's gonna make thirty million or the next few years. The next three years Rob Lowe is going to get ninety million bucks. He got absolutely. Positively. Paid and follow Opel overture now we're talking about that and last hour. I do think it it it goes back to in and shows you on. How much of a bad deal Belichick made at that time. Now when when it was first brought up that he traded go raw apple to San Francisco. Out of respect for Jimmy G. I thought that sounded insane to me I now sort of believe that as part of the equation and maybe I'm being nigh eve. But when you look at what he could've gotten elsewhere. And you look at how much he liked garrote blow when you listen today to. That that interview post grappled trait would dale holly and the guys but some of the cuts of it. A called one of the best quarterback situation is the NFL of the kiddies ready made he really really really really really like to be a problem. Why do start to buy into at some level San Francisco being a spot for him to go where he thought the kid can grow. But I still stand stand by my original theory. And it got laughed at by Kirk and Jerry in many you folks at the time. I think yet up in San Francisco for a second round pick because. Okay fine part of it was that he wanna grub would do well. But he also won him an a place where he was gonna sign long term. Any wanted to place where Josh McDaniels. Wasn't going to get the culture and I used Cleveland as the other exam because they are the most obvious the Cleveland Browns. At that time were begging people to take notice they were willing to offer. Multiple picks and certainly a first round pick. A bunch of different occasions for Jimmy drop. The patriots never entertained Cleveland when it came to Jimmy gee they did it where if JD Collins. They do other recent trades they made with Cleveland are afraid to trade with key Cleveland and apple force that's not an issue there. Well the case at Rob Lowe was an issue. I think it's an issue because of a ballot checked being a at this but forty's questioning and Butler call. Being a genius ideas. And only he goes to Cleveland. There is at least a chance. That it's not a long term deal. And maybe it's the franchise tag and Jimmy says and I'll I had about looking for long term deal in Cleveland see what happens you'll give me one year deal on the franchise that Richards and a two year but that eventually. 23 years down the road his number comes up. And he ends up either. For the jets or the dolphins or the bills are somebody in his own backyard. I think he saw that potential and hated the idea. I he also hated the idea the ends up in Cleveland. And then get a job detailed goes and coaches them. We heard for for years about the ties. Grapple a dead amid McCain is from the area excuse me. From the Ohio area go back to Cleveland rebuild the organization. And I think there's a chance that drop low signs long term in Cleveland. Josh McDaniels is there and then in your conference. You are dealing with me Daniels and grapple. If you. Circle back to how much he respects drop bloat has bella check. How much he talks about his play. I guess Ferris that's not a guy wants that the play. Every couple years or en route to Super Bowls. Sometime in the playoffs and an eagle but against that guy. So we can spin it is he wanted to send Jimmy to a place where you gonna play well and succeed and which I sort of buy into. But the bigger picture was how they held like get him out of the AFC. At that point Arizona Carson Palmer had retired. On the giants. They still Eddie line Manning not sure what they would given up we we know we know we know Cleveland the first round pick their BA FC. So who's in the NFC who can I get a a moderate return for. Who work nitrate where he's going to be their long term. The San Francisco 49ers. And looking back on it now it was a a bad decision. If you're talking about the return Madigan Belichick's mind. A second round pick and having him out of the conference altogether. Is a really really good thing offered for Bill Belichick. I got lots of dialogue Chirac called tomorrow with Perkins Jerry I'll bring it up again and I'll try to explain. It's a cinque Lee my position on this. And I'm sure they'll not be you guys will too but I I just can't govern any other reason why he felt like a second round pick was good enough. A felling not shopping Jimmy problem especially given the contract again today. 