Does Tom Yawkey even deserve to be in Red Sox HOF?

Mut at Night
Thursday, August 17th

Villani and Bradfo talk about Tom Yawkeys qualifications from a purely baseball stand point to determine if he deserves to be a member of the Red Sox Hall of Fame. They also talk about the Celtics announcing they will retire Paul Pierce's jersey this year, and wonder if its too soon?


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell. We. Final hour Bologna and Brad both sports period WEEI the American coming here ten your calls in the meantime 6177797937. The ball. You're falling back I was like who are realizing this I swatch summit TV sidelight. Early guy were to the next level and that that razor. In my head. You'd you'd think people outside of the normal staff as a lot of us on one. Sam Kennedy as oh weighed in on getting this through and injure Alex Twitter feed those 50% its right yeah. That positive but so this from Charlotte I don't at this is Kennedy being quoted. I don't have a list of everything yacht he related in noted suggesting we wipe out racer pastor history at all. We've heard from many people in the community it feel it's something it's bait folks feel comfortable about coming to Fenway. You believe that. I believe the Morse code has made a lot of people do you believe. That there are people that are uncomfortable. Coming to Fenway Park and now back you know now I mean that Abu courses there's probably somebody. Buy it. Hey kids c'mon at Fenway now aside. And do it. And do you know. Do you now know it yet the end aides were at Fenway Park that's how literally you're taking that statement is their chance there's always a few that is I'll ask you. Yes there's always a few I don't think there's this ground swell now we don't wanna come to Fenway because of that they're probably people that might walk past it and say. For whatever reason have wish it was a name that I don't eat keeping them out of the ball in the last few years every once in awhile stories come out and about changing our QA in. This happens and when that happens people's awareness are brought to light. By. It all these years was in nineteen when it was it mean that 976 -- US 76 a sentence and a semi sixes. If they win people to become the games and it's now. I don't I don't think it's it's an enormous issue but now that the the causes. In people aware of the cause if it outlined the change it that's fine. This is that part of it I don't have a problem when they're going to change it to with a four pray for people that it did are kind of jumped in late on this here. It's a foregone conclusion they're going to change spirit to the borders on the street there's the Red Sox in the De'Angelo the only that owns the the merchandise shops across the street there. They're both on board with changing it. The mayor is on board with that and the committee that the commission the city commission handles this. Has never turned one of these things down right so and this is gonna be the one that's packet leaving only does that guy and it leads in like we've said before but it leaves the conversation. As of John Henry shows a C 2014. When mayor Marty Walz. Was elected in we noted John Henry was already going down this path in terms of trying to get changed and raising this as an issue. If he said what he said Michael Thorman back in 2014. And had the talk shows are about like we are now in all over the news like he will be tonight and tomorrow. Then you'll probably have enacted that seems that street sign back into Dallas fort Payne and and that I'm a play your side of the street here now. Can't even say that even with with Tom Menino and op that's. They could have gotten this done I really the yeah you know better than I did the mayor has influence in terms of being the lord just staying out of a fight altogether but it turns the actual power it's this public improvement commission that they just said a minute ago. Never turn one of these things down unless there was some kind of public safety issue I can imagine how changing the name of the street we change how safe the street is by. Unless there was something like that it was average bird when his legs down the major players them. But at the picnic death's doorstep of mine living there a danger way he. But yeah I know it's so probably would have gotten done so that's one thing is that if if you actually made a full court press slight. It seems like John Henry's doing now. Fervently I mean having it he's probably doing the exact same thing he's done for the last few years but if you make a full court press in terms of getting it out there. But you do in Harold. Then it probably gets targets like it's gonna get done now will you be reaching out to John Leonard asking these questions tennis I get the median the plane tomorrow IS insignia Ari go home now. But nobody wanted though I work all day did journalist. You keep asking me that you keep making me feel terrible you're Porter struck me so now I'm trying and trying to write a bunch of stuff all throughout the day that I can't hear you last week I mean for these three hours of a maverick though I enjoyed my time here but you know it also does crest well know also puts it debt in terms of what I can actually produce. I wanna go to bed. You bed outbreaks here at the churning out break is the perfect opportunity Yemeni laughter unfortunately. Perfect opportunity yacht for a minute stops that and then the trending so he got six minutes to overtake the iiroc email. OK I I'll I'll do that target the sabres while living at the same response when it