Ep. 77 - 'Hill-Man' Greg Hill 02-08-18

Kirk & Callahan
Thursday, February 8th

Kirk sits down with one of his Boston morning-radio competitors, Greg Hill from The Hill-Man Morning Show on WEEI's sister station WAAF 107.3FM. Kirk and Hill-Man get inside the radio biz to discuss different approaches to the business, behind-the-scenes fights with management and fellow hosts, as well as Greg's history of working his way up the Boston dial.


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I this episode enough of me is brought to you by builds my great friend bill owns the store from and I go there all the tile should go there more. You know I don't know any about clothes on there was this you walked in there you leave you look great. And the deals are great I mean the clothes are fantastic and good for that you ago wedding yet the suit. One look good for the winter of addiction that spring's coming up ready for that he's going way somewhere warm to hook you up there. It is the store for men for your recent self replies in Braintree Chestnut Hill scored just builds the store from and I'm proud CD sponsor of enough about me. Which this week has great Gil Hillman from WA AF. Patterson one not so great I warn you if you listen to sorry about that this was really good to it inside radio gossip good or radio talk. Hillman brings it really good conversation over now believe in this episode enough follow me. Hillman himself great hill from the WAF morgue shall we didn't have. How he does a show it's different than ours his battles with dean over the years has passed management as you've been suspended some advice from me. What it's like to run the show for twenty years as Hillary has done it WA AF enough Bo meet this week with a great deal. All right so we're here yeah. The meters will move for occasions this great field Hillman. Joins me longtime morning show legend restaurant tour. A politician and a lover of life screeching aficionado. Some. Assume any compliments from the I suppose technically technically arrival Weiss a holy day and you see the thing. I've suddenly some snow on the sleeve. Your guys as weaker ones on the podcast and I don't know what it what I'd done two totally resembled that of one of the reasonable question but like my a sums are running out we had solid boy I like having it come radio and other dom Maria I. So us so we had Matty Siegel on a few months ago great guy great Matt used to well adjusted. He's the recount the dude sure whose castle before yes TV with an age in. I don't think it takes a long extended period of time for you to be. On the radio for him to acknowledge and in the mean or many times first out. Where it's imminent. And he's mad he's really mean Matty is he's been business for soy news broadcaster. Yes so I remember right I remember this charmer from my mom my blood drop and that the bill record for him to Winchester. I'm mama get her hair cut into Burlington mall this is way we'd like 8182. Now here but they were my monitor air wash whenever we hear the radio is mad at least you afternoons so open listening to Maggie now for 34 he's (%expletive) huge thirty plus years. And an unbelievable but he kind of you know it was kind of town where somebody would you know you know Greg Hill and I say yes at the same time he was saying now. But Danny's these turn into he's very very friendly and he's very he should be. Text message him he's a great Brent and I got suspended this past summer. Oh I absolutely got. I'll try it when women win when guys doing the station I decided that once an extra vacation this summer. You call me because which we've looked like saint and we talk like maybe every six months but he's like. But he doesn't understand. I'm not always what you do more closer to what I do were close to a madness it is. Would mean would I do on the don't you wanna hear would you say it's closer to a well I think it's closer you I would agree I agree. I agree I don't play music so I do talk show on weight on music station rep and his numbers. Right right on last image measures you know coming out and play music with the time that happened. Our previous. While our previous. You feel. I don't want to play music. I'm so hold on hold on hold up under the that we have a past get in these can incite things this is exactly that's what people on here. This Sunday and I think I'm more similar to what it's done. It's like couple records and I'll. Well I feel when Phil came to town says it now to watch and listen and Ager now. And he said. The I think you guys had just. And you just started on combo a year year and yeah so we said I really need for you you know we've guy. He kind of Joseph. And turn them. And he said you know you do to auction business is meat if you can please some tough moments. It added to the political. The morning Sheila I really need for you'd do that. What it takes you two things of that senate really I appreciate that but now right that's not what's good for two reasons right number one. Playing records not help you know to what the (%expletive) do you care for helping us well I would do that for eagle I mean what I like. Of course but about it. What do they put an Arctic for short stint but it's hurt you will want to do. But anyway yeah I say that I'm more I'm more similar. But Manny does. There's a panel for women. It is largely you guys meet this great equipment or right nobody believed that he would say like me talking he puts it right but. Do you ought to be able to if there's also talent in being able to. To come up with compelling content and the question between and it's in the short. Period of time and no doubt in between spacing zombies how many years did you records. I'll probably the first I would say I've been doing the show for 27 year tumble so probably the first. Twelve or thirteen B you're a better item and when I'd like like I just. You know expert in order to stand out. You know there were a lot of other people playing record sure I want it cock into auction because. Eat eat in order to create I think you. You know you know this you have to you know if we keep the conversation going keep keep. Give reason for people to not round and and check out another church again since it's art you do you review. You enjoy doing this you might do if a guy who likes to work that you like you love work you like going everyday like work like work I feel. You know yeah I don't you don't like now I don't I don't like much I don't it's a long fight. And I. I get all of it as well liked John and I certainly don't believe we'll get there we are we we're gonna haul we will get on why you're here. It's a policeman records. I. Come December and I love work Allah Allah feel lucky and it's like the old and Ortiz missiles and I don't tell us I've seen you walking around all to a miserable I'd. If I don't like getting up. I hate getting up but some mornings Hollins and mornings point seven years the Hawkeyes are more one show once you'll only right and 51. So there is one point 425. Shall mostly sports like unbelievable effort recent years on where you're gonna do it. You just side right out of four years as editor and yeah. You know retired. Don't give you a high class many of other things and runs. The show does very well yeah that's right advertisers happy advertiser app with LB and Daniel. I was or pause there. Tell us that ultimately can help but Amish or for me. As twenty years Daniel I think is probably the most witty. Talented. One. In great idea of them have aggressor was buyers sex because while I like times this industry has unfortunately. Placed women on morning shows to be into day as subservient. Yet you know laugh roll right in and Leo is the most woody the most previous person. You noted Daniel story with harsher now. You don't know all it would go that she was gonna try coffee yet so yeah so it's so this is so I might I noticed she did great as we talked about I do you and I talk to but. When we when John left. When John decide a bone too early to step aside and that would have guidance or pressure he says about nobody else. You