6177797937. Is the phone number sandy in Springfield. On bill bell check this comment line is real real aggressive Sandy's so. You get out there really get your point on this goal that. OK before you guys decide to call them in the white coats on me on the conspiracy theorist. Patriots have been embarrassed by a number of times over the years. I thought about this for a long time and maybe just maybe. There was a snowplow that. Butler was. Knew very disgruntled with the Monday morning that he was gonna be. Be getting our get it from the patriots. And had been in contact. Some would say questionable people. And bella checks in an effort to avoid embarrassing the patriots organization. One more time. Decided that name beat Butler would be best served. Not playing so that he couldn't affect. Any major. Once confidence. So sandy why he is about to be a free agent he's got to get billions and billions of dollars from if not the patriots some of the team. Be paid one of the top five or six quarterbacks in the NFL. Is in nickel dime is way too shave points and try to. Help gamblers win money in the Super Bowl and put that in jeopardy some sort of million million million dollar payday he's got woman. Sometimes people are stupid and they do stupid things. You know when you're angry. Sandy seminar in IE eight innocent you're kidding right this is just to get on the air. Don't know something I don't think. I don't want I'm not saying that that's exactly. What you know it is us. What you know you can criticize and you don't want not just I I your opinion non title. Sure are right well I I would just say that. He has millions of dollars wade forum in. Two months march 8. And any of real crazy money from somebody. I can't imagine this point that the the mob is gone did Malcolm bulk and tape Malcolm you wanna win. I wanna make some money now. Quick fix your family. Here's what you do. Drop interception missed tackle on purpose. Commit a pass interference penalty. Be great story. But I can't go on camera with tonight's. I bought a New Hampshire about. Yeah I don't. Hey look I'm I'm not Jimmy garrote all I personally think that he was just lower pay and it was a ridiculous you know. For a guy has played six and a half games I want to do that durable. Honest I thought was concerned Jeanne constant mr. ball I'm sure gonna outdone on the field but I believe that our defensive line. What to put more pressure on the quarterback and I'm about our linebackers our defensive backs would have stood a chance to remove doubts. But our defense had too many holes and didn't play at all. Let's go back to grapple I agree with you on now I am I'd I'd then I put it mostly the ball decision but the defense public crap on grapple. So they there were good if they franchise tagged him. They're gonna pay him 26 million dollars so he's getting. 27 and a half million it's not that much more the franchise tag that's not crazy money for the got the pain and anyway if they tag you know. Tom Brady sit on the bench. Who not relevant odds are probably of the you're saying you're saying the San it's a forty niners over paid for drop. On similar yeah but I'm saying they would if they wanna franchise tag a nation that was 26 million dollars yeah he's getting an average annual salary 27 and have that's not a crazy over packed. No electronic not a religion yours on the road I think that durable. Yeah that they have a franchise at the picnic they did a bad you know. So you don't think it was good quarterback. Didn't. See this'll be fun when Tomas he comes in Bob thanks for the call. Because Tomas Tomas he wrote about him today. He wrote about the drop below deal and he's all the exact opposite route. And his question is along the lines of is it fair to wonder did the patriots picked the wrong quarterback to. Go to the next five years with and and I think John and I really really disagree on this so we go to Los QB in here now the exact opposite take. As Bob in New Hampshire on let's go to build Boston idol. Bill and Boston. Those not there. Let's go to Carmine in north Carolina at 61777979837. It's a car may not Carmine hi Carmen. I tell you that's for correcting that so I have a couple point yeah. So. Everybody talks about here opening a business which it is all players and coaches talk about that I don't think Bill Belichick has has. Played like a business this year I think rating garrote what was a huge mistake and I do believe. What Hamas in this I think he's right about that. So you'll go for the future grapple in the future and I think what we're being benched for no apparent reason. It may not have cost them the Super Bowl but it served in certainly didn't help them win the Super Bowl so. That plots. Belichick should be leading now he should actually he should be fired. We unit which you want coach eared yup the first one is called that for that guy out asking but Diaz is a long track record of of success Carmen and it's a mistake I understand that we agree the grumbled his mistake. I wouldn't say it comes to the B level they fire able offense for coach who's won a five Super Bowls for the patriots. Don't no doubt the best coach but you know what happens caught up in the Marv we if you want to portray Super Bowl Apatow. Jimmy Joplin happened others people got let go for negligent. Errors within corporations. And it was treated like a business which it is that would seek huge short term stay. The Super Bowl and long term state would go Rocco plus what do you do leave Josh McDaniels was nothing if it becomes a head coach. In two or three years when Brady retires where they go 88 all of a sudden he's a failure. I think it just I I think you listen I'm a big fan obviously forever the patriots but. Time has