was mostly get the responsibly we get this in Kevin response we get that John had a response. Here's an Intel overwhelmed right now we have response I got my five hour energy almost John. We're talking about vacation the movie I don't know what's going on target Bubba are going bald as we speak to. The is so. But it either we were talking about this in the break I don't put you in an awkward situation so you ought to response a cattle sit there quietly. Bye bye week in terms the new cycle this isn't interesting ones that. And like when you get the story out and so the house comes out with a story and everyone's talking about it. And but the problem is is that we will aggregated we will write about it we write columns off of it. I'm same thing is happening we had ever and I get down off other people that get response from Sam Kennedy. The stories being in advance as real as we speak we had Michael sole moment on I could probably plex on the from that interview. It's assessed it is so difficult for newspapers. These days to figure out what you should hold what you think you should hold what you said. Because the old debate if you can get to that war point at 6 o'clock in the morning where you see on the front page and nobody else has it that's the win. Yet that's GO 40 yeah and it is you well now. And this is unique and Harold go over any place everybody's worried about and scoot. I did there isn't a eight probably. And ridiculous. Obsession paranoia. Yeah getting in many cases. You're chasing ghosts that don't exist if people care as much as we hear you are are terrified of getting scooped audit in in the problem now and even if there's a chance he got yet and in the pro in the problem now Chris is that. It's Twitter to where Arif. I've tried to say I'm going to write some thing I have something but I think I can wait fifteen minutes to write three paragraph certainly it to a week. And in those fifteen minutes someone else tweets the same information soul. I I lose us the scoop out that's in it that's it's a terrible way for us live our lives. I've never looked at I was on on trade deadline day all the baseball writers are patting themselves on the back Ulster only had this great job by rob Bradford Jayson stark way to go out. I ever elected those as scoops. When did you get to Twitter. Three minutes faster than somebody else does Charles and leading the same information you know same time he's old wanted to peppers got run again he still wanna be that you want a pat on the back from your your colleagues and and if you're looking for another job it's that's also important to meet its scoop though is what you just said the for everybody. Sees the full story either up on your website or in on page 1 the next morning go holy bleep it's in catching up to him yet and you got the scoop and you tried in news you try to do is you try to wait long enough so that you can't have people respond. By I in this case what time does for a drop like three years something yeah its after three I think yes so three sump and so. BE of The Herald got a lot of play of the couldn't get on the clicks on the web site. I think you know they can present like exclusive whatever. By you if you hold it that's 3 o'clock in the afternoon. All the way to stay till midnight that's a long time. That's a long time and in even though you can guess that nobody else is gonna get it politics as one yet. And and then that's the worst feeling in the world that's very yet again you'd get to a vote. 1130 years you know I then it's it's not reasonable anybody else is going to be able to edit it. Cunning and undermine Europe which the story and that's changed too and I remember when I was apparel 2007. And 2008. Where you would debate it was like 8 o'clock you were debating. Now thought even debate forget about even writing something that you're tweet it into the debate. Yeah so nobody it's. Jack so it anyway it's that it's a tough one and in I think Darrell debt you know and I think fair amount of publicity things returning now's. Hit it exactly as though he was still upset about that. Well what about me mentioning the Harold and turned out only your. Other by the relatively liberal and you mentioned that you were you mentioned the website if people don't know the website to website as well but another way of saying yeah all that was missing was. You can see the story in Boston Herald dot com and if you get the UPS at the pops up this power through. That should be in the trending now when a new iPhone that's a great thing. Six what 77797937. To get some phone calls now nick in Weymouth is up next Gilani Brad only neck. I get don't take this comment on the yacht racing. I could feel less with it namely to what and whatever but what does thousand businesses couldn't see any ignorance of people who have no sense of history its message uses says it was. This for us New England quality to go. Head over heels in to slavery we not only dealt in black slaves we actually captured after we can't get them while Indians radler repeatedly that she court. Okay what what is what is all that actor Tom yawkey. Where this is how much would be serious. Where is paying its. That's answers what that's how Tommy I think things that happened before I was born. Understand. We've really what I'm saying is how much of this nonsense you wanna get involved with a particular entirely if you're really on the level. Eliminate all sense of history by its you know today I. I I think what you just said is nonsense because it's not eliminating the history of Tonya hockey people are