#DORK 49: Movie-Based Video Games

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 23rd

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey discuss video games based off movies.  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly across all platforms that were inspired by movies.  Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door. Martinez. Is due to a Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty asked if there is my dorm bond cash. Thanks for surrender another episode of hash tag torque my name is rich Steve Joyner has always by Ryan Davey Davey you know. Wonderful evening Richard our love to hear that there was makes me feel look better when I know that you're having yourself a nice day and evening. Yes I am. Are you we have a lot to get through here today is your daughter video game stuff so for the people that say guys do too much movies you guys do too much television. Well you are in store I would look at this episode Ryan as sort of a companion piece to episode sixteen episode sixteen it. We did video game movies. Movie yes that or inspired by video games this was an idea by do waterfront from the Mac group podcasting today. Once you flip it wants to reverse that and go with the video are of sorry movie based video games so now video games inspired by. Movies says that is a great idea ago so we'll get that there's a lot of them by the way and much of a mixed bag. Then the video game movies which are almost all trash there's actually some good ones in here which we'll get to. But first fronts or we get to the news. All right Ryan while the day the Oscar nominations came out the best picture pick meal winner here these earlier nominees. Call me by your name darkest hour Dunkirk. Get out lady bird. Phantom thread the post the shape of water. And three billboards outside adding Missouri. So I think three billboard is totally different runner right now. As they call it iron aimed get a lot of buzz personally I like the shape of water but I know in this is gonna sound. I could say it the right let's hear after the backlash to the Golden Globes and all that stuff I feel like there's been accepted the entries but I think lady bird is getting a lot more buzz now not if it was a good movie a great movie on but it. Yeah I think it generating more bug expert exclusion more than its inclusion now. Well maybe you'll get the best director too I do think it's going to be 82 movie raising three billboards in the shape of water just. Based off flow of all of the other awards shows that might Walt wanna what dominated at the gold wolves parents split L mail yours drop my ears like comedy musical answer trying to get a sense of of what it is one that was left out. And I think. Honestly understandable is the disaster artist. James Franco also did not get nominated for actor I think that's more of a snub than the movie is because frankly. I saw the movie I've only seen a couple of sol lady bird a thug get out. And you saw a shape of water we have you said Dunkirk so those rules are certainly deserving. I didn't think disaster artist I don't look at that as it Oscar nominated movie in the is that it. Note that pick I think it's just the but yet it was a diplomatic talks thought it was interesting it was funny it was more dramatic but I thought it was going to be but it was gut. Do you think James Franco got snubbed for lead actor because it's were finding out more more than maybe he is and I don't know all these are true or not but just in the and today's society. We're fired up that he could be a bit of a creep. Com. But it helped him rich and the puck hit the you're not wrong there Ryan yes yet Denzel Washington. Nominated for Roman. It did it that's the only nomination I believe. But it makes them Denzel awesome but yet nobody's in the like that movie. Gary Oldman did ilk who Leo from get out Diego dale Lewis did Timothy A Taliban from comic buyer's name. What he got there. Meet probably in a diluted and it sort of but I Gary oldham. All the you ought go Goldman's he's particular asked earned dollars in the award shows you begin to implement there like the fact we get out and look here. Each do it deserved it in gasoline additive. Lead actors he gets Sally Hawkins Frances McDormand who I assume will win the Margot Robbie is source or Ronan and Meryl Streep other pretty powerhouse group I saw I saw a few of those are dead. Supporting actor Willem Dafoe oh Woody Harrelson Richard Jenkins Christopher Plummer and Sam Rockwell. This could be Rockwell's a year solid rock here. Supporting actors Mary. I think you can't go wrong but Metcalf or Cheney those are two movies that I saw they're both great. In Paris peace she stole the show an iPod your right. Yes she's also she puts our eggs mother she's great odds director Christopher Nolan. Jordan peeled Greta girl wake Paul Thomas Anderson an eight year mode built her this is another power house. It's an idea to give it my boy do you have about my favorite movie this year. Oca saw that's one that so I guess the before the Oscars I got to watch shape of water in three billboards. And maybe I gotta get the Dunkirk those with Africa and elsewhere to watch that. My pitch about to eyesight help you look at a cheaper water is my favorite. Remove media now baby driver up there is my favorite movie of the year but. Yes and I got nominated for some of the like the editing stuff. Yet so as far as like critical to get fired it was the best movie I would take shape water the one that I've seen that. If they get a lately going into it get a little weird. Right from the jump. Just think it is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast then you're you're kind of on your way there. I like yeah I cared Alec near mortal terror Osama I'm surprised I haven't seen this yet am and the surprisingly Matt if when she saw the preview issues like I definitely wanna see that other up a bit. So we'll have to see that that all these some of the some of the door movies got nominated for all of those slate. Particular categories all the dork awards though. Star Wars the last that I got nominated for four Academy Awards so let that let that's again that's probably climbing on the Oscars outing nominee. Our listeners care but that came out today. That I would mention it's a bit of care more about this these are probably hear more about this you know empire magazine that comes out every I don't know if you read it but that we think the covers are usually pretty cool. Image they have like new movies coming out and that's a lot of times when we get like pictures of four wracked Iraq before their release that's it's like an empire. But anyway I guess today. Hold the audience and they are sent it to when he greatest villains. Of all time in a put upon him on the cover I guess this coming out a couple weeks. And we traded out at torque podcast. Pretty sweet if you like Darth Vader it's got they have houses got Freddy Kruger so we talk a lot about you know comic book. Or comic book movie villains but this is all villains that would be a good. Topic sometime down the road because I'd be right over there's there's stuff from. Harry Potter there's stuff from Lord of the Rings is the terminator league is it a pretty equal to the Joker it was a good cover. Yet we typically do those those brackets with these things of the movies on the superhero epic that maybe you can bring that. All March Madness is just throw on the corner and we've done. It two years we did best comic book character best comic book movie and they want with that only by bat man in the dark