#DORK 28: Non Marvel/DC Comic Book Movies

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Tuesday, August 22nd

Rich Keefe, Ryan Davey & Uncle Buck discuss comic book movies that were NOT inspired by Marvel or DC.  Plus This Week in #DORK and the Pick of the Podcast.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast


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If the door to Mark Penn is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. Is there a dorm blonde cherish. Banks to turn into another episode of hash tag or my name is Retief join with Yemen Ryan David David how are you. It it's great to Gary Davey actually you know why this is an episode it's the non DC marvel comic book movies. And we actually Horry record this bad bits a couple of weeks ago. Emblematic of technology you'll hear me on the phone Emanuel here meet crystal clear. Yes and he's going to be in studio with uncle buck over dinner Stephen King episode Stephen King won the pole that week. But we said he thought let's do both and so we did both but we're making a timely. This week in dork and picket the podcasts so that is the beauty of technology as you said Ryan are you ready for the first part of the program. Quite exciting this computer magic that's that the Spinal Tap one. Every all right how about this little nugget the course lastly we spent a lot of time was up off the comic con episode always spent the first half of the discussing the Casey Affleck is that he broke. On WEEI be very popular dale in Hollywood keep program. And then what a few days after that. Casey Affleck and Ben Affleck publicists came out to walk back Casey's comments I don't wanna lose my (%expletive) again like I did before. Adam's gonna read you these couple comments let me ask or if it if it changes your mind at all this is it this is Casey Affleck publicists. Kate quote Casey Affleck was having fun with the folks at the Red Sox game. Where he's throughout the first pitch in support of the Jimmy Fund and not speaking from a place of firsthand knowledge. Yeah I mean that's just that's that's week. You know first of all it it's playing up the fact that I accommodated the dog I'm not gonna get upset I'm gonna get that Richard. I know I'm not Obama trying to mousetrap here I just wanted to point out the fact that that's what he said so again if you're one of these people that said oh he's just joking or doesn't or is talking about a five Rocca. We're not gonna convince you otherwise you're gonna look at at this comments they see he knows and he's doing. And tear you meant nothing by (%expletive) we watch the tape we get you to see it. In here that was sort of a double wasn't just a radio interview that we have video of this. I have watched that video and embarrassing. Amount I am I've I've played it over my head out of that bared like. Premed framed it might Ambien cycle about it but I feel strongly. There is great Els looking at the WEEI videos on line and like two of them like back to back from our show. One of them is Casey Affleck in one of Holmes Tom Warner CEO of the Red Sox there's like Casey Affleck like. 33000. Views Tom Warner. Point 51. Seems to be a little more interest and go out then Ben Affleck people came out and they of this quote. On Ben Affleck. Quote you'll continue to be bad man as long as the studio will have him. That means not that's meaningless. And I mean what is that well. That's nonsense so that's crap so I still stand by. Ben Affleck will not be in the bat man and again I don't people don't wanna hear it but that's upsetting to me I think that I have it was a very good bad man and I saw my. But hoping that this happens I think he'd I'd I'd prefer him that anybody else but I just I'd be shocked now if he was that the map. And I looked at the most frustrating thing about all of this is not that. You know it I I would say it. The people who when where and when you broke this story he did you that's backpacks don't care about feelings. Great point you wrote you broke this story right people give out of the woodwork relate. It'll spoke to use Google put in like at no point did you ever say that Ben Affleck was a bad debt and that you wondered about that. This spat and sucks but now we said not at all ever not gonna meet. I am a little bit and backed the whole point that Casey apple likes that I'm sorry to say was because he knew that I I liked him and I think he's a tremendous bat anyway aren't. The day I'm sorry sorry Felix still is trying hot I do like that what was July and feelings on that are facts don't have back I don't care at a they don't. He got there right they don't publish some other some other news here Ryan. Of the defenders is out is currently on that Netflix Altai based on the timing of things we're gonna push our defenders episode. A couple of weeks many of you I've probably already seen Ali episodes I've seen six of VA nice that I got to a slowdown. So I've got finished it yet. I'll say this. So far and maybe Andy will change things I would say good not great. Good not great solid like something definitely worth watching yeah let's not mandatory to do is innocent. No I'm four and a guy work that. Yes so like I like the dynamic I really like daredevil I really like Jessica Jones. Iron fist is still iron fist he's better than he was an in his show what we or do you go check the archives either Basra a band that the cages behind the the villain again book or get into it more later on but rest assured we will do a standalone defenders episode but. I wanted to give people time to watch it and then next week the throne is gonna be done so that's will be more pressing and that will get to. The defenders speaking at defender stuff daredevil season three will begin filming in October that's both good news. There was a punish your teaser trailer thing and that. The site. People are born that. Odd game of thrown the penultimate episode of season seven aired and we will be available dual recap video tonight. A leash no I'm not a good. I am attending a Hartford yard go to game. This evening I'm sorry they Hartford geragos. Got our goal that I do double a affiliate of Colorado Rockies. While the make do with them and hope that but you saw the episode episode. Pretty polarizing actually people target account upset about the the that the portal jumps and all that the time travel or a wealth but. I know I don't hear any. I respect your stance on that anyway the episode is crazy. Now get into that artillery maybe I'll get a call on their older recap video that the next week the season wraps up we'll do both they recap video a little recap. Podcasts of really good. Something that was not really good Ryan I don't know if you've seen this. Batman and Harley Quinn the most re not DC animated movie is now available he came out last week I watched it. Because I like Batman like Harley Quinn at a DC animated movies this is trash this unless there's of the baggage yet. Don't see Batman Harley Quinn. Maybe you're just you're you're obsessed with the with these kind of movies and are gonna wants anyway fine but fair warning it's not very good a view that the killing joke was bad. This is like on par would be killing joke. This sucks it sucked out clout is and I want to get out of that idea about it. I also Kevin Conroy did the Batman voice which is obviously he's like flawless but I think I I think I was annoyed with every other voice. Those tests and at some of the the acting choices are the reckoning choices it was it's it's a ship if it. Andrea another mourners super troopers too. Has a release date it will be. For morning 2008 team. It's that with for we it's a week reference for smoke in the we've. Excited for this. Yet I think we talked about a little bit I don't know yes and no I'm. I'm an idiot I probably won't be in the theater I think that that ship has sailed for me. Now. I'm idea all right I I definitely I wanna see what happens but it's not your movie for me is much that loved the first one I just. Is not their fault it's his other comedy sequels have really let us down in the past so. It'd it'd just been it's a lot of time has passed. And the first one so you know it would we let you said before like dumb and dumber two like that we saw what happened there was too much time. Speaking of movies Ryan there in. Soon in the works will be the only one can know we standalone movie. And I guess. What would you like to see. Here how how what's the what's the best possible. Kind of storyline. Or what would you wanna see was an older one movie. So it have to obviously take VOA is EDT have to be a young Obi wan can obeyed. Or have to be something that wedges itself in between rogue one and a new hope I would soon right. Yeah like today I want to hear right I do want that episodes three and a half will be on or do you want. Like his we saw sort of a yah not super young but we saw one with blog on G in an episode once a legal way earlier than that. Or it over to count on is actually does condense a little bit of all that like do what kind of time jumps like. Here's old blue on for half hour of the movies like super young half hour some stuff that we didn't see a parent Darth Vader and a half hour maybe. While he's like. I am kind of curious what he disappeared what does he do that when he was gone for all the time. Well I think what would be well would be good and you know as as we've discussed on the part yes before dark Gator is one of the probably one of the best bad guys ever put on sale nice yes so there at that time between. You know they have the big purge of the jet I temple but there's years where. And member of the force some least like those games and it took place when. Darth Vader like actively hunting the remaining get a yeah yeah you know demeanor and they're all like on the run without a doubt be kind of a cool movie you know in my mind. Delegate gap some I would say if that agreement. We'll see that at the end of the Hans solo movie they're there's literally I wrote a report and maybe ever I quickly and maybe was in the onion I don't know that this that is like the chance of a good job of the