Doug Fister Player of the Game Interview 09-06-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 6th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox starting pitcher Doug Fister after he has another outstanding outing going 7 innings, allowing 4 hits and 1 run while striking out 9 as the Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-1. Doug talks about this great stretch he is in the midst of, and how it feels to be pitching in a pennant race.


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Doug great did. Make this a regular occurrence every five days that he got witnesses say I'm honored thank you so much does well sir the the club really had needed a veteran like that at night because last night they used to. A record twelve pitchers 1980 sin they you saved is the staff. Now the guys. You know put a lot of hard work of the long night Foreman. You know they got home got some rest and really good today. And quickly to put off there rain and it was a tough night for us but. Was definitely picked it up. Promotion through. You know things. It's very from start to start. Public you've been pretty consistent that's three straight was silent in the course that complete game before that so four straight starts. Seven innings or better. But there there have been differences in between in here first inning hiccup and then you show them down the rest of the way that's kind of inconsistent to. But what were some of the differences between this start when we last talked. You know early on I was having trouble locating that sinker down and in to lefties in can yank it off the plates are really had to cannery. Readjust realign some some mechanical issues and others that. A city called a great game in us and some grip issues you know through some of the wet stuff but. You know they're making plays Specter on the bogeys rev up the middle. Even on the second to second base back making plays that that's kind of the the big thing you know I got to go out there and allow them work and you know make make out some in the could throw the Jackie made the third almost got there yet. If things like that just make all the difference in the world for a. And he pitched literary which is great because we didn't know what that he would delay it was whatever be an official game fortunately it. He continued but the quick outs report. You know what it's we definitely you know had some worries that there was going to be some rain issue and rain now put. Again bush stuck through it you know it definitely a tough. Tough. You know long night last night coming in today and then have in the rain it's you know it's a mental grind in the Pulitzer. Mentally tough do what it whatever they need to do day in day out you know. Thinking about. Zander Bogart one of the plays he made we're devers still forward in the hole. Man certainly any player got screened a true Zander got screened a little bit we couldn't figure out how we actually caught that ball. I don't know between those two those guys are pretty amazing in and that's something that. You know it it's reassuring for for us as pitchers me especially you have to rely on those guys. You know everyone of those guys are are laying out making plays and and ones that you you know. You shake your head that go how'd they do that it's it's just amazing and the same thing over their management as a steady Eddie over first baseman and it's you know. We've got a great team we've certainly had some outstanding is stretches your career specially your most recent with Washington this. Has to be right up there doesn't it. You know what's definitely a step in the right direction but you know kind of work and to. You know continues to a consistent that's the big thing for me it's on a go to spring training that's the that's the big school for me is to be consistent if I can. The consistent with mechanics that consistent with the approach and everything else. You know things take care of itself and the bats help tonight to Vickers who we've seen over the last several days have been. You know. Frustration over the lack of hits but they they come and go on this game as you know you know what offense is always a tough thing I can fluctuate it is. In all of our guys a puts a footnote get a bath and it's you know that that may not. Not quite get what they needed or wanted but you know what they're they're going out there grinding through all of sudden. It all takes one once sparking the guys just kind of role on and that's it's a huge thing for some and we've. Hitting waiting it's not contagious and and one guy sparks it all the sudden. You know we we take awfully good run. Docket graduation is always a pleasure to talk to you. Thanks guys are appreciated. All right Doug Fister with a win tonight dizzy. There's a great job seven innings of one run four hits as the Red Sox when the rubber game six to want over the jays.