come. It's time has come for everybody in some way shape or form what you're an athlete businessperson. Educator doesn't matter and it's time for Bill Belichick stepped down I think will be the right thing to do turnover turn over adjustment panels turn it over now. And let him have a couple years. Of success with Tom Brady and a loss from there. Com and you're not the ones saying that I disagree with you and thanks for the call I I'd disagree I think there's again enough built up there and he made a bad mistake and a Super Bowl but I'll play Malcolm Butler. That the Jimmy grappled traits he's very undervalued at this point I don't think it raises to a level of this guy should not be here anymore. I do think that that tradition is coming sooner rather than later right out of the speculation from Mike Reese today. That mcdaniels being here long term actually might mean a Belichick's here longer term. And I I just don't see that at this point. I get more likely that he now knows about what this will come back I wanna get too. Some McDaniel stuff we have not really we've done Butler. Are we done go rock lol let's go back and entries mcdaniels as well because. Ber rear of Monday Morning Quarterback brought about this today. And the interesting stuff on mcdaniels how this entire thing went down and his view of the contract mcdaniels got. Which is pretty significant according to Greer supporting one open line for it 617779. 7937. Tomas in studio 81 at nights portrayed unity media. Fun and I think. Sports Radio WE EIU patriot phone calls here before of these Super Bowl recap the focus tonight has been. Last couple nights Butler and we had the McCain of tier the second digit heat content to be G contract. In the mix as well 6177797937. Album for your today. Monday Morning Quarterback headline Josh McDaniels decision inside the patriots future. Will be guided by new leadership Corey Wright made Daniels Jonathan crap and nick Serio. In a position to lead New England whenever Bill Belichick Robert Kraft and Tom Brady finished their careers and he goes into a pretty detailed breakdown of all that mcdaniels in this story talks about the every cheating on Tuesday David Starr would be Daniels try to Gillette Stadium. With the attention cleaning out his office. Over the course of the next day mcdaniels met intermittently the Bill Belichick Robert Kraft team president John the crap. It's spending most of the time with the elder crap as mcdaniels started to shift. It goes on to suggest. Some things that he is figured out the last 24 hours according to interpret or some additional reporting. On Josh McDaniels. Sources say there is nothing on paper in regards to a secession plan and mcdaniels was not given a firm time line of Belichick's future. That said Burke rewrites and go to one further mcdaniels knows where he stands of the organization. And what the post Belichick era might look like. Mcdaniels also may have a general idea. Of how long his bosses to round. Bingo we got bingo so they didn't put directly in the contract. But clearly mcdaniels toss the crafts. And so the crowds don't have to put it into the contract hey you're the next coach. You're the next guy. What they said is you're Yelp eggs give a verbal commitment. Not gonna write it figure again next shot once bill is gone. And the second piece of that is that the Bill Belichick part. Mikhail may also have a general idea how long his boss is sticking around at some freaky Little League. Whether it's a year or two years or three years. Mcdaniels must have gotten assurances not officially about the job wink wink nudge nudge A you're the guy Josh. But officials are assurances from bill on a when bill's gonna walk away you do not do the colts dirty you know on bearish yourself get fired buyer agent. Boyd mcdaniels did it without a clear plan to this is when this is how this is the set up for me coaching this team. He writes a McCain is current deal. That's up after next year his current contract. My belief is the extension he's getting now reflect his desire for stability more than willing desire for money. And my sense that it'll be for four or five years. Which is very unusual for an assistant. I heard this two yesterday. That most assistance get one or two year deals in the NFL the one year deal that one year for the option they depict an opera at two year deal outright. Four or five years is insane it's very similar to the Jason Garrett Wade Phillips set up. Where they get a bunch of money a bunch of years. Didn't say the next coach in waiting but wink wink nudge nudge you're the coach in waiting. He talks about nick this area says big combination nick hysteria and Josh McDaniels factored in the decision. He writes my belief is there's a high probability. Mcdaniels would be in San does is go right now if the niners have been able Marcus area a year ago. We talked about back connection with with the John Carroll crew. And outgoing forwarded to gain as a feel confident nick is Terri was here pick in the groceries. And finally. Let's get back to what a crass may have had a desire