Dombrowski vs Farrell in the blame-game, Dale remembers the '11 cup, and we now have an NES in our studio

Dale & Keefe
Friday, June 16th

Tons of topics on our table in hour number one of a freestyle Friday.  We try and figure who gets the blames for the Sox signing players like Pablo, Dale remembers the 2011 Stanley Cup win for the B's, which has an anniversary today, and we're like kids on recess because someone put a NINTENDO in our studios.


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I don't like to start complaining. But here's the other top of the program we we've got an issue we have we've got a serious big time how we gonna get through this issue. I just heard during trending out moments ago that Ricky Fowler your leader in the US open tees up what twenty to 3636. About half an hour from now. I wouldn't know. Because there's a monitor over keeps shoulder that I have the US open on you did black. He's taken over any two of the nerds. Have hooked up Nintendo and now I can't see anything that Jesse keep playing Mario dork semen on her report. Or right you're doing a great job better rounded up a great job or Mario three though it's all there. Any any of the very rare many any ass hard to find them out on can't wait until 255 hit the brake pads I'd be helped if I get yeah I got back they'll just keep talking broad checked out a few minutes had giants. Go giants is LT. Yeah the problem putting Q what did you all replace them with the skins are don't read very very little piece faster than anybody else we should be very very. Very complex on Saturday very complex often all right general motion and a host of offer art monk and bill Sanders but you know he called plays in his blog the whole thing up yet. Always really funny was was watch dealers say they had a good one. Because they had to get Christian to plug it in for them because neither Keith nor Ben were all unfortunate that he did a great job and Christian had to hook it up for them because these two couldn't these two door couldn't handle it. Now these seabees are pretty high though but it's all good. Good playing abruptly after police are realistically you'd rather have the high price calibrate the TV instead of new York and Heathrow. Me. And Christian oneself keeps them high priced I mean it's not keep it pretty tight in immediate I don't know I don't think so lucky as high price and buy it. That's right. Ever did you. Ever paycheck it's right big ever keep tonight by the way all our walls so I don't want GAAP. Hi adult colossal power never kick a week and we determine that yet and you know as a solo hardly. It's going to be a solo our beloved mom called fairness and then stop because I the to get a whole segment on tech all in regard to start out. If they've got good stuff for today wait a minute check it out Zoltek moral breakdown parent evolution the evolution of what Mo was in. Well it was it nineteen. And 909190. Or 89 or on the 88 and 89 dale at 2070. How far we've come across. After the authority for thirty on this night at the go to dishes on day mountain. Couple months evolution of gaming it is kind of incredible. King at the at the grassy auto laws you know what it used to be way back plan. And embarrassed to tell you how many hours they spent quite Mario. Brothers I mean is this an and we thought it was state of the art. We all want to see here a while ago really was announced in San replace them who supports it but the bass organs for example where a game each player like they've taken the time to get each player's shot. The mirror before reservists or shop senator Rick now look the same but he dazzle but tolerable to shorter but now every put the mannerisms are all in the game it's it's crazy. They're a football game the following an NFL I don't know him closely watching the the other player healthy looks like a TV and electoral just watch and had a game on Sunday afternoon. On your TV see that's the thing I can't I can control this stuff. You know he'll tell you got it I can't control the news that it moderates got it's got it got to invest and dale it's got a matter to you it's got a matter. As much as it matters to keep every heart and hard. Match. As you noticed Michael we we've been Tony showed together a number of years now. Well there was a little little respite but for you know for the most part a number of years we had Nintendo in here before Italy. We didn't have it in here but I wanna remind you that we did in the early Dylan holly days it's just my proudest moments my contribution to the program. We had a mad internment. You brought Matt dramatically economy out we did a pretty high city why my body out of yes budget do you it. I organized battle with animation. And organized and I putted well I was fighting I was not in it was just. Part of making inherent danger of war very very excited we had the other titles a great idea in the finals games on game on. Also we attic I own one that will only had I don't know on the finalists. Notre deals right heels right. This the next level you can't be bringing the volume on a nice with a controller here I'll probably be unanimous enough as rudimentary. These folks were bringing scripts. They have scripts I'd play. A I mean they were