DHK - Will Pastrnak stay in Boston? Plus Pats safety Patrick Chung joins us

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 12th

Hour #3 and we delve in to the Bruins vs Pastrnak saga and wonder if he'll be here very much longer.   Plus Patrick Chung checks in live from Foxboro on the preparation for the Saints this Sunday.


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Our number three dale and Hollywood heat Sports Radio WEEI by the way Michael in answer to your earlier question at the top of the shells. Sergio did it's up to 130000. Followers now. Now we always have before last night. How many are afraid. I don't know that goofy by him. In order that he got nasty thing I mean much of his Twitter feed is in Spanish so I'm I'm not I'm not much help to be here. But he did he did send out a link to an instant Graham. Where where he said at least I had the time of my life and it's got a picture of him standing on the sidelines. Holding his ESPN microphone and I. The system without any any Yeltsin put hash tag. Break the Internet with a little smiley face oriental. Sense of humor the fun and silly didn't. Until they oppose this dramatic submitted video from a hotel room which is on his Twitter feed as terrorists and as in 86%. For his audit. So it's a pretty attentive to his followers are real things Obama I'd like to know what the number one's for dad no question it wasn't real low because he's. Fairly prominent. Is on its export this Vedeno and I think this audit actually counts before last night. And yet about oats 93094000. Dollars Aaron I'll forward you know go from from 94 to 13 you know other Balkan that night that's a good start and it's of huge boost him. But it one years seven months ago it was a good night so he's paired up. It had a aren't Ottawa last night but maybe not as big a bump as we might have expo America. A indeed there. Hatchery was thinking that as the night was going on you know he may have set on his instrument and feet he had the time of his life last night I'm guessing while the night was going on and they were to none and I know we're good surge and if they were like you're done for that I it's become take his microphone away. Or they let it be ready. That's cruel I say already whether it is never go to all the rest of the game the first quarter wasn't as early. It was like that before the kick off sort of thing is first quarter that was early that was that that was it for the rest of the game gives the other three hours on the sidelines nothing maybe. Mean they all get credit ceremonies I don't know but it makes it okay Sergio. Sergio. Mideast expert is a company's stock in a way impact on it so mad after every play. And Rex Ryan or Beth malls and just keep talking like great throw it to Sergio. Those that. We interject hockey noting of course let's hear what core part of training camp players all the players reported for training camp today rookies reported last week they had the rookie. Showcase. Series of games over the weekend and buffalo. And a lot of folks are a little worried about Dave impostor knock at this point there was a report that came out yesterday and imposter knocked. Has multiple offers to play in the KHL. And I as I sat on Twitter last I can't that be good career move half the players in the KHL last year couldn't get their money. Couldn't get paid cited no doubt part of it but I normally wouldn't be scared away by that but how many years ago was that now that you Nicole Cheung who was great he was the top whatever player or to put men at the time and then he actually left the and it's a legal planner. That's daughters and wives that in Paris scares me a little bit. But you know what scares me is even the fact that we're having the conversation so now maybe the league is it can't deliver what posture not once had to deliver. It's just it's it's. A disturbing trend. For the Boston Bruins where these contract negotiations. This goal left so quickly I'm for a while I'm widow Danielle I tell every young talent on soda look at it and say this is not a big deal. Figure it out this is as this is gamesmanship. This is negotiating this is what happens not. That's gonna be alarmed about. And all of a sudden. We're told I've wanted to. I and look I honestly do believe that that's negotiating and that's fine that's why they negotiate like this is when the Bruins yet say I don't think that actually done anything wrong in this negotiate don't know. As they they did I got the wrong got a player talking about going to differently so you've got an agent talking about going to it if okay but you've done something wrong with each well something has now does the eight you haven't gotten where the agent wants. The agent wants eight years eight million a year. Because that's what Leon rice title gotten Edmonton he says that's the number that my guy should be the Bruins started at six years. According to Kevin called upon of the globe they're up to eight years now. I'm sure in a perfect world the Bruins would like to keep him at around six million a year I think they go eight years seven million a year. And the agent wants to get to a so so. So could it be it could be the agent want 64. And the Bruins want 48. I'm an act that's extreme if you want giant and I think they know they're not too and forty art so 486 or or or more realistically 56 vs 64 yes that'll if that's what I think the difference 89 dollars a year. Eight millions and I am not out right totality of