The Hot Stove Show 1-17-18

Mut at Night
Wednesday, January 17th

It's all quiet on the Hot Stove front, the Red Sox and JD Martinez don't seem to be any closer on a deal and there's nothing happening anywhere else. Regardless, we get some passionate baseball fans calling into the program to talk Red Sox pitching, free agency, and more.


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Please stop. Still Visio. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. I was your program I make a change welcome aboard else. A lot of ways it is now. For me it's not we complete coverage of the Red Sox socks. Three WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford wrapped road show that might open W. I'm columnist John Tomas we'll keep. Red Sox studio host Mike Mike Netscape. Hot still feel we struck you. Efforts clothing store. Most distinctive clothing to re enact. It's time for the hot stove show. No socks. Sports Radio. Hot still she always brought to you by town fair tire. When the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. We set the scene on this so called. Wednesday night in the middle of January the hot though showed 937 WEEI heard the intro rob Bradford. Normally part of the show he is homesick tonight John Tomas he also is scheduled for this event. I'm in Anaheim hills show he is doing the morning show tomorrow at 6 AM should not have been here anyway so what is your lonely Red Sox studio host whiteman and ski. Between now and 10 o'clock we say hot stove show for the hour but is our panel base suggested earlier today. There's a lot of other stuff going on so we have baseball calls we wanna talk baseball we can do it. As long as you want I have a couple pots of wanna get to a normalcy if you guys have any thoughts here tonight and if now we can move on other things here. On this Wednesday because the only sports talk radio going on tonight. Given the Bruins are playing. Across the street and across much of the Bruins radio networks sell it the other baseball thoughts. This is the place to do it right now at 617. 7797937. Your other thoughts we get to those later on in this hour as well again the number 6177797. Under through seven and whether or baseball or not I had the least surprising steroid allegations in the history of humankind. We get that out before 10 o'clock in the show this evening. As for the Red Sox spots though by now you know the hot still is the frozen stills Jeff passer running lengthy piece yesterday. About the fear that this is sort of the beginning of the end of the economic I'd downfall. Our Major League Baseball it is weighed two inside baseball inside numbers. Walkie economic. Talk to really get into lease for me. I can't do it it runs about ten pages. I read through yesterday. And it's not. All well call and I'll collusion what it is saying is these teams although these players are worth. They're sick of paying a certain amount of money and now we're sort of at this weird spot where if you look at the top. Look at the top free agents in baseball the only guy in the top fifteen or twenty assigned so far and it's January 18 is Wade Davis. Nobody's been signed. The kid from Japan got signed and Wade Davis gets side amid a couple they're smaller. Figures Major League Baseball the big names led by JD Martinez and others are just sitting there and they are awaiting. And what Jeff pass that would suggest that baseball essentially right now is broken team's only overpaid for players and the way the system is set out. If you get players really cheap when they're young you get very fair arbitration. Payments to them in that sort not the middle of their contract but that the the back half of the front end their careers and then if you have the paid and exhort about a money when they're gonna start getting old. I JD Martinez for example is thirty years old human six studio you're paying a premium money for the age of 36. Bryce Harper is getting all this crazy money in your colleague writing off the last two years of what's gonna be like a ten year 500 million dollar deal would help the gonna give him. So. Baseball executives hate the way it's set up. And their way trying to get it to change is not paid these guys are free agents right now a lot of money. Will see it helps and topple what has done it is slow down the baseball offseason. To an absolute. Snail's pace crawl. It's an embarrassment and this is that the way this thing goes is football goes for awhile. Football slows down Andy at the playoffs you know 78 out of whatever it is a full slate of games on a Sunday and Thursday and Monday were never. And so those hours are filled by hostile baseball talk who got side who got trade there's been none of that. In most parts of the country this year in New York they got stand shore in Anaheim if they care about baseball or any else. They talked about surely a time. In places like Boston. And Chicago. And other baseball hot spots there's absolutely nothing and it's been headlined by. What's gone on here Boston with a two moves are essentially. New manager Alex Cora. Re signed first baseman Mitch Moreland. And that has been. There is a winter at Fenway is a law a Red Sox winter weekend excuse me. This weekend in fact our station. Will be broadcasting live there for at least four hours that is it more than four hours patio is just the four hours Saturday do we know. What the broadcast