Giardi and Bradfo react to Kevin O'Connor's spot and continue to debate the pros and cons of this mega Celtics trade -- 6-18-17

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Sunday, June 18th

Giardi and Bradford continue the Celtics discussion merely hours after one of the biggest trades in the history of the Celts that could have huge repercussions. They also give their reaction to Kevin O'Connor's thoughts on the deal. 


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From the field to the ice to the hardwood and nothing gets past practical like she Arnie. On Sports Radio WEEI. They just rats. After you've been off to a 100% humidity that's CIA I feel like that little low is Bob bumper lead in whatever it is. There's misleading because last week plenty get the job. Right past two yard you Bradford. I mean it was like five hole all day and he that we. Well we can't really talk about what led to the combination platter. That we had on on the program. What you wanted Giles in and Theo we all wanted to Roemer because we do if he works with us and for good reason because he's excellent. But and then I think everyone tried to find a happy medium but that the magical combination together. And just let it fly like do you think Giles was intimidated by carrier. I think Giles is going through. PT SD. From from doing from doing the program with the with current. And holly. And Casey Smith on not our Airways from nine to twelve at night I think that the weird thing right so they both see I was thinking that. Based on getting beat down the news in the coming here it is going to be given an opportunity this. That was the good that's supposed to be like it a radio talk show right yeah got that right. That's the model that is the model all right so you're on the the TV version of the radio talk show. And you're allowed to cocky or more to you don't have as many commercial breaks and you don't have current screaming about the Red Sox. Our colleagues screaming about the Bruins or Casey's screaming about I don't know why by. If you'll have that dynamic that differ director at free form you're right Mike he should have been a lot may have let out of caves just like ready to go. That wasn't really the case. Now maybe he wasn't that it may be was you know I mean office. I don't know I don't I I can honestly I do not now I'm going today I'm going with the PT EST that's ongoing. Well that what was the the last week show not to keep our periodicals are moving forward and that's why. I said fine you studio in Houston we must take the reins of this again. Us together once again it's this the show was built for reason and that this is the absolute reason this is that. Both you and that that spirit of the low point last four. We don't have enough time to recount though there was the media starts right. There are sour early a morally thirteen minutes and 32 seconds and counting would rise was amused as judge okay all right we'll get all of it in the past. I appreciate comfort trying really hard. And good giving good effort coming in. Phil filling that seat per per week. Good we're moving on you don't bothered me about that by the way was not a one of them felt the trumpets. No no it drives me nuts and how did you not feel the trump. It's it was like is it. Listen it took us a long time the build up the media starts to where it is today. And did not respect the moment and to not honor the occasion like they did until it was so it's our business. It and go what is going on it giving gig when Dorothea pay into as what's happening. Now no. No he's our media stars are back in the trumpets are back right way of them. So it's going to be awesome that's tremendous in the meantime are in take a phone call from drone Pennsylvania. Who. Drew is not happy and throw. Now I don't know not that would be your father drove. If I am happy Father's Day indeed you don't golf so all this change your day your displeasure with the Celtics trade. Well if you're in the ointment because and I beat them again. Making a trade what I hate about this trade I hate the number one protection. I don't know why do any would ever have agreed to that ilk. Pillow to get the player they want they don't get to protect their dependability cricket next year in my opinion. Because that primed and all of this when you're also doesn't prizes Michael Porter next year that's the franchise defining player. And if you had a net connect. And the lakers tickets are going to be two of the worst teams in basketball. The chance to view in the not a number one was. But now we do not want to him that micrometer to. If if the latest pick and of being the first pick in the draft. Really get to get pulled this year and get to protect the pick and take Porter in next year now you're really talking about a bit a big problem for the open. I don't let them go out with a but I just don't think the way that it is going to be number one pick. I don't go lakers are going to be bad enough. I don't think DW I mean they're going to be they're you know if they take all figures are trying to work him in the offense working in these young kids. Where else do they really half I mean I don't have a lot. I think they are be good to be a terrible team I thought it. But if that if you're into Philadelphia comes to the Celtics saying we want this put air one and then you look at OK okay fine. We can make this deal give me the lakers pick on basic protection and think oh. You know look at the protective. All I I don't want to see I do still have enough we'll prom what the problem you have when that because. I don't think the lakers will be bad enough where it's going to be an option have a number orbit you never know with a lottery I doubt it. But also here we are sitting here. And you could have the potential of having the first and second pick in the took a very real possibility I think in much better possibility of that happening. Then then then then having not to get the first pick because the lakers finish there. Yeah I mean I just I think and also goes to show you again what he thinks about this draft. That if he's willing to allow there to be a protection which by the way he didn't allow when they made the deal would Brooklyn. That that was none and part of your peers and we're gonna new Garnett it's there's no there's no hitches and touches on this thing mrs. These are for the picks we're gonna take him off we want them. I think it just speaks