How bad will Tom Brady's thumb have to be for Brian Hoyer to play Sunday? Plus, Mut & Reimer each make their case to go to Minnesota

Mut at Night
Thursday, January 18th

Mut and Reimer kick off the hour by debating who is more qualified and deserving of going to radio row at the Super Bowl and hosting 6-10 at night. They also talk about if anyone has any doubt as to whether Tom brady will play on Sunday and how bad will things have to go for Brian Hoyer to get in the game.


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Here's my. Talk Sports Radio W we. Much. Review. Mind you removed late night yes that makes sense yes yes yes yes yes that doesn't happen I'm not going. My answer nothing happens I'm not good framer needs to go out. All about that for readers in the club that's a good but it's a good idea that great a great idea what is what is Jose and I could be happy for whatever it was too soon or at the moment. True to what he's doing so yes they do you. So much who come here in the pocket knife yes I won't Wear a suitable equipment did you think about all kidding aside. Practical to think about what will be your feeling about just like different content. We talked with better leave it there in the noticeable stuff all the best stuff going on all the case stuff going right or month or what he would do. Of the gate inflation problems again right. Not because of work for some reason. So what's the I think they're springing this like it's some new thing when you and I've talked. About this on the air to our face was last Thursday yes why I brought it weighed on Tuesday yeah volcanic we've we've had the conversation that's the and then I'll slate tomorrow morning. Over my cold day what is primate like in all honesty my. I'm not pushing for additional full time first about it can never sell me here as he did the Red Sox now think that I am the voice of Red Sox baseball. Like you also better than you that's that's that are a lot reading scores perhaps yes perhaps that a lot more her how I know a lot more. But that's neither here nor there. First Super Bowl week yes I will be there you wanna. That's I wouldn't say definitely not right now as well that's that's what I'm hearing here OK Don and I'll I'm saying it's not definitely. Okay that's had a conversation today which led to suggest that I may be adding a unified stand by. I have a ticket have you ever EDC's. That it's a great sponsored by the around in a Winnebago. Really getting a car like you just got out there like tang my highest yet like no not rise again to try to do parents you Opel app. Did all the guests are using I'm sure no problem for hours the Opel lap. And I'll do shows trotting out the Minnesota seat sit still you're not going. At the bottom I think it's wall op after today it's a higher percentage than it was last week it's ready to put the percentage today it was always present that he buyer Morgan director less than 5%. And plastics it was OK so it's but it's about 5% Sosa coming at the 95% winds out in Europe earlier in on them yes five tonight because there now are behind in Minnesota. Ten afternoon travels to be going on people still be walking up and down radio row under lots of gas yes. Easier for meeting to be the guests give you the lay of the land from Minneapolis the new yep here in Brighton and and you could come on at 10 o'clock. But it is easier laughing saying Iran did you know it's not gonna apple I like I like having this conversation why I'm saying his knee is is again it's my show on contracted judicial I'm rated and bonus on the wires are usually whatever artsy tight I mean you get a lot of warning system for the Summers they called it never Monday night yep that's a year beauty great utility man for the station the other about week ten to two. Recapping the interviews. Happenings on radio. And it it makes sense and I'm glad you do. Now I am I a and I were you I would probably pushing the same exact thing once why not why not make sense likewise I would not make sense of somebody who is there. Like actually posed to show from radio row to me and this is a on the dummy site stuck answering things because it's my show it but you go every night out but you're not no not on line in the sun on a Monday show. I do the morning show once a week because I the ratings are good when a bite let's rotate round unless they need you. Somewhere else sure they don't need be anywhere else in the case I play here and ready to work my shot if they can track it what you want you 1610 Monday night it's not. Rotating calls that night. It is not a whoever's available night it is Monday night I worked hard to get the show yes OK I worked hard as trash talk about off the air Friday. I've worked hard to make this show. More relevant than it was when article and it intimacy accomplished that Wright State people please sound from the shore on other shows that never happened before people now to show exists in the building. Those are all good things so to. Handover at the and kneel down I'd say it's not yes because he's in Minnesota aching at all I cannot talk our bottles the icu or dispute on the C what what is on his face almost sitting there at on the scene I can't get guests for coming by on the table okay well I'm looking better here get the same exact gases at their table does or does it did last year and open front a year better find that your your professional you know that it works better when -- in the same room because I guess not that not