hot. Standalone movie. Public I don't know man I'll probably want it. And guess what the problem that I am I he immediately had when I found out that Lucas on the spot by Disney its just gonna be like. Over and really they're just gonna kill it you know and I mean it's the same probably people have a superhero movies now is just too many of you know way at what point are they gonna start all suck it you know yeah. The point is it that like the prequel Sears all pretty bad the coastal solvent and Alec this new wave they've all been. Pose both have been go to people are gonna lose or mine the last Jenna I can't even imagine a scenario which last Jenna has not good. It was there. Now come to Hulu we've met with a few times locking key agree graphic novel. Series of Iran by Joseph hill the son of Stephen King so that you know somebody picked up the rights to it turns out it's Hulu. It really come into who I guess that doesn't casting news. All the to have I don't have Hulu but I might have to do for lock and key images than the other day I come open up that point. Who have actually not bad. For many reasons that this is once so this is this is kind of a good good little series they probably gonna pick up. Now. It says so. Spirited series Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine mobile trailer this past week and it'll be out on October 1 so. There's another reason to have HBO HBO is really give you more and more reason that the series that they have this one of their classic since those come on back. Can't wait this is really beaten jump right up there is on the top comedies currently on. But what are you doing if you don't have HBO like what are you doing what we're always doing that and and technical or we don't like. Just in general. While you're probably stealing somebody else's HBO's right yes everybody's watching it clear base of the game throw numbers the law and everybody's watching it. And last bit of news I have before we get to the the deal visited him minute stranger things. Season two comes out will put before Halloween in mid or announced that there will be a season three. Which I don't like that I I really don't like no I'm happy that there will be a season during the before we even get the dip our toes in the season to. Just your knowing that there's going to be another season for whatever reason I kind of bugs and. That bugs me and on a couple of cold ones you know that there's going to be some sort of liquid anger some open ended ending that now it's gonna leave you unsatisfied. And to let it sink into stocks that you don't want feces. It well you know you hear how wants that seat too bad you're good to see that in a year Revver. I don't know those it's narrowed from me all right that's any day of the news nausea death of something are you say that's the pick a pocket of. Auto I got I got one right here so. This year Richard speaking of October and it's speaking of around Halloween. On October 13 this year. Which is it Friday the thirteenth in October. Tampa. No beef Bosco in New Jersey which was the original site of camp crystal lake who is offering pours. It is an active boy scout camp but they're gonna suspend and they're gonna let people come in and do it tore up camp crystal lake so it would make a trip to New Jersey interview interviewed some people. Oh that would be pretty good or at the very least maybe we played the front of the thirteenth game for PS or. You know maybe try to get my money's worth out of that. That was pretty fun game and they've updated it into the new map now do so. If I mentioned on the video game minute how it happened. Now again I would dump over the gonna get to these video game. It's time. Okay. Either man. Yeah. We got a kind of a busy week this week's summit to try to make issuer. A couple games at triple a games that are out this week Madden eighteen. Drops actually today I believe. With bared their big being being business story mode called long shot. So that's like the new bing do it but from what I'm told that that's great in the game plays very. Nicely but there are still those glitches and still things that are gonna drive people crazy. So if you're a big fan of Madden. Good for you you've been you've stuck with a ms. long this is something for you. So great yeah I think it was. Yep uncharted lava lost legacy your big fan of the uncharted series which I am. This is what they call a standalone DLC. So it. It's eight DLC that you can play on its own you don't need the original game to play it but Sony won't call it its own title. I don't get it I don't get what standalone it's not a DLC for it's its own game so. I don't know I don't know I don't know yet so they're there is that. The other thing they gave I'm playing this week so I mentioned that'll. Help lately analysts sacrifice I'm finishing that up that game at incredible than what I'm gonna move onto next is another Indy called. Observer. Out business from 88. Little game outfit. That was responsible for blooper team is their name and they're responsible for it would layers of fear what general keep playing that. Bit of a survival horror game where your around the mansion in need of such in they survival horror game it's great is that the maniac mansion or Nintendo. I mean probably not probably not that that's all tells us. Check this out so observer you played detectives and you're walking around. It's this science fiction survival horror game so what you can do is if you find a dead body you can actually plugin. That the person's head and my XP what they saw. Like I zombie and away. Yes so but it it's you know has that kind of you know field two words that's her problem our bread you know you're seeing all these horrible things and maybe they get mixed into your brain a little bit rich so and that's I've seen a lot of good things about a lot of heard a lot of good things there at load times are a bit of a problem but this is probably gonna be the next game I play. About and the last bit of news obviously is beat. Call of duty World War II paid is coming Friday Sophie pre order that came debated starts on Friday. But it up pretty good stuff babies. Video game minute we now. Let's Segway and to the topic is sure Ryan which we are now is the time to clear. You can't wait there were also go and buy uncle buck in for the fallen so. Here is the other topic is you're. That's like having a dork in the can't misses have and they. A dark for a rainy day and we recorded this awhile ago or bring him back now is this episode will be timeless that's about the promise to you. Ryan Davey is here uncle baucus here we are all in studio city near the funny in our voices. And guys this is one that actually lost the pole to Stephen King movie a while ago but they got there sure votes to elect the topic anyway. It's a little wordy we all say it a little bit different. I'd call it best non marvel DC comic book movies. Uncle Bucky called what independent comic book movie rankings. If you could give them different Marco enough OK perfect. Is the shortest if Mr. Big that with a title babies whose reflect those of us right now is managed and pot can't (%expletive) Yeah I can't you know non universe. Not MC you do without it does not not Batman or Superman or the avengers but it's also comic book people but not in any major comic book label but a movie. Having so. I think it like not MCI DC EU but it fielder while products span about. Basically what the company's designs marvel and DC right place to act and there have been a lot of movies some going back even wave before the comic book home of movies and there's even more from an hour right now. So I have a list it's an incomplete lists all throw some out there you guys can throw some out there at the end. We'll give you our top five. We'll also give you a few that have not yet been made into movies or TV shows that we would like to seat. Happen I think one of the first. Was to me and it's turtles back in 1990 not a reported may know that it was a comic book series. And there's obviously been a couple of sequels to that that a reboot and a couple more. This is great especially as a kid turtles was everything for awhile in the first movie. Very entertaining but maybe they don't stand upgrade but it was very entertaining if you remember what it was like watching it for the first time there was there was a lot on. Yeah I think that's what you know being a kid of the eighty's and ninety's I mean if you weren't down internals like you rule loser and you know I mean and the fact that. The Henson company came in and did all these intimate try to turtles that just blew my (%expletive) and like eight year old mind you know any minute of it. That they did that. You know I've nah nine but what are what are not the bulls but like the fact that you know they have like these. It was a live action thing in there was no CGI and it didn't exist earlier dudes in suits yet dudes in suits and their they'll that there are there's dusty weapon and they they brought that. And it may be the comic book may be watched the TV show or whatever it was however you're introduced the turtles yet the figurines Ernie Els and this you go what you see it at Ed in the big screen. And it was it was great. It do to kids today as sort of dating all ourselves but kids today to bit like turtles early in the turtles it's pack is that it's only my opinion. Oh mine eight and ten year old has the figures doesn't it and it is another does it to Khartoum which is actually just has good movement patterns in the original cartoon series which is really it is much like this episode I feel like turtles are time. In there and I saw it mutant and they're ninja. And and is and is a point out too that Italy you know and never Google but data pointing out that the you know the the video games that these turtles in time. Yes which is which super Nintendo which was unbelievable. And the are active. And everybody you have to have a fair return on yet. Miles rub oil always will be wrong but always a behavioral on and I act I act and be rude IE. I was a big Leonardo person you identify as America's your natural leader natural leader and by. Video games ago with don't tell look like reach especially the Nintendo won yet you can get people on the well and you know machines and machines that help them get aug graduate and violence I want you Raphael was that the little the movies they didn't like the standalone Derek Terry accuse the cool one but Michelangelo was you know. Are always the party surfer dude the attitude just like the two other turtles the date has yet done a teller with the staff but and that Leonardo was. Yet the sword he was like guy I've got to be the leader he's the cyclops of the group he he had already quite a tight day. I also like Casey Jones on it's no secret here to ask that the only carrier that dude. Fighting with the turtles and what is the use for weapons. Sports equipment or without US I have eyes that I have micron ought to protect. I was a very compelling case Jones when he for Halloween analyze Elvis at the Jason math. I was good ago he's literally played in sports super seriously if played against sports was the superhero does but today's me news or over the gets it gets to go on on the right. 