nights though. As a little one side and I like that may do we open it up a little bit more it's just straight villain you can include. If you ought to clip that goddamn shark from jaws he going to do that a vigilant. Not just. National. Yeah right I urge you all right hurt you I saw you tweeting about breaking bad celebrating its tenth anniversary and that ridiculous that you know what that might be one where we go back into a season by season. At the sort of dork because that is Baltimore one of our all time favorite shows that in the door call them. I think it would have to be electrified particles like I can't the season I sat dead yet I can't imagine. In just sitting there and having to dissect all of that stuff and it's just. It's so goddamn good. It's okay or we learned her lesson we tried doing one episode of Friday Night Lights and that just didn't work though is. There's too much stuff we left too much stuff out so I think season by season and I know the longtime listeners of hash tag or still remember that we did this with the wire. However we've never done season five so we kind of mail about it so it's it's 80% complete. It may be accused of breaking bad as well this is exciting news Ryan and hopefully this is not in your video committed but Michael day. Is producing a Duke Nukem movie. And goes and talks the played Duke Nukem. I know exactly do but you'd you'd say at Johns Sina. We're on our youth yeah copyright we can't play out irrigate when I found his but the all yeah nearly went as all. Are they gonna make a movie which on he's not going to be in it you can't see him that's a good joke. You can't CM. Miracle movie though that'll be a baby. At the that's part of it. About Ryan Reynolds is set to be in clue. With the writers from dead pool so clue which I thought a great movie from the eighties I love it. Loved clue. What they might do a re launch or reboot of clue. With Ryan Reynolds if he signed if this deal to play. I don't know I think you just stick to that got the MPs is on the board there was no Butler in the game. Because it seemed mr. greener professor plump. No colonel mustard for him it can be New York. Colonel mustard and yet you maybe want an older guy but he could probably enough he's talented actor. Brian have you seen. The scuttlebutt around this movie and I say movie in quotes can vessel on exactly what it is SI a still image of Danny McBride the with a cold wall on his shoulder precedent I'm intrigued by this. And then there's a guy at 22 teaser. For a movie called dawn. Where Danny McBride plays. Brian Dunne The Who has the son of Crocodile Dundee. And then did they release than other bit of a teaser trailer where Chris Hemsworth business although credit article like a week ago. Well must've been in between episodes the news that we did not know this last week that said maybe this is Jessica Super Bowl commercial like so. Is this a real movie if truth coming out this summer but I I don't I had no idea this is that. I just put it on my radar it could be just like it's Super Bowl thing like eight because this is an idea that's so bad that it is either. They're like we love it or I don't know this epidemic the debate capable bit and it's really up by the. I like David Wright so you're saying you're on the record right now saying Dundee the son of a legend returns home movie or not a movie you're saying. They'd drop I would do it right now a gun in my head not a movie. Cuddyer had a gun and Doug you have got your deck you're going not a debate it. All right let's get to the next portion of the program yeah. Either man. All right sir what we got this week. Well they keep this short them to keep this brief because we just basically this episode as an entire long that's an audio in minutes but keep keep it short so big big news today Richard as we record this is that. Big big update over watch forget that the economy is skin. A lot of new cosmetic things coming over watch base so if you're a fan like we are chick check your favorite character and make sure you you get a gut him skip. I had done her very united during the (%expletive) game and by the way I've been playing so poorly or not just that. Either I I played poorly we lose or play really well and we lose. Recently anyway I'm getting pissed off now. Yet get real cheap stuff with this whole thing. But. You know we're we're around gold we're still we're still there. Yeah but what it is spot. Door about. Well I got here so. There is in this weekend Richard I don't know what do you do this and Tom Bair they huge. Three days. Major EU league tournament for counter strike in Boston this weekend. And up if you are in the Boston area wanna check it I think IER remember correctly. Three day ticket there 120 dollars where he's at it that bad that it came to get your round you could you know all that process brigade that. Tom some big names are going to be dictated going to be there. With you about sports are going to be so there's a lot of high level counterstrike is at the top in the world are actually having a major event is a purse of a of a million dollars for the whole thing that you deterrent amid coming to Boston. So we're actually. Making ground here bought any sport is growing. You wanna go at it that up you know make you check that out that it spell out what and we get get that on the radar for next year. It's been an. The Boston uprising team which is up for over watch and they'll buy crap they're now selling it. Dear like Boston opera this is a since they've video game team they're selling bad year in the patriots pro shop. I would yet expect have a go to patriot game. Pick up the gut and purity they. Did they you have to get an employee discount something right they don't. I used to I don't anymore. A little longer implement crafts don't go check Sanjay got in card for Christmas a stroke. You know our if somebody I got a guy that I got I think it's if I can hook up the subsidy channel price than. Its over. President but he thought they'd they'd need there was you know shout captors really com did you give him now. True we should shout cast with X thinks we should that's pressure our article. Are you ready for the topic is sure. What did you know that its first I'm not sure that is but I'm ready for. Both the topic of the day and today it is movie based video games I spent way to much time trying to figure out what the title of this episode should be. I was there I said is that video games based off movies and video games based on movies is movies video games cleared off. And I ultimately settled on movie based video games like. A band and high today movie based. Video games and as I said earlier at the companion piece episode sixteen video game movies. First thing I would say. Is where look at all the from platform for growth are gonna give you the good review of the battery DB ugly as a relates to these movie based video games. Much more mixed bag the video game always are almost. All bad almost all terrible at it we settled maybe more combat as our favorite in sort of take that what it's worth but based on on these movies. This is this is really interesting because so many movies. Would have a a video game kind of a company that you're get released and along with action figures along with trapper keepers along with the audio stickers walker and the toys. A video game. We're also come from so many of these movies. And and so it led to some really good ones it's led to some some trash ones and has led to some. Really funny ones and so. I say we discount ping pong back and forth here Ryan let's begin