How do the Celtics get to the Warriors and Cavaliers' level, 6-17-2017

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Saturday, June 17th

CSNNE's Tom Giles and Evan Drellich talk about the Celtics current make up and what they could/need to do to be competing for a championship.


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Your nights he's up on Comcast sports net. Late so anything goes tour. We're letting loose because we're tired of the FCC telling us what we can and can't say. Anymore. You get off the hook analysis from Lego league every once every two to 133. Games. 169. Games together unbelievable revelations from Tommy current would have fun. So you fool. And both guys no nonsense from Casey say when you listen that sound like that. You and put it in secret Tom Giles politicized. Does that make LS I think I think that really stole this Joseph easily guess getting on the insanity like Greg Bedard I understand how good it is here the man he wants. And plan might GRC I'm Bob Dylan and the other day and they need. And even Jared cure others can hold that in. Know many times on CS then you won't even have duet. It's just the answer is every one. Yeah. Little promotion and now I have that are really this week on Dylan Hollywood he added John O'Donnell's. And also you're not the problem. About fifth player over there are fairly. This a couple of people and has been. You know we've we don't hear from very often that made into that that nice from those you I guess that's all I that's not strategy here that had what was it. The flip NC look at the flip it comes yes he considers a fluke that I. I don't now. I think tells it like to talk to Alex it's like do you think the show's going well. Yeah dollar were having fun. What have fun it's it's three hours seven. The assault get tired. It depends on the nights it depends on the night but you know sometimes the 11 o'clock Garrett gets a little weird but that's just gonna have audience it skills to get late. Here and you know. And and sometimes we're as good a last night we had some very strange analogies. From Tommy current and actually you know Leslie Shelley also wished me happy Father's Day on which is which was ask. I was not ready I was not prepared for that I am not a fodder and something that gets solid in the heat he sold very well. On May for a very awkward moment for me. Is there. Is there anything you'd like to do more or less of. I'll change if you could. Do you think we're giving you know the real towns. Slowly slowly and slowly that's like slow treated like sometimes sometimes a little too. Goofy on this island and traffic cops and in the wheels can come off pretty quickly what makes you so this year. Well you know that's that's kind of the point you know the facilitator of the idea you going into it somewhat. Somewhat. But you know got past the rock but some issues. And I've taken my shots added they've seen that I get angry and in my eyes are bulging out of my head do you do that shouts of oh yeah that's happened a few times. Only human. It's either you know I mean it's it's all they can force in the on the real. Now it's going to mirrors it's actually good group you know it's it's a fun group. Between you heard all the participants there Tom meeker. Hollywood unfortunately I think it. At some point you just you guys have Red Sox albeit inflate oh crap what he can do and when it just threats but between the Celtics and the pats already started back sharply. That lol you tell me what the doubles. Football season never ends it never taken over and they have threats us of not take you know that's assaults the draft is large part of that because of the pick. We're going to be talking a lot about the NBA draft and then as soon as the draft is over you're gonna get into free agency and then when that's up by its. Yeah we saw early that VNA gonna be looking at the L rookies in. Then before you don't few weeks from then it's gonna be you know training camps so. It Kana. Do you do you. Too weak to we have the network is the station talk more focused because precarious slope. You may be AD and thought about it. Perhaps I don't know I I think they're very interest in right now I mean. I look all of the score off days. We're coming off the DM BA finals which you know continue to get. Just astronomical ratings you know people watching NBA finals they love the drama and the Celtics right now or acting tied for. Third favorites to. When the NBA change it's just makes you sick of getting home at 1 o'clock every now when a person who love it. That's those are my power to one normalcy it's important now I just don't want wake up at you know 6:30 in the morning which I do occasionally deal for. Various things more action news. Yet now let's does the wolf it's too early for me active in the lab but on the night outs fine. Skull and I like social studies like we get to talk about random things like Michael Phelps in swimming against the shark. And I suggest that yet Michael Phelps is can erase a shark. The and they're good they're gonna put it on shark week on the Discovery Channel Italy for whatever that's on Nat Nat geo and usher this helps to liquids was second Tuesday. I'm not sure he's got. 18 Olympic medals 23 golds and one night. Try to race the shark and. In a pool I'm sure that decision was made with. Without the influence of anything at all system. I don't know I am just wondering whether or not eleven divider noted very interest in there's no because it's gonna be great whites do. Now you can like out how did you miss that Susan social studies last night entered Philadelphia but not the act of Sonny on eight zionist. Who's getting paid out all causing all sorts he's getting paid. Arias is actually a word I don't think is much monies you would think Michael Phelps it was so much indoors indoors he did yeah in the subway endorsement. He's made millions upon bright future we can look this up my act as we hear we hear that cal were blown over Olympian. Sure he us are ready to our producer Saturday just looked it up 55 million dollars yeah. It's pretty about as bad as quick or I pass that he does not need to get paid to do he can live comfortably industries a shark for fun. He's not to do for freedom and you know that. Would you rather save it that this was brought up by by Kevin loss would you rather see Ryan Lochte in the pool would put the shark. And a jump in the water yes. Oh crap would put the divider on the wrong side you guys they're together. CO fast like these then. If but he's never been. Now adult those other stories Unix Olympics do I get except let the Olympics I personally love them right now I do now. She's covered so you know from a work perspective I think she enjoys covering the Olympics. Personally I'm not a huge Olympics and I'd ask about the fan. I deal a little bit a little bit young. But they won't let you out of the house the house cat cannot then got locked down and Diana. We'll bit Annie and we're busy. Visit and you'll have a presently shows. Chair Jerry don't let's play golf. Go and we went off and I'd like you know you say you went out there I did on up this morning. One OPEC had measure I was happy when it was happy and fun. That's that's a really that's that's removed he bets like description of of the performance can give me a little bit more specific about how you put it. Why depressed me on this is this how you it's just curious are you are on the right side on one dollar meetings coming together what I like yeah lash out now like it. Even though I am a direct question correctly think a little too much. Beat around the bush will tell us what reveals that Canada was asking him retire Ferrell about out of the Rasmussen and the question to Dombrowski was in an untenable specific but like me pat would you wanna see what this. Let's make it imaginable specific date how pat do you want to see Republicans. You know ridiculously watered down games due to the thing I don't do it but become more conscious of well just. The the damn question to you wanna and that's isn't EST yeah ideally Koppen. Right is that of the international mention. I've perils that she started to with the media like. You know if you're asking and going into the decision do you go about your would you look at you trying to balance. Something about roster like shall more. At an edit and ogle you're basically asked me once and down and and in the answers that is what we're trying to pretend it's harder. Right about Fernando about it it is about. You know. Yeah I mean you've got a point bush. That are some guys that you have to kind of the audience a little bit you know not not everyone's is getting its of the direct question. You you have to know your audience a little bit but it you know there's also something insulting to some degree battling asking one question to and then to kind of twist in the slump and ultimately. The tools Libya from their question. I. And rally in the stock. Has given what I want is hard to do the damage and fights. It. Might get off the hard punches did you throughout. No punches from their verbal verbal verbal jabs Pittsburgh. Mike the call let's talk Celtics traded debt. I'm might it was go on holiday so the straight out is what are you guys eat Gillick Martell aux in speaker. I'll check this out is out there right now do we doniger. None of my radio. Actually it is part but I Tom I've been listening to lots of talk radio. And I think. For this October the Celtics took a perfect fit. Blake Griffin or not the perfect fit. Gordon Hayward it good for I mean it being so seamless because it. Mean that you can work which with the coached. I mean he knows I can music they make a statement that Brad stevens' bridge statement at Butler. You have Butler so they know each other committee to look like ecstatic that these guys going to be there and besides the fact. That Hayward is improved so much I mean I saw him play this guy is he took a thirteen or start this year. Along which around the guys from Indiana. All sorts quote George. Most of them and that's slightly in where are eligible for next contracts. But I'd be cool and what is fantastic. And people that say they want Blake Griffin. Caledonia the station on Michael so there are trying to like make an argument for. And we talked about sushi a destruct yet forums. Armed. Oh I'm sorry there's. Else I don't like him anyway but anyway I'm glad Griffin is just not the right fit for this to. I. Think I object to any changes poised to make a block what you personally. Could say that a lot of Amin it look at these guys and I I heard a minute YouTube and to be you know they look at all the draft prospects are a lot. And I think what they needed the gate to get Hayward. And they get a rim protector now that brought into Philadelphia I think maybe it's no well but. Think I'd get somebody is it rebounding in go to collapsed. The generals all yet he's he's gone right now I believe he's a free agent and ended the face of the call Mike. The other thing wooded. Hate word in George. Another Hayward did not make it all and years I did yes it they take it to super Max deal was the question there with with a party candidate has significant. Amount of money with Utah significantly more than he can meet anywhere else had a native now all NBA team. Has a lot of misinformation in that call. You we appreciate it up and speakerphone worked great and it hasn't been any. I don't of the Gordon Hayward information to convince seems to be steady I don't see anything. Newer deferring mean you guys have what what has there been any sort of sensed that. What's changed and the belief has long been this would make perfect sense. Has there been anything lately that settled. That Miami's getting involved so Miami's downfall so you know it's. Out of all of that helps you necessarily it's gonna get it's getting him another look at another situation. So maybe goes to Miami he says that I want. Play here and I defeated Asians and rent I couldn't. Yeah to some degree. Yeah I don't know like I I think that at this point it's gonna come down to whether or not he wants more money. By staying in Utah and wants the series comfortable or whether or not want to get the Western Conference. Why would Brad Stevens and look I think the rent we didn't come here I I think Gretzky is these interest thing. But the same time my I don't always. In on a few wants to make. A major move. As an MBA player based on his college coaching tree that is that aspirations rules or you mean like winning in the playoffs and shortly admiral dad thanks shark eight and here here's the thing till like. Blake Griffin would be great. I love that Blake Griffin I looked at Gordon were. You might end up would neither. That's the reality you might end up would neither. And you kind of a maternal Edwards as a lark health faults wow what a disappointing offseason I look at it could happen. Can easily have been an and he's actually got a call right now from the current he wants to talk about trading a number one pick what's up sandy. Failure and I got a quick. What is the Celtics trade that take to delete you know domain B one of their big man at a couple of that that. And then take that third that they're taken that they would send it maybe two coldest state or India quick buck ultimately got them all back. I likely Thompson likeable lot. I'm not sure what the price would be for playing. And I guess it also depends on who you're talking about as far as big mango in Philadelphia because Julio Okafor at this point is. We're pretty much close to useless I mean he's he's not any part of it she's almost night and it's just a piece of betrayed he's just he's a salary this point. Golden State. If a former correct me just 1005. Games and the season before 173. Games right why are they treating any of those. Maintain an acting I don't think they are either but but I I can understand I can understand why Celtics fans likely Thompson. Disease great shooter rainy and he's an underrated defender. Is it what what is the sense of what towards Clinton's offices and took the clintons stay healthy I think he's got a lot of if they're talking and. Now. Now they only have to re sign some at all to rant and courier technically reagents. They're not going anywhere that we send imminent victory sign Iguodala and Livingston and but if they leave I mean. They leave. I don't think it does get go placed them there bench players the role players. And anybody any better and rural player's gonna wanna complain that team for a minimum contract anyways absolutely. Which is what happening Cleveland to yet a number of those guys sent to point Cleveland they just didn't. Carry their way it happened to your boss into and so the two were competing for channel and he fixes. Now you're getting onto. The market for all would it it's it I don't know I don't know because. You know baseball's kind of found a way to force parity I don't know what you do in basketball. Did it ever tells me that is the players' option to play wherever they want to and we can't control where they go and I get that. But at the same time if if a top tier player the number two player in the world is taking a significant pay cut not helping tender it's gonna take a significant pay cap but. Take a lot less money let's say like 60% of its value. Tip to sign up to play with a great team. What's the point of the salary cap holds a player issue yet but it is. What's the point of the salary cap if tendering its gonna sign conflict eighteen million dollars that oh it's his choice to take less money we got he can do that because he's making. Hundreds of millions dollars and in endorsement deals. But what it why he got a salary cap if you're cheating it. By your best players. Taking significantly less. It just doesn't help other players right ultimately. You want. Top dollar matters to kind of say that that that decision take less money from from star player well that's his choice but there are ripple effects here. Right you you you want to drive up prices for every yes your NBA play every shot and execute prioritize the betterment of everyone else in the league over what you want most by it. LA. In baseball issues and time again where where there's a priority put on getting the most money that you know Iraq could walk away money when the Red Sox almost four. Right right of that attitude indicators seem to exist in strong. No because they they want champion tempering its innate naked seat baseball players choose to want. All related to your money but there's a salary cap so you can go and others use it doesn't make you needed to right. The fact the one now accountable moving one Reitman the route the reason the Red Sox you know if if if the system wasn't the way it was. This past winter I bet they'll Edwin Encarnacion on missed the route the reason was sort of look at that and form. Yeah it's a soft capsule look through tax threshold of baseball's union is. Well it's has given up basically. You know years ago with two in the fifth and now you're you have essentially a soft cap they. Interest and I we're gonna have more on the Celtics yes we got to line up on the on six of seven sums of and I set a 937 sort of get your phone calls in just a bit. It's odd thousand Anjelica WE Yang these seeds. Sportsman. 01 network. I just elegant Giles. What does a Red Sox a little bit idea atop of the shelves and angelic was down at Philadelphia recently and talked to Clay Buchholz. Results aren't about low and Mike Hazen. Where there with the Arizona Diamondbacks who have also been taking your calls on. The Celtics in the trade rumours. Kind of circling this number one pick and will got a few on the line right now if you wanna call and it's 6177797937. Let's gets as some of those phone calls right now let's start with. Ryder marsh field to. While stuck in a gourmet or. All of the couple things real quick one cable Rebecca come here. Is an agent do. At all and if if if anything's. If his agents get away and he'd made you'll absences saying Utah because it's more money. That money would be at that exact north up Michael's gonna build some that's a strange day. I did opera Tim's an end over end he's. It is getting to know what those big gloomier and give us the celtics' worst case offseason scenario it's out of going guided for our. Absolutely what she got on on the Celtics Nazis. Yeah well first off I'm only about treaty that burst into you can at least Philadelphia like it looks like. They're desperate to do something right now I'm sort of side that you want you guys had a couple minutes ago what's the worst case scenario they don't get all those guys. Behind you is it puts you on the fourth best team in the NBA light. Air all of that out but it important that you or edit keep temple and movie for free. I don't think really either of those moves are gonna boo you. Into a point where the Rodney gave her hurt even LeBron felt bad on his ankle it snapped in half. No way to get our pregame scene you know. Well here's the thing now because you're not signing Gordon Hayward and Blake Griffin just for next year your sign them for the next few years right the next 45 years so. It's about landing those guys. Not just for next season and trying to improve upon your performance gets Cleveland but trying to have them for a title run that further down the line. I understand that at. In there a point where Gordon Hayward even if we'll crunch 38 years old where Hayward has been better than LeBron went on this. Eight comments that you were never really better than the bronze. LeBron and urging Mbeki are going to be better than anybody noticing yeah. And I never windows that is so wound and you got to. Get to a point where you can get it got him back bawdy Y I Monday Davis trade you computer. Back up to get a guy like equities. 3 evening. During the prepare but I don't know. You wanna turn into an established on. Exactly how I want ignited you know what pose little quiver and LeBron boots I don't think. That that's happening there and worried he might be one of the best teams of all our. Yeah just caught the bats are hot right now when you have all these assets to do something in the 85 or six years ago. You could take him back into its anti didn't quite player in this. Started rabbit that I'm not really there this year and even if he is mark couples turned in notes you know not you probably won't be in the grip level that it will be. They get it in Butler level by that time LeBron still 36 and around and the Philadelphia guys going to be good and so. I think you need to establish start it. This obviously is their right here for years and they can go for it. Are rather then you know you can get great and you get a word that's often by our you to technically the sixteenth and effort that eagle creek. Where he kind of frustrated by the NBA's all yeah. I Tim I appreciate the call late that he's got to get point two and and I understand I I feel the frustration as well I also. Sometimes lottery he can't exactly wait out the brawn can't wait out the warriors because and three or four years and he he sort of alluded to this but Philadelphia can be a big at Philadelphia before whoever. There's going to be teams that dominate the league best just the history of the league so. You can't really wait around forever. Can't let that I achieve ultimate victory which you do and you cry hard because that you can't just like say I well. We have no chance and culture at you do it if if right roster construction is Danny change. He ain't any Davis has been brought up a few times a loaded Betty Davis till. That's scary anyways director Tay was punt block he said is there a better authority as last year. Front and up again yesterday and they get Anthony Davis some arm fully on board that. And die I'm just curious if people. Are willing to trade at tactics that we had one caller earlier who want to Jimmy Butler I'm not I'm not in on Jimmy Butler Paul George Soros now the caller knowledge that budget he Boller played his way out of it in answer is yes the Celtics he just can disappear at times. He's a good player but. He's not. You don't trade the number one pick for him and he doesn't seem like he actually was contract and see what he's yet two years left I think he's two years left very affordable QB when he. The stars season. Jack and at all George has just the one year left and everyone thinks he's on the lakers so yes he gets saturated I just don't see that happening energetic. We don't trade the number one the number one pick is is is a real thing right Steve the relative the best player in the draft you're trading the best player draft. Bird Jimmy Butler you know it was good bye and what if you go to funerals anyone's dram. You think you'd. Think it's fair market where having the last out. Right it's all about what you actually see in mark health balls and what you've seen it. At that they're into an even field with or relatively. If this glorification of number one. We have a number one pick them via the use it but that's assuming there there's like this what is the number one player. The record that. I think do you think you clearly think so you clearly think I I don't. It a lot of these people who who spend their time going over the footage and go into the games in the people who write articles about prospects pundits on a male pundits writers they believe. That faults is somebody who's going to be star in the NBA. And the Celtics. Are in desperate need somebody who. Had talent evaluation problems for your. I say that can't believe this is drafting is a mix act. And I would agree I agree that any you know time will tell Jalen brown who was that the high sticky side. Yeah ever ever and died markets Smart at this point I mean a lot of people are well aware is marked this Martin on this team if you get to dilate Martell faults you know. I think you can look more at. At the exit geese you know that you got zero out of the mean mark Smart at least had a productive year you could say OK maybe it's six. As little Heidi. If you go back and let that drafted actually it was a good pick. Say a couple of years ago they trio Kelly old nick left the Greek Greek attempt combo on the blood everybody did. They offered six expert trustees Winslow wasn't turned into a great player I don't know that day means. His talent evaluation. Is in as infallible as a lot of people and we think. Yeah we got more calls right now it let's go to Kevin who's in the car and he's gonna wait on the celtics' draft was going on Jenna. They guys are you today good night dude. I'm doing well well on. The right call I have to admit that industry. Low on trained well. Philadelphia but. My concern Walt. As it walks like long I'll be damned well looking at it and build a championship. And got to take a year. So big I believe each card I didn't look it but not low light the ball. Idol they keep the Mac guy Eddie. Something that isn't that a lot coming off the edge to it a year. Until. I get concerned I think all. Well I'll be don't want him. Don't want Jack's been like a bolt haven't paid much attention at all. All but going to put another wave at each week and I think potentially weaken I'll be offered to get out our. And that one indicate Monica float all want to go on it in that surprised the heck out. There was an article a ball. Are all right player but freer on the road or in the eight or rapid doubt that 68. A well liked players would sell extra X. Roma Croatia. Also the guy forget Jalen brown. Ground was currently open the other player. Those are at 18. I mean I think it all on dialogue. Let it all all at the guard. Is eight the suit are or what Altman saying that I told you ought not Padilla tell. Oh I think it will broke going to be great flair. I don't know I would go would just act like they edit by at a make that choice. I would go all alone at the Celtics built something that has to be a lot of all. It knows something now we don't. Yep and a night and I think that's. Com. But knowing something that we don't x.s and more about. It's evaluation process and also knowing what you can acquire gesturing it's. Let's just look at the value. Yeah I mean I also think it should be that vacuum either good but he you know is is is the debt it's a gap what is again. Between ultimately. Right now let's go to another call real quick go get Dominic. Come from western mass Dominik let's go to always after the Celtics trade options. What I thought it out in I don't it do it hadn't been brought brought and matched well aren't compatible eight X eight. 8 am and start rebounding and we're not really don't. Okay really go bared he's eating he's with the Utah Jazz sees Sosa you do talk to much ready for Rudy go bear. All right what do what do you what do you think that. The Celtics would have to give up to get up. I think in the restaurant I. Wouldn't be. And that maybe eight. Aide gave me. Parkinson are important. Because he averaged out of the game. But only fourteen points but that's not the only point is they. Need that I can it be a Smart if you didn't know I'd get an eight. Bit and I can't. I Dominic Rick comment really appreciate Nam and the existing companies regarding these rebound out of a dozen points to big deal not only that but look this is where also free agency comes into play where he looked deeply Griffin and he's dike and yet he didn't. Become a rebounder his rebounding numbers went down but I think. I think some without as a result of the Andre Jordan in armies he was dominating the glass there blatantly three down as much and again he's also injury prone I understand that about Blake Griffin. So if you do have to look at that as well we're gonna continue. With a conversation you're Celtics threats whenever you want we toxin C a sense while we talked Michael Phelps swimming at sharks having its. It's a Saturday and and it's it's wide open if you wanna get in get in six and seven cents at 97 under through seven haven't felt Tom Giles. The media.