DHK - Why Belichick didn’t let whatever happened with Butler role off his shoulder, like everything else? Belichick’s sons role in the organization and the Butler benching

Dale & Keefe
Thursday, February 8th

Hour 3: The only time Belichick ever had an issue with WEEI was when his son was involved, could Malcolm Butler have crossed that line as well? What would it say about the situation if Matt Patricia tried to sign Malcolm Butler?


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Yeah yeah yeah. Dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio WEEI as you correctly pointed out before we went to break. It's now horrors that I thought we know who's. I mean we've talked on Monday here I think you're right we'll know we'll know tomorrow we'll know tomorrow what happened. And here it is Thursday immoral still theorizing we're all still wondering. Because it the part that makes the least sense to me. Is a guy who was a football genius like Bill Belichick and he's a football genius yes watch that game. And thought that those guys gave him a better chance to win the Malcolm Butler. And most of the entire game unless he didn't think that. See that's that that's why haven't they he felt. So maybe he felt something C the every every superhero. As a weakness. Who just got my attention never had area at Fella wanna be a guy or podcasts export our podcast on the Rio had a weakness and on my favorite superheroes and everybody. Our shipment of and I agree you can do that from Krypton are right now hey now that name work right now that's Terrelle son could be a problem rather that he could be could mean trouble or a drills hit. All right yeah downgrade of the gutter. So Bill Belichick. Superhero. Same thing with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick had this in common and anything's gonna but it's what they have over the years. They've been doing. Interviews here. Sports Radio WEEI and for eighteen years. Only two times. And they said wait a minute. You've gone too far. You've gone too far. They have showed a human side and you know in both cases. Involving their kids. So logic goes out the window when you're talking about the kids. And so. Bill Belichick. Who's on the staff. Tools that he even balancing act we had a call yesterday who said I guess Terry bet that that could have happened is secondary coach. Safety codes excuse me so then there are we back to. Why Pollard and a fight with Steve I don't know how to fight I didn't I didn't have to be I don't know how to play caller said that he punched out Steve dollars or not that I don't have the Bill Belichick has taken so. These slings and arrows over the years I'd send that you know we. A fourth and two and anything personnel moves this city's Eragon he's this he's that it just keeps on going keeps on ticket doesn't bother I lost that you lie. You're a liar you lied to feed your family but he wasn't specific in and say family members by name but you're not a matter of contact come on back you'll play for the name. That doesn't faze them but the only time you can really did as attention. Is if it only feels like he's got to protect his family. But it's a little bit different where interest but it was I think is that it's much different when you have Tom Brady being annoyed about what was said about his five year old daughter right and if there was an altercation let's say verbal altercation. Between his thirty year old son Belichick's thirty year old son who's on the staff writers I understand that and they went on could he fight his own battles he's thirty. Boot he's pledged. To suffer that I I. Ride the youth there that's anyone be protective but you can let him handles on business. He had to me add this layers well. And I I don't think there was any kind of physical confrontation I'm not going there now and let it out with a caller are now in at least off duty to edit it just remembered that we were told during the season he was Patrick term. Talking about Malcolm Butler how he's the best trash talker on the team and you know he's got a little something to eat right yes he does and the president to you know move also adds that ever offer that Giacomo. Welcome Butler has had a problem. With the elder bella check. All season. This offseason to he's got a problem with picturesque. He brought his for peace he watches replacement come in and getting 65 million dollar contract. He had money shown to a kind of theoretically in New Orleans and not going to air combat here for less money can have more money but you're not going to. I have to sit here and deal with it and he has dealt with the poorly most of the season. On and off he's had some problems. I'm Sharif had words for bill balancing act. Maybe pass some words for anybody associated would go to the Super Bowl its system for. And I'm not saying anything until this week and that'll tell Jose. As part of the same stuff all year long he's played all year. It's if you sit on our week ten because you're pissed Adam is set up for the soup and they've put up on the whole time and you know see I believe the plan was ever that he was never gonna touch the feel I just don't believe that. Because Bill Belichick knows more about football and I do and I know that he would have given you a better