with the good let's let's spend the most time on the good at what was it your mind the best in or what are your favorite. Games that was based off of movie. So what about their give those taste awful movie just write up about where to get the easy stuff out of the way first. The very first video game based off the movie I remember playing him loving without gold and I. Yeah absolutely four. Legendary game people are still playing this game. In no job though he played out W are real real. Her jacket yet don't know what. Yet so out lap birds only know all probably know our job like Mikhail could hit one. The government is eight click intimately fund I didn't communicate that the game modes you know multiplayer screen peaking late there was is such a fun game. In particular Tyler that was single player itself was really good but I didn't like seamlessly with the movie. Obviously and yet the multiplayer was what you plated ultimately what you play for so just an all around like good game at the time. This is really get up with it this is the one that jumps out Eumig argue this is the greatest of all time and it came out so long ago in some things I remember about the game and I was he an N 64 owner but you know sharp cat wants those planet with him all the time. But taking the characters from the movie and applying it to a video game was perfect in in the weapons all the different weapons all the different rooms. This is also one of the first times like playing these multiplayer. Like shooting games. This is or is where I got started but this is where you you realize that this is to be a lot of fun and you could sort of see the future. Of this type of game but once you get link other TVs and things like that there are aren't the shares screen anymore are that. Cut this bits in and in the force but it was it was a whole lot different but. This game was was great and and also you think about it. Like our generation. Other people who like James Bond but I Philly team and older generation that really loves James Bond movies but even if you didn't watch from all your view and all the characters you learn the mall through this game that's so good analysts. Which is funny as I remember seeing gold and in the public in. But the year yeah whatever I remember being like it of that age relic would go to appeared he would have thought it was awesome and because of this game actually went back in watch all of the other games on the right I'll is that wanted to beat Jonas deal is people work so the other night without a great thing about. Hours ago are one of my favorite games and I don't know that it's probably isn't rated super high but it stands out to me as a very enjoyable. A demon deacon ago. The replay ability is is really high on it and that would be jobs for the original Nintendo. I think didn't we. The idea a year ago. When the many Nintendo was coming out and we put together our list of games that should be on it. I think I made the pitch for jobs I lost in Vegas at the chance to be an affluent Boston the game you think it carried it it's just it's it's a money grab like this movie was super famous though. The other try to create a game. But you're a guy you would you would go your boat that you just go back and forth between the ports. And you have to look for jaws and there's a little bit of excitement went all the sudden you'd like you have the job like the shark tracker and it was start getting hot circuit not that he'd see the the fin sticking out of the water and had to bow would and it. And it got to go in yet to shoot over these are harpoon ship. And internally we give them the more more you could. It was kind of ridiculously you're your they're your little guy it'll scuba guy. You like. Shoot knees like jelly fish and shoot and he's like sting rays collecting shells derelict bigger than you were all that result it was kind of ridiculous there's not many little jobs as you'd shoot those bastards down. They need you ultimately have to get strong enough going from port to port. All they're also ago a bonus scene which made no sense for you relate flying in a helicopter. In you relate or a plane you're not you're in a plane in your street in my leadership to get all the jellyfish. Made no sense. In the UK in a rock well through that. Or can't you all know so then I did you would you would you eventually get strong enough you would Wear down jaws enough for you were in the water at the then they were taking in the scene or you're in the boats and Iger almost like the movie jaws. At this past it's coming down NASA and you'd have to stick on just right with a harpoon. And then you'd beat the game and they're garlic cut scene where it's it's again it's like a sunset. Air a popular plane just like flies away at night that was. Quite a congratulation. You. There to order elected to read his beat it you're like yeah I don't hit any bugs on any bugs like nothing happens and then. He hit a button and your back at the start meant Buick now. But you know what I did this I. How many Nintendo games were so hard that there are just impossible to know you know that they're just so many that we're just you can go. So the fact that thought about those you're going to be about those of the fact that it could actually sit down. In the jaws like that as it was pretty rewarding that I wasn't beating its on the Nintendo games back when I was little but Giles as one of them. And I both fun and like that's one where you take a few weeks off from a comeback they lobbied jobs again it sure the league pledge to put me down our job. We'd ever get our I've discussed it one more thing embattled it's got beyond correct yup if anybody out there are listening can say with a straight face that they beat battled so. Here come the hot take your pocket line a little boy is nobody's beat neck game ever ever without an emulator. Not safe for work languages well wired in Boca at our. You're not you know it all right I would say even when the emulator I don't think you viewed. Right now. Yup yup beat that rap in the race now now I get mad at you ever seen that is for sure the massed at a recent news that in a deadbeat dad. That the hot cold debate. But the two Mattis that ever pulled all very important issues by the way it's a and his failures of that I thought that was a little. Again this might not be critically it's except but I won the game and I enjoyed it the most and they were two of them are worth that Star Wars the force unleashed. Oh yeah force a result buildup. And its so it takes place is if you haven't played it before they publicly stated to her yet. Put it in you play star killer. Which you would be original name of Luke Skywalker. If you knew that it is not start killer. And so he is the apprentice of Darth Vader and it takes place little pocket where they're wiping out all of the jet I'd. Yes so he is a bit apprentice and you have liked it to light sabres that they'd be he had like you know. Kind of let me just style like holding a backwards a little bit. Yeah which is super sweet game play was credible but match elect a brawler but it was so fun and like you to do different skins. In there was that scene at the end Rica like pick. Which side you what you wanted to Caylee ever you wanted to like. Continue on the dark side like it was just a cool game one of the best scene that I remembered from acting as if you actually pull down. Like an entire like. Star destroyer. You know like the big lake you actually which you're forced power you actually pull it to the ground. And it actually what I remember that sticking