DHK - Will the Celtics make more moves after trading the #1 overall pick?

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Monday, June 19th

After trading the #1 overall pick will the Celtics be making more moves before the draft on Thursday or will they wait till free agency?


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Piece is that Elin colleagues you know playing and isn't it failed. It the two run homer percent of Obama voters for the right so actually it. Taylor Arnold Michael holly and Ritchie and we don't want added. Don't audit me David Ellis hit the big day on the WEEI Sports Radio network. I think you're have to keep talent on the ready I don't know Miguel all day but if you have that on the ready so if anybody does call in and asked about Anthony Davis release tablets handers. Bond rate ago is that if Wentz are absolutely ours it's kinda wing is coming we gonna have lots of Anthony Davis calls today it would have lots of Jimmy Butler called today and thanks to Paul George that reporter that correspondent he's already told you where he's gone. How about so I don't have any Paul George calls don't crowd roared to launch an iron now know is a bit earlier and no one of the leaders I'm leaving. So once I had two bombshells one I believe this will let you know I'm gonna do next year this is my last season in Indiana into a monetary weren't going. I want to go to the lakers so if you wanted to try to trade is somewhere else outside of Cleveland. Because the bronze went to lakers who were both gone better yeah Cleveland did except you figured out the lord of the lakers that's up to some gambling franchise that once did. No take before year. Yeah I mean that is just how does he even play does he play for Indiana next year not a problem they can't they got they got it solved the format I get a lot either. Especially when you know what's but the lakers magic calling the lakers. I and we we need a first round pick it out there will wait a year away possible sign of next year it will develop our young guys double sign it next year he already told us he's coming back as graphic we are yardage totals would this contract credibility Weaver got a house for everything he's also he's great ago so that's that simply wanna be stored locally that big one we talked about the end of Friday shows breaking news that it was. Expected to happen or that the talks were very. Deep or whatever whatever was in the it was everybody in the NBA it was pouring out of the Celtics were moving on from that number one panic and it just became official here this afternoon. Now all weekend did somewhat the parameters are pretty much set. And this is what is. The Celtics are trading number one pick they're getting the number three pick from Philly in Thursday's draft they are also only getting one other. Ended is either next year's lakers pick which Philly owns but only if it falls between two and five. There's a chance the lakers about what the second pick and back to back years wrecked the problem talking to Paul George this year that they'll be pretty bad again so you might get other pick next year. And if you don't get out one you get the better of the kings 76ers pick in 2019. Unless it's number one then you get the worst of the two. So so theoretically and I think theoretically I don't think it's gonna happen. Well I think he can happen I don't we don't hold on this. They could have the number one pick in next year's draft and they can have number three in number for an excuse for somewhere and three or four. They're gonna like it of one and two. Yeah we're back into the Mets and got a good but I had a K get off the audio it's a dream magnetic have a job to pick in the draft they cut the best case scenario wanted to one and so I'm more likely could be like four and one. Which is also urged a pretty good I don't think they would hold onto both Phoenix. For next year's draft pick of Leon. I'm I'm thinking they're looking to. You look in the deal they are open for business. And what's some exciting is that we have no idea. What they're doing what they're the idea whatsoever Madonna was I thought it was just pretty inevitable that they were gonna take mark no faults. He seemed to be on board they seem to be on board bringing him in the town. Democrat ego and ads calling it high school counselor. Act and how did he learn how does he work for all this stuff they did and all over the what a great bit Isiah Thomas likes them they went missing in school they know each other witnesses. This is gonna work out one. One scenario where I see this trade being a mistake they'll praise on this one scenario the trade is a mistake it. Mark hill Fultz he's the number one player on their board a missile export. And they still said while he slightly better than two and three. And we can take a chance. Getting the second or third of the separation is not that great. You know we have ranked number one will pick up an extra pick in that scenario I hate it if that happens we don't know we don't know what they're transported. It must this must be the case he has to be third on their draft where for the straight makes sense. Yet they are not so they must love tool guy. More than mark helpful. That's the other thing that's frustrated me is do you really like two guys the same is that possible well you're paired draft out of your GM through whatever all those guys get together. Those two guys at the same they're not the same or not and I got the iPod or do they shouldn't be now because you you like you have a preference you need to identify one as the guy. And right now there's no guarantee you can back up. You have to guarantee that there's no guarantee. Oh yes there is others because I was thinking about this and