Ep. 12: Are police too sensitive when they take issue with anthem protests?

Tuesday, September 5th

In this episode of "Two Outs," Alex Reimer and Steve Buckley spar over the Cleveland Police's station to pull out of the Browns' Week 1 flag demonstration. Alex says the police are being sensitive snowflakes, whereas Buck argues it's hypocrtical to support players who make statements during the national anthem and not the police. As gay men, Alex and Buck also talk about whether they've ever considered protesting the national anthem. 


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And read where it's sure outlooks quit talking Roemer. The rambunctious way China are mostly coming to phenom Alex a rare. And the old time baseball do the six people who don't know what I'm getting the sixty who didn't know before I'm gay face it's definitely wanna. Koppel he sees definitely two outs with what you Roemer. It is a sneak edition of the tonight podcast on it's it's fun because it's not originally numbered. Coming to the station gets its eggs at him. I see that's why you still you do that podcast because you act like all really excited about it. Kids are listening to now you want the free tickets that's a year still involved in the program director Jerry is a vital opportunity. Tickets to two more games like to take and I and beat John Q public. And I think it was coming in it would get tickets. A duplicate ballot on your night well I don't wanna see you on your night off. You wanna go to Fenway Park and watch the so yeah that's that's that's a fair question it's very strange that's not while a year but it's appear question very weird but idol of the game of days. The game and you can you can separate itself in and enjoy the game of baseball. If you know covering it it means not the club about you know dealing with David price's. Presence in all that stuff and and so avenue in white gave up four and take in the sites to get to sit in the middle seat. And fight for your life every time money get up to go to there you enjoy not enjoy that but I mean that that's that's part of the Torino car and that of attending a naturally QQA from Fenway Park I would rather do almost anything else and sit in the middle seat at. Why do you assume sitting in little secret that most of the seats are in the middle. Mean it was as our AB the connection. It's entitled me and I'll see what that means you about it you know how those connections on twelve years old for a lot they're that you know people a big birthdays and peso before we get to the topic and a league at this heavy stuff with. Japanese imports its National Anthem. A 1008 people around Boston wanna know people will have the outs when he went by they want to know what you did for the liberty weekend. I told you typically appear but a club cafe trips solace is this is dependent people don't listen I saw god guy right. At a friend's place yes and islands has an apartment in and licensed on mr. deck. And heard got an all the gays in the golden era so it's like it was like a social does not does that. Parachute entry it's cute to interest you'd normally go out and odd about it I think it's it shows you. It is indeed it has a section body quite exotic there are many sixty year old street. Man and currently. So I actually instinct that piece of wire gay guys junk emails and particulars so interested in crappy pop music. May be good to lag any US pop star's concert. The majority the audience are snipped it percent in the audience is teenage girls but young. Game. Export all the all the possibilities. It was poorly written and cons so to talk about Arab. Pop culture references and so Borg had my differences in Gary that humans sister's school. She put the FaceBook a couple of days ago complaining about all these people like why these people suggested friends on FaceBook. A cat it's who are these people write my reply. And so in response. Receiving get this repertoire that you won't economic front and back stories on my response was who him die anyway in my in my risen. When I now see I've heard that you're in more than. One of the Genesis of that so. The don't know that now so I put that on her FaceBook page about a some like college and wait for every one briefing on and on its last Saturday and at the what. Crickets what has no one gets it what does it so the deck what century so twentieth century or so so finally I said I'm a little bombed out. That nobody got this reference from. I've no I I really need this job from a chorus line. It's at one of the big numbers in the show in this guys things with the Miami away BMI mind ransom day you like I and you like. You spend dispatchers and and and I put that on a bit like a thousand people respond with Steve not everybody likes Broadway musicals swallow right. Exactly you're it's it's an each audience in what you like that and I don't and not a that's. A speed on the mind you it Gypsy. The next time it's on that'll be and we will Wimbledon goal. Then we'll go to the town house which is a national gave aren't you paying for this and you