chance to win the game so you're still hold out hope for something happens the hour before pick all I'm telling you if I'm a player on the team I hope to god that's him. Better be I hope that's it because if I'm a player if I'm if I'm Tom Brady. And my sixth Super Bowl ring got snatched out of my hands I'm hoping it's not because bill spot. That Erich Roland Johnson about a most he gave our team a better chance to win the Malcolm but how all of explaining to firm up their own pond. And you can sell out just pod but we are about sectors are teams that are big deal he's drafting special steamers that it's a significant part of the game for him. It's so it's not like hey you didn't play at all in the Super Bowl he technically when you look back on history yeah he played in the super ball. So would you just taken all of that away from it it was really discipline thing. If this goes back to it being some sort of he's not good enough we don't like the way he's playing or phrase and give a big play a counselor goes back to. And this is day. This is a tough situation if you are. If you're Bill Belichick sons. I I don't begrudge. The head coach. Getting his sons involved in the staff that really interest in football it's happened many times in NFL history is nepotism probably short. Marty Schottenheimer did Brian Schottenheimer. Wade Phillips is here because of bum Phillips Kyle Shannon how Shanahan Mike Shanahan later many examples of this arises. You know bringing their their sons into football and these guys. At I don't wanna column kids I have to adjust but I just remember you don't honestly I don't remember them as. Young boy race and they were even at that age. Had. They had sent a similar approach to football that bow tan at that age and they were really into put on the no. Talks like a ten or eleven year old kid. Who knows football who talk like eighteen or nineteen year old. Looking at the game that way is pretty impressed. Looks like build ballot check breaking down film which is steamed when he was a little Canada so I'm not surprised at their involve football and and that's good for them but there is something there is a weight. To having the Belichick name there are positives and the positives are obvious. The negatives especially if you're in the same step as your father are well on pit we know why you're here. It's the it yeah if you really wanna go negative he could become like picked Austin rivers approach to kind of contrary Altria I don't wanna catch nobody writes a Y know why you're on the team. And so. That's the tricky thing as well I don't know what to do it went out where I'm leading to his. Did these guys are just about Butler with everybody on the team they get the respect. They deserve to as members of coaching staff. I'm not be Smart Aleck I don't know the answer I know that Steve Belichick is the safeties coach what is Bryant on coach assistant. And and I don't know I'm not ours earth like it was that got a coaching assistant was the first job. That. Everybody had. So Josh McDaniels had that job I table has a job that intent Patricia so make it into LA it entail a lot of things. You are that there's some gold ring involved in the job but also. There's some film breakdown they may do it differently now because technology we've come a long way since they first started but when he first started. Belichick feels. That the best way to learn the game is actually identified the right the game out so we had you look at film. And that he would have you play by play. So you look at the play. And now you've got to write it out they used to do it probably of digitize this thing now pleased to have like a half sheet of paper. And you would write out what everybody was doing on both sides of the ball on that particular play and you give it to Belichick Josh McDaniels tell the great story when he first that it. It was that backed him with about seventy sticky notes drawn up a rock that's not exactly no doubt I doubted it I thought that he had noted no doubt that I would happen would happen. Next time guy came back up 5030. It eventually got to the point where I can trust you are gonna. Be promoted to another position and that's how these guys work their way to the patriot systems so the round masking those so now Brian Belichick is at the bottom rung right. What he did and what have you been around the locker room chore okay that's Damascus so that could've been either side if it there was something said it just seems more likely to me it would be steep. I mean he's the safeties coach you'd be there obviously he'd you know he's a position coach I don't know. Product the State's Super Bowl aside. If I'm evaluating if if if the coach gets the credit. For the position group playing well I would say Steve Belichick and an outstanding job. Super Bowl aside with the safeties. You'd have a lot of problems the safeties are always does it that's arm and having had a you're racing network that Sunday but it did this charming good season definitely according good season toward Richards well. Knowing you so much as a coach well. He's also on the team and sure why well different but yeah you have more reliability and safeties on this he did you Armitage on in the courting right. Open list then go do. I'm not