know I wanted to do a show where by the way he left because you have been stabbing him in the back around here for like twelve years for me yeah. Street some ridiculous show should not be edited out there are. No all that are out. So my Gerri I bowl. But I think even mean mourn him said you know what I'd like to do you least tried for a while. Meet Jerry just bring a different person every day yeah. Biggest reason why critically about the point of what's it done re creating any but what I like about it is most his aides giving different voice but you also. You know Jerry and I agree I think philosophically. You know to a to a large extent about wanna deal. We didn't agree John. So John every day it was tax after tax an argument argument now you have liked to they reach out to us. He doesn't show he shows up at 530. Leaves it to him in with him. Leaves any ideas or thoughts and it was still show right shall we the court thing yeah and but Phil Phil Zachary did GM. Enjoys our bond new program director kept saying. You know we want mark Bertram want Chris Mann accident. They came and went into public Daniel for me after that first thing of the missile Whitman why she's with me in the choir what are we doing here I like Daniel. You know I don't don't really wanna do that in the end I should came into practice one day in this kind of awkward it felt to me. There we were being used somehow it's apparent contract thing maybe I'm wrong. One I think that they wanted to. I think that they were going back she was her contract was up right now I'm on and I think that they say maybe this be an opportunity for me more and listen what did you say boy but was a party this and why particularly from my show putting with these guys. I I mean I think I said that I think it's goofy take somebody who's been a part of a show stupid part of it. However I think that that was. In this building you your station delivers the most rabid I'm a businessman I get the act I mean he's not feel this way. But I am I get it that there's there's hierarchy you know to the Toppert. What's who's in the top and a higher you you are me yeah apartment. That's armies or anybody else can never hurt you could acknowledge anybody else contributing to any part of the story of that there was one timer I don't remember who was but there was one time somebody said something it was OK so on your cap and that's that's but that's too that's too practical guy and a hierarchy in the building wise personalities and I think. Iran for what you're constantly. Yeah that's true revenue attached to assure my ninth and if you've had a nice career gradually over that you'll subways are still apply today. Farewell like I like to go my go to war but surprised that your this manager did I I give credit to our indeed this sort of pragmatic about it. Me I'm like if I happen immediately said that he got you beat I shall just started. She ought to minus six year Duchscherer about twice and listening you know I was like that but but but eventually to be out. It's not eat it's like having eight. And there's no. In order to stay in this business for a long time you might hope and pray that it's all about ratings. But it's taught not to learn correct yeah it's about business right and if you're not Smart businessman. And you're not. Only take you to realize that. Seniors really probably you're probably seven years. You you it's outrageous questions too. I should he do you care about ratings. Obviously answers yes but how much you care of the week we get a degree and I were talking this last week. Our birther comes in gives weeklies. And then now he breaks them down for one segment by segment I'm thinking you know. Why would you want there's gonna be a day when I die in net AM can be thinking boy I wish I'd spent more time looking segments that are paid a life's too short it's (%expletive) and quirky thing you have. I mean. People told me you're going to do so the raiding the entire system if you base your entire existence ratings in your mind. You're basing on the opinions of 15100. People write for state. In my. And it's it's that the systems completely goofy. Some guy goes away a vacation for a week. Who are hard core he won the it's gonna it's gonna cost you legitimately. Look at the Christmas thing that the whole entire Oliver it is that's completely thrown off because one station place Christmas it's. I mean I get excited if we do well anyway I'm Alex I was number one dollar books with your number one you remember we've been number one for an extended period. In eighteen years or. Zero point but I am a veteran who should listen to him. Oh magic or sister station now. Are you all kinds like you but it was holy musically on the radio stuff. I wouldn't but there are a lot of people who do this but I'm saying I feel like there. And I. It's just I mean the the ratings aren't so quick to do anything different. Like no okay so you could have listened. Two years ago three years whatever way as I ended up being number one in the spring book with the colts. One Y 554 in adults overall wanna man and yet you grandma yet. The next book that was whatever atlas fives except. Do you really think after 27 years I did so much different. In the next Xperia later they got together collectively said (%expletive) and went out and rights to court I agree it's stupid it's cool it's his as the volume. Or or a half years nothing really does anybody give you any ship anything good visual life. So for me I get up amateur too much ship we get some via a U left alone almost entirely. Howard might remember double traveler work for me. Years. He's. He doesn't eat meat ease ideas. Talked about stuff and I am great work. One of the most talented I think there's a lot of program directors that. Some have no idea what they're doing. He he's Phnom. What do guys good about it. He'll he'll say hey you know if the ratings are good day. Focus on this and do this Travis you were able to do the opposite to. It's the I mean you give it give mr. clock. How we pay attention to who we eye socket that piece yeah strategy that. Is like day you know they they recommend the eagle you know but I think that's (%expletive) to them. I hate which you'll steal he'll grab you it's good if you're gonna go and cut if you are really good contact Brian listen doesn't matter whether it's such kind of score. Yeah how many good shows do you do week. God I would hope that there's three of them that's a good number in the league and number think do maybe like we've this weakest stock while I was terrible (%expletive) off you probably think it sucks and it does not gonna run in Illinois really so you don't you know it's like you know it's like when you're doing showed his literally it's die you know if you don't have you must hear. The crackling of you know the whole thing is about chemistry and it all that you cannot fake that industrial and there are. Unfortunately a lot of shows where its chemistry class. And it's I'm gonna say it's the most outrageous thing I can and try to get people call. And if you don't have really really chemistry among people and you'd it's obvious the right and you guys and I think you can mr. field that gets pretty isn't too which also we were and I love Jerry enters a great. If you're lucky to that you work with like like LB for all his many flaws yes the great. That's a great guy Daniels great yeah but that's that's an excellent port I didn't have that. For a couple of viewers in the poisons the way you feel everything in ruins should do a morning show the erosion hold any yeah I mean wanna come and try to be. Happy in have a smile yeah that's what you should try to do for the people listening. Is make them laugh there and that is in the middle of their miserable more yes so what is he what is a who is the Hillman. Listener I know the curtain count us you know yeah. 45 year old guy does pretty well all be conservative yeah. That kind of thing and we we talk in different audience I think the I think we probably have days depending. And more blue collar. Not we have I listened to I don't want to