1994 and a couple of movies you have the mask. Which. If it's a little darker is it not is very dark the comments or comic and start the movie well this is right during Jim Carrey's heyday obviously you have the seniors dumb and dumber it's right after Ace Ventura a review and I think it is India's. Out of left field a slicker first major organ I think she was like nineteen or twenty years old and just. Mind blowing out the script he's just. Keep your hands one of the first shot we see she's been in over like six issue though went from he joins us threats that red dress yet she has never looked back and never. Never well. That and I think it was the year 9094. Jim Carrey was the first person ever have like three number one movies at the box office and calendar year via. And that is it easy for cable guy just because his salary when. You look at it as great movie we Google I love you look at it as a credible but that was when you saw it won this yet a lot of people are upset because like that's the the last at least from terror that's dumb and dumber that's from the maps. That guy knows. This is a darker also a movie that I love. Does this stand up today and a comic that I I loved every comment yet the bureau unbelievable and I would say no it does standup because I. Will watch that movie it at a drop out. All the time rest brilliantly currently dead shooting the movie. That bring apparently quit because it is still so in saying that if the lead actor in a movie. Died on sets. How is that not the biggest deal lover like it's it's really sad when it happens this on people but it wants you hear that at bat that's sad that Babbitt. You know what they're doing these crazy stunts and things that they're putting their lives on the line. And we act like if Robert Downey junior died making avengers yet. Without you know and I was like this this was brain enemies like Ricoh role in lucky I am in movies before in this this was closet and he is great and this is supposed to be Monica from over the top and god is always conspiracy theories that like to try and Mike had something again his MB for his dad. Yeah and Sicily and the families of real bullet down and it was like why he died from one single gunshot. Went out like they were seen you know it's it is on the tees standing on the table yeah everybody issued now yet. That's crazy it is so crazy and also inspired. One of the great wrestlers. As odious things hole roasting likely reinvented staying in he's like in the rafters by NW whoa David. One night on Monday night on Monday. I nitro. They did the monologue from the girl. Like Kerry and all the time though the law yet a whole long one like the girl's voice they played images of violence thing. Carriers would release hijack this and our because I love Davies musical on takes probably one of the greatest movie soundtracks. Of all time. Look if you if you kick Caspian in the ninety's like you were on its radius machine the year. Stone Temple Pilots ninety snails Jesus Mary chain. Rollins Band helmet like always original song to date there all original song out here yet I again. Big MT was recorded for that and put it on. What's that the next album this on double while second album it would be empty on it but it was recorded in order though but now. So all originally and in that unbelievable music. Rose at a buddy wanted to put on FaceBook and 150 people replied what what's the greatest regional soundtrack Almaty that might be the winner at zero. Judgment night. Which is there a matchup of ninety's bands and nineties rap groups. Yes oh yes there are that idea. Met a black. It was a comic book. Venom black famous for the moderates are in for the guy we're on the accuracy and for the men in black song that yet in the comedy is very very different obviously this study of the comic yes SoHo where we got. So nice it's just the comic is nothing great it's just it's basically the story of you know legends of these guys in black that show up whenever you see an extraterrestrial. But it's it's not fun like jet you know it didn't last very wanna content last very long as soon as. This movie became a hit Nate they change everything and when they re released them like comics it was. You know I'll based on the Will Smith movie. Platinum black signed. A good sign that summer blockbuster that's just like it's just candy and it's you know yeah I always vote yet the respondent. Was that the rover their render the two point one jump street crossover that a black that's been written like that movie's been written pedigree seeing change Tatum I interviewed her and interact with those guys like off of lake Jonah Hill late. Talked about like he's read the script it's actually thing I. That's what concert I liked the first one I've worked at a movie theater when that went came out and so I have like. Fun memories of like just walking in the real scenes in the heavily to hear but yet give it to movies are not great now now. Yet these summit the president. You know kills me is like you'd like the earth. There are. Three jobs that I've always wanted and one of them was a U being you know working in a comic books or they'll I was working. Specifically uber comics. And and then work in a movie theater so like I'm completely jealous of all the jobs that had never worked out if they wouldn't hire me at the movie theater and they wouldn't hire army into or out of order organ dust by. That would have been disastrous if financial what of that in that this coward about it now would. I had an obsession it's Davies for awhile buying dvds I have more goddamn dvds and I don't really know to do and what do you do these you toss them to keep them IE I can tell you what happened in my 400 plus dvd collection in its very sad tale to burn. No pretty much so I I I took all I boxed up all my dvds to my wife and are moving too little place across town 800 square foot apartment and analysts like you can't you can't have these that we ignored opponent. And we were. Real is a very just got married knows it really hurting for money so I took them to a pawnshop and I sold all of my dvds all like 400 plus of them for like. Ebooks are. And these days has actually not that bad you I guess he's got like economically speaking and reading they're constantly every weekend like you know three for three for five dollars and you going to lasting and he's more content of this one yeah getting that one and yes I have walked on wall of dvds I've been in the they'll take money nor to catch money and anymore right but yet I still throw the minute occasionally my big thing now though as I because of the horror franchises. That are you know some of them just hard to find period ala I just horror wall so hard are you get dvds eclectic. Anymore and I collect like stuff that it's only the stuff that I kept the stuff that Al and I know I'll never find again yeah that's true you know I mean that I have like like prom is one of the ones I just discuss I wanna have it again it's better off dead if I wanna watch them MW yet there are millions and search for a disorder projecting values that well I got Netflix whoever's on there yet HBO ago Oreo lawless and everything that's on demands of chance are you wanna watch a movie you can do it without getting up and putting it in the media that the winner. If you have Diebler that 37. Was met a black also Brian of one of your favorite properties but I'm sure not one of your favorite movies of these ball. You know what it it was I think this movie was a little ahead. An integrated other soundtrack is not as Russian as it was rushed with and I think that Marilyn Manson thought this is yet. And the products associate yeah you still of them answered it. If that movie review and I think they're they're talking they're making Marlins he wants the wants and if you are correct that two or something produced a record he's celebrating it now I know. He's easing and the job of production side he did a video with Kevin Smith forgot announcement the Kevin Smith not directly to other project with yes I think it's that's been opted to detective characters and it's doing to us with which hasn't went yet. That so this movie he came out a little bit too early I think if they did a movie now. It would be fine you know what's really good now if you have a chance he would talk about dvds that you could sign me give credit where else the HBO. Animated series of spy on its on HBO go away. It's on HBO go which at that and I would say you know actually kills in his movies John Leguizamo as clown yet because he actually there's no CG I mean he's like. I remember watching interview with him Mikey for little eight hours a depth. No he's like crunched down like in that suit of tour but there are that small but he's like crunched down and he's like he could like barely moved at the end of the day it was like to work on golf yes I did exactly what he was running around muscle suit public debt that was probably one of my favorite. At the time it's it's a good movie I mean