DHK - Why Paul Pierce’s number retirement was spoiled; Are the expectations too high for this Celtics team?

Dale & Keefe
Monday, February 12th

Hour 1: Dale, Holley, and Keefe kick off the week discussing Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement ceremony and go heavy Celtics. Holley talks about his history with Paul Pierce. With Gordon Hayward saying he will travel with the team next month, is that sign that he will be back on the court The guys address the Fauria suspension at WEEI.


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Yeah yeah yeah. Won't say this. Don't necessarily a whole bunch of stuff really well in this down. A man we do ceremonies well don't wait that's where good ceremony witnesses ever I ceremony town rights will a lot of down to a lot of them. And I've also say that there's a difference between hockey and basketball and golf hockey would never do it post. They would never do with the way the Celtics did it would be before the game whether it was ray Bork or kidney failure Terry O'Reilly it's before the game yet and I ceremony you raise the banner and get on. Basketball men they do it up. I like that had no problem with that post game the crowd it's great I liked it the crowd even happened yet and smash yeah I don't know shut down our hill and another terrible game you can't look at it is bigger it was there and I don't. And that was enough of a separation. That game ended I'm guessing around 515 years or remember looking at the the phones 550 something like that and then sounds a little bit of a break. People just hanging out waiting. And a whole lot of people just in move at least pat really aren't I was there nice house and there was great. I'm an energy. During the game even with that that lackluster. Second quarter and third quarter and then garbage time the rest of the way. People were Channing Paul Pierce. Be pierce vignettes that we'll come up on the juggles Korean people would get into that some of the Kansas throwback guy highlights great. David Stern's and the Boston Celtics elect with a ten pick. Paul Pierce was very emotional for me just not just as the Celtics fan but. I was covering the team when he was drafted I remember they'll hold free draft conversation. And help Paul Pierce was supposed to be a top five pick and he should of been a top five yeah definitely and when he fell to attend. I'll give Rick which you know credit for this but it you don't wanted to draft you guys whose toward an operative don't want to draft. Dirk Nowitzki. He worked out Dirk privately. Dirk is from Germany but he worked him out in Italy somewhere and thought he had a steal and that he was gonna get them. Damn good I'll have got to go to Milwaukee and Dallas were got a trade so. Milwaukee gets tractor trailer and rest in peace aren't the and Dallas yeah Dirk Nowitzki bit. So at that point and the heat he thinks he's got Derek. And Paul Pierce is sliding sliding sliding 45678. Philadelphia to think Larry Hughes yes they should've taken Paul Pierce a lot of things happened. And so lives and assistant coach on the staff named Lester Conner. Lester Connors from LA. So he knew all the LA scene. And pitino stand him what's wrong with. Some Spiro. I hate lies and hijacked them or we're not gonna get Dirk now. I wanted to rapist guy but come on laughter tuck got to have some dirt on so that won't let them Lester like no approach. It's a crazy enough problem he just sitting there for us to take in the and it's up to strap them. It was direct. They've an ad and from day one in tape don't understand how appears that Tatum reminds me of me I don't think their games are similar. But just like Tatum came into the league and you said months guy looks like he's in the thirty year. Pierce was the same way he's cute aren't real good right away if if memory serves and not the kind of stats but I think you have that sixteen experts here six and a half. And I'll say this there were many moments where he's at Alder wrote why the next year Ottawa the replicas overwhelmed here never had one of those moments. If idea if the NBA and they probably do you have an an NFL films like arm you know that they've made a lot of indie videos mullets. If they can do a sound effects. Just un edited sound effects of Garnett Rondo undocks it there. Great yeah just my you guys and you know all of my god can you imagine what that would it sounded like I didn't quite PC docs it next to Rondo like I don't know that is an admitted that time has passed through their final positive Garnett sitting on the other side view definitely or probably fine as I can probably not shutting up the entire. And you're entertained you very attentive very entertainment sit there because there was something going on between. You know KG is right there KG doc and Rondo. Hollywood is sitting on the baseline they're sitting on the baseline near the cavaliers bench a project and undertake public killing at least three time noticed had a shot fired out of problems there because they were this KG was worried Hampshire probably just all. And you know so that if it. Was right if there hadn't been Pierce's night the Celtics were in a game between points. Really if it meant a lot of LeBron LeBron can't stand those guys now. It's great it's good to anybody else doused them Pirelli and Kevin Durant bows to get from the hill real goals as Tatum caliber when when peers TV analyst Paul Pierce had plastered and a finals they are I think we're I think we're witnessing the best player in the world right out of us by our Kevin Durant. There was an extra there was an extra shot. You know that he doesn't even always give LeBron all the credit her for how good his teams were he says look Pierce's said multiple times. Yet only now that five years younger than if I'd have my program that's at this private