surmise Joel paper I'll be right product recently we can do on the two wives. Number of serious look at its Egypt's extremism is that the good rollicking game musical. And they were gonna go to town house afterwards and and the one inning comeback in new podcast. I like like the idea especially that are coming coveted Bill Jones did to me about clear just two days away from. The patriots. Is very exciting you're very anxious to attend thome gets in the awesome when he alluded to Al. Can someone should ask it now. I would spots on the bar stool towels but it can't pals. So I can already argue you dance. No comment you hope they never heard it upsets of us can ever happen to debate that they're the best answer offered them would be forgive Elvis and his arsenal. Against an outside cards. So but. There's a lot of excellence of the college somewhere some want wipes out some blog. I love the way some can be icy when unit aliens some some of them. I on so there's a lot to look forward to this there's an eight by. I don't give mrs. interest. So I didn't see it at Gloucester with the patriots either except week one recording Martellus Bennett. At their fists in the air guy I think the main story and once again entering its policies and is the national at the protests did not and on topic that will be big storyline we won. But absent from the patriots chiefs game tonight dollars and achieved says made demonstration during the anthem and no one on the patriots hasn't pre season I'd say that he ties. I think it's easy to get it wrapped up in our. Broke you'll stories here in England and forget about what's going on stuff that's going on outside and yeah this weekend bock in Cleveland a huge story where the Cleveland Wii's. The Cleveland police. And not going to take part in a week one national ant the demonstration because it is. Twelve members of the browns Neil during the them a couple of weeks ago was a big story and I think there's a lot of angles that we can go. With the first question being is an ironic your protest in the hand them by protesting. Well you give me irritate. That that that you take Vegas in and so your your against the pleased that the speakers think it's critical or. Give me a take because I I I haven't come back and set it up with Hewitt. Well other street statement first and Steve Loomis is the president they couldn't police patrol association just just just a few lines of just ignorant for someone to do that you'll during the anthem. It just defies logic to meet the fact that management was aware of what they planned on doing that is offensive as a can get I would say I don't think that mr. Loomis. Know that there protest set the valve rounds tenants and afterwards you want take the opportunity with his teammates during the hand them to rate for our country. And also draw attention the fact we have work to do not this top and of course the week after Charlotte's bills so what is so offensive about that people taking time. To acknowledge that we still have stuff to work as a country. Well what's what's on offense and that's a correct now to give our audience some background here we discuss this last. When I was gonna get tickets. Please out of podcasts and expect light to sleaze that have served or salaried employee you know Dexter Davis I didn't do it for the one. Do polite as the way. And we explain it all the formulas that make perfect sense in remarks that we will have a big hug today and agree completely that. We do that. Yes we. Now he is weird logic got in the way of me agreeing with that's. And tricky Faxon dropped graphical some great line in his career now. Look at the foundation. Of the entire. Not EU I assume are in favor you support those who would yield during the National Anthem on constitutional grounds of course. Ounce as the life I mean that's and and and you happen to know. That I have a soft spot for like World War II memorial to war battlefields and so forth. Man I can't ride bias signed into some guys won't work too well wanna you know who signed his name those stories every year I screwed yet says that you know. We are conjured history you made your point. And I fully support. One's decision not as important as we all we all okay so EE if you have that foundation. In this discussion having right now if if the if the cement foundation discussion is that we support somebody's right. Not to stamp National Anthem or to act in some way of protest. It does you know taking the riots in IIOK. So the airport ago. Ergo. We must support the Cleveland les. Based on the foundation of why it now that I started out and and this is now back tees up because I airport which you cannot escape. I never said he didn't support there. Said of course. I just disagree their reasoning. Their reasoning it's foolish at best it's a different way of saying you disagree or don't like your eyes people it's not. You need to make this point this is important witness news. Does get around as I support right to the not to steam and I agree with wired on right what I stated support their right. It reasoning is so either we or you don't. I don't support the reasoning that support the right means you don't support in its dividend property people who don't Neil at all. It was. It's I just think their reasoning is on full support their right and assailants were there right. Reasoning is well it's out so what what if somebody says I support happening right. It's just not. Appoint. You. They disagree with that well what went wrong or if races let's remember I think that's it's lost property to. Bring it to we experts African American communities. Surreal thing it happens it's backed by statistics. What Clinton police are doing it they're not they're not take part at the protest and Bach because they're dealings work. It's all different and it is still. Winning it in the if you like. Thinking eateries. And Europe. So again the logic now. We're getting what I I I gave you cement on the new agreed commitment. Of course you'd like and then. Go through. Destroy that on your little round. Hole that's this week. Off we appointments at just support one national protest all the art you can agree or disagree with their stand but we must support there right. Not to hold the right and Italy and told what you warrant the fact though. That regard you buy you let. Them be effective argument. Because you disagree with what you're saying you don't want. That's what you think is ultimately what they're saying but I'm not going to sit on the right I think you should be a disappointment cleaver. But do you think that their reasoning. I don't know point agree with that and and you'd agree you agree meaty it's. Not being or. I mean look let's not the first time this happened at least in Minnesota last year than settling WNBA team. Wearing shirts maybe her son. The read shirts that made it right but today. Watch out from games and this Easter protesters security mean some sensitive Wii Sports. You know it happened the same arm and steal as well minutes. When you're what you're a little a little inch respected in the spot. Yes I'd be a little in perspective and that's it doesn't seem like they couldn't we sent to your. Doesn't seem on and respected by but again eat eat if you separate all of the arguments. And you go back to the constitution. Speaks met on and talking. They they have that I don't supports these weaknesses. And question not that we use to. That we can address in some sense on the it plays into the sport human life. And plays I have you ever considered. Doing sort of form. Mean myself you years no box and I am I have been involved in its path. Pride pride marches it was there was an aide mark forty charged when he boxed him and why. Well we've. And that it was an age much. Weight. That sounds a roller dramatic happened to be. Like literally happening outside now. You know deep clause that they. Like Tip O'Neill congressmen and that's the buck on. It was an opportunity to participate. With without without ball that makes it's it's. It's just as the anthem goes. Enough but the Georgian cohesion in the red white blue and all that it is and again I fully support. I find it admirable but some people oh flag burning thing. Really a couple of people that that's the right behind countries based on the right. Beats its way. I've been like. And if it would it would about it. Ever seen anybody stay. In. Now there is guys last week to them anyway. Agreement from and he writes for Montreal back. Believe that. He famously does not stand. Your late eighties. When. You seem when they played. He'd easily computers. Moments. He doesn't view back line and acting. So real quick so in this. Does. Of people out. Because. Oh Terry poured into it like there early and a half men and I'm on that line. It's axles and I always stand for them and you know it's never crossed my mind you know he's been persecuted in this country. Equal rights struggle continues that has never. Cross my mind political players in but it's just never it's never occurred to me. But I also don't. You'd be in any particular reference I'd just I'd stand. Paul stands at least in with a small measure that but you know our habits here. The EU if you. Not stand them something that. Did not stand. Out. If you do not stand the nationally in them because some grievance with the country youth strength in the you know in the nationally them to him. Wore out that the you know. Week. That is. Interest and and as some good stuff out what if you'd just. Don't stand guests don't. Particularly. Like that that's why you care for the country. Like you can be apathetic about the practice at Stanford and like I am going to east and on instilled air about him what they'll examine it when you read about attitude Tynes like being apathetic about the anthem doesn't. Necessarily. Guys you're out that it's that would sitting dowdy to have a better view whenever standing correct at a. How do you tied to a to get the Arctic it's possible to not again be adamant reverence might still be politically active and care about the country. Patriotic. I think by. Large person who. Wouldn't stand the National Anthem out of apathy would interest. Is somebody who's not reading deep into the newspapers in in forming thoughts yes why it it would if you just viewed as a song he sang the song. The it is hard to visit because because not to sound like. A trumped by a deplorable but it's not just that's what to you that he bombs bursting in here it's war it's. We've batter wars over there so don't fight as the this man once this is an entirely different argument. And it does podcasts if it suits them well but. Since I was in the sixth rate. I have believed that the National Anthem should be America beautiful. And not the stars bank which by the way parcels on missing. And if you if you sit and read the words to it sometime it's really not a very clever sought by the letter of four different. Verses. And dissolved all second person there it goes on forever view article reads them I think it should be Hank Williams team. Singh needed off them you know ways to eat it's a matter time Torre it's named that from capitol. But this is that is godless America which which indicated in the separation church and state. It's. If you know history of gutless as a written written by Irving Berlin around World War I. And it didn't get put in place with achieve very jingle it's. The it was a lot of weight that's killed of people make them but the bigger. And there were a couple lines that it really didn't stand up so it it became what they call the trunks just and it's around and I used it here and there. But he reintroduced it in the late thirties. When you're real crossroads award too and Kate's met saying it on radio program. And is now in those days they used to pull on the show twice went to the East Coast audience with the West Coast it. And it went over so bay. For the East Coast it's Irving Berlin left his department to go down the studio to watch dancing at the West Coast audience because he or use the 101000 dollars. And that's how important that's on and became its its eight it's better written. More beautiful song in the star spangled banner safe for the so you have the separation church and state and maybe we're not song was known never Neil. Maybe known every meal to switch the National Anthem when you say it again it's an entirely for argument that we didn't sit well are you can't them now I was prepared and it's now and I apologize that that's a cavity Cuba to tell all the history stories it's good that you're living up to the rapist. On out bachelor's and sting you know that you might need even you it's never occurred to you to Mueller do demonstrations. It has never hurts me now and in fact that's that's actually a true statement would I consider. It's not like I have ever in my life. It should not Percival in the press box it would resonate a tie it let's the other tomorrow night. At Fenway Park in the sentenced as an about the past. That spot that would be a place you'd just be taking well see here's the thing that we can read about it in the mechanics now because you should do. Be a protest and sports they are protesting for gay rights in this country that allowed under attack from this company ministries is or doc got the odds are showing solidarity with the dreamers and in the community every. Yes I'm telling you this could be a second wind for at the pot casket publicity right. I'm telling you I want you to take you need. Patriots opener is the runners tonight is his problem you can take a knee in the field yes in you have room to actually please shoot me. You you opened the pocket but it whining about not going to offend them because of the middle Steve Mills and how does one taken means that middle seat without pulling over into the seat on non tuchman in the past oxygen. Nobody would care. Someone would notice what's on the guy next to meat eating examines the guy in front of me is tweeting the guy behind me is the phone as editors say haven't appointments. Someone would notice the sound to it I'm telling and you could go viral and and I this podcast again at some additional. So keep that in mind I don't do that by fund itself and oppressed by O'Neal to be very on print now at the you you will not beat the game of Portland I'll be watching you've never been in a locker room covered I'll work out power the Sox wants. The hot spot next couple of years ago for your Boston Herald. Bruce vacancy always coming back from the DL this is and we let the all anybody in evidence McCoy stadium IE. As a media this won't respect it actually I was I thought select dog. And yeah about late at night the Boston as long as I bought out as the sports broadcasting Vietnam I was on The Today Show. How is it Adam Larsson maligned him to write it I've been in and it's yet panel of veteran of the past that locker OK so the banks are coming in by advocated paying a podcast here will be back. We're gonna get the gauge it trumps support of the much advertised he'd been important hinting at this so fascinating to. What what would and we were originally gonna do when he became and we did. Tickets you can go to and why on your night off your crazy person actually.