call my stroke to you don't know now know blog. To go to them. Really yes like however the arguable Klaas you only like the 1% yes that's I think that's who listens to one person. Is I think we have a I meet people who are blue collar people like me people who CEOs since there is always nice for at that we have people are nice always nice nobody's. But there was ever meaning you and I meet them number one social media might possibly our viewers what NASCAR right but it that your you're a girl yeah that's kind of an act for you that your. Hacked at it Eric on the radio by another charge lobbied against advocates that. Think everything is amplified version of which are really on the radio but he can't go in and just be like you know. And it's going on you know tough Boston pages. From public and tried to get you back. Right now and to be real yes but users have the yes I mean you know it's a could take a few more right few larger real quick if that's why do they say is that Zocor is on the radio. What I. So when you showed up. He showed up what you was so what you're. 27 years ago is what 1989. And I 9911. Right and who show up where's that physically hours the station when I first started doing them while I started working there. Right after I graduate price when I was in high school or did he 66 which was a video music TV station here in Boston I don't know they'll and and a about a year after that I came to work it and it was a weekend air talent that was the motions older you. 91. In the not beg your White House holds a side so I started in nineteen years all. Through twelve years I've Obama you had to bargain X ray so I lied about my age says host one on. And I spent the whole entire two years I was the promotion. We're worried that's what is your boss I'm going to say organization fired it right as you know now nobody cares about it ceded that. How do you why do you get from that. So they say would you fill in on the there was a guy doing them the morning show named drew lane. Fan day asked I would feel in with him into the sports talk and so I did the overnight I was doing the overnights yet solos on from midnight to six area. And they said we you stay. With him you know Yorkshire. Will you stay right Macon based in the moderately like fourteen grand or fifteen or that the human rights and they said we stay and do. This stay with him and do more racially entire morning was indicted yes it's called the can't get to that. At cedar sport just yet but it's like Daniel up right who cares you know so then to them what point do you. Pushed to run to eagle I like to keep left on his own and then it by a woman. Element was ruby cheeks. Trees and he will compete doing sports at her two with a co hosts. OK stand there was it rubies in a manner idea OK and she was not a pleasant really really generous and at that time maybe she's the ship sock chose not so then she got fired. Too just to go over that it shows yours is mine so what is your what is your vision and that point what would you want the short could be. Twitter can. It have any idea I'd it's I mean we were definitely I think when I took over there like India play when our Exxon and its place Exxon's now and then. By but you know but I but I love I like it literally is one of those people loves radio like analog radio people. But I love radio and hear it in Italy radio. People it was a regular person like well I mean with a consultant to your program director though you're I assume you guys are gonna broadcast from radio row will be their next week like any of those like interacting night. I got no idea. I do know great people. They're better. And yes it's a strange weird and sensual this much anger festering bitter is right outlining and you don't know like league here are a normal guy it's weird. We have a conversation radio with normal person. He's so used to the people were like either like super fake it on right or so (%expletive) pissed off about what's it about what is that about. I think in order to be in this business you have them in the go through your ego gets bruised. If you're not. If you haven't reached the level that you believe you're compatible so I think that there are people who get real it's Tuesday. You know look wise he. Why's he doing she'll in the morning Gerri after I should be widened a lot of it is like you know sort of you'll. You know. I don't get he started in his thirties or whatever and I went to double in Wichita and to peca and thought I was just thought that I don't do with the political back of a goes connect the right now I guess that element to success is you know has become in many ways a bad thing in this country. Medina I mean that so profound to me there are a lot of people who. Who get very upset if somebody is successful let's make it all suggests that it's not success itself but the reaction to. It's a negative thing it's it is because you know if you're successful you must have gotten there. On the back of somebody else mother wore individual who didn't get a fair shake didn't get the same opportunities you've got our post to like value winning. The all the work that you put an art that you do for a right you know the the podcast everything. People go wow Amy must if possible on some that are given the games Dino. It's a long line. At the you know after the about it I they're both part twelfth through it. But but I say radio is one of the few businesses where. Like you can say whatever you want only people make sag accent talk like rub some money whatever. But now that did you grow up about Richardson public and I was like (%expletive) Rockefeller and bites you woke up on third you think you have triple B. But I was rated as one of the few businesses in my experience they were that the Demi were did you shipment now soccer ball that I know guys have had their time often we gets whatever but yet he can to show. So what I did you know that does that's what it is if you position we actually. If you stay if you're good it's not your (%expletive) yeah I agree with like they get they get ready to believe that consider on year. The thought of word you know twelfth place and getting no revenues and saying oh you know that was rich people out of it right of them but you're right I'm drew (%expletive) dragging. Bureau ratings are driven to you should we did I really like I wanted to elect freaked her her time and your younger. I'm glad I am I'm glad I Beatrice the pitcher gets angry and music so. A lot of those their focus on the top doctor Franco Harris and some some heat cream when we announced day. This you would have to stay past years ago we did some of that. And and and records we can do summit that would to a couple during the course that we put like it's because we're stuck there anyway but it doesn't matter what you do have a a lot of some interviews and well but it's. Like. You don't like doing. Did you hear music can be like. We not and none are part. Part of it or not. Haven't I like for the governor on the ice phenomenon that we were talking now about bombs stocks and those things in the sought. But I think that'd. From my show it's really about. Trying to find some sort. People right I think that's a big league and MP do you do you buy into the old radio adage that morning shows are different and new shoes you know part of the day. Yet I believe that two yeah I think I think the mean people one is when wake up and you know that sucks to work in Nancy they would like somebody's. Right behind me. Yes that's where that's were we trying to write yes does it's work now. Now it doesn't always work sometimes but fails to attack that as long as you can make fun yourself about failing in your business. And that's the thing you can if you take yourself too seriously and you really. What is the state of W tea. How we. I think word doing Graham I think did you know the company made the decision we had to signals. Yes the company made a decision so. I was not consult about that now. My pay grade he consulted their new people hired other shows. Not at all would you like to. Now why why why the ratings