and not sure we're going to be broadcasting from fox is on Saturday at least noon to four which ready to mossy. And there is nothing. Red Sox related. People want to talk about. And the reason is they have not signed. And raise them inside. Reported offer from Basra only was only on Twitter today. Saying the Red Sox reportedly offered JD Martinez. Somewhere in the range of five years in a hundred million dollars. News flash that they get it done. That is awfully light for JD Martinez. Even if you're always negotiating with Martinez who's negotiating with the Arizona Diamondbacks and one other mystery team. Given that Carlos Santana. Got twenty million dollars a year. Judy Martinez is getting more than twenty million dollars a year. He's had two excellent seasons in fact he's had a well one of nap Exel seasons and won a centrally. Superstar. Half season when he went to Arizona. In a league days desperate for power G eighty Martinez is going to eventually get paid whether nice to wait. Till the end or not. In the Red Sox offering him. Five years and to a hundred million dollars is not gonna get that deal. Always Scott boards what are you gonna do Boris promised his client get an X amount of dollars. Annie's gonna try to wake acting on fact the other report today is that Martinez and is willing to wait. As long as possible. Into the spring to get the deal he wants. That he really wants is not five years are million dollars or support with a Red Sox are offered. And so Martinez onside and all the big moves made it here Alex Cora and Mitch Moreland. The Astros. The Astros have get added firepower in the the army Garrett coal. Through their rotation the Yankees all the it was Gordon had the best power hitter in baseball not an errand judge. They got his counterpart the National League they went governor Jon Karl stand their loaded. The Indians we already know are very very good. The Red Sox came in the off season this year beating you move on the field and moves off the field to create buzz for their team. What they've done instead. On January 18. Is why in the gap between the top three teams in the division and in the conference of sorry the American League. Yankees Astros Indians and that is aid. Big gap. A long. Gap. Between those three and the Boston Red Sox. Glory clear cut no better than fourth. If they're stuck on 500 for JD Martinez. I have no freaking clue what they're gonna do. Dave Dombrowski said the last couple days he likes the core guys coming back. And is comfortable with that core. I can't imagine how he would be. He watches teams struggling hit home runs last year. He watched them get shut down by good pitching. And mediate double after double after double to get runs. If Alice core gonna be the magic one that shows up in both the offense are playing better without a power in the middle the order. You resize Mitch role to play him there mirrors lasts. There's no Judy Martinez doesn't Hanley played as much. Doesn't his contract kick in for next year what are we doing I have zero clue may do you folks do. Maybe I'm being impatient that they have the weight out JD Martinez when I hear you offer of 500. It makes it seem like. They might not want JD Martinez they want you to think and they fan they want to eighty Martinez to go just enough with the negotiation. Not to get him. I'm not sure how that helps when you're gonna be going after. Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. These 300 million dollar players next year. As you gonna do that's the debts that the the second option. If you don't get JD Martinez. I totally get your prosecutor Red Sox fan because I am frustrated. Watching this team. Ever be able bad mouth JD Martinez and what he would could be for this group. I think he'd be a bill the order power hitter that would solve a lot of their issues. He's got to be expensive but power hitters right now baseball are ready premium. So I don't know what they're doing I have no idea what they're gonna celebrate. Winter weekend. But it has been an awful offseason in baseball. And may need a Warner is the worst would have been your boss and so far as you sit and wait for them to hopefully sign JD Martinez here at some point. So those are my thoughts. If you got baseball thoughts will do them right now at 617779. 7937. Is the phone number maybe you have a better outlook that I have. Maybe you know what the plan is supposed to be with this team. Or maybe your original design about JD Martinez. And not getting this thing done yet. Scott Connecticut waiting patiently on the hot stove show he's up next on Sports Radio WEP guys Scott good evening. Remaining barrier that's got argument. I would better report looks and future. Let's usually the case who deeply you know unfortunate that. I think we all agreed that were probably not going to win this year on I don't at least I mean. Are hung. Or will travel out of state should. All while Lola I let you finished got. Why why why are we to assume that the gonna have one of the highest payrolls in baseball they've Chris Sale there smoky bets they have. A talented group why should we assume right now that they're not gonna be in a mixed when they should be every year in the knicks to win given that payroll. You're getting wedding rent it did a code that their gentleman whom we call very well on. Helping them out okay border right Rick Fox I'd like leader. I'd