okay Pollard I love falters more than any other Boston out there but. But you're you're not LeBron sorry for the audio tape. We don't want our ages lined up a little bit more than a bit more about that we better beat of a few more guys like maybe at I don't know. Eric Eric I'd say is you got your government drugs again and again. It's really Monday noticed until Monday autos are up weekend don't seem for a couple days either one here Sunday night that's right I guides. I love the city. I really a loved it's I've I want it I'd do I love this city in the thing sounds like it wrong pin and I thought you know. You know this is that he's asked the fans here. Advanced assault experience you all right got that could and alzheimer's is the first quarter they're afraid and out. Here's a that a team to give Manning can't. Yeah. You're the best I've already. It's creepy now look at you for joining the outlines of an appropriate this Celtics Celtics fans and their knowledge in the air recall and their wit. I dirty game and it was clear that it kept trying to get help to come back you're trying to get on a drive to the basket. And not take threes are trying to get them pay attention and had three straight turnovers and turnovers. In the game to stupid stuff on for you Oz in the from the dark yet and it and so they try to even with that missed the dollar dugout I don't ever. I needed a basket here and get a basket now gets of the Golan and the team wouldn't give it to them so even with that. Not a turnaround and say we want Paul Pierce do we need Paul to. It started this kid LeBron gonna leave you there are bitching and Iraq came on the Brawley's. This stuff. That's a really good in that after the game people count it. People got like what what appears meant to this city what you know doc came up he got a huge huge ovation. KG didn't speak badly jam up people people wanted to Judy were chanting cage that that they shape degenerated. He should just something you know the placement on the Hollywood not all he had to say is what's up high. Yeah I bet that I had ice I don't playbook on. Its fifth day. It is a great. Great city it is the best and not just saying this because I'm here with you guys. For what we do dale Steve it is bid is the best place and in there and the country report. And as I said Barton and as I said to start ma'am we get those things we get the import of those ceremonies we stuck. You know somewhat tees doctor Charles but you know the Red Sox figured out how to do ceremonies. The patriots have figured out a lot of practice at you know how to do you know banner raising since ceremonies and and the Celtics it's been what fourteen years between number retirements but you know they they did it up. They get it right it was cool now back in the day you know what about a halftime thing. And it would've been we love via and then the wave and away you go but I like the long form. You don't Russian. There's an estimated it'd have to look at the clock got wrecked car which you can't talk data you can't talk vulnerable all black that we ought to go ahead let Don and got a short enough. I don't think he talked. Yet I would after the game you know doc all the comments are great you know docks and it real we have the same birthday so. I'm stubborn and he's stubborn too and we had our rocky moments I remember that. I remember when Antoine came back is in Antoine was traded and again I express moves he came back. Our number talk commandments that you aren't aren't what's going on and if there's what was going on between. Paula doc you know they don't seem like each other. In the pedal I yeah. It was a real issue. And I love the story got docked but it. You know and on excuse me Paul Davis that we're gonna. We're gonna get a give what you try to do it and I'm on board. And it also left to me there's a time where where the team was terrible and documents and I know there's a couple years their routine was real bad. And you thought parodies. Probably gonna get traded raiders try to maximize what he can get him but that and thankfully went the other way. I'll say this and I'll make my admission here. Back when they first started I thought Antoine was going to be better and got was. I just I thought and what was going to be better play. Less speaking it's when he intend Roy you have a couple really good years speak. They're getting at though. He thought it was going to be a better player to you for a while and then he play what appears Ford. During next year and especially the next year. It was almost like hey you've got to. And talking and do it I'm not the best player who got him he's still young as one of the greatest quotes of all time. Bloody shooting forty degrees because there are four hours yeah. They are all time great lines of Everest right for a big guy can buy you well ahead of his time for the 6869. Has power forward to that just launches three that's how they eat it too much heated but now that's all they held battling every guy in the league does that now. We were talking about that yesterday because wanted to guys who was who was there or didn't say anything. But he's on their taken pictures was Dana barrels. It's a great three point daughters Dana Barrett at that meets value of data barrels played it feels it has prize. In this NBA a whole lot Arnold warriors yeah. You don't put the broad sided with LeBron he'd be insane it's the most fun times I had uncovering some odd bad teams to mediocre teams with the Celtics. As watching Dana barrels. Having three point shooting contest. At Brandeis. And a practiced out there with some of his teammates. And he was saying he wants us. He's caught up there and it was just it was amazing unbelievable his range. Yeah and he was that ports well I think he gators are nice I'm not legitimately 59 maybe 510 but I think 59. And he