a small mouth draft order you roll value let go very. You know their ready I'm ready you're ready sound ready well coached. Or what happened it had to be. Even if there's but it was something even if it's verbal let let's say is not physical. It's just a verbal. Confrontation. I think I think you have to let it go not ignore it not ignore it I got to let it go to like go especially because the ads. On your market yard bring them back to seal later Michael original story yesterday when he was on about how there's a player on his team when they Jimmie Johnson the Super Bowl. Was what he missed the beating he was drunk at this dog chili is important player they're just the meeting in tie Jimmie Johnson and always said if you miss the meaning you don't play that was his ruling only a couple rules that was one of home but he got the caller said. It's the Super Bowl this was any other game you wouldn't play between Egypt and the guy played in the one million. And so my birth of jet engine would never do designate they said he was planned the whole team got fired up is there were all on Baraka happens guy. But they got a so for one game the yet to do it it'd it'd it'd be easy say Selig arrived and are you a contract you know. Racquet help you out if we you know some team comes cause is rooted in a Malcolm Boller we eight ohm yeah whatever. It even if you need to do this if this and and I am I'm not doubting that maybe something really bad happen maybe it was very hurtful maybe it was disrespectful you know hey. You know that's why you know you you could make it on your Arnold winning nobody knows what happened I think I think people do know Dante teammates eating at a teammates now Sodini Tom Brady knows I think Tom Brady you know as yeah I don't it's less likely just because our offense and defense kind of segregated in a time but that led to convert it to operating if you want one all in which he had called him an incredible player team in front. Probably yeah he's go to a he's got out of because he would've wanted to seize or that he really disagree as to what belts please Jack I would say even it's even though it was one of those things where it got heated and animated. Go to captain or or have Matt Patricia. Somebody who is not a Belichick. Aperture genetic got Port Authority or harm voters in the football I asked if the Super Bowl calm down. You heal without one more game you could get your money in the offseason we are we are sixty minutes away from what we need we worked all year for this. This has grown out now. I don't know what would have happened if Malcolm Butler played an acute thing. It would have given them a better chance of winning a better chance absolutely but it no guarantee we don't make that clear. Insensitive Eagles fans. You still might have won a game even of Malcolm Butler I there are 97%. Of the stuff that my chances though you make a play get off the field and 13 down and you might have a completely different result so our ops Lou take my chances. That's a good tackler. A very good good are Hagler biggest barn and he does get burned sometimes you gotta have a great year sometimes you lose sight of the ball. It was I can remember who was. The Phil Perry may have felt very. Somebody who said. Hey he he should consider glasses. He really wondered about his eyesight religion that you got to gravity is and it is really are arranged for him. Which is which is not a. I think if he played like he did last year so the sixteen season. An exact same thing happened or didn't happen wherever you he. Plays in the game great question yes I don't let your yeah. Or should try to go for our main not even good he was. Here's above average this year he wasn't great yet to great. Regular seasons for the patriots this was about one album now make the decision a lot harder I think you're. Go back a year he's an active again at about awarded it CIA I British Syria he brought he he literally brought his game he didn't bring it began around all year. And it's it's what we were saying even on Monday where it just. If he would if this all happened two hours before the game. I don't think even dressed I don't think he'd have been active. They would have activated Alan Branch who was inactive and and that and he would've had a uniform on I think it happened after the inactives were posted. At some point I'm sure and probably after warmup. Malcolm you know that's art and we're gonna start Eric grow. He goes off like a rocket. And it went from you know at Spartan to you know what sit out. And I think that's what happened. Down well coastal route literally sick but also it know it all pretty much yeah. You pick and choose to stand by and Zack and make a difference because of budget in the game. Zero snaps I plays 97% of the snaps created here very zero defensive snaps in the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl. I think the Malcolm Butler how they Super Bowl regardless amid the good thing. He's a Super Bowl guy either ball guy favorable 49 predators greatest at the ball pretty true humiliation. What is not what about the volunteers zoo to get there not that I don't remember him at all that you play that I got an app that they'll remember anybody had affairs outside a high calorie had a good