the hall on which is accused. Really I mean if you think about a million dollars. Every season and that's your disagreement over a million dollars. Perseus. And Ellen this is one of those deals where the guys thirty Andy he's begging for six years or errors in one. So he should be good for all eight of those years. So it I and he and I think he will be right up on senator I think you'll be really good for all eight of those years and even won once he gets to. Or just say halfway through that deal if he's still good. Also there's going to be a bargain. That the salaries keep going up and for a player like that who if he's a forty goal scorer and if he hit the you do open market and 20/20 one. It cost the ten Linear one of the guys who. Do took some of the negotiating power away from Don Sweeney yesterday was Brad martian. Brad marsh and said yesterday I don't have any problem if he makes more than me but there's nothing like that public relations thought was well they can't pay him more than marsh and and and that's what the sticking point as Lamar chance that I had no issues. And PR from from home mean from fans well I think that that there was a bought out there among the the hockey media and others that the Bruins felt that they couldn't go more than Marcia and because martians done more. Well yeah but that's just the nature of the shuttle or Russian nature of sports W because every agent that it operates more at this year's it is a Gilmore or guarantee money Gilmore Brady this year. I don't know if they probably Gilmore. A nice time bones and ice contract he's a free agent he's better than Tom Brady everybody knows that they also are yet to project a part of their contract hold on Apple's O. If if that's the that's the holdup you got to let go of that. I just don't understand how a guy hit the that I don't rat race position the rhetoric. From the Bruins has not been anywhere near some of the debacles we seen in the past look it may get there. It's not they're now. Don Sweeney every day when he's asked about it says we continue to talk every day. Which is trying to find you know an agreement under an agreement point between the two sides he'd he'd never it's never down. Great the player he never downgrades the agent. He's playing this as professionally as he should play and I think now we had other guys like Harry sinden suggesting that you know. Was it but it wasn't Craig Janney forget who was that he did you learn how to yell little. If these you know because of the threat wasn't gonna go play in Switzerland there's something very well or better to learn how to go there. So I did there's none of that going on this very still have a prominent voice in the organizational and he has and he has a voice not a prominent voice. The on he he he comes in every couple of times a year and you know when the when the Bruins are playing down playing against the Florida Panthers down there he'll come to the game that sort of thing. Perry is not you know helping dictate policy here. Or you know decide how they're gonna pay guys or anything like that so what are the ultimate act we have what score I think I signed into an eight year deal. For somewhere. Seven and a half hour diner somewhere in the seven million dollar a year range somewhere in there. That would be my guess that it'll be and if your deal somewhere around 56 million dollars total. AV around seven. And I think that I've I've never thought he was going anywhere. I had been Sweeney has said from the very beginning if somebody signs into an offer sheet will match. So go ahead to two wanna do but he's not going anywhere. And I just. I just don't understand why negotiate. Like negotiating has to get to this point. Where you know guys are are talking about our players saying. Oh my go somewhere else on the play in another league and he's not actually I don't offend but. To get credit by the way he hasn't said anything knowing how the book that's sort of the moral problems this publicly like who knows what the discussions have been between the two sides but. You know when that with a rumor first you know we're talking with Charlie Jacobs during the the Jimmy Fund telephonic and he was saying make no word we have offered a contract and outlook and betrayed him by any means. But all the different recordings were they offered element six years six million a year and they turned down. Are at seven years six million a year he turned down. But there's the president turning it down and count. So there would it's gonna take awhile to the others like the Maliki is. A our researcher freeagent right now and like pace six for sixty embed it in Winnipeg jets are saying on the slower off for you and then you can actually go back and forth on. It seems like a nasty negotiation does this isn't very good at that seems so different from the nasty negotiations I senior. It's not ask the at all well it's not that there are dollars that Iraq terror file and I expect. I think first of all it's not an agent saying it's not even the players saying it its members of the media. We're saying well you know we Ares got several offers to play in the K I don't think is telling them that they're big they're. They're being fed that from somebody. Unless they're all making it out on at all one could've made it okay and others Odom OK that that's that's fair. But. What do you think he's worth the LS let's get down to what is he worth eight million dollars a year no not yet you don't. No home. I