DHK - Who will go further in the postseason Bruins or Celtics? Holley: “Horford is the 3rd best Celtics player.”

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 1: Dale’s fanboy night with the ‘77-’78 Bruins is a precursor to today’s show, in which Dale, Holley, and Keefe go heavy on the Bruins. Which team is more likely to win their respective championship: the Bruins or the Celtics? The guys address the WEEI statement.


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Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Way to go to hockey and make a night you guys are talking a little hairy guys we had a very important to have Matt and Jeff radio it was a guy who makes we loved aliens and we thought it was appropriate to share that with the audience how does she know the alien feels the same about. I don't know. I don't know about him well I heard I heard about him there over my words I know who's the senate. I don't know I just you know. Step away for a little little little hairy guy and continued to talk a little hairy guy at Barton victories through Islam for signing date and now he's forever forever more people in the world. To some sick people and just a monopoly and an onslaught lighter than a couple of times and I met my career I did before him. Once once a week wanna share their stories of the world. This you know yeah some of the people who might be your neighbors. I how lonely you know your neighbor not very well all united neighbor now he just never getting back I was right in front of them out yet they Kamal when you moved and today don't do anything to read on broadcast overall hey guys that are well don't natural. You know when when I moved into the neighborhood and rent them via you know senate cake to the house got them like he did pretty nice guy who -- it was a lack of a bit of a prankster what was it I don't know let me go into a game that nobody did OK I can't I think are very careful there was nothing wrong with the Kate thank you very dodging indicates a cast rules from the neighbors nice people but I I keep to myself I don't expect that I didn't have you know they're nice people all they don't do anything at that point and I think they think about things behind closed our -- one idea nobody really knows your neighbors I don't know Donna and now they'll that's absolutely the truth every time something happens that it's been pretty normal I never would have believed that -- -- don't they're allowed required that's really alien to chart. My neighbors are pretty quiet so I appreciate especially if you're not you know dealing with if you're organize an apartment situation apartment all now's not a whole lot about 2000 I have got knocked those doors Abrams and they're very very out excuse me via. Yes keep it down tell the kids out on all the times like running back and forth. You know they live on top floor you're underneath and it's just very you know what I radar to a lot. Well I would go upstairs. And you know tell them to quiet down to be very loud right there Rick that's file guy you want to loud whatever but. Guess to a certain points a little bit late any added what they're Thomas quite down and I get this more often than not he banged on the door somebody open it got eighty keep it down and it's a are you lift your man. As it. Doesn't matter that I didn't need. A rep and how do you keep it down a little Sarah McLachlan has written about how. Quiet it is to have him as your house they're not quite a multiple times in the view that they are rolled around in the there. Happening right now yeah have been part. It's a complex army combat the tough one. Jackson are you relying on a lot of we know how to get out while you are Osce. Cities think I cannot allow you don't Eric good you know you don't know anything travel to Minneapolis with its build on us Villanova at all. That's fun I like a little bit of mystery little bit injury that mysteries aren't so we're all about here in the series mystery and intrigue that yeah we got that they would certainly have that argued as wanna make fun of me to like landed while what do I got a great time last night pleasure of the plan was making mock me because I looked like I was have been too good a time last night if you're kidding here he's visiting with the 197778. Boston you're have a great time out it was a relax a spot that she should've had a good Thai love visiting with them out much by the way you correctly predicted great advantage shocked by that. Except the odd little outlandish with a tie. Adidas kind of tone that down. He studies at Talladega now looks like it didn't elect a black suit white shirt that I gave buckets and gold hotbed not as complex as the men in black look all Cadillac let him black about moderate Fatah is gonna do that night and don't. Which a couple of when he when he first got on set we had a few minutes before the period and admiral puck and shoot the breeze and watch in the game and I said. Gotta be honest grapes