second half I tower and Chris Long and it. I'm Mitch is in Hollister and image I don't. It and how you guys don't miss an. The egg and I'm really into it as sort of all the time but I got a couple of key points as quick or it. Guys really make in my head swell little bit listened to a aegis sample what I want the ball I think Michael is on the button like 45 minutes ago. They couldn't really it code ballots are really had that since since the team and so what the best team out there in the latter well no you missed so you get computer. You know just to get my local ones support. The heat's visit axiom that I really I'd I'd appreciate. In life and edited to choose just choose there are no block so I know we'll ever know what's going off to an accident. It's no one is yeah. I stitch that on uploading it to me because I took I read it. All at our business officer. The other night with a tendency when a lot of people like you guys the incentive that you know this the staged. Photo at the obvious in one and one. There. Is that talking out there are no longer routes that may not have a talk with Jonathan it's weird there isn't that you might be and that means. I think he likes Jonathan I think the it added chance to talk of job and last week the Super Bowl and he was he was saying. No not getting date great Allen put them all is business out there was just how America. A conversation about the things he's doing away from football. He's very busy guy. Outside right outside of football managers and business deals. That he was making they had not that it to a football they worked together. Very well mean Jonathan and and Belichick have had many conversations over the years Jonathan is a big fan of his. Belichick respects the brains of Jonathan and Robert. So a but I think Robert is that Robert as the patriarch of the organization. Jonathan has always been around it's not like. Hey Roberts I I do what Robert and I don't you would Jonathan want that's just not the dynamic and job that is. Extremely intelligent guy and a forward thinking guy when it comes to business. The business of the patriots some things that involve Belichick and some that don't for example the patriots are the first team have a website. It sounds crazy and it. You can't type of analogy. But there is an alternatives is right back in 1995. Jonathan was on top of it hey we gotta do this thing this is great for marketing this is where the future is going what did that pay you one thing I'll let him. And he was never planned gamers always. A step ahead of that. Had a bad not done network last week out there no one has ever done that I promise you from this point forward. Both teams were in the Super Bowl do exactly what the patriots Purdue. And and they spent a ton of money. This huge that we saw a big ones yes gigantic. TV studio in different sets and and you know going on basically 24/7. Everybody's gonna be doing it 6177797937. Is telephone number dale and Holley with Keefe Sports Radio W media. 177797937. Its telephone number text line 37937. It's Father's Day. And it's being said we still have answers we have the area we have guesses we have you know this makes sense lot of good news and it does make sense but it's always have a at this point. Nothing me. I am I am surprised. And Flemmi Medicaid let me preface if something happened. I'm surprised it hasn't been. I mean I know they closed ranks down their better than anybody well if I'm surprised some players somewhere hasn't said you know not what you think I think. He. 'cause of the timing of it all you have a bunch of players who won't be back to you want to coaches who won't be back. Ended the year no you don't. You know worked for Belichick anymore rates he does such a great job of kind of Muslim everybody all year but it number guys. Including Malcolm owner but he and others are teammates they're going to be gone playing some morals coaches you could be a little easier for them. Maybe you know whispered as somebody else's a year in answer to get some more information information forthcoming soon shore it did you think it would be out by now. So early tomorrow tomorrow. Problem that we Friday that as we tool five would be good that we got us right absolutely. We'll get there. It's not ruled out I'm not ruling out have got to going to be two's had given up on this week yet aren't Danny's in Texas say getting paid on. I'm good guys thanks for the line with a knot and from actual. One option and I got a comment analogue popping up and listen you know our support and respect Belichick's Spain. Belichick Brady the patriots. Got unique philosophy and an institution if you will. Which creates special decade in order cheap supporting each other. There unlike every other team our leader coach who will equal press conference this past when we chocolate early in the box. Top dysfunction. You know in which he so I don't do that and to come out and say so more or something negative while there would. What really shatter. That everything mixed or per lap eighteen years I mean we're so well to expect that we think we deserve to know what how. I don't know as well I don't know that well I think that's spoiled I mean you're talking about. He's starting player bowl championship again a guy a guy who has made