me for two hours. North to combine that. Not at all. OK okay yeah. That's what your things like you know like some other people's. Working I don't like our afternoon shall the station and why his. I guess I get coupons I get all these now I get called many things can this. Jamal confused. While I'm at the afternoon show right now. All they were dumping on me about something in in the hallway when they really relate it to like a little known him to none Raza and I thought those I know what I think part that I would of that don't they do it like. They put their nose up like we're above this sort of the schemes gays and that frustration. Days yeah but the numbers it's obvious people like. I know you've beauty talk which it's going to like you bitch about stuff like to hear that because you know why. They're having to. 0% that's why if you you you have got a bit like everything like to me is relationships like it and it went away whatever job you're right you know whatever it is that's all relationships. And so if you can get the point. Where the people who listen it's. Really. Feel like they have a relationship with you and you can survive any and all things in this business ratings. Coming touch even suspend. I believe it ever been suspended as a true yes never. It's pretty impressive but it's should be proud that our idea I ever close to. I don't think we viewed it suspenders stupid. Am view that you've looked countless people. I tried on eight. I just don't I don't get it and I don't know what like what it's like there's some people who do it so that day. Have the you know Imus and the I don't cares right one I mean there's really one guy who did really cultures that's our future so really nobody else. Why don't suspend five time. I can tell you jets I think you're you're almost talking mommy when you're saying that. But I can tell you that like you must know this assumption recognizes. The sometimes you say something in and it comes to welcome back 234 hours later. Missing g.s to even think that that's a big deal many say yeah but it's a big deal for. He gets misconstrued your thinking but then there are other times we say seven minute you say yeah. Some of that. And he said Edmonton in the show for six years yeah witches a long time it's not a long time. In in re radio right and I think some of that may end up being. That people don't know you well enough meant so you'd think don't some some yes I'd agree some yes some I think some things are said. And in the context of if I don't know you feel it's ridiculous readers think that's which right. We also of the world now and I mean it's it's I'm sure was obviously going all time. Is it now you know some of the UHU whatever you can see something and now they're human contact. The ties around email. And obviously what we do that but that's a part of an articulate guys probably get suspended for that reason or no question they can we spent Biden and prompt. Wright is on this there's no doubt. How hard was it going against our. I was very eighty's he's the greatest ever is the best ever not more Sweden tactic analysts. He was he was clearly number one. Ten points and I think that was the challenge area yeah we go back and forth which it in only with the man who rightly go back and forth between its right. Mean just the united emirates say never be did you notice them. That show and I would listen to obviously. They would K I mean I listen to it now. Besides some thought if only used to be it's not now he's you know he's older now in the keys. Apart like I was a dual Stearns and you sort of rebellious now he's just so part of the establishment. He has Jane Fonda on television it's not it's like what used to when he's the marquis beat Colombia this easel. Police aren't BC and you know we started the tip of my nights are enormous. An average driver around my friends order that summer and there were times of the commercial breaks would be. I'm confident it's still as Marshall it's still he that's he can't never be like him business and he was like that how many markets has been. Under the past it unbelievable. What are you listen to them. Radio yes. I was so listen to radio in my car. I'll I'll listen like it suitable time ever analysts and yeah irises sports. I listened to. Sometimes listen to. Our law our. Yeah 'cause like the classics classic rock via and that's about it and easy Elisa BZ AM do. I want the schools school clothes I am feeling better of that traffic over there who is the me that's out there. Alley here like it's gone in his eyes so that much prepped at night. With candy yeah I hate to ask these questions people ask me this (%expletive) punch them with time you get up put in the work I get up. I set my alarm for 405. I get up at fort when he. So the fifteen minutes I. Go back to sleep you actually go back to sleep and then wake up wake up to present your eyes at the snooze thing. And what is it not for. We liked getting extra utility affiliate and the best on the world brilliant and obviously when you wake up and you look at it's like once sixteen is still thought this happens it's about it's the and I get in here we have a good drive though. It takes me it was only have to balance those. Two. And I mean here by five. Yes it's votes but I do so what would you do before the shall meet with India right. Over a much contents stuff which he'll be. He's in there rating sports. And apparel where it for a and then I mean my shoes. He's on the Internet to like it was fifty guys in the area. Is quite for us. It's truthfully it's producers or producers talked at all on the show choose our producer that's via. Bullets hit a public phone calls yet. In the in this. Hillman world I'm Chris. Is that of great deals on vacation or shows I think. I get more vacation. And anybody else if I've spoken I mean I mean do you. At the same value in five weeks yes such an issue for you given I've only been here for a few years you can look at that time may go to the market about. Sad to me that six week which is perfect entities. You know he's now because I do it. Leave it there. They're game but do you think that if you if you take your all your time you know that people arts channel worried about people. It worried about among our officers of the bureau. Does matter a funny matter all right now that if I have avoid the article if you're if you're having unique approach which is a posters don't matter to race right. It was emails neglect on the outside the box it's completely out of it's oh what was your question my selective so IC so that would normally get so that normally they take they go with me while ago I think Al east a couple days optimal care right you know that kind. He considers self their boss. And an actor Joseph I feel like somebody's house to. You know somebody has the play and show curious to do some is to do a lot of ups as an idea where to go on and somebody asked. Tried drive that train with regard to when your own breaks and so Youkilis and yes that ideal is that you're that you're really but I struck items that the one thing I've struggled with not the 11 thing I've struggled with sport you know Jerry's. Deters those guys were Jerry can't say something in fifteen seconds. What it would take me fifteen takes him 45 to be 45 we take him. So sometimes it you know though in a perfect world they would like us to break it 254055. As it gives Simone warned them. Well Mikey you know we dole eleven or twelve of twelve right and and go down come back from that angle. That the 4040 okay some. So it's so basically them our first break is generally they want 25 to 638. A second 120 minutes past and start the hourly forecast (%expletive) to always trying to catch up. If I'm fine with that probably if Brady calls in toward the end of segment along fine. But we're doing nothing we go along and that I get frustrated. And having that part of him having trouble as the conductor of the show I do struggle with that. I think. You can bother other people do is if you take it as a series responsibility. Would you ever played at the big bucks yes yes yes