gonna understand. Tom yawkey was positive and negative he's still going to be in the Red Sox I'll pain you can still learn about a mile and a media guide is. As the Red Sox owner I think people can still understand the history. Without having history even after a guy has and the only only knowledge they have of Tommy hockey is the street that's it you get rid of him basically gone. Right because it is. It was on black people a Democrat right so. And any of the first part of that but I'll see your current. Watch renamed it obviously because that is it was our lack. Yes although as rob has brought up a couple of times it's not the only ignoble part of Tom got clinics in. But let's look at saint Rome look at at. By the Italians gonna get really public policy at the Romans had slaves and second sentence today. And I can make that commitment. They you know episode with the stock lost over dissent. OK so US they were all right you know yet the view racism part of it whenever I am. OK okay okay all right so let's take that next level let's talk about fatigue clubhouse down. All right. Because that you are you familiar with that situation. Not a big day so why have now it's all right well so it's either club about the Morse code yet now if I didn't even supply is so busy this guy is a guy that abused her or sexually abuse. Kids in the clubhouse. Clubhouse worker yeah right OK okay so so if you looked at up if you research that. Then there is a very strong case to be made to top the yucky for protecting this guy. You mean they'd they know him ever since he was north of so they were protecting him all the way up until they died. Right did I did more complaining he he protected he would date you can make the very strong case it's with the Joseph Paterno. Although again. And so if you wanna factor that in as well then you should I. Can't wait that was here was all about the yet so that's been happening. I mean you know when it was in the last. You know how did you read about what do you have been blocked out I'm saying that if we're gonna have the complete conversation which I haven't heard a whole lot of we have to integrate that as well. I appointed a point but what we're better off but what I'm saying it and I'm not disagreeing with what you just said I'm just saying. And the other aspect of things you can't. Pretend that that slavery never existed insurers tell existed here. And no one absolutely no one is making that argument that is such a straw man argument. No one's making their argument or pretending it didn't happen nobody's sticking their fingers interiors in closing their eyes and say no this is never heard. Similar to name a street after at all until after slavery. After somebody who was yes the I note. At don't want no more more smarts and more more corrupt but how we got into the a look at that have to admit that went I don't know Ferrari no we used in a match. And Morse code now on more stuff on prop do you think do you think they should keep the Morse code I'm being serious I mean do you think that yet this other stuff for the Red Sox hall of fame. But Tom not Hewitt went when John Henry can you out here on out Wednesday when John Henry comes out your paper. And says that he's been hunted by the legacy of Tom yucky I know he's talking primarily about racism gaffe by talk about the human being the guy. So any say so he wants to enact it seems that street side. Which we can agree is the most importantly the most powerful thing. But he also. The most difficult thing even though it's not that difficult or the most difficult thing the easiest thing why he's doing this would be to take him out of the Red Sox all failed to get the Morse code thing off. Here Red Sox hall of Famer yes just I I understand he let me rephrase the question may be better. I don't eat in the hall of fame is that there is irrational he BA Red Sox hall of Famer even if you were to take out. Let's take LPD be less savory parts just for a moment. If you look at his ten year is ownership tenure. Is that worthy of inducted to the only team for awhile and let me just that worthy of induction this. The best now royal court have decades they did not win right they've never won the ultimate prize. And they had very center is due date the actual shots for were few and far between I know not as many teams made the playoffs and everything else but. You had already had like one shot. And if not for is to talk about the whole fame of the rights on all of them of the Red Sox aren't well you had the guy who is because they have no control over the Cooperstown yet and so. He he's old he owned the team longer than any owner had ever own teams a lot at they had some success. It and it but they have a lot they had some moment so we bought a teen young and he lived a lie right in there are that in itself there are almost there are some good things that he did it. Right along the way along those forty years yes that's the so I guess he got into the rats a what you would you put him I inner cities there would you put him in knowing. How the teen I'm right but teen. How they function yeah that organization is he all. Yeah because he on the differ on is probably just as you know analyze and so what you just sat there and did not the only ten years less at a and then he might not think. Now I think that he did enough where the other suffer side he'd probably easy Red Sox all favored by now after the others like hello you either right. That's when I'm saved John Edwards at a comfortable with him. Then I'm saying that he probably shouldn't be because put it this