#DORK 27: Boston Comic Con

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Wednesday, August 16th

Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey react to what Casey Affleck said about his brother Ben's future as Batman.  It's BREAKING #DORK NEWS!  Plus they caught up with a number of great characters at last weekend's Boston Comic Con.  Twitter: @DORKpodcast 


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If the door. Martinez. Is the door to Martinez which cheek if the door. Monty. If that's my dorm blonde cash. Banks are journey into another episode of hash tag dork my name is rich keep joined once again and Ryan Davey Davey how real. I'm fantastic Richard anything new going on the hill. I yeah I was actually going through my social media today and on and program. Let's do sex requested to follow me so lumbered pretty good day for me. A simpler and today. That's in there when did you accept that request. I didn't know to raid but you know I get. Every now that it just puts a smile on my face just to be thought of like that economy. You know I think that is the only you still got it. If big area I have a vision Issaquah into. That's what the French certainly today now Ryan would typically. We would start up every episode of as the boss the comic con up at the Sobel would normally start off with this we can hash tag dork but you know what I believe. I believe we have some breaking news. Now they hashed ads or blue slash. That might become mistake Democrats pick up thanks a lot Q now do you take it to does that still wars. Smokes okay thank you go now if you've been paying attention to us on the Twitter at or podcast at that broke. Suddenly lose yesterday and Davey I was on the my day job if you will. With dale in Hollywood or on WEEI we're doing the at WE I NASA and Jimmy Fund radio telephone a great up to we've raised millions of dollars for cancer research which appeared and been awesome. And on Tuesday Casey Affleck be Academy Award winning actor Casey Affleck. He was tore up the first pitch the Red Sox game so he swung by we had a chance to talk to about ten minutes he was awesome and I asked the question. That would certainly be on the minds of almost dorks and that is is better half like your brother going to be in. Batman and he gave us an answer. And then I two weeded out and people were so fired up because they thought that I didn't get his joke or they thought but he is messed around it out we were. The thought we were prominent use some harsh language here that we're hassles at the people kind of thought that we were. I said you know already right we're gonna play that audio. And then we can pull. React to what we think he actually meant and why am I to me to what it would that's. All right so this again this is later on in the interview this is Casey Affleck and mrs. I think my first question at least about ban to him. Others are there's a rumor now after collecting the brother but the rumor that he has not going to be in the standalone Batman movie out but he is a tremendous Batman. Putin in them. Is it that I. It's not use it used its these these heroes schemes had something to channel work that there but I knocked it you know thing. Prisoners. We'll keep playing it because there's there's this what people are really upset about at that point to me and I'm sitting right across from on Brian and he is. First of all a Fidesz. Who is playing pat and even if it's is rather. Is not as important Casey Affleck as it is to you beat people listen this or weirdos on the Internet or jerk offs on the Internet or tweeting us saying that we were just trying to get attention it's more important us a fully fully admit you're right I mean it even though it's his brother that habitats are playing out of that you think that the big a deal. Now and that's the thing like and and correct me out Robert you're with he did he come into that room alone. Yes he does he did a because there's a moment in this and I like we're gonna dissect it Erica I feel very strongly about this just as you do because of the heat that we got for yes. And what you do it. So we let all victory by the whole thing first. Part guys are re odds are replaying that marks that that's the most important part of it to me as he's just. Answered a question honestly. Channel work that there but he's not that that you don't think. Presumably it's. So he says sorry sir I will little thing but he says sorry to say. I like idiot negate or interviewer says US breaking news whereas if I didn't save that. You would have just like. You would have left it there I guarantee little left of their daily or Michael would jump in and asked them about something else that other role that he's it and they would have moved on. I jumped in to save breaking news because it was I couldn't contain myself I think a lot of it. Only speed that any re. If you set which you wanted to say which were probably been like holy (%expletive) Like walked off Faulk now I wouldn't have had and so yeah I'd like that is breaking news it are the summit promised though little. Prisoners. You've broken you glad I was afraid of making that up. The thing I hate yeah. We got out I hurt your purse on a guy that is sad news bill recover but a 500 word god would you like to maybe take its place. It's a superhero who he did anomalous that's. He has it's taken its victims like guys ever if it's off the main users. Then they think it's. Well first of all swamp there would be an amazing movie I wanna I wanna say anything to him their become like you. Like I dare you test me on and it's your superior ride that'd be good movie in the right hands. But a lot in there and one thing that he. I even sows so he. Response to all I just made that up all because mean Dail are there that's breaking news he was not try to break news he's not trying to blow up his brother spot he probably wasn't following what was going on a comma con he was just saying. What is then led. To police or for the conversations he's had with the cattle that he's doing that movie sorry to say he's sorry to say. And that he thought statements at the sarcastic way like. Again I'm not saying I have never been ruled a number of never not been able to reach sarcasm but I do okay job at that I suck a lot of things. I'm decent at picking up jokes and are now. That's the thing every if you end I was gonna say like I've listened to this audio I've read the transcript. And have watched the video. It's Alter their will to weed out the video just yet there's a YouTube video WEEI. We you to beat that out as well. This information came out yesterday. And I tweet it out from dork podcast because I'll be honest I want to get the attention on door podcast and it was more days to work story that a fight we have from the the key for calpers for anybody to hear or for anybody to walk to that point. At about was legitimately breaking news now that next day. It is literally picked up in Entertainment Weekly. It was picked up the Hollywood reporter sky news. Would is that. Nine had a yeah it's out of scroll through my eight of the public places that I follow and like. Casey Affleck says this about his Brothers brawl about men. Up rocks they all they all had it and people these. DC fan boys and girls came out of that god it would work to attack us in Brian as used to it as I am because people and nasty (%expletive) about. I could this have on the radio about. Well like I don't think so all of those who have very good job Noah you. You saw the pitch in the alls like pork stuffed though whenever I'm I'm used to it. But it was funny looking through out the Red Sox game last night's I was preparing its close attention to it I wanted to get this up as soon as possible by its about time to do it last night and that's why would people are saying all was there audio or audio. Rather than say yea goats UWB ya doc now the doubt we'll post that tomorrow. And of course there is a favorite I like multiple people these are probably also the same people that Bob Batman v.s Superman it was a good movie. Ed but they're like. I'm this is click bait this click don't don't click on this on what you know. I edit I didn't have a link there's nothing for you to click on any. That in public eight how. Watch. More on. Another article I understand that some people write articles and based on how many clicks they get they actually get paid for that so that that that's why they want clicked pay. I had a two week. Give to fox if you click a might we are not what does that do a much in the game for retreats or in the impolite. I was put that out there yesterday they want you will be more tension on the podcast mingled more viable but. How often are we gonna break knows this is really one of our few opportunities to have somebody like this breaking a pretty major story. Yet it's it's at like one of those things and we're just we're just box Michael Moore circles that you broke this story that. Major like media outlet that picked up on yes you know anything like the fact that. People would think. That accomplish Mose. Would like. You've been a good thing that got meat is like. How much of a bucket idiot are you would think that we planned