Hallmark Health Podcast with Dr. Laurence Conway and Jim Hackett 9-13-17

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Wednesday, September 13th

The Hallmark Health Podcast features Dr. Laurence Conway, the director of cardeology at Hallmark Health. Jim and Dr. Conway discuss the importance of cardiac health and how to balance that with participating in sports of all levels.


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Lot of what is Jim Hackett here Ryan joined by doctor Lawrence Con-way yield. Be unhappy that I senators is Larry it's like the lines Kyra not Conway he's the director of cardiology at hallmark health. And he teaches at tufts medical school is a cardiologist based in Melrose Massachusetts. As affiliate of multiple hospitals in the area including hallmark health system Melrose. And tufts medical center. He received his medical degree from the get this the royal college of surgeons in Ireland how cool is that. Has been practiced more than twenty years doctor Connolly is joining us to talk about. Cardiac health in terms of sports and not just playing sports of the professional level. Recreational level we the weekend warrior types that are out there that would tune into this podcast. And down in balancing the sports life with a heart healthy life doctor come way thanks for joining us. Jim thanks much for having me. As I was at the outset that meant hours from within about my fantasy team and it's gonna go a long way I mean that's that's good news we'd do is a big week big week and wields he's the fantasy football I try to podcast podcast coming up Friday. We'll be talking about starts and sits in on the live show on Sunday so I'm glad I got. Rob Rowe when you hear from hallmark health system and doctor Conway both big fantasy guys appreciate the support there. Let's get it below that so. I go to topix down we talked a little bit before we came on what this podcast is going to center on. Is sports and the heart and that's it they're perfectly intertwined hallmark health is actually investing on W yeah I. In a partnership with Red Sox baseball at the player with the most heart and soul it's a perfect match. But the reason it's a perfect match is because the two entities are absolutely. Intertwined. Sports and all the line. Absolutely. So look a common thing that happens in mind is that you know guy I'm 59 guys fifties comes in since she's you know. Well heart disease my family guy's gonna get checked out what can I do to prevent heart attack. Which you know I think that's agree is way to come to the office. You're coming in for prevention and nothing's happened. And you know Jim and mentioning at a time some tragedies in the gap a good friend it is to pass my best friend heart attack. So whatever we can do you talk about to prevent is really important most of all time argument that. So so what does it mean I guess the person who says you know we can't change your parents are you know parents of heart disease. It it is what it is but also it's true that the genetics of brutal and stirred so. In your monitor heart disease you just think about getting checked for but doesn't mean of that definitely haven't. On that that in a team but so. With a hereditary thing now. My grandfather. Passed to have a heart attack and like 55 years old yeah. By he came from a different arrow where he drank a pot of coffee a day and drank like six packs a smokes expects the cigarettes now. That to me is. Induced heart failure. Not necessarily a genetic trait correct yeah and I have the right so different generations. Smoking more prevalent. In the end get the thing of those people patients if they probably had acquired heart disease smoking heavy drinking. Port side so you know but I think their film messages in a moment that argues in his thirties forties receipt. And that's probably as a genetic component to its UMB monthly filming history. But look look we do ourselves some of them in Jefferson Aronson you know what what's the right dyed tees. And it's it's complicated and then you know thousands and thousands of studies that look that guy at heart disease. And it turns out you know. September 2017. That probably helped his died as a Mediterranean diet who. So died in roadrunner appreciate this in his his people from the Mediterranean pretty ultimately as a positive wriggle growing your red sauce by the -- yeah directly related at a Grand Slam and -- game winning it's it's right now that's right look he imagines that eating regular season take as a recruitment and to get an airline from that he doesn't get philly's ticket exactly. But so you know that this rich fruit and vegetables. You know real important. Try to cut back and empty carbohydrates and I think people make mistake though. When pentagon via a month and in the morning can you better have an eggs get a bad with proteins yeah a lot of routine event to eggs some piece of bacon and skip the toast that's better than going to be bullish scenario which are off. Yeah lunchtime you haven't haven't haven't sandwich maybe take the bright enough to sell the meat meat and analysts