Som UV your relationship with them has been one Daniels and I'll. Seniors such a long time to no big fights Evernote behind the scenes drama I think we get in the fights but no I mean it's inevitable when he's pretty everybody's pretty. Have to be otherwise. It would be stupid you know show it's sock and a bright eyes and that's what apple you guys yes yes that's exactly before that though. I love LB I love seemed always all the time he's great the nicest guy in the world. I can be hard for me do show with they'll be every single day feeling is that may be some focus issues. There are definite focus like and they're not really his fault I suspect may have had a concussions or maybe yes Heidi how do you handle he's still on this he's on the same protocol that is exactly the unwritten. That it's. It's it can be frustrating yes it is things that I do that frustrate him. I understood what I'm not talking I'm talking sometimes he does have the talent stop. Stop the story's gone on time stop but he's but he's not sensitive to being should. We it is a case of us ever blow over to the breaker. It's a disease like like anybody else he thinks he's what he's talking about is race is great men and again settle things where somebody asked the media school. The idiots like the guy at like the shift manager at KFC yes. Some sleaze is such a genuinely sweet guy. I think he's a great it's like he's almost on nicely packaged and probably the wrong place yes I think Easter LB is genuinely nice guy is a great lessons. You know fighting up tonight but even in a mosque. So I remember Imus is just five years ago maybe four years ago. A great deal John Dennis action. About zones and talking yes yes what is your side of the story. Has been pulled on the air while many of us we populist. Yes all right you know John. We try to reason during a break obviously. You talk about when you got back. I think it did we put sound. Did we wheat we touched so. We had. If you remember there were two firefighters that were. Lost there lives in the line of duty shortly. Man and the president. Firefighters union. And the Massachusetts where Varejao was it killing. And Richie Paris was the president of the Boston five for him. And those guys that come in. Because they wanted to. Goal on the air in and talk about as the day after the fire right. My foundation was raising money sure. And so they came walking and and they said. You know we were hijacked in the in the hallway by John Dennis tell us that come down. And do our show before. To make all of us. Now they and a panel and so they said. We're going with you. They said you wanna go with those guys picked it like on the daylights Gerri Gerri well right yes I remember the story and the answer and so. Perhaps so at the end of the interview. I think I made reference to you know eagle and T. And so that the bathroom and line. In my face about it in and you know started ripping me you know out here you you know you talk about that on the hair. Meanwhile I mean he span and I I could care less if you say something about. For anybody. Who cares that's right it's -- sure but he's. You can't say stuff and then it says that some heat since. That's unfair I would agree so we did have a cut a screen was there ever you guys make up ever. God that we became you know cordial he'd originally John. I I was not a and it's nice I used to like him when he was doing TV news is that is that it was every bit I'd use. For his riches here. As kids said it was what was that generally year issue was hammer might issue a jar and honestly started out as we just like charm is almost seem he's made that was so lose that thing was that we never could quite connect you know. After awhile the philosophical differences we had manifest into. Dislike for each other it is does that make sense. Where it was like yeah he was that sort of Beagle board short of guys and really like that much we can live with the fact that the show is good for the show sucked. And he was sort of kept trying to drive in this direction and just became sort of an obsession of cancer formed hatred of and I don't think that's where calendar or force them out I think you know he had health issues with the press release says the electorate I mean completely. Mean I think you forced him now I don't you guys didn't get. That's that's characterizing it the wrong way he greeted you and wanna work with them I did not and eight shows you program. Guess why you'd just be but I would say that's but that's the that they destroy our guests of the show will one day from whether it's two years from now or six years and I'm gonna ass hole in the economy right log object but you've. But you made your dog to get if you get fired tomorrow ritual. You may 27 years you've you've that's a long time in this business which in which people constantly given your ring of fire. Idea bunch of putts really well idea capsule but Reese and now now and recently in last 1015 years now. Ever gonna station almost did it were that. ZLX. He was gonna go to work for. Bil that's okay. Some witches. 9829. Rate via. Qanooni the station years ago there you know in 2.0 and net I think. That's where it all goes that's why I wanted to go how would not be allowed to have discussions about that. Outside in my contract you know and Rasheed right there right and it's yes Allen goes up five years ago you gonna bring bring the show with. Off any everybody can go windows yet hopefully you know hopefully be let's look at that that Jimmy is an attractive product for is it's a good to bring me. From poetry to bring help match that's why I like what people say. You know when Imus announces we he's retiring people's houses still in the air his agony was still on the radio. You know and now or even he retired cargo march 7 says he said he says it'll go well well but you could say Imus the morning to bring them. And it's not suffer me bits of hand and as I get that yet that whenever it's probably get. That the X amount of sponsors that make money I guess yeah and this is probably some loyal. If you have people who are loyal. The biggest. You can make money does matter how many listeners you have right you can make money off that so you know it's a math problem in my mind it's a math problem so if you have. 2500 people listening every quarter hour to Russia right. And I have 2000. And there's an advertiser that is willing to pay. A buck per person. They'd the only issue is a toll 500 bucks on yeah I repeat 2000. On on and on and ask yet you know so to me it's just a man out it's him it's about it's again it's back to the relationship and it's about one of the things work for Hoosier competition. That's you guys yeah. To rich Niger rich right. Obama Brigham and he's competition and no I don't we don't. We never seen many men we do the ratings yeah they're torture you're their tortured riches there ya. ZLX is there unseal it's there's the idea. But this does fluctuate randomly some emergency station like that if we're nine hours that enemies go away. But it's like a memorial wall and never saw them ever. But they do well still yeah I would it would bomb's gone and the show of his so called war or all the other guy or other guy don't I get paid for that which I left. I believe that it was system sang you know utilized Wally Wally Wally shore while he brine. His father was like a legendary. Rhode Island radio it's all really salty brine to. Might as. It'll never come up with a double to pick radio same never thought that. Oh no no I wish they replace the morning Greg what was the guy's name we know what it was drew lane that's a fake name right it's ethically and and and ruby to Mike Hsu pick. Now it's Israel is Mistress Carrie for games that are real name and real first name's Kerry it's obvious answer is that mr. justice. I've never interact with her ever since Cairo hallways but she doesn't want to interact which is apparently attractive option very nice. She thinks her approachable I think she may be right choice at the vibe army in the building you talk to your sense about you your social. I'll walk