this. On bad apple expert I don't know when bad apple expert they've I don't know half pocket old leave yet thousand otherwise. Little but what looked like there that'd been apple expert that was going to mean and him not why you ask Casey to question because over Arnaud spent per peso blah like that what did they do the context. While spike is dale brought up the town because dale and Holley are actually in the town like that one point there's a radio on and it's like. Seven thank you so I was thinking this question but I we order he entered a not for him four minutes and that is she brought up and public I don't know if you like the answer questions about brother that's how are you start the question. Public does a great opportunity. And there's been so many rumors about this does not agree what this out of thin air this has been long rumor and we discussed this on our CBO comic con episode. When he sort of was asked point blank on the on the panel there with the Justice League cast are you going to be bad man. There's no way in ship. Promoting that movie you with ever gonna say he wasn't going to be in the pac man. They never confirm that he was the basis like I love it and I love Matt Reeves okay all of a lot of things that that I'm gonna be in that movie. And and every if you has global Batman justice when one of the first things become is that. People are speculating that. Ben Affleck Batman and is going to die in just recently yeah. That's why it would make sense that the standalone flash movie that's coming in the flashpoint movie. Which also right then he noted. That he would be played articulate. And that jot Sweden changed the ending of Justice League supposedly put it all these things that him saying that makes a couple things on the plate it's not like we did not. We're not doing our homework it's not that we just loved whose most Hershey it you don't anemic where we'd. I don't like you and I both take a lot of time and you know we we talk around on the air and stuff to do this but like we we actually care about that stuff. Why they're like we care they think that I made it up the no I talked I talked to talk to Casey Affleck it wouldn't take two clicks to figure out that I did their relative but they're still lazy you know like. Are some shipped podcast with a thousand followers like the other talk to Casey Affleck ticket. What did you get what you were talking to you was like I'm doing. Look at the (%expletive) bios which doesn't. How hard it's not hard it's not hard to figure that out and that the click paid stuff is still comical to me and it's also it's almost like they think we're attacking. For someone like I like that I elect I started the you know I it's a mistake I I hope whatever they need to do that it figured out and he needs to be. The Batman now a couple of other things is and that other part. Where we get into before he gets into the swamp thing and I asked him. Hey would you wanna replace him. What if he was not leaving wouldn't have been an opportunity to say wool. You know no we worry about it nobody's replacing him right there golden opportunity there. For him to say Leo now thanks but it and by the way it's ball like he's still doing that. And it can tell you admit ticket cannot write that they could but the very is that what you think in his baton and and he he says he was a good bad men out on that nitpicking but like. That means he's like yeah I would like no longer Batman. To get call that the vehicle and I understand he joked when he is the guy is okay baton and africanized that I think tremendous night I think that'll that Tom and everything but. As that I'd I'd put it Alec that Ben Affleck. And I don't know that even at the end the interview I don't have the audio with me right now but at the very end and a comedian at the very end. Now we're all thinking out are saying good luck with the first pitch tonight and facets of the light and thanks to the breaking news. And he just Al lapses like out and then my lap but it wasn't like literally just unclear. There's not there's none of that so again. IA understand. That he said I made it up but it was only because me and dale especially me kind of stopped the interview to say hey we have breaking news. Right look I gotta go away his tone was a neat to watch the video of the way his tone was and it was kind of a matter of fact and it was. Or if there but I knocked them. Prisoners. Sorry to say you can use of that because he knows that I really liked him and Merck that I like the physics are effect but I don't think easier to that movie. So I guess I'm ball they aren't they get a big news today breaking news and you he has I kinda open and yet he's light is that oh. I'm making this up dead it was such a clear walk back our community. And and people like well he said he didn't meeting you'd make it up a bit if you if you listen to do it and you watch it. He's clearly they said that oh (%expletive) moment yes you're right I agree so I might just cost the movie studio like millions of dollars. I don't think he's gonna be in about. I don't think so leader and you know what the people who say that we are quick paid to people that they that we put Eller you'd you'd like some ship bump like Cassell you know this many people like you know what. If what has been three months from now we're right. We're going to be right it's got to come out eventually we're we're now. There was already a report for Purdue is the other sort of rumors and whatever else than that but this is the quote from. His brother so that we're gonna take this emirate we're gonna erode that why not me opportunities are gonna have a talk to somebody. Like this so we thought we. Now more we lower our legitimized. We said we are we are indicated Richard. I'm pissed that I couldn't get this podcast up sooner because then more more politics is what accredited EER dork in the eyes but either way. It is out there now we broke that news I stand by it also a very well aware of his quotes in what he said. I wrote a two weeks so I'm not gonna say the I don't think he is bubble blot the the big takeaways there is that he's not going to be mad men and I a 100% stand by that and this off. Of the people that I'll never lets an air podcast could I ask you to if you're such an eightieth. A radio is fine don't don't listen of the podcast again if you think it's clicked the your now castle. And I would just like you say. Publicly that two people who like bill amid this poll licks its normal like idiots and Twitter eggs and stuff like that would I you know I'm not very good at dealing with. Not matter MI output. My wife is like a look into her Twitter feed Lego dispute on economics stomping around got to look at otherwise you don't you go to. Peak from. Last film. But Slashdot dot com and the dude from cosmic book news we're like that they've reached out to me and they're like super cool to meet so it is less they like thank you. Just select and I'm not good at this stuff and like I follow them so like bait you don't mean like they touch base. And I guess again if you want to transcribe it if you wanna post the video and to have your interpretation of it great I do that. But it don't just they worship bombs or making stuff up like IE. That's what I heard I was sitting. Two feet away from home and I could tell by the way change its voice that that part was pull a reflect the first part (%expletive) that are out the last part is (%expletive) Yeah it's postcards. I'm. I'm a big body language person yet I don't see it. You can see it you can see him go from a completely relaxed elect and in his eyes open yeah I mean. I mean I. I don't know if I could have done and over again yeah added it would about a half thick like it today I think I don't ever had no effect other that's a real sand. Endemic you know whatever whatever else or a kind of followed up was. Do you know why is because he's not directing or wherever but I was just I was so blown away at it that JV moved by me yeah you're not supposed to tell the person breaking news I guess. Because they might retracted and then you'll have scores. Of people on the Internet think that your frauds but again I see evidence that knocked it. So our descent. Don't. They they'll anything else on Ben Affleck not being that man. Mock. It just it makes sense to me now with spare pieces that felt like I didn't know Justice League was gonna pay and now elect a kind of fell into place. But I you know it means so it would make that legacy that aid dies at the end of Justice League yeah picked up. Yeah they have played they have pieces in place for that could be OK. You're gonna meet. Yeah I yeah I agree so they go there's our exclusive with. Casey Affleck banks were everybody who believed us you're 'cause your right so you're really you're on the right side of things. Outlets is as you know it's just another dead hash tag dork the result Alanis. There's the other day three get on to the topic is door. We might have to is that the Achilles run and not today. The children hot day outside Davies it's funny to them out again that the Red Sox and ended up staying on and I did another hour and a half hosts game. Again raising