here a little subdued tonight compared to what I was expecting too much pressure Delhi says I didn't wanna dress better in the players about that. You gotta think that that's why I also yeah. Every senator I and I when the recognize the team like that he's in a torrent download it that's nice. I nice gesture has para. You know 7778. Bruins are one thing about the due 2018. Boston Bruins 1718. Yeah ruins they are they are a point out of first overall on the National Hockey League with two games in hand carpet before I was a little pressure on you down you didn't like I said in our. Apple right now they're at point B ask him but I. I don't like this I don't want this they're not there yes I think it just yeah yeah letting them divesting immediately guests and they are. The fifth. Boston Vegas in the cup final. But how much would that have paid off view bet precincts in my idea of Boston VA is based on its own they get all the power or the Bruins were a year ago this time. Take the show on the road Boston bank I let the final but still a sprint Rossi learn something about Rossi in a better learn a lot about everybody Joseph wells. You can't bring home with you and it's not fun together if it's Bruins. Golden knights what are we going to the Arctic it would happen. Is that why not pick an expansion team. Look I I don't they have so far outperformed what I thought they could do they are a legitimate. Stanley Cup champion like that he has not gone whole clock in gold nights right now it's just always have and how that happened remember we're talking about a lot of work out. I thought. About it Ellison well. It is good news that eventually is gonna kind of how the early part of the whole bottom of religion have an unbelievable home they are and why we don't have a bit of home ice advantage that is pretty good you get your playing at home over guys every night and I at all maybe that's what's gonna. Gonna happen when the raiders moved to Las Vegas. Much is sound one yet because it's just a dollar and after hours till night I mean what an idea could be right now in Las Vegas but these guys yet when they go through there they're doing their expansion draft night Erica. I got a bad team gets stopped in the supermarket this morning. Couple guys supermarket. And they were having an argument with a each other they wanted me to mediate about weather today the Bruins should delete them just argument at least. I don't know men are the bananas fresh chicken I have to credit to an. So one guy was saying in the way this is going I don't want I don't want to chance on screwing up anything. And the other guys saying you know they still could use them punished and Dell what you think like I've got a backpack you know still break the tie via media largely come the trade and trade and the trade deadline which is a week from Monday. I afterwards I got out about last February 26 the trade of algebra if there's a certain I. I. I well. Why it is sort of have to have a special trade well show and okay Michael's birthday. I want it to share that would that NHL I don't know I think that aren't dangerous that you could or might have per month I'll. Yeah I think our Bruins will make a mover too and I think they should make a move over to. Now the question is always is what you get about what he getting that hot rumor around the National Hockey League is that the Bruins are in. Foursquare with the New York Rangers about either Rick Nash. And more Ryan McDowell. Even ball forward you rather have Brian McDonough are and so what does it take to put my oath of what quantity of both that I McDonna. I Kevin Paul DuPont theorized nobody knows that his theory was you'd have to give up like branding Carlo and prince Frederick who's a big power forward at the university was contract and a first round draft got it done. Capsule down and I I would nasal actually there when they drafted Frederic wasn't the thing I've had their like daylight he he could be like a grinder he could do it a third fourth line guy and I wrapped that late first round of the draft and elect he's gonna be a full of sorrow watt but he projects could be. A third liner but let me just on the junior team dealt with him the US. Yes the world you are there and animated he's getting better I don't know started the tournament as the spare forward. He ended the tournament with a formal game sewed it on May navy's better than the early projections that are here and that but yet you yet. McDonna. Which under contract next year's this year and next year and so he's at 28 year old he's the captain and the Rangers don't you know it's in great with the Bergeron Chara kind of veteran leader are the Rangers do this deal with the Bruins they're blow what they're blown things. They are absolutely well into the Bruins or stuff like that and details are going to the grounds of the Bruins have eight out of a better package of of things to offer than almost any team in the NHL right now. I give Don Sweeney