for the guests that were gonna be getting for a high level guessed that. You wanna sit like Agassi this. Radiant studio would be lights out OK I get that. What's your your guy sitting down with I don't knock out alters your cubs are. All this let's look at our way who is that is that rob great. Second. It would matter if he's on I asked him headset are sitting next how you Tito's demeanor of the smartest you know the only guy be better and get onto anywhere veto act probably just basis ten good minutes don't you know that it works better to be in person and on the fun and also some gap does not someone they went yes quade just have to because she did their did they are single serving guess that's not religion action single Saturday because the guest you're gonna get you know all they want it has not so it's your sent out saying a single serving only been beyond my mistake was not proud interviewed I don't want a Democrat but you don't and they're going to be crappy. At that it had it at the Super Bowl all the interviews pretty much suck less chance you're bringing crappy entered airlines give me what's one good interview you can member flashy super odd writers on the record and how does you know. Was not that it was that he Bastia may be used to like yourself demand idle. I driver so we both get in trouble with some weight I think that contributed to do exactly each other PI bench press we will play a lot a lot but it's okay but that's not the real point but someone like being there as well in the action in the middle of it I'll be there you know stories to tell from the date staging gossip you can always tell you do on the show. And open every single night for a couple hours Alex at an albeit incorrect in that the sport either toward. Yeah well there you're it's optional I acted I'm not going to demean your abilities at all this is not an attorney meaning in mind I'm not but that I'm I'm saying this because you are you could easily make it work. There with me here hosting and their co hosting from there for a couple hours and I eat Mac and work I'm I'm going to be in the studio you may be there. I'm going to be in this trial from sixth attack why but every single night and I did too excited as I am not put on there oil is a big league Bateman now I doesn't need to be here during Super Bowl week I think we should have a real presence at the station. Tended to recapping and yes I think I'm actually at nine to water and that ignited a one out of our country and tell him a couple of times that we can't be you'll not going to be doing one day one day at one one couple that I hope I don't take over Brady again I'll be doing it one day fines but that's one late night out I'm writing for the website as well yes possibly going to stop they'll be a morning he'll be prescilla ports is in the 5 o'clock window that you need to be panoply of Ryan Hannibal on outlook golf team that animals on the patriots as I've been told was told today. You are gonna be adding the the columnist color flavor to this thing right you're gonna need to be at some of these which is why Lohan Ali you're in a dollar and flair. During the day and I'll be recap in the car and player they'll from sixties and ordinary cat and mine are coming years ten to two you can recap the day at the station does not make the most sense now if you're recapping the day at the station. And of data it got into right and it by name was not on the show yes I can see a bloody around like I move around everything he they do not just a no no we don't want a testament one other spot they moved me to at morning drive. That's moving up in the world OK and I'm not knocking tended to have a strong it's out of here six attempt I have. A pretty significant and we schedule that will be aptly destroyed by the here tend to get it lets you can't I don't care when you like that I would see not I don't I didn't seem like kittens. I'd be I guess it's important like my son for lunch at preschool and I guess again Deborah father son once at the knock out. It's not a bad schedule and attend to lifestyle. You'd like it highlights on you you like it because your night viewers while ice session working night I've invested time and effort into six the tan and I and I again I'm not say Allen is I'm not going to hand over NASA being handed over present for one week the person could turn arrow during the biggest week of the year I'm not gonna not be on my show. I think what and all that I think men and knows that I think Curtis knows that things are bottle nosed dad that they're not gonna take me up my shell. During Super Bowl week I can probably due movement at night tentative. Quite jealous self shall we six to ten let's look at the website at seat they've. Fired again I'm not the eighties and I know I like that and I'm not sit and not saying don't understand what you're saying for 1 week I am very startling new real reason as to why it would be better radio with you here in the studio. Vs meek. Because right now I am better on the show I disagree cable that's as Kurt ever called the shouts you praise you. Yeah here turbines come on officials multiple times we stuck in the building actually stops and comes on the year. He's not the end all be all of radios and that's I don't you think that all of my let you cannot tell you apple you dare to probably occurred. It's ask are you saying you're using him as the example what's one example one example. I think that I try to reason I think that I in Minnesota