money for it is fun great stuff great couple a days over there but. So I was sticking around during the game but I was you know I was eaten dinner house wants in the game and I'm objecting to whatever wants the trial. As he did you get all fired off pity that I guys the only different messages always to read all these people freaking out. As I want astle jumped on one of our YouTube videos just can't say we were to cast. At the thought. You know me you like you can picture of me just like anything. Oh yeah you're likely. You don't happen you know it's gonna events are happening is. There's going to be a Mecca influx of chuck teases and were all the sudden you get bombarded with one star reviews that's what's gonna happen. The other thing too is like. That'd be see you people who were like very pissed confidence right now. You've got to understand like we expand we don't want this movie Billick failed we're not same elect the movie stock. We're not saying that it's (%expletive) we're not saying that did that you know and immediately. My speed movies is very misdirected anger like I don't get in make all the people it's so funny. While not all of us in 90%. Of the little Internet trolls on there that were written us there avatar or like background picture is either like. The Justice League or that maybe Superman Ehrlich at Joker it's all style and it's like these are the same people that are freaking out rotten tomatoes and give suicide squad about score. Why are we falling into that like I I am I am a huge fan and that's why I think it's important in fact I go back to it but. We think it's more important than Casey Affleck does liquid that's just how it is and I admit that fine. And anyway that's that also again thanks to do for the the breaking the breaking news sounder. Breaking news and never know how hard you think it was for him to not say breaking news. Probably probably if you takes out there that are that if somebody else for sure. Also wanted to banker buddies show I'm times I'm from all sorts W yeah and I had not been in the station. The last couple of days and so he. Major role all this audio in including the upcoming audio from Boston comic con just it would save some time for me so thank you shine time. David let's begin let's get on to Boston comic con was this past weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday. At the Boston convention senator. What to think closure of robots. I was really good I mean we've we've been distant smaller ones like content that Connecticut one was pretty good and now a title at what I expected you know. You know comic. Book conventions to be you know there reliance with you know semi famous people and yes and yadier the other and it was great there are some cool vendors and all that stuff. They JC Penney. One with a little bit left a little to be desired in my mind. That was a good starter conference. Yes do we didn't really know what we were doing. No word there was walk around see what happens is going to be but yet this one I was amid the big conventions that are in in South Boston and this is what I expect like AAA. You know. Conventions to be like it was norm there was so much going on and we were there on Sunday in the afternoon which you would think would be like dole a lighter crowd. And it was just banged out yeah hold it. There is pretty packed in got a chance to talk to a bunch of people out this light on the celebrities like there are a lot of people there by. Stanley is you've maybe start and stop it was Standley drama com comment as an unbelievable yet. But the other people a great like I like Katie Cassidy. I like Charlie Cox the guy please daredevil and their job airman was there aero like some people like that but. Do. Glad to do spew out Watertown zone was there. There's a crowd there are a lot of really good output writers and illustrators and artists and things and lot of collectibles athletic Oz play. Better than it was that either of the previous two Ponce that we had been too and so those are the people that we were sort of on attracted new. And let's start out wit we interviewed. A gentleman dressed up as iron this. And this is the old school liar does support that the Netflix on the TV and I hated think of higher this from the comics the yellow the green. And the mask on the base this guy could cost. When would you agree. Oh yeah yeah I got tired of waiting audio yes I am gonna announce ourselves or else that I of course we'll edit that do a great L it was it was cool and his response to your questions would do it. Ours looks they get a single senator to law tired for us because certain stuff that I'm here with a iron fist first off thanks for joining me you're very welcome. All business rather. Low of that deal of the intensity. Now the Netflix series got a little bit of a bad rap I think as compared to daredevil or just good Jones Luke cage. Since my iron fist may have been lacking a little bit your thoughts. A team right navigates with the question that people want answered right right at it. And they're of this ability this test of whether we can continue to interview like if you if he bit stiff I would have been like Arnold go about it. The house that the national series sucks that we couldn't we couldn't element that it was great lying tone to check the archives though the whole nine so here is his response to that. And I did not like and jaws very disappointed. OK okay. But yet still dressed up as our present I respect because just because a TV show or a movie ruins the character that you like doesn't mean stop like in the character. Aura that you know if the character decides to move on or they go to to different direction and it stops being that person you know you don't have to get older you know. (%expletive) weird and making you know sit up on Twitter. Just it. Right no cause you're still kind of stung about that. It can't keep our. They didn't know cost him the best iron fist and it was a black and waivers have him run and around we'll put on people. What would you like to see them do differently is they go for the character. Aren't this is. This is a guy dressed over the iron fist obviously knows a lot about iron this asked him what would you like to see them do differently. And I thought you were degrading answer. Everything. If you got into a fight with Luke cage who would win. Stand laying. Out the out of still thinking about every night why yes. I. Only know what what it means that. And I finance and here you could hear me in the Micah that was on the camera but in my. A 94 year old man. Yeah I don't know exactly what he means but. It blows my mind and a pretzel right now if who'd you who do you think iron fist as little mean love interest should be. This was the thinker on this really took the got a lot of on these very confused. I come boom maybe maybe he loves Kong's blue maybe he loves his corporation. You never know like like he said the Netflix series kind of model battle that will brighten up to the con. Because that's the line. The thought about what's been the feedback to the cost of which I think is great by the way I've actually got a really good feedback I was really expect to be able to say great I have discussed in the south side. But honestly. Yeah the first person to even mention that so I apologize that the are bad. All of that actually everybody else but really cool you just gotta Dick kids but they didn't go to my the problems there are desperate to hang my head a little bit high 'cause. I think my costume looks better than. Anything they put Nash out it didn't get a panel of their necks of Charlie Cox going to make more sense GAAP. Thanks good time you're welcome thank you. I. Don't hat yes. Odom knows for sure have so there was iron fist everything he was the guy who has. Who wanted to change the game but a very nice Costa Brian I thought that iron this scale of one to ten RO skill what the six obviously we've looked at least don't scale. Iron fist caught justice Costa not as answered does cost of mode again. Yeah I think so I think I've I've given a five like its eyeballs and go Agha the group its old school the character didn't look. He looked better than the Netflix here. Assad given that our actual war. Yes that's true art map out and yet the way the season to begin your costs of at Sony doing that Netflix. Are speaking of marble we were then able to check in with Doctor Strange. He was waiting in line. The recon up without restraint was very eager to talk to us as well us and eager but he's very willing. To talk to us that no problem and he looked pretty good gorge you hit him on a scale of one to six. I think he's cute little bit hit filled orbit at three I would today all the because you could tell he was Doctor Strange but he was wearing just like. Normal clothing with just like a case. Cape and he probably always has the goatee. I'm guessing right and out of his friends look at the like doc seems strange music cool look at the tape. If you ever wanted to interview people at. 88 convention such as a comic honored racquet contract in honor blister on whatever. My my advice to you is get them when they're in line yeah this must told board all