it's it's just did a really big idea didn't have the effects. His doubles MM movies books and awful you know well but it's it's pretty good and what this guy who plays. The main characters on he did Mike Tyson Michael. Also ahead the head black gangster in the Dark Knight. Yes yes they're right on gazans are nice enough from a clown yet played the villain and black actors black dynamite which is a and hilarious movie all right guys. You also get into one from hell and this is one uncle buck and I talked about it to check out the archives we do a whole Alan Moore episode I was comics in the movies that were. Turned in though from inspired by the comics that from now a Jack the Ripper story. Johnny Depp movie. I'll tell you first I did not read the entire crop now but I met this board because that thing is and see it is as the 2000 pages long. Yes there's a lot of Reading the lottery you've got to read it. I would suggest is kind of Peru's issue too because issue too is literally like Wikipedia page or encyclopedia of every church in London area where he'd explain these connections and ties and it's so boring it's almost like when you re watching you have to read the behind the hood did a set yet in the back and all these different things yeah just read the comic itself. But he's so good form miles one of my theory of all time in terrible adaptation until now was this. Was this because I know he. Elmore said he's never won I was known he had every he hates everything like this is the one Connolly Cusick no more make them not conceded swamp thing like kind of like reluctantly. And then this came out he's like never. Menus are watching it not that you will lose all that that. Not to care but like but it's not it's not great again yet yet Johnny Depp. And Heather Graham right at the Bagram and if you haven't without any clue what these sorts material was this year maybe it's not a bad movie it's it's okay. But when you realize how incredible it is as a piece of literature from Alan Moore of the service spoiler but in the novelty day. Have a killer today how did they identify Jack the Ripper a yes it's the same as the movie actually up but well it is but the characters and Johnny Depp is that in the cut it there's an estimated that the assays for the main character I have yet it systems after the stuff from now wrote tradition. In 2002. With all solely. And this was like completely took me by surprise visit Tom Hanks computer literate to this. He wasn't there but maybe they're this went on. It was Spielberg and it was crazy yet accurate number but. Paul Newman I remember being Mendez salmon so. All the would be unbelievable. Tom Hanks was 60 not Tom Hanks doesn't talk really you know he's witness on in the old stuff and he just really does hello lines. But just never really liking it. I don't I haven't seen in the ten years but I've never. In the fourth movie I didn't read it. I'd agree that either I just I'd his eyes what's movie 81% rotten tomatoes. It's there was solid that is more like McConnell bookie to have won the hell boy. Iran four yeah and IE. Was blown away by this because I've read some hell boy before just because I remember picking up the national comic bookstores beam like that relic art and knowing nothing about it in the door Mike and all elected I didn't really knowing about it at summit elected. But then you know you get this. I think you know the Toro is like the perfect person collect this property. Just because house oh yeah he. You know with all his creatures and stuff like that I mean that's as good directors he is a minute think his. The creative like how he sees things like you should look like this yet and Ron Perelman. Ron Perlman who this movie probably got some free drinks at a casino does not retrace that illegals or go to conventions of the Friedrich. Yet an up or non real war it was it was silent. Like that. The maximum we Somalis Mike Dee. By 2002005. Sin city and so Frank Miller whose whose parent not robberies were allotted degree count books of all time. He teams up Robert Rodriguez and this is one of the things that Hollywood didn't like robber Rigas four was because usually effort Barack co director Miller. Talked about is that although I'm taking all the stuff this is his movie I want him in EA even at the cameo in the movie. It's all green screen like it's. What awake I was that's the phase browse watching all of like. The commentaries and all that that you know you watched the dvds you watch all the ship becomes known as the through this thing. When you find out that there were characters or actors in this movie that or in the same scene that didn't even meet each other. When Israel that so separately put it together some surely you know movie snobs out there like that's not how you make a movie but I was so entertained and it looks just like the copilot and that's why it was up out of really well on the acting they got to account. A huge cast for this right and it was really go I think it stands up and I think it's one of the past. Here's the source material or make it and to a movie yeah it's it's hard to do better in this. What was the thing with complete with Rodriguez with the best screen actors skills like almost didn't release it there like all over directors guild of some like that yeah I think it'll cause of the way it was shot in it wasn't done in like a specific. But it is guidelines that you have to shoot a movie like this way and he didn't in the Ehrlich super pissed off about it. Yeah it was very strange I watts a how to make it actually kind of takes out of little bit like thoughtfully. These guys who would really all just acting on the green screen yet they had marked. It is and aids green and biscuits is all this. As our head like there's that scene where Elijah Wood who's scared. So creepy and that will be and I'm Mickey Rourke scared of the Catholic. Hold on. And they're like the like fighting and I don't think you're ever on the set on the same day enough. Does that work as they've they've done people and people and just green screen stuff and you've sub somebody else then you have a standing in the but it it's -- -- if you've ever read sin city or just flip through it it's he with the characters look like through the drawings are and then that is the vote rally yet it's almost literally is the probably the best adaptation from one to the other end of anything topic but let me ask you this statistic I needed to didn't care for hated it hated deceiving us and one girl's opposite opening holes and Frank Miller directed the sequel not ever reais nominees Rodriguez knows what a team to kill for it and it is typical cycle on and they swapped out it wasn't climb only in it laws. John Earl ray yet right now is to orient like that they surgery government Clive Owen was. When you're talking vote list of bad ass characters are guys that just look ridiculous. I've known as as cool as possible and just to kick ass about it terrible and now. I feel like luckiest that I watched that did they spent how was made yeah I think you know and it was kind of like you said it was kinda like somebody's showing you how they did magic trick. It just so blown away by in The Me Show you how they did it you know like that's the topic I'll let you download an unusually weird night from. But musical story about how they they pitch that movie you know the opening scene with Josh Hartnett and annie's like. Doing the dialogue that was I was at 88 yes film that partly convinced him. And with Jamie king was it was him where the girl with the methane seen. They pitched that they show like this that of the movie's going to be in. And out there and making it yet testicles Sox that just yet and since he's sin city. A history of violence came up that senior. There's a great movie Vietnam but I don't call even the comment Saturday. I know and I found I'd it was one of the things that I went into this is this movie's getting good reviews and hearing about it now bigger importance and again in marine bellow the Gannett. And and there. And it said in watching the movies like oh based on the graphic novels of the block a witness graft fight back around the pool lot. That the call back and at that list trying to keep up. A deeper than that comes out 2006 another Alan Moore movie Natalie Portman a Hugo Weaving public universities face. This is great isn't another one where. Under the did a great job where I read the entire. These epidemic on Al more deaths than the present and it's very like political and it's very Alan Moore I would sure like I did I was I was on board. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed them I I'll watch this movie it's on. You know it's funny without that and we talked about this in the more showboat with all of his material being so dense and so rich in character. This is probably the best adaptation anything they did it is yeah amazing though he wrote it in that warrior magazine. Where it's literally he's writing stories from miracle man who is a superhero who's basically decided to. Become this on minute hundred beamed its nets as a three were adamant yes I'll. Yeah ominous being taught you how it's gonna just control everything vs be from a data he was writing the same time as a character in the opposite. Who is fighting off against this government is trying to control everything so just the fact that a master writer like that to those two Thursday's accident I'm in the same magazine. Jeopardy courage Yemen V was and that's another very very close the source material is the way it looks. It and that the way it's a written so now if you don't watch anything on more that would be you know it. It was about one and of course also was the of the movie that Natalie Portman shaved her head for those I was them. They made a big deal about that and I was like omen who gives him tonight with their. 