to throw the moon and the stars mcdaniels announced that doing a month ago. We're right whose son it was a tough day for the franchise. Monday may have been more difficult. Malcolm Butler situations Emmerich patriots about to lose now pitchers to Detroit McCain has the Indy two other coaches. Suddenly the patriots for dealing and not it's a difficult loss but also a looming rebuilt other coaching staff. Kraft bought back two years ago. I was a new owner Kraft told USA today 2013. I had a lot of debt I'd stardust in my eyes at all fame coach on green I was knew I didn't think bill was ever dealt with someone like myself. He had a contract that said he coach year to year and that didn't make me feel secure. I bought the team he's coaching year to year making personnel decisions. He's a drive down from Jupiter Florida at the end of the year and say decide whether he's coming back are now talking about Parcells. That did inspire confidence in me. Or is it part of the Kraft family this time around with different subways but very similar in another. It was hard to see coming out of the Super Bowl what was ahead of the patriots any sort of clarity. Today should feel better about things Jonathan Kraft is 53. Got a good relation with 42 year old presario who should send a GM. And the 41 Robert Daniels who should become head coach Belichick walks away bingo they lost their chance to have the next quarterback when they traded Jimmy drop low. Kraft according the wicker sham peace belts or remorse about that trade in the aftermath of it they we're not gonna let it happen again. He'll be the coach this area the GM John the craft taking over going for it is patriots. All patriots 2.0. In the post crap Belichick air. Mcdaniels this area and Jonathan Kraft. And no part of that's the other quarterback. And having Zoellick mcdaniels here picking back aggregate that guy is a really really good thing or lose say today. Began as a snake the lord be number one and the whole per segment was spent couples guys in the mid day very Josh and to an extent I get that. But as the coaches teams idea. Because he can coach quarterbacks and that is the most important thing in all of sports have been a quarterback coach in the quarterback developing that position. Josh has shown he can do it. Only guy like Brady development guy like a rock blow we just got 837. Million bucks. That's the latest on mcdaniels in addition to Ernie Els who talked about here tonight. I'm John Maine on the significance of McDaniel staying he's up on Monday night Sports Radio WEEI John eight. They might that it might call god. Outlet if you are under they're important but also. Are reluctant convert current extreme right poverty and gossip scandal. We've got to Kenya apparently unique correspondents will each other and obviously the offense has been one of the best offense in the league. All these years would make it will actually offensive coordinator. Armed. Yeah as great as they'll think it's easy to coach Brady specifically John I think in the last couple years of Brady's career. It's gonna really help to have a guy here who is worked really really well pray it's it's a huge part of that I agree. It's absolutely peak I just heard you say that somebody said that may have about one of the least important Super Bowl or patriots. I'm on our quote my friend can't Laird who suggested that two patriot fans heading in because the lack of buzz. Then he suggests that won his theories when Ken Leonard in a very good a ninety minute show one Sunday afternoon it was a Sunday the bye week heading to the Pro Bowl. And he said this one feels the least important. To patriot fans that's what he said yes. Well maybe if somebody you know other they would about their next championship and organization to match Pittsburgh you know. People have been talking about Tom Brady debating whether he's and greeted Michael URL and as alluding to use my like LeBron James. Well I think that has sort of been a very important to ball. Oh I think Ken four to in this I like Camelot he's very good it was a more on honestly some Ive read play a moronic takes. This is a bad tape because Super Bowl to Super Bowl you can't rank and electrocuted and so you know I'll out of the eight patriot fan would sit there. And maybe you know what maybe they were after the game. But the Butler thing is rehashed and a little bit. Or a lot because the way it happened so basin the response we've gotten now into day for the recap I think I people felt about this one. The way they felt about the other one's body is in us Somerville he's on Monday night Sports Radio WEE out of Columbine. But let's go or rather unpleasant. Listen. Indeed calls. You know firing telecheck condition it is embarrassing. It actually embarrassing the president that is the future within the life. One is that belt Bill Belichick integrated emotional time. Number two. Might Nicky terrible close Corey Carter and he ignored that guy. The good take Bob excellent call. I'd done is in New Hampshire group one and two I think I Don. At my allies about that call