out and grab pizza can that you're talking MJ you talk people hall he talked in your media should take a lesson like an issue and get yourself up to open yourself what's the perception department and the building. You Demi any investigation on this matter. I haven't spent a lot of time talking about okay. Fair and the vibe is that your guy. What's that good guy good guy good guy forget I could. Not Nassau at all. I think you got a hassle. I've never known to be an issue beside each other but it's not like now the thing I've ever there was one time. Maybe around the the time. Where people were text in the in this at any meaning and is seen in the years in the building. And I said. I'd ever had an accurate track the process and I'm sure right yeah right it is making up stuff to get people call for a but yeah I shot but yeah its other than that I like I figured I like an excellent target to sell pencils I think you wanna be a great guy that if I strive forward I think he has some issues like what a pleasure issues like you must have some psychological when you know somebody immediately pivot on the route a psychiatrist now. Never one teacher for that to treat your chief strategy. Even Guatemalan recently about like how much is an hour to order now its us do you think Michael so mine's thirty dollars a week the most difficult. And I go to college or even like the dollar sort of drooling and he moved he moved and it feels like a pitcher who served a great pipes so thirty bucks a week but could have source step past the listen you and all your problem always say this. Ultimately the and you can do whole thing. The whole thing. In the end of it is you know my dad never told me he's proud that I can go about what I can go everywhere in Basilan up with every single time but that's made you do well. I guess I. Mike it was like my doubt but that was a good dad so I don't think it's like. This way does a kid. There are people who don't make a lot of money you can't do that so it's like a Justin his doesn't make a lot of money like I had to drain somebody to listen to you hit a guy in the (%expletive) guys like he Cheerios is not really but he but he doesn't you walk me. It to two or three now and then backward we're daddy issues would probably drive it back there to get the the session over with secure our rights like doing a segment like our ability to auction but as our body is your father right yet and should that it I think most guys have a complicated. Give it originated. He like radio and he didn't want me to be in radio that it was going to be a failure I didn't graduate from high school my senior year of real high school educate our allies so I was working I was working at that video music stay right. After school. It's a great success story yet and so and I wanna go to college so he kicked me out of my house floor radio we listened. That's a major love radio NBC. News piece was great enjoyed the book and the day. Correlate or for good there at the caught a lot of that. And in a whole lot so I Kot BC and probably you know from nineteen. Was like in eight greed. 1979. 1985. Extremists it was a really did like the seventies. You know. I'm but it was great ideas so but yet he he kicked my house I think that probably this. As I wanted you know like a college costs money out of here now and a since it put me out here and I think that that. It means to be successful show shall vibrant color of him. Marcellus lets you give Oliver and could argue. She's talking rather them I'd be abused if you're dead and reload you maybe it is your apocalypse that you. Are a I last elegy got me here. You don't. Tony do leave it is the enemy would I don't I'm ready for two hours you did. People love issue. I'm gonna leave here and them go work other jobs I'm join us what you were where you don't have to go to my restaurant which ones we have like oh okay most of the press office in people one was the office Maynard maps. To me we're showing his office gets singled. Oh same buildings but it seems success rates are hard to come we haven't gotten ripped through that it is eight Olympic record that you actually held a state money yet. I I if the one I did that tell you the sort of once suburb plans ever that I that it now. Until I get. Free form and what you tell us what it says attacks every time zone does and it's just I wanna take if you use it do you enjoy it was excellent yes. I you know me likewise. So I like upstairs and answers yeah but did not just great thing I like about that bars. It's like that houses bars neighborhood bar it's not I'd love neighbor like I love ego complacency bunch of people and fibrosis summary that's exactly said that it was good move by continued. Yet that exists there yet excellent you know what would would I have nothing to do it wouldn't get people people who we. But the people you hands on I mean. They can always like meet you guys are one I Lebanese women and now. I mean what defined. Under the guy they think the thing that I think is calm. In now cliche wise is if you do if you hire people who know how Smart and you write your business and you do what made you. So your (%expletive) you nice to be a bartender OK but why our man it's about probably. Seven years ago eight years ago and com says to me you know this is your last big contract. Big contracts are random person what's after brown yeah days like different. I like Geoff I'm one of the only people did you like him. Complicated relationship. I don't like I've only people look unionize and telling the truth. Yeah I inhabit experience we have experienced the thing I think he's the businessmen. Yeah he's a way to the restaurant. Cooking this. I think that chip rounds issue was. Not that he was not at the level to be making the decisions that he was making. But he was trying to keep everybody correct it's that and that's exactly right. Orchestra around doing he's making those decisions but why acrid nor. Because he couldn't get over its head I wouldn't expect ever loved my decision right Tariq. Remember we went downstairs on Monday he never would he feel about that stuff yeah remember that you know which I don't like him and use comic on Wednesday in the if people didn't like to be like don't. Nice fellow yeah. Now. Boy that's that's there's a lot and the answer is safe now he's gone you won super. I didn't get along with the to be you be able go along okay yeah when them would pigs were. Things are there warmest yeah where I this thing with Erin Andrews. And I think with the Red Sox thing. Months ago he patter back and exports yachts and I would say. I think that's I think he's I think Kia is a well intentioned guy he wanted to program and yes he is very interest in the programming. Things and feel I am not right maturity. I understand a full understanding for in particular which is signaled its and it station yeah. And why it needs to do certain things why it was a signal sock. Down to parking garage. This side. I think that's becoming somewhat irrelevant Napster naps and he had this to some extent some you know game we really get HD channel. That we appealed BC NN yup that 14 model wants out they go which is firing a gun so yeah so what name would be restaurants opened up and what's that I I'm I'm gonna open up so it about a craft beer companies. Wrote via and so places we have a brewery. Restaurants do. You ask me why. So is it no. In or rocket anymore big contracts you know right side I want to have some. Deal back from the colleges and stuff have been but the shaky you know Malick as secure business restaurants are can be shaky that's right it's the worst enemy is the smallest profit margin that there is most of opera. 