yeah. Have dinner tonight have you know I mean p.s you know fish. Mean pieces steak. And chicken chickens grade vegetables on the scuds skip the Britain writes OK and that's you know that your be really healthy diet and then you know. We elect a few Beers and a Cuban at a few yeah you know on ways of Irish descent does as his racquet exactly what took so once they were a few means they don't want it at at. But you know it's interesting so moderate alcohol consumption if you like the future gas is actually fine for you and moderates are from the government you know. A glass wine at dinner and it's fine yeah couple Beers and we confine him like every program on the social wanna go one way right track right. Since seeing any real like our coffee in the morning to. Copies at refined PR. Ostrich and I'm not between four year olds will be five at the end of October. One of my voice Justin lovely adorable beautiful child didn't sleep for three and a half years. Some coffee became a very important prevalent part of my life you know and those who listened to podcasts of Tennessee football show and and the finesse of a far. I just bored stiff here in this has become generally on Sunday. I mean my coffee intake really escalated during that time. I also separately Warren that if I were to get captured by nicest. I can hold out for exactly three years I was good for three years. The last six months out giving them everything now it's all the way or CIA was noticed all of that there was drones in the sky everything. So copy is that a major impact on me yeah good day here it's actually and it's almost it's very healthy. There's a researcher Harvard Medical School base has been his whole career studying the effects of coffee the relationship of golf copy heart disease. And it turns out it's probably the most hard goods used opera couple PepsiCo appeasement. I like you when I was a medical intern I think based there and answer me. That cup regatta is glued to my hand them archers pictured here at Attica account I'm not God's you blog tired. Sitka parents took us a copy some copies that's a torture chamber they did did you physicians go through that's I mean is rough stuff I toughened up you have -- it's good particular incident you had to do he had no it is then it's that you know get through your friend's death you know like double sessions in football right. Glad it's over but you know again community is strong and now yes. On the other side might you know. Really important thing and because it's important very important and our young people now. Is smoking you just can't smoke you know well say anything you just can't do it. You know if you're an athlete you know you smoke you can't play in the field. Every young person just getting started you just keep you kicking and have a family and so if you Campion you can peacefully and the makings terrible you know at taser though it's better it's not been you know surges would if you'd. Most of who have viewed two could choose one thing to do to prevent heart disease distorts that's great advice yeah. My dad died along cancer you know state trooper Marine Corps. Cited 67 that healthy guy can use them for another twenty years he's just you know so it's it's always always and that my mind just don't don't don't smoke. Administrative I think I ate my wife is they. Hard charging career woman in the nonprofit world in health issue which were in in international partners now OK great organization. But when the kids game you know she yeah is no home and take care of them and losing your mind at the separate podcast. Mike it's a crazy but. I jacket looking at Augusta. But they but they I bring them up for reasoned. That she got she really sent the two and Oprah and I would get the daily come home I guess on what Oprah says it's important yeah to kind of dejected and see what's happening. But you know it's funny is that way you said just don't smoke Oprah says very clearly. If you're still smoking in Europe and because assist this too much information out it's just isn't. It's just not worth the time it is ticket term just don't do it you know and other countries in the world leaders smoker in the and you bypass surgery. They actually woman to. Blogs that imports while scanned and then as the impact yeah I have a question please answer you said the top of the puck as he cited. And in people listened with him as a footballer knows I lost my best friend David O'Connor a great athlete I showed you and rob a picture of him. If this is a guy at 47 years old you saw that picture with the lakers safety for the view that they simply strong safety of the pages okay he ate. Twenty vitamins a day he ran three to five miles a day tough fronts to like on the beach opening Hampton beach he worked out like a fiend. Didn't go to the doctor a lot of I don't think his nickname was dock which is ironic. An athlete his whole life. And he died at 47 with a triple vessel heart attack him. Now. Friends steeped friends who we owned bush Clinton to bury him a few weeks ago I'm Laura doctor tomorrow. And I'm going for my physical wonder why