#DORK 48: 2018 Movies

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, January 17th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey take a look at all of the important #DORK movies that will be released in 2018, including Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Solo, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Venom, and Aquaman.  Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to. Martinez. Is the door to my email to which she is the door Montana. My dorm blind parents should. Thing through and into another episode of hash tag to work my name is rich keep joined as always by Ryan Davey Davey how we you know. I'm feeling great doing great today Richard is it going to be back. It is it's great to be back we are we have quite an endeavor. Ahead of us it is going to be. The 2018 movie preview there's the ship to the movies to get to. I think by my count over thirty. That might have some interest in the hash tag or world I may view invest some of it's going to be kind of a crazy year. But we'll get to all of that stuff but should we get to the the news and notes first foreign. All right first but it news actually as a lot to do with would all these movies some of that. That are scheduled for this year since the last time we were on the podcast. They moved a whole bunch of these fox comic book properties first the ball dead bolts do. Was scheduled to come out June of this year. They're moving up two weeks that'll now be held may ate a lot more on the outward either a breakdown. But dimple to move up two weeks the new mutants would you order at a trailer for was scheduled to be out this April. They're moving it to next February. And that's crazy I don't remember anything like that that's really aggressive. And then your favorite pitted news always is on the gambit movie. Which they're now saying will be in the summer of 2019. Also notes they lost their third director. Haven't they liked it. So I I did a little bit of research. Dedicate a missed 38 years old if this movie ever gets it he will be forty years old in this movie comes out. A moment to in this book became the origins story when you look like he's point five years old. But wrote I will go again on record this movie will never come out. The outcome of certain eggs cyber view of this just seems ridiculous it is a huge want for Alec give you like give anybody watch the X-Men animated series like gambit and Channing theater relics Channing Tatum but. For the love a price that this thing this keep pushing it delusional is directors. And then now with the with the Disney fox comic combo like. Who Ellie really cares like maybe. Maybe throw again the character may be exchange Tatum but maybe thrown in that at a future acts of a movie or at a future other movie before you do this. That it's gonna happen at the new mutant thing has gotta be kind of stating that. I thought it looked intriguing it was one of my Arab as the top five but I was definitely excited to see it in April another February but is very strange to me. Yet it's cool because we it was it was Sergio. I mean I'm not into an issue orbit it was a cool take you know. There's a horror aspect to mutant that I see you kind of went unexplored and I think era finally had it happen at some of that sort excited for and had a pretty good cast button. Yet many of us waited at a year at a and this old Disney fox shakeout could be that the culprit here you know. I think so I think so for sure and but in fox is such and I know that the news the blind that we just that but there are a bit of a wild card when it comes to. Connell book movies really they've been dead pool and Logan are our fox and half of the ax men they're probably wanna claim and that however the other half of the accident that some of those ship dumps are also. Fox properties the other last fantastic four with a fox things though. There's been some bad ones but new mutants those retreat mining experts got the the winner sweet time about this. What you have been here I've been here reputed that multi billion dollar deal. Went down because. And people like speculating make you at all with infinity ward coming out it was all just to get sober surfer into the infinity ward. -- Which speaking of and fit into war they said there's going to be I think 76. Different cast members or Everett is but. One of the things that came out recently on Twitter and opposed by year who said this but there's going to be as seen in inventors infinity war. Which will have forty. Superheroes. On the screen at one time. I. At the lie that it let it go but. That's I think the reading infinity war as a kid that was one of the things that really attracted me to it was you open up a page. It would just be all of your favorite heroes regulate. Your accident your fantastic four. You know daredevil Spiderman all of their all the vendors are all in there. Ridiculous things that once you get the movie you're gonna wanna posit it just take like a screen grab about it in the new data as a poster forever. Are charming you were doing that you saw six of them in the foreground and then you're like you're plotting in the infinity ward relative to see who's who's gonna you know I mean Padilla figure. That that's a huge. Roster. There have been some sort of like battle scene to an audio to like. Every time you look at you're gonna you're gonna notice somebody else to look alike others in this audio issues and there are an X that's in a pretty bad that the city. This is also news Ryan that there may be. 1880 ride aid movie. Ice would Tim Miller kind of attached to that city pride or shadow cat ever she was portrayed by Ellen Page. In days of future passed. Any any interest in it kitty pride movie. With the with Tim Miller and with the right calf that you'd keep Ellen Page you know. Go to hell out of the X I'd be a good she's yesterday's papers. Yeah I guess I'd get more fresh Bay's David does this mean maybe I'm wrong she's a good actress but I just feel like she's old hat now. Yeah maybe. To adopt added you know right. Yes you crushed it judo. Should have been hard candy after loss that. Oh my god yes futile we. And she was the she was she played Jim lady's daughter in Trailer Park Boys Hubble that. That some respect Euro pretty rest in peace but it pod particular progress and beat him. Absolutely on the island there's gonna be a John wick television series Ryan and it looks like you know Reeves. Will be in its. Is that you know what you think. I'd like I mean I love John wicket into the movies are awesome the fog I love I love T honorees someone I'm a huge he had read spam which you know. You know people people take it as Adams say that they're gonna connect you may be right yeah I like I like Keanu Reeves as a person. So I root for all the you know no marine I wish it did the which could get a you know have a cup hot cup but he wouldn't. What is your favorite here on a Reeves movie. I mean it is critically or or personally know your favorite point break. Yeah I yeah question the good on that that's the government is that also his best performances thank. Ali element the an agent yet has pretty. Of it's it's hard to pick out well whenever I grew up what we've typically. And I Youngblood yeah buffalo yeah that was didn't villain I don't sleep on bill and Ted Olson a bill that speeds is really not a bad movie. Not not speeds okay mum. The devil's advocate is a horrible movies that what is worse. You get to see Charlize Theron in the book. I know Obama huge Charlize Theron I don't know why that is I just something about her I don't like a lot of maybe just too too pretty. You know it could be it could be a two attractive thing is there to go the other way. Let's see we also got guardians of the galaxy volume three. Will be out in 221. Though. Mark your calendars where. One meets one. Aren't there who goes up MC was you've got to look like at that point could be all reset it could be ordered Richard rich rich yeah mostly. I don't have 20/20 vision kit well a. It's okay. Yeah. Even hand. It's law. All right right Davey what he got for video game. You're just gonna stop a joke right at the and dragged before they went up a little bit yeah. Now those guys the