volumes to what he thinks about this draft and maybe even to what he thinks about. It's yours yeah all next year's draft in in Jeff Goodman talked about this incident Kevin O'Connor. Excuse strapped to a good draft is perceived as mean you may be better draft. But also at different graph. You have bigger guys if you look at NBA draft dot net right now they're marked draft for next year. And these second and third guys are both senators both seven foot senate's Mohammed baba and DR Andre it. Which did this rolled right off the tongue it's like it's that goals like I've I've said there name before it is about that's just a few that why you are probably better at it. But there's there's two setters in the top three let this wouldn't let the first senator in this draft. No way there. Nowhere nowhere to be found. And and Obama. Is got like you like freaks you like with the arms like. Like ridiculous you Tyrod you need to rim protector. I'm glad you're back. Your guy I let's go to Matt in and around it and he joins us next Narnia Bradford and yardage show. And we don't that's not a so so with entry in the kicking game you know what other picks to leave Yemen minority within a split. With Golden State in Cleveland being so stacked the next couple years it's going to be tough to really help Ford compete with them. They're hitting it there are evident try to build. A couple years later you know get those talks stockpile picks and contrary to keep building to leader because eventually that you know the old state equitable. Probably dial hopefully. I mean there's definitely there's definitely something to that and it's something that you know I know Ames was quoted as saying we're not gonna punt. You know on on this year this coming year or years. Asked that because of what Golden State's bill went Cleveland's police as I like that a target those are clear targets. And you went to an Eastern Conference finals this year while still. Basically building for the future correct. Yes. Are you asking me that's gone can I let another piece amendment and you see gust earlier brawl camping bamboo obviously. Bull bull bull bull fastest pace show on the weekend that's right if that's absolutely that's really not say much. Before the bucket. If it. It's like it's like the fastest member of the media and this doesn't really you all to see me on Friday I would tell you the way we're not going on out behind the scenes. Behind the scenes that Comcast Soviet. They do lose breaks we had a whole show planned. The news breaks like just before 6 o'clock so the owners of the way last night when I brought it pride just just all the rumors came out all the rulers. We had this whole show planned and hundreds of blew up the show and receivers gonna go. Block by block or just freed freefall brief reform less both of those freak blog yes that too that to. So I didn't really know like I was it was me it was time when it was strategy and we're kind of the three mr. coast in the thing. And it was like while you're gonna like we're just gonna go and segment to segments I thought I was in my the third segment. But the third segment came quick and I thought it was going to be I'd walked out of the set to show the guys like hey this is loads his latest thing. And they're like do just what dollars and forty seconds when I went from studio you've been in that studio for. Yeah dude you know I could use all the way back to my desk in the far opposite corner. Ran back got to the door then realizes MI microphone. Turnaround. Went back. I'm doing like a shuttle run this is like Belichick if he had the clock on me I'd have been a top item for front and the where's the user you are carrying kettle bells all time the whole time. I'm David on the air I did now without sweating I was only remote out of breath and I made failure points. And so lawyers say you bring a fitness back to the media that's exactly maybe that's good maybe and I'll like 1245 will be the key. The fittest media awards. That would last about thirty guys out and I got and suddenly it varies let's squeeze in a call before we take the break before the three. Media stars of the week it's Paul in his tar ball are you. And palace article at all. So I don't see this trade being handled the the and now we've got hundreds of would either early. Now I know I do not gonna simply. We we I think that's got any traded on the re. Just that they get another two to fight the answer it is great because. We all think having a potential shot at number one number two is awesome but they have a reality. But that's really about the lakers are ridiculous number two. I've. What 538 put it to 42%. Of happening. Matt eat the magic here click this procedure that the Dodgers is gonna sit on his hands. And watch it can develop or you gonna try to make that all alt two or someone out there. I think if we keep I would watch the development of the now why would it bother going to trade for Paul George when he executed Paul George a year later and free agency and only have to pay him money and not assets. And today I could be very patient well in yeah and that market with its. With that knowing that. It out all the crazy let's just say Paula just let's just a just on the ball. Alonso ball brings that dead that X two college excitement to the pro level you Pam would De'Angelo Russell Julius Randall. Brennan Ingram for young guys all along lottery picks all you. Had been going out they're not worried about that they're not built. Yeah a little wet weather out there was a coach by the way everyone loves playing for. And he won with Golden State but good god bless them we don't know he coached me and we don't know if you can win in the NBA without staff carried. And it and by the way you mentioned magic wall supposedly the guy whose whose book called the shots in order to race and he we we talk a vote but potentially bad GMs in the league I don't know if he's going to be good GM or not but I do know he was an agent. He was an agent this is an if this is a pretty big leap of faith for the lakers to have an agent become GM because we said before Mike. The one week where you can he really really bad as a GM is the NBA. Yes and we've seen some absolutely awful ones and you have reaped the benefits of that all right we're gonna take a break and then come back it is. I turned to make media great again at three media stars rob Bradford back control pulling. The levers on all of this stage and.