we I ousting the same thing keep might only have they obviously went Josh Jackson no it's obvious. I know the story came out they want to Ian Thompson said it before but a couple of weeks ago he was 11 people to say it. In this story came out Chad Ford. And they're talking to put an anonymous GM who says Josh Jackson is such a Celtics kind of player. I did see them trade in the number one pick for number three in picking up an extra picks so why don't we think that we know who got. Jackson had to say there's no guarantee get him because let's pick a player name any player isn't it made of what does he goes to the lakers. Because if you do trade today and not Thursday. That throws out that that's a big veritable because you go back to 1993. And oh that's at all forever ago but thousand draft night trade that was Chris Webber won the to do Orlando Magic and then they trade with the warriors at three. For Penny Hardaway and they also the magic got three other first round picks by the way so that was the one for four. In that deal but what happened was the number two pick that you were Shawn Bradley. And you what's the semi sixers at the 76ers. Penny Hardaway. You wouldn't it failed to make that deal or they would've gotten their guy that they wanted but I don't know if I want Jackson. It probably had trading had probably gonna play as a complicated trade we make a draft they say traded probably been in place already contention on. Anthony Hardaway Jesse White not being taken so if a trade if this trade is done now doesn't that tell you that they really don't have one player that they really like. I think they have a very good sense of who's going to. Who's going governor yeah they don't there are that the lakers are taking you to smaller jets at the very least at the very least what you've done is created a 5050 ball. You create a 5050 ball it's gonna get to player I mean not since the ball because of lump of a pentagon situation. But you I had the number one pick there should be no uncertainty you should get your I would again like you should get him but I think. They believe whoever that players. They they know they can get that player at three is based on their information and they get bad Intel. And hopefully we'll have a risk blows up in a face like site. Because they're they're three. It's see it suggests to me that there are three is a person that we haven't mentioned much public Tatum. Yes it would seem like that everything came I don't it's one of those guys who hasn't been mentioned as he's going to be a third overall pick or. That's what's so crazy out there frustrating and I'm not tip I'm not going to be be surprised by anything after this deal. That in front I think the way things are gone if they take whoever at three and he's still on the team in October. I think of real frustrated because I don't think either take a guy that you for sure want the most at number one and have him on the team or. Use this pick number three as well as the other pick that you got from Philly and whatever may be even your nets pick whatever to get something. More significant Witten Philly effect that were possible would in Philly have done already. This filly had that they what you just mentioned Eliot that they had this package Philly at number three pick yet filly had the lakers picked. They can be easily but Philly you have to admit is a lot further way than the Celtics Philly is not in the same position at Philly added. I know it does make sense because the one you're able to put Paul George's name up there if they acquired Paul George was that that's nothing but they're building around emptied Simmons. And what looks like faults a lot different than building around Isiah Thomas Al Horford David Gordon Hayward. Early that the they had the ammo. But the so there's also a lot of their pick them waste of other nets got a ton of picks now if the young players on the on the roster all bolted. Stanford stashed at some stash players who are not going to be stars players anymore I just and is looking at this trade at and I know people are frustrated. By the return. But it if you think about it a little bit more it depends on the draft like that they drafted you mentioned. I'm 1993. Can it top prize. Is Weber. And you look at the difference between whoever hard waves good player but different to govern our town hot to me yet yet there Webber and Hardaway Webber and Bradley there's such a separation. That it to make a deal to make that jump you got to give up the time. Whereas Elliot knows Duncan and bill you know how to give up three or yeah I would dump more or they what is it they don't know yet and onto one but the Celtics try. I'd try to say it will give you 36. Who it would not please don't at all when a reluctance and now we know we got yes fanatics once in a generation player. And this is not a once in generation player temper trap but. You have a lot of really good players. But I think what this tells us is that. The Celtics. Saw something remarkable that that they didn't like. And not to hold on to number one or heard something from him that they didn't like I don't know what it was. But or maybe they just it could be Tatum or Jackson but can we like these guys. And and we think this guy's the best player in the draft he nobody's talking about him being the best and drafts will trade down we'll get a lottery pick and still get our guys. So do you think they got enough trading down the to spot I was surprised about the get one more the idea there without a market that two more top got taken eighteen in a pick in nineteen or you have got to pick an 812020. I don't care and another one that's I thought. So either they could've gotten more it's a definitely a fair point that the