just had a sneakers he had a way of getting that quick release he saw Kyle Korver yesterday that was one. And the Celtics were fortunate and called follow on it. He came off came off the screening got a shot up shot up immediately somebody took its legs out and call it but the the basket went in and it was a quickest release. That data barrels just like do that routinely he had to refusals on debt at par. Is there any doubt in your minds made errors that that lower right hand corner beside pierce belongs to Kevin Garnett. The will be I. I think the Celtics have already retired so many numbers that'd be hard to ignore Garnett what he did for the team despite the fact that it was only six years I think if they were a little bit more strict in there retirement of numbers in the past that he give a really good argument and you might even say no you're you're all gonna put the best of the belt like. If you looked at it and it was just Russell cousy hapless Jack. Oh McMurray dale Jarret right of it there's less than ten numbers I would say no to Garnett just because you go there for six years. But because Don Nelson and Maxwell and DJ and all those guys are there that I think I mean Garnett will be I think he sent his initials retired from at a the more guys we got a lot with the agency includes that inexperienced he says it kgo there. And did just for just having him come back. That is now that you speak yes please and have people talk about it. There's some incredible KG is you can aware that that -- that the activities. That they got there. I did take there's no other way the story of yeah. All in other words assume he's getting my dad's perhaps the world alone that I love that. But data trying out for phantom of the idea is now what does that do that are against them at live on their children he was like we're. Anthony was I mean he was haven't a better time the pole step yeah I think Paul's got a nervous Greig has he was it all game long you know. Do you weird feeling like it's all about you that day bigger to get up and speak and then obviously we assumed he starts talking about his kids he gets emotional and I wouldn't share that every there for you everybody is they're saying you're the best that's got to be overwhelming. And by all game you had to sit and wait for wait for a whereas. KG is just haven't if there is is breaking balls that I have another beer tonight Baghdad at a great time dot said he was gonna have a beer who's gonna go to the game grab a beer in the different drafts. If you are. He might have I don't April about it. For some some interesting. It's an interest in interpretation mr. and again but the Celtics though. Even though I hate it the officials would operate. And it's unfortunate we set out a lot of NBA officials ever ever again if you want but the officials and our great. But that data side. A couple of times a game where it was clear just who dropped the basket try to the basket. Try to dunk on somebody being aggressive see if you can draw follow calm yourself down come to our offense down. And get some easy baskets and they kept taken threes. So a lot of times you blame the officials on the free throw disparity in having me any free throw attempts yes sometimes there are sometimes it's your fault he's got to go to stay outside judged every dollar jumps out threat. All right my basketball Brothers are you feeling just as confident about the Celtics in the Eastern Conference. As you look now at the all star break Herman you they needed they do news. I think I think they will figured out I think Cleveland. I think it says on the trade I think they got better but I don't think they got it all Mudd got their daughter that I I think they needed to because they are going the wrong way with the team that they had. They were a mess and he felt even better. About the Celtics are to be in Toronto beating them now they got nobody you I don't think they're gonna be active and I think that's from a honeymoon phase that's. Rodney hood in Jordan Clarkson just trying to impress LeBron being an all LeBron again I would wanna screw this up but guess what. Those guys are gonna miss shots there's going to be a time where LeBron at the doctor you were LeBron wants to be edited and glaring needs gonna get easier you're passing the torch today Harley got that it's gonna happen as so creating such as subs loaded resume I'll just waiting for that every he was acting like eyeballs off the guys just everything options so that seven on a dram but there they're younger they're more athletic and we're joking about Cleveland's bench before roses all these old guys so that. They are improved. And the Celtics had a little bit of a riot but I still. Think that they're going to be able to figured out I still like their roster alive and I keep pumping up Toronto trust very good at Toronto's could argue that. Toronto's outstanding I think they've got more depth. This year it and they don't have more depth this year they're they're relying on more pieces this year than they did last year. And DeMar DeRozan. Who's always been very good player loved him whenever we talk about top ten players his name never comes up which. Top ten top twenty players his guy who's always been you know eighteen feet Nan this year. He's he's got the three ball a little bit so he's expanded his range Lowry is very good that they thought. They Toronto the issue with them is not what they do the regular season and are you on what's different I guess in a post season and do something there are high hopes for them last year and they kind of fizzled when it when he came down to a. It's fun to watch it was a blast and except for the game part meant I had hit the aftermath there at the ceremony went right and it was fun to walk away the first quarter and the crowd what they it had a chance to beat