task of my doctor my primary care physician. To make sure isn't going right I don't know what to do that then go with that yeah it's a great question and genocide against our failure as from the press from sauce that's tragic. So what you just said is the most important thing go to your doctor and so. You know world nor must go the doctor elected to the doctor doctors of the worst patients mess we want less of and so conduct and no don't ask a question of who put what is really important you go for that reason for prevention. You know. Symptoms of heart disease. I summonses now with the typical textbooks has him on some fuel on Iran. Little tired laugh my game that was me subtle symptoms of heart disease do sure Brad. In tennis you know and the emotion talk about it in you know like you don't think about you don't know it says I think most foreigners do is go to your doctor it's kind of sobering that. You know unfortunately many people who have heart attacks don't have all the traditional respect I don't know. The guy who's you know unfortunately overweight high blood pressure diabetes smoker. You know he made defined through a lot of good you know coalition founded you know I had no risk factors that doesn't sound like right. But once you know it happens but it's a couple things are important so. One go to your doctor Harrington checked if blood pressure taken a candle Russia's one you know what purchase one of blood pressure silence so. Book Hershiser silent disease so. 40% of people who were forty of high blood pressure 50% of people were fifty. So that's why when the other doctor was it your blood pressure casinos up with age the blood pressure is important respect for heart disease. Austere cholesterol and so we're very aggressive and honest when he hears about putting people on Staten used to treat cholesterol Luka. It's mostly for prevention and big study done in Texas years ago. To take half the population thousands of people put on the Staten you know cholesterol pill. And then half didn't and is welcome as is or you know these are athletes are just couch continues. And it would down the road five years and turns out that the group of people which extends. Or 40% less likely that have a hard it's also as dramatic with staff have done to someone like that or against Staten side yeah silliness that is like Lipitor a ghetto core cholesterol lowering medications. In there really interest men interest in medications because. They large cluster running across protectant. You know LDL cholesterol as the bad cholesterol and that's on the injured his arteries in your heart okay to want that level to be low and is certain there's a realism the calculation action on my phone. Intelligent summons he edge of the things about them and their cholesterol who and it's I was with their five year tenure risk of heart attack while. If it's over certain percentage of jeez you should take this medication down and that there isn't taken. The side effects are minimal. But they're amazing medications does not only do they lower cholesterol but I was so people we production out of this mess Miller classroom and what now will be but he tuchman. The missing actually goes inside the arteries of your hard it's hate count plan. For a while the fellas help so essentially soaps and plaque in arteries of the heart in the Vietnam War when twenty year olds were killed in battle tragically. It is an autopsy is in the founding and twenty roses beginning heart disease starts were teenagers while. So your friend of 4720. Years of potential plaque buildup the developed for you know three vessels so to get checked. I'd cholesterol side tickets that because it really saves this ups and jets is a simple solution you have saddened at the summit encouraged incendiary and let's sorry about that but but you know that this is why we provide this service to what people like yourself provides its a great service and we're providing us the audience and make sure that you get yourself taking care of let's transition a little bit on that's great advisor alas for exactly that is before due up. Should I get what can you KG of he should yeah yeah okay you know it's penmanship any KG every few years you're so really UK these are old fashioned tests have been around for about a hundred years Islam but this subtle changes in cardiogram that you might might be due to something else to doctor get any Carty you know. The grand check your blood pressure poacher can close frozen blood test. And getting KG okay and that's exist ask for I'm assuming no most doctors would know how to do that okay I think if you have concerns in the back remind them worried about yet. Where our heart disease yes is the most common disease in the world so we all should be worried about it Leonard senators thought am mindful of that. Yeah your doctor probably do think it's okay that's good no make sure he does yeah. On things so one totti about. You know I'm 47. You're thirties and thank you appreciate that night you know it it's like the height helps you know I'm sure people like aged. Addicts who are unrated bottom