out of my head is being a one of the coolest things ever been actually feeling like. They cure is it was a Star Wars story it was a great story too so I tied it nicely with the storage universe Darth Vader was a prominent figure in the game. Just a lot of thought I was never have a lot of fun playing making. I was definitely game the other Sowers is a tireless hours is that you probably have won them all different lists to yet another one like unleashed. I don't know everybody loves was knights of the Old Republic. Now the super fun game and that was also one that was. Very in depth and they but they didn't rely on and it. Just like all the you'll characters. You anemic they were like here's a look at line and then innovators like common here's a story that now they always like new characters. Which at that time and keep people are probably hoping like all maybe they're going to be in Canon now and instead saw this whole reboot re launch and the sequels in the prequel ads and it must have that you look back to this and say these characters are all I could be wrong but I don't forget the case but never. Knights of the Old Republic being good. Like you said I mean there's other good went to lick the battlefront game define. I think their first. When I don't like the first one really bugged me that was that may be the least. I've ever played a game that I've bought. But I just can't get into it like there's no solo player and in the multiplayer was fine and make. After I used all the different characters over the promote the I didn't really wanna go back to root them out of the cartels bullet goes. I was Vator and now look at me I'm Luke and that's in though. Yes and about like you know Thai fighter was really given extra hours typewriter aggregate yeah. Broke my money I think that my favorite was the force of these. Yeah those were great I the those are good time are I got. Couple of Disney gave this guy is gonna take you way back easier to regain is that again if you're our age you probably remember applying these. Weather is for the sag or for the super Nintendo. But you remember the Aladdin game. For Genesys down yet they're giving credit. Those awesome I mean your your throwing apples that people you run through the city here you're doing all kinds of stuff you know that and what's cool is for games like that. Where. There's now the Zoellick crazy weird late. The graphics are off right usually they take like a human character. They put him on the screaming like about the post would be silence though like this with the looks like she yet they specially that. But you're like no we're taking an animated movie remix video game out of it it's gonna look like you're playing the movie and you're gonna goods though. And come up law is hijinks for these characters that you love. South city Aladdin game AM the Lion King game. Were ball a lot of or you played as Simba and you basically went through the movie another book good Aladdin better by a couple deserved on the atlas. Never ever really feel that game it was like straight up park or manipulate you could bounce off stuff around all. Why but the flips going off you know Anemia caused rates that I look at firebomb the people you know whatever. It was just that just an absolute blast that all the characters that you come across like. It allowed with get access to good movie muscles line getting but the every mirror their ball a lot of fond not be inching to go back I was employed either one in. When he years but it could be funny coda. You were you afraid of the box being a large snake Indian personal yet there by. The violence that plan that would the lights on. When you got are smarter now I'm just wanted to see you want I don't you a lot of people never really played this. But it's phenomenal so Xbox game it was ghost busters beat gate I'll have normally yeah Xbox is a 6. AM and a lot of tea. A lot of people consider this the third ghostbusters movie because the story was phenomenal that controls were great the graphics were pretty cool. And like they had the Bill Murray and get back Roy and Carol bravest and hurting out there all invoice acted indicate that's crazy. It was not what I do you get Bill Murray do a video game like that guy I've heard stories about him just like showing up places and just been really weird about stuff. Micky get him to sit down and do video game due to the story about Bill Murray different tried not to get off topic. Bill Maher the French fried and I don't think so. Some kid it was on credit or some some kid told this story reputed to have some random friendlies and Bill Murray walked in. Any saw like giving Bill Murray caught eyes and he walked over to him took a French fry office played in aided and looked at decayed dead in the face when no one ever gonna believe you and walked. All the ballots that I got vaguely familiar. That's what. Yet just so weird dude did you get him to do it like this video game he's one I'd like nothing to do with ghost busters historically. I know it's another rumor that I heard in this is very inside no we're just gonna care in the world. But there's a girl who at the high school who was in your grade by may or may not gone out with early earlier and junior year vet apparently. The roar and I hear this from her or is somebody else she slot to build it. Eighth. Such as I saw around like a good for them. Vienna because those who doesn't go one put down on the slopes as well. Here's one that I'm shores on analysts are without the surprise is one of your favorite movies and it actually. Translates really really nice game this is in a way of sort of spending in because it's a character that. It's a comic book character they made a movie after but in this game is directly from the movie. So it may be a gray area but Spiderman two. For PS2 and Xbox. Laws great it was awesome and so they they'd come out with Spider-Man. A couple of years earlier and it was not like it was. The controls were offered everything about it it just it it was not a great game no wrong with a but it would make you know Spiderman two. Are you still see that that the box we have like the picture basically like from the movie where you get this Spiderman suit. In the big the controls on this in the game play in the the villains and is everything yet to do in this game was. Was really goats on the account it is because there's what really inspired by the movies so it's parliament. It was awesome and a cool thing about it too is like I remembered doing that acute that tutorial that they added about to stop. Despite a bit too from Spiderman the critical Spiderman game that was picked up the movie yes. And they had. Bruce Campbell with the narrator all the games and like if you screwed up what you would like they ought to be. I thought would like I thought the oddly out of the wall running him like web sipping a you can click on this subject like that yeah oh you really don't remember this one the first game I ever like 100% it. But I I would just played its games that are members of the bucolic the web challenges and all that stuff yeah Italy it was with a map of Manhattan and you could. It was opened that box and we can like view all these things in the news. I would just sit there for like our ports and just like swing around New York but I thought that was like the most fun that you could be caused about it. There's very could hit you can hit like a button that likes speed up lake big speed up swing in the you'd go regulate it speaks swan dive. What do you think about it it was it was sort of like some of the are