really like well. Halftime adjustments are adjustments and I think mark and is next level to marks another really get I was so proud to be approach yeah. Straight as we definitely need to bring those back. I think because. So it was a little disappointing last night wasn't the ones where I went and have them just watching mark and well when you see when you see in the eight inning I guess it was when Chris Sale doubles and by the way it looks like a baseball player running around the bases looks like a baseball player with a nice slide. Looks like a baseball player tag and up on the fly ball to right and get the third with one out. And he guys that are here and then he gives up the run and and it's like are you kidding me. You know pejorative strikes out and and then Alexander pops up in the areas in the at a bad feeling there because when when when your pitcher gets the leadoff double. Then makes it really. It always should be that excited is a basic. It was a basic base running move you know attacked and went back and whatnot and you see it but Stewart are used to seeing pictures to any other issue this is get to. Those who want to criticize hash tag Johnny cakes theirs where you got your argument you got your argument. On a lot of sloppy. Base running base running blunders. And throw and the fundamentals of baseball on the on the and the run by Dan intensity did you have to hit it on air mailed the kind of guy. Still not a lot this year and I think they are playing hard for Ferrell but they're always playing Smart for Ferrero. And if that happens add another be with barrel last night beyond that now but I I'm I don't seek public sent the ball. That his handler and I certainly look at that second but say my people and that is not with Ferrell IP. In that situation you gotta hope the players accountable but I can all sports if a team it's sloppy thing. And our culture well. And that's that's coaching so we can put that on Butterfield an unfair somebody. Is is not emphasizing that enough and the players should know better but let's just keep going up the chain. To say the department root of the problem. Now you're saying about Pablo. And it was seemed that his hand in the ninth inning. I am I mean that's why Hanley is over on that in that dugout right. Yet that's the one that's the place where he used them I don't wanna see problems the standard up there swinging a bat well he's not the one benefit. For an American League team in a nationally park is if you get to see your regular DH if he's not sorry and I came in with C a for years of the Ortiz and it's narrated it. He had staying seize on the lineup bots. You get the put him in there late in game if need be and those guys are all used to being pinch hitters but too bad you're gonna have to do it winner nationally park. And you don't he public center on there and they don't about it that was jest. Brutal too often easy come easy go. Ari sometimes we we agree that there are times where when players make a statement. At the plate. Guy comes about his manner mare's against Mariano Rivera will never know. And he's a good there are just took those three pitches to get it takes time. I don't know if he did it on purpose but it sure looked like he he did it on purpose in wanna play that put him in the game. He takes three strikes. Doesn't take a bad offers shoulder just Mariano still. Sit down so he he made a statement and he was out of town. Shortly after that. John Ferrell making a statement by putting Pablo in their last thank you would think he doesn't wanna put them in there and that's my guess you don't want him. I mean did the only thing the only excuse I could make and I act and statement from yesterday I've Marty I'm very sad I I hated seeing him out there here's the only excuse summit. Is it Hanley said to Nunn and I got the night off. Nidal means the night off. I would god I hope he'd dominant big bigger teams they regular it's up to John Ferrell he's already he's being told him Pablo is that there are as follows the I do. May I break it upon law after my break and maybe he plays long enough to go on the DL and any of more roster flexibility. Because I -- you why would jump for a want to admit it why don't want us Carl let alone what download play play your game you know I'd say Dave Dombrowski says that. In wanna win either well liked he's sitting there in in wherever he was watching the game and he says now now that Pablo now we gotta have well. I guess they should have handling Kennedy tell a guy to play he's got to play we got. You know my bosses tell me. Now he he blew it on ruse they cast TO. It looks like he made. Who knows if he's blowing in and out on on David Price. Hanley Ramirez is a very expensive DH would have to pay out pay him all that money just to be DH. And I got another guy. Maybe it's not a money and he's going to be on the bench now get a plan. He's got to let it pinch hit form in the ninth know what I'm saying he's got to play I don't know if he's telling him he's got to play he's our every day their basement. I don't know what what the what the messages why why are hard to believe Helen that the four games in a row that he was at night maybe well maybe that was part of it hey this market