2007 yet 300. Of dealing steroids like due to their shirts off Felix part of this is part of the kick the electoral. Gerard Gerard Gerard Butler and searched the answer racing about it as well. The fumbling in his literally I think it was pitched as gladiator on steroids those isn't the fund. You know crazy action and and no wonder acts that are. No way of miserable ethnic classes like ours. It's actually base based on a story that actually happen. And and it's funny like how I happily mention that the people that like no this really happen it. But no for real late and ended the misleading because yes there were 300 spartans but there are also like a thousand people from other places as well be right from. But yet they were the ones who lead in the whole thing in. My if you ever watched this thing like there's a book called gates fired that's basically what's. So that's what this is based on but it's it's an amazing story. I'm told in this way it's com Frank Miller and in that the way was shot you know Zack Snyder did and I think he took excuse obviously from sin city. The way to shock yet basic reads India. This sequel to. Yeah has also terrible yeah that's why do you why do them but om and things that really produced it between directed some of her. The difference lateral crop obviously on the podcast but he eased some good things like outside the top of the dead remake is one of my favorite. Or was remakes of Tivo reports on that I'm a big fantasy when things like easily on the the sign like the guys on the roof on it I don't I am I think he's like Rosie O'Donnell. Quietly picked India as I like that. At Goddard who has. Was good wasn't great but not three but that was good though nothing meant that he did so I don't think he's he's all of I think I think I honestly I think that's his best. Yeah I would say that's his 300 dog eating drive though he. The notes like the book because it is adjusting this in the king's show is going to be very interesting horror fifty horror that we Isiah ability. So brief aside so we're average of the top fifty or movies three of laws that target two part episode released in October has to be I'm already thinking about you know multiple targets at one time we did six shows and and yeah suck yeah. That outs political the I guess that's what defines more houses are all off topic here but. Is it just whatever you think it's or what do we all agree that alien is or isn't or jaws is or isn't or sounds the lambs is or isn't just it's your list. And if you have it really hide nobody else has that maybe makes the list of not the reason why it's lower than excellent yet nine there's I there's an argument to be made obviously Billick. I. I don't think Younes dealer alien is a horror movies more scifi dot. But yet alien is our daily insights and that's ultimately an action movie right idea aliens I would have alien. On there. And I wouldn't put predator and there'll not edit this on actions yeah action even though they put them together in the comics and in the movies but is that a fielder's choice in the sense that Satan neither do you guys have jobs and if hypothetically you know I have it might top ten men and the date that waited points a clock accidentally or on our list Garland Y ordeal related evidence there. That's what happened with the guy 100 yet we have ones that were in the 70s80s and guys like this was my personal like top five yet but because nobody apparently it was at all. Zoo Atlanta episode of there that's I would do it rather than going through ahead of time saying what is. Or what isn't. Taco chemo my oath and I left them out including a league of extraordinary child asleep though let's not talk about the she got a little as an island honorable. Constantin. Well that's the DC public yeah. Something anything for them down thirty days of night. Which I think is a great promise another vampire thing like the idea of Alaska because of if you were a vampire that where would you go where would Hugo that a whole idea. And that. It's a huge Josh Hartnett and but. Pretty good at that and then there's a lot of action pretty gory there's there's local economy. Mean vampire I don't neglect cast back as a character actor you know Dick Beatty movie who attack that was that just kept on it was like in knowing husbands and yet Noah and I I agree I think the vampires themselves that the way to vampires are portrayed in that is is some of the best like that is vampires movement that hawk and I probably you know I mean they're kind of like that like. In it at temple win and move yet it is it's art in the wages. Comic version yet that is in the believers that. Is very well done it from comic to movie as. Now when you when you become of him but the only problem is that when you become a vampire do you like automatically know the language speaking. Or is LA because we're up around real language. Is that Olympics. Awful. Awful lot of holes and there they also the sequel to that too which. Think of how boy to the golden army 2008 that was actually a sequel holds up those on more and more of the same but is it got but it interest again they'd. DL there's more characters. Thing that you know Netanyahu cowboy isn't what he what he represented all of us I thought that was that was good him. There the only thing that pissed me off about that movies there was the promise for the third one that we're never gonna see the valley of death in the balance out yet another rebooting. Yet with which site this is not here reboot the first encounter dozens four. Wanna tell you to plummets it does because you and I've seen Ron prominent person yeah economic he's not drawn any of that. Process stuff on anymore on that was he was cubic mile he looks a little. Whether frail he looks whether he could be on the future of the pocket looks like two miles a torn up road. Yeah this one but you guys know you got the right I've not in 2000 eight's wanted. Once there you go ahead you go ahead and talked about this before you go to you Ali you start now. It is on a Mark Miller. Comic whose era it is one of my favorite things I've ever read it was one of the things that replica back in the comics that got me even more of us back in the comics. It is the worst portrayal of any comic book into a movie. Ever and it's let it lets down its only different levels. Even though it's got an agent Leigh it's got its border Freeman Freeman but it indymac VoIP they create this entire differ plot. In which a first of all the most people even know it in 200817. What a loom is about about a humble yet also the message from lol there's pay magical little bit also tell the future that they. And today this is a plot point terrible effect Mark Miller movies. Are finally getting to be good because the kings with Secret Service is very good but for awhile east really painful after Watson and a days. Yet and I think like you said the characters to sell off your enemy and the one that stands out is fox who played by Angelina Jolie in the comic. She sold dynamic in such a ball buster yeah she's constantly speaking to somebody and and Angelina Jolie has like three lines in the home. You know enemy and it's comparable slow. Does exist in the now. They add that they put that right in the trailer an analytic curve bullets and I think that thing with a wanna definitely be that I really like so much as its sole. Batch it at times like it's it's so not the I don't know how long is the the sword arts and it's piracy issues there opera basically wan collected edition yet again one. You know moderately most of most of Mark Miller it's Millar smile and I think Tyler Phil Miller right act as though most of his stuff is collected in Isaacs issues and is. It all meant to do was betrayed. Civil war heroes yeah him and some of them are on the he's he's a heavier demand and making a passionate and so he's limited action packed exciting yeah yeah seems like it always translate agreement that in this case that he writes. She forget kickass again. To capitol smugglers. Ethnic Catholics is an excellent argument doesn't it there's also a sequel to that where you get Jim Carrey you know which is my god that's sock you bring him and then Dallas ankle was not great. The first week a lot of fun. Is it is a ton of fun. Interesting though I mean kick ass and some of the of the stuff he's done this is actually under icon brand which is owned by. Marble but it's indeed and that's an area that's angered so sorry about that before so I don't know what percentage that actually goes mark marble koppers if any and a because it is indicated it was basically away from marvel to capitalize on guys that wanted to do in its products that credible listened to stick with us we'll give your own independent thing though parent and you can have the rights to it and so that's they got the previously he'd really good writers. Yes and and kickass kind of fit in elect the right time early penalties like squeaky clean superhero movies and in this team and it did really well yeah com and the casting is great but the characters are teenagers they talk a teenager talking where yet talk about sex and talk about altered stuff. And actually the the one good thing about the movie. Is it was a little bit better in the comic book was he gets the girl hot chick in the urine will be in the comic then it doesn't happen a the other Mark Miller one thing that was nemesis yes which is also under the umbrella was. So I had and I mean that's a marvel stuff on our list but nemesis was mark. You know he doesn't fit into. He's marble but he's not hang out yet Smart enough for right now I did put two of his things are my what I've wished to see yes I'd nemesis one of them if you just seen him on Myers to issue its adding so good day's level and then the second was superior. Which is at a fever read this one but it's it's basically the movie being. If his wishes to be a super here. Which is an athlete like this is the Monica Abbott unit is like trying to take him down but it first preference its curriculum is for Tom. I had me at demonic monkey. I think that's another different but it also reminds me came on the same year was Scott Pilgrim vs the world. Just the idea of sort of like you know high school aged kids being of all and do as some crazy stuff but it's our program is even. Crazier like it's Erlich at the video game in real life type of thing. Call a cool scenes