again had just them on a shelf life. From this so I want you to do that we get would you forgot to mention that. The marvel marvel Spiderman. Is going to be in venom. And we don't know that yes. I did see that added about it just popped yesterday the bomb on executive became venom which is which is cool. The cash spoiler alert spoiler lead read spoiled boiler risk Elian. Well Hillary. Oilers but they didn't it's based off a story where. You know. Vitamin a venom come to what kind of a truce in the village is gonna get out of New York but I'll message you'll miss a beat to get out of New York idiot that I Mexico's two separatist. Well OK I don't know is going to be a bit of a more good guy in Australia vigilante. I think here yes and here yet which he does do that sometimes that doesn't want to. Under the video game minute so we've been it's been a bit of a low in the video game minute this is after Christmas there's always disliked the in video game production to that you would be ramp up in November and December right and then it kind of what the off season. But. Some big things coming obviously on the I think we talked about a lesson to kick starting. The over watched season of the pro over watch league pass which was great to we've actually watched him. The matches in we've learned some things and hot and deem it up and down. A young team but it scrappy team called belt wouldn't expect really fun to watch and everything that comes along with that. The big news for you street fighter fans the street fighter five came out and it was beta. In incomplete game I think they rushed it in the game wasn't done yet. And they just differ for people who already own the Guinea. And it's going to be forty dollars for people who don't on the on the game. But it come out with space thirtieth anniversary of street part of it about what they've arcade edition. Actually has an arcade version of the game now it is huge update that summit street fighter five. That's big for meek is that's the one thing that was missing it have a debate really contrived stupid story that they try to wedge in there what did you attack and you don't second story that the is that this is an agreement. The street credit credited the same thing and now. They have just straight arcade mode where everyone has their own story and it's it's in Italy's best so. Like old school street fighter you know and giving them the that's good and then I guess the biggest videogame news for all of us here. For night which is the biggest video game in the world right now. Fifteen million users worldwide and they just hit three million concurrent users at once so at one time three million people were playing the. Rules Cain didn't go out to me like 810 seconds synopsis of fort night correlate what it's like or what what you have to do. OK so basically pick Hunger Games here year autumn but this is the battle royal Albert into the single player campaign at fort make him with his trash don't play. So they have a pickle battery out which is straight rip off both player and on battlegrounds that big pudgy is because. So where you're basically on an island in your drop in the island you would a hundred other people. And as the game continues to be cute island but as the game continued there's a storm that continually shrinks. I want to yup but you have to be Alec less meant standing at the hundred person. Hundred vs Blake a hundred people all battling each other as a big lake under games yeah but you can also like get resources that you can build. You build a fort you can do henceforth make. So can you beat Pete did you take a bit of pain yourself like a tree. I'm so there's bushes we could hide like that might might I just hide in the bushes. And with the people who go around me and I shoot him in the back and take all the stuff. As a Diogu dropped in it would though like all the sick you nothing of a new. Like that you spoke about it. You have to go you when you hit the ground yet defying stuff. I am not patient enough for that this is at a time like a gun paint balling. I'm yet tablets out of the bill and Jack gasket gunned down at this I can't sit for very long. So there they have a new map there is always been the same map but now they have a new map coming in they have new. Buildings that are coming into all the maps of the there's like actual city and just as it's great it's it's craziness so. That's stop tomorrow the people are really excited about that does begin to I don't need to view demon. What they out that I just we did this out the other day from a act or podcast on the Twitter. That is I saw IG and was advertising that you can still find the SN ES classic not the old school original long but the super Nintendo classic. On Amazon ams for and it's weed that out a rarity got a couple responses. Of people thanking us for reminding them that they can do that or or point them in that direction they went nordic purchased so. Enjoy your super and yes everybody ot time now for the topic did you Orion. What is that my different. Of course the topic of the day and today it is 2018. Movies we take a look at the calendar year 2018. And now all the movies that the hash tag dork. You may want to go see we're gonna break it down thus leeward go through in a chronological order. I'm gonna ask you Ryan if it is a theater movie and at home movie or I won't see it movie. This is sort of almost the plate but it wasn't the recent boxers episode our friends over the box podcast they're doing all it it's it was the only. Rented. Skipped it burn it at leave their fourth things. So we're gonna. Are going to be very simple though there in a theater with Peter. Legacy of at home or here is not see it all together and then I also want you to hit me with the go on the Infiniti stone scale. How excited you are six being the most excited both likely deploy your nets off. Zero or one of course would be of no interest no desire. At all gotta we don't. Yes for doing half though. A pack up month by just declared side note you did through every time I know yet new listeners all time so it's important that you point that out it's it's no problem at all. We're gonna step January is January appears to be a real (%expletive) month at the movies. Or a start in February right it's what would that circle for a long time February 16. The next movie in the MCU. Black panther finally comes out. We are very excited and some of our friend of the podcast are very that is well so so. If you go unseat that. This it actually going to be a standalone episodes for us that this is one where. Is obviously if your movie I'll probably like a five or blow our load your from the storm but I'm probably a five. I think the the trailers have been really good image that deceit in a moral black panther but also Michael B Jordan as the villain that. Some of the the supporting characters for black panther also wondering how much. Winter soldier if any we get at least some references and you know last time we some reasonable conduct so. I'm excited to this though as soon as it into the Infiniti stone. Right and who we all saw the war trailer which one issue I guess I don't have is that with the infinity war trailer. And obviously American kill black Panthers on movie but. Coy AA who's played by my shown from the Walking Dead legacy you see her running with him so. OK so right away you know she doesn't dive blackbeard. There in the exceed others a huge battle on the can't miss Nevada what it's all there then they're still there are gonna blow up like NASCAR or anything you know thing like Jerry just the trailer alone sort of allows you to the seat okay we know some of what happens in this movie. But I demand that you below below the Bible pewter chip. Yes a year obviously they've even sit on this you have documents any spoilers. At all although to tell I do feel like last time we spoke with the U. You were maybe telling us the plot of a different movie. It is this day. Based stalled out from imovie. Over the good body of my life. So this is a business they blocked at the origin movie. No it is immediately jump around a little bit. Utley a Tarantino movie. You guys really mix it up what what can you tell us now to other we're