79%. Margin. Man you know 6570%. Of them fail in the first year wrote yeah it's like but what else would. No I have no high school degree in regalia running for congress irony what would you say you were 9% knows that's the and you deny. Us the rim and who are that come from. Epic came from some sort of mole inside the Massachusetts Republican Party and he asked you do do. Elected I went to lunch with. Would those people you know and Dave. They had some information that I could win that leave an active streak broken up that district. I am a broad listener base that mr. sure com and did died may have a fund raising it why would you wanna do that. I think it's the lifetime. Parking spot Saturday night Washington DC is traveling and all of the money to pay cut and you're ever gonna do. I thought about it that you really nice I mean it. All kidding aside and yet you know say he'd be like would you want the enemy to literally Brian. Screw up what's. Now what the morass that is now I think it's unsolvable such a massive like you one little guys that's a thankless as a money should write to its money's pattern. 175 grand am has human live on the side. I always impossible. I was also. And it's it's a thankless that nobody let me in the minute you say you're gonna do it. People are out to get. You know pray. And then once you're there. Nobody nobody appreciates it is that you have to be a special person ought to go to questions number one masses to everybody no matter what the job it was to be just actually served with him in the radio business that is a hell of a question. Boy that is really really. I had a female. Program director. When I first started named Nancy Grimes. And her husband. Was the consultant for the station two games this job and he had absolutely no idea. That day which who's doing. No idea she was in the meanest rude guests. Disturbing a whole government or should do. She was just really like just. Like ripping people parts like. Like I'd just literally the root disperse an average he was like that basically was a weekend. She did like a weekend show. And then this guy gave her the job negate cube GAAP product and she lasted for eight months how many TVs he had. Bedrock for twenty years and yet I've had 22. Women know. And he's. Agree. Three guys support refi program directors and that. Public seminary general manager's right. From the time almost any program that you have. But for now at least he's there were Jason. Yeah yeah. Complicated relation relic it'll complicated relationship wolf he will be called me in. This before I was I was two weekends a surgeon weakens like on the weekends and will be here to fill in for these guys are 2000 him policy wolf he called me and we're meeting one day about something. These are just so we're clear you know you'll never be on the year single day I must use it every day and every person. And I thought it was a memorable walk out thinking like that's OK he believes that's true. Overseas at the somebody who's younger. Ewing in in the what's that's what happens and incentivizing either wanna do more radio to never got that. You pack it let me that's it you know you need somebody who's willing to. 'cause when you know again when somebody says okay there's so this advertisers is that what you said. You need somebody who's gonna say to use complaining about it. I understand what was said and that's the kind of guy I haven't yet but ultimately. If there really pressuring you always have about. Ultimately the oil to business and that's I think you can only go so far I get that picture right you need at first like. Always what grade are Kirk was really saying here was this not this in the to have a conversation I always say to them. When the salespeople Osce put before them. Talk to whoever whether it's right parts there compliment what topic conversation. These people some of them listen let's have the you know. You put by the same thing people listen every day. The advertisers they never. Do they understand that they know that show you something back to write it again and they say out yet the problems that but the guys in that I find the national one cancer heart is it well yeah. You know Heidi is some reason in the emails and write a lot faster if any questions from me before what you got. They're like. A regular podcast coming up in the future. Podcasts course should be you could return in the favorite c'mon my podcasts that I will hear your podcast I in any Miami on and on that a lot that I accomplish so popular for our weekly podcast the traditional wacky April 1 I should do your show you Dubai. Which are podcast. Podcast it's called extra sauce argue notes yes it is giving up any time. And into. Hi Alison I really Chris it's not do this don't be don't be too guys you look you've accomplished a lot alt welcome Virginia and who you know a symbol sing you'd should not be he used fuel. And you guys right now are killing it ratings this very very proud always have written to spooky but thank you at all except except that there that's also our number one. Many many books and frankly it's it's nothing compared to 27 years in this business. News QB in this business longer and I when you get the -- seven years I want zero fox about really celebrating his life negated a 21 years and I will not be alive you know perception. You'll who gathered his first news. Some matching if it really that you know if I had X. The mix that somebody else will actually act money help how. Apathy and radio I'll let you get fired you're gone almost like he's number one dissent and competing at this is Alex and now. I think you can he. He can be compelling without doing things. The K five I stay in the business analysts in the business you have to do I don't get people like us you know do this. That's about the as say. For instance skits what people see things about advertisers watch stupid that's that that is the debt that. But you've got the dumbest. That's shocking thing you can ever do correct there's no doubt that on purpose so there is always here as our program that's there. Say this about. Don't you find yourself sometimes like when you're talking about the bad news of the day would ever in your end somebody mentioned something about a legacy of the product in this podcast anything. Even if you think it's kind of lousy you do instinctively want the same pitcher of something you had that says I have no idea there. I am annoyed I assume that everybody's advertisers somewhere right I'm out in Ottawa and out burger kings and average I've enjoyed error her herb Delta Airlines didn't tell the story. From last year but the guy came off the plane and and I had some experiences with their mind and I'm thinking I have no idea what's going so it's a weird. It's if it's a new story great part bright and make it in and they can't do anything about but when somebody says. You know my copy place you know socks. And that copy please leadership used by the right right but but there are but there are also things you've agreed on line has moved you see things in people get. This fake outrage goes on social media web defeat you can't win that you're taking your map of really mad about that. Everybody's allowed to have an opinion this country and right and yours doesn't match the majority then. Reason you should be. For so the future Gregg Gillis on the warriors this contract. Four. And then yes your retirement right here and announcing yet but I will threaten to another project to get it usually is not doing this originally ten years. Announcement pocket are well older kids. 21 or almost when he won eighteen so obviously you're thinking that they perform or your college. Right what's closure what school my son's got a Bentley. Axle plant Darnell McDonald are really to my two. And I am affable feels right there yet on there all the time it's great school awesome school and my daughter is play soccer it's points. Excellent secrets among did bring you live out there wouldn't mean me retire. What in install. When I retired from the public and there are. You with me to hit with it Ricky it's. EC and every now he of them actually I don't usually see now. But Josie then. Now to check code you don't. You'll like you know another approach liver. I like appear. Until I look at it like grapes. I saw it and let me know set up when your pockets anytime. Implementing going to show you the day just to eyesight he said we're gonna complain you complain. Don't have to believe me I'm you get ten women