think he is on because Herbert you have to projected out you have to say RT scored 34 goals as a twenty year old. I think you you have to take that chance again C a top 1020 player in the league right now not yet known we will not. But he should be annual lock them up now and then you should have a bargain at the end of the deal. If things go the way that you think there are I think he'll be a member of the Bruins I think he'll be here soon. I don't think this'll be you know two weeks into the season sort of thing. I think ultimately he'll get signed he's not here today at least as far as I know he's not here today. Everything I've read is he's not here in and I think that they'll get a deal done. They want and he has said repeatedly this is wary wants to play. I think they'll they'll do everything they can to make sure that it happens that they just got to figure out the number. Sometimes it's hard to get that that consensus on the number. I wonder what that what the back and forth that the team's point of negotiations. And Erica. I can offer racquet Connor to what you said we're looking forward go for resuming our yeses there though. Eight million to and only offered six million or is eight million. Are you nuts and crazy right now I attack yet proven that yet. Time to talk to on New England Patriots safety Patrick Chung Patrick brought you by doctor Robert Leonard. By Mike Pella dot com used code word WEEI. And by Honda north Patrick joining us from much let's they've had Patrick Harry. Carrier or we're doing great thank you we spoke to build telecheck yesterday let's just say it wasn't the most pleasant conversation we've ever had. Now it gave me some idea that it probably has an unpleasant around your facility since Thursday night. Yeah I mean if you know we've got a little shocked the safe there you know he. Closer back and we look at what country know how he let you know it comes out is you know. Go to waste side and he walked. Are you have a game on Thursday and it and it didn't go as well as everybody plan how to just been juror. Your weekend was it preparation was it. He's going over the film does this give us a sense of of what she went through post game. All I need you that's what he was not he escaped what what what makes Americans. Well whatever the case review we're a lot of domains that are involved miserable awful lot can change it. No you just gain political ground in the personality. Just lots and lots more than I am. We're told that what. Losing and Lamar Odom what. And other sugar. Milk which is their excuse keep pushing. If your process to watch it once on your own or watch it well once with the team then move on or just wait for. You know watching it as a group and then that's where you say OK see you later on the next one. Yet amid I'll watch out with him on Long Island quarterly meeting room washes in go to collections in the apple back. And that's it and there's some law. Ultimate in particular dog and he's. But you do about it negotiated broader notion of well move on certain that we. With all of the put in new field turf did you have any issues with the field on their side. Was there anybody did you does anybody on the team in wide receivers or anybody here complaining about at all. I think in Baltimore moved from being I mean if they're changing it to work plagued actual control of their. Whatever we know what you're deploy wolf. There is this. We're talking to Patrick Chung of the New England Patriots there were a couple of big breakdowns for your defense on Thursday night a couple of 75 plus yard touchdown plays when you look back on those. Did you feel that they were as simple as communication issues or where their physical breakdowns as well. When it's. The total Merrill chairman of the excuse me not playing well how are you know how many. Yeah and they like yeah just can't argue that it won't be in place. In Oslo we should've planned better and well that's uniform walking backwards. At all compatible. I. Well looking forward to take on the New Orleans Saints what are some of the challenges that you see from your position that. That are that I make this week interest and you take on the war. Are available float between them and you know Adam well already experienced few political road. We'll offer shorten a lot of large photograph on the you know there's computers starters Weiner mean you're Ingraham all of that if at all. They can play very proud and also we got to cut off well. Good amateur player agent got a little deliberately that they're slaves were ever fought off Internet. We'll also look equal you know girls were the reasons and they are all of these British America. I'm curious about this that I've heard a lot about you know early season football on everybody's got a an opinion on why. Early season football not just for you guys but a lot of teams. Is not up to the standard that you'd expect in a one of the theories is tapes that they change a collective bargaining agreement they changed training camp. I can't tackle as much is as you could the past and that's affecting people or York tackler and a very good one. How do you think there's a difference between tackling and training camp where vs. You know now vs when you first came into the league in 2009. All of in the technical battle for marketing and now that you know a little more. You know global arrogance earned. You get older and you love love. Parent would now where. You know it's. Kraft and what we're