love the fact there are third base here a short while expected based in our our outfield or capture all home. Well. On and I think that every single one of them has potential to be better than they were last. Okay amendment enough to make it a series run as a team. Announced that is so all of those guys brought so those guys girls getting hit more home runs Scott that would be your answer. Those guys get hit more home runs like he's out scores gonna help them hit more home runs how does that work. No because I think there's a bit that they are slow eight younger group and her then you're still growing and improving. But what what I was when I was saying earlier trip again and keep action in the the caller. Other screener woods are even Chris cell you have in the price you have Palmer you have. The knuckleballer who missed the entire lecture because you remember pinch runner for some stupid reason. Army and words are partly yes I mean I love market. I love our young. Group of players now like you are saying you wouldn't be great if we go out loud what they're like huge name. Maybe this year I'll be here. Yeah I and it Accutane the names next year are going to be much more expensive than the big names next year are better players a much more expensive Dallas Michael's a Frontline starting pitcher. Greg Campbell who's going to be freed at the resigning memories into one of the marquee names available next year many rich auto Bryce Harper expensive expensive players. JD Martinez represents a power hitter available this year. To plug in your lineup. And avoid having a jumping in and pay for one of these guys next year. That's why he makes cents. Especially at Fenway Park. With his swing. But there apparently not on the same page as of right now according to bust wrongly bodies in a car on JD Martinez Bobby you're on the hot stove show. Well my friend much how little brother Bobby a good how are you fantastic X I saw in new two on YouTube but done. Don't you give it ain't that the Red Sox offered in six and 130. You can quote me wrong. I like that that offers much for the ballpark in the five and 100 ish that was suggested today. But if he's looking for six years. I think the issue on the order offered in six years 135 Edmonton. Yeah those. We have that dominant Haynie their mayors can hit the tremble on the ball park and premieres you can count on that. You definitely can't and I think they they want a minimize in Bobby this year because he's got. The kicker in his contract or he gets in a 435. Plate appearances or whatever it is he's guaranteed. 22 million bucks the next year they don't want that to happen. Actually two and indulge in the mayor's plan all those are all also solve all billion in number I only got rid of that bomb. Canada and panda. But I'm telling you right now we need a bat and Judy count Judy Martinez is a bet they'd data need to get him a popular. Six at 130 rob asked the question Bobbie good stuff tonight but Ron asked the question last week Hamas social role that the same question over and over and over again. About the JD Martinez contract. And if or Kia came down to it wants that sixty or would you go there. And I actually talked myself and the idea that I would and you're paying for is is age 36 season. Which probably won't be back a bit the American League you can hide and it DH if you have to. Because LC where the power comes from on this roster if Martinez is not year. I just don't I'm not sure I gonna compete for one a top spots in the American League. If you're not gonna add some power in this lineup. Because the top three. In the Astros the Yankees in the Indians you are clear cut fourth right now. Reply compete for. The American League east I guess with the Yankees you're gonna get wild card spot potentially. If you're pitching good but I wouldn't trust them a five game series. Against those teams if they we'll back the same team as last year which essentially what they are doing right now. She start to wonder okay what's the plan for. Dave to rusty or maybe it's start the year at the team you have. Not paid Martinez. And give yourself some wiggle room to go make a trade at the deadline or that would mean he upped their prospects. And this team is supposedly taking a year off from dealing. Major prospects so how does waiting to the trade deadline to trade a prospect how does that help you this year I don't get it. Ned is in midway on JD Martinez and a. I shoot my good man. It I think they're you know just because our launch seven and then there are I don't expect that earlier market particular in. You know a look at going anchor you know last year right in the east bill by 29 dollar player I'd much rather have him it might be H been Judy Martinez. Despite you don't wanna have figured that Martinez's bat. Of czar said that was the player you want again as DH. My the EP epic you know at running Turkey album was. Yeah sorry about a minute he is not important part. Right so I think you can lay it out here it's not maybe you know maybe mark you know look someplace felt that. You know like it. The the market not at thirty million per for players that want to have to achieve albeit you know great this tactic second half and Arizona. But you. You know there's nothing to track record that says he's been hitting the injury problem you know Jake. All all all whoever Ella play played outfield for