credit he's done a good job restocking that that the shelves here. And work around the league is. The Bruins only is this trade deadline of depending on what they do then we'll see what everybody else does. They've got the stuff. I thought you got to get in on you gotta get it on because nobody predicted them to be this good right now bull why you just. Laid back it says its goal while right now we know what it would things can change in the playoffs that you can add talent to it it's not like. If you trade a couple of young guys away suddenly you have no young guys. To happen and I saw that had a lot of draft picks are we're pissed that they didn't. Traits of those draft picks a few years ago it'd have taken a player some boom it hit so that there are nice job restocking it actually hit on draft next you're right they didn't do for awhile. It's so you you have these plus your future draft picks that he can trade. I'm in on it I write you look around the league who's who's the cup favorite right now. If it's not the Bruins you you really that scared by Tampa are you that scared Vegas he that's scared of some of these other teams. Go Florida and you don't that the back to back champions right now. Are far behind the Bruins in terms of points in other the Pittsburgh Penguins spread like other they're not like they're the warrior of them have won Toronto right. So that they're good you Stewart would respect them but it's not like you're looking up out of the Bruins were so crazy as they've hit the reason they're good. Is it is that they've hit on everything. This just design it never happens. So last year Tuukka Rask not a great year. He's had a great year this year plastered and have a back up this year he's got a backup who's reliable that's how last please if you start to think OK Zdeno Chara slowing down he's not. Last year Patrice Bergeron didn't have a good year this year he's evident. And bull they hurt. Unbelievable year MVP caliber year is to score a goal and yeah. Last night he scored two more he's got a 27 he's now ninth in the NHL in goal scorer David Backus is giving yourself your guy. Heidi always loved it I know I contract always loved them how not. So any general you just look at every you look at the duke aspect you know Charlie back reported back on the ice I don't Russ say he's untouchable. Off core. I mean everybody knows that there are McIlroy oh yeah there's some guys who they would deal some guys that they wouldn't deal. He is the one young guy it would matter what you Wofford they are an interest. Well thank you yet nation. There is no reason why would be in on. If you can get McDonough or you get Nash Anderson national rent out a rental that's totally different at army is different but I but maybe of a package can involve the same time. I look at. You have a lot of young guys on the team which is great and so you're saying the futures really bright but. Thursday's event stars that are related year. How many more years of Zdeno char yet again so you can maximize this final year for him the going to be a final year but I know nobody liked it it rides a great year Foreman next year maybe he'll be great again next year too late he's sort of one of these guys that has played really well and Italy engagement. Maybe it's not exercise again just banking on this young group where they keep mall together and two years are going to be great. Well no because if you remove Chara is how big of a loss is that going to be so if you have to give up a couple young guys a couple of picks. To get Nash had to get mature I'm don't let out an hour. I'm enforce the act current Stanley Cup odds on Tampa Bay Lightning and biggest golden knights are tied their currently plus 600. The Bruins are next at plus 800 the Bruins opened. At plus 3500. Spot and they've gone a plus 800 Rick a little money they don't check turnout Jose got to Vegas on certain nights opened at plus 20000. Under. And you know people bad element to you go out there or there are visionary and Vladimir well what I. Well I happen to be based on how some action on this what he doesn't need me gets about Martinez out Nichols. Saying okay well there Nichols we're. Since the morning never have performed as it does recommend I've been looking at the computer to recommend brain. Only it's ever happened before where Purdue out of an expansion team winning a championship against an expansion team has ever gotten there in any sport. You won't. The raptors in the grisly old I tell us. Now know two AZ is allowed just being told right. Very noted no teams have done teams it's no teams it's. In the lot teams. Conference yeah exact or did Carolina Panthers motives. Jackson and they both of them got that same year. Right so. Is the expansion draft was too generous. For the Las Vegas I don't and they so. All I know implies they feel this is generally intentionally did that because you were asking for a 500 million dollar expansion feet. And they realize that if you're gonna