less than a month away from the the the premiere what can you tell us that maybe not everybody else knows about it. Good idea that this movie I would start my own excess food insurance alone that's again they're going right that he's a good idea. What do fast food franchise is about idea as it is going to be able konduz ignore all over the world. It'll be all over the world that we start in Queens New York there are certain points putting good vitamin. With it would you gonna serve their accounts food is that. We have established corporate beat me. The big mic. Is what I dare I ask what's in that. It is special social economic and that just a cheeseburger that reasoning yes. Is aren't going to plot of the movie you don't believe me. I know you did I don't become a mortar worthy series don't how that works at the we got to see any stone it is it is beyond just don't. The hunger still on the policy at even though it usually. Is this builds up there's yet if we don't get hungry I'd. We'll collect at there's a router are re obviously that there are removed before give me a yet to be at. It emerged got out of five like you have and I wanna get too excited. To me it's still a bit of a niche character. You don't mean it is I did on the civil war though I liked him yet does that yet. And I think he. It's an exciting characters in new caddie out to new territory for a lot of people it's really exciting Billick in addition the other Marvel Comics it's not he's not really that big of a deal. He's Laura my list as well it's that him. All right let's go to Mecca with go to march on couple moves to an hour mark second one is called red sparrow. With Jennifer Lawrence and we talk about this that last week it literally just looks like a black widow movie without it Omar will be a test. Yes but it's like they beat him do it like they were talking about you know just we can do in the Smart this black widows and on movie and there's that Friday agreement it. And so whatever studio did did this just like rushed out to get this out with Jennifer Lawrence and thinking that like if her name attached to it. That it's gonna be good. In him you lose sight of the fact that you put up the real dumps. Yeah O yeah out again social so dumped sure I'm okay. It's a borderline at home or won't see public edit too and I'm I'm not I think he really careless with the. I would view I could care less I think if anything I cheated like. If I have nothing else to watch them in a district. Yeah it'd have to be up like HBO or Netflix like I wouldn't I wouldn't paper view this so well a good about doing also on the same day death wish. Comes out Eli Roth directing Bruce Willis is in this of course they get is certainly a remake of a death wish. Same kind of deal I among com. About. About Frist I'll skip this one entirely. You know the Charles Bronson death wish movies are ridiculous. Here you have it kids mosquitoes just keep him looked at a steel in the halls of punk rock creek. You don't seem like an adult Lake Charles probably don't adjustments and joke around. In the midst. Those missiles brought them at the tenth but it's the death wish it's going to be a pass for us march 9. The strangers. Prayed at no rights. This of course. You know of strangers movie which with. Would when we get our top fifty or movies back in October. This did not crack the top fifty but it was probably this and poltergeist. Orbit to Vick got to weeded it emailed to us the most figure that it was a snub the people like the strangers I wonder if they're gonna. Turnout for strangers prayed at. Night. You know I think like you said I think he was on my list is weighed down that he was on my list. And both those older guys that will say that but yeah. You are good a good horror movie it is looking for some original ideas of the tempered out on you know seek our sequel. CO sequels and remakes it's like OK that's that's why like you know. Like green room in debris and get out guys will like them so much more just because they are original. But this one. I'll probably will see it at home like you know me that we both like or movies are probably eventually see a Christina Hendricks is in this the the redhead from mad men. Yeah yeah they'd need now who has also had a great turn in bad since the two. Which registry dot I thought that I thought back in December is looking for movies to watch and watch that and it was fine. March 16 the riot at no greater speaking of remakes Tomb Raider. I don't give a slowly delicate. Pre app for that I'm I'm excited to see disputed seems as though they're taking up the beat reboot of the video game they've reboot of the movie. Yes those kind of like that story where the younger Lara Croft played by with Elizabeth and their use in Bismarck and a X modcast mark and hit it on and Sochi she was great in that attic she's a great young actress and but the new take on the aircraft so I'm excited to see that it. You know probably I think it's going to be Peter Hart PG thirteen or soft dark and leave. Who saw star. Yes I am excited. Our. I'm probably more delicate to. I probably won't see it it is distorted les that probably won't see it. At any point. Hard you can take this 1 march 30 that it is one of the ones you're most excited for what are we need to know about ready player one. So picked up a picture of me and this is one of the indices again it's Spielberg. Or decline book which is one of my favorite books manager you know a lot of our listeners to. I have read this book. I've just one previous read the by no you're not a reader. That's the south and I've been taking you to read this and just in time for you got time before the movie. And those of us who grew up with video games immediate it in and movies and Spielberg because he gets mentioned the it's not been here and stuff so. It's like your entire life. Is a puddle you know I mean and so that BB premise has indicated it twenties something it's 2040 something. Just opiate future everything kind of sucks but there's this get away. Called the oasis which is a virtual reality augmented reality place where. Everything takes place so that's where commerce happened that week of school that we invest and a big part of the story. The school aspect of it and you know everyone is just looked into this. Virtual reality world and they the creator of it. The co creator Everett dies. He promises half a trillion dollars to whoever confined like the biggest. Days like Easter eggs like throughout the thing in the so everyone racing to the skated in the main character's story fines. The first Easter egg after like twenty years a people search and Ford and all hell breaks loose them so. It's great to watch the preview it just all of the pop culture references and they've even done. They had a great ducks obviously the book was written one how many years ago. Yeah it was written it. Five years ago maybe. Yeah it's always the over watch for example I had not been released yet but that they hated it and so there's a bit tracer one point leg to zip around in the in the trailer there's just like everything everything you can think of it though it reminds of a phone call pops like there's a foul pop for everything and there's there references of you know whether it's account book character or a video game character or when anything else like it in pops up in ray player one. It's funny because they give sediment that's Olympic I'm gonna worried about is. Then take him a source material it kind of like blowing up updated you know they're include stuff that's been today when it's so eighties and nineties. Heavy wreck relatives. You know so. I'm a little worried about that because of Victor creator of the game those who would get super delegate eighty easily. John Hughes movies in the war games and so epic yet so I hope they don't upbeat too much yup. But it looks suspect I've just been visual treat supreme from the trailers. But does it looks cool that this is definitely a ms. figures it's a theater movie will be for me it is below probably be a standalone episode as well so hopefully you'll see it as well let's go to a April on not April 6. Maybe not your standard or will we but I threw it on here anyway Chappaquiddick. Which