from games. It away but for Spiderman and before you know and they get to sort of being being images even if you were doing like the mission just like. Controlling spiral through the city was like fun enough. And if you know I have I have a friend of mine now who works at marble games. Who. That is what they Eric if Youkilis being out of there are shut out air monitor Elliott at marvel senior producer at marble games on the key. He's working on the new Spiderman game and if you put big please put that back in the game reduced the swinging around is just like one of the most fun part of the game but cattle like this. Like smell the roses kind of type aspect. Which I thought I believe yes absolutely. I got a little more could a guy out again. I got all the good and entitled Davis went Alaska it's kinda cheated buried just like Spiderman who have been cheating bullets aren't. Lord of the Rings shadow of more gore. Which was days not to battle. Nobody counts that counts at the villain. It it's technically based operable book. Which the movie go to meet so it's not but. Whatever good had no overly direct tie in with the movie really motivated. But this game was made by Warner Bros. besiege people who did arc origins sort of fighting mechanics is still the same C have like that that meant fighting mechanics. But having it in middle earth where you are. Kind of a lesser character who's like you know the fighting off or sin or I am all that stuff so it is actually really fun game. Kind of open world Miller which is kind of cool yes. If you're into that thing which you know I am a little bit. But. But it's super fun game and really engaging and really and they're really deep RPG kind of thinks so shut out Beckett or really fun game. That's yet so the good you get a bunch of goods there including you know goldeneye double 07 cosponsor Spiderman two a couple of Star Wars games jaws Aladdin you know line king. The mortar or their lot a lot of good ones now. The bad Boxee. Let me let me do a bad first there was another kinda good there's a little game and a new game here in the ball stuff with the same movie let me start with the bad that would be it is Nintendo's games here on 1989. Friday the thirteenth. This is literally. Actually a lot of these ones on this list depending on who you talk to are regarded as the worst video game. Ever created. Now I guess this is supposed to be Monica aside to quell this is what they say it's certainly a plus spin off kind of of Friday the thirteenth part like seven the new blood. But you're basically just trying to survive at camp crystal lake but there's at a certain point you can get through in the game like I don't think you get past it but I. I'm not sure I think finish this game like they've they've they came out in to comply it but this is not even like a real game it's it's terrible if this is the. Awful awful. It's terrible and I remember like this part you have to like go into houses and you that you can't like move around the Q pressed up there. Eva could controls are all screwed up. It correctly from congress isn't Jason wearing like pink. Yes I believe he's in pink and blue which is the the guy I don't understand. So here's access pull that up here is the the in the game manual here's the some not so people who are those people who I just think the bigger artist it's a pretty typical summer crystal lake there's a group of happy children staying in the camp you and your six camp counselor friends are watching over the kids on join the lake in the wilderness the days are bright and sunny the nights are cool and clear in chases on a Rampage. It's up to you to stop on but it's not going to be easy you must first fight your way through force filled with me and eating wolves. Caves covered with blood sucking bats in hordes of mindless zombies everywhere here you'd turn. You must also help any friend it was in danger or else you can just kiss them goodbye and hiding in a cabinet or staying adrift in the canoe won't keep you safe. Jason we'll find you anywhere the only way to survive this summer's the challenge Jason face to face and destroy them. And you had to defeat him three times. It was a weird it was a weird game but I wanted to point out that. The PS four game that came out those they download only Friday the thirteenth. Much more fun and they did a great job without one had a multiplayer but also really honoring the the movie where. All the different looks of Jason and all the different camps of Jason and all the different movies like Allen was good but this one is historically bad. Yet that was good that this Friday at thirteen for PlayStation four and it was it was good eventually. Well let him know that suits on and it was Yahoo! the real without the the did not start from the big game play aspect but the fact be just really couldn't play. With his bat but yeah any of credit thirteen it was just an odd place to us on what's. Ivory Coast of sticking with any yes and movie franchise of the seem to be a bit of cash grab did you ever played at Nintendo version of back to the future. Yes. Yeah I do like the skateboard day it just like couldn't move like I couldn't get past that part down but you'd you'd like to. Yeah and it was you know an island very long. No he couldn't because you couldn't get very far and you just like chuck it against the law Billick. You know but just another cash grab game that was not very well thought out. What that's the key is these is they were they were all well almost all of them were cash grabs fizzling a successful movie what else can we sell. And kids are gonna wanna play the video game versions of these movies that they saw. But a lot of moments out ouster of Reading up some of these McGwire. You know what happens to own because there there's not as many as they used to be. Anderson because all these games were like on a deadline that they are get rushed like they were just pay this movies coming out in March that we view video game four and then they dislike. Throw together then release it so look at be out at the same time so they would you know I'm it would help sales. The games themselves were terrible another example that was. Spock cliff hanger from 1993. The a side scrolling game obviously via a Sylvester Stallone movie. It is another always gave those just impossible but you could you could not beat the game. That why do it yourself what's the point. Or how about this on Who Framed Roger Rabbit which is my favorite movies of all time. Now this I forgot but apparently that they gave you a 1800 number. That you could call in Jessica Rabbit would be on the other hand on a recording giving you hints on how to beat certain points of the game. It was like they re 99 commanders of the so bad well bad. Obama can't remember starting to play in B I was younger but obviously I was play in the game and like I didn't. Know what I was supposed to do you do that what does that you'd like driving around in like that we are taxi for a little bit and then. They I didn't really know what are supposed to do the baby that was the whole point of the hotline. Do you work called Jessica Rabbit you want to negatives. Well see ya. That's what it a lot of people like this game that I allocated would be it would take no Nintendo right now we need to get off the devil and a little bit about those in most of the ones I played I feel like as far as movie days then yeah idea. Pop gun that games suck pilots there has been its stocks. And I'll tell you why because they air fighting you're like all right there's plane not shooting them and