watching that if you let it. Well rooted you know what a horrible part of world war there's you can do. You know predicting that they could not get that opportunity. So. Got to work out in the extra you can go in which you've gotten your vote here. He can all things if you just to be one tackles Cha. Won't want certain amount of literature review. Article when a sudden it was. That. Not a autumn football. That's straight may have all it was written in the certificate there. Now being a punt returner on the patriots is not that a great place to be element gets hurts our shelves dancer Damian dole against her on Thursday and leaves the game. Are you expecting to be the main punt returner coming up on Sunday and is that something that you like to do. I don't get on the other although both of you guys. Yeah. Fired or just what I saw an abortion. I doubt that how I doubt I doubt club. Hundred was I wondered if that meant was brought that they go on their feet. We've got circled on the blue. Cool a little about you know. Getting definitely wouldn't give a little bit of a child that child from the from the software. Well on the a lovely thing about Paramount to our reliance like no no America and then you'll go from there. Uproot you that you know more than we do on this and what tell us what Bill Belichick said yesterday that they had to tell everybody else does. Our what'd yesterday yeah. Armor or care about what. I think they are you. I certainly appreciate the time we'll talk to assume. Are accurate take care that that is a New England Patriots safety tests Patrick Chung he knows more than that's because he wouldn't answer the damn question for a on to remember in us. In the lock feature for garner yeah 6177797937. Is telephone number text line 37937. Our guests are Don we get time for phone calls with you guys will get right to him coming up next Sports Radio W media. 7797937. This telephone number you heard rich when he was doing a trendy now to top the hour. Talk about the Red Sox lineup for tonight and I can already hear the Chris Young. You know. But at a walling out there I just see you know against this particular pitcher he's four for four lifetime. With a double so maybe that's why he's in left field and wise batting second I don't know but he is. But the question here is you've got you've got a Cleveland Indians team that could tie the American League record. If Corey clover wins tonight knew who will be twenty consecutive what wins. You've got to Houston Astros team that has been blistering hot. Pretty much all season long. Even assuming that the Red Sox get into the playoffs and I think they'll probably be in the playoffs they will be at your expectations. Changed for. You know what would constitute success for them. Based on the fact that the other teams are pretty darn good. You know in this market I don't think they do. Maybe somewhere else you'd look at the you'd look at a team and say well they're pretty good but. The Indians are better answer right now and other Red Sox kick opening nineteen straight games some teams are capable of doing that yeah I don't think so though you know the Dodgers. Now they've won the other way Padilla Dodgers Indians. You look at the nationals RD party cards clinched the division they believe that thing back when he gains and a weak division with a lead by twenty. So if you look at teams like that. You say while my team if my team wins around in the playoffs in it's pretty good but not in Boston. You never say that about the Red Sox at a playoff win or winning a round of the playoffs is acceptable. Well look at the near us there will why aren't they better than the Indians are wired directly why did you construct any better than the Astros like a rocket that's the Astros have a regular program is that that criticism valid though it may be yeah. Is directed at Dave Dombrowski but it's John Farrell who will pay for the for the job. While wouldn't say it's necessarily directed it to prosecute because they'll say that that team is constructed well well enough. But details seems it is now you're gonna start getting into performance and under achievement yeah because you you had an Astros didn't have MVP runner up last year you did. Indians and had that guy you did. And so you look at him he's got to figure we'll keep that's obviously retirement him and he's got a good here he's got a bunch of doubles. He's stolen some bases he's played a nice right field but it's not. 318 with that you know 900 no PS which is what it was last year topped thirty home runs over hundred plus driven and like it was last year so. That would be under Brodsky who already don't you say either move key. What's wrong move he or you say what's wrong with the guy who's managing rookie. If they lose the Astros and I don't know how many just you know record regular Red Sox fans know a lot about the I don't know swept by the Astros at least what nobody could stay. Yeah it anyway they lose if they just lose the Astros those now back to back years lead you make it to the AL DS which is nice you win your division that's great. But that if you get bounced in an op plan and are watching baseball for another month. But I don't think that's gonna be good enough I think they had to they have to win a series it doesn't matter whether the unions are the Astros. You're right Michael they're going to be the underdog and involve the home death but they need I think they need to win the. It is it is is it that you