a huge play in the Super Bowl that's how we we learned about them. Two time pro bowler all pro. 97% of the snaps this year and then he doesn't play in the game. That's weird not to get an explanation you don't want. You do you like do you like US affairs aren't you that this level of well. I wanna encourage you know Dana didn't deserve it. No I'd say you know what I've stepped back and say now I respect institution. And I now except the wind it'll losses that come a long way what has got us here. It's actually people I thought I want to know I mean I respect the institution to I want to know and what they've done is work that's been great but as a as a fan and if you're spending money on the team and you're spending so much. A your time on the team. I don't think it's crazy to ask for an explanation. Maybe you don't like it but I think you should at least get wanna get an honest one. Then I don't think anybody's buying the coach's decision on while under the scenario that we painted here the theory that we put forth. Everybody's actually telling the truth. There was a football decision. Not to Munich and start start or grow. I was football that's the football decision. Now in in Malcolm's Inkster Graham and Twitter posts he never said anything about going off like a rocket locker room before the game because he was pissed off that he wasn't starting. So I'm so happy about but they're mix that is insane had he had said that he's telling the truth with a list curfew right and go write a concert that part of true. So Belichick's telling the truth. Malcolm's telling the truth ROP is so that your I don't know if Belichick is on the truth because football decision might be to not stardom but I football as it is not the map and see but that's the part that he's been he's gonna protect the player. What does that my pension and you're not. I doubt they say that the player does not he has sucked that bad now think do you think Malcolm Butler fields protected by the picture now. Ohno got no so I mean so we keep sane and and Danny from Texas I appreciate the call. And and and the sentiment and you're not alone and in some point that out a lot of patriots fans feel the same way you do pay it down a Bill Belichick decided it was the best. It was best for the team not for Malcolm Butler to play well let's go Soviets agreed. Wow. I. All these people saying hey it's classy the patriots don't throw people on the under the bus. Think Malcolm Butler disagrees with you. All I guess my point is under the scenario we pay we paid if that was the case. It built ballot check came out and said yeah look we we knew we told him we were gonna start. He went off like a rocket the locker room we had to try to calm and Downey went after somebody and that's why we said he wasn't a play anymore. That is that is killing the guy who's going to free agency. Yeah I think that makes more sense honestly I think it does for us to be granddaughter out and it kills as much you think that it does a big. We thought you weren't a good enough football player to play the Super Bowl is worse than you've got hot and yelled at somebody in the pregame. That's I look at their original got a little bit differently but I don't know how you go from being good enough to play 100% of the snaps in the AFC championship game. To zero. In the Super Bowl in a game in which your defense can't tackle. And you give up 41 in the polls. There's a lot of a lot has happened between those two weeks did you get that much worse the football. I doubt it even if you're sick you're if you miss the practice or two I don't think all of that you forgot how to play. But there is there is a way to kick yourself off the field. There are certain certain words you can say to a coach before game you think so member of the coaching staff. Oh yes he had to know there are there words as usual rule I don't Super Bowl but when it. I mean just think I'd like I'd each he would have that the most disrespectful thing don't care I don't know there note I don't. Don't care what does. I'm gonna do this to you're. Sorry if you would like to tackle a three wood to the bad lives going are you feel that way it's gone I can stop our. Make a hotel but you know what maybe at that point you are in the kind of control he's got at this point I can't put him out on the field he's got to control public use that use that passion that he is today but are you from. Without Hatcher. I've been very flexible early and that's not gonna work. I don't know I get a fun little poem Johns on the track hey John I don't. They got caught into Spanish shelf. There are real quick bought. I'm only eating. He didn't deny confrontations. He said he didn't miss curfew. There was there was no drugs. He said that does family every guy on assert he went out late at a concert he insanity about confrontations he did say everything that you're hearing is false sauter note that. But so why federal role models that anything about confrontations either. A lot on what I'm thinking and maybe possibly object is also up but why. I'm wondering if maybe at the last minute you decided that it came out and let elegiac it was don't think you're probably develop check out our people play area. Could you would not expect Gilmore got all that long