is going to be the story of Ted Kennedy you've ever when he. He drove his car into the Chappaquiddick and he had his young campaign strategist with them and she died. In rather than just tell on the cops Selig when you know called his dad. So there's a lot there and it's going to be interesting to see how they tell the story of these Jason Clark. Who's one of those guys you probably recognize he's in the airport things he's going to be playing Ted Kennedy. I think Bruce stern is playing. You know the Kennedy senior there Kate Mara is the other strategies that dies in itself. There of interest in this it's got to be at home or democracy is in theaters Republica like a three tiger or maybe three and a half for us. Yeah how much of a freak as a you know than a native new Englander I think the right one of those things you can. We're like obligated to seek the gonna make it like the decedent school and stuff that I'd. Wasn't Mary joke a picnic there and it. Yes I think so I guess that the marriage of ameliorate. I'll look at the notes due April 20 that would be for money for the the store owners out there. And yet excited. Rampage so late seconds of video game movie first of all there's not and a good video game movie. Ever made it the we'd it'll opposite to check the archives David and I went through ball there are some that account like Hewlett Mortal Kombat but at the end of the day. None of them are good that literally none of them are good and yet they still try to make them. I don't think to a greater will be good maybe I'll be wrong and I don't think Rampage starring the rock will be good either that comes out April. Told fund stories so I took come I took a group of kids too fond spot in New Hampshire dice these little yellow at the bright true. Up Brightcove is not fair outfit. With that you know for a guy who you know. This dog he won't kill screen Howard there's a donkey until screen coming up. Yet to be sure it out of box CC decreases partnered. And I have to ask for strips aren't. Well that they can simply hard boiled experiment that's great and that in my Branko pretty good read and the good as the good to. You got there so. We we happened upon this game rampaging McCauley had this in the movie that like the Iraq going to be you know Michael I would and it can do what I had no idea those video games of the movie did this is my. Marketed to. Because don't even know that the video game. No which might be better off than those wasn't going to Europe it might be like. It seems I don't know and aren't out the rocks and a lot of these movies a part of basketball the other. Yes and I don't care. So I I like the rock the bigger guy we've we've talked out but that's good you know he's just if you give him any amount he'll be in any if you mean they'll be in any. And then and a they'll probably make some money to every rock movies make money. So honor reminds you what was that San Andreas he was then or some of these other like go boyhood Eva save the world is the buildings are coming down. Yes if your answer is. Massive I would think they would hire him to Heller. To dictate too big for the cockpit of a right here. Also on the same day fort forties super troopers to wheat dipped we finally get the sequel to super troopers were two of the great great comedy. We've talked about. Comedy sequels in the past they are usually not berg go to. But. I don't know Ferguson got hopeful for this one comics out like a four on the scale but it's gonna be an at home will be im not gonna go to the year. And obligate to produce one a couple of good I want lowered expectations because of anything funny in it I wanted to be like oh I was surprised. If you go into it like. Not taking BP it's going to be a dump. You gotta figure Favre is going to be go to the very least a. The very AV up until cracks in jams you know but I feel gratified somebody we'll be funny but look you know I. That it is particularly we talked about it too much time passed. Yeah this stuff like that double down to the same thing that we took for your via Elliott prolonged sub for sure yet. Our us here in a May Day is going to be a Koran. Is the month. We start with the may fourth. That'll be or which is may the fourth be with you but I. The pan. But obviously you know they're not gonna have the Star Wars movie because you or to have an absolute juggernaut that Jimmy avengers infinity war. This has got to be the most highly anticipated movie. Well I guess of the last Jenna last Jenna overall pretty fired up about but in the last five or ten years this has got to be right up at the top analysts. In the pit I mean this has been the long game belong on right but this has been in what 2005. Or 2006. Yeah and retirement come out. Yeah 06. I believe. And the pin. He get here twelve years of movies building to this. And even when they dated lake civil war for example civil war brought atomic characters together in the house that night it up as a good payoff the movie was good. But you order at the guardians of the galaxy out there and he knew how popular they were also a civil war. Ford hall weren't there it's like characters that you choose they work together so figured it was a good. Team up. But it wasn't what you do it could be if they'd play this bad boy out you know obviously years in advance and they kept adding characters that you liked it and they're finally telling you okay. They're gonna all be on screen together. May of 2008 team so get excited this this could be this is obviously a success that appear movie and that this is why you do have sect or podcast Fridays at this is why you'd you'd get up early did you play Elvis video games because. Offenders have been to war should be the hash tag to work shriek of the decade. Of the decade and again I mean we started this podcast like 23 years ago and knowing that this was coming. And we do we've been building to this. Here's the here's my biggest concern with a vendors infinity war if it is not the best MCU movie. I am going to be probably a little disappointed. I think you have to adjust bunch years go at the and you have to temper. I think you have a temper your expectations in the relegated to part. It yeah it all its stock. The ventures five. Horror that you have vendors five is not part two of thirty warmer they change the title. It's just out of the navy yet I think it's just they they what part one part two than they dumped it there like it's now it's like untitled as the avengers five. So it wasn't on. All right let's go out two weeks after that is dead pool too as we mentioned they bumped that up a couple of weeks we'll get dead pool to do. Cable is going to be they're dominoes going to be there. I don't know I think if you'll love dead pool one I'm I'm sure this is going to be pretty yeah. And have a month just brought out all boys. Have a month I hope we took points and both these movies are yeah he's got to pay eve got to make orchard. At the end of the year there was to look what actor or actress made the most money like at the box office bill that role think you'll that the throw out there. Some of its effort to pull to obviously that's going to be Peter movies obviously that's for me a success that. Yes I absolute success 64 and so we did it might become a picture infinity ward yet they've set at six are dead pool. And then you know the movie you're just let demand. Slam and I have been made I don't know why but I don't want her on the list have you watched the documentary about slender man with a cute girl. I could feel it yet that the more the two girls the girls like kills another Ehrlich of these young girls or 100 other one the white. Because of slender man who's like it's made up (%expletive) Yet this should sit here amen. That's not it seems really messed up some might see it all just couldn't do scared received a future. I have it at that home movies for me it's no one's gonna see it becomes that the same weekend as did Poole and avengers yes still be the number one movie until the gentlemen give him. They're at and the following week you get that now there's a story here I don't know what it is or we might get it at Sunday may 25. So low a Star Wars story. Which at the time that we're