would give another example of a guy who might be a Red Sox hall of Famer. Is mirror mirror as a residence hall of Famer yes he has. He should be should be. Yeah I think he should be OK a positive. Steroids. May and a me. All right so if someone else comes at Ugueth Urbina. Hours left behind by the you know they they do the same requirements Clemens Red Sox hall of famers there so they so I guess in that respective they're looking at it while we have some transgressions in the gonna be rhetoric all Famer but I don't think John Henry has ever come out and said you know what the red legacy of Beirut Maris and Roger Clemens Arafat is it really odd to me is. And buried pretty. A pretty big difference though between cheating in the game and racism yes. Yes I I does that apply. I was trying to find example I understand that and you are about or they're being had that one is set them on fire that's a much closer to the market yes I encourage wasn't there domestic violence and let me do. He's only knocked Jack McCormick over. Yes that was not the I don't remember domestic violence allegations and I will Cordero. Yellow for no Cordero back in the day he's moderates and hope not even close is where I hit in Manny that's it that's actually striking in two minutes in defense. We have McCourt indefensible. So. I guess that once again none of those guys John Henry's amounts of their legacies on T mean what he views on things. And that's a pretty powerful statement it does if if I but I also think it's the it's a false equivalents to say cheating in the game is akin to race on my work I'm really not I had a guy doesn't. I'll try to give examples of location this guy stay in the hall of fame and and that comes back the jockey. If it's the easiest thing I would think forward John Henry did you along the way why he's trying to get the street sign changed the easiest thing for him to do would be to say yeah you know what I'm really uncomfortable with Tom yawkey. Not be are being in the threats like all fame and take him out and the other part about that it's a bad idea bad luck for one owner to take another owner no matter what you did. Gatherer how it all fame I would agree that I'm looking at the Morse code now by the way let's say this entire story never happened. Michael Silverman never posted the story. And they just quietly one night popular white paint gone. Would somebody notice the next thing now. Now eagle Lowery at the summit anyway yeah yes the Morse code is gone there would there would be distracted by first pitch is going to cry and Byron. Around that's they can position on the Morse code it's you know what existed for example it but now the you know you knew you know we keep jeans up there. I don't know which ones which. Bite Dow the you know it represents Tom yawkey do you think that you consider yourself is that a big deal. It out if I don't got Henry said hey we're gonna take this out because I'm not comfortable with what it represented that's not as big deal for one it's not as obvious assigned to a lot of people I don't think many especially younger and that any idea it's there a key thing he just found out about it today to. Aids. To meet the the street sign is. Head and shoulders above is so it shall article but the problem also the draft but at the address or no question but the promise is hypocritical would you take. The more scoping down and if I felt like John Henry says he feels deaths. I can see that one he's in a tougher spot with a hall of fame because the last thing you just said. No matter what the circumstances harper won ordered to take it pretty well that's her out is eight and also his fail safe and that is day he's in the hall of fame. Targeted at some baseball site taken down the hall of Famer and Arctic and the Red Sox hall. But the Morse code anybody in the baseball fans leaving a long time. He did a lot of things. When you likely carry gimme gimme a break it is presently convince me. 466775. What does he do it was he playing World Series he's got the place. You get the players free trip to the World Series at forty years he besides it's a level of success the Mets did get rattled sign Ponte dream. That and that no uncomfortable moments that the Negro League museum in Kansas City. And get the tour. From. I'm blanking in his name the president obviously we don't ball the was there. That we're getting a behind the scenes tour and of course part of it is they say it will when the negro leagues and 1959. Urbana in sixty right around that why. Is finally the Red Sox signed a Ponzi treaty. You said like he said the previous show the Bruins signed in African American matter for the reds and Willie Horry. So you know that would stages seats is the totally intellectually honest with you John Henry. Where a lot of college hypocritical horse could gotta go yeah I get the streets I change. It but the UK but that takes long as we have found out I understand it slugger all you need is a pocket eight. I critically if they wanna if they wanna watch of that tomorrow I know I would have no problem right I know is there I probably wouldn't miss it. And honestly nobody else would. Nobody would. Now know the O'Leary take it might order a weird tribute to begin with the crew spotted at various adult here's the only thing we should do figured let's look in Morse code there's between the American League school or does the latter on the left field wall. Bill and there's a Red Sea life you know bill in the car right Nacchio they've built for every little Red Sea life at probably somewhere. The guy. You don't