that's all well and good. Anything else you have to do it neck games he couldn't but can do it it was so hard you couldn't land like the plane you couldn't land in the there was some missions they're required you to like fill up with gas. You could yeah I collect light up like this thing public refuel any you couldn't do. It's terrible oh art you would like get there and ridiculous estimated with a drop down you don't need to remember that Charlie refuel. What what else Serb member is there was know who. Music but there's a soundtrack. And oh yeah. Oh well yeah but then when you're flying the plane just the select plain noises like nothing going on minutes ago and landed in light. Our eight yet that doing what he's like a code that landed him thing. I think came out with a sequel to an ever played which got much better reviews but the first one the first top gun game was awful. How about this about as the PlayStation 2 game fight club. Yeah so they can't help the fight club games some of you listening I'm sure played it may be owned and others are saying I'd never heard this but fight club you know the game or the all time great movies. And it was a obviously fighting game and is one of those where it was you know in the in the vein of Mortal Kombat or street fighter. They took some of the characters from the game. I guess there's also a good story mode too that where where you were a guy. And you would like. Have to fight and work your way up through the fight club board my favorite parts of this and I never got this far or I think I don't need to know how much at play this game but. Fred Durst. From limp biscuit as nice call back to a last week to take that he wasn't unlocked evil character and you Fred Durst the that the fight in fight club. That's ultimately what was that game IPO it was invade someone's gonna call me out on it but I forget there is it would basic good at street fighter but it was all rappers. Oh yeah I do remember that. If for whatever reason like you haven't met the man in the Redman and they were all like fighting and that for some reason Mike Joseph Barton was like one elect the best characters in the game was it. I forget that they don't let him fight for New York. Yes I think so. Yeah I think a wrap of the rapa no I think you know it's not. Yeah yet that Jim fight pretty yet that's exactly what it was definitely like an indoor. As they hip hop influenced 3-D action video game published by E. A. SPORTS. Is with the 044 PS2 and Xbox and gamecube. It is the sequel the Def jam vendetta amid a deft event data they're the first thing you know. Yes citadel gym in data out of bed this when I definitely numbered Def jam bandanna. DMX met the ban Redmond Ludacris. Goes face to. Funk but. The levees and they get that for some reason like Joseph Barton with a bit. The game the. Joseph blogs and there I do remember that that as the rough. It was a rough game are well we'll see if. That so bad two tie up so bring it back a Star Wars we start there was some good of our game and one of the worst that ever played was. Star Wars of masters of I don't even put tariff cut side Erica see I don't know how much debated on Osama. Beyond hard about what they speaking of fighting games and movies. Basically you played in the beginning at Luke Skywalker who is chasing down like a bounty runner but it was like. Polly garden lake reedy fighter game. Like virtual fighter kinda thing and it was just the it's. Not like you'd block the light sabers activist like club obligated to go through people would still like bounced off people. Which didn't make it Mickell wicked sense Richard let's say that. It's it's just really good on these games did the David didn't want that actually. I think some people liked I just thought it was. It didn't it didn't feel right cities of the the godfather there is a big in the godfather. And I feel like Grand Theft Auto does such a better job of that that I got photos of legendary movie in a you know Balkan all of that stuff. But it's not print that dotted so it ended up coming off of the ground that dollar rip off more than a homage to. One of the all time movies you know. All right absolutely and I give a similar vein that they got mileage given that at scarface there was a start date yeah same thing which is basically the same thing. You know yeah it's do terrible never put out which you know the video. Now ever you're basically playing agree that the auto vice that people worse but but not not nearly as fun. Yeah aren't that. That's it for bad for me I've. Three on the ugly listed anymore about doing about it I have. Let's get pretty ugly all right so the let's just as did you start out the good with goals and I knew equally by as well not mess around the ugly. Let's go to what is probably the first ever movie based video game. That would be ET for the Atari. And didn't want it it's a way in the box is a personal collection edition actually own this game. It's regarded as. The worst video game of all time not just on that was movie day. And take care Richard yes it's not oh not the worst game he's ever played. I think he get that get to bum rap. I lost the worst he's ever played. The worst game I've ever played is Superman 64. Wow that that's that's the worst game ever replace. This game it's it's hard to edit it doesn't make a whole lot of sense like you said it all fell into that thing really we need to get this out in time for. Army after the movie release I think we got it to six weeks to make it. It did your athlete right it took six weeks that make it is released the 1982. Again for the Atari. And there's. A lot of scuttlebutt that this is why it destroyed the Atari like they saw so much into this they want it eats the this was going to be a monster released. Aid did not do very well nobody liked the game college in that nobody but. It it failed. And this may have sunk the Atari there's a documentary which I feel like. Even those oil like an hour long it's a slow parts like it's got I don't love the allotted and it's called Atari team over. If you wanna learn more about it and it gets into. These like unsold copies. That we're like buried in New Mexico but it does hold there's this whole thing as a relates to the team. Yet it was his whole urban legend that BP took any Romania beat out target any remaining copies they could find and buried them in. In a landfill in New Mexico right that's the movies about them going to the play until next BC if they can honor them. On the movie features such people as. Earned its client. George RR Martin is that it. Other guys who actually developed ET to games with a big head big head game designer Atari so it's actually real if it's directed by Zak Penn. Who wrote a whole bunch of movies you actually wrote speaking of bad movie video games he wrote the X-Men Wolverine unleashed game. Oh yeah you know actually got a tweet read for a one on so between its they have the taxman or via origins Wolverine video game. Was actually a lot better than the movie was. You want to know what that's right did it was it was okay it didn't make any of these lists but yet so far. That. Particular pod particular ought to go check out Atari game over Texas on Netflix sitting on Tikka. You wrote Zak Penn wrote PC you. It. Well that. My purse. I did not that he wrote that but yeah they go so I mean this is. This is where. Begins and ends. Although it's interesting op what does this is it may have some good Atari or allegedly sent qatari. But think about how many games have been made based off movies sense that this rally people got terrified