any time. I think that this drop a little tiny papering the nuclear released. How Smart what trade him and get the number two back. I don't do it anyway the crap that I am the crowd noise that they're gonna pay a 137 million this. It just where did that I think that they thought that that would market Belichick that was the market. But they got long arms. And add to get out and add something in return it looked like yep that it was going to be a much higher than even though the number two. I think you now you know there would be no position our Qaeda and the money not the crap. Not an out and I had but I don't but Don a case let's take a step back we agree on that premise so. Let me ask you number one then why wouldn't they try to trade him to other teams why was it just Sampras is allows it to what was Cleveland never involved. Because I'd edit that I think the biggest hit it to be it'd be an act. They want to get together a great look like they're ready to hold up forty year old Kirk. Say they doubt that they outlawed bat. They got a track coming up this year but bought your quarterback that college they can be built it. And a couple of years and get them back and I got the guilt that they bombed Iraq Iran well. He's not made up. Perfect and you know it's if you're you're you're reading lead. I had a case that's I inherited a fight beyond that how about number two why not then do this if you know you can't handle 137 year right there wouldn't have paid and that. If there was this much demand for the player in the contract if he's getting paid that much money the 49ers were aware how much competition they had to sign him if he eventually are somehow. He wouldn't because the franchise tag but if you ever to get to the the the free agency market why would you hold on him. Tag and then trade him and make you have is insurance the second half of the year. They look at the craps the 26 million dead body and basically that money. And crazy they play yet. Yeah I got if they're gonna trade him right away yet you've got to take it may have had they can trade him right away yes civil Matty called dead money but that's not. It's a place holder until you trade the player. Remember the Q did you have at the kind of place sold you have to play one half game yet you look good yet yet it looks like yet. But he what we can do what I've been in a row in the NFL start. But out but Don belt but Belichick I hear you but telecheck. Heat Belichick thought it was that good Belichick loves to go rob we want to keep them sell this idea he wasn't that good the head coach the genius doesn't agree with you we want to keep this guy because it. Well why don't want to know what you're making a 137. Million. College decisions that made it very very not a I don't Jack ugly not a well. You know you gotta respect that I think if you look at the history crap out of appellate circuit done. You know at that Beckett beat this level. Get a higher than that allowed back in the nineteen million guarantee. I'd give up there are no way I didn't think it would it doesn't act if they had kept him and it had on him and breaking it got hurt. But he's done that magic he. On not that they. That I had I added that the payment of its its top down because they've they've lived in this crazy world. Where they've gotten a best quarterback of all time and essentially on paper discount. Now Brady's got his money through restructures in other deals with the crafts I I don't Brady is not. He's not playing for some extreme bull market money that that's not happening. But he's certainly helped double the salary cap. Because his number usually easel below what the other elite elite quarterbacks is are correct when their numbers are. So yet that that that part of it to pay top dollar for Jimmy rob or anybody going forward that is going to be a pain in the ass for bill. That's why they now post riot police finally Brady could brazen contract. Whether it's days that this of fifteen whatever base at thirty million bucks till the next couple years the new small restructure. He is still going to be a bargain for the position. That's going to be a tough fills wall after a robbery. Because the likelihood the next guy's gonna take people bull market on book deals seems really really really unlikely. I'm Josh is situated on Belichick I Josh. That thought what's up. The fact that I read the same error at the same people that want Belichick fired it and it is just an insult I mean I hate. It's. Well let let's go back here real work. First Super Bowl. Rent check out some abruptly memory here. Read what I tried outlook are likely that. Get urged the reason why about what happens. Was the case what the opening kick what out out so the start or. Yeah there you had any reason. Wonderful. Clock management Donovan McNabb. You cannot issue yet like listen farm. So now we start getting into the losses a look at some other Samuel dropping the interception you'll look at David Tyree. That circuit catch you look at the next Super Bowl where. According to Rodney Harrison's football life that you can