they're like a big. With a and he was yet he was standing in line stand in line. Yeah right yeah absolutely agree line yet. And we talked to him for a few minutes and outlined didn't budge. It didn't budge at all and that's that's seven that we didn't do before but that's step with a way to do it next time is the on line they want pockets a way to kill time so they're all about it although also. I'll say this. In the three cons that we have been too. We have never had somebody say no thanks. Now it everywhere every time we're. Run a hot streak like noted ever so they mounted. That's the big east has a happy that I love these comic cons because their ways just like in their element whether you're dressed up or not dressed up here spending way too much money on ships or or not whatever that you're there to do people aren't a good mood so. Because like we've there's people like running around and caught him in human would be like taking can I get a picture with you and elect absolutely I had like eight. If you look at that the reason you dress up it's not it's for people to see when people take coach's view and they'd tellem local. Jack guy that was dressed up as beast was it article. Now's the sixth of the success that XRT here's our our visit with doctor Stephen strange. Our work good I'm here with Doctor Strange stuck straight drop right out today. Well you know. It's good to move amongst the people you know siavii world that we're trying to protect him now. The what I love at the skies you never know if they're gonna be in character or like Nvidia do a bad job of you know putting the questions of a certain way but sometimes they answered just like as early could do would have been other times though like I'm gonna be the character is so out there have figured out early on like now he's gonna go Steve restraint which is great. Do you think that Doctor Strange. Is almost you're almost seems similar to Tony Stark in your attitude that at. Tony wishes he could be is schoolers may I mean Mets he keeps trying and trying I really have the goatee looked before he did he keeps trying to mess with that. That as a surgeon did feel like here may be some coffee. Would you won a surge in the wasn't cocky. No I would not. No don't count me out as perfect answer. As it as well done Doctor Strange yeah you want those guys to be probably exactly like that feel like you shouldn't Texan drive and learned a lesson. It's listening and come. Please learn from my mistakes not all of you will be able to gain superpowers. From getting and what terrible terrible car accident so don't text and drive. It was very nice to say that that maimed we deprived but at the beginning Indian and everyone of our episodes. Doctor Strange says don't tax and drop the you know. Says that at the end of everyone ever episode. Judge Judy thus you really know it not that Judge Judy the People's Court I'll go to Ireland Elian. They did they can know at the end of Doctor Strange before the end credits there's something about don't Texan drive as they sort of area. Yeah that's the PSA from Doctor Strange smell it in a battle of wits you first professor acts who wins and be honest. I have to give it to chiles. I mean. Being able to travel there dimensions one thing being able to control and manipulate people's minds and thoughts. I mean he could make me think that I was wearing a chicken suit or something like that and I would just be ridiculous. It is fair to say. That you're here to bargain. And with that. I am I am here to bargain. I screwed that up I was like as those particle I completely forgot to Oman Lula like pop quizzes and knowing you're all okay and returned a camera out like dorm I'll though I should've started the whole idea of paying off without a what a missed opportunity another example me being terrible interviewer. But he did get a chuckle out of that he said that he was here the bargain that I was. What are you waiting in this line for besides the bargaining. I would I'm getting a picture with Alan tunic. What's your favorite sound too good role it's got to be watch. I mean leafs on the winds. Great thank you very much sir welcome. Back and admire reference every tree it sure is and balance Souter was there is probably right up there at the at the top as far as. Most famous especially the door world. Al toy you ready you ready for the dead joke of the of the of the podcast you've been waiting. So. They got Alan suited for this one and it's it's bought them a big comic con so they've they couldn't get Allen predicts. They could get down three deck. Is had to settle altitude it. And how the next guy we had a chance to speak with a was straight out of the game rich rich white. To. An injury all mummers Armisen had he putted down and hear the that you're the punchline there. And I got it. Next we had just talked to from the over watch video game Brian my main character. Jumper. There's a dude dressed up as junk rat. He talked about being in character or I might well most funny because at first. We saw or walking around. And I'm like Australia the two of them you know Ali you know like you got him that is the guy used not all the time the most the time and over wrought a gag and it's expected them. And then since the start talking Oscar like you know what we should probably also in view of so here is to grass. I'm here with the odd jump Brett so Brett how you and join the comic con. I am pretty good time you know I don't think I'll let Ballmer is when I got indicted episode of these Vick had no. So. Not bad enough it's over people who don't play over watch he's they care there who's like. With the Australian Australian yesterday just like crazy and he's allowed illegal loose cannon like he's eased up on CD. He's gonna go this retire which I'll reference letter on preserving unhinged at the character and so he actually sounds. A lot like disguise that I or Iran are pretty good time right away. Give you the retire still. Right to blow it shifts. I'm sure I can come up with some may have many meals which character do you have the the biggest problem wit which character do you hate the most. Well he's. Not a I don't would make it I'm very intimidated by Iraq. I don't know why the person behind it was laughing so much. I'm not intimidated by a little maker at all but I also it would. How does a good answer for not. The reason behind it was not as strong but it goes little Buick jump Brad main. I've actually Elise CMA. I'm. And I've actually Elise CMA. I'm. I like to break it down. I don't look like Louisiana road so it's a bit allotted to make that happen at. And this is a classic instance where he's not sure whether to answer it as that person or the character and yet Qaeda. Now he Scott. Yep he got cut he's about the trip me up here pretty soon is with a solid John Brown I'll be honest now let us now you don't let anybody else nobody did you lay traps down anywhere that we should not be on the lookout for. Once I miss. Son of bitch. John Brett do you think you could do you think John wrest the best character an over watch. Eat. Yourself I mean. As I am it's either me ready there's now. Competition no one can make things go boom as good as us. This he's run out of steam at this point of pianos and we needed to we have to wrap up. This still really good metric besides explosions. At a point now doctor John and Steve have you seen him. I'm. So bad news for you now meaning among those Satan because it wants so. I don't know how to break this to you. Our last question what's your favorite episode a Mac community out here it got here it. At the back. I've forever I asked the net. This is is the call back to the first Telecom. Back into was there and we most of the interviews we did on the on the northeast comma comma or win. Middle aged women. And which is definitely the this sweet spot for the Mac and do demographic. At this guy look at younger younger than us and I thought maybe I ask him. What is there an episode of Mac and who was clack classic questions our last question what's your favorite episode a Mac can go. Ideology that is thank you. There is I. Really easy domain. Com. A and. Balloon. Ideal that is thank you. I'd mind earlier question you ask people to comment on what their favorite episode of back and you mentioned that the more. People knows those mistake this specs that we saw I don't think he was waiting for the bathroom but it was near the bathroom I don't know if that's the detail that you need to know but. When the first interviews we did on the weekend it was. Guide he looked like linked from the you know the legend of Zelda here person cell buzz general link. So let's let's give Allison a first of all circuit introduce yourself. Yes I am general link leader of the higher really a nominee and protect your princess Zelda. Pretty good. Title with a guy this guy actually Australian. By the way not that big got trying to access. Don't know that's true if you lose you as the hey here's the genuine article is chris' held here. That's probably a couple of her around I think he just protect all dissolve at general protection racket after going. No that's all right IA said the plural of Zelda as Zelda. I don't