this for regular season game again all time crowd because of what was gonna happen it definitely playing abroad. But it also would Paul Pierce we've Mosley guys in the house so the first quarter but that's spot where. LeBron gets switched out on Tyreke he can across the problem it hit that jumper and a space please let not yet it's like ten to eight or the score of their time. Places go crazy and Ari. They have all the makings of this of this comes down to the fourth or the place is going to be going bonkers. But. That was not the case has kept slipping away and you know just. Silly thing and I don't really play at it especially in the second half. Some of the shots that Rodney hood was able to make some shots that Brohm was able to make. Why. Oh yeah they're wide open jumper after that the injuries that LeBron I couldn't believe he got back out there and it does I saw you tweet guys shot barred owls like oh my god if you could please god come back on the flip yeah really vehemently yes everybody's watching me here right slot and let me just hold out a bit longer just make sure I mean excuse if we do lose this game and I got her out of the earth literally about. I'll back up. That was. Actually do most concerning to was he was on the bench for a little bit in the celtics'. Didn't didn't make up or at all until it down now they'll close into to have more of them are still looking out they're like how is George Hill Tristan Thompson said he Osman a and these New Delhi putting Clarkson late. That should not be Barton solvents that likes to shoot me. I like yeah I like appropriately here would rather have vol running quarter James Young LeBron might like him as much if he keeps doing now I know better be careful guys like shoot it's just not there when I tell you this through practice and at the right side that's right. Let me just get this out of the way here as we go to the break and then we'll get to your calls them that's a lot of things were talked about as well. I know Christian Fauria. I know the Christian Fauria is not a racist. I know that Christians said something incredibly stupid. He knows he said something incredibly stupid. I I think he's learned a valuable lesson from this. I think he will grow from this I think that. You probably will never see him make a mistake like this again. But some of the things that I've seen written and set about Christian Fauria. Do not in any way shape or form jive with the guy that I work with and I've traveled with the new guys now. I I think he made a mistake. And and I think you'll come back from this a better person and a better broadcaster. And I just wanted to say at the top of this thing and and get it out of the way that. I don't think Christian Corey is a racist no matter what you Brett. I don't either and I think he is taken this seriously and I think I have talked to him today yet he brought our millions and I and I think you you soccer and make that mistake again. It was a stupid thing to say and we. Obama racist. But at a bar in globe. The column in. Big states that flat out that Christian Torre is a race that's. More or less yeah. I have an act saying a word might have been used as well actually. Yeah I don't know I've met our our read I read that column I didn't see. Calling him directly that. But but that's but that's beside the point. Yeah I mean it was. As tough as tough. Tough day it was tough day and I mean there's a lot take it this is this is not something we could we could solve and in in thirty seconds or or 45 seconds and I and I and I know we're we've been discouraged from talking about it but there's. It's it's awful it's awful to be in that situation. I can say this. Knowing you talked for twenty hours a week we've all been there you talk for twenty hours a week. Sometimes guys say some really really stupid thing. Also it evolved on. Some of us has have been suspended. For saying stupid things and some of us haven't. But. Cause that's a very it's. I I feel for him. Because any thing he tries to explain out now you're in a situation if you try to explain what you were thinking echoes of the now worse now you eat. You're at the mercy. Of other people's interpretations of who you are. And tied it yet if you learn from that how do you learn from that apple what did you learn from. I think guys ski. Two other groups of people besides yourself. How how is what you're saying being perceived by someone other than you. You thought it was a joke. There's a group of people out there who don't think it's joke. And I think that there will probably BAA a brief moment of thought before something is said in the future. But Michael's point is exactly right when you do we do for a living. Chances are good at some point or another you're gonna say some stupid. You're gonna be you're gonna stick your foot in it. And and and you hope that it doesn't have career altering ramifications. And I don't think this does and I don't think it will. But sometimes you wonder. Meant just like any situation. You ran the first thing the first and got to do is. This only. Apologize. Debt and the any direct in the apologizing used in U I'd try to explain as best you can. What you are thinking sometimes. In those situations and I. Making mistakes myself. Sometimes explanation. Won't necessarily satisfy. The people were listening but you just try to be as honest as possible buyout know why you do what you did and and you hope that that that there are some forgiveness and or and an understanding. Of of why you why he went down that road. 6177797937. Is telephone number text line is 37937. At some point this after we gotta talk about. What no fun bastards they are down and Gillette Stadium. And how a guy who's never played there would know that but that the and we'll get to that as we go along as well 6177797. ID 37 it's dale on