Doug Fister Player of the Game Interview 09-01-17

Boston Baseball
Friday, September 1st

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox starting pitcher Doug Fister about tonight's 4-1 win over the Yankees. Doug also talks about he string of exceptional outings he has put together lately, being thrust right into the middle of a pennant race, and he explains the meaning behind the mantra he has on his glove "Every drop matters"


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So what did you have tonight that accurate complete give me after the first two hitters if they have everything work. You know I was the flintoff night and this this lineup is very very good hitting team that. Just go after. First you guys who maybe paper couple mistakes and you know I really have a lot about him and what our defense or was it a case of zeroing in the two receiver because beginning at your heart and after that three straight ground balls in play ground ball bounced and you are really felt good receivers virtually booked really kind of had a you know mix things up a little bit usually they start account data out there and really trying to extend their arms. We can't change their game plan a little bit but that stuff will be invested. You know it turned out or writing and for those things that our offense came alive and you know put it to moment. That the defense work that's with you to the ground balls guys run the ball down you know that's that's a picnic. Isn't it reassuring to have Dustin Pedroia play via you know what that guy has done a for a long time in just his presence in the dugout much less on the field is a hugely porous. You know it's epic uplifting moment for us especially. You know that the baca played it makes it first base. Yours yeah. T.'s second baseman in the game that make that place you slim and he's he's out there plays about it doing exactly what do and that's. It's usually for a team. But Doug there's been you know talk about how he made an adjustment on the rubber going from third base on the first base side and in recent starts and dale grant you making that suggestion I guess initially to you obviously we see the results but from you. Being the guy actually throwing the ball how is that changed your approach. You know there's been a lot of changes turn your back to what I did you know back. Years ago it and you know there's. It it's it's been along time common you know I kind of got away from some of the things that I was doing doing well and so you know there are some. Some mechanical changes in just moving over on the Revver panel allows those things seem to happen and you know keep some of the stress off the bodies so. You know there's there's definitely a lot of work and you know put it to a firm from their standpoint and in line. Like you know to head start to see some results and that's that's a positive thing for us and we expect it to you workforce there's a lot of these of the tunnel. In let's try to continue to do to get there. We have another month of the regular season goal what would you think back here. You would sign the way that went to Salt Lake City event yet that the start we could have been for the Red Sox are for the angels thank you and dad and now here you are the pennant race. Spinning for. He's in a row. You know it's I had to flip them blessed that throughout my career. What I really. A true gratitude this year you know starting late getting added that all sudden in on this team this club is a special club we have. The camaraderie that we need you know in the clubhouse we have that atmosphere. And in and obviously we have the talent we have guys that go up there play hard every night sleeping dampen. You know do what they need to do to put up the good at bats. Great plays on defense and that's exactly we need to do especially these dog days that we went through its in August. Now and September. You know guys are ramping back up and and really distract you. You know play good baseball or predicted or worked on every day. Now last we got a couple of text from fans you have every drop matters are your glove what does that signify. You know what. That Jimmy's it is is stuff that. Quality. To. C a steel buddy of mine. In the navy he we would allow Raanan and you know rape you over it what about it. He he was you know I was I was one of his sayings that he can I gave to me. You know that we know that every drop matters even if you have to stop short of of your goal you know every drop us what that you put it to a you know what's what tears. Every bit of it matters and just know that there are that. It'll work you put it this is you know good at thorough. You know it's quality over quantity and that's. For me it's just so the net a costs are monitored it to go up there. You know every pitch matters to drop matters street creed live by. Thank you so much back congratulations. Well that yet again there were days from now thank you so much doesn't really appreciate it. Right the Red Sox win that borderline what did you and we really market so. That's great if that's a great Credo you know on and to get it from the body users are navy seal. You know I obviously that means a lot to moment. You know we're seeing and Doug Fister kind of re emerging. From where he was and he even said the same thing that he's getting back to some of the things that he used to do. He was always been known as a sinker slider guy very effective ground ball pitcher we saw that tonight we've been seeing those results. Now he's gotten back to some of those things and made those adjustments. And I mentioned that earlier Joseph that you know your mind who Doug Fister. When you took the Washington Nationals theory once sixteen game hitting a ground ball outs every night. And eleven to sixteen wins and we're seeing some of that again from this Doug Fister who has some sort of risen from the ashes and in a way. And when you have a great season and you're gonna edit that to post AG unique performances. Unexpectedly from. Situations like this in that's so great to see it happened at because he's such quality guy. Toderat sacks when it here for a lot of five and a half game away.