recording this right now we still have not seen a trailer for this. And I think it's maybe it's because all the reissued they had to do and maybe because they lost the director and then make our Ron Howard. Which you know good but. Yet biggest re shoot they're saying with the on solo aired live oh lead though they by Donald Glover. They're decent stuff they released like a plot thing like a plot synopsis editing and Rhea McConnell or really go at this point I don't really about it. If credit but I think it's going to be on the wheel like the underbelly or the yeah underground or some that Hans solo. This all together real chance to be a dog people are already a little fired up about last Jett died and now they're trying to go out there and recreate. Hans solo or in you know in or Harrison Ford the good freak of luck with that. And I that the lake is sitting in the coolest. The coolest character in all Star Wars what do you gonna give him in origin story you better. It do it right the closet and big help his people were about Luke Skywalker like kind of get screwed up in Alaska and act the this day will lose their mind. Maybe if they botched this movie. They might they really might because it was it was more than I mean. The Han Solo character. Might be in the in the pantheon the most favorite if you if you elect poll question mark favor character Star Wars. And you know I wouldn't be obvious to unanimous they're so many great characters but. Between here and Darth Vader the right up there in the house while there are people hated that the pre equals is because like this is Darth thought debater you kidding me this. Well puss in boots are let's get down to June here and there were flight ended June. By the way where we're seeing solo in the theaters and I'm like. Five out of six that. Outlook of four out of six but at the theater movie it'll probably be a stay at all levels of America are forgetting to do my own scale that's yet. I'll go to June. June 8. The slow some for the late is. Oceans eight. Oceans that. Is a movie that is being made. The one for me and they won't see. Yet it's that two for me and probably at homer and run it out but I have a huge fan of the ocean. Even thirteen but at some some redeeming qualities and what about. Twelve was the worst 113 was better than wallet. Oh what the night played him like tonight fox you're right they're. Berkshire off the first look awesome oceans eleven was really good. It was really good because it was like. And it it suffered from like the die hard thing like we knew it was unbelievable the bet that was happening but it happened in like the real world yeah. The second you start it like. Like crafting and constructing earthquake. A Mike about. Yeah it wasn't for me and that was that ocean's twelve when they did the old. A Julia roberts' character looks like Julia Roberts. We had outplayed out palm brawl pummel and let that industry and don't know it out idea. It's terrible like they started it we are in Mikey so it art we have to make this movie immediate like this big in the middle that make this work. Bucket they want now you know to me. Government Julia Roberts that policy is zero anyway. Rihanna is that it Alec Rihanna. But like yeah that how many times exhibit regatta in a movie and she have like to line you the C one of the eight. Here's one of the eight adept at Damien like if it's a revote in later re imagining alone why is that number ought. I don't like I don't know I mean. Sydor bullets that people like sandy Bullock right. Could only find eight women who wanted to be and that's really does more women out there. Who would give it okay it'd be good script or event. Are they afraid if they called ocean's eleven and had an all female ocean's eleven minutes religiously ghostbusters to a ghost busters. And it might be confusing I don't know oceans they acted economic cellular while doubts if less women you know in the workplace. The whole thing. Mean maybe maybe it's it's it's the way to get the crowd that these GAAP. Instead of the wage gap. It is what feels like yeah. Proof I don't like that maybe we should see at the news you don't support. You know the women only get 75% of the of the eleven. They get eight and eleven. I heard. There's clearly depth there and in my cap. On June 15 Ryan being credible or just Incredibles to. So it's talk about they go a long time in between sequels. You have super troopers to it now Incredibles two. I don't know I think on a normal year. Maybe this would be eight the year movie for me but there's so many got the move was that to go see that this is probably going to be an at home. In and out like a three and a half for slow. But. It now up at if I happen to be in the summer hanging out what my niece and nephew. Org or nephews and nieces if and they were like. They would do what you do or don't like let's go to the movies is go see this that men do it but if I got home that weekend by myself for something I I've market a while ago he would. Now I'm good I'm picnic it. We're make it a day of it together you know locally Pixar doesn't showed that (%expletive) short in the. Mean I think they learned their lesson I think they were on the left of that nonsense and oh by the way it up but it just as well a a a gentleman that we went to high school is. Is on the animation team for credible to any debate we aired it made you know like they wish them all the podcasts. I think. Maybe I should make that call. Yeah Hal yes you know while the likes me yes had a comic Beck call it. Didn't he'll be like over you and then I'll remind admitted that. And it will be like other value don't you know rich keep it a bit like buck and click click though clack late. There's there outside chance that the villain or bully is incredible to could be named rich Steve. Does this leave at that let's go to June 22 Ryan a Jurassic world fallen king ago. The other Seattle over the sequel year. But I think what what is exciting is. Jeff global he's in this bad debts. The bullet yet and it all begin to get to be active and the yeah put gold chef Goldblum and there. Am now are this that this is an important question. Theater movie at home movie skill on the sixth. I'm guess I'm rehab about a six. Yup I like about it. I'm gonna see it in the theater because there are those the cardinals look a lot better than they are good points around surrounded entirely even not even on the biggest TVs it's kind of wasted. Not a good point here's here's a better question. Should this be a standalone. Episode. I've got out of the he's right on the offense although there at the end of these which ones I think will be standalone episodes that order. Is an absolute coin toss. It's really good or really bad I'd say we do it if it's okay we don't. Yeah makes sense. That if it's just if it's just a if it's just the movie that maybe you'll skip it benefits. People are all fired up about a moment ago a thought about idea. Chris Pratt people like pavlik with Chris Britton with the and up Bryce Dallas Howard and that she's attractive lady not that that's the most important thing and a lady but it's something that I noticed. Keep should not hard and yet know in exe comes from should come from area at least you know you we're all cool. It's got that. Is he are all right the war or. And now he's sort of magnet who comes and Howard is so it against the but he aren't. Let's go to June it's 296. Or go to new Salgado. I am like this are you really have yet to use beauty scenario of the first. I did in the you know what ignored what the the it was a little over hyped forming a way they've not yet wolf for me while I heard a lot of people talking about it. And I I watched it after the fact or guidance he would appear atop the fact he got really good reviews. Few people that talked elected and I side of the okay. So. You don't talk about it though is I love pretty developed world and he plays. Great Psycho. Like great crazy exodus but that you know lake Utah wasted at the last yeah. But he just like you have barely says the word that like entire movie. That's okay you're just like scared should and so the entire movie equated Basra. That's being brave like interrogating the guy any just like