we. When I keep doing this. Is that a bench Eric. You know give less you know you're right on the bench guy doesn't belong here at all even though he has been. Well I think I don't what are you and other words they'll like it it's not me yeah. You're looking at baseball purely baseball you can't even defend having Pablo. Start the game or even be in the game at that point and I that he should last no problem real. That's your best option and make a lot of sense to say puddle of Senegal's best option I have a extending this game. So I think finances factor into. It's not expensive guy who wouldn't pinch hitting for him. It's not like he'd been sending DeVon moral their forum are also the situation there worse so if you did tension here other Erez. That he got to pull handling out to say they do extend the game down Hanley Nazis burned through those two guys is Arafat any fact. Our Barbara that because one of them you know really wanted to game anyway instead of so what are you don't want it got an oddity in the field and then it would Hanley Ramirez. Hard. I'm pinch hitter but I don't I don't really want a claimant fielding that Ambrose and much of an ego good to go rest of the game how many how many managers in baseball do you think would. Would be okay. With the general manager telling who has played half of them. How glad I know what it's like a neck okay how many would be OK with it holiday silly comedy would put up with okay. Two thirds I bet yet to keep their job to have yet solid but there was three quarters among them keep going up three quarters of. And end up like I want I don't really stab our guys they'll say yeah all of that up so a company general managers tell the manager who's playing and who is. Most of them. All ideas money balsa of a lot of them. Here it is the roster as it is how we want to look this is where his who asked to play. You know what and it's a nice way of saying it a case saw it like it if they make it in 1987. It's I'm gonna tell you who you gonna play. In 2017 hits struck by a lot of construction here. It is that he's like hey there are those that lets it based on our numbers already lefty righty lefty had you considered that deficit that that's totally different product a public cent of all you're third baseman. Well. I Hargitay is leaving that I said I don't outlaw yeah I definitely think it's a reality or we would never see Sandoval. Wasn't it got through hey Michael I impacted to have John Farrell's track record with Santa ball. Sorry pop you lost your job the I in spring training Dell lost your job out of those the brows ski. I honestly Dick though is that new sheriff has announced already if any will but it is a good moving your mind at the brows ski the Tibetan look what's Aaron doubt that's in what is that's in the new type of thing to go with the younger guys edited and why I'm a veteran NYC tell them to play him now. Baby because they want you to me more about them on the DL all act in a board of output on the DL. She's also a better option what's what's is your telomeres are run whatever if you really have a better option. Relish is probably better but that that's kind of thing Marrero got better they might be Ares deathly better defensively I still love is a better hitter. The ball for you it makes no sense to me that Dombrowski said last year he lost his job but these series has no you got a plan. Was and I shop at this approach a big difference between. Washer and mr. Yeah it's a huge difference yet he had an option in charge shot at a tournament to. A great third base and he's not high failure rate or basement but he's better. And then anybody they have right now makes it straight even worse. What was gonna this is a bad already. Dombrowski taken about when this when just if you just consider. Travis Shaw for Thornburgh. That are already got a lost which make it worse. And it was you know don't blow a little research today and research show Oprah yes Oprah love it love it the traded one of the kids do bond more reached steel DuPont Deloach who hate that and he was part of the deal and my sources tell me he's going to be a star now. Year minor league sources Miley sources. I don't wanna class but none of that Major League sources don't call them minor leagues were all but as far as they're sort. What we've got mileage out gallons of all levels of baseball are hours of guys right Gordon he's used to read this all the time when news code Red Sox. A source familiar with Epstein thank you. It is really don't really know earlier. So. A source familiar. With but there are player so this is. I will say like we'll see it a year or two how bad the street really if you already know it's a bad trade it's even worse and we. So that I spot dot acting like it could be well how did it feel even better on Friday don't want it is if you look at the Red Sox look at their bullpen right now. That should be their bullpen should be a cautionary tale of how you fine set of guys so one of them Patton Matt Barnes the draft pick. So you found a guy who you can rely on the bidding them nice job traffic. What hobbies god Joseph Kelly was part of a trade he thought it gonna be a starter he's eventually settlement to a bullpen role. But none of those