to come over. How do you and the crying based on the crying John. Do you do what I do you explain and crying like a baby either in the National Anthem. Allied it was a black hear what the page and I'm not quite ready to heaven you could argue is gonna be tapped out. Or iron or maybe recognize that he made a poor decision. I don't biggest records and it forces ID one I'm not our desire to play and not lose. I'm not going would Johns. Scenario any time out of it and tapped out doubt about that now a foot umbilical. Cord Phidget I would consider everything even though. Even though I think they should play Malcolm Butler in the game I would say if he did get into any kind of confrontation of the coaching staff that's important says. Read more decision I don't think you should just sit by your arm by two days ago is that they don't your frustrations are very ups. In. Boiled over. Yeah it does go to talked about it a Smart thing for him to dinner go to go to where he would have to be able to Edmonton top 2% some. Guys. Missed about oh. Are couple McCourt you've got a great contract. And for me. They've brought until wore black in respect of the Mars over the right page rather lovely I've picked for a dinner last night putting offer exact brotherly love them yet to 65 million dollars. And that they want them money. Won two Super Bowls for the team I'm truly had a hand. In one album covers one surely it. Look I I I truly do believe that that he feels disrespected in terms of the contract no doubt about how about it I think it's your foot you know what he should have done them. He should have gone out and stuck it up bill Belichick's Easter play does that solve all year and and showed you know what you screwed up. I I'm the I'm the better player look at how I played. In steady followed up a probable season with what we all agree was a port season right don't know I don't know Sarah I don't know I don't know that he said he played I think early word was Blimpie. Your mail while combat yet he knew what it don't wanna go around and in both. I don't think he had a four season it just what I I his. Each established pretty high standards here yet in yet he was embodied in a tell all our that it was an all I probably was good I didn't think he had a great season with your. I thought it was by his standards it was sub par better than rose about a Maltese. Much 6177797937. It's dale and Holley with keeps Sports Radio WEEI. 6177797937. Tax line. Lot shorter life simpler tax just whenever you want a 37937. Someone did just that asked him excellent question. Is I don't know Detroit's cap space or if they need a quarterback but. If Matt Patricia makes a run at Malcolm do you think that says anything about a confrontation. Possibly happening or not. An interesting thing if if Matt Patricia in a pocked Bob Quinn and haze free agent let's go Gannon. Yeah that that make you feel the worst vapid fresher I really wanted to rated player but all the suitable to be even more confusing. Now it may not know they may go to the direction I don't know there salary cap quarterback situation is. So we may not get any kind of cancer but if they do go out German state Duma decent amount of money that even much more perplexing. I'm more worried about Matt Patricia going after Danny Amendola. Freeagent. Now he's literally Brady's playoff with playoff them and they'll come finale and idol. You take one more Annika. If you think all of our own you know what he still made more money than Julian Edelman Danny through its 000. Started with a two year contract for the dollar now now quick and it's got nothing to either country I thought I thought I had a good. As they do. Back to the calls riches in Maryland and rich. Hey guys itself on the hockey guys love show. Well I have can't not feel like. The law has hurt more than the league here lately it just. It's brutally loses Super Bowl and now I'm ready to turn the page what you guys think about next year I mean. Most most everyone's coming back on offense you know in fact Andelman element will be back. And then defensively. I mean we need to pass structure we need another linebacker will either corner. I'm pretty sure there's a quarterback position open on this team they don't yet at the corner and. At the defensive end position I know that. The Derrick river was a pretty good. Was too he was doing really well on the preceding he got injured I mean have you heard anything about Al. Now I mean I haven't since he got her in the pre season now I'm not as ready as you are against look forward to next year amstel Charlotte digest what happened this year Darrelle Revis just got cut today by the Kansas City noble here you know Bill Clinton but I think that there's an easy I know I was only kidding I think that the best in the AFC assuming you know Belichick Brady and rock all return on users' questions about all of them are Russell Brady you know priest of everybody's from about. I don't think there are questions about Brady no questions about dollar check questions about his arms about bouncing coming back yeah. Nearly all were coming back into for the 2018 season. Oh yeah he's the one guy I think who's got him out the door now. No I don't know what it fits that amount but I'm sick I think he's out. After next year audit had been elected that it was possible political play another 2018 I I don't I think there's still questions is what I'm saying I think what Mitch Daniels coming back their their means there's questions for. I think he's come on back by the bat he's coming back there. Rock I think it's still up in the air it's it is he was asking how do you feel about the next year. Assuming you have those pieces back there the best team in the AFC they obviously need to. Add some things are going to do it in the draft who do some good free agency but because who's the next team. Maybe Jackson Mario Pittsburg Pittsburg originally every time and Jack. And those of oil portal still like portals as he made that jump. I don't get they're not play a year five jump there and how do you know how. Got to replace them. Like tonight that did just Jacksonville try to make a play for Nicole I don't think so because if they do believe he's back I mean he's got one more year out and try to contract on tobacco is a eighteen happening dollars. They're going to be paying played portals so how are actually other after the flooding portals they've they've committed to him at least for 2008 yen. And you can say yeah you're fired jump but I'd say the second year under the most grown Coughlin leadership. So they've kind of put him in a position to be successful etiquette here last year a great that is fine. Yeah it's almost like Carlos fire Isiah agree that's what went response to an ending Malcolm Butler was fine yeah. Butler. Butler was a better core of the bald Eagles quarterback questions about the same. I thought about this kind of a lot of fun out I don't know I didn't have talent but nobody is it to your point. Best teams there are some questions and question does does the Shawn Watson continuing he did for Houston and everybody come back healthy. JJ watt come back Mercer is coming back Jon Gruden effective so on gruden and Oakland that's that's on the lookout for because he will make them better. Kansas City they've moved on from Alex that all of the homes transit authority if you don't 'cause there's a dozen. Plus yeah yeah you'd think that they were look at it I don't but not all with this out of there via conference but a playoff plan to ensure. But the patriot I personally favor tiger keep that the patriots are the best team. Although it will be a challenge of ground does retire and I'm taking it seriously and they on I don't know if you if you are. And I said I am I'm convinced he was dead serious with what he said I just I also set I think ultimately. Cooler heads will prevail here is I mean and you'll sour a Camden plight. I think he was dead serious when he when he said I'm gonna take time I'm gonna look at it I'm gonna still scared. That dear god you got the rock whispering in your whispered to your right here sly Stallone as Alex I like rock he's no rock while he's not a rock. You eke out got to consider at the beginning what was sly Stallone to when he was 28. How what it is they're lying. As Tuesday's win best picture oh policy when he made rocky. And about a couple a video grunt was a rookie. In football he'll be a rookie in the entertainment business. Whatever he decides to do I'm sure if he really commits to it. It turns off to a good actor. It and so yeah I think I am by the way one could get to have sly Stallone leveled two years. Of coaching Tom Brady's back on into Graham tonight. Different to be times when you have no no no Judy drop below post today yeah a picture on on its program of him you know laughing and smiling. And I eighty just wrote the word mood. Why would he be a good move I birdies and under move that is liked by Tom Brady. Also liked by the according twins it's always there and it's also linked by how late Chandler Jones. Self and that I haven't seen Brady comment his body elected but he liked it and why he went busy on the field of Seagram by that time and it's because as you've been away from at all. In football scenario is that we don't know where he has. And he probably is away from an all grocery cutter so right in Brazil Saturday giving hanging out. And he could probably go wherever he wants it probably certainly place him and a lot of spots Eddie's on the cell phone any. They've got the laureate. You know a couple of days ago it and I mentioned that I didn't think that now a black eyed plot to those pretty much. Being on a level later on that day Malcolm it. This statement. You know. One of the things I write like that account and really upset about it. And you gotta believe that Belichick looked at a conversational Patricia about it and much might believe that he probably it parents and wife Betty it. Which has basically. You know chain related issues outperformance. But I think when everything and I'm. We utilized built and it's actually back in to bring them back and look at it maybe made a mistake. And I think they'll never gonna Everett may. They've ever done anything wrong I think that could be a reason why he can bring Beckett back in the game. I just don't think he would put a Super Bowl championship in jeopardy you know because Zito wouldn't allow him to. I just I I don't believe that I I I think. It would mean more to him to win another Super Bowl ring that it would be to show that dog I see I was right I'm not I'm not gonna give up on that I was right. I mean I I know we're at a per that a lot this week the whole Belichick eagle thing. Belichick's ego wouldn't let him you know make the change but. You really think that he would putting Super Bowl championship. In jeopardy just because he didn't wanna look bad. No I'd he's he's sort of way I bet that's been blown out of proportion an economic prove prove something that somebody. Yeah I would do so in the Super Bowl without you I'm sure he when he made the decision to not play him he thought they can win without. That's under so shocked they did change it why he was sorry this is why he's there. I think that. You know because it's and it rolls it says he thought other guys could make plays. And the Eagles the Eagles offense since. It's sort of they should have but I that's my guests. I don't know. It from the start the there was no point that game where felt like they had. The advantage on the Philadelphia office that including their first drive which turned out to be a victory for the patriots because they only gave up three. The Philadelphia got the ball far first and march right down the field. And I thought we're gonna score touchdowns that we lucked out and came away with a field goal but at no point did they seem to have the Philadelphia offense figured out. That's and it started the game right. So we get to the third quarter fourth floor and you think yeah okay maybe as time that were. This and yet you've got the lead. Late in the game and again you'd just you'd by the slimmest dog legs of the defense at all ever done at all and no I did you ever feel comfortable at that point narrower leading 3332 at all. I don't think it I and I set my wife if they can make one stop here though in the game. And when they got the ball back and they could Brady had it before the strip sack I thought well. I didn't feel like a 100% there would put those acute here they go is it me another great moment Tom Brady's career because at that point Philly wasn't supplement either. Herbal offenses look great is that our it was a two and a half minutes or was it years ago. And then check Mason misses the first blocking missed all game and gave them. Are you look at that. That Philadelphia offense if you say. You know what what's likely to happen because of the patriots it used to be a moment when Bill Belichick first got here. Think everybody can try to be 314. Or many 34 teams of patriot through that and then teams start to copy of now Arnold they're trying to copy but the patriots are doing this the copy would Kansas city of Philadelphia did. It's it's a tough Mike Lombardi wound up being right even though they're ripping in the Philadelphia look at that later part. He was right it was a bad matchup for them. Because they just don't have the personnel to deal with some of the things a Philadelphia did and they can't city did or you think of prima cream. On that show up and not. Okay that was a problem for them what happens same thing a fellow at American real route. And he had Jordan Richards chasing chasing would he do a lot of the a lot of that the man beater stuff that Philadelphia does. Kansas City does the same thing they struggled against Kansas City they struck out against Philadelphia there. I I thought it was a well designed play the fort down in the fourth quarter they had to pick out. Stance pick play OK it's no that's come out. After all that's what they've been running all the other fitted the Russell Wilson the Malcolm Butler pick was a pick play here I think (%expletive) you candidate we're ready for it. And so I don't think especially at live they don't have that type of linebackers. Right now especially with high tower out. To stop some of the things these teams are doing and. And and you bring a great point I was wondering that then in hindsight. Did not having Donta hightower available mean even mortal the possibility of winning or losing then having Malcolm Butler available. Great question I'd say yes it about a player is a much better putter and he's had and he's had big plays. And a lot of big games but they're there. Last two Super Bowl victories on the high technology lines had big plays in both of them and a danger to your guys are looking for her you don't want I don't think or what my great playmaker torture playmaker. On a visibly on Sunday. Now Harmon at the. These are all to come up gay skeptical vulture he's got a closer yet to come at a game kind of clinching interceptions. I think you know two years ago about Butler might have been their best offensive player but been based out the year that he had high tar probably pass them by guild war by the end of the year. Pass them by. Trey flowers pastor must turn flowers may have although coronary site I was like looking at a low quiet Sunday betrayed flowers had a really good year he did. He did that's right you know winner caller or looking for next season he would feature wise if you do to get their rivers with Trey flowers. You know maybe that's not as desperate in the every year overall passenger pastor pastors are well I think those geyser or from Perugia. 6177797937. Its telephone number two gallon Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.