like these bought out like a drop out of love I think it was the perfect marriage of source material. And director I think that with Edgar I agreement. And Edgar like right now lake there's probably no potter director right now he's the man at right Tom and this was. He had done I'd seen hot father's I'd seen Shaun of the dead. And then this came out and I'm like this this guy's like how he. And I don't get to Gorky on it elect that's faster dork I don't wanna get to like film dork wanted to like how he shoots sequences is yeah it's pretty it's it's like nothing ever seen you know enemy does nobody does nobody quite like right cheek style yet and is in this was a very unique stories select the marriage of those two things made for a pretty good movie I'm not a big Michael Serra fans. I think so summits that wants elect Michael Serra looks like he just showed up. On like a film set by accident one day and and I had to stay here going to be make music at your enemy and it was funny an accident too because going back to cast for a second think that guy who plays the son. Is such a great character in the comic in yet they cast that would be little guys from you know. Adamant that this matter is again the kittens from August labor clout in eleven now they cast him as this of these capitals list but it just he doesn't. That putt off all as a terrible cast off with Scott Pilgrim Mary Elizabeth Wednesday. What a great actresses she's public that this is recent season of Fargo which I didn't think was great. About she was like the Baath party's best for us it igniting clothes and your girl Carrie compute. We have to Medicare kinda stuck her in front of the podcast and a pocket here's my art you winced registered buyers and is heard admirals cheerleader in. The Tarantino had dinner through death through all of our coverage is great ozawa yeah death yes you reinstall the guy at the farm yeah Adams it was but he. She was also of course great enough time chlorophyll plane when the three actors and all that important vehicle 1111 while were across the street or through and voted to read now this is not judge dredd Austin mr. Stallone style which we didn't mention you could throw in those terrible. But this dread movie I think because that was so bad at the cartooning good news. The I. That's operated at the live at seven a bad Clouseau depression yeah I thought of that. So I was doing an impression of Rob Schneider doing an impression of Sylvester Stallone I think you that was so that people didn't see the storm why did because he and I Stallone's here for continued to go to media I don't know Sinatra was at and demolition man and again just scratching your head you know demolition man was. Awesome when you were ten or twelve or whenever you saw the government often than. And you look back. Greetings and citations patriot what your Bogle units in the three sees him as I still don't I'm dying you know odd move I recently saw. Kings and the Secret Service ever ribbons on me to see if the Palestinians since I watched recently long time out. Dread and Karl urban dread with thirsty minister is (%expletive) awesome yeah. Reached agreement to weed I just wanted to get my own that we can really political science that it's got its (%expletive) awesome trezeguet movement yet. Sorry can happen to you better. Kings and great but drug drug was great I of that I'm Deidre go back and check that out and exhibit a in the sequels coming out so I'm so happy that you finally sucking me because I've I've like wanted to talk to about it forever and you know remove the so. There's a scene this is sort of a sort of a spoiler to about it it's proper couple years could skip ahead if you think tanks and it's not going to Wear the whole ending earned him but there's a big part in it where. Law when they're training to be a part of the secret service group they ought to take a puppy. And that also helps to show you just how long I've been America's the poppies grow into it you know little dogs and then at the end of the last test. They give a kid or whoever reward they give you gone. And the person tells you shoot the dog. And I as I said are you walking two hitting me like that shoot this dog. And I'm out ridiculous thought that the kid doesn't shoot the dog and it's a big deal Meyer you're not welcome here like you failed the last test because the guy he should dog. You later find out that. The gun actually was a point. But even still I feel so you want the person to kill the dog that they raise the and those responsible that was in view but I hate that it like. If you shoot a point even at a dog. Up this hearing to recover so that's great and can't hear anything anymore so that may be so mad and then. The fact that. Colin Firth character and he he was like yeah he passed the test to. Am like that you would have children up. Now I hit it he takes great character like now if you served on dogs I'm on the up and running against nobody cried when no dealer and an epic that. Overall babble is a lot of bottom for the sequel looks like they're adding a lot A list actors and actresses to the sequels which one of the best pay up endings do yes. Yes absolutely which doesn't there does a funny to go like I have a friend who. In the call of duty games like you know like dogs attack you and yet the extent the document acting when he. You'll play Smart take a not to them not doing I'm not to you and I play video games like basically for a living in them not to miss the netstat and it argument there's a thousand people deaths and moving yours that Boston the only point and that they like me saying maybe to kill the dog my. That delicate finesse it hurt the church seem like a hundred people die only as yet that is the scene and you don't kill the dog you know it's a funny though if you watch Independence Day. In enough numbers this happening in the feeder. The entire. The leaders stressed out as watching the stock running from that attack the cars behind reflecting exploding isn't it. Dying left and right objected dog jumps into the alleyway or whatever to survive and it would. A relatively guy he picks out and things that he picks out a puppy pollen it's at least five dogs tied it and the girls like. Nice pop music the bulls on that and the pugs that will invigorate that now a candidate has that it's got. So that's I don't have left out somewhere where were some of the ones that I didn't have on the. I had Americans wonder. Which as they talked about being young. The great Harvey. Bauman rise outnumbered girls ended up having a wacko just I'd just as interesting look at things in a comic book form of and he made a really good movie with yet. With dom who taught him how he might. It was crazy because they actually the guy actually exist like Harvey. The movies like Paul Giamatti like he and telling Harvey the actual heart repeat are telling the story. Now Paul Giamatti like acting it out ways yet he plays us heralded the end there's there's moments were like you see like RBT cars on the story and in the background. Like. All Jim bodies like at the Kraft table eating and addressed as hard because I think interesting way they feel that yes it's it's a really cool way they filmed it and it's just like this guy who's just. Falcon looser and Alex somehow he got hooked in with Robert from from the movie from. Who like. Thought it was funny to like they meet this weird comic about just normal dude lives and a Cleveland. I'd like to collect the likes old jets you joining me in my it sounds like goes on the record book yet but it's yes it's like if you could just go find any dead beat on the street make a comic book up like Biden who would do that but it's actually to an entertaining comic the read out any -- to the point where they even DC and picked up from what color they are doing this and he was like a regular guest on Letterman and he (%expletive) freaked out on David Letterman he kicked him off the show like refused to have back but this guy like had it made just completely (%expletive) it up. I don't know there was barbed wire. How much are well I certainly their call that was issued the a comic but in for some issues here in me that during the winter in the credit she's like on this X wing being sprayed with a hose in adults around in like that's what I got to watch it and I'm Chris W Blair just like the like the cover of like. Tape that's when it first delegates as a cover in of the media outlets like sideways. Yeah. Now he's and she got that barbed wire that arm band tattoo right now for that move on real crisis really hasn't really has the man and a mystery men was a as I'm so surprised the you do nice heated Havoc on the list actually characters from the flaming carrot comics right as fighting cook the law for the loss look at him and other experts things. They've been here into the about a ball both scholarly yet. Those are awful. I was yes he had all involved yeah that's dollars that determines that the big foreigners. Did you think fart. Oh yes. Election pretty funny that a few parts overlap and I think people were just gonna stellar stellar at that point yes it was that removes one red sodium from the eighties was that that was actually before it was a marvel product it markets and independent property marble box for a little while a little while yeah yeah opted to give somebody to college and even that was in the and a primary. The rockets here. All right how about Jennifer dogs aren't guaranteed to not get me started on Jennifer Connelly X separate and we differ ever opportunities to opt out. You dare. Which currencies on a broad per horse yeah I was on the horse which is right like that or way to Omaha but she target. Like at twelve in this movie so I was Watson equestrian Olympics but apparently it was like really seductive but he's got to routes but I Wright talked about the hours we started doing it and there. The very they have I forget it's like office does terminal Roni dumber Roy plays that the biggest creep in that movie scenic calls them already balls off the thing in football club course that the if it's a weather of my favorite. Like