say out in check out of the odd man coverage to a zone. So you look at all these marks and Italy are on the floor in Q call that they hacker in the AFC championship Durham against the colts. You finally. Ballot check making mistake number two. And that edge a bigger one on because of the stage Josh you'd agree to a much bigger mistake and then fourth and two. Absolutely but I can't pick up on the ultimate stake out. That libel he can do. In regular play in regular season games he's had some right the Miami game call eight two a year ago they ran the ball that Washington onside kick to fill out at. I added that there's a bunch of different ones regular Ciba post season. They came out flat against the jets when they lost that game was huge favorite at home. Same thing with the ravens the giants' Super Bowls that would put on bella check this one it is a big one on bill which is pretty very very rare fact brought the first. In a big game like I'm with the. That part that person that's probably it's sitting at home and loving the fact we're not talking about it market and you don't want that a lot of the fumble my correct. It was judge it was not markets candidate was Shaq Mason Jack Mason was the right guard thanks Josh for the call. Brandon Graham when it lined up inside against Josh nation may Mason. Very similar to the way the giants got pressure those two Super Bowls they put their little speedy defensive ends. On the patriots big interior guys and I think I forget which giants player who use this poll does. And while the Super Bowl so we put them in a phone Booth. That's who wanna do and that's what Brandon Graham did to Shaq Mason went right by. Carpet storm strip sack turnover that's only need. The ash and so offensively go out offensive line Josh put it held game against that team wire for two weeks and fully commit SOA. Philly's front for police on fourth spot or Chris Long dark policeman for camped on the depth. They did it like that Tulane basketball they go they rotate four and for all got. A one sack number 110. Pretty good job. More on Belichick and his unchecked makes at least in my mind. 6177797937. That is the phone number siege on the mossy he's here he will join us saturate with your phone calls date for any Super Bowl. Recap rehash. Let it out it's subplot will be over I'm not sure when a Sports Radio have you media. Sports Radio WEEI. Patio at 9 o'clock hour would like to replace Carmine. His home. The glory days of glory days the eleven year pro football player play pop Warner. And something else in the high school and get the plays. Senior Jiri good Bedford unit ID I HD ID is little breaks it's been flight that we died out two weeks of this but that now four days in this. Tiny little brace that he hiding places to lap of somebody else besides a with scholar at the patriots Holbrooke back Carmen ms. Carmine in the first hour of the show you'll hear. Or the alternate. Alternate football guys who were called the show and a right he also knock about the fields and you hear that their son or 9:9 o'clock hour. I ask right now I need insurance hears from Jason Kelsey. I'm Jason Kelsey is the senator for the Philadelphia Eagles he was the star of their parade today. I he want cut paste the wrestling promo. Up on stage raw five minute talk about the entire thing. But. He talked about his coach Doug Peterson. I think the egos after Michael party pretty good as the one at this one right Mike Lombardi. Who famously got a spat with Kirk Manningham on the morning show. Is very much when he football know it alls I know more than you do I've coached the game I was in the front office you guys all suck who weren't there. He said Doug Peterson was one of the worst coach in football and Jason Kelsey cutting probable on his ass today at the Philadelphia pray or to. It was hired. The worst coaching hire him by a lot of freaking out analysts out there. Yeah. They're coached. I've been highlight that. Agree it's Alec Freddie Mitchell showing up and operating happened today. I Kelsey team won they won fair and square they via I'll play the patriots in a big spot. When you win you can do what you want but the fans the sell is still have a lot of respect for. Because all the had a degree it was was watching the videos again today like in the post they're they're they're looting their own neighborhood stores. The best by the alluded to one of these two corner convenience stores. I just don't I get celebrating a win. I was there I was on the campus UConn when they won a national championship in 1999 beat duke 7774. Dumb freshman. On campus in stores. And yes I burned couches and I burned chairs. I think the sure out I was wearing. And threw it into the fire like I am but it wasn't wasn't hurting anyone. People or volunteering things to get parked I volunteer my shirt give part. And burned up in that fire beat these people are looting giving insurgents stealing. Packs of gum. And free goes and hot Fries. In the aftermath of what he is Super Bowl what we doing. That's why Philadelphia had that reputation. And that I earned this