looking afoot now to Tampa I hate you by aids you know spoil the the essence of what the receptionist but like my you know my friend Pete to a definitive football pockets with. He always where we've tuchman injures an NFL it was brings up the fact that ACL reconstruction and I feel like it builds up this this like feeling like I'm like you know. You know Kenny Britt like you know running with a trailer but they strapped to my Jessica I'm rehab. I'm just a sly guy guy just you know tore his ACL wanna pick up Thanksgiving football and in itself. So let's let's let's kill that myth but and its physical transition that want to talk to about Weekend Warriors of pain because not that's what I am. I'm not as active as I was. In the sports since in my youth but I'm always chasing around the kids in his activity with that but. You know the weekend warrior mentality. Verses that try to just do something every day but closed every game mentality. What's the better path. Yeah it's seduce him ever payments on his is who's actually miscues really important so. Who visit issuing real well studied here and in England so. People who are weakened warriors who in the world you know we have kids after is you don't work you're tired. And you know excess placement on how to play game in the week nicely pickup hockey in the yeah that's always been saved in not doing things and yet there's. So although he ran all the time and I use it but I've but the people we skated with world right on that and all the same so. The Weekend Warriors are actually more risk of heart heart attack while yeah so it's actually worsened to nothing while. Tom wise that Annika says they think that room so that sudden stress on the charters of hard. If you think about this and so if you go for a Lockerby jogger camera elliptical or whatever you like to do but ride your bike swim. Your hearts getting used to kind of increasing your heart rate goes up of exercise and decreasing. Overtime and that's kind of just the right amount of stress parts of muscle to make it healthier. They did Vick said he inning on they looked at I'm really intense like all of America honors and then people were just like a regular athletes around half are on the agenda today. And the people who do nothing. Just on the couch and chair of the of the group that has the best chance of them preventing aren't it was a little bit like the three bears right there in the middle yeah. So those people really well protected which is a huge reduction like 30% reductions are attack. And a super ultra marathon to think they're super healthy actions they they they have do they almost the worst as the coach between Islam which is. Economists overpass and advancing so. The good news about it is that you don't have to an ultra marathoner. You dispute regular guys diamond Goosen Jim cadets suits me and I never will be either. Enjoy your stuff and I think crossings candidates that he was fit it's Tuesday yeah the fire tenth that's. It's kind of corks are measuring and stuff. I think they're gonna have it it was can be found on the road that's hugely protective art that's great to stay inactive every day in and thinking about it you know that it didn't. It's just to have our you know. Interesting yeah most of the things I do by accidents have to make in in businessmen dealing with a rob for instance. And I I you know each relationship that you is different. I always want those conversations republic and there's nothing on toward is like you're lucky you know this is why wanted to deploy for you. You don't always want that to be on the Jerry universal I wacko on the comments from my do laps and says despite that it's public event easily telling me is probably a pretty you know help the sixty it's actually great you know important and I think if your work you know nice to go outside for goals yeah rock you know yeah like engines and that's great. If a little bit of activity here during the day it really is it's important for your overall health and speakers here are now that's a gallery cap that's a better for daily chronic exercise in the week and worries over the week and wars that can lead actually heard from a country rate swap. That is. Sobering if that's the word which uses the right on the money. We can warriors sometimes do weekend activity to justify. Not chosen patriots games on Sunday. Annoyed you. So. How do you keep that it's yeah is there a balance it's that it's our. Thing I think you have to be realistic about it and had to think about what you're gonna either do in the week as the week so. If you know you know you're gonna go to game inning Red Sox game Emma couple Beers you know maybe it'll light once that that yet you know. And you know pitcher's game you know maybe you arrive a little bit later for the for the tailgating two of the game and game. But I think he's in a certain it's fine to do. But yes I think amendment in the southern Koreans scheme your view life right so we don't enjoy ourselves with a few years ago and again. We keep him keep him keep in moderation in the last features him I mean interact with too