know if that's right but I think it sounds right guys added hey are you protecting all the Zell does as Terry protecting all the Zelda. Yeah I don't know I don't wanna get in minutes with you right now. Really do I feel if anybody knew the answer to this could be you might have some more insight. Do. Wells earlier yeah I was there are certain you know where and why would you do this level expertise. Well beat it if it. Eight if Zelda which it is not is it Latin word the plural of Zelda would be held die with ABC at the end of the world operative. The first sequentially in the feminine not negative world would be they'll die. You just protect all result the general protection racket and they'll what brought you out here to the con this weekend. Is my first ever a time of busting comic con so much just a little bigger than other content being too. Really professionally run great schools. People selling like. You know and new stuff old stuff it's really wasn't an out. It is the first time you dressed up as though link as he has generally this is the first time yesterday was the first to my never worn it for the costume contest what how do you my costume contest. How did you do a costume contest. If if he were at comic con. Or the northeast come Connie probably were one. He probably would have now what would jurors scale load you've given him one through six. It's not often give you could tell that it made it himself but it is pretty high quality stuff indeed Elvis it is like. Tiled home. Yeah I think yeah it's in the Lebanon's top but it doesn't. But it thick really performed well and it looked like actual armor you know and yeah does look really cool audio feed it video on YouTube Patriot Act it would critical. Well how does human costume contest another grade there was some amazing costumes rather I didn't win anything but it was it was a great experience but we think you'll look great what's the feedback been from other people walking around when they see dressed up its popular it's publicity brandy character it's never been in the video games so that. You know a lot of people don't recognize that when in other words from but it's. It's been very popular this weekend do you think this armor could stop a bullet. But a it was pretty bake armor I would then what you said he definitely made it. But it is added so let's see what he did what he says that whether or not a palpable. And I'd love to think but has made a full flow afloat. Probably not so much of fossil flight to Detroit moved pretty quick caveats we aggregated to logical it for Africa at the authorities say on a scale of one to five your fighting ability is. But probably zero point five. So below is like that zero that zero point five is his fighting ability B. Could I could swing a sword and it might clip you by accident. So that's where might I think that. And he's hoping he can dodge a bullet he knows he could take a couple of the other respect the modesty against generally not the most. Arrogant of characters at a at the all right what about intelligence I get the Smart guys let's. Be humble and say therefore. That break. Forget what if I asked you that gave you one through five intelligence scale what he said. I would probably say four as well only if you know connect Gillick agree that just doesn't I got I think I'm a little smarter than a three bit saying agree out of five is not. Yeah roundup and pick for. I'm probably either hard the barrier a soft or myself. That's a good score they broke the work may be a combined four between the two of us but pull out silently and David had not being. This there were clear on that but the thing of what's the best thing you've seen so far here that the weekend. Oh man my favorite thing I've seen all weekend there was a guy who is Glenn from the Walking Dead. We've won nine hanging out and in need in baseball bat and people were posing with a baseball bat as the third bashing Glen over the head that was. Foursome and spoiler lap if academics and haven't thought. Most tremendous grit at the spoiler. Allen who like he's caught on like you have act has caused blazes spoiler because you have to look at the at every day but it absolutely was those gives them. To play spoiler cost and don't we see that and lasting deal with so many podcasts. Yeah I listened to to a bunch a lot of Kevin Smith stuff smoke it's. Tim Steve Davis who from when the anything like that. Good stuff thanks so much certain thank you. Did not ask about Mac good thousand. Odd night night saying good post comments about you're gonna like him but what. The Mac into question. I you know of the gamut as Australia the delegates he's also listening to use Kevin Smith's that also allows those a bad job out of me. Let's go we have two more interviews to get in I'll be honest they're the two best. Let's start out you wanna go Spiderman let's go sir if I. So this is. Obviously it's inside the convention and it's huge its like to wealth grows echoes that view urban down the boss events and you know how big it is may be done their boring beer fest oral. Our boat show or whatever else you've been down there. Business I think we do a lot of business people's majors they're for business I don't know their pork. But outside in the big lobby also very very big a lot of space and there are a line out there. And clearly. They were in line for the ATM because a lot of the plays on the inside were looking for cash only. So we're stand there we try to get the lay of the land were outside we see this line. Long line not molding a two week period every summer we go over there. And there was one gentleman. Nicest guy I exit to when he eighteen a year. Point eight yeah he was he was looking at us with a with a curious little smile. He won who go a wry smile. Crept across his face as he was. Neck to toe. It may Spiderman outfit. We'll find out later where the mass was but he was standing there. In a full on Spiderman suit a very good look at vitamins who backpack on as well which actually kind of part of the by events and now that that sees that he's in high school. Our Torre's den as well for awhile but we we approach this gentleman and and here's brilliance that. Spider-Man first off what are you waiting in line for ATM. Well. Short sweet end to deploy. These rocket abortionists. He's not a guy that has been a surrounds it would take a way to lever ATM. What else you got back. Next requested. What are you looking to get once you get to the ATM what are you doing and go back inside debt that and comic. Now let's try this kind of a surprise though at other straightforward. Again had to toe or connected host Spiderman opting for the Batman comic but that's fine people have different interest that that's fine. But I've gets a really I've yet to really engage with this gentleman he is to sort of batting away these questions is that okay. Well let Philadelphia. What did you come at a state. Stanley. Was a year today. I had the breakfast package that are about diet got an autograph and photo with them DOJ SaaS Manning yeah I asked him if marvel DC crossover movie is possible and he actually sedatives he said it is possible he said he could. He'll accept the idea he said. How about this right. We've yet to breaking muses the what do you want that in one episode so we just broke news twice bitches as per click bait. Now they hash tag nor do slash. That's right guys another. Breaking news I wanna steal that we are now breaking news Aaron hash tag dorks Stanley says they've marvel DC crossover. Could happen. You've got to do it once the what did we talked he'd do what is wrong with you. Allegra were so they don't you heard from Stanley at Russia it's clear this out people at a lost their (%expletive) on Twitter by tweeted this out. This so marble DC crossover. Standley not ruling it out. We're at take our report or take his word for and I also took all credit as you see coming up here. Westerners like credit you Jack Jack had it second hash tag door had at first you heard it here first. We're zero Spiderman movie. The thick of it what. He's that good at what who what are you talking to so. We like you Jack credit but I basically was the one who had Stanley. Quoting marvel DC it can happen so now move on the Spiderman topics with Spiderman it was great. Once inspired meant to. Who so which one do things better return to. Wolf too because I grew up with that and it leads the best one since two. I notice you have a great Spiderman costume on right now you're not wearing the mask I assume you have the mass idea I can put it on if you want. Mean. Nice is people the world. Alex about if you if you had a conversation with somebody. Like literally anywhere else they just tell you to (%expletive) off whereas here they were talking yeah. They give you of that view of the mass that you don't put about legacy is that it it's so nice there it's it's it's got to jarring but you're not you know it used to. Oh you expect he qualitative but government never do never knew I think you I won't get with the you'll get would be audio here. It took this sport did well I committed to have to get the map situated and you're still pocket I would ask them question