everywhere penguin on this like I love. I am lucky right now see this the other thing I think from a stunt perspective I don't you don't know I don't know what is with these people walking off the show what it is they can Maggie green Ellis nor shall we look like much. Thought Kyra we're sizing you up I asked that yet so we get these situations are and our show is. We a lot of fun but some of its series of us who take shots at each other. We could handle a couple of times we made some inappropriate suggestions he may be attracted to certain people certain ages yeah he laughed and he legitimately left long was this legitimately Yang told I talked on a doctor for weeks he was crucial for nine months. I like Alec shall. People who really thought who really really thought. I was trying to get Michael Felger fire and fear that's well so a couple of weeks ago. Colonel Roy how they think the Felger year but the spell yeah he went over to this Alex and clearly mocking the whole like mocking them the fake outrage struggle to people like your (%expletive) ass. Is permitted in light. Which is you know it's serious we have some we do we take pictures and also we'd kick around like it's not. It's radio and its Chicago and it's. I Gary I think Kerry's like to actually. Much. I'm John well. It's true we have uncle. Every once thing you want happier things that the day. Was reported a big winter book. In which all but so it's no big and it starts coming up and the gas and bigots no not the judge keep going on shows keeps. The good strategy to be literally only commuted right in. These. Issues. So we have a private did we have a private plane to miss the Super Bowl and so brings back. It was Amazon. In relation to this guy likes to show great airline is awesome to Graham. But Glenn did visit restaurants. You know them. Public it's it's. No and I'm on an all their their acts you warned about 800 they're actually about where you're you're reducing your own enormous. May help you're not going to meet this may one day though so watch. So Glenn and admit I kind of glam media guys are going on that plane then I hit on some book me I'm no commercial real yes he chose the man my calculations don't wanna fly with with yes now you can ask you know the it's a long involved story it is yes involves marking an end in him sort of bad for me to. Management Wright amendment rights of the company that light yet again trying to prop yourself up and put me put it badly. To your point radio guys are rat fox and backs that are. Yes unbelievable consent job. But this out of our way out of kilter and I got a bad marital what if you like how successful. Q enough yet hearing issues after all these years I don't know. Karina and do you now. Oh yes oh it all negative like that I have so much negative or if you because you have too much tackle Manny giving you this you do it too much negative. We. It's actually kill me (%expletive) great job. It's a gimmick and big box and the money's an illusion of it you know budget disputes in the morning job is different than the other jobs and just become more negative. Don't they are (%expletive) I think if you're tired it was look you for Christ's sakes. Nervous. Essar group that's. I mean you're tired all right I wish for use. The sound itself I'll know more about I I appreciate I appreciate. It like more like march retired all that. Today and go to bed. And thirty capital. Tired of all those weekends. The assembly but you possibly can Blumenthal Infiniti line. Also like I know right now that would. And on the marquee horses at 9 o'clock. But Dennis Murphy. Belichick Bill Belichick was. Our league yes I'm usually find. And have it he said that one final question for those that I used to deal yeah I you'd think I'll last longer than you know. I think you know it's it is. 43. Yes currently via via. You do before right right web site in California right there I could I know already I loved radio argued about I didn't wanna pursue and I just advocate and don't have a lot all the food and mr. It was what you need endless YouTube and some bait but you worked a short podcasting's I don't I didn't know. It's it's again the great if you gone we did hit the post. Oh yeah and I went on the shall we do a timely totally. It is government was it the old god remained mostly sunny and only run for Maine like. Is that fun as you know bachelor stuff like that I love like radio stuff based real athlete people in the post big names it's a business based. Consultants the consultants come in and you like whoa whoa what we're doing here knows people. Asked. Me. If they come into town and they say the radio stations sounds great happens. What you mean if a consultant comes and says this radio stations. Went on instruments and don't Rite Aid. Epic and pick it apart see what's aux in on nothing nothing funnier from they have no idea. And they keep the tire carriers haven't Disco days what's next from notified Cleveland today into the same (%expletive) right. The two have a lot of errors though first and it what's the deal like consultants there yes if you can handle it because he's okay yeah good guy but you listen. Sometimes a 50% of what that percent via. But when I first radio. He had to do the double time checks. Because people so people that now. Justice. And it's a phone at a right right so he had to say it's 746. Fourteen before. How it's able cut it would only hear it. You had to do yet to do trying to sort of doing that like by mistake now and if I don't do double a budget. But yet the famous. Plays that the da da shower and other people it's so let's listen for a and so and then they would remember it. See the whole entire thing on radio stuff was done. A round the old methodology of diaries rates that wanna people remember who was missing his right is right now yet. We have exactly firstar years he said Marie sat down at first were like oh this doesn't leave us alone great connector Jeff. And and he said Jerry and I jumped in the air one day. He says I really want me and the time and temperature you guys this doesn't work isn't one time radio national ignored the appointment of that's a dormant so one year made fun of it and flipped out to a two and a hole like you know. The same thing like Anderson is no way if you guys have figured this house of what you know right now the time of day. Is it well 48 minutes before 9 o'clock. And the temperature is 62 you have light up the temperature. People if you if you say whether it's at its own no. Look at yeah yeah right that's true bed but I do think it's that it's funny when people do but radio stuff like that just makes me. It's great doubles weekends yet not doing anymore at least you may use that you people young bands anymore you know it hasn't you still the but you're the ones you know more well I mean you know there's as much. Immune in new rock yet as to how much quality eighties must have some (%expletive) one no we stand him. We have examiner absolutely absolutely Hayley up in anger. We I think we had both I think both. Am and I think we adventure. And get me wrong I was not not gone. So you. Know Bristol. The greatest greatest did you have you got the bra which are masters cup which you haven't got a violation. You've been to do you object to its free yet so did you cheat and a in about so my wife said to me she said she gave me the past couple weeks ago. You could spend the money numbers you can do. If possible. I would side with you. I'm cheap I wouldn't you should you're not cheap if I achieve but I I for the whole tubby thinking and spent five guys. I spent eyes. Better than it does better than a regular for show you love love love love them and love them but you bigger and better than Russia was the first time zone. What tour. Is the river tour at the guard. So his own TV. Yeah I talk to your lucky old garden right away on some of the older members of the (%expletive) out of me. It's our knowledge if I'm going on this broadcast. Yeah we'll and do everything every couple months you'll like it sounds wacky VoIP and get your great and noble. The tide.