is not some fake reputation amongst that fan base. Then a guy who punched a police source twice. Emma fans Sunday night who ate actual horse crap. I put it in his mouth and eat in eighty. Golden goal was that a sell the bar stool videos they did these people aren't dirty dirty peoples I still can't quite. Wrap my arms around those folks but with Jason Kelsey UA DCO two when you're cut a promo a five minute rate wanna dress up like I don't when he dressed up like today. But at some sort of I'll figure JC counselor called Mike Lombardi. Go for. Wanna promote how we bros men are list all the players in oral underdogs. Go for. The fans I still can't blame 261777979837. Go to New Hampshire body's there I Bobby. My particular particular phone call my bread and you've got to militant nights and I don't. Well I just stop I just started watching you at some good exit. Under all our spirited at all but you know what. Are different in this step up unit didn't want a great game there was but I wish you'd just been too long walk back kick off and did it reversed. You've rated the time it got on the field. And I heard on radio today it would just martyred on the field you know defense being played at all on both sides. Just a great game but it just Sox are we just walked straight into the war in the unwelcome narco mom Malcolm's alt or a coach Belichick's. Chester greeting differences that ought and I just think it's met juices all because he had it going elsewhere. All eyes so so it's not Belichick's fault for sitting Bartley put it more on Patricia. And I put on Patricia so that wasn't always so rural spot restocking Ergen Detroit I don't know. Today it was not a good game plan they make many adjustments the wanna just in the C to make was Gilmore Albright I'll Shawn Jeffrey but so. The break that streak when it. And then there was that on jet stream to shut him down that's what I don't like I'd love to shut notably bill. They should've started again Bobbie but they should start with that they made that candidate they've made it but they made it late my question do you is. What and so dozens are Boller hasn't played Butler is now built property minutes upload the defense getting to stop. Resources and early this I mean you haven't seen it in this eaten. Obviously he should have been getting the actual cash back account I missed. I missed a couple who went on it wouldn't do Irish blood in her ex own brutal. It is wrong I don't know what happened ignition stepped off I don't know all it is just because not convinced part I don't know some old mission. They missed why is fourteen tackles according to Ben ball owns a film breakdown on Tuesday or Wednesday twelve of those in the first down let me put up. I'm 22 of their 41 points the tackling was atrocious Malcolm Butler ironically. Is what are your best tacklers in the secondary. He's aggressive he's competitive and he's a really really good tackler. I had no scientific proof but he is my belief that if he plays that game they win pats in the act a law. On the patriots coaching staff iPad. What got my fate. At a quick question for it in the whatever the military says they came up ordered after the year two years. They have a guy interviewed said the federal bureau would have Brent floor that they can never be. So you know I wonder pat I don't know if you have to here's the Rooney rule if you promote from within mean you're right technically. He he would he would fit they're there they're rolling. And egg the baby crime back they're so alleged ago. I don't know if you promote within if you have to go do that. I just and and most of these to be fair at this point. Most of these Rooney rule interviews. Feel like they are are are very force in some cases fake. I'm sure at some point they'd they served a purpose but now in 2018. I'm just not sure if it's worth having a guy get on a plane and fly out have an interview. And have that help for the Rooney rule if you board decided yeah I'm gonna hire John Dugard. And just not sure who that helps having assisting coaches. On. Go on interviews would no matter what color they are but specifically what comes of the Rooney rule go on interviews when you already know. That you're gonna hire a guy. Girardi committed that guys why I'm not sure I don't the rule on pat the warning from within and have been Daniels is gonna come from within and that. Might be a way to circumvented if you at this recommend I don't know. I get confused on myself. But he is still here at least for now all CP ends up with a job somewhere else or they elevate him at some point to defense of coordinator. Who downloads. 6177797937. Is your phone number Johnson policies in the house he wrote what you drop all of the day. And brings up what do going to be a very tough question. The patriot fans honestly answer I don't why answer. When it comes to rating drop below wall finally yours is next year Johnson mossy in the house Sports Radio W media. And. You're all right you're yeah. Now Lesnar. Probably told you my name is Matt boldly. Yeah no I am a motivational. Speech to our.