Hall of Famer Michael Irvin joins Dale, Holley and Keefe 01-19-18

Friday, January 19th

Michael Irvin joined us on a Freestyle Friday to preview Championship Weekend in the NFL and the hall-of-famer gave us some insight on how Tom Brady will deal with his hand injury, and how the AFC Championship will play out on Sunday.


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You have to really be eager or if this voting. The rare perfect area that are written all in all our earth barrel. Out of our mouth that's why it all on it and dealt ball and it hurt him. They're serving again here we look at it without it why don't expect our quick counter quote me. Now what quoting an eco right now home championship. That was Michael Irvin a week ago. Michael joins us right now he's in Columbus, Ohio and I only know this because I follow him on Twitter and I saw the picture of you with your surgical mask on you scared the hell lot of. At at at. The third Iowa where it was two years ago or order her look like reporter rob great. I'm as prepared. He. Ball out from that small unit action all of you you know elderly. And what I hear her pick up my heart because I don't act all the better which would ultimately. Outlook protector I will not. I would not all that route that I outlawed all. That I they all the burying the body parts that I have right now. I wouldn't go that those who seek you out it almost looked well I'll do a little remark how what's out won't look at my. Quarter. I I'm okay. You know that's not gonna happen I mean listen you think another guy is gonna come out of view does so happen to depart this earth. Already in the top bartered out the way he ordered her. To cook when they're absolutely Fredricka or read it well. Or awkward to they're here now at that Portland the way David let's. Let it slip me. They're going to try to remind you couldn't lose their order you're like review. And at quarter to let you know it felt like dumb girl so while we're like where they'll all got it they'll. Try to fly it well so we're. Are they wore the white and that whole article are all put actually it just to be right. Sound like Tom Brady had it out and ask you about him because he is live focus of everybody's attention. In his right hand what what what do you think is gonna happen and again you think he's got to play and and how do you think you'll play. Stop doubt the public there with little care incorporated court. So recovery does not late it is not from hitting it hurt and being here. There are only wait you're not wearing crystal ball exit where he court for certain order great yeah. I am you're. I have periods who picks it up in. And how it affects them because or can't he do to clear that. He cornered he could be shark. Go into edit it edit it I regard you as an end and that there are Arabic and it seems to be Kryptonite. 22222. Super Baird as well they're being operated. What Teva Chansi give Jacksonville. To pull off the upset. Partridge to Ayers. Because they're departure would be make or. You know there are quick order failure rate that we ward. I know a third order record and what are around outside and let let let Google. They got watchers. On the blogger gamer I'm I'm. An article but I think. Where an apple would have required. So Pittsburgh you leave the field. Yes it is because last week. It would cripple. Each leg. He beat her well what was the other receiver. Secure. Here at right now. At least require a quick round exit. I'm in America. God I'll respectfully and you'll get for all hole we. And you're so equity like a hole about the actual entry like that. Little orbit. Radical. New England that particular approach. You can't try to unum we the people who do you got here with a quick ball and in the in the arm back out of that you'll. Before it would use to on great. Because we do have a earlier grip pressure on look at what sort of the game and that's what the import it on looking at how hurt you. Gluten corn the Marx you're all around your particular seat them trickle it down that he had alluded to. You know about it. We're talking to Michael Irvin NFL network analyst and hall of fame wide receiver. I'm Jim Ramsey is confident I'll say that forum he said today that Rob Gronkowski is never seen a quarterback like him. My guess is he's never seen a tight end like Rob Gronkowski either. Our our our. I will anchor. We're back includes round I don't go to rob partner and operator to be good work to do it as a group quarters to leave older. We're very corporate corporate. A blogger died years. And there were you at Gartner good vehicle fuels at the question are. You argued he. But he. A personality and attitude. Making eat if you're born to change the culture or Jackson would be. Clueless careless and so clean the cooperative. Inning in any prospective. Is that it's infectious or. You know so if you're in that Rick Egypt air but are laying in its fighters taught all. It is the key is oracle like aren't under you. And he goes out reviewed electorate. A move that wouldn't look good as it scored duplicate. What it was so determined last week Jack and your local law. So I written. So that respect it it felt to get him. Pittsburgh scored aching back to school. You out I would never give them out loud featuring. The Jack and Greg Edgar clearly the Google what. Side. Courts. But the. Let you know what this is a lesson you think you can teach us some of the kids you deal wit though. Don't become that thing that you despise so they go and what this chip on the shoulder. Article on the collective shoulder because if I like Pittsburgh just just respected them as they see as you said. Then after the game. This could stop talking. And and jailer Reggie talking about going to the Super Bowl also isn't that a measure of disrespect toward the patriots you you turnaround. And done the same thing that you hated the Steelers were doing. Right. Lighter and an exactly right there a mocha with it and went there exactly. They're the people who may have political. It could be eight and down so alone. So appear larger picture. Yeah your right here I'm okay to do wish you could always told senator Kirk well what are. He always told her about view. Who what are we have to do you can you created the leader there. To where there. Are people quad. Well people like creating. A situation. That creep helicoptered goal. Iraq. You know I remembered Palin is important who or when they're you have shock or soccer or do reminder. They wanted to calm him down. A completely an. You Columbia imperiled. Brought you while he likes creating situations. In any of them real quarterback sister word he talks all week. Any gold or Mexican people who want to let's put them so little quarter that brings the best out of I think that will recoup their daughter Taylor a rare. Making their peace situation. Ordered expert Doug walker fit into her broker thought about or worse or. It is happening and yet here air it out but nowhere near. Did your thing we talk about all of being caught by a mole like we hear where and brought weeks ago. It will Wear out your cute starting this year it will be year. They're picking the patriots in the AFC Michael moody got the NFC. I got a little so little slogan this year there were at that soldier yeah and it wouldn't hit her arm. Your goal will intentions. And hole in that you are and what you would you don't worry. All the blood that week. Right and so we're really actually he got sugar here Marco. Look you're thirty year. We actually did yeah. And it's there are no I don't hit it. Are strictly their. The doctors when. A person. Who. Connection what do you got variety in order or it. Olmert are there so it is our I would I would watch film. Analogic button every week you know that could help clear it appears that call was in the same quarter oh record straight quarter. So we're saying Koreans don't. Just. Little sold it it looked legit EPO I'm 43 to collective world. There are reported each circle each day if predictable what some are a bit of what an incredible rate. Go to sort of barely creep you would. Mike we always have fun talking football league yet to keep healthy there in Columbus that keep those germs at bay okay. You're on your record at the holder to where you got. So the Kindle and. I'd like your will talk to defensive backs abide and is now hall of fame wide receiver Michael Irvin and a network analyst. To see the picture on Twitter. He's got an idea that is NFL network pan on its gonna speak sunglasses. These at this huge surgical mask all you can seize his notes. Of all the space that's in easy years it's cold. Well go to college I bolted to protect themselves with the project out of every other you know that was going around cities got his AARP card now. On nobody don't want anybody go into his gated community now there will be with his wife right at end and spin up as money. Accent so I don't I don't understand how that the flu take me out now. 6177797937. About an hour from now final tribal take a look at the week that was here at Sports Radio. We get right back to the calls that you coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.