guys David Cole all and and the off season and pay high price force of gap. You don't have to do. And they've done it they try to do it twice and doesn't pay really high price for car parts and has now as a Miley for Smith. OK can live with that people are people were very content that Miley gone but this one. And the pain that at that thought out of Israel top it there's one thing your paying market value. You pay it probably 30% above market value in this trade a starting third baseman. And another guy who's gonna be really good who's gonna be really approached. This. A starting third baseman when you don't have one. Which is even worse as if they traded you know an outfielder like their fourth outfielder and a well how's he gonna play anyway. You know because of who they have but they don't have a third baseman. They did have a need to remain major deal they were saying well. Puddles can be there be any team that's crazy to me if they work right at the yeah a lick of sense to me that that was the plan but it they must've because all of their back up options. Whether you thought it was brought cold or Josh wrote Lou I world's weather rock cold thing did sort of I've heard that item in the backside but I never got their fall I've heard lose say this that I I agree that that all of the guys that have spelled sin of all third. That's Simon their primary position. But they're all utility guys who are probably second basins are short stops. That can play third base a Devin Guerrero about a third baseman for a whole lot of third baseman Josh frozen out third baseman. But they've all had to do it this year. So you couldn't of said well it'll be published at all or one of those guys. That's a deal like all of those guys should be your back up guys in a nice. Utility guy for Ferrell used whenever he wants wherever it wants you not every day Robert. Yelled beavers is going to be ready next year did your did you visit all you're in several a year now I mean did you really think if that's what they thought. And I I know Dombrowski said. His preference is that beavers got to Pataki next. And and not make that jump from double laid at the majors as we've seen a couple of players do not his preference I didn't rule out he just said it was not preference. I mean maybe maybe they've got that the back of their mind you know what maybe this gets ready to add to jump appear like we saw Andrew Ben intending to. Let's just say they've Hattig they've had a good. Street a lot here where their young guys so maybe fifty verse falls in line with with better intending you'd that's in Bogart's than maybe house of the but it just it feels like he did it a year too soon. They give one more year Travers Shaw on the team and then it's dieters. Each chip reliance and all doctors are getting exactly what yeah. For artistry fair. Trevor shot last year. It to 42. We six home runs and 700 these. So. I would say played defensively. At me right yet and I'm just fine right averaged. He fine he's honest the reds Red Sox fans wanted Brock cult they're more. Well. All they did it item by the end. I did shock proof that he's not an every day Major League third baseman but he had a had been having some good stretches he did. He eight beginning stretch. I his ended the end of 2015. Said and he's got a little something that in 2016. The very back the first couple months of the season. It looked like a steel especially at home river had these home road splits were unbelievably cute smashing everything at home. And then on the road not so great and hi Wanda the season but 242 was sixteen rounds suggests that. It you know wind up video might have doing well on note on the road or at home by the end of the year. But. They also traded Josh Pennington so they've retreated three halves. It just I don't. But how to bring about what I want kitty doesn't like it like it's growing needed trade heavily armed soldiers of infielder more recent yield Dubai. It's got to be special. And we'll keep an ad network it turned bad on you all predict that hey I'm alone. Oklahoma seem that you just like same let's be honest you just really like say it. It's at least half that adds that's as 30% of after that I that you'd that's self aware and did you know in the fact that he's got a number and the fact that he's supposed to be pretty good. Is an issue we couldn't keep him pick him out of a police line Oakland almost done just because it's an adult he's going to be just sort of out of both ago. Sources familiar with. Minor league town and took my only thinking Major League source familiar with minor league town up. It's a app freestyle Friday and you guys know what that means bring to the table whatever you want but we've begun talking baseball here. Our we will talk baseball later on the program Roger Clemens will join us at 515. Are on the show today he will be calling the game tonight with Tim never this Joe's got the weekend off so you've got Roger Clemens tonight. You've got down rob Bradford tomorrow night. And you've got Dave O'Brien Sunday night making his return to radio because ESPN took the Sunday night game as well. So it is not an S and gay so those of the three guys but Clemens will work tonight's game. And I will talk to Roger Clements at 515 below to talk with you guys 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with Keefe. Sports Radio W the. And he's at the entire library and admit to keep. Others though Mario Brothers in the world one love 212. Area. Underground cool blue. Class a Michael has missed the chip shot field goal pulled its he did you loan shark. Yeah I don't know if I get the got to get back and rhythm Stephen gets kind of how this game in his and it did so that can be done by four options on offense the I. The guessing game and then on third and well let's see I can run two runs or two passes but it gets at the right gas Clegg tech global Michaels as quote. I'm a little limited. But let's look at the limited like yeah yeah and etiquette suggest that a little bit and yeah that I missed a few ago. It's hard idea I'd I'd and this is sort of paying off a Twitter tees that I did last we had a Twitter anyway overnight weather team and I'd I'd put out his dream about it. I put out a tweet last night and I yet I just showed. The Stanley Cup with all the Bruins names on it in 20102000. Elevenths. As I pointed out that six years ago last night. I'm in Tampa. Calling a Josh Beckett one hitter that no one ever saw or cared about at the same time the Bruins are winning the Stanley Cup in Vancouver. Joseph and I are in Tampa calling the game. And I I mentioned as I tweeted that somebody said you know it was shame that you had to be called a baseball game instead of you know seeing the Bruins and I sent out I'll tell you the story and I and just very briefly. The Red Sox were so invested. In the bruins' winning Stanley Cup and it was an amazing thing to watch so that the one hitter by Beckett game goes I like that. It out of the clubhouse after the game. And they're all standing around watching the TVs in the clubhouse they've showered quickly they're standing there watching the second period. And then the minute the second period ends all the players run to the buses. And let's go when they run the buses and they'll get the buses in the buses take off for the hotel. They pull up to the hotel guest Jack McCormick Marty made arrangements there was a lobby bar in the hotel. And parity had it all broke off and had the TVs all setup. And and there were two things that I remember vividly one is says the bus pulls up. Kevin Youkilis says. Guys let dale get off first this means ward him her tempo was really nice by the way so we are going and everybody's watching the game. And their goal one knots. In the third period as the Bruins are getting ready to clinch the Stanley Cup championship the Red Sox as a team. Are going crazy. So the final gun sounds the Bruins win the Stanley Cup and the bartender sets a glass of red wine in front of me. Nice and I I didn't order that he said that gentleman over there'd and I look over and Tim Wakefield is tipping his past. And you know hey good pre. But if you could have watched these guys that all of a Red Sox player now and I'm guessing maybe some of the Dominican players or something didn't understand all the nuances of what they were watching. They were so invested watching the Bruins when Stanley Cup you'd think they were winning it. And it was it was an amazing thing for me to see these guys. So cranked up about another Boston team winning the title. It does seem like all the teams have sort of been a part of you see the patriots guys at the Celtics teams all the time that's is another example of how all the teams we dollars in relationship. Between all the coaches and managers but even the players they sort of and Ella almost not a rumor from Boston but they just once they're here they sort end up. Rooting for each other throughout which is larger particles they. Did they get the the most out of there their talent. And actually known. In a growth yet the most. That that team when they first ones it's just remember that it was six years ago yesterday or today years ago last night so six years ago. Think about how you felt then about the future of the team. Think about how you felt on the the day of the parade while he had a chicken to catch a train they're probably repute pissed off like that but I'm saying it just. You're at that rate. Hot day like ninety something degrees is unbelievably a million people pretty much lea Hong people Jeremy Jacobs make it bad Jolo worst Patrice Bergeron and market and it often black and yellow did any other tea fire their coach on the bridge. No no owner and it but. You think of how excited you were about the future of the team. The core was young really except for Thomas but then say it Thomas moves on to god that he that you get to correct yeah as his backup. I went to another one went to one more. But on that day and MA comes along I felt like the Blackhawks. Like the placards that I have a nice. Sustain runup in that they're gonna win five cups but but there are you gonna I think they're not I definitely plan to I thought they'd be in the mix to this day. Like for six years or six years which may you'll ambitious but they had six years of a championship contention. So I certainly thought when they were back in the Stanley Cup final a couple of years later against Chicago Atlanta confirmed it makes all the