Detroit in Arizona for two years and was not an issue in the outfield. And here is pretty healthy last few magical vacuum I don't look at Martinez injury history. On the last couple weeks line looked edit the couple times on the hot still got cranked out that I've I'll be talking about I'm. It didn't stand out is like it didn't stand out as a huge issue. Like Alexi Hanley Ramirez mean Hanley had a major injury issues and they gave him a four year deal. Erica now let's say and it was a big deal but I think if you got you know you're willing to go. You know 500. No doubt if you dark and you know I don't think you know actually stacked lineup with you know fifty all right Richard only a couple of the guys. And you know Hewitt you have taught you about partners is now going to be a two year quick surgery sail right. Yeah I think your your palate upper Echelon arrogantly and now you're talking about you know that it be different way regret. They're Europe all right better on but you know what I think you know if nothing else. Our picture money and get a real player like which I don't like dad at the deadline yet you ought to pay up when it but I'd rather have a child though it 35. Million a year and now Martinez thirty. She I think they're gonna have their thirty million dollar player it's not going to be JD Martinez net I think it's going to be Chris Sale I think god they're gonna best. Thirty million dollars a year in the next couple years is gonna be Chris Sale. So on assuming him a thirty million I don't know what to think about David Price. I still legal probably opt out. Diaz a good year because he knows that the salaries are gonna open and maybe is gonna scare him off a little bit but always assumed if if he pitched well he'd be gone. Because now he felt of the city of Boston there's very little love between David Price in the city of Boston. And I'm not gonna be shocked when he opt out next year that's gonna free up some money for you. But thirty millions corner Chris Sale on much surely get a second thirty million dollar player. Which is why before they spend that money or 3222425. On Martinez this year. And he gets a 35. And 150 I'm I'm with dead dad's point. But six at 130. 22 million par sign me up for JD Martinez man. And as far as the injuries go last couple years are pretty good. Pretty good. 15812119. Played appearance is still close to 5657517. For a united. A beginning of his career day was not playing. You know 150 games a year factoid out once in his career. And to be fair I wanna go back and look at you know those injury years. See what he dealt with but. Maybe in nets got a point. I see a guy who hit. 45 home runs and a 119. Games a year ago. Sign me up. When he threw the year prior 120 games. 38 the year before part of 58 games. Slugging gone up every year last three years 87990. Wait and now over a thousand last year. While the age thirty. Is he right handed bat in Fenway Park. Having sat and watched game after game after game either at Fenway. Our Red Sox radio Booth here at the station that he was on the road. And watching them struggle to put together long rallies in being double after double after hey Ron after stolen base. Try to get done because they had nobody in the middle of the order. That would eight hit home runs or be. Instilling fear any opposing pitcher. I think they are desperate for JD Martinez and maybe I'll be wrong. But. He feels like the perfect piece to what they need right now. And we'll put them in position to at least compete. In the AL east with the Yankees and for AL championship. If he's as good as he did last couple years in their pitching is as good as it could be on paper. With Chris Allen company and Craig Campbell and a contract year. 61777979837. The phone number not. Good baseball talk. If you wanna keep talking baseball you can do so. We'll keep the baseball hot still calls going in till ten. If they are there will take them at 6177797. On a threesome by toll get at this point they've done nothing. There's not much more to say other than one of the SI Martinez if they're not setting Martinez what are they doing. And I looked it over somebody going winter weekend this weekend on fox league what what is there is celebrated your Red Sox fan right now. You lost the first round of the post season given new manager to resize Mitch Moreland. What are you celebrating winter weekend what is there to celebrate. Told that policy up plenty of patriots and jags as well 617779. Seven ID to resemble due until ten and then now or until 2 AM. Here on WEEI. I was sitting at least surprising steroid allegations in the history of the universe. Coming up here to second first though Johnny Maine waiting patiently lot at night Sports Radio WEEI Zhao what do you have. I thought quickly let it right in it costs are. Easier mine on the Red Sox will best. You're not be able to John lets you tell me the of JD Martinez at the airport in Portland. I'm not gonna help. I think that it definitely. I get out of back. In the flat out by. I think you'd be upgraded act as a manager and the Yankees downgraded. And a 162. Gain feed and that can amount to some wind tomorrow. Holy smokes you are grasping. John at straws there for a. What they're out so pay back lot feel that they're definitely has its physical attributes to be. A power hitter and we've gotten now more home runs they have. I agree would