Hollywood Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI. If I've ever made the hall of fame to goalposts so to another here. It's fun up there. Paul. The risk of blowing the end of the movie for you think you go to the hall of fame to. I don't like it a lot on a live and tonight Paula I think you're probably gonna make that too is being modest there does be very humble. They have the dolphins are sort of thought I was taught part of Paul. Here's his speech I was I was half laughing about it live with Glenn and Lou earlier. There were a couple of things that I thought were brilliantly done the opened at ABC had for the game. Where the truth is all wired up to a lie detector thing to have real off really well done but it was great. The piece that bit sort of prefaced the ceremony. Written by Sean grandy narrated by Tommy Heintz and and I don't know who produced it. I don't know if Michael it was your folks at NBC's sports surf it was if it was via NBA I don't know who did it does good it was very good really it. I'm just picturing John readies him. Hey I wrote I too little boys this. Week it's the read it got a guy he got a shot out there you have it right in front Britain have written by shock grant writing narrated by Tommy and his great his. Wonderfully written everything once in every well welcoming every thing they did all of your jacket you take I loved this week about arcades are also obsessed with the half I thought that clip I don't how I got up one. The different category as you know an Apache you know inside of it to the lying handsome than ever are now you know all this back 34 I had a party for there you know the Paul Pierce signature. Although the stuff about the Paul Pierce players' tunnel. Yeah it was not about I don't know nobody ever nobody's ever had there and had has been given the honor of signing their name in there right. I mean it's a few other folks whose names could go in there as well can a point that Paul Pierce players' tunnel. Because the pull your wheelchair to them now yeah they have not gone there I had DeVito did they they give my engage you as was saying and they on the video board they still get my hard time about that. The real chair. It is hard to defend. Yes as a huge Paul Pierce and that was hard to defend because I was at that game he is that over and so you talk about what kind I got to come back. Attitude like that because backing down a guest on the three write a way to get involved in another way apologies. Because he was it was tough when you're that tough player on and off the court and get into but he was a very tough guy. And for that to be debates a nationally. That's the take away if you hate the Celtics the of the team of had a bit like him get wheeled off looks like his career is over. I know we come back later. He said he heard something pop. Well me you can you can never be too sick body was in trouble and it turned out to be nothing. What hey. What the first my day is elevated like Arnold's right yet filter outlets BI did no doubt in Venezuela and Iran often a wheelchair I don't try out now I'll review would be all pretty good all the top eight of the regular season he doesn't wheelchair brought everybody yesterday are yesterday's heard everything organic of them. So I guess Saturday night they had a big banquet to celebrate you know Paul's retirement the number retirement and everything. And there was a cut that I heard earlier from Paul. Which in and I asked Michael this you know I how often as he talked about this I guess he has talked about it some. I either don't remember it or have missed it but Paul talked about something that happened earlier in his career when he was playing here in Boston what are without us. And I'll do gridlock. It's. Almost a tragic incident. This models that in the good times in this city particularly. To the point where I want to lead and I even thought about it. How many days are here they're just like you know world. Proves that. This move on from it. And militant and as well and now it's like this bill line and other things and I'll do this and on and off the court. Immature kids who. One adult. Obviously it's where there's a severe than it's than any other city. In my life growing up in Los Angeles. And I was born in Oakland as anyone. This this Sears all we're all broke up the street fifty years here it's. Definitely rose. It's pretty impressive but he even wondered if he was in danger here. I'll you get stabbed several times in a city I might be yet the sell what you guys to do. Not to right now please listen to the afternoon Mac. It that's also dozens of you know. You know I'm like yeah I just thought you know Daytona currently not there any hope that they'll end it like about always times it is to bring your time after an attack. A rock absolutely. 150%. Now know that no one that I found leader on the fence though but you're you're gonna run out. Without aren't at Sonoma like we have to move forward with Michael take the Arnold he gets you've got them Mac it's. It's not a part upon him not getting an annual why don't pay you get on a well throughout doubt that some of the part of it there are injured they did change because it's your. Well go. Through the afternoon. The bigger voice and at and I do you lore that opposed to having it local schools. No we need we need Daly was sick when heavily into and out then avoid the whole thing done. They are we got jumped right yes you're right in there and sell out and they're gonna. There are that you listen to that they'll holing Keefe and but if when you don't not listening. Google. SL price SL price did a story on Paul Pierce I believe it was in either 2008 or 2009 maybe it was our early eight. Or late date early nine. And he talks about everything if you really wanna know who Paul Pierce's. So prices are brilliant writer