sense in the well think about it and you know it would even proves a point you more. Zdeno Chara was our that championship team we still here. Bergeron. Marsh and Rask. And made that they've got sort create cheap. Usually guys are excited about. But it. And in the saying intern and obviously. And then cap management to Mancow limited due what you're seeing now do that was the dust cloud on the horizon. With the cap. And and if you if you were looking at it and paying attention you knew that they were gonna have some issues going forward. I didn't think it would happen quite as quickly as it did but you are thinking. Paid a lot of money for some fourth line guys they gave away a lot of no trade clauses. They really did hamstring themselves. And and the one cloud on the horizon that you could see was. They're gonna have some cap issues a couple of years down the road and it ended up. Don Sweeney had to basically blow up. It's too bad cap issues but. But as as Keith said and Villanova since this upsets you and I'm not trying to not trying to upset. I could tell I'm not trying to. On a free thought if I want to physically OK. To. Sagan was not a cap move. No they're not signed yet so it's on to Noonan contract that was have they gotten that was a devastating trade just on the return but return it he got a fair return and maybe you'll miss the playoffs Paterson and I know your position is they had to trade him but they didn't get enough. And we can quibble on why they had to trade him in half to put. Like help they did and they felt they did that. But if you're gonna wait dealt bottom line is if you're going to trade on the get out of debt and got to do you got a fair about time I was talking to somebody about this the other day because there are similarities if you think back to the Joseph Thornton trade. Updated after trade Joseph Thornton by the way there were no reason they love Joseph Thornton has all reason arable and then you look at what they got. Can you say what the hell were you thinking that was the that was a Michael Connell yeah right. And and it wasn't that they traded them although that was bad. What compounded it is what you got in return I love me some Marco Sturm but we've. On the Honda Al you know the only MVP ever to be traded in this is she's on the MVP in any indoor court that was unbelievably incredible. Yeah now what they do he said that was a Michael Connell deal. They have like a ouija board for they may they traded Sagan. The recall of the spirit of Michael college before we make this trade okay. Michael catalyst in the room okay lets people save it and admit that enabled moved all its. Terrible so bad at not not so much that they traded Sagan. You've got again and and in both cases by the way the common thread for both those deals with other GMs in the leagues and again. We didn't they were deal he's available yeah you know it's Tyler Sagan was on the block or or Joseph Thornton was available that was the thing that. When you look back on it you say come on. Anytime you're general manager if if you're in a sport. While all sports have some version of this so I guess the football version of it would be. Hey we lost a guy with a 105 catches. But if we get huge catches here after cats and where it any time your general manager starts talking about Heidi and make up the goals that are going out or the points that are going out there are multiple people. Run for cover at the back straight at it that's it you're just. Your team has made a terrible trade. And that happened would show format we have Michael Connell on. Thanks so. I'd trade and ignite what take advantage of by. My my hockey ignorance in most of the time he'd been he'd be well positioned to do that and a ban but that day I remember saying to them. You know. This release and a good deal well Michael let your dues paying. Off. And zero articles are not a well. And it's one eagle back. I'll keep the production each get a gift from there and then this guy's gonna improve in this will you know now is bad trade. Awful trade but I'm glad they won it I was really happy for them. And I remember that night I was happy for you I was happy for you page that the I rewards one wasn't there. It was urgent cellular back topping one era but I just know how much you how much you love this team in. I will say this there was an engineer in Tampa and and he went out of his way. To run a cable and set up a separate monitor so that I had the game on in the Booth the whole night and he didn't have to go through all the trouble but he did. I have to admit. I am more than them and I on the on the TV screen and not on the game in front of us that the John we're trying to call but thank god Josh Beckett made a quick. Yeah it was a one hitter and no wind it in any could've easily been a no hitter no one care. Our Josh. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's freestyle Friday. These guys are back to Nintendo here are here we got a game I don't field goal with. Minutes after LT take over here or if I was a forty yard field goal that fell shy of the goal line a lot of power there the map bar we're Bergen is struck. It doesn't. Out tryouts are Monday 677797937. Dale and Holley with key Sports Radio WE yeah.