endeavors you can project forward the other guys we've seen enough body of work now a bowl guards and Betts and Vasquez well I am just not. I'm not sure how much more power those guys had they've had their chance to show what they are but devers is not devers not peaked out yet a power I agree. Right but that's definitely a step back last year I think he can put up quote the third home run in the aggregate feel like a very good feet. So I think it a little bit more power than we have lacked. But that I really got Torii Hunter had the problems your Lee Brady. I got boiled. I agree would have I I think that. Go for it shouldn't have apologize I mean it. A good job of analyst and critic to rate these players and aquaculture. That will be there now that TV show called the good place but again ten and Portland is this caregiver underground. Blake Bordeaux braves QB yes Alan everybody know that obviously. Just not true immediately. Into the miles in the minds of people around the country. Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback law apartment you know assist. Sit back. I think how good it is to be a patriot and already career. Fight without being sure yeah. Not sure it was really compare the two I'd watch your show the good players are you talking about the good place in Jacksonville and probably portals that I've not seen it I've not watched on network TV. As of late but alike call a couple calls and at least this week talking about that connection. Many evils I saw the headline that Roman rains. Is being accused as a steroid user by Richard Rodriguez a steroid dealer. Who worked for a company called the army should get this right. I was can pay it's big it's called the wellness fitness nutrition LLC. WF and got raided by the drug enforcement agency last year. The organization which is taken down any scandal that was largely flown under the radar in the national media is being compared to the Bay Area lab Balco. Which is linked to several high profile athletes including Jason Giambi. Mary Jones Bill Romanowski and Barry Bonds. On according to the United States attorney's office WF fans client list included. At least 50 customers. In the eastern district of New York in a massive rain that made at least ten million dollars in the distribution of illicit anabolic steroids. They're older and the guy was a front and as Richard Rodriguez is currently imprisoned. Recently came for instance it specifically named it Hollywood stars Josh Deval. Ball Mark Wahlberg and WWE superstar Roman reigns as part of an exclusive interview with filmmaker John Bravo. Said Rodriguez at the end. I'm just trying to clear my name and just make people well aware there's a lot more people out there there were involved and are associated with my company. That many individuals. I'd did not know. And he gets into a big thing with Roman rains in this story. Also his client list including Chris Benoit is that tied at the WWE it sounds like in the WWE is a big part of this. What is not surprising though. Other names mark wall Morgan Josh to melt BC wall Bergen as movies he's jacked out of his mind I. Transformer movies right that's the connection here that's correct edited transformers that'd be Jack for that data fight with the fake robots and so. I they. I'm sure there are many many many. Hollywood stars especially male stars. Who appeared jacket these movies like all I don't know sly Stallone still kick around an expendable seven. Who are juice up beyond belief. And we don't care we want organize sit down watch a movie you want your guys to look like superheroes a man I'm sure some of these guys in the marvel comic movies. Are hard jacked up beyond belief on things that are either related HGH or steroids they just look superhuman you can do so much. With the technology but some of these guys has looked to Jack in their their pictures of wall Burke and Barbie eighties Barbados couple weeks ago. Do we ease ease jacked out of his mind. And so representatives have been reached for these guys wall Bergen to Mel in particular they're not responding but. This is not going to be a surprise and there's a great story to be written or great movie or documentary to be made. About these stars in Hollywood male star specifically. Who rolled juiced up on steroids use steroids to gain weight get themselves. Set paroles and Hollywood. And according to this guy Richard Rodriguez who is space of the Balco of Miami courted this story. He's got wall berg and the Mel right there on its call lists which should not be surprised at all. Welcome back it's an update on Tom Brady's hand injury and you hear from a Bill Belichick earlier today as we get set for. AFC champ took Sunday pats and jags this weekend. Well one of the big stories in Boston tonight besides running a red courts so retirement as the anthem singer for the Bruins is Tom Brady's right handed Sri Tweety Jim McBride. We said hurry league source Tom Brady injured his right hand today at practice make the handoff. Suffered a cut but X rays were negative. I was on the injury list as a limited participant in practice dealing with a right hand injury. Did not talk to the media today dealing of medical attention but it sounds like from. Jim McBride and other pictured beat writers to wall sort of report in the same thing source says Brady should be okay. Appeared Brady dodged a bullet my guess a lot more news tonight if it happens during then Mallard show until two lay on the tomorrow morning. With Kirk and Jerry beginning at 6 AM as fourteen day. Brady didn't speak Bill Belichick did here's a sampling and head coach is they get set for. The Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend AFC championship Sunday to a game you can hear here on WE. Aren't always on. That saw the great privilege to if for instance game. Take that. But a lot of pride in and non compete for the AFC championship this weekend. Jacksonville's. A great football team. But a ton of respect for our coach Malone what he's done throughout his career. Compete against them off or wrong. When he is in our division. Now in Jacksonville on the entire organization day Tom coaches that players. Against them. On the Sar analyst who has a really good experience sort of got a lot of us that are football team competitions for the because from. David power. Yeah coaches considering his history. It's the patriots up. Tom Coughlin let people are credited with it bring the jaguars along. It's a concern under argue that he's with that organization now or your thoughts on the. Spent. I don't know I mean I look at the team has a strong team so they're good in every area and we're doing exactly what donors have talked about that I don't know us know what I see. On the field. In Pittsburgh the product. Sure there are entered into it. Still in what ways decently portals has progressed as the season's gone along from when he was here in August with the jaguars to now last two. Are we playoffs in particular. Well it again he's played well is cut. They and very high rushing average when he carried the ball carriers and productively that's. Scramble or Hondas on Enron's. Throws the ball efficiently. What you did Pittsburgh game. So makes the decisions he's just too big strong tough guys. It's hard to bring down part of topple and got a lot of good receivers the tight ends and backs got a lot of weapons off of line. So offensively as that's an entire you know they're very productive. On April balance and he makes all it goes it's. He's determined Nixon all all up and do your job. Because I just acknowledge that they're they're good at everything that they do is there anything that they don't do well that you think he can capitalize on. Crumpler does and they are. Coach the closing speed of one backers hope to to get to the guy with the ball. For their own well. Bosnia on the base defense. And then Hans Smith and Jack all announced their girl was and then cover a lot of ground the best. Whether fast thoughts of their respective they find the ball in Pacific plate anticipate plays well and get a good jump on the ball. And they're good tacklers that would strip fumble and their partners would strip the ball in their old tennis. Favor their front guys the linebackers and secondary. They're all good at table it. With strips of interceptions to all of and so forth so there's so many problems. Whatever explosive group on defense. They can score when you have a ball and it's always. Very threatening thing if alternate takes always capable way score that's. It's you can think that's it the explosiveness of their team. Bill all the years working with Tom Brady. What that what has impressed you most about him. I thought very consistent. Which is this year. Ellison. Built on Sunday that first drive of the game the jaguars went for it on fourth down. What has been your impression with how aggressive they are. Felt that if they do have done a mobile phones or near very successfully. I do or die offensively they've run now several states in the kicking game on fourth down so. That's for around it sort of stumble Portland's. So along those lines when asked about that aggressiveness to admiral and said he didn't see it necessarily is being aggressive. And he tied it two what analytics. Suggesting they should do with the fourth them and goal decision to go forward. Does that underscore the importance of situational awareness and preparedness. Subtle effort coaches for for players for whatever the situations. That arise. You know we're sure especially this time your I think we've seen a number of games that come on the on situation one play. One or two individuals involved and play in particular situation so. Absolutely I'm not suggesting that it's been reckless and anyway I think it's very well calculated that Denver then. Very successful at it puts a lot of pressure on our phones and settlement a lot of games. On the data so. Sure we'll go. That is Bill Belichick who did take the podium today Tom Brady. Did not Tom Brady who they hand injury dealing with that are practiced today Jim McBride Boston Globe says he cut his hand on a handoff. But it looks to be okay for Brady on. Sunday will scale much Sports Radio freaks out of this tomorrow maybe I didn't do enough. On Brady's hand injury does not sure what the sale that hey it happened and we'll see on Sunday. Final wary when the game and we all know that. Imagine he's hurt they had to go to Boyer all the Jimmy G stuff. In the post. Both gave that. But he's on the you'll be okay. Excellent call throughout most of the night tonight can follow on Twitter please do you know already it mutt and UT. WE yeah I've had all day X or behind the glass tomorrow back to flaunt Alex freeware will join us then Mallard is next here on Sports Radio WB yeah.