straddle them. And I put this junk like right in the guide based like. Did you have no idea he brings in a juggle a lot of you know DOD can do with it breeders but this is bad the good the bad for the guy. Did it with good earth days back the hell's happening here and all brawls and killed them roles and athletes Dele. This is. Probably at home movie though from me just because how many movies economic get a false yes category. It and I'll probably go three for me. Yes I'm gonna come and go up five don't. But I I'm really I really like the person Amanda. Let's go through July a on the sixth you get it man in the wants they just release another image of of that movie that we tweeted out act or podcast. This is a a solid five I would say are live five and a half of that slightly more than black panther. I like Paul wrought as it meant a lot. Evangeline Lilly as the loss by the he's gonna be really good. And I think this has its share its. To may be sneaky EB a really big deal in the MCU. That this is going to be the first movie after infinity war. And I don't think it's gonna be just its own thing like if you remember when that. They were talking about you know what can happen you know what would this technology in like. Where. Paint him as wife might be of like things like that I think we're going to be in some really strange territory here in this is going to be. Really important vote. Yet it is in the BM think you I wanna see Hank and kind of go off the rails because maverick. In the comic he's like a complete ass hole. Yeah you think he hit his life. Daria went a lot and it was a Drucker is a bit of a brokered. So I wanna see a little bit of that little darker but apparently the little that. Yeah because I let me let me just smacked her on the odds in that billion dollar bill I wanna see our policy be character at 8 PM candlelight yet meet him. You know I and I think the first one was just kind of silly. In I don't know I want this to be. It also caper the inning of the good caper movie yet I heist movie. But yeah pretty good all I wonder if they'll. Yes and it did it with what is being with Downey junior. Kurt Russell rusty colonel tango and cash Kurt Russell yeah guarded duke to where I heard this. Effort there where this room in back in view or the boxers those are really the podcast that was due maybe somebody else but. So credit to both of them even if they didn't come up with a us they're stated they. Why didn't they DH David hassle off because Chris Pratt would only know half off as young outlaw. Just make that point it would. Iowa cards on jacked up about this building a standalone episodes for shore let's go to July 27 get a couple movies here. Mission Impossible six. Any thing you're. That's. Tom Cruise got to be pushed it right yet because alls on stunts and he's into laws it's a religion right it's called Scientology's. I think. It's just you now the issue it you know. Let's do it can't be read Saito with those that hopefully not sorry started it or we haven't thought I'd. I hope you walk that back a little bit but yes that have watched. I watched a few documentaries on it like too many at this point of academy would abide advantages that anymore ma why my I don't care about the. Yup locket that back is what I just said it was was unkind and I'm sorry to. Please don't show up at my house. What's on offense in the Scientology's. Atlas atlas podcast that if you do shout out to you believe in what you wanna believe and and you know good luck. Actually most of them aren't allowed to use the Internet that are so. They probably go service the mission possible sixth is a only at home movie if for some reason people like this thing. But it won't appease this part of your won't seat and 2101. Yes I'm not now you're out I'm good it's it's just too. How impossible already admission that he doesn't every single (%expletive) time. Was quite possible that turned out. It out but on that same dates thoughts we seventh animated movie teen titans go to the movies. Some in this. While I'm on the island. Let's go win is. August terror and now this law that's on the list although you know I've really heard much about it maybe this won't happen. But correct me if I'm wrong I believe I saw that the Coen Brothers are doing a scarface movie. Well there right so. The movie was written and they have a director testament and hired a Coen Brothers to rewrite the script. So again I mean to see them. It's not a great time to talk Brothers are attached to it which is great I mean those those guys and they've only immediate one bad movie in my mind that. And don't war this way which were the group was bowed out Alia those thermal. This all they say it is. Our November it knows this of your people of this if there movie lovers they know this but. The Al Pacino star face not the first scar face there's the Paul Paul Maloney was that scar face it like I had 32 or something. And it actually a better movie at the much better bully wants that some college class. Now all of it. I will go on record actually take WA right now I don't got out of the stuff pop idol you're gonna since Obama is most overrated movie in the history of cinema. I've got I think there's a groundswell of people that agree yeah I mean that the first hour this movie's good in the last twenty minutes ago at the middle like hour and a half. That's sock it to the movie sucks but watch the first one watched the 1932 scarface. And let us know what you think so who knows that movies even going to be made about excited wants him here. Not another animated movie ride September 20 as cults and multiple it where Channing Tatum is a yeah Eddie. And he comes across human beings other voices in the in the movie is that guy did he did veto in LeBron. James. Hard. Do at the keys to our delegate it. Lawful right he thinks there'll small feat that aren't the human beings let's go to October 5. Very excited about venom. We talk about oval but this week after a dork also really excited to see Michelle Williams who was that this incredible actress. And see what what she brings the table and obviously your guy top party is is as good as again. Yeah I made it to be I mean this is you have done like Tom hardy doesn't have to do this movie. You know I mean Michelle Williams doesn't have to do this movie that why would they do this unless it was like like like out script. Writes that's like get a feel good about it and then maybe they get some creative and put him there as well or or whatever and it's going to be. It's Jimmy pretty good it's it's a cool character he got really screwed up by Topher Grace. AM thou Spiderman three that is they want to shoehorn in there ever elect venom but that was not those very important. I just looked it up as we are target that was bugging me today referenced this story and it's actually uncle buck would've killed me for this but it. I called venom lethal protector is the name of the the story that it based on them directors c'mon said that while yeah it they. The venom and Spiderman strike an uneasy truce after the after the former promises that they commit any more criminal acts and lead to New York city's first effort Cisco while at different Cisco. Which Fleischer confirmed is setting of the movie theater here befriends a community of homeless people and is targeted by a group of mercenaries. Hired by a family member of one of his past victims as he attempts to fight crime. The current. Don't mean yes woods while I think you know you have that uneasy truce. Where you know they have any interaction with Tom Holland and Tom hardy where he's like beat you we Utica yes right right exactly into that fight other separatist. I know me its and you see those two especially if party plays it kinda. I don't know darker and many get Tom Hollins. Says images he goes to playoff. Like it grew at our respect your kid you don't. Want to party should be all Vito that's. Him. Also in October so that's the at the five for me after a six for you and hopefully there will be let's go later in the month of October 19. Halloween the I know he (%expletive) on you know remakes and reboots sequels for horror movies there's a good chance this could be bad however. David McBride is