the need extra demand. It was a zipper issue if you like. Pretty good had a hair on. Full mop on all of that we've integrated at a picture of surely will be in the YouTube video coming up as well but he's got a full mop Cohen. As you have an eleven a lot of trouble to get ill mass gone. I don't see why not thank Dudley great. So that is something to talk about though marvel DC crossover could happen maybe saving DC because let's face it it's not going very well. Look at this this is an amazing costume this is a very compelling Spiderman costume. He still averaging. The looks good. Now what is your favorite comic book movie if retirement yet but he thinks the best firemen villain dock rock. It's gonna be here if think about he's got the answers ray is the anti match job he's like I got my got your answers here ego. Yet and there at their claim they're simple knock it meant words here this is that bank done. Home. Did you do you read the comic as well in center for the video game that's coming up yeah. So he's about to sound a little bit like the Power Rangers data created it before. Yep yep digit did you see the movie yep did you like it yep. So for the video game that's coming up yes. What consul Leo PS 4200. Friends on there. Pretty good you play over watch now shoots we need another guy for our over watched that. Yeah the only time he kind of hesitated Eddie actually what was going back duty seselj a quicker. But in person he did cal has that they were massive one of your friends and I don't plan. It's like out of the excitement as theory but what consul Leo PS 4200. Friends on there. Who is the hit petition and a shirt not a guess about an IQ so you. Will see what happens he's just for reference yet but. We'll see what happens he does not over watch that's literally the only game playing right now so it may be an issue but we did pretty good you play over watch now. Shoot we need another guy for our over watched that it. Those that we gave good effort thing and you look like a guy would be pretty funny bit overwrought almighty god I don't like I don't like to judge books by their covers Babineaux and a little dodi's. He doesn't Wear on the PlayStation controller. The banks yes that's okay though so unspecific the bar lets you got a notice this line has now moved at all that does that worry you. If he gets to the leader that reliving your offer couple minutes buy it as a move that ball. It's so. We'll see what he says spots specifically bar lets you got a notice this line has now moved at all that does that worry you the Al little. How long you've been waiting here like twenty minutes and Jesus the twenty minutes the haven't moved at all do you think maybe they forgot their pen yet. Do you remember your pen yeah okay good so bout won't do prom. When you're up there. It out at. I don't know what that struck me is so funny when you got to. Q did a year and he picked up. At this point there was a lady who's just be like you is. Standing next though shoot behind him in line and she was like who clearly listened well you could not be where you were real real slugs on the phones that work. Davies got this huge video camera I got a microphone with kids base obviously that people are looking over on us. At that point added I finally cracked the lady lake. She did the radio issue it was body able that is sort of felt like asking about back as head in his head she like she started cracking I had gotten our mind. Yeah what Batman comic we look in the bud reprint. Issued to detective comics to 27. I mean 27 sorry. What's special about that won't ask the first appearance of Batman. What's this. Did you went on I would like look at you elect Natalie catcher hide your. I don't think I don't think I was paying attention I'm gonna limit on that because he's a hotter now map bands and for the first. A public wireless quite podcasts or talk about comic books that are going to help out and exit like banks are at it and kept. The thing to be fair I think is it to two point seven at first but at least he did to correct himself and got the right one. Yes that's a great answer a dumb I am it's a reprint it stealth yeah I think so wrecked was your favorite comic that you're currently reading right now. The death of Gwen Stacy. Better love interest for Peter Parker Gwen Stacy your marriage in Watson. Either black cat the truth Bowman about that. I love Billick nervous little giggle after that you like bad. It's like death it is that stick that in your ass like Eric come down. Outside the box like that good stuff I'm finally when we go back you know the two of us what's something that we need to city. Michael there's a mr. freeze I saw earlier. You know I hate to do Steve I'm gonna go and there are a Mexican by the detective comics reprint right now who is off today object or I should buy it for you you're so nice and all this time I appreciate this Eric thanks. Stuck with that at birth sex in his eyes that to me he put his head down relate. On. Like I'm accurate to unlock gonna take account book when men. On. And I thought that. What Batman comic we look in the bud reprint. Issued to detective comics to 27. I mean 27 sorry he got it he he he got there. Did you do you read the comic as well improves where's the ten month there was that I was that was our Spiderman guys thanks tougher for talking to us. Hopefully checks out the podcast he did baskets who's gonna air so maybe you'll you'll find it we told them hash tag dork. Art out a big fan active though very nice kid now this last on TV's. Hole lead smokes how do you set the stage for this long they believe he approached you before you approach me. So we're walking around and we found our friend uncle buck whose brother that accomplished comic book artist as as many roses now that we were. Hang out at his table we are targeting him for a little bit. And then the three of us on the and then. It too small children were walking around just kind of you know shoot the breeze. And there are box children to be fair or not random children that was found. Yet the price feel a tap on my shoulder. And I turn around and I see this man standing in 88 polo shirt and cargoes sweat. He's like. What new media outlet or you wit economic well where would plastic or podcast were part of our host on W yeah you know this is risky it is. And he would pick and I believe. I looked at you and I was like let's go. Yeah I like and it's it's towards the end to it I think all the people like as we've played these out of order from what we actually interviewed him but it was. He was one of the last ones I pretty much content all the ballots look at some stuff maybe get some pictures that I think we're pretty good year. And I side talking to you and you're like no we need you got the peculiar hitting to the micro credit we need to talk to this guy right now. That it's this kind of what we're talking about you that you're like I don't know who's of these although caused play. Slow. So without further do and he says he's Italian he's like he starts that now you need asked me if you can share this to the guy with a video camera with a microphone so whether he thinks is going on TV YouTube radio podcast whatever. Yeah me he'd ask these people you don't let them know that you're going to be broadcasting it and so Everett says yes and this guy starts out. Before we attract the mics he goes. Yeah I know you need to ask me if if if it's OK to go on and so without further ado here's the first question I ever got experts look at reasons for the podcast. Italy is German and mistrust travels. So well. Let them go but. I'd I am a little bit I just wanna say that that is a simple yes or no. And he decided to do something else in the first look at reasons for the podcast. I hated religion generally my name is Josh radicals policy on Florida toddler narration. Documentary all about caught fire across America from Maine to Seattle to Juan Puerto Rico. We've won three awards all mirror quietly. Com this June the possibly can and as well as we interviewed the guy who pouring the first pause play for millions took him the issue Takahashi. I was not yes. So I I don't know why you attribute this seemed like he had rehearsed this and that he knew he wanted to date is second kneecap him. He had Miette tock EO Yamaha Toski and I would yet I was sold at that point and so. Lot of energy on this guy and a lot as you were about a year a lot of information. As well. Those that yes yes. What's the best costly ever seen. All pretty good actually can't judge him by. Why didn't denounce shark we know it's kind of like the generic term but all different and unique in their homelands. You can't judge caused lies are their literally caused play competitions at that point right there have been public. Don't judge because they're all great (%expletive) we saw a lot of crap ones ridiculous crap once we saw a lot of good ones. There are some that you you can tell ago I was that you right after like you could tell that some people just went public spirit Halloween and dictum. That's why I like and those are great tool like conflict with there's a bunch of dead pools walk around and it was literally like the Ryan Reynolds