actually think that I had Lucent's so just. It rates are so. It's our ball awful. And citizen relegated one race all this race on Eckerd whereabouts all peaceful but some erratic. But I gotta tell you that well in technology I which required it will set it on your. In 2000 great arts alt rock or are you saying much Red Sox were sold for a much votes with. All. He remembered. Me and so are you breaking out I said. It's where you when the trucks sold the Red Sox who. Warner and Jon and and the rest of their owners saying how much they ought. I do not remember exactly are right we'll put a lot of money essentially say that over 80%. Which it bought in your chair well we're arguing about the external line trivial it you're announced. We are where any ill at least what you re chart and we had deleted that I. Money at. I don't understand where you don't win any jockey Jackie had 35 years. Scott. We don't know I hear you I. Well I think as they sit and yucky yucky foundation continues to do great work in in in support great causes all you can do is look anywhere around the city dizzy just to see that I hear I hear you but here's the here's the thing. Is it if John Henry who owns the Boston Red Sox. And we had we had made mention of where yawkey way stands in relationship to the organization. And the actual physical property if John Henry wants to do this this isn't staring down a hospital with a doctor's name on it. Suggestion to so appropriate to John Henry. Okay fine change street John and re wouldn't you make your seal the Red Sox would donate the same amount of money. Do you think eating jockey would have it fewer is alive donate that much money. Why even dead for he did tell I don't I don't he's been it was a very charitable guy. And that's why it that's why my things for a U yawkey name off of every building in Boston. It buy it by John Henry to me. Has that right. To do something like what he wants to do with the street that is at his park just like he has the right to take out the worst total left field. You really want them Morse code on I wanna drawn into its martyr in the media's code is it we can have a stimulus ceremony where he gains at Fenway right yes. Get a bucket white paint roller cannot if it's a it's an old sort OK you don't know they elect. You tweet that you get a lottery tweets via U vandalized in the wallet and wait mark of the good of the good for my career and it's excellent that at. Brad fell on the renewed the that would be in Morse code. Who says they have him but he do the act. That a daughter dash but that's a good question six what that model that second if it's 790 resentment and arcade cabinet now our Gilani Brad the with a Tilde and Sports Radio W yet it's much. Sports. That's the group like it. You did you do answer yes Rick I really like I'm good to have definitely. Not afraid to say it. And get her get a positive answer. Extreme net positive Getty a wedding I'll get the circles there. On its own. I can't circle out okay Eric and now I've taken word for now I don't want any reenactment I don't I have no desire it's hard to do well here also. I used a ST closed the microphone in this business as opposed. The Red Sox heavy all night mostly the IKEA waste up we have talked a bit about the actual team that is playing well and getting sent take on the Yankees will probably be. And checked scored a little while apparently taken at the Mets in seven ones so probably for gains up. We series there tomorrow who. And potentially pivotal series should but that radio network this and in past Saturday and Sunday can be compelling pregame show it into the hell hole public calendar Canadians. Never now Mikey Connecticut once stocks Sox yanks at Mike. What caught in my quiz that. Rob somebody yeah some so lighter greater moral sort of goal occurred in 1978 rob I know I was in third grade I couldn't believe it. Well one bit argue occupation to change the name 1980 wearing pearls and her skull. I'll with the all the while that he was dead. Yeah what you are not a lot of hey there yeah he died in 1976. All Alter our Google actually bought it barking her gracious rob and you know this is our summer armor and I don't think you sent about the attributes. He Eritrea should be changed at all but it has used its industry. But as far as our series about. It's very important when to watch it because I really started Indonesia. And I don't know. Or some about to actually in my city so insult them. I don't know what an inch or so what he Sri hitters now. It growing eight LeCroy that much. We're losing power and that's what they're missing found a mystery. You've got a you're pretty much every an end to dreaded and solve that problem. By. You get good starting pitching. You the bullpen is a weird animal for me to the Red Sox because you look at the numbers evidence suggests that you don't should have a lot of confidence in the bullpen. But then when you actually. See it in seed in action. Yeah map art on the road heaven forbid try to protect the lead. Now how competent he this year but in general the bullpen at the numbers say say it's. All help a whole lot of Addison reed is winning and did what he did the entire year for the Max out. So by Vicki defaulting all the of the best you are re look at their numbers. You write this is a reason why you got at us and read this this was the exact reason why you can hasn't read it you want a better feeling overall feeling of say. This is how it's going to be and we don't have any doubt about it. There you go don't have that now. I yen now at the moment at least a powers the big thing that's that's four runs against good. All the this putting you need a home run home runs are good Abraham Lincoln on the whole. That pause right there on the monument says yes exactly what it says four score and seven years ago and net positive guilty to dedicate guide. He will protect you though. You are at it. You know Armstrong wanna comment on evacuate and I'm a young Red Sox and a better arc Myanmar like we are brutal I found out I was today. With an indirect heat. I and honestly I think a lot of people are an armed about it because of the name an extradition and that's where there YouTube and quite an embargo. Artistry it's been named people are familiar. And realistically I think the mass majority of people if they know yet they might not even know bigotry or I'll beat guy. And they don't know yet which is it the street name and it's something that can be changed. You believe the only thing I liked about it that you would react it may be armor they knew that are around I mean literally they never make. That's an ascent as a that a few times or monitor column being the show. Better late than never have I'd say it's not better late it's doesn't and now narrow narrowly seed rather it has never changed it now I'd say that. I said that the heat there is some criticism that is deserved if you have already been trying to do stumping for years. And it and if you did. Know that this is going to push Ford which isn't this exactly what's gonna happen. Isn't what you said this is a reaction he were reactionary world we live now. Another reactionary ownership group they operating every this I'm not surprised by. I guess you can be both not surprised and frustrated by it at the same time those two things are being mutually exclusive. But they run the free routine and everything they do is react that the manager they hired after Francona everything they do it reaction. But you said so you're on the premise that you have a problem with the you know surprise which is fine. By you do you agree or disagree that he should have done what he did today or would Michael Silverman the Boston Herald. Couple years ago because we would be talking about Jim oak way or whatever it's going to be call. It would have already been done John Carlo way maybe John Carlson I read out Chad Chad in tweeted that he and others you know. Or is is as DDB trio ducky way it was loud and play yet anyway yeah dock where I would work outlook. Could have done it sooner yes she'd done it sooner. With. I'm not surprised that it took something reactionary to push the eagle here over the edge. That's the way this guy operate that the latest ownership group operates as an iPod and I love you ask the question of the year at the probe move the color rhetorical. But I think also if you look at the just history in general. Whether it's sports whether it's politics. Society writes I understand that by. I don't think human nature of fundamental human nature is all that likely change. At I think we're pretty much set our way in that people are by their nature. Reactionary FAA and societies are specially reactionary when something. Overwhelming happens that's when you tend to get back. What do you think if if the email chain continued and you asked John Henry. He said I know that you've been where you said you've been working on this for a long time he couldn't get it done when Menino was the mayor. Walsh became the mayor 2014. So why didn't why are you re saying this statement now publicly instead of a couple years ago what do you think his answer would be. I don't know why you know what I think it and erstwhile gumshoe look. For WEEI dot com should maybe write email I just did finish on my last Byron geez maybe who have that sort of motivate little late night 1045. Email is committed. John Henry at my spring that net or something else that's upon those lies and had no idea but it. To be an AOL guy all eyes are. Definitely John dashed Henry 33 at AOL I know I've always seem fair RI Christian our kids coming up next we'll get some thoughts on what he has planned for your for the next four hours that's on the other side portrait UW yak. Back to more mocked at night. Sports Radio WEEI. I'd I promise that's gonna ask you. Rather Celtics closed the gap. Mark mark you know he's not Paul Pierce's numbers is getting retired to soon. Any appeal or none at all while you can the favorite he's the name game. As I guess that's the way I like well let's I feel I thought about this today feels like with. It's one of these who'd talked about Stanford. Mike Silverman taking over shells plot treats the whole thing now with it and it's a product of against all the teams winning. It's like there's this. This pissing contest to. Outs celebrate the other ones get out ceremony you yes you think that ceremony will show you ceremony here but I'm 34 in the rafters so our way. Now like that and I'll even look at Ford does ceremonies at our. I really don't I'm I'm toll jaded by Alison look the there's at least two things that'll make you cringe I don't know what they'll be at least two things will be so cheesy so corny they'll make well look at the Ortiz. He's known number tyrant. It's there was there was so little in. It's a patient for that because. We just went through three days of it at the end of last year and you can't I think people are still hung over from those three days out. So yes press and the players. I I absolutely believe that that did not do him any state dinner house player doubts that now and it was actually in it may not even that. Net neutral now and on the net magnetic. Because it was only Ortiz. It was that was exhausting weekend for everybody. Given the players are kept asking about this thing that was David Ortiz models like you're part because your school. His seat is at least three things like that. Oh wait they would put me up and yours is the snake it's in Iraq is now and that's the truth. And some bill isn't. It but I don't know it would Fortuna mine that's a shame and don't like you have to look there's no debate. Paul Pierce number belongs in the rafters that's like a conversation. Hall of fame player won a championship great player the team for a long time I didn't date. Garnett I think is no brainer to some B one debate talent he wasn't there about wand that when he at least have a conversations on that thing back. But it just feels like we're the Celtics were just in a hurry we have to do a ceremony. He retired is Celtic. Let's get that number up there right now to the at outs or what is it what is it going to be. We probably do but I'm not -- this season and this Charlotte hornets game some like that on the at Celtic still get its act perfect Bobble the pelicans are in town depth that area we have a bubble had to retire some of the numbers they Japan and the item which Kenya. Okay they'll be coming up like it would burden as great bird was the Larry Bird now separate fame obviously. A transcendent player deserve that. But this is yes you know it's just. Strategist on what sport do it now it is too much I think Arnaud de Leon lakers tonight money is. Do it and do it like Brooklyn go Brooklyn that I celebrate his other team celebrate all the draft picks yet that. That would be a great way to do it like a great way to just stick it to the Nazis not only did you guys get totally port on this trade but also. Just to remind you the guy won a title for us. And retire his number is all of these huge years for yeah you walked out with the Brooklyn next war nets warmup in the takes an opera that I felt mr. of the and number 34 hours there. I thought he was going to be Brooklyn net for life. We're gonna talk more about that we talk about streets Christian can't they don't buy it. Yes you talked streets the night. I think actually I'm gonna talk about a lot of streets than a lot of street various street not just not just jocular and sorry about all the streets lands down Jersey they're all for debate. Boils than street be construed all the street yeah. They all got problems Charles dean at the one that I think really needs Charles did not even a street it's like weird side road that connects adds this group Charles a dazzling your paving the road well I already are ready spirit Hotmail and I think that takes should be out there Allen needs to be put there at a novels don't want to the worst since it's so loads of noxious audience condescending Charles H traveling you charles' game to the southeast. Just letters its and it is worried I always felt so welcome in this building is because growing kestre. Mr. not a coincidence right I mean it's like we were talking about if you want people to feel real uncomfortable like. John Henry says he feels uncomfortable with the jockey way. Have it like murderers rose. Half hour. Cord blood and I just murders have blood. Yeah you expect there's actually a couple murders on yawkey way outside of who's on first yeah that late day hours ago so that's that actually I was very crowded theater determining things there was a whole thing about them pulling their permit us right in licenses and everything else can be no real situation leads the league you'd permit. Let every now and then obviously going elephant permit simple the hell out of those are we were doing all week relief for the permits for the free speech guys I wanna see a real quick before you guys go I agree they should change arguing I don't agree about the green monster that's inside of the museum to me that's you know light the coat yet marched on the outside it is yet I thought it was and so now what did that apart they got a bigger than our leadership there as well I got to read her pre group and restart Obama what do you mean by inside that stint I was closet monster got lost yet this on the inside the park. Right oh yeah oh yeah I'm right there on the I guess part it's looking outside Iowa his outside work and I thought you meant ugly inside of the wall I see your knuckle adults yet what I mean is it inside the part therefore I consider Fenway to be its own sort of play like it's you know at these with these confederate things you put him in museums they don't have to be out Republicans feel sort of the same way about yuck you like you can avenue in the park. It that far it's only legitimate source code was there. I had heard that it was a but I don't know where you like you can point I had you wanna go idea I'm I think this is definitely it's gonna be generational thing is you mean Keefe. Yeah now had either no or very little idea of course I grew up learning more. Schools in the navy I broke when it person. If they had a guy you don't like person is but he's remorseful and you Roman numerals that was about the same Hillary Hillary's I don't Roman numerals the super others that they're completely useless. And wrestle mania great arc. Christian I can you be talking streets except for Charles DE screw that plays on. Rob Bradford appreciated as always I appreciate you jets drier fantastic job as always he Matt marine back there as well. I'm Chris Haloti I'll be back for Red Sox baseball Saturday in the meantime agree and if you're weeks if.