one of the coal writers in Jamie Lee Curtis is back is Laurie strode so I am very interested to see what they do with Al we'd. And it it's not it can't be reboot because Laurie strode. Is older now so it's you know. Well and we're all the spoiler that killed her is that resurrection so she's if that's obviously a sequel to that the walls. Out of all of the dealers that maybe they'll they'll figure out what you know sometimes movies but they did the Friday the thirteenth. Our reboot the war came out like old something herb and I don't know although the reboot. Column they kind of combined elements from the first two. You know I can think if there was actual full grown Jason I'm like there was the first for a thirteenth. So they can always sort of take a launch of the story lines from an early ones the bed like reset the continuity. It is not even Heidi makes sense that for people who you know maybe have not seen a Halloween movies before or people who are like diehard fans like how do you get them. On board in like twenty minutes. Yeah I thought well if they haven't seen one. Maybe that's for the best that might be one of those and here you are big bad I mean think about it. Halloween walk into that there was three had nothing to do that in Rome and dated for 56. And they came back later wrought and they're like bullies are sequels. Right after two. And now it 045 or six ever happened in that minutes of their reflective glory to a different path. With Al lead it so I don't know that it may be to the third one or somehow melded together there's a way to do about smarter and that the right if figure that could be in the. Maybe get McBride and figured out these gains. But I like I did athletics that's Levitt in its stated that the theater movie for me in the five out of five are 5 August 6 beautiful hard six. Got to do. Look who look at of goats in November 2 X-Men that dark Phoenix. It's that these it it's that theater. Movie from mean. This going to be a standalone movie for a site that there's going to be standalone episodes that have to be. I X though and I god sort of three for me because apocalypse was just. It's very overwhelming but it wasn't even bad enough to merit like a lot of conversation but it certainly wasn't good. And and I'd say that's all the time and on this on this lovely podcast that we do. If you hate something that's a great episode if you love something that's a great episode of Egypt statements fine writer at the worst thing like. But it made people sit on that was the one legion that leadership so that we did and I think users because of it that was good. Later I was I was looking at our downloads for 2007 team and our two worst episodes or or I should they worked episodes. It's in the eye of the beholder but the two and east downloaded episodes were legion. And that defenders. In its article or just okay yeah legion I liked more but it was like okay whatever it also I don't know how many people watched it and then the defenders. It this way I wasn't great it was supposed to be a lot better than a laws that in America and so that was that was that so. I worry about Sophie turner as AKA sent this Starks ability to. Be like a leading lady. Yeah we'll see real ups loosely. Let's go to November 9 Holmes and Watson were Sherlock Holmes and Watson and it's Will Ferrell John C. Reilly. So could be good comedy I I think I'll skip it at the theater. Put me down for like three and all check it out when it's available on the HBO. Yep what we got through it before and like he's mucking around he dismissed here and let's Catholic ridiculous reviews the. Let's go also in the November. Fantastic beasts the crimes of gringo wall that comes out on the sixteenth of November. This together the last election pretty good if come I'd ask home movie they'll from me and probably like a 33. And a half a lot of. Hire a bullet higher much before four and a half. After this one are just like eighty Britney I like the character of Newt commander. Here's my only knock against it now correct me if I'm wrong about the a huge up pot and that's what they call her potter forget but. Didn't so dribble Walt is played by Johnny Depp. Right Ed and Johnny Depp Carriker Oprah in the wall like in this whole jarred universe. Was that he killed by. What is not what's that was the the main villain the (%expletive) guy. All the Morton Baltimore kill. Colonel Walt. So I hope why I think he did and I think basically that the first set that they have a the Harry Potter all those like nine movies or eight who Trevor laws. They're talking is great story about how how Cray how important Harry Potter is and how bad Baltimore's that's as good as it gets that bad as it gets. And now other entries in these other characters but it takes place earlier. In south that they're not as good of Renault got killed by him than what why do I care. And bush aide I think that's part of it the whole thing and again I'm not apartheid either. But. I think you'd think all the more like so great to Walt looked like the American version of Baltimore if I'm not mistaken. Yet so like. You know. You know all this. All these movies that mr. take place in different American cities. In order to vote yes or put the American Harry Potter now. Which is which is critical I think. Yeah I mean I'm I'm gonna see it go coffin like crazy enough. I shut the Mike off earlier but now it's Italy you know that I've played some. A pretty soon you have a biblical weird little part of that you would never usually apt. Out coffin for them not to have them buy them spike off this this illness and trying to get rid of it before. We have a huge you love shared universe is universe. Gathering at Jews on Saturday. Colonel told beat out four don't beat up you are going to my proxy I'll think I'll face time yet and yet here and there are no it student music and art. On the same day on the 21 32 new. Are they just cast Drago saudis the real life box resisted and these were appease discount. And impulse it's confirmed is going to be in it. Mercy yet now. Then move. It'd it'd be on drug code it is Wednesday. And well I'm excited for our part create an excellent OR are you a theater movie on fantastic beasts. Or. That it may be for me now maybe more leaning toward home. It's what I get books read to theater. That's you know that's not a theater went yeah I don't want from me. Also another animated one for those view fathers out there like right or mothers and we have handful of female listeners that they keep the females out Ralph Reed the Internet broke wreck it Ralph too. Just fine. It's a rough break he had a rough reaping and. I'll read it. What I went it and don't know it makes it. Is breaks the. I've never been more property you know as a father Richard you you have these moments as we are proud. Of your kids you know and I mean. Out of all the Pixar universe wreck it Ralph is my three year old daughter's favorite of all daily export of the Apple's record rob. And she loved you guess as she left of Hubert. Any ideas she gets really bad we EC wreck it Ralph. Go at it and they'll get so visit to it's kind of a cool idea where it takes place in an arcade in middle school. This surge protector is like their train stations they can go into like other people's games ice. And support Hubert and is his make friends and relatives render out in there in the bus station. And basic game unplugged like please help they're like almost now be aimed at Obama. And equate those very very very badly for kubert while it is Hubert. Lists. Was that. But the who are. Currently covered would join the best his best Huber player of all time was in the within that the king of Kong are locked up last two movies to get to rest in peace the last two movies December 14. Animated movie Spider-Man into the spider verse. Your object a object. Won't talk about this before time the Spiderman it the spider reverse its K. It off Syria all kinds of stuff from there. It's finally a four for me but probably theater movie. It's gonna be at five and it's going to be theater movie for me and I'm just so excited to see how deep they go into this by rivers yes that's an idea 2099. Are we gonna see in the noire review and ultimate arena