of that David definitely still took a lot of cracks. Which history. It's also coaching is in the so before and that's why a lot of the ones that we're tired or Nintendo because stern in the eighties and an early ninety's it's just what you did he just made a move before and now. What they've kind of done is they've gone a little bit. More away from like the console game but it's going to be less PS four games that are. Based off movies out of the Lego thing like the Lego thing is sort of that's its own industry I feel like but there's there's a Lego Star Wars game there's a Lego pirates yeah why do everything. But you notice that there's more like. Downloadable like games on your phone under tablet batter more base to movies that you will like a PS four type of. Yeah absolutely and I think that's kind of like it there people are very turned off by these I think. And they beat them they see them what they are exhibit is more like cash grab the government relate. Beat to be taken seriously in the gaming the gaming world rights you know. So sticking with the ugly America look so all of this and I've made up my own title for this August. Street fighter the movie. Big game. Do I live literally out my list to this is Larry this is the classic. So they did in the Jeanne Claude van dam mu which in mind is the most unintentionally funny video game movie ever. They actually want them making big game based off that movie which they tried to take. Would street fighter it's always done well is be part of any kind of arcade style over the top fighting it right yes and then what they try to do is try to make it. Like Mortal Kombat. With Jon Claude van dam in it. Right it was just up piece of (%expletive) if it was it was from arcade and then reported it to like the home console and it was like on playable. It was like a stupid like big that is successful video game franchise. It was turned into a bad movie and go like bullets business moving back into a game they've made no sense that the public does. Now why would you make it since I don't do that please don't do that it's there yet play a shock club video I don't want a place on Claude van. Tampa wanna play is right you wanna play as the guy who had Ken in and all these guys. And like a real one not like now of speeding movie version of these idiots like the real thing. There's like pixelated through and is it definitely it it looked like a but it didn't truth it was really bad. Sosa out of that it it kind of in that game Dallas probably worse the only other one have a mildly list is and I didn't play this but. They admitted Charlie's Angels game. And they had Lucy Lu Cameron Diaz Drew Barrymore. They were all. Voices and he came off a PS2 game Q. And so they kinda looked like they obviously sounded very much like. But it was a mess and reading up about this game. There's literally parts where you do walking around as one of the characters and you try to go through there'd be like a clear. Area that looks that you could walk through it would just like a invisible like door because that part of the game wasn't finished yet. But they released today anyway as so this just like. It was just (%expletive) you could you could barely even play it but they got the cast of the movie did to voice and a missile. Which it yet again just like. Why but why make this whole thing so stupid right. And I can't imagine people were clamoring for a Charlie's Angels video game. Yes Haikou I don't know who want to play that game like that. Close a lot though that Wednesday that it might have. But what's so laughs I have I played this son Nintendo 64 and made a note super Nintendo actually I don't know why. They were as The Blues Brothers video game movie ever played that well. You play as Jake or Elle wood or both at the same time. A little cartoon versions of The Blues Brothers where you're again you're trying to just make it to a concert and you slip into this fantasy world. Where your only weapons are you have to throw records it. Oh and I don't get it. I don't know why this game was made it seems on. Soy really odd you know really. And as they came out for like every single platform you could think of is so the platform to give up or computer MS DOS. Dice amiga C 64 qatari ST any at super Nintendo and game. So it's now like this is like a flash mode Oxford to make it whatever you know I mean right they experience but put into this. Term and like in the year 1991. To 1993. Late they thought that this is a fantastic idea. So like ten years after The Blues Brothers movie was made like we're gonna come out with a game and maybe they can't blame as well though. Something about it I doubt very doubtful. Brutal so if you have any good or bad or ugly from movie based videogame thing this up on Twitter at torque podcast. Or emails or podcast at gmail.com. We're up this Ryan do you have any movies. That have not yet been mated to a video game that you think they should attempt. Maybe like maybe like an open world Jon quick mode world would work. You know I like that. Yet John wake. I was thinking on awaken that also I don't wanna again this Grand Theft Auto is that such a great job taking a lot of sort of like movie themes and like movie ideas in applying it to video game. It's I know I said godfathers cover rip off of that scar phases of rip off. But something like baby driver. As sick about that I get your yard. Like a heist titan like those type of movies but also waited the importance of driving too acidic driving video game but you're also doing. Are not I think there's something to that I think we've got to the start of something there a ball around it. I can't can't put my my finger on it. And then like the horror the horror movies. It's kind of tough all by the way that I didn't make the good bad or the ugly. But he saw videogames are actually better than you would think they're not great but they're not terrible. In the one there was one I forgot to that I meant to mention today that someone's gonna call me up but I I. Now it was in my mind like I should probably mention that aspect not forget that come back. But I would like a pulp fiction game or how the hell would work like that I don't know but there was a reservoir dart game and the pilot done the right there was a rose were we're a kill bill. Now where you're just you did you can pick any of the ladies he's go round killed people's sorts. I don't. Decorated there's something in to some than there. All right Ryan won't ever remember integrity issues if you have movie are technically. The Afro samurai games are actually really good. Ought to I'd never play that really get after a camera so they yeah all right Diego that is the complete list that we did not miss any. It looks. Get over the next thing. If it's. Our I would like to kick received from the goal the for highway oh OK I will receive. My pick of the podcast is Dave promotion of another podcast I was just on the Mac and do podcasts we've met them several times. In the past. But MacKey do Ed the two guys from the boxers podcast west there and Marcus they we all got together and we did a 2018. The movies auction draft. And this year so eats up podcast at three of us got a hundred hot dogs that's how they do things that we used hot dogs. And you got to buy movies or auction movies and do you get points for the movie it's based on how well they do. Critics and audience or Ron tomatoes as well as how much money they make at the box office so there is a formula is the crowning a winner. Long story short each of the three podcast and yet they too when he movie