number one pick this year. Even though it does similar to consensus its faults are for the last two weeks were dead and the Celtics are getting faults the sixers are trading up and now they're taking faults so he's he's the guy. But he's not Tim Duncan he's not LeBron. He's from united and Chris Webber at least for the time that news and during the draft maybe. You know the better career low. What Borough of hall of Famer I thought they could have gotten a little bit more but it does feel to me like another trade. Have to happen because now you just have so many projects they already had a lot of text and are trading one for another pick and woody unity and have all these guys. Drafted that at the top end of of the draft in gonna be slowly developing all these players while you still have a handful of guys currently in their prime. So it seems like their efforts to those in the Eastern Conference finals. It seems like you don't. Don't wanna be developing guys for the next eight years maybe a couple of guys are developing but not half the roster. You have okay that's what we haven't been here's another of the granite and and I don't know if if we all have the patience for this. This is such an unusual position for a contender. If you look at a look at the best team in the Eastern Conference right now the cavaliers as I said that's right I said it is that a good big man and that's not my until June 19. In June 2 to admit and you know them winning the it on five that probably should move to get there that job winning as Bill Polian would say decisively in one of splitting the series decisively. So that's the best team in the Eastern Conference. As they look to rebuild would like to have what you like out on one track you like you contending. On the other track at some of these contracts start to expire. You don't replace them with mid level guys. And scrubs from yesteryear. You're replacing them. With the lottery picks so the Celtics are in position if you really think about it if they if they let markets mark walk if somebody signs Kelly let me. To a to a contract. But anyway just to point that out and Ali keep on but those were also lottery pick that you use I don't. And now the they might just walk away get an offer that but that's the issue we have some longer what you get but you gotta get they can play but they haven't been. Just kill you cannot almost as it goes great players but imagine you're contending team go out and sign the free agent Mike Blake Griffin. And then as you start to. Need to written it is as you need to replenish your roster. Why do is go to to comfort and there's another lottery pick and that can happen for the next five years. But the problem is doesn't seem like with a lot of inner aisles controls you. Special they are and that's the biggest thing and that's why you're able to maybe make a trade for another maximum value ordered Al Horford contract. And you might sign Gordon Hayward or Blake Griffin. But the problem is if you're trying to contend. Summit sometimes these guys even if you have the number three pick in the draft. He's gonna be Jalen brown and he might be great year three but you're one. How did this blast what it how much to the impact this team's. Playlist on let you know that that's fair but was gonna do that this year I had them the number one overall pick I don't know hopes Sullivan that this Uga hat on coming off the bench what they have eight points four rebounds four assists in your war. Yeah that's pretty good but but the sixers mab is different because he starts for them you should probably do it now 15100. Get out different numbers in the numbers will be higher. I'm I can't imagine field goal percentage will be great and he's a rookie probably turned ball over a lot as they as a rookie point guard is shedding big numbers haven't let Simmons will be but it looked younger it is numbers. Should be pretty good but I wasn't expecting that rookie whoever it is number one overall pick to come in and start and just. It double digits yet on this team. Right because again you know immediately be better than Isiah Thomas or Avery Bradley but the that you hoped would be. Hi David mid season latency may be just the bells and a good sixth man that that could be his story and I think he. According to NBA scouts he's more NBA ready and should have a bigger impact. Then Jalen brown dead who had some good moments that and but that was also viewed as more to player draft right. One player draft by the Brent Ingram sort of Ingram and sermons Wright does to player draft U the third pick. This year. All kinds of different information about it and went from being you know kind of a very good draft but maybe not that generational player to. No it there might be three potential all NBA guys are four potential all of you guys and that must've been a big part of it suit says aren't. We're gonna move down we're gonna get another pick. But I just feel like last year where they go on the draft eight picks. Or that's counts second rounder but. They've just they have had so many picks I brought RJ harbor for I know he was a late first rounder but. They couldn't even see that on all the way out they had it too big eyed monster job Jon doesn't play he was he was a mid first round pick. You have two guys playing over in Europe hopefully they they've played this year. On the NBA team but. They also you know there's no room formed last year so all the picks. Outlaws and I loved it when they when they moved on from pierce and Garnett and a third tour at the right way how could you say they want they were there are getting. A steal from the nets they made they flipped all these other picks are all these other players got more picks they got to pick for coach and it