you don't mean it bull baiting we're obviously orders spider pig. Take a letter when we could now see. With the other intimate Spiderman elected despite her clan one. I would say. Right now all bets are walking off. I love it in at the Sony but last gasp like less money grab despite Amanda quickly on it. You know so. Mild morality of right exact. Yes that's good record probably getting hit in both animated musical get him on the you'll big screen there we close out the year Ol can only be imagined as a very high note. Now be December 21. The only movie this entire year in the DC EU. Awkward man. Man I'll walk man. Up like almost soft three. And the theater movies from day. Yes I hate I like. Yeah I'm with you Mercury in it that Peter will do it. All right so let's say it right now standalone movies for 2018. Are a stale booze stable episodes here GrafTech dork. I wanna read it it just say I yea or nay and then at the end maybe let me know you think I missed one. I'm on black panther. Ready player one. Avengers infinity war. Dead pool to. Solo Star Wars or. It's a Star Wars we have to write. It man in the loss. Yet come at them see you. Venom. Yet than. Halloween. You know it'll sneak into the around how it but it's the last move big movie before hourly. You know what may be others do that want withdrew because I know you'll see it in like alien and that it maybe maybe go to a X-Men dark Phoenix. It. Spiderman and the spotter verse. And document. So these are the ones I think would be on the fence. Did it to do too. Drastic world's formatting them. And again I civil maybe. You know. And then fantastic beasts. Air and creed two. Those of you know we've never we've never dipped into the potter universe I don't think you and higher well versed enough to have ever. I know as public and people come out of the Woodward the duplicate boot dude I guess I didn't nerd shut up. That's right the Astro. Go to what I call a giggle juice or whatever bill they call it old daughter beat butter beer. Not another debate eagle. Other good WA AF it and it. With the Eagles on 34567. Eats. 91011 and it's like one a month basically aren't married Ortiz eight. Are any pop off the 2018 movies I think it's going to be good years and it's a big dork year they continue to pump out these comic book movies that they huge MCU. Year obviously. But the need to cool ones like ready player one. Venom is an exhibit Goodyear. And how about DC they do that is not David we're not a complaint this year we're just he's he's like Liz Wallace at the sort out where we you've got all these things lineup we're gonna that we take path. So this year. Most excited and we did this a little bit you know on the yup message doesn't seventeen we looked ahead. But I think for me the ones that really Joseph about are obviously avengers infinity war. Dead pool to. Black pant there. Venom. And how wean and I guess it and the law ASEAN and the lost over black Panthers like those for those five or six jump out and you look we're declare war on certainly. British player alone I'm excited for that so you bomb. Black pit there ready player one avengers obviously you have pool and indeed that's for repair Palin that those silly venom. And then it despite reverse them excited for two is that fixed those domestic them onsite about. That's pretty good our looked so let's get on a particular pod because the. It's. You. Our leg kick received deferred defend the goal. Our receive this week all right. Also get bit. Richard what is my favorite movie of all time. Your favorite movie of all time. Is. I comedy. So get bit and so Tom Perry here who played. Derek smalls all by these bikes. Is releasing a solo album. Oh really. He's really think it's solo album any at least some get this from approximate yes he can vote at that it did it's recorded it's coming out. It's coming out April 13. And I'm just I need to. Read you. Some of these song titles. And it ready so yes one called. Gimme some more money. I love the big fairy gives the money gave Islam and. Yet. Hello to pay it would put at two K click here to take it's great held two K colors she put that picture in obituary. And in my favorite. 88. Song called Dominic gash. Also what's the name of the album is anonymity album is small change. All McDonald's crew meditation upon aging by Derek maul all marked. They can't wait I'm so excited. As I thought it played big bottom and they're all play in the base and you get the double neck brace for a bit it's completely ridiculous and inappropriate. It's incredible. Just have to grow Derek smalls that'll be great while the at a fifth against full breakdown of that. So here's the people on this album David Crosby. And Donald Kagan from Steely Dan up Peter Frampton. Taylor Hawkins the drummer from Foo Fighters Chad Smith from red chili peppers Rick Weytman do we do that and just that's riady and steep side. That's awesome. As Lou Dominic gash at a look forward to that. My pick of the podcast would be. The TV show the last man on earth. I've ventured a few times it's really really good. But I think fox is kind of screwed him like their it's a someday show. Is that thing it's always been on Sunday and then they'll run into like oh baseball playoffs that Manila ball but off the air for awhile there that are really weird schedule like they were yet. They were offer few days or I should say a few weeks because of like the holidays. That they came back and did two episodes in now the look of winter break again but it's really really strange. But anyway the most recent two episodes that you've given up on the show go back or or if you forgot about it go back. They introduced a new character. And it's played by Fred Armisen so you know Will Forte and Fred Armisen at a great great chemistry. It isn't too much of a spoiler that might even advertise it this way but Fred Armisen is an actual serial killer. And like the story I like how they got together there's the one episode basically all for arms get it all everything you know look for arson. It is great so I would just recommend that go back and watching that. If you told me that Fred Armisen with. Wound up being its regularly I wouldn't be surprised. Yeah every there's there's something about him I got married his eyes the month her publisher what it is but he does a great job this mr. Gerlach that great. Belt do it for this episode of hash tag to work you can of course rates review and subscribe. On the iTunes we love it would you Oliva revue with those are nice. You could falls on Twitter at or podcast. You can in the check this out you email store podcast at gmail.com. Were on YouTube ot T public petite public dot com. And searched to work you'll find our store their policies in the late in our. Putin's sweet right now. Hopefully there's a big sale last week awfully early grabs Merck's reps and shirts or whatever the hell else but it's all their talk all the time I think they randomly do sales. The check back in if you wanna get a sale but. All good stuff there debuted the folks harmful U. At our audio lady in all social media please come get become get them and by the way quick plug I know we do this on Twitter too. If you're mercy player gold or better. Yes look euphoria yes that's another boy howdy that we get smoked these random as the report that's Macs in just smack from packages ready to quit. No you did Kuwaiti rates quit last night. Yet I don't think he might throw throw it open a duopoly. There's there is a chance that there's apps and the chance of that. So I I recently asked. A couple of people higher up all like hey if I wanted to play a song of the it out throw. How specifically super red by the talk abouts. Can I do that or that B copyright issues there like the copyright issues Oakland right. Now. But there's one more person I can ask Ivan and yet some I'm still hold out hope that's. The goal over LCD that there's one other person you at the the back commander. That's true yet camp they receive and equipment tenants include all we need is only we're huge fans to Cleveland. And well it's going to be a sadly it's going to be another episode without out trail but. If you made it this far god bless and we will lots octagon as next week.