guys tell us there an underdog now suddenly they became an underdog in the in the last three weeks. Project it is not rocket isn't crazy Astros. Start up the season. So so great where it took a lot it's a nineteen game winning streak for the Indians to pass the Astros. They only have about a game aloft yeah. Yeah even witnessed what exactly so yeah so you became a a major underdog that's as one team the two teams. Much better than you in the last few weeks yet. I don't feel like they're likable and underdog Malcolm involved underdog I'm like yeah like a team that that is gonna make the playoffs. And can be in the championship conversation. Are they like are they. Now I suddenly all yearlong and how the fans don't like this camera that can't happen and and I say you know if they lose they'll turn on that they already have turn on both be even more like there's no and we had the people who were rooting for them to lose every game so that John Ferrell can get fired those and those are real group of people and if they lose there's not going to be while we look how good Cleveland as early Houston like let us great players accused is a great team go to no penalty. They haven't won a playoff game in five years there or forward or whatever it turns out to being that's what you're gonna a year if they if they lose. In the first round in any pick up Chris Sale who divisions here yeah personnel and he's still in the Cy Young conversation that might be clover who knows. But it's close to him like he's gonna close. Yet Chris sailing upon our hands. Pitching well so Dave Dombrowski got you're your your top two starters for the for the post he's picked those guys up the last two years. And Craig Cabral great closer he picked him up to you know. And he he didn't trade route field devers and he gave you a boost Nunez not play tonight but. He carried you for awhile. I did get rid of that intending. A security for a while they are price might feel to pitch in the bullpen did a half hour or so but when you look at okay who do you blame for the Red Sox outperforming its hard to go to Dombrowski and say. Heating that you guys that you want it. While nine and but Rich's point was that they are constructed well enough to beat these teams then it is. The general manager if they're constructed well up but don't beat them like they're Taliban and I managers like their talent yet. I did overall yes. And where they lacking. Power bat. I I am by the way we knew that the union. We knew that not I was out like that don't know we knew that that they didn't replace David Ortiz with Mitch Moreland and say OK we're good yet but I don't think they realize there're have to replace David Ortiz smoky pats and their Ramirez like all those guys now with nearly 22 point two reversal looks a little better than it feels. But rookie bats. At 330 homer on Gaza last year argument I have any this year there because that's a big difference. You had a key road before Mickey Mickey Mickey rookie Matt before he hit the heck that that homer. It was to right field tools they admittedly I've third unedited Obama on whatever Ramirez hugged that pesky pole just around so. That will is. But last week and it was his first home run since August 3. So a month. Right a month without a home run from who he vets. And he's their second best power about our so I'll ask the question that always gets asked in the spiritual yet. John Ferrell fall. Is is the lack of power from guys who have provided power in the past. Is that somehow the manager's fault. So worst thing about being a manager answers yes. It's the worst thing about being a manager. And head coach. You get blamed for things that happen. When you're in charge but aren't necessarily your fault. And it is that is it John Farrell's all the reports Seles lost seven yeah games this year yes they I don't think it is a matter I don't think he gets the credit for him on the site are on the I think it's not an expert and you notice that you do get credit for that now I don't play well he should let you worse for him if you're John Farrell you hear everything well everything that's wrong is your fault everything goes well somebody else's our union works what the Boston men are battling it out with the Boston manager is that the opposite days at K hey things are going well on. And that's managers who charge big. Hey this sort of pretty good job. Because he's. Not likable by. Section of the fan base he's again. Is I get the credit he can almost always Joseph Girardi had good manager went Erin judge was written in the legal part up to the all star break and then in DD become a bad manager when Aaron judge stopped and. I don't think it happens like that during the season if if Eric judge when's the vPro and an MVP but they're judge when's rookie of the year this year. And it will Colorado. Joseph Girardi will get some credit for it and if he just tanks next year. And he'll get blamed for this awaits should be in and that position things go well with your team. You get some credit to things. Goes south of your team used you accept some of the blame John Farrell is in a really weird cycle. Where he gets no credit. Pretty. I don't get the blame for everything goes wrong what you've done the credit when things go well so. I wish he he he gets some credit for success. But I won't make the rules so that no credit evolved getting no credit for the success of that rule has changed for him but the other part stays the same. The team's struggles after success you get some of the blame so you have to say yeah get some of the blame it's unfair but that's awaited. I'm looking right now the Red Sox are out and wins we all know they have the third best record in the American. Cleveland is now a top Houston by game and a half the Red Sox are five games behind Houston. I Houston was just a pistol most of the season is. As Keith pointed out it took a nineteen game winning streak by the Indians to finally get them passed them by game and a half. So the Red Sox are are in the ballpark would with the Houston Astros. And yet a big chunk of the folks around here want the manager fire. Well they got to the got to deliver them. They got to deliver and and you know all of this regular season start won't matter. If if they catch the Astros and fail that's worse so being in the conversation with the Astros in the regular season so. To what the Cleveland recently a month ago. They split with the Indians look like Iran where three out of four and Chris Sale had to start game four and he gets blown up. And so that's what they they lose that's it they they tie that series because Chris Taylor had a bad start. But nobody will will remember how they competed with the Indians and they make it better than the Indians in the season series. If they fail in the playoffs. It's been. Just held on file did the playoffs and everything is forgiven when I was at the end of last year that was the case I think Ford David Price for John Ferrell and essentially for the entire team. They do the whole season was are you just don't screwed up you've got to make the playoffs. And that from there will judge you guilty of five game series that really matter to do in the 162 as long as you get in the then that five game series will really determine how a lot of people feel about each individual and it's specifically those two but that but the team generals while there. There was a lot of discussion on on yawkey way. Last month. They'll rename federal way to implement it paid you know these I went I went out barrel well I think I know standard that I underworld series this guy. What a World Series and thirteen won a World Series and seventeen are. 6177. 7937. Pete's on the cell phone KP how you don't. And I think that Merkel sure what's up. Eight comedy scene you think Earl. At core the team this year either and I believe and I think this is because I want you Francona and I just in the same way. How many do you think he's cost the team this you are at least I don't listen to every single day OK how many is how many is he one. Well it daily got maybe I'm looking at the black hair all of. That's a lot of focus on the negative and you wanted to do what evolves out of Gaza but you know I know I. Pete that's not that's not unfair to say five look at and say okay go five that that's your number. How many games. And I just want to come up with a number and just try to be as objective as you can and always sounds like you don't really you know care for the manager of that much. So because of it cost them five games that means. It's just something he he he called the wrong number out of the bullpen. He he empowered team to be too aggressive on the base paths and they ran into some outs and he cost victory OK fine that's that's fair. I'll try to just think of a number of games that John Ferrell with his decision making whether it was a pinch hitter in the called for. Aggressiveness that he called for a lot of decision that he made where he got them win how many think that it. You know what probably five and Agricole and and that I mean he probably even on it. What are you guys. But if something like that comparison I go back to its all time I don't think they. Impact as many game we're talking when they played 120 games 130 games. And more we augur well that's about what went against how many games there he literally determine the outcome of with a a couple of moves late in games. And maybe. Probably some impact. It either positive or an idea right that is more in that. Yeah I think those managers I think this they set the tone for what kind of team you gotta be a belly high you got to play but just the atmosphere. A big body guy he. Your big that I bottom all the idea bottles feelings look at what it was argued that guide call tonight at the end of feelings regarding no longer close it's a little too much feelings going on and. Somehow you start seeing him. Maurice rights or would depart it Lego I don't either right in there I don't know why is right or statements right now go to the view that the split split 77797937. Is telephone number. Backed the call to you guys just compliment its Sports Radio WB. Yeah I. It's too big key for dropping off some of their legendary screen pops the biggie they're takes place from September 15 to October 1. Go to the big. And activities. I'm always curious about things that at the texture here says up for Maine Texas says managers don't win games. They can however lose them. That logic if they lose. They don't win games but they can lose and desktop. The rib maybe maybe just means that that's how we feel it's a lot of people sort of describe it but if that measure like Michael's point about you know. Yes it's his fault that reports LO loses seventeen games. I don't think Michael was saying he should get the blame for that he's saying that's just the way it is he wrecked wet the next that's reality. I think that's the way it is everywhere. Where he looked