by the way you really wanna know Paul Pierce's. Read that story talks about it. I was raised holding Paul just mentioned there race in Oakland. And Paul talked about last night I was raised by single mom. Tells the story of his father. Which which rarely comes out I ain't really insightful. And heartbreaking. I'd openings so I think the best feature reverend unpopular to say that best feature ever read on pierce. I would you battery are apparently this doesn't appear going back through 2002000. Where you got status September. Of 2000 got out eleven times. Played the entire season that ended up being its third year in the league play all 82 games averaged like 25 points per game. Who's had his best year to that point. Tony that he is the was targets he and his brother there where there Tony and Eric Petit and Tony got him to the hospital. Just in time to save his life. Yeah it was a that club called the buzz club. Was in the theater district and fortunately. They were a you'd literally a U turn from the New England medical center and got on there. And they saved his life and did they not find who did it they did Oca. I know there you know there was some people who. Other some people who paid the price four and then others. Who may not have or who didn't get as much as you would think they should have gotten but. You know that would wasn't we who's trying time for the Celtics apropos appears in bodyguards. Therapy involved. A main. But they're not yet and it gets stabbed eleven times I I'd need more than some therapy pretty easy to demanded trade. Right after that yes everything I've done here at night of stars got a that it organization like that but I don't feel safe so. I would like to go breather and don't. I was here three he'd only been here two seasons. Prior to that an ideology at fifteen and if you look at those numbers that year is up to charge played every game as its overtime at the 2002001. Season. So it wasn't an all star that your produce close and in the year after that I made his first also to get him in a bunch after. Let's get to the calls and you guys coming up next 6177797937. As the telephone number dale on Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W the. Okay. I. And it's on every week we do we go to the house and saw. He says his only regret was not coming here. Five years earlier. Look at us air quality where you do your best historical night in the field and you may be better. So our plan to. Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Still don't know I got to know about the good thing I got to know what was going on there. Villeneuve is ending is as that is not a question we're aggressively. I've not sure Illinois and nationally is I don't I'll compliment. Maybe years. Getting licked is that it is he finally arrived it's bottling the work of us on designer of the KG two point one method or something ideas on clothes you might. In my I don't know. Anybody would want. Line mug a half foot all the guys who wears a winner how would no top on us not necessarily what we had a lot of guys there who were quite a bit is that what are the violent electrical work by your warmer. I guess we have like that it's tough love defender and like I've been very warm and had a few days. They don't got very simple the whole top of your head death be met all the heat escapes but what I've gotten used to see you guys got used to that where we don't even notice no big deal out of it now 1000 Minneapolis. A lot of competent people there like way to admit that throwing. We're impressed you that's not really yet have. Evidence that people are sales reminded them it is like home alone. Yes Oklahoma Lauren Marv at the top that burned yet and that panel. So used to it was great minnesotans. Because he's the whole hat this oh yeah it was very cold there I might have wanted the entire head cover it was I wanna poll want a real act. Circuit that every one of those buys are winner by but I things these their own and everyone. And it gets the call to the guys Mike's in north Providence hey Mike I don't. Hi guys yes you know I think Brad Stevens. Street right around here quite a long I mean this is an a market will we get the part probably the greatest football coach ever and yet people feel free news Campbell or whatever is going not. That bought consult the offense is struggling and the person most responsible and it spreads the and he all he needed it was called deep diving into the stacks. And you can see that for example. They are in effect of the local fans that's when you combine the twos he got its second from bottom in the lead in transition it's. They are awful transition. Means terrible they got that guy in the personnel. To be really good not to mention the number one ranked defense which provides transition opportunities and yet. I mean he's seen prior re kick the ball out for a creek one product form one that regular day. They have no idea what they're doing is they need the obviously do not. Besides hasn't cracked that people don't fill the lanes to Lenny and on top of that even worse. Shooting with insight into the basket yet again second on the ultimately. Was number one and number two Golden State Cleveland's. Yeah I don't like it you know might act and I can't. I I agree to a most of what you're what you're saying here are saying the guy most responsible Ford is Brad Stevens because. You do have players who were paid to finish especially to perform. That scoring within five feet of the basket is not moral player thing they're shooting from there is now on the. You gotta do it blood a couple times yesterday and I saw they had. Stephens and or delay on LeBron James couple times in the although the big strong guy yet but come out that based on an act. People who just think everybody is 235 pounds yeah okay Lucent and we think it was