make a team fork over that kind of money. You know you've got you've got to make things a little more attractive it's about to happen again I know but Seattle filed their ten million dollar fee yesterday. For the next expansion franchise it's going to be another 500 million and they're gonna have Ed at the the the expansion draft is gonna be as generous as it was for the Vegas goldeneye that's not let them. Now I mean I'm I'm no. Here McGwire but. There roster but he doesn't jump out against nice players on the team but you wouldn't of bought cup favorite about uncle and the critical of the Oilers goaltender. Just your big column Miller guy and Riley's Riley-Smith. The of these all time greats well we know these guys might not want to go home we know. That's that's my point of college at McAllen Miller was supposed to be. It was supposed to be a star but he wasn't and it's found himself. Whatever the occasion they protect nobody was like please god protect Colin Miller I don't want to let us have Brad got a nice art don't leave Kevin Miller. There keep Colin Miller heavy but. I don't think again you looked at a colonel James Neal hit the player but. That that's the biggest surprise like locally or raise definitely should be surprised by the Bruins play. Leave quietly put Vegas is doing is is ridiculous at this point. They're not a fluke they've played a ton of games with what fifty. Closed at sixty gain rights so this isn't a fluke that doesn't mean they won't. You know get bounced in the playoffs and at some point but. They're two of the best stories in an all in all the awards all the awards available. Coach of the year Jack on it actually happened along that area and that's our coach of the year. Exit they have an executive of yes and that's done all right George McPhee are given that hey pat what are what are very about whatever it I don't know all the rest of their franchise have been geared given that the rest of them they're gonna have a hard time you know coming up but but those two. They've got. On the other hand I think the silky awarded thirty done for Bergeron. I think Kilby a finalist if they are trophy he'll be a finalist for the Hart trophy. I think that. To grass will be a finalist for the Dez and of course has done. Let's go back the other way well. They are out and I got. And product due. Nancy policy now. Now I'll I. Unaudited as god we don't know you know yeah I had this spirit it was right there our guard up on it yours is I had had the spirit of Eddie Shore how was ready to go. And nothing. Kyra I'm hungrier. And that little hint hint at them now making it more President Clinton and Michael and even now I know I haven't gotten it right. Is that he's surprised the soccer awakened the morning and advocate and it's it's. Does that have always shoulder and say okay let's go Michael in a minute let's do this that you're good at it right now aren't. I am. It does happen. This doesn't inspire you don't crank it back it up there is pretty good society and our congress and thank you very much. It's great go through a broad season just started this week so are all or very excited that they're here whereas LA yes thanks for joining us. That's awesome they started the year in first place very slim who has a better chance of winning their league championship the Bruins for the Celtics. The league yes they are all grown up self truth that. At those Michaels on mine is feeling great about the Eastern Conference anymore I don't go to Cleveland Cavaliers looks like the real deal all of a senator what is it two games because the cavs got to go awful hole tainted Ager erosion Rouse he wrote an article about how all the trades unfolded there more than one of the parts that there was. They knew going into the deadline to pigs want to get rid of Isiah Thomas I. Ha it and break it down while reading this public always. No he says that a Walters says that a Chris Broussard. Says it's clear it was clear that you know Isiah hated LeBron. Not does that LeBron hated it and regulate carried but I guess Isaiah hated them to. And that you know when they first got there it was cool to hang out together and abroad and there and there are there messaging each other disagree is used to help because the whole article that they needed some help or your blog. I. Now about fixing. Up 260 but how helpful and I don't need to beat somebody within act just went downhill. And apparently they got the point where we couldn't stand each other so. That took it to took like fifteen gain. I barely. He then got healthy if I don't play with him this guy I need you more. But I'll I'll give you this LeBron. Is brilliant with stars. And edit with we role play golf right LaBroque with role players do love letters with LeBron yes. Are amazingly all the value goes up 15%. Like realistic you can put him in that location of a sudden wow what an attractive but James Jones is really ought to get dollars right not a suspect in the right place you want to