DHK - Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox shortstop 8-16-17

WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon
Wednesday, August 16th

Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts joins Dale, Holley and Rich Keefe on day two of the WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon.


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Guys that we. It. It in the Red Sox team victory and it vaulted out of the studio I don't blame. And we watch on the monitors that are Bogart threats art shorts that joining that was a pretty cool team Acura. Use. It is and the team. It. I don't know that little baby was that Dustin was holding the pedal Beatty was yeah I can on that beard today if you like it like it those as you do right now. With the deductible. I feel about you guys speaking of the team about the where you're playing right now I'm stuck at the it's a team. Yes they go with Hewitt now. Missile in its own rule them all crop out. All of the parties be given another triple play at night it's it's just. It's so rare. Already though it's a standard it was crazy that the activists on the border less than it was yesterday in 2011. I mean it. August 16 in. Eleven missile missiles aboard those one day. Before. House office that it planned to think about that when there's two runners on nobody out that it in your head and obviously if you're prepared for it hits you but you ever and they have turned very. I honestly he if you probably the only guy. You into it on my team. I don't know Pitts who wanna go to what goes onto the pitch and he with the new department aria I mean you definitely want it who played with. And I would of his teammates ailment that is it for later he'd be that's we're gonna drag this time I would. I did at that I think is the use of them the next day you know probably two videos your movies on it. Clause of the but definitely a moment it was also one at a time so. So it. At the trade deadline you guys added Eduardo Nunez Raphael devers comes up from Portland to double leg. And they seem to really fit in well here and I mean offensively they're both for you know performing well but they seem to fit in with you guys as well. Or offensively and defensively you know I mean well some guys have been used for what success recently who's been on a physicist who Donovan and team. They've been doing good on both sides of the ball mean. You could ask for much more than that with the mentally to go. I did ask dust in this yesterday about the devers at bat against are all this chatter you see anything like that the law. I mean a scene of seats out of this is David a couple times to do was hit him on Oracle's announcement when volatile. Almost any way to say that you know inflicted as twenty people awful Yankee Stadium on the we're we're dumb I want him you also it was a right abroad game. Dom I want he was down to come and be. Who are extremely good swing on it. Speaking of David he was such a force here on the field and off the field and armor bird a comment made earlier in the year ended in an obvious from mr. Ortiz a little bit. The guys in first place how have you guys dealt with the absence of Ortiz you feel like he. Player has stepped up to feel that way. I mean it's an a to help him. To help us out with nothing getting New Year's endeavors Welker. They're held to feel like even even Nestle Ron you know we were playing good as a team to Florida but. Those guys suited both the team much more in the team especially offensively. There would do anyway themselves so I mean this is sort to a slow to continue doing that we have a month and a half more missions. Hope you can witness what is possible and off. And make it to the bills again. Is there one guy on the team that you has looked who has sort of the leader now hours at a group of players. As a working out I would always certain players you know a lot of veteran guys. I'm from the nose of the position is part of the senate on annaly those of the position players might see Chris jones'. Is an extremely valuable guy in a clause that these one moment my favorite teammates. To be of auto Tbilisi we it and are you guys had just to keep in touch you know cute it's that it allows the Zune doesn't get. You. It might want to you can't Majorly to the very young age you know what rock fields going through right now how hard is it. To make that jump the way you do it the way he's done what's the hardest thing for him to adjusted. But I don't know about that just. Didn't play a lot. I that if element for us it's of these guys have a different situation him enough minutes and you have minutes and came up. These guys played when they when they came up you know Ripley regularly. I had miserable sector that's even to issuers like analysts like. Get about it if it's abroad gain organs and left the summit that I'll play you know but these guys have been playing well since they came up. Playoffs going to be a whole different story hopefully make it. That's going to be different with. You can't reach the a lot of pressure that's no you know you gotta win so it. Try to make less mistakes as possible and I mean he should you are twenty to anyone because of age you gotta. You got to applaud their performance of team. And graduates in the playoffs now is that game six. In 2013. Had that. Tremendous at bat against shares are great lay out some pictures that the ms. noise can be a little else that was. But you know what was your approach collect that debt that not your. Our rookie here in time if you're a young kid in years in that on that big stage in a clinching game what was your approach. A terrible my arm to irrigated ought to go ahead on the bubble have a gulf war. Soil and when he was a good really tell us that watched the game was pretty close Arnold through winning the rules in my one on a somewhere that but. A disputed get on base you know sitting down and order. The focus of that line about Coca tells me on and and and and PDF and those guys the pick up again which was on base. Communicated via hold the football game wants those cuts puts things on this but you know when their track record in playoffs. What's it been like playing defense fine personnel that you're the guy just gets the ball Rosie usually striking out a dozen guys that night where what does that life. He's quick view army's seven Somalia this year as he sees you quick on the mile. Yes the balls full strikes strikes strikes strikes likes Billy walks guys. Me as an opponent against him he was a bit tough to tough pitcher to face a few days ago that in. He got to face him it was an easy task to do. Like that when Kimbrel gets to the ninth inning to is an idea. I mean that's oil off your callable for all of our guys available when tools we've heart or that a lot of movement on the balls. It's it's it's definitely a phone is here for fear. It's been like for you're seeing some of these some of these faces of these. Cancer survivors these kids were fighting it to see you guys what is that like from your perspective. On the it could go a long ways in all the impact we have associate playing baseball and it's going to be severely reduce. Hopefully those two as well one day and then we can impact their lives and one of the week possible for a positive way you know him. Just didn't look it up to a loss on you don't know hold out hope for a technical and and you always wish that you can influence them a real positive way. How soon in your career here did you realize just what kind of relationship the Red Sox in the Jimmy Fund. I think offensive right away even before even before it got to the visually so a team in the Red Sox rookie champ. And went over to the hospital and implement some of the kids we spent a lot of time with them over there and seen them in this situation as at a young age I mean. It is it's not some you'll often you'll you know what. That's what that's what life. Tools for them I guess that the got a continued to fight through it ended June it's obvious that few of its votes than it is for me so that. John Farrell mentioned last night and having one of the kids run out with each one of the position. I was pretty fun I think I don't know ridicule and and I have a duel of I mean it definitely me when I a bit more easy you know this. This appreciating that you know are seen. It talks that a who did she say much yet she was obviously with the base I was to a talking you know to a stop giving up. So does he get kids that that their own don't want us he did you know the parents out there. Who assaulted me she was a two Lugo. Well we really appreciate taken time to contend here and you got to get ready for baseball games and a guy that. It's it's always great to see you guys initiated I think you that's Red Sox shortstop center Bogart's we're live from Fenway Park. 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