yeah let's LA hello. I don't know very exciting Honolulu. A couple of assignments in Cairo. Yeah and then Stevens brought amount and just looked at them in the huddle as like shaking his head and think you're. There right choice you've got to you expect duke got this league rookie out or LeBron James what do you expect to happen. Yeah so there are some times and we talked about it before where I've been a lot of criticism of Stevens but there should be a lot of criticism. Based on what he inherited and where he had the team right now but right now as they struggled their six and eight. Since they came back from London. OK OJ Hugh you've got it I think you gotta take some responsibility. For this route to the team is in any and take responsibility for the slow start had another one. On Friday night gets in the Indiana. Don't down 26 points of the pacers at home page is Orkut team are great. Go down 26. Take a brief one point lead and then wind up running out of gas and lose by six. Sometimes we see this year. Too many big big they get they fall behind by twelve or more in every game it feels like everything good team bad team team in the middle it doesn't matter either. They just have these lapses where. The last few years now they had to get by an effort they didn't have the talent that this team has but they would have to. Worked their ass off for the full 48 words this year. How many games they played well the entire game they have sometimes quarter lapses. But because they have the talent that you sort of bail themselves out but when you start facing a team like Cleveland or team like Toronto or maybe it's about Washington and another playoff team. You're probably not going to be able to do that of my prediction is. He hasn't at all this is your five for Stevens he has improved every single year he's been added added winds in advance further in the playoffs. This year as these guys better he does he makes you guys better start that Isiah Thomas. Evan Turner Jae Crowder but this year you have talent and so if they don't make it to the conference finals say there's the scenario. Where they're the two were the three seed and they have to face Cleveland who's a two or three seat race in Toronto Owens of winning out the regular season. If you get bounced. In the second round of the playoffs. Even if you're facing Cleveland that through that person's going to be you know I you have to go nuts York commerce amateur was grounds at these bullet proof no. My 'cause they don't have Gordon Hayward in my. I think there will they have Gordon Hayward he said today in the plan is that he's gonna start traveling with the team next month. He saw I NN OK I don't Stevens recently said. I've talked to Gordon about it and I'm operating under the impression that he will not be back that's Smart you should say that I exactly and I take the pressure and it's expected a deal without pay or they should be better than they were last year. This tyrant they are. All right so what went to slash your conference finals. You have better than they are last year it and it at least the congress are you saying this is beginning of the season they might be a better team and it may not necessarily be reflected. In their record. This is when you thought it was going to be on team yeah it may be too slow start you know I wind up where you know 4748. Wins but we have but we are told they're better. And I think right now they look at them even as they struggle even as they're under 500 their last fourteen games. They are a better team right now without Hayward than they were last year as a point but. Toronto's also got a they were last year who knows what Cleveland does you can be better than my last ticket everything right. A word and worse than they were last year they're better than they were before the trade deadline but there are worse than they were you got everything right. Last year though you had the number one seed when Cleveland and won it. You wanna playing a bad apples team and number Islam that I that I really plot really puts you in trouble for a while true recovered. It played a limited Washington team with absolute experts in NBA history with nobody Joba did Bob ask what's my I have another Clark campaign got that happened off the bench. And then yeah you got what you were what you had coming yes in the Eastern Conference finals with Cleveland but they play Cleveland this year. And the second round if you get bounced in the second round but something about what I would have any amount to Cleveland. I was. Film this version of Cleveland. Where's LeBron and right now it's a really nice players. Rodney hood nice player to earn their marks and nice player running at all it was more in the nights where I like running a little while the nice. He's very nicely Jordan parties that rate act Clarkson but they're not all stars the Golden State has for all star yet. Last year Cleveland with Tyreke Kevin Love when he was healthy at three all stars. Clarkson or are going to be good. But there are all star players aren't county are we fighting over who gets the right to be cannon fodder for the warriors. Pretty much responded well I we don't think we don't think knowledge of the Celtics or the cavaliers now stand a chance in a seven game series against Golden State I. I'm not I'm not saying that art court federally Gordon Hayward is coming back I think part of part of the struggles. Some this is on Stephens don't get the team about prepared have them play with urgency haven't take advantage of their gifts. As an athletic versatile defensive team that can switch on that anybody can really match up with any team out there now I love their roster. And they have the ability to take the air out of teams he really do so. You gotta get gotta remind the team what it is this is what you do. But also some OT