limit. And spoiler alert I don't argue he's got to listen to it to find out who got who. But each one of us ended up with twenty movies setting figure pretty competitive year grind and we ended up with that we end up with some good ones. It I'm glad elevated it. If it by any chance we do not win this week common last I would just say it's because I wasn't there. We have a built their excuse Pittsburgh where we're the only one man team there so we have a built in excuse we did come in third last year we did this last year. My problem was I spent. More than half are hot dogs on the last jet lag and that really came back to Bosnia. How we can made a cut money and it was critically acclaimed like out of that buy into the end. Because I think we also use the audience score. An audience score was terrible. Yeah I'm now. And you know the other guys like Jumanji minutes' time Armani Beauty and the Beast made a ton of money. So some good ones but we also the fewest amount of movies that's I think this year it's a much more even as ever is this him now. Well good I'm glad to hear that there. I might pick it apart guess you have to check this dude out yet this needed to believe it I had to see it myself because summoned forwarded on to meet beat Twitter user Randy lady man. Nice like that can't do. It they were discredited if he is just two rounds a minute now this young man. Hundred presented old combos Guitar Hero read through fire and flames. Really all blindfolded. Nadal he did you have to see it to believe it go on baby lady danced channel and watch this dude dude has blindfold him the most incredible thing I've ever seen. Randy lady man. You've got on twists. On which channel you are about about her fire flames a 100% blindfold the other winner at overstate the hold on. Jesus states Iowa to give that a watch like an idea here so here's a little programming. Alert here Ryan a couple of things. One that we may not have an episode next week. Right now I know I'm gonna be in Minnesota all week for these Super Bowl. It's that it could be nearly impossible to recorded episode out there. Maybe we release another classic click on Sunday or some but before I leave by next week there will not be in new episode I apologize for that. The following week now a member of last year. On Super Bowl media night I went a broader recorder. I interviewed a bunch of players and asked them who their favorite superhero was who their favorite super villain was they all play along with the exception of match job. Who said he did not have a favorite superhero. Or bill. Here think we just don't dirty or not. Agreed but you can't just say Batman or Superman move on a variety if you if you have a deep hole that's great that that plays well for us but it. A lot of other guys that it just kind of humored me instead Superman with a fine at least that its agreement match job. Jack so. This year I want I want different questions I want new questions. But also something that's not to and its that I don't wanna get the match job I don't know about that was you know broad enough I was thinking. What about it's like to simply let was the last movie you summit the weirder or. What's your favorite TV show that says you know find out what these guys like some like that could have one super power what it is. Out of it I. Yet that's I don't give flying imply. His name and it would say that you create a basket you have one superpower like that. Part time I think. Oh mine would be short short. Jumper. Tell pouring yep put me down put me down I think for hell boarding. Or. Thing. Be fast heeled baby like that it will rain fast field. It yeah I'll want that either. It's tough but anyway maybe I'll ask the most of these guys. That in another couple weeks. You can of course that rates review and subscribe. To podcast on iTunes or other places where podcasts are available we are on Twitter had to work podcast. We are on the email to our podcast at gmail.com. On YouTube YouTube dot com slash two or podcasts. Check out all of our gear on T public. I do for Mac you do is look this up he has a desire to hold on to stuff if you thirteen public dot com. Its search to work podcaster find at all there or if you go on our Twitter page is the link to it in European tweets. It you can. Go shop you'll hear the last off their shirts there's sweat shirts theirs. Computer cases years. IPhone cases all kinds of garbage though or great stuff I mean Gaza. The ship it back at a frequent partner without you wanna get that do that all right what are the people want it to specifically talk to you. They can talk to be at our on the other anymore major social media become combat hate it we got any video game but it up W your favorite bad video gamers of all time you know let's just talk yes I'll be active on its. The agency is that from a falls on Killian who are Von. It's not like you that okay great. What I wanna deal with right now Richard in in the greater Hartford area right now is if it was seen her develop. A bucket they'd get the Lucia in the bucket they'd go what it is I think there's a firstly I think we've shots or terrible and whatever and every one mile ever get picked various Decatur. Thought I want. A lot of people are going down a bit without them it's a simple one mystery this week it's just watching him. I like that can't yeah you on any. Did you hit it not not hot water or hot hot hot water you could stand a guy you know and just in just you know decent at epic hero Obama. Again now do you are you afraid at all and I don't wanna be controversial but if you wash. It's too much it's also pretty dry out there could doubt. Oh any album yeah chapel yet. Get yourself tonight lotion has some cream okay you know I mean to pick it it does get dry out there it's been wet the past couple days but you know you don't wanna try out. You know that the. Now here's a question I've heard I've heard mixed. Opinions on this let's say before I go to bed. I just really loop my hands up a Vasily and I throw sock over top is that. Too much earth that just enough. Seeded now at bottom if I have Serbia not to each other Richard we've been friends for a very long time numbers I think you're up to them that. If that's you don't. You think so that's programme had flu like Billy Davies by. This is now play out of I think you're up to some merit I don't care for that visit amnesia. What you do is you take a big jar Basilan and yet stick your whole hand in there. You take out more than you think that whatever you think that part about it is go there maybe for seconds. Really yeah really loop these bastards up and then Thoreau on a sock in Entrust the armistice not a soccer we're gonna wanna Wear again. I'd yourself an older sock make sure clean. But that's some bits over your hands you wake up the next morning you're going to be feel real fresh. Avid and the lap belt do you believe that right where it is because you're there did you go to a dark place that every goddamn mouth when you costs. You say you bet it. De Q you're I would like to do you know I think this is a real throw out throw coughing tip throw it right and your elbow. Not in your pocket hands than you touch me touch in the the controller your touch and stuff you know around the house. Here at your elbow. And that might be controversial to I've I didn't pull the color of the shirt up over by about every down again really wow yet. While just atomic don't going to be it might some might come back up you know. Sure it's sometimes it will also. I think that's all well says so Ryan oh probably talked did two weeks. Election.