help. It's a here's the here's that the key player LeBron and his wife Carrie Irving every day you get purpose. Had not bought the not NB. You're the best aspect is you still he was still dark star Harry was able to do it. But most of the time when LeBron plays the stars what he says to them is at eight and in its implied. You're a star who want to. Like a role player Darryl learn now from an interviewer if you don't do that. You can have a hard time. And our power when the trade happened and number somebody in the show saying that guys is not gonna work with the brom a renewal was ever found out sounds very similar this was the here right now forget who exactly said that president was gonna work as a the king of the fourth is dead guy fans not gonna know what how to deal. A guy who makes those insights is an aunt died not a terrific guy I've got to and I would I. Iowa go there I agree like you know put it in Miami Dwyane Wade. We got to play bodies yet that it is okay Chris Bosh river was bought a great job for awhile get over there in a couple of hey Chris corner to the core of American athlete deja. Some he wrote replacement and I totally disagree and often supported Doug asked that affects a lot of just how. Average that in Toronto the vacated a look at. South Florida and out and that's a big insulates router now would we all play a role players really are. Cited higher zero players civil COO works. Org went to that question are you guys still confident about the Celtics getting out of the east I the confident the company last rightward confident. But I thought I thought they were still I thought they were bold the NBA finals I'm worried and now all of a sudden Cleveland looks different there's still my pick but I him. I don't the last confidence every body can't take that China is the cavs looked terrible. I'll try and up. Wreck innocent I mean give Kobe Ullman credit you know he found a way to make a budget trade studio when the riddles yeah hundred Jordan. Which probably since made that when he's out and I thought they had it done Obama and I want congress they had would have been a bad trade for good or worse yet are somewhat better off our foot really what the hell are you really wanted them to make that trade OC can help there what do Everett Thompson I think what the part of it or whatever was so. Yeah they found a way to it to make a franchise altering trade deadline and maybe LeBron I don't know what Bronson I saw the Eagles aren't out yet he's done this question Winger because. They start it was a decent players there in Cleveland. While the lakers really set. Four on LeBron and all our guys get to Max being Max clots form in Lavar ball. Well local bar or log on and. I know there are those that aren't as an attack on the hill right. Arts and that's the question you've got two really good winter sports teams now that that football in the review here. Now the baseball still in off in the distance somewhere in the future you've got two really good winter sports teams. Which one thing's gonna go further and more importantly you our Bruins fan want Don Sweeney to make big dealer you're looking at fifteenth and he lost twelve teams in regulation year leave it alone which could be legit if you think that way. I don't know people like 6177797937. As the telephone number the text line is 37937. Let's get this out of the way. Are owed good no well first. The I am dale I'm loving and say okay let's get this out of the way it is the way we have been told. By management here that we will not be doing shell on Friday. There will be no live programming on this radio station Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM. And all of the show it's of the on I think it's not just on aired Pete personnel but obviously the Joe's on air as well. A were undergoing sensitivity training. It'll take place on Friday. The the statement from WEEI I'm gonna quoted directly quote. Nothing is more important to WEEI and the closeness and diverse Boston community we call home. And we are committed to actively continue a contributing to its betterment. W the eyes in the process of closely re evaluating our policies and procedures. In an effort to ensure that our programming is never intolerant or harmful to our listeners or our city. Part of this effort WEEI will be hosting an all day mandatory sensitivity training this Friday February 16. All live programming will be suspended from 6 AM until 6 PM on Friday. To enable WBI employee participation. In this important session on. So that's what will be doing Friday I believe that at best a probe programming that they're gonna run out throughout the course of the day. Op I hope something positive comfortable it's. That's my sincere boys and your whole game and will all be there will be part of it my sincere hope is that something positive comes. Of a volunteer. To sit next to Kirk. Earlier I was the next from an issue we faced start the sensitivity that's artists are either I I'll I'