much sure that I normally would if I was ever happen exactly but it by the senate by the second quarter. But I think you know we're all sports lovers and I think it's it's great to. It into any game I've ever good friend who stays in amazing shape because. Every US college football Saturn and the patriots on Sunday. He goes is Jim goes on the elliptical. And he does during the week to we can more. Tickets if for refinement work or it was like watching the game junior which is great Smart city every stuff at home when you put the game on both of you know common thread knows it and optical. It's it's a great with criminalist to watch sports and and hear what's straight. In hearing this doctor Conway is that it's just basic common sense it's nice to know that the body and not hired. All lines with. Basic common sense right the use basic elements that exactly and it is really is true in the scary thing it sounds like it's like don't try to overcompensate is Hodges is built them. Right in the heart over time to say we all get in shape your markets and chip too. So measured constantly exercising doing stuff and do what's enjoyable to. If the Buick whatever you exercise you enjoy it's all good just try to do it consistently that's great I think it's great device. And then the last thing I wanted to hit with view is. We're in September here this podcast to go up. On Thursday the thirteenth of September and this is. Do want to let and if there's a trophy relations so. A fib is actually is the most common heart rhythm problem it would mean as a parent top chambers that are in the atrium and they've been missing but the bottom came hard. And it's not the most serious heart problem and it's really common I think you know there are many. Recent athletes in Boston haven't been treated for an know a couple of guys in baseball this year for again you know globally and treatment of a fib. What's important matters and if it was most common causes stroke. And so young people ultimately it's people can have stroke because what happens when the when the atrium beats out of sync with them. Pumping camera the ventricle. It just doesn't quite be the co coordinated fashions a little tiny blood clots ahead of the pin in the heart can go to the brain and causes stroke. So it's it's imminent and needed if you feel. You know we'll short has brought the market if you polls is erratic. Kosier doctor visits and the most common thing we seized isn't the national hallmark health and through toss medical symbol which is now oh well force. The development regional strategy for him because it's so common and in can be very debilitating and our communities so we're actually trying to. Help the population identified doctors and patients. People who have a and come cius in the compartment treatment strategies that's great. It's very important to know so tomorrow I go to my physical. Will that be part of my. Do the cholesterol when you have made some notes into the cholesterol in the blood pressure. The KG that will. In terms of a fear of this economic covered and that that yet does terrorism and either way to do I'm define or determine if it is taken its duties on a fiction is apparently okay that's so that is good news yeah. And it's I've probably is for some reasons an epidemic in the food. Known as quite as wives whose side bunker from the community urges it's happening more so. A I would see two new patients a day if it's very treatable it make you go away your fine mom. It's good stuff. So that's doctor Larry Conway of the hallmark health system that got them really. Updated cardiology service there is the director of doing great work. And you know use the listeners is a benefit to you to listening to this in getting this great information getting yourself Jack. With hallmark health. They sponsor this year Red Sox baseball the player with the most heart and soul you go to WEEI dot com slash heart. You putting your vote last night marquis vets would have been a good choice rights fees are six or six RBIs to almost Tripoli look great. You put your voting and you automatically entered to win VIP baseball experience. At the Red Sox game so the deal secret sauce it's great tickets from the guy. We bring on the field to watch batting practice get up to the broadcast Booth to see a look from above with Joker sitting on Tim never sometimes months up there. It's a really good today. And then from there are you can link to hallmark health cardiology page and see a lot. Of the benefits and the things that you can do what this podcast will be live there this podcast will be live on WEEI dot com slash chart get involved get checked. Take a lesson from someone who lost. A lob on a brawler mind the deal is subject listen to doctor commons very very good astute. And simple advice that's the best part of it sometimes you get into these conversations. And it's like and it's like an algorithm that you can't solve this seems very simple. And for that very appreciative and appreciate the time Jim thanks so much have man honored and delighted my pleasure my pleasure thank you very much good job.