and more he said coloring flare I'll be there throughout the week really in which trades still do it your your you would still do as part of may ultimately shows that the station I think they're gonna guess to a different spots in different stations and herb different shows. On the station you sitting doubt you'll friend Glen or way to give your shot in radio and when get a word you know to holing key Nadal a lot of support and a lot to say I need my own self those four hours has Gerry said is that your all's well that WEEI late night wise Rosemary that action is Terry said there's some it's a stuffed quite a but that's Super Bowl but irony is that true it knowing it's there are a lot of gay stuff out in the delegate and Super Bowls here bring out the gay stuff. India I've not heard that I now do you predict the better stories I would look to bring on doctor bock and Michelle Bachmann husband the conversion there is allowed to bring him on that tends to. Might be too late formed come to mean hell it's you know my life partner get expert had to go seat mr. bock again because I'm becoming press Tom does and popular retail stuff. Me doing late night would not work so in order to be on. Have a regular presence I think. Six to ten is the way to doubt. And just just my two cents and I think yeah you like to think deeply about it it just makes more sensitive to people with the ability to host the show so I thought deep and now makes more sense for the person there to do it on I thought the only about a today when many hand planted this evil evil seed thinking that we had not talked about this already I know it's a secret. Now with him he threw him this was this is the goal here is the is indeed about way it worked and I will come in tomorrow. Ready throwing makers that I can I can tell this is going to be singled with Brady's news maybe it's not going to be quite the news. But I I I'd buy position is pretty simple and invest a lot of time and effort into the show where my name is on. And I'm gonna be your sixth attempt if you are also here is part of it. I don't think that's a bad idea you what that is weird six point person in Brighton at the result each nominee just doesn't work at it. That don't do wish I mean today they were perfectly happy before they were sending anybody else. But the person here at night just doesn't go on does the show back appears to be stunned I write an essay to themselves of course I don't I disagree right it's nine they can also sit down right there or do the interview it's not that different Alex and you view I know you'd know that you can say it's a huge difference. I get the same guess you can get. Right out of course but right but it slightly it's right on our highest body of all you want I guess I've always been hosting will be the highest quality for sixth. That's what I believe. It comes down to you'd think. What we want spice of course I think I think you better Q so you're out yeah exactly what you what you would think less of me if I said yeah I think that I'm not the person and occasionally I meant sacrificing what's best for the states in which you've been admirably over the years of the person there. Of their regular honors. Nat suggests that the receivable we'd go to South Korea. Ball that. And North Korea or not or Nigeria and what he bought the radio Haiti it's also says turn up your X ball so that people are very excited to Haiti about this conversation. If you want it's on the matter is just you just go anywhere except for minutes. It is warmer then so. I don't know I saw in the thirties next week already assumes a vetoes to Leno told us it was below freezing in Jacksonville. He's an American institution was in our country to do did he likes it he like I was like an anti patriots. Yeah they seem a bit and when pressed on your herd of immediately going back to not well known known as an and I get to a spot where. Do I wanna yell at an older man on the radio I thought it was gonna back up his story and obviously a dark colored signature popcorn ready the entry the patriots be eroded like. He was ready for the patriots just to crumble and then came on the air he's locked if you're also surprise that he is like meat row kneeling. You looked at loves the Elaine the president forget you all dot and that he he explained it back dedicate that with cap pretty good the sides of our whammy Leavitt beat out. You should jump dinosaur un. Cynical I cannot musicals won the very spot item wouldn't call me when economists think. But I say I explained to him lighting capita was inside like the crazy you beat him to respond you did you have the power since you have the Mike he's on the phone you said I'm gonna have the last word here. Like move on to prediction you know let veto off the map I looked up and suggested. Mentally to myself. Thirteen minutes is probably too well at the scholarship and a half this but I did not wanna cut our final and I want to get them Isaak hour there he's fired up a hundred years old loves football. Casey was much too logical from a that he would be a little way I I active now expected more of a anti patriot now outside or pro patriots. So the idea slide not talked to anyone imagined about this so you'd you would you would tell me I'd not thought I'd I'd know I'd not created buys our mono I don't care it's a Curtis is out another hurdle Rima operation you understand me based on their. Not wanting you want more than a rent of a couple weeks morning overexposed. That could be initial what if Kircus fort. That certainly helps right now of carcass for that helps around this place if you push sport. Again I'm not saying permanent I think Monday night is great I mean I'd be great show and I know it's inevitable you'll try you'll you'll try to pat I have my sites for diversity part of full time now I understand we Tomas he said this is going to happen. And I elderly you're on not what you'd Whipple Meehan Tomas are actually holding to mock you must have like some more jobs when coming in and lead columnist for the website and nighttime hosts the music Tomas in iPod was off the year that is your vegetable. That's your now Exel target on your list of Mossad got a brand new deal. They eats out OK I'm just telling you we talked about I would I would litters downtown every step months. Does that anyone older brother and a got to stick again should don't wanna do that to anybody. Not an edit an analyst arguing about I don't wanna take yourself. I'm just saying don't care if you don't want you want about I don't know candidacy for one week I think if I'm there'll why in Minneapolis it just makes more sense to. A person live he's capable of doing a show. Do we show every night you are capable you are York capable of doing should I cannot and I think acted in mice time slot I could do. A better show for beauty as a peanut doubt you would like here's what happened all day we are in box to be. Yes I mean you recap the big not at. Not every day but it slowly but the recap plays better tend to teach you lots of replay and that I don't wanna do we ought to read B if I'm not that's not my goal anyway the fun we don't be a fun week for sixth at ten. IIRA. Again upon you on here on the air from six at the I'm not worried about how do you know real fun tentative answer and really can't on what's real hard time outside as you know I've done. Medio as late night shift by shift was quite an uneven that's like god as you try to find that different than you during a Red Sox except I I right now. It's a lot different the show is called what it night bright but they're not outside review okay but you're until midnight anyway half the year. So to an extra two hours. Yes it's -- is what it's like for six attendees a pot I don't Kurt locked sixth and no tickets and escalate beyond China and six times out this year actually that it's the city of currencies and how it's a great times that it's all dents when the Red Sox arts when he needs you mean you are a great. Utility player for the station. I would say Harry boomer lonely island W the I like the your minimizing me and he's the the utility role we're I'm you we're I'm we're past that he's a little mindful I night I'm aspiring to be at the station I'm aspiring in the way our way you are saying it is equally sarcastic which again good for you not being sarcastic I think our estimates you do what ever the station whatever is best for the station. That's what you normally would of course OK so. It it so it in this case and I think what's best for the station. As I host my own show six to ten. During the biggest week of the year I again not I'm not going to. Surrender my time slot during the biggest weekly thing is now intensity you could have this Kevin when it spots. To bury it we mean we can when Iran and its U late nights and times. Yup modeling gig at the gas X yes Estes to orgasm on some times I'd die you had a Montero and out but at an aspiring to admit Shawmut beyond one's via I heard that got a big guest at the shell on writes I don't apply a better read on the I was listening to that next week in light of that that that. The drive home. Yes we have the big guests entities you can just you can get real fun test and economic Michael Irvin after night outs OK you know against it well in addition to all the Brady calls which were there we start the segment and now all gone Google principal lines for you wanna talk Brady camp. I you can weigh in would you rather have meat post. My own show six to ten. Or do you want reverb from Minnesota that we let people weigh in on that as well 617779. 7937. Is the phone number there is a big story today. That is not Rivera I'd bitching about who's gonna host two weeks from now during six to ten other big news's Tom Brady and it's significant news because your quarterback enough practice today. He is wearing a glove on his right hand and Internet doctors are analyzing every little bit what happen when Brady will get to that in your phone calls Roemer is here we'll talk until ten and here until midnight. You're on Sports Radio W yeah what's better Roemer there in the middle this bull stuff all the gas stuff going on the case of gone right. Lot of nice Sports Radio WEEI Roemer is here he'll get through until midnight so don't go anywhere. I your phone calls throughout the big news of the day. Is Tom Brady he did not practice today according to the patriots he's dealing with a right hand injury. He had a glove on a standard practice that you zoom in quite a bit to see something now. On that hand need not take part media press conference afterwards and so. On there's a lot of question right now about the health of Tom Brady I've yap about Oprah tuna bowers Alex let me ask you in where do you stand on Brady his hand where the patriots are right now the unhappy gives us another opportunity to re litigate the Jimmy. That's not enough time devoted to this I have to take that is not been said before. And Elena on an assault on these these two seats we haven't studio have buckles and buckle up. Go ahead this Brady injury and how severe it is makes you question that time of age he. Sure he. Why. If they weren't ecstatic they ops he lived a limited big I die yet the trade him during the could've gotten a second round pick. In the offseason. Even if they French franchise tag and trade Evian etc. and makes no sense the timing makes no sense and honesty I think that angle here is kind of a reach because. Under no circumstances Tom Brady missing scams in Nicaragua where he went to Brady missed playoff. I he has made for it in fact it's against peer he's not missed a game other than writer he missed it for waste a priest and he slices hand allegedly. On he missed the whole year with the ACL. He's missed games of the descent and down he is not physically he may stay gains due to injury other than. Right so it is a couple of words year Brady would be playing in this idea that if free struggles in the first half like eight hole or. If it invent another struggle hole at number eighty iffy iffy basically if his right thumb is so bad he can't hold a pro football. That's that is not plane it's a doozy. I think it's I. Pistol to give it he couldn't throw the ball yet tomorrow he couldn't if he could for a lame but didn't have that same accuracy or zip and they say you know what college you start. And they do their back pocket you Belichick knew we had dropped blow. That be different aid ripe old Tom Brady yes in a game where he was ineffective how could affect the body would I daddy I hear you he got to be. Terribly ineffective federal high he would ranked dad. But he had to be throwing ducks in the rumbles of people's feet and just be. It is actually awful but they have a guide to go to that we know Belichick like that a guy who we saw we did note that Lipitor up the Jack he'll be fenced. A couple weeks ago there is that. Part with that is true. Rightly get they get their lawyer in this game. And lawyer sucks and they lose that scenario talking about the wood had raw apple enough lawyer in that back plus the other it's a greater audience is unfortunate that the market had. I'm six weeks died out against al-Qaeda and I'll think it's and I don't think it's that I think I was like you is reading doctor David check out the pro football I do it again let's go lady Internet doctor's wife was wearing temporary protection today. His grip would not be affected. It's taped not splints there would be good stability on not on the no need for splintering game minimum. In pact on green I'm buying minimum impact and a little conspiracy or animal minimum okay that's at the doctor's office. Adds minimal unknown from out prop isn't so how can join the club I think he crime and now we have a I asked you the most I think Paris. Curtis has more than me yet and and the best is anti Immelman who is years and years on more than a fire on as much as you I would be on the yet and it hours to read this hour solo yet he gets some dumb thing you really can. So what adding adding pre poisonous. Ideally placed into the to conspiracy theories yes. And usually laugh at this but I don't think Belichick minds this being out that pretty injury. The jaguars Dion and Gerri it's party talking regale will not pitch from winning the super ball. If the jaguars just like 1%. Take their minds off a little bit. That is a little advantage for the patriots and out usually markets. But after seeing the Steelers always lock this stuff how do you believe in the motivation of AG and not motives Jalen Ramsey off the plane from Pittsburg. In Brazil fans not nothing nothing about the page to say. We're gonna win this page how is that taken their eye off the ball the hours after they won nineteen it's just what the patriots say that they said they should be taught it's not very good football team they don't do any of that I'm just saying whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Adam Butler now writes yes that's basically got embodied humble or be humble lady that came right back and that is that belong to that posters that counteract. Now Jalen rams and argue his name. That's why all the laughter they're pick on doesn't matter and easily the best quarterback football and they're gonna get an idea aren't really that now but down here but you don't even like. They take their minds off a little bit it's just like a little bit heading into this game what caught half of 1%. We always would hear about politics he wants. The biggest advantage possible I don't think he minds that this is there'll just telling you don't think he'd mind so that that's not mail. Is there is there an injury or as well you know it was an injury to Zito does ears to hear it see here's why here's why disagree with you. I is bad habit out there because of the gonna try to hit Brady's are as they came. I think dolby guys that are looking. That right hand and I'm not sure how easy it is to target a right hand perceive and football player. But he had a giggle out of your way to get a foot down or -- down on his right hand getting helmet sit at a bit that they're right target Brady but they would. Yes you're right but they would have targeted his right hand specifically on the I don't know how you target it right I mean I don't either really precise we big football guy. It's 17779. Seven ID through high school coach yell at you US artist and as some rewards later I coach community college and played quarterback with this type of injury before he could tell us candid defensive lineman where you line doctor targets. I think you probably can that's what we need in the doomsday scenario forge a of these phones could they win a game with pride where haven't started out they can win I don't think they would now because I think lawyer and a portals cancel themselves out. A quarter. Right yes he take with a quarterback against the patriot I actually think morals and little better yes or a little better and way hasn't played in my two a year and a half really set out. You take. The quarterback advantage out of Jacksonville is better on defense and better running. Into that's. The coaching is a huge advantage for Belichick's absolutely. So about I'm with the I guess they could I just and right I would not one playoff game in his career for a pecs yes but the Texans into one that your team even worse laugh track record in late portals has at least world's played pretty well. In one of his play out games out the inspect its currency. I don't think the patriots win. If Brian Hoyer worst case. Has to play significant times 6177797937. Mott in agree with you guys Ericsson Walton with corner. I don't want to put my call I controlled you'll thanks was. Want he want well real quick to say this unfortunately believe it ladies and quiet. You know obviously it's been written and yeah. It normally I won't call you capital early next and if so what about. Particularly the gulf that opened up and now I want to. Comment on the track is everybody's gotten you know reject the current. Recap we don't yet have a great secret or not I cannot I didn't get up. I didn't hit it subsequent locked down what are often not there. Does the best offense they played and they play and they they played some of the to be fair they played some of the worst offense in football wanna get this that writes. I I went through the quarterbacks. They faced eleven offenses this year of the sixteen games they played there were seventeen or below in total offense they faced only one of they're ranked higher than eight that we that was the rams sell their schedule was soft on paper there's schedule was off in terms of facing opposing offenses. Absolutely that record and what you guys all the other things to occupy about the outlawed poppy front. I'll open back to operate you can couple that need it right to the occasion would play out. I think we're what we're fact that might not identical to all of them and I think that come on hot fun. Yeah and Erica I disagree that last part and maybe disagree. Alex I think that plenty people talk while the pats defense an area but Matt Patricia does your head coaching job with this group is actually more pressing the mcdaniels did Richard MacKenzie said Brady. They lost high tower is less talented and they got much better is the much better easier on Patricia deserves a lot of credit for this defense but I still consider is Patriots defense dominant defense because of the yards. That they give up and as it turns out even a great offense like Pittsburgh's. Can throw up all over themselves in the reds down so it's worked out for him but Jacksonville's defense on paper ties. Way more players who can make impact plays noted patriots and their the eye you're right they're not very solid defense they're not a great defense the first part it's not about Brady's injury he suffered yesterday. I'm the best case and air for the patriots is that it's an injury already had. Right Eddie reunion radio as saying the series and favoring his right hand intermediary getting we visited isn't it. It's got to be better if that's or a re injury then it's something new that required. And X ray right away doubts in my gets more severe than okay it's already her let's go double check it. Let's check on the issue when that report from the glow that it's a cut and he got the X ray is strains like while lagging and acts Rafer Cox must be held a cut to the picture on the ringer and we saw on the ringer website has got. Brady's. Hand me the globe attitude but there was a cut on his hand as after practice Wednesday. His hand was uncovered there was no cut there. So I don't know you're right the reporting on the actual injury. Seems all over the place except for this last night at six every media beat writer source sprays me five brace so someone was telling everyone is going to be fine. There has been nothing. Tonight I thought for sure by 10 o'clock by midnight or Jeff powers and Rappaport. All is well or Tommy current sorry buddy. All is well I do have a question for you now yes about why so the point the Belichick doesn't mind this is out there than explain to me the patriots. Tweet yesterday Tom Brady's with their medical staff. And will not be available to the media today and I usual tweaks for the patriots. Why Sonata. To give the media a good reason for Brady not to talk acted nice a a nice by product of Brady's on being hurt. As avoided today's press wise and nice. Oh you don't like is my guess who's down their ESPN's. Sports because the question they're gonna ask the questions that went into right and what McCourt quote but the same report such wicked Iraqis you say same old but think about it since. Since the wicker chant thing happened. He's talked to. Patriots media on a couple press conferences since he's really cut down as press conferences. He's talked to Kirk and Jerry he's talked to Jim Gray visage that's a diversified international story but he's addressed it already so you're saying Iraq asked the question is say very talked about that Elena had a great relationship than a smiling in the lap and then on the move on. May it may be this where you are an Arab mayor veterans to beat major down their more I'm not on there I just assumed that there are a lot more national ESPN questions. Trying to dig in his that's. That's the story line you're writing about this game on Sunday writing about. Is there any friction here there wasn't against Tennessee they roll fantasy so. Does it exist this week they wanted to ask ereader crapping on me from her saying that you know the ballots except the injury might affect the job where such ridiculous Brit just a couple questions about an old set the quickest and store and he wants and what that anymore would deal with what's he'll just such questions are you talked about it. Bill and I have a great relationship. Okay two sentences what is he dealing with that. So why is he avoided the media wise he done this now for three or four as a patriot quicker shams story cannot know he was missing here is missing media availability back to Thanksgiving. When he was out with the Phillies in the mysterious shoulder injury is not the time but it's been more frequent recently. And when that Rick James Derrick and two weeks ago I put up against the titans into three and Al through X two weeks ago threesome. Tomorrow they played one they played the titans after the with a chance to camp after the regular season bye week. I appreciate race to be weeks I didn't miss any media availability prior to this week. Like last week he didn't miss any availability before the titans game. Heated mr. but it was delayed by is that these curtain Callahan it's just been delayed a week a date cup for a doubt that you think that's because he's like hi I don't know why shouldn't I have no idea I don't love us enough not ask them all the questions tears and he needs like an extra data prepares us into an extra medical treatment as he over TB twelve there it goes on call and to them on Monday it was like now live on this column on Tuesday it is simple as that data for what. Ten years now that I had Tuesday better and new the new schedule as I do with Kirk on Monday morning you can glam I don't wanted something weird about that Jimmy's instilled in you let's talk while the Super Bowl week agent. Hey Norma what's on the not much our thought Yuri hero. Look. You didn't let that tax bracket paired. Talk smack about your son great running. So on that point do not book if you have a contract. Keep your show as the only conspiracy eagle on. Her. One kitten the guy coming your show and rile you up. Trying to get to deduce something silly like pearl marker. And then I don't know if this guy. Although he's good radio. But Cappy carriages be brought him like that any topic you got there to totally poorly in the culture. I'm much too lean Jimmy to meet c'mon at complying and having. You meet pulpit and they. I feel bad for you broke that you're not playing my outlook current and much going to be a successful work out. Like that is and I count an ally point nine I don't know about successful I think Dallas I like Al zawahiri his own candidate thank you were just not you're successful and I'm not saying I want to show full time not doing I would never do that T I'm just saying Super Bowl week again. I'll be there you won't be act you think you're better and they don't better than use that's our disagreement lies yes that's where wise it's simple as that in the president of the color system is all yeah I'd made it up the Kirk this and that. Just where it just makes more sense on the hauling your putting you out for some the person who's there to host and 21 person Brighton one person Minnesota it's good reason he flies to you know me and I don't know whether you want what would be. But the lazy on who's talking. It's very confusing whip. You're not neuter radio you know overnight as the end there's not an issue but its editors or to use that as an example of why it probably is not the chemistry is just it's never quite clicking it's not as. Yeah and oh what's that other thing but that's all yet my show that's that's except when they need to elsewhere. We'll get to a break rebirth here we're taking your calls on Brady it's 617779. 7937. Roemer wrote today about how important Tom Brady went on another big latch. But how important Tom Brady is right now to the NFL I disagree adding nick pulls a big part this big championship we don't get to that in your calls next. It's lot of night rolls on on the Thursday prior to championship weekend in the NFL Alex reversed here he'll be here until midnight so keep those calls are common 617. 