don't bring this back on Hayward. They would we haven't either missing. Or crazy they got Gordon Hayward. Last year on the fourth of July and it was. Just a grand occasion and then they trade for Carrie I think I agree he got Heyward and corporate there's your new victory. Hayward. And or for Horford. I like or from another report for a good player we're I want him were what does he bring to the table two point points he scored it even more and this and corporate market and give you that everyday miss another guy like that if Gordon Hayward comes back with becomes Beckett and the march and number. Arms up to speed it up on death as they come back like you know. I've weeks OK okay. Six weeks mother did you get a text from somebody thing right back. Fool me. And scoops holly. Maybe it. Maybe there by the well and he hit it connect with the airline pilots are gonna affect our camera and well I bet whoever it I'm pretty sure why this agent out of it. And that it is Gordon and now we have it. Play ballot. Round. Thrown it all these dark horse in the Derek went 32. Bit of credit score what do you tell us what about your like porcelain beauty medevac but not. It if you have Hayward yes if you haven't come back sure. I think that changed everything yes they do have a chance. They were changes everything for the Celtics see I think he's going to be back. I have really tempered my expectations for how much he's going to be able to bring to the table I was like twenty minutes tonight you're in that yeah. I'd be surprised. I don't know are we injury there was an hourly injury in the fact that he's an ad for argues narrowly on the show and her product so what I think that we should have used it more it implies fighter he's back. It's like. Football regatta manages contact. Or you say well he's back but he's not really back I would throw many Alley oops. I had to cool the Alley oops yeah probably specials lame when that was a lot of the lame ones with the bad just not not I guess that. That I Crowder kind of dwindled so becomes back only question is conditioning. Not his condition this in terms of his win. Yet. I think you'll can be able to come back and score. The shock of Gordon Hayward did you run plays form winning look when he when he's an all star player when he's playing he'll score. I just think that the minutes that he's going to be able to give you at this stage you know coming off what he did as late as he's gonna join in I just. I think he got a temper your expectation as still as he comes back. Twenty minutes from him is better than anybody you're getting twenty support they have from my job from Marcus Morris anybody take a few away from him. He likes and he liked to but it appears that Washington shot there but what do. Do I mean. It to be fair Tatum. Has not shooting well lately or hurt his finger and he is is really cooled off from three. Jailed browser pretty good but still he's. A fourteen points a game wherever it is so there you still love those guys so I guess if you're Marcus Morris are looking around a while somebody's got to shoot these. But they keep you kind of cool little I'm just one minute mile and a look at markets we got a Ryan's at holy okay Ryan I don't. He's gonna. So for effect on the show with secretary. Lifelong Celtics then do it over here. The club that's based on the conversation because now. So. Everybody does it better for the past you know I've noticed a few things. Like you know to say there courtside look and demeanor and how he extort as players and what we're talking about a rotation what and I still exist lately. He's been idols and minor he had been calling timeouts when they're getting like you know these big runs of more than 52 whatever. And the look on his face and almost like you guys figured out you know I mean and I feel as though it's sometimes an NBA you know we are about content to run around very quickly. Felt like that and the players have a look at him you kind of expect that nobody knows caught. It and I feel lucrative. American competitors and here. I don't I trying to three too much in the body language of anybody player coaches side I don't know how he's coaching them in that regard. I think he was telling you over a month ago. That this team had issues he was talking about slow start he smaller size get beat I'm not as good as our record and get it done by and large numbers he was trying to tell you guys. A month month and a half ago. We can't keep winning like this. But some of that price some of that does have to go on the coaching that's right you're talking about these huge gaps role assignment. The team of the world beater one minute and then the next looks like it's a lottery team. How what is going on but I don't know how you can allow these. You're down fifteen and almost every single game. That's so different than these these organs or parody or authority right in and now they've come back and won some of those games but that's why people start asking you know that fool's gold you know how often do you deal to do that they've already done that more than they probably should be able to get away. And the frustrating part last year was just knowing you didn't have you didn't have the personnel. Some of us thought they didn't let you have the personnel up point NASA to compete with Cleveland. This year or this game was frustrating because you know you do have you have the personnel absolutely candy there's a channel about their you have one superstar on the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yesterday. And that's LeBron James and and you should have been able to match up better with them they did the fact that they were down thirty at any point in the game it was ridiculous. 6177797937. Is telephone or text line it's 37937. Daylon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI.