Enough About Me Ep. 76 - James Patterson 01-25-18

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Thursday, January 25th

Kirk kicks off Season 3 of Enough About Me with America's most prolific author James Patterson to discuss his new book on Aaron Hernandez, 'All-American Murder.' Kirk also works in a few questions on one of his recent favorite books 'Filthy Rich' on the life of Jeffrey Epstein.


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This episode enough about me the season three premiere of enough bombing has brought you know fresh we thank them for supporting enough about me. You receive thirty dollars off your first week of deliveries because hello fresh dot com music offer code minute hand MI NI HA and surgery loyal fans podcast want more of them on public health fresh due to. And of army's also brought to our great friends is always a Milton to build QBs comfortable in our store should be and are close social plus or Braintree and when I go to chest he'll square. Chestnut he'll. I look back he's seizing. The worry enough about me. Award winning putt guesses professional matters Schiavo bonds can Jewish expletive. I have heard many hander posted enough. James Patterson's my guest. He's the most prolific and best selling author in America in his new book out. And to my left hand all American murder of the rise and fall of Aaron Hernandez is the book. And it's pretty good. I'll say this if you like me in for a living you followed this turn in this story day in day out that if things don't blow your mind the wait no. Is the good comprehensive look at it in total yes reminder that things are blow your mind away when you read it yes I would definitely pick and definitely picking up. And it is cool talking to an author who is like a said the most famous writer in America after aggression. And I got a kick out to my dad was a really big change Patterson and ailment that would really enjoyed. And I think to meet him talk to very nice guy off the air. Good got to talk to nice conversation on one collide in a long one. Gobble up some better ones are better ones necessarily should say that the longer ones and more in depth once a year as a season three. Goes on ICC's at three I'm thinking. February. 2 summary should maybe take a month off. In Ambac debt again for BC and force a August to December take Christmas month off for so give back added January. Sort of the state the podcast right now. People with filming Greg Hill which run a couple of weeks night and I've said this before. Join us to get a little podcast here there's well during the week when McCain. I enjoy doing them or should get the more it's been tough on a few months podcast wise lost our producer of the visitors show. Running back and forth to ensure dramas all. Now but now we are back which I'm looking forward to. A lot I really do enjoy the podcasts and these guys like them as well we got me here in August guest ideas are always open to that perk mean. KI RKM and we may be able to do water to the Super Bowl every year we can say we're gonna do that miserables tough spot to do like it may be due with 1520 minutes spot somebody on the tried there's well. And that's I think so it's enough about me with again Guinness book of world records says the most successful. Author in American history geez Patterson looked up 86 million dollars last year. Mean 96 million dollars last year's worth 700. Million dollars according to Forbes. Is talking to me on the phone 10 o'clock pitching is the sky as a worker man. He's always writing and I will say to you talk about toward the end of this podcast he wrote a book but we're Jeffrey Epstein. Called. Filthy rich which is in un believable. Book you'll blow your (%expletive) in socks off lookup of the Amazon.com. Your local bookstore rabbit there as well and grab this all American murder. The rise and fall Aaron Hernandez James Patterson. Is the season three green year. Guest on enough about me. So I guess my first question is. You know there's sensational stories it would ever made in America every day is this is becoming industries you know whether it's reality television documentaries books whatever it is now. So what specifically. I guess what is about Hernandez that jumped out to you did at the journalists to clear from the right perspective this is that I in this. The pieces of the globe want peace is just emotional thing for me my family moved up. Outside of Boston. When a teenager. Alive filed the patriots followed the Celtics called aside so that's a that's a piece of the puzzle. The second piece for me. This system most dramatic and complicated. High profile murder story I've come across in maybe 25 years including notre. OK if it happened in buffalo where he played pro ball. I don't think it would have been his biggest Stewart and happening in LA with Hollywood. Which precipitated the dream team and it became bigger and bigger and bigger. But I think this thing is more complicated. Going to you know do we have a lot of minutes the information about him growing up in Connecticut. We. We've followed out the University of Florida which stops the heart attack happened. And then you know there's many years has as well. Three murders in one attempted murder at least. And you know this is a couple weeks we think of lower or are how high profile entertainers. What's crazy about so obviously I mean how many guys in the morning show here we covered the case for appeal really from the start I remember. I was going we were Duma remote rejection remote broadcasts of the golf tournament in Hartford I'm driving there. And I get a couple texts from guys in the beats saying these you know if you heard about this murderer now bar no no I've no idea. They say you know we're hearing Aaron Hernandez is involved you're thinking whoa wait him like he's involved. Which he knows a guy who was killed and then over the course of the week or two it gets bigger bigger bigger we do the morning to set. Getting old guy yeah. And the beat any means my first thing was. This is no good I mean it gets I don't think you it would it would be heaven but that this could pick screw up Gradkowski yen and Eric. Or we kept saying right we get we kept saying well okay obviously there's no Hernandez actually data point suggesting that he's he knows the people of all most sudden. You'll watch and you know ES PM 1 morning and mammals this Hernandez being let out with a as you know with the handcuffs you're taking this as. Detectives when they've found a decent old Lloyd pockets for for a rental car and they saw the name Aaron Hernandez stated they didn't think it was the football player. There was another there and. So legal when you do a book like this of this book is is credit with a couple of other guys are you essentially. The best person are you the executive producer of the book are you sitting there are you actually writing the book are you overseeing. Wrote a lot of very yeah part of that is you know I mean I need to researchers and I wanted to do this one quickly. Because I do. You know a lot of people would be considering doing this book. And so was okay how do we end and you know I do have the money you know optical and get research so that was Corey. At the book was being written as it was being researched and while the book quiz who was being written. Why there was the big court case in which she was. You know he was not guilty according to the jury and then a suicide. You guys today is about two days later and aren't right right. Got my agent lawyer called up 1 more 1 morning because you hopefully what is happening in what took Erica in this field so. I'm like in this that seemed to especially given the fact that he'd just won a court case. That's the strangest part you know he you we have is we when his lawyers on. That Monday after he's found not guilty and thinking well you know in their talking about. It wasn't it was a buys another turning their taco potentially than trying to get the other case overthrown he picking well now for the first time his life whether it's false or not. He does it Alaska please his over the glimpse of hope. And then two days where. And we saw the president right there was talk that way to principle does your right now today. The snow that its own trip to I don't know if you click committee opposites but yeah. It's stunning it's just the basic I rescinded the so were killed himself and you know react the place we got to exercise. Which assists in this case it's easy to outdoor cage yeah. Do you buy into any of these conspiracy theories at all about his he he committed suicide no doubt you'll. Do you buy into. For starters. That way of doing it so we Picchu got these people how kitty you know act of south of this five foot window without it about. Well 88 service hung himself Bennett and his body weight basically you know. To kill them. And that particular way of of interpret it meant to kill themselves it was well known and had already happened inside that jail so people know about it in the jail. So our our morning show you know Meehan Gerry Callahan where the morning show that Michelle McPhee. Came on the air and said Hernandez was and a homosexual relationship with the scout and I was show. So that's sort of turn into a whole thing blows up obviously the Dr. Phil stuff all these things. I've been I've finisher book I read your book tell the people I guess sourcing this podcast. What injured what is your theory is your take on that he believed. However that any thing. That's suggested. Homosexuality we just didn't come up with from nobody nobody is it new loan. You know we talked it is some of the people involved with them you know we talked it to do Ortiz we talked Wallace. We that we didn't get a date then trying to remember whether I didn't go to Bradley epic record we did bill. So nothing too much that we any other thing is looked into this sell 42 and A half hours a day. Okay when he gets out of this sell beer beer right up top they have. So I don't know how the hell you know impressive because you know. Where they're weather so was caught out with with Bradley. I don't know you know who knows. But but we came up with nothing and I'm not gonna put anything in the book who were not ought to pursue that you were. It seems to me it seemed to us that time we cover a lot of who covered the first drop by Tammy got the second trial there was some with her fatigue but it struck me. The stretch he reading this book that this is not one of the great criminal minds and history. Well no I'm the only way he did it well I I I think there's a lot of evidence that the that the that the brain damage was affecting. But you can bet that less. The other less murder. In you lord the out loud yeah murder you know I mean for starters. Is different it is so that's gonna come now secondly to Miss America less than a mile from the house. What they're like these the most by the body. We're just sitting right by the body. He leads to car keys to the red to code name back pocket deuces cellphone. Which cost they have and another pocket. He should set aside. While these will be leaving the place to leave Seychelles in the call are. You know I'd. This is insane idea but I think at that point it you know maybe a combination of the brain damage and and trucks. I I I think he was kind of you know crazed and I end and personally I think you eat when he killed killed himself maybe the same thing. I think he had it in his head I don't know the sanctuary but little bit evidence that he honestly believe that. If you take to commit yourself and believe in Jesus she would be sedate. And he would be sedate. And he also. Thought that somehow if he killed himself now that that is his fiancee and and debate. Here Casilla is that the ordinary you're gonna be rich. Do you think we we've I've always felt. That Hernandez won these guys who kind of want obviously want to seem like you lose. A game guy if thug guy in indeed I thought I thought. Using more comfortable prison spent forty years there become king of the prison I was until I was more prized game I was surprised he killed himself. Then when I found out he killed somebody that makes sense. That you're more want to I was more surprised that commits suicide when he committed the actual murder I was stunned handset think about depression now. He was not McCain and a president anyway shape right now I do know that the right now. They didn't care that much about it one way or the other and I like I talked to one of the way this that was CPP considered a tough guy here is no way. No way they said he was you know by present standards he was soft. He said he said I got a budget guards here it'd. There are a lot tougher than their thinner and as we think appeal pickle ball player well line. Nobody US and a fighter he wasn't you know. He wasn't you know he is okay pull the trigger apparently. But the about it fighting. You reached out to. Everybody involved the page it's a guess and. Yeah we reached out here that was so one disappointment is not it's in the NFL and I want that. I could tell a couple of times he personally called mop and not even a response. Which I kind of understand given the losses to they would be public it was much. And I would set out to crucify anybody put not that from that I'd made it pretty clear that nothing from the patriots I think same thing. Whipple lose lawsuits I talked attend Tebow. Eddie was very polite everything but he's he just a cloud and it said look c'mon now looking for work. And it would dirt on this guy I got all I can be I wanna know where but the human being come he batted down at Florida. And I intend to and I think that I am I'm not wanna talk it's important right now. He he talked to Urban Meyer. Yeah arrogant he did he was on the team we did 48 hours. And it was great and I think he did a nice job I mean look kick consent to school I mean you can't watch over twenty which war. But he did Bible study with the guys several times a week. He may eat it you know. He ruled with two like he bought the road. And that was that was Urban Meyers do. Aren't out of all the detail and I think our you know I think. I think that there and this started to trust. Urban. And look at him as kind of followed very clearly that got both of kids to bother to this effect. That may you can be whatever psychopathic tendencies he had that may have about a battle that. Where you go you know what not that matters to be to take my father away for no reason that's six amok and believe and. He's become seen has become shockingly brazen in his actions like you know a good guy begging you caught I mean you see. He Bob Dylan nightclub he's rated. In it at University of Florida obviously may be involved but then it goes nuclear toward the end of life I mean. Interestingly at it in Florida he was popular. He was you know he's really been a hard worker in terms of the outplayed for Opel. But he was popular cheat code nickname. Had a lot of friends down there and the patriots he would know this better than I do put. We couldn't find any Kenny says that he had any threat to the patriots. No doubt it's it would go right attitude to it but he attic and you talk to wrap poured in and Albert all those guys and you are over here the same things he was you know not not necessarily dislike to put it sort of on the zone. Yet. What role do you what blame you. A sign if any. The teachers for this entire thing can be prevented any way shape I warm. Now I don't think idol I think he was on his merry way in terms of the brain damage and whenever I guess you'd have to delicate Hannity keep. Passing these drug tests. That's a question I'm I don't think I've been looking at higher I mean grant that he was he was the youngest guy in Lee and in 92 it was a it was a kid. But you know you hire somebody I don't know I mean to a certain extent you know he eat he can't he can't watch a you're. I don't think they had any direction that that he was nearly as violent. Although although he does meet with bell check in Indianapolis which obviously for veteran player to do that is a strange move at the com buying in and basically says trade and my life's in danger right. Which is you know switches which is strange it. Spooky I mean I had threats not about well you know about this a little bit and and at certain point eight yen initially it's like. It's about Hernandez book. Yeah and what look what what's up who I don't get it. If somebody's attacked. Us. On what you make a holding life right suppose it assessment to stop right. 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And we don't really have any too much evidence or any evidently it is that people with this disease is gonna kill people they've killed themselves. But but I'm not or acknowledge those people. How much he. A much using Jenkins knew where. Late mighty mighty mite niece who's in Iraq just apple university hospital he was in bobbled the I've found dead after that that was one of the weird eerie the other from being very years and was. When I saw his library card. At one of the prisons. On DL level yellow books to a books they like. Well it Taylor that is favorite artist number one. On topic got you know ourselves cross books and sent out create a gap yet publisher Jenkins. I don't want to get the family wouldn't talk to was very weak that it it's a lot of cooperation kinetic but not with the sale late. I think you know they wanna write their own books and and I don't blame I think he's gonna have trouble unless he's really willing to allege he knows some things. It's usually to a if not I don't know that publishers want book. Biases is as a book coming. It ought to rockets only about Hernandez. Yeah I talked to him briefly. You know I think we were both feeling each other outlet what we got together recently because I don't I don't understand you don't know and I'm Kerry does. But that was his force that. How long so from from conception to having it out to the public how long basis. Process who is its accelerated but I'll pass that much so. How is that I was does opposed to say. I'm trying to. I usually try to figure a year but I do a lot of the same time. So I'm I'm I'm certainly your kids' books or I do a lot of kids books that. Coming either I mean you know you're worth the U three zillion dollars you Margaret 5255. Billion bucks. At what point do you say you know what I'm and I'm put my feet. I know I don't work for a look I I have McKee. I don't work preliminary place. I don't this is not work right. Not from may I assist I looked at that tell stories yet and I said look it's not like. You write for a newspaper and they QB medical I'd do this got to do I have to do it in I don't wanna do. At and for the most part with the publisher. Yeah I want to hear recently had disciple what I say it's disk to disk. So I don't have that kind of stress and you know that I'm writing it until I wanted to ride I wanted to play I wanted to at the end of this book. For people to read it go you know what that was a good read. And ethnic writing concede helps that the because we have to post a lot of action. And then and then I wanted that this you know like got a kind of a feeling to this guy and they did the war and decide that to beat its. Certainly pot psychopathic tendencies that you work. The effective seat to the a lot of truck. And you know being pampered from what it was you know fifty. Actually like he was. God for firms to do as a teenager public we're talking drugs so I mean drugged number is unbelievable. And I drugs can talk huge. And they don't LSI DC it was it was you know the media. The outlaw it murdered. You know he's got to get a drug dealer and while. The got up to you know come on up public you know I don't know what to Ellie told Africa. We got we almost got right at the end of this on the 48 hours. Carlos Ortiz had agreed to talk to receive imprisoned and get out sin and we all got to cameras mobile accept tyranny any of these. K shake it and he's that I can't talk to. I don't know what the heck happened that I suspect maybe is a lawyer that lucky you're not gonna get anything that we are gonna get money so you'd you'd just jeopardizing. You know it. If you're a New England guy like I am or somebody else to fall this case day in day out what are there one or two things in the book that. We didn't know about it that it's gonna kinda really jump on us. I I think. It is good that the total pork portrait a technical content I think we've got a lot more from the police and prisons officials that most people did. Got a lot more in terms of University of Florida. Gupta got down and I got all contacts. So we got a lot up against. I think his stuff in Connecticut is relatively fresh even though the this whole thing I mean look he to a story it's twenty minutes or you simply write to newspapers articles to couple thousand were and a 390 pages so there's a lot in there to complete the portrait. And I think it's very readable because consistency. Needs. Deli and an odd that the cops were really really good did that captain up there and north at a girls looked at a state troopers. And I love talking to them and they. Yeah look every day that that that the the captain. He's delivered just hit the school. I get to call. Up and they and he was less than a mile from the somewhere that the body had been out and Isa first on the scene but he's built a specific its fiscal and he said he said. I believe beset looked over eighteen usually go like six homicides in that. And hero besides this is monsters that. CNN and they haven't lieutenant we're saying that you know it it got crazy I mean every day they look outside there's 4050. Paparazzi reporters outside this little police station. If they said at one point they you know the two program out of the building jumped into the par turn on the siren. Coalesced out of that out of the out of the art joke about a mile paparazzi follow whatever pulled little bird excellent. By packer James Patterson here in the second I'm happy to take a break here to talk on my great friends and militants who brought Ken where there Chris Curtis a couple of weeks ago. Mills is the greatest you know they've been so loyal to us and we are so proud to have them as a sponsor not just of the show but of this podcast. Is quite simply the store for me and if you wanna go into outfitted in the great. Don't mess around don't go online local searching you guys don't know what you're doing I know I don't. You drive to social plus in Braintree or where I go Chestnut Hill square Chestnut Hill. You'll get outfitted by Milt enjoy walking in the people are great but the prices are great the look is great very simple if you like simple stuff. Don well he's going to melt and you'll look I'm telling you look fantastic when you walk out of there. Mills is the best shopping experience I've ever had in my life I hate shopping. I love going to build a closed the people there I love how they do business Milton is the store from. Why I think her name is cut off from on the second trial. Great lawyer. Great lawyer and and it was able to basically you know make the case there's not that that that he can convert this guy whatever you might. Which you think he did the right. I hate IE. These are questions I mean the direct bias tap dance and school those people please don't always have a lot patient right we will make that case at the right. Right you do that it's a good question. Out eat your kid dispel what it will close that I house. I don't know well honestly who else it will slow down. I don't know but the W it's amazing that he better off to be amazing that that he won that case but I guess. At what I mean one interesting thing is they felt that you of people a lot of people thought there was there was more evidence. Did in the the opera got Ellen Gabriel case that there was little light. They whenever Condit got a deal like that. Write the text back and forth yet again haggle over how how great the tech spec for the with Bradley are in our insane we read them the ball in their. And they're in your thinking this guy Hernandez who then you put this phone down and goes and in and goes to work with Tom Brady Bill Belichick every single day it's it's it's it's it's it's just a light is crazy. Language of posting call me is that just too bad just in jet. Just a shorthand and right it's it's it's. But yet and and this dialogue I mean that's the one thing we where you know people start with a homosexual possibilities. That's the one place you know planner of the statistical little. A little luck romantic. He makes it very clear keep trying to say he's no he's no homosexual every three sentences. Yeah. It was everywhere and that you know why it clearly and initially the guy goes I did tell the cops did a common aft the and that legacy detectable because well I actually am not a community. I'd not. Let me before I let you go management. Thought that was an idea that it get a lawyer involved. He did these a couple of one point three million road and he was he was ready to go. A a rescue one a couple of questions for what you gonna do is you want the while the book you wrote recently that I just picked up in blue thread talked about in the air fantastic. Filthy rich is so great. So great to digest what Russian. People live filthy rich you get a billionaire. Who allegedly. Had sex with forty underage girls. He gets with eleven month reason it rinsed. You know verses like RB wind speed and all the other stuff that this guy is if he's guilty up after this dot he's the head of the class you know all the other clay. The question my question is Weis is now open. A bigger story wise and I mean a bigger impact this this is giving the people he's connected with the stories so race. Dream team. He got the dream team date they watch this thing. They you know they quashed that they. It would still being investigated. They had you know. Except of all of these young girls to you know the police had tapes of these girls sang what it happened and and they were still investigating and then and in the please tripled its that this that a settlement he's a little safer you know I was below 111 months without tickets that. Please essentially running. And underage prostitution ring out of this hoax. Oh. No right not beyond easy to get these. Dog that's true but I mean by the news 1415 year old girl slowing him by and it's not good looking up semi it's. I think it's a personal it's eight the Gurney and his book is excellent too but the filthy rich book which I think sort of given the that your writing give the story's great how we got enough published means is that this is a great data store. Lost early and then you know that it's some of the press and all we've covered that in other try to cover it really felt it. Well wideout well we have that Peter Lee and his men who did weirdly the concussion movie. With. With the Will Smith yeah he's developing felt regret. So back to Beatrice yet deceit he he's been involved in. Cases with underage girls in terms of the writing but in your content that he's really into. So we're going to be out there Hollywood couple weeks people. So when you going to also and so with a movie comes out lake. Like this to girls or whatever you sell the rights are you then you just is that your year your hand the baby over you hands I say can you say I want Morgan Freeman are. And no I don't care bill in a decade. Now I yelled. I remember going to the the press junket for one of the Morgan Freeman of the out for us you know this it will federal agency will be suppresses have to wait for accident you know. So much that it will be you know book that I wrote. And elect the first decade ago Ireland that was in the book. What the second seed and and then Morgan Freeman house crosses the leadership in the bottle bill that was in the book in the that this woman committed you know. And it goes. That is a that is that a moderate you know I wrote the book. But hey Morgan Freeman a little later this pressure yeah market courses that woman and it. Will be. He does most closest sister. They sit on it L Alex. But the thought that it. Brought by I appreciate the book is the book is excellent thank you very much we'll allow we'll talk decent. I nations. Thanks to a secure enough about me with Kuerten in hand if you want more great podcast it's pretty easy go to W yeah I mobile app you can go stitching go to iTunes you can look up enough bubbly with Kirkland and define who wants a Shaun McDonald. Bob Bryan Dan Shaughnessy David Porter Adobe more than which can do we like them. You writer's view they'll help us out a lot give us your rating. You can help you you can help us. Get that done do it right.