costs like it's just identical CC that that's week. Okay thank you it's been a lot of money on it whereas again the guy that we had. That was general link your that jumper acted like he obviously put that together stuff but he have like that that's more impressive to me. And bill comedies comedies are legal we'll get tournament. Carly I don't know my goodness oh yes so hit this more of that. Com mostly. Because isn't does Garza put staff editor and that's what some people as well as people who make it over my head. This is true people that actually the best. Though the allure of the bad are the people who either make it themselves. Or people who make it and buy it. I know everyone the. Correct. Correct there all the best again that is sort of deemed their count got everybody's happy. I mean if these people are willing to spend a hundred dollars to get an autograph for some ass hole who was it like a CW show that you know that that your other pretty good mood I guess. I that in decades despite to make it is that. I'm told it was 400 bucks they have that breakfast with Stanley. Oh (%expletive) out of me and ask him that was a result of one and ultimately oppose it 400 dollars have breakfast the next private Q today it was usually the Miami instill and are right. I you batteries. That graduation present and he's done parents are you sick a Harley Quinn. Who is successful partly. That kind of already are liquid I cannot tell you how many Charlie stop with the Harley went. Yeah it's tough at scene also worst part of some of the Harley Quinn's and this is gonna come across as. Vein I don't know what. Now I don't have the whitest teeth in the world I don't editor copy for awhile now I wish I did I don't I sigh I fully admit I don't know the whitest teeth. White teeth that the very nice thing to have people are very attractive and amnesty. We Europe Harley Quinn and you have yellowish teeth. It stands out like a mother because we paint your face and white. Yet the really really red lipstick and then when you smile or open your mouth and if they're not super white. It looks brutal and we saw a lot of yellow teeth harlequin. Which is eat he would just take Carrey he's the please come to do it did days cease talk about it raid on a I do apartment via U that maybe that makes the whitener. And exploited Listerine you know me give us. Fresh faced this guy killed swisher room wherever to go to work. Discussed not by the away overnight and were barely get arrested the Unix looks cute he sold birds or do you think right now cause play is at the highest it's ever band somewhere in the middle is there room to grow the state of cause play is one. It's caused little lows drop actually no we were talking about the entry about doing a worldwide documentary because there is caused plan across the the United States and the globe all the even though we live in Massachusetts and it's kind of a puritan town. All. Other cost players that are in Germany caused us you're in France calls Blair as an inland and and you know even in Germany until two original dress up could possibly go to classes in hospital. Any any chance that's true. I don't. In Germany that kids go to school in class and caused play I don't think so. I wanna call (%expletive) on that but again I didn't make a documentary. This guide. Would you say that Halloween was the original cause blood the hope that they've stumpel but he of course had an answer asks. No not really how we was interpretation of costly and if you want filtering back. It goes back to threaten the stoning which. All people whom properly dressed up tunes for alleged plots. Or even the wall of your critics and dressed up with caution. Were there plans and other things like that so for America's well yes it did start to follow him. But true cause malaria has connections or if you did got to run the mid the mid to late thirties. And that's how costly in America. Didn't want it but. It was caused play cause plan was thin dark from the mid thirty's to early forties. I mean. An army like this guy's probably done a lot of research. This I don't know if you know people who are wearing you know animal pelts. We're addressing merger goes to look like somebody somebody else I know. Some religious crap I I don't the actual cost players liquor religious practice or elect. Dressing up for play as caused play yeah you know very I don't I don't equate to do both bed that's that's it I'm not the expert now. So my next question coming up form now what he was reference in the stone age correct. And then he was referenced in the thirty's so this was on this later on this question come and appear like the 1930s or like the original thirty's not so well. Like the original thirds of course would be just thirties AD. Yes that's are referring to there I had no idea what is I was so lost in this guy also. And I think eighty city gonna make a video maybe of just this interview because I think. You also need to see him I think it's good in you might enjoy this guy right now listening to all of I think also part of it is watching him. 'cause he kind of you ask him a question any doesn't not want that you make eye contact with you he was just kind of staring off in the distance. Yeah you just like I don't it is like you know old hat worn is like here we go again of course how many ago you're in this in the in Germany in the thirties and I had an answer brawl that's for sure. Like the 1930s or like the original thirtieth nineteen Ferguson that's important. Okay but you're saying the first man may have participated caused by some sort. That's the first meant him to actually do you think you missed the debate we've had for awhile do you think so. This is not a debate we've had for awhile but that'd be better to set up the question this way. So those duties with the death do you think you missed the debate we've had for awhile do you think man and dinosaur ever overlaps. Not so much I actually shoot them right in the Donna Sorensen there that are. Not really now let me ask you to San Diego comic con compared to Boston comic con. A lot better are we doing OK out here. Parks do quite well I appeared confirm or deny it has been this way I've been to sit there go all. Was that mean. I have no idea he can't confirm nor that I can see has spent the San Diego or you think maybe just misspoke maybe hasn't that. I have no idea they I was lost in that part of it myself. I appeared confirm or deny it. Because basically our businesses and yet though. We definitely fed because I've ban. I don't know if this ever gonna rank any thing I think that's a mistake on my part is clearly is not gonna choose favorites about anything. He likes everybody at night since those sort of weird ass I dark except broadly his stance there were complaining on Twitter did not I chilly it. All we're doing quite well and I. It's gotten bigger and better every year I mean I did in new York and in the city there's a bit drier climate and cats at all and I didn't do a lot of different dimension. Territory just admitted he was in San Diego. Right DeWitt doubled to confirm or deny you've been to both that the simple question. You can know what we've found we can't we can't ask him a yes or no question either without you know. In fact you can confirm or deny is what. Is what you could handle but Aaron. You should mention there are still under these are problems as well as growth. Things like that. Now somebody who's just getting in the cup caused by say they've never done it they've seen it they say that looks upon what kind of words of advice would you have for them. I should pits should positive and stay strong. Mean that's just good advice I mean that's just blanket good advice. I mean. My god again I used it two days of a radio telethon to raise money for cancer I feel like that would be applied to cancer not the cause play stay positive it stays strong. Oh my. A populated did you did you hear that of about them and raising money like a real cause you're talking about. I don't sit pits should positive and stay strong no matter what you do and a lot of hard hard at tennis or even if you can't make it caution. I should just actually stand strong and send positive. Because zeros then have your ups and downs. And some people will serve. That's really cool. And its people dressed the big cardboard wedding gun demonic. So. It's got so physically if you want to just you're going to have problems. Just everything else. And they also asserted ticket tired I think we talked to him for a long enough where he is about to really open up and I've. Honestly it was a prepared for that. And there was no culture around us for him to lay down on and houses true feelings about stuff we read about all the got a complex. The next time we go I think I'm gonna get a piece of cardboard right like on them on it and didn't have that in my. Well you know if you're gonna ask me out to tell it to stay positive and stay strong. Well I kept my choice you know I wanted to tell me they are. Out there what I need and whether you buy it or you make it will be the bass. Or you buy it and make or do both that's fine. You're going to have problems. Just everything else. Let's think positive and stay strong caused by the metaphor for life and away yes are you dressed up in constantly right now. That's clutch. Guy. Loved god play. And as the as you started out he's wearing a T shirt and what was cargo pants. It's so no cause play program bleached. Again if you're just listening to this difference in the video yet it doesn't make a Thomas as a sort of be so jacked up about it but I went to. He had positive. He has strong and he ripped recognizes that he's gonna have up and down today it was maybe a down day for. In a commitment. Commitment that got so much I I just can't play that's myself to steal my own organization it. Enjoy doing a great job just makes the most of the time or multiple. I don't know that it would it would put a portable and you can't play as yourself. It's a good month we will put that pull out their letter on we definitely that I'm leading no. So although it. It yourself although Josh would probably tell you otherwise. You dispute but don't you know good on good experts look at reasons for the podcast. I hated religion generally my name is Josh radicals and CEO of Arnold caused little emotion okay. Well like god so a lot of thought at Boston comic con thanks to Spiderman kid sued documentary guide to jump rat to Doctor Strange to general link anti iron fist. Now is a lot of fun again thanks to our bodies chime time for loading all the sounded to make it a lot easier warming. Anything else a comma comma or get to the other particular pot right. Now I've integrated it's one of those things where did the the more we do them more fun I have a more comfortable you know we are they were pretty muted occur on theme but every time I've gone. Everybody there is just like you said they did so positive and so like welcoming you know so thank you to the people ought to comic on. They're given up the passive and everyone we talked it. The banks. Everything. They explore. That everything. I'm actually ACL name I'm. I don't listen to rumor that mistrust radicals. Look at RS ago all right all right guys it's time for us to move on to the next portion of the program. The. You. Ryan Davey would you like to kick receives deferred the thunder goal. I will receive an Iowa once again another shout outs to do came up with the stinger and we've heard how we needed it to Weis again if you're just joining if you joining us late. It's obviously a radio turnout podcaster who's gonna skip to the end when it it's gonna skip to the end but it did two breaking news is we had. Casey Affleck saying Ben Affleck will not be bad man asked breaking news and we broke before anybody else Standley. Believes that it marvel DC crossover. Could happen. But I wanted to thank you in my pick the podcast is actually. I was on Mac and do last week I stop by again they're doing a new sort of they're sort of known for their drafts that throw things to do they draft. Movies or TV shows or characters or whatever they're also starting a new endeavor called best in series. And the first one it was bat men. And so we looked at all of the cinematic releases. Do or back into both came up with a questionnaire. So it best and worst for each one of the questions like who had the best that logo who had the best love interest things like that. And we had determined who was indeed the best. Bat man and he couldn't split about. That man and Bruce Wayne or send a one person seeking to do while this is the best of both. Anyway so it's out now so ago. You should be lets those guys anyway but listen to this week in particular. Because I am on so with that that or talk about it. All right the market the podcast this week is in check it out some good news bad news situation there is a new app. Richard if you heard of movie pass. Yes our shark was just telling you about this. Yet so apparently it is a an app where you pay 8995. A month. And you can see a movie in it weirder every single day. It pretty remarkable. At his remarkable but that's I think that's the good news the bad news is that AMC is currently looking to take legal action against them. They're trying to prevent it from happening that believe. This has actually been allowed for a little while but the price point was really high. So it just dropped ten months of basically Netflix for ten bucks a month war or to both Andy and go see movies every one here's the other catches. Is you have to buy the ticket at the door or at least confirm that you're getting a ticket at the door meeting. In our world our hash tag or world. Every time that you pre ordered a ticket like if you wanna see Star Wars opening weekend here at the probably get it tomorrow accurate that your demeanor and all the superhero movies. If you're willing to wait a week or wait a few days ago C movie on a Tuesday or whatever else it is it's probably the perfect thing for you. But it you only see movies on opening weekend that's another issue and depending on what happens with a AMC's be interesting to see. If they can't block it because I think both the fears that I go to our all and see yours. Damon made and a bit but the thing is that this doesn't pass and AMP. You know at the got to bite the bullet on this because they think how much money they were selling concession the people and have to buy a ticket on. I doubt you actually go yeah actually by the pop core of that in the big asset and everything else order you know I'm Bergen admits to three at a time. Two out at a time. But then you can put him into what you put a minute and I feel like I did. Had a couple real time. You know that you actually yeah that's another great time I really dispute myself a forget which movie this war I only had one that left and well at the house I mean I gotta have won the left at the the year at one that left at righted dead and I was like are just give it the small Coke or a small pocket opera are no laws. And even the small it's. Forget enormous write it out I take like I should dumped half and now it's stupid me I take like two or three really big steps at night or in my like little rob. And I starter hosted a late put the lid back on. Couldn't taste at all. Could taste it at all and then auditors. Did nothing those those are terrible idea so that I operated a comic bigger and I am a better off of that. And of course make sure you have a driver home or something along those lines would condone so we don't. That's gonna do it here on this episode hash tag or always a fun time talk about the cons is our first of the Boston comic con we have an absolute blast. Of course you can follow us on Twitter at or podcast that for most of the business is also on YouTube. Very simple YouTube dot com. Slash door podcast no real set schedule there we have videos kind of whatever we want. We've been to a game with bronze recaps. So while feel free to subscribe to that makes it easier to get a little up the years ago in email or league yet. To let you know that there is a new episode out there you can buy god damn tee shirt if you want to go represent dot com search out dork. We are also of course on iTunes you can help us out by leaving a rating and a review. And subscribes you know in the podcast although strategy Tuesday night or Wednesday is most often but. It was while we don't seek him now subscribe there it'll give you a heads up and then maybe people can follow you as well as certain places. Yet they can edit any streaming is the social media or streaming media at our Monday but of course with the caveat being if you're gonna talk (%expletive) about bad apple expert date. Please leave me alone. Yeah. And again. How are you you know it and I say that not because I don't wanna hear tribute to do yourself a favor in state give me a wide berth. How did what I know you are responsible for what I think the. And here's here's one how the (%expletive) can it be click bait if there's nothing to click on. And people are dumb or Smart or like gamma go for many on the intelligence vehicles. Aren't the other end of next week I believe Brian here's a little is a little taste if you've been at this long god bless you it's been a longer episode. Maybe it's been three or four car right I don't know how you do it bigger on the treadmill you're shape good for you you're you're you're doing better than us but. Next week. Here's a little spin and a little taste. What we recorded our Steven king episode David myself and uncle buck. We also know we did we recorded a second episode we decided to record both. Our idea options are on the poll a week ago so that non marvel DC comic books the independent comic book movies. We did episode on that and so that will be next week I'll also that the hearse comes out this week to get excited. Or does it well what are you gonna say. I am gonna say it while we can do this we can dork the defenders were not gonna spin it around in time for next week I know it's less episodes than daredevil or Luke cage but. Where does try to enjoy it enough shock on all homes and David a couple of weeks we'll have Bob the vendors so then that is it for me to give anything else that. Now I'm victim physically exhausted from that point four hours and mentally. Yes me too all right I love you. So much.