John Hughes movie scenes she's a try to deal seductive music try to play and a tremendously each. It's its problems and oddly re watchable just for her but just every watchable movie did he was just that John Candy through the rock as a director Tales from the Crypt that was obviously as huge comic he's so confident they had a 72 movie they had 95 and in 96 movie. Heavy metal it was. Actually one of the great where they turned a comic. Book and they got a said that will be thank god yeah that I I'll look very first heavy metal like the Sammy Hagar soundtrack and and I will watch that. But it's got so great celebrity John Candy who was it to Jeanne Levy is it was a bruise swells when they India they get somebody great voice overs for the for the felt that was early that was like. 81 who ask after early on there was a passion project for like John Landis in the sky if you don't watch heavy metal 2000. Yeah at the skip it cowboys and aliens. World's terrible common battle for terrible moving though Exxon. Tank girl who got sent down I loves and Lori Lori petty is a tanker 95 Alec ticker iced tea is a half man half kangaroo group. It and it looked the guy who did a gene was DB Hewitt how that team with a guy who did guerrillas who did and really it's comic. Look around outlook being really. Do and I know it government via on. Fox is is a horror comic it is incredibly graphic and it graphic sexual ways wells violent way. They made a movie I guess of this in 2000 and centers or is that it's he had to like Nazis ads like Nazi vampire that's about where manners about. On site CNET I can't accurately manage you know it was that the lack collectors because it was such a low print run that now I don't think for people fine. Our PD. Those are Brian Giles. That terrible they desperately seeds and went into the wall in the back all right like as in real life in its like hold I came in and do that. Interest X that I film that they filmed one of the scenes on my street pilot controls the woman trying to write your regular run right up I was I was arm's length from edu from Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Bacon. And I was almost I was very hard day for me as an very bad mood. And some pick and some PA it was like you can't you can't go there a Mike that's my house he's like. Yeah that you use a Mike I'm go to my (%expletive) house electric I was like this little like that squeaked it might get in my pocket house and he's like. All kinds that are making our IP dailies like Andy's eye appointment Ryan Reynolds in my Kevin Bacon looking economic to the (%expletive) I know deflect your ears anyway. It was I've received an approach marks. Yeah I'd like them deleted but though girlfriends. Paul Rudd like girlfriends last wife yes it's she was like I dare to guess is he is on the run up the street. Times with the yet. Yes so in an alas when it emphasis was red eyed and beauty noticed that was coming out of him today and that at least a dream team cast and it was just okay. You know Brett you know not worth the Jeter now actually cards Carla deal Levine. Time you do dominion and eyebrows suicide squad. Is in that though aryan in the city of whatever I guess that's all implants that's different looks like avatar. Or losses like aware of what's in the on the preview for yet because it is a terrible and houses were watching some movies in the movie preview coupon for that the pace stuff like the amazing like Robert Mellman would like ground in this number doubt I doubt it note that says a lot about now but I think you know be. The guided the fifth element most attacks and he hasn't done. Well enough not for awhile. And he did the profession lupus on. The couple's home he did the professionally on the effect of all well and I sit element widget can you know and then he's like he hasn't done anything wild here this is obviously. Our top five movies then out of this group non DC non marble and then. Give me one or two that has yet to be made that elect a CD. I'll defer a deferred uncle buck one top 5 I am to go it's and in no particular order a practice in city. Kick ass. And go with king's been. 300. And what the Helm amenable. Oh all right a while ago since the king's men of good those are today have to be on there I'm actually gonna go to the crow. As the last a lot of V for vendetta. Although different that I wouldn't say super re watchable like you know that there's a lot got a happy bearing down on and I but it's really good. And then idealistic aspirin endemic of the slight edge to Scott Pilgrim vs the world OPEC. So it little overlap for both the Dominic go to crow I remember that was a very out of our team they are yet and James a bars comic. Which stated they said they're gonna remake and do it more true to the comic which was a little bit bright crazy about it. Like that I would help boy. Did you know I really I really like the hell boy movies in both of them actually sin city. Scott Pilgrim obviously I think Otto aren't this list having my favorite one on your Scott Pilgrim actually over. And I I'm a huge fan of dread the Karl urban dread general school. With Donald Gleason played in the guy with a cyborg guys answer C minister being Melissa mama whatever they're called area Dallas does exe really really cool movie my it's Debbie my five. Are on the block one or two or three. That has not yet been made that you'd like to CNET so. My my victory here are miracle man that they Alan Moore. Take on these super hero yes. There. The entire history behind the character is we've talked little bit about it before but tactically fascinating to me. I would love to see you know sort of two or three part movie. It's incredibly tense and violent and disturbing so it could not be relieved TV series even Netflix. Saga of I think that would be great yeah I think actually at one point that will be made into movies yesterday and a and a hoping Helm iconic rising through the roof effect invincible which is a or Robert Kirk and I just picked up the first bomb I've already yet but it asks eleven I've definitely never end thanks so I'm actually you know. On the that's one words basically combination of what if you had Superman but he was. Like Peter Parker's younger teenager when he started it Paulus. Really really really good premise and great story all over our universe is fantastic. But I wanted to mention real quick we talked about the fact that I've brother in the industry. So his last project was a cup I was comic called red dog 4451 media for a few parties but Michael Bay owns the company. Any idea here was that Michael Bay was making transformers it was a things instead you know at this comic things blowing up I'm just in a comic book company. So that we can create these titles interminable odds are yes so he did all these different titles anyway the woman brother worked I was called red dog it's basically Michael dealer in space. I'm so not necessarily saying that it would make a good movie out of hard up and he did a good job. But he actually is working on one now called sync which horror comic yes I ever the first the university yeah awesome yeah it was good -- crazy so yeah I really think that has as lab that's already issues are out think they're well it the first issue finally gets released when I gave news from rescuers near comic cracked first as she gets released in September in its hosting monthly and there are companies work and it should for. Okay cool so. Yet the protect Elena I would say the boys. We've brought that up a Notre Dame and I was the boys is very woods and a pig be and it is one of the characteristic example here's these drawn to be Simon pay an art that that's right current minister at that as yet wrote it the government preacher which. You could say that's who wanted to move it but it's better off as the show because it just so much going on and is currently show. But the boys sort of the other superheroes Mosul artistic density of a group of the boys that needs to keep superheroes in check and it's just awesome and the superheroes. They they are celebrities rate Mike so they have their own comics and everybody looks up these superheroes but there're a lot of them are bad people behind closed doors like their truck attic and I sent the hawks and yet is there than just insane. And the boys are pretty bad ask her yes is basically like you know ray Donovan. Meats like superheroes in because they elect the cleaners and do what they are Jack you know I mean and it's it's great. That like if if you were superhero like you are gonna go home just like relax. Unity you know I'd like these guys like you why rock star figure like a rock star like absolutely yeah. I'm limited power and money in whatever you know what would you do you know when dislikes it being morally. But the characters of the boys with Huey and yet but what Miller and now the butchered in the Frenchman and that. That female I mean females on the dangers dad did that. It's is perfectly Akerson yet that is political anomalous August on would be amazing that that it's a couple that would that would be good from. One album while we talk about nemesis while offering elegant. Hundred bullets which I think is it really really cool premise and that that's like. You can repeat that because all it is the premise is basically. This guy shows up but he has a case that has a hundred bullets and an untraceable and he always gives it to people who have like this vendetta against somebody else elect. And they say like if you use this gun and whatever like you're not gonna get away with it get away with it yeah basically you can view and every one with this and you anyway. They're investing Brian as a Rawls the he's at the gripping and he doesn't give things one of mom and so on the other one I'll mention to you that I think would be great is American vampire. Love to be visiting a sick sick movie or. Netflix shell or summit and it is a lot of law there's a lot of lines now but I would say Skinner suite is like one of my favorite. Comic book characters very cool such a cool Catholic I Colin Powell did every so every issue of this it's like a