looked great didn't write like this coming up aces but then eventually you're gonna have to cash those in. This is what they have to do. It's very simple and we you when you put all the information aside just cleared aside. They must come away with the best player in mr. Yes they must act even going down victory there information. Should say. We've got the best player we've got the top rated player for us. In the draft in that they don't have that they over bought it. It's simple if you think mark L fault that the best player in the draft then you don't. Make that trade sorry I know Philadelphia all hands if it's tempting gonna get another lottery pick. And you know we like we have ultimately gave them like and ninety out of 100. And the second best guys in 88 while we can drop pounds for the 88 and pick up that actually no don't don't do that. So I'm convinced. That they have some sense yeah that they made this trade because the best player in the draft. From there anything from their perspective is not somebody that everybody else except as the best player in the draft and and there's if there's another thing here. At the Celtic what they need is this year. And they need another score that you whoever's I don't to a position is scoring as a war that's why I was so excited about faults but I know that you don't know incumbent the league and scored addition. I don't know about you know defensively it now and I'll you the aren't as a way to score but he's a score and so. You look at what they need and then you look at the best player in the draft and in some sometimes over two different things so with fault at all matchup they need to score he's a score. Now. They might thing Josh Jackson is the best player in the draft. But he's not necessarily a score yet. You have to work with a shot and he needs the shot doctor. Ball the whole team when they drafted him needed shot doctor if they don't drafted this year. Since they yards a hundred they cut. So if that is they had the best way it made me think Josh Jackson as the best player they take him. But it they're going where they want the same kind of alignment that they have with faults where. Is the best player in the draft. And he fills a need. That our team are really. It is declaring on our team. And that's scenario John Jackson thought the guys tend. Is Jason Tait and that's an entity is it worked out for the Celtics this morning. One of the most recent mock draft and draft express they do a great job all their stuff they currently have Tatum going three. And that may be speaks to what you were say to about maybe they have a pretty good idea it's those that slightly risky but he of a good idea what the lakers are gonna do. A lot of the names have been connected with the lakers. Our lawns of all and Josh Jackson yet. Ray and maybe even you heard DR fox wants one even more so I think that you've heard. Jason Tatum who again freshman from duke with sort of a wing scorer he six seats. That could definitely. Be the fit now I I guess I would wonder. Yet Jason Tatum Jalen brown and potentially sign Gordon Hayward. Do all those guys fit on the same team hours are another move to be made maybe Joe Brown gets traded who. Why I don't know Jalen brown mistreated by somebody. I favorite maybe it's maybe it's Smart. Smart took babies Bradley. Probably to a younger at the bottle Smart perhaps Thomas the year things some things that hurt Bart Bradley. Military brass now I don't. But they're gonna take it that's the thing when you have always picks and then when he you know players that. At some point during the season they were playing and eleven guys. Nights and then even had a few more than you thought maybe he get an opportunity to play. And now you're gonna add at least one more guy. If again if you just take a player three he should be at the very least your eight man rotation during the year the gun on somebody else out. If they take Jackson it doesn't necessarily help them with there. With their pure shooting but he gives them an injection about by the schism. That they didn't have before Jalen brown came along. So yeah right pretty dead as I said before if you think about that the Celtics pre Jalen brown who are most athletic player. I mean I'm I'm talk and I talk about the sense of I'm not I might have criticism on talk about that the very super rational the superficial definition about that a schism you know. On his ground and I garbage is jumping on adjournment fast and strong. Yeah they may have. That guy out now in the big Smart is that Smart like republic of fullback if you're taking folic routers smaller public area although players or athletes to much here but not that that fast it be like that they've got enough PBS in the box safety and I tell you wanna get them annually based get markets Martin's basin could make that play if you will so. They get more athletic with Jalen brown they would get much more athletic we're Josh Jackson and Tatum would make sense. They just give them a great shooter he can shoot. I don't I don't know. If if he'd come in an inch and be shut down defensive guy are OP strong enough most rookies aren't now mr. but he income and a score for. Credit as a key telltale off today sister holly keep you're starting with the Celtics is they've traded the number one overall pick took forever but he got to get it they did it then they move on from a day. If the number three pick from the sixers and one other. Pick likely in the lottery finally guarantee that's in the lottery but you're doing bad teams deal with the lakers over the kings don't with a Philadelphia 76ers that he should get a lottery pick either in 2018 a or 2019. What do you think of the vote 6177797937. And still I would keep Sports Radio W media.