he doesn't benefit from the positive part of where it is everywhere he gets a negative of everywhere I think every manager. Take some criticism fourteen under performing that somebody who used to be good. And is not get any more tech players in his prime start to wonder what's going on first you start with a player than Hussein. I'm well is that the atmosphere is a manager doing something wrong and owners look at it that way if your team doesn't perform and they expect to perform well owner fires you. Now. If your team is performing at a high level here owner and your general manager usually gives you credit for that as a manager. Thank you I put it almost all of not players but not here like for example has gone Mike Trout a great player on the Mike's such as the great manager of the is that he's gotten the most that a Micah writes Mike I routes name in the lineup or not that that's how I view I think managers it's more. What how they handle the bullpen and the occasional pinch hitter comptroller of the folly more you know importance on the nationally below the double switching and all that stuff. But the American League. I think the players again you have to put him in the right but there is something for. The other players being comfortable those guys you know what they're doing and putting them in the in the right. Place to succeed but I think wins and losses as more determined about some of their in game managing things than than anything else Peters on the cellphone. I don't. Oh you are all things I didn't want to vote I assume so but it would lose every so little odd that this bodes well. Amend your form examples of water excuse the worst. And ignorant or ever seen. We are public and I think we're young and shut it will talk to anybody. Can go to the or do you go. He's yeah he's for or against this guy yet he had to check out that's Roche OK but my team didn't get a. I not now Peter Peter if Chris Young goes out there and goes two for three tonight you'll call tomorrow and say I was wrong right. Chris I know it's all well and if you don't want to put the night. You'll hold me and me and it would seem odd but he. And didn't remember of course yeah yeah yeah who doesn't. Want to can marry. I don't just try to get a. The quick and that at this writing notes and whole game this year and the six weeks. I ordered it. Ships for a living and pitched gotten. And. Pianist is great stuff doesn't you don't want it blog edited out on and let's umbrella out I'll acknowledge him immediately I don't know yeah. I wanted to go and I just wanna point out. You said to a young Ben that Ferrell has cost this team at least fifteen games at ninety in any game is not one of them because they want. Don't think we don't. Still hot because of just. Gave it. I got again we're costing you give me I'm not gonna help you though I got my old. Give me a game where he cost him a victory took a victory away from the giving. I don't I don't I got I got an automatic home on a dramatic turn out that the matter at all today lot of under Stalin that's all I can't give up give me. Gene stallings. You want that. Now a second out. Really. They go into its own any guy down the pit of my life. Yeah. There could do better. You know he needs more help than Peters able to give them honest they've lost 62 times via his qualities Buddha is an old tactic I've used myself ideally like hey Chris are examples Robert Pollard response of that as I think about it and I can't I don't know if that's what you're saying. I. Asked the question if you thought that we want Chris Young thing. Is great though so Chris Young who was a lefty specialist for a long time right your crush lefties right. Ferrell still thinks he has that same player now whether or not he's got Greg you know hit Shawn and ads tied to the third before. I don't know but Tito Ortiz hitting against lefties this season. All these policies and all season what do you think. Against lefties but two through 38. 187. So limited listen I don't listen to let anybody have an. 91 path let's not. At and they keep trot and there are any ill bill bench ban candy patties Chris Young bodies Chris Young Chris it's useless. Chris Young used to be sort of Bobby guilty while he's gonna crush at the back on I already out there Garrett to go where I don't know why now I know. He has one home run against the lefty this year. One anything a balky eighty cents Eli argument that useless your better off play them it's right he's down. He's a better hitters race. To forget the whole split thing like if two months went by and they did by the way you the old forever to start the year against lefties. I could understand going with a little longer that's what he's done his entire career. But when does this season. Over take what he suffers career can ever played out though that did if you begin the conversation by admitting that you want the team to lose every game I'm gonna question your your fans are now does give us too much Peter. I I I want them to lose every game it's I can't go that far as broad as it whether it's a manager or player on the team you are what are you still want them to win it wanted to write is that Christiane has better here and god I'd like 900. I carried out because I don't care if you listed apple we'll be watching Chris Young tonight with just a little extra zip to his head for the cycles aren't 6177797937. As telephone number tax line is 37937. It's Daylon Hollywood keep. Sports Radio W media.