different decade. A different time I looked up all the players that he's the way he goes from Mike beam like they outlawed gunslinger to like. The degree certain that if these in Hollywood my Hollywood in the it's it's not like how how good of a character that is especially overtime like how he gets better always great and you know. And the last mention is another Brian has a row one called moonshine. Yeah you are doing and yet so it though it's a basically a story about where wolves who are com. Like bootleggers. Like during like prohibition. Yeah I make so moonshine it's like that plan on so that the prohibition there. A warehouse yeah so it's actually really cool story I've reverend a couple of trees and so. I would be on port that doughnuts are out there in the met this in the Stephen King episode his son Joseph hill that this year's lock and key which is long ago podcast a while ago. Again now one might be tough to cram into a movie. Maybe it's old too long or maybe you just have to do. A movie with a sequel would planned sequel or a two part movie that might make sense org Beckett even via a solid one season TV show but don't approach up there as well. Netflix Netflix in my twenty billion dollars at a summit that I like the bishop David Obi supplement and a I'd say though I'm looking at them I just looked. You know what we're doing this research on all these things are in some sort of level of production of ocular bone it is take take the movie list that we just came out with ink quadruple it is crazy on the and one other thing the boom in one album that I just I just I and found out awhile ago but it mounts and legs is out what might. As you know one of my favorite. Books here Sammy and slam. Richer countries death series I think it's like its ninth novel. It's been Rubin forever but that's exe and while there was that we just we spent an hour talk about all is palpable v.s that aren't marvel or DC properties that we don't play it up built on those it's just there's so much figure. A hash tag door to new garlic compost or chances are what you're reading right now either is it will be or will soon be levee break at some point you just got to hope the right when it can make it to access an exact let's get anything else they file pots no I mean this is again like you to set I mean this is a good reason for you to go and check though. You know your local comic bookstore line and just pick something up that you and it's like it before it gets picked I think it's cool because like Walking Dead a lot of people like. Gone back and read and and and in the books probably even better than the TV show popular teacher of the preacher. A yeah I you don't even more appreciation for if you read the whole series first and then sort of see what they do whether to TV your horrible. Absolutely and it's got to be something you like you if you walk into comic books or there's going to be something new like yeah on ultra certainly this is a very diverse as a lot going on. On the block where the people follow you and your podcast you Boston sports one of one podcaster and the wonderful W yeah I've podcast radio network effect as well as uncle but the BE EI. On Twitter thanks a friend again I'll always a pleasure of Sherwood targeted in fact. October we're going to be doing the top fifty or movies as voted on by the three of us that is the ultimate list four or movies are gonna get cracking on my list to date yet again your list one through fifty that it on the block he's gonna wade through it and rank them based off how we so and it's going to be it's going to be just like I I ten I tend towards the more psychological. Think your very much more like the slasher I saw won the race yet so I adjusting to see that's the debate it there we get when it's considered more harm movies and Halloween or is reporters here you can crash you know. It's Jennifer's reasonable we'll do too is if you if you listen the the PS 101 guys they did the top 100 movies. And what was great is each one with Arctic ones that you like you know number fifty debut with say is export to go through it and 49 and uncle blocked 48 will be world's gold around the circle we try to do like three minutes and needs so it's actually pretty quick even as a success is necessary but not alive a feeling it's Google but in the capital of we're gonna do the best intense oral report that thanks -- uncle buck. And coming up right now in our pick of the podcasts ticket upon. It's. You. And just like that moves uncle buck is gone it is keys in Davies for the pick of the podcast. We've gotten dating back on his very clean smooth landline telephone Dave would be the episode. I'll what I do what I agreed episode that was. What what a great time gone by and I remember it in order fondly from just a couple. A couple of weeks ago but let's go to quote on our failure you're you're not wrong. The pick of the podcast here Ryan would you like to kick received defend the gold defer. Usually I deferred but I will receive today who. Yeah usually go ability he had with Mike it's our on the outside doesn't we also do it is beyond. So I have to I have 88 pick the pod and eight blog so. Here we go so this Friday when I'm really excited about I watched this entire series in its original animated form but the Netflix movies or death note. Comes out on Friday that'll be my pick of the pot. They've whitewashed it no one Asian in the movie anymore that people were kind of stuff about that but. The really cool story so fear is fear into kind of you know aside five or stuff. I would check that out in a quick plug I have they a protege I would call the protege got you doing this before he met me. But there's a kid who are used to teach. Whose YouTube channel I think I've mentioned before picking up some steam. On and is he goes by the name one. One word duck hunter 44 yes Nate Tyler McMillan this kid is. Limitless energy that a bunch of on boxing's. Big video game kids so. Check him out subscribe like watches videos he's a good dude so. So from below. Good stuff there in my picks of the podcasts also kind of plugs oftentimes the video podcast. Is plugs out once again point now to check out our YouTube channel. YouTube dot com slash dork podcasts now are we doing gamers drones episode recaps but here in their orders at some of the things including if you listen to our Boston comic con episode. Last week. Davey put up the entire interview. With a guy but but stole the show it now is the docket cause played documentary guy's name is Josh Adams. You could see the entire interview that think seeing it also gives it another layer it's pretty good stuff. Dates that shot a lot of video that might have been the best part of the whole day. Is the interview that we had with him so it's available right now on our YouTube channels I highly recommend that. And again you can subscribe to that is that you could subscribe to I'd soon so you know when the ships coming out. And nothing Al wanted to say thank you very much there's a few weeks in the making both finally got her hands on it thanks to Chris Russo. For sending us a couple of bottles of wine from Kelley and young out in California. He had sent didn't want to Mac and you're in the boxers to smack into their fiftieth episode. And was that fiftieth or there hundredths but it will help it if it's no boxes to do with the Mac and 200 of the mag. A hundred got to start. Court illnesses every morgue that I've been on that is there so anyway. Finally our hands at some this why I like wine my wife loves it in the stuff did not stay long in our house she was a huge huge bears to keep him out for Kelley and young. Is this the winery. Delicious stuff so thank you very much to Chris for that and against check out our YouTube. Channel as we mentioned the beginning of this episode Ryan next week will be game of the role in season seven all seven episodes will be done as the finale is coming up. This weekend. That's going to be there's a lot in store there idyllic in that vote. Or. Eighty minute. Good hour. It. And then the week after that. Given everybody when he of time to watch the defenders animator who wanted a second time. I gotta finish up the season pretty soon and then by the time we do yep that'll probably watch it again. So the next two are in stone in the bull will go from there but. That's good for this episode of hash tag dork of course you can subscribe on iTunes and the UTB can leave us a comment leave us a review. Five stars all that nonsense at dork podcast on the what are. Or podcast at gmail.com. If you wanna shoot us an email were also on snapshot. In Davie you there onslaught are streaming the video games. Primitive video games when I have usable Internet which has not been very often recently. And that's not my fault. Phone now yeah. It sounds like a ship carpenter who blames his tools. Yes true mr. when you're right your right but I heard via this school campus on which rightly so. This evidence is little peek behind the curtain every time we get on there we have. Once we get our over watch team assembled brother 245 or even do the rare case sort out all six guys on or playing. Debut we played really well he's a winner let's start to a city search switches Dexia. And a laggard. And unless. Like yeah why I'm pressing forward I'm going to let the school the Davey is gonna flew off the map there I don't know why you chose to do that I get a stop about now like Erica. And I think this season tickets a week left of over watch some you had a good week left that really go. Balls long and join the do's summer skins and things like that. Yes and there's a new map junker count gonna come out. For EST get these visit you know I don't fret hometown. I can't wait I am pumped. Four that are let's get a final words and words of wisdom Larry some of the to share things that people. You know rich guy if you work in an office spilled material of an apartment building much luck around and just just check the expiration date and all the fire extinguishers. No it can't hurt anybody so note here you're going to be got. Yeah just give a look. A recent thank you Ryan.