7797937. Won't get to what Alex is very brave column. Today WEEI dot com on Tom Brady in the NFL that's right after we talked to Paul and upon brain trust thought about Hoyer patriots don't think. Although suggest to me they can win this game on Sunday it Brian Hoyer has to play. Why why do you say that is Brian horse stinks like hot garbage. Okay well you know. The X-Factor here is the best coach in the history let's see how the X accurate quarterback they'll be good. Oh OK he can read and listen I I he's not very good. But this team that beat or read what it would you core percent indicator you can read a defense. Can manage a clock. And you know as the defense the numbers aren't that much stick between the two teams if you look at are right when I went and what what numbers and what numbers aren't that different. The number of points per game number two Zacks number one depicts. Right and where it went above I don't we've been number one week six in addition to doubt and Baltimore Ravens going up against. My basic supply and boy I have to play biological find a way to simplify the game and didn't keep it close he can win next. In Ali. I mean he's not Tom Brady and money insane that people seem to think this guy can. Oh what if Brian wait there's four interceptions like he did that we eastern playoff game at the Texans. To remember about coach. Ebony Brian Hoyer is their quarterback. You can read and Jefferson was what got in the act you have Abrams was never greatly minimize what he did and they kept them out of trouble. Exactly what I'm saying yeah. Don't interest set was up all. Sat what is guard garbage against the bills the following week they lost to remember. Yes you'll ballots of Belichick has an awful quarterback. He can lose like every other coach. I usually Kevin can also wind chill and you can keep the game close. This is a winnable game you can keep a close the or you know I mean it finally has to be sort of downward debt that they can keep the game close into one of the game. A long way he you know any needle toward accepting their games. You know that happens but this. Oh it was always six this year our place by somebody named CJ Baffert on separate remarked my issue Paul I added the coach angle to it. The advantage the Belichick has over. Doug our own Tom Coughlin. I I cannot deny that I totally understand. That you look at any of the numbers Brian Hoyer has had an awful and you try to imagine the scenario or even a close game like to says they can win a game that they keep it close sure they can't. There is also a significant chance that not a big third down at the throw the football Brian Hoyer will turn it over Brian Hoyer will get sacked Brian Hoyer will fumble. There's a much bigger chance that the lawyer quarterback that would Tom Brady back or quarterback so yes Paul you're right. It is in the world of football they can win I'm suggesting their chance to win a lawyer starts and plays the entire game is in fact. Zero point zero atoms are the jaguars a force turnovers strip sacked Ramsey eleven pick miles Jack we'll have a panic and this is a great defense. That can make big plays so where would totally married a couple of times and then it's a ballgame. It would be a ballgame and even that close scheme you wouldn't think how would you trust him on a big game winning drive against that defense only. You'd you'd worried turn the ball over yet you look at his careers after care and really imminent rate portals are basically the same as he touchdown interception ratio almost identical completion percentage the pulpit 59. They're basically the same quarterbacks if you don't believe the plea portals is got a two and a playoff game. That how can you say Brian Hoyer is gonna to win a playoff game with the worst defense in a worst running game if we're gonna break it down like that on Nixon Weymouth on the patriots at 6177797937. Glad nick. It I don't play good let's but. I read articles Rudy gag as they have throughout the day. It is nation's culture and what I did not see. Anything in would have an. Written word to 1991. Hurt is that and a and I am all right was done. An extremely. It's got up. Under siege as well also charge and show you the infractions on action news. Any talk about structural change like I don't believe it actually evidence that he had. Would attendance at and so lots or idle in the end. Right that's why get swelling or some sort of spray could be great to go I mean. What someone else but in this case we've seen it great but wouldn't say it is in order to spray sprayed is like got that was. It's some options screens couple BitTorrent these things certainly look you'll items out which. Have a short wait I you to make this short window though nick and that's that's the issue here is that in this capital Wednesday. You know he's got to play four days later and I view the I have no idea I'm not gonna play doctor Chao on the radio tonight but guys like Jay Cutler again lost your tweeting about how it's about the grip and can you grip the football. And the one thing I noticed playing Internet doctor today Brady like his hand. Looked swollen eyes I've been more urging the pictures in large in large examine or to serious business as I serious stuff I like I left you tweak the Internet today and they have so much material it was weak and I said it looked it looks different looks wall and soak it by tidy the Sunday. Candy hold the football Kenny grip the football that was Cutler's big like go back to doctor David Africa the pro football dot. What is it and I a dislocation of the IP joints. That means that there is no need first went during the game. Minimum minimal impact on their daddy that's the is that the for that the most that at least seconds here a second victory here leaving the third tier. Do not copy is you know it's a puck that I want at that back we will go through David shout how about this. The doomsday scenarios Brian Hoyer playing OK let's put the third when it its doomsday scenario productive David Chao. Is a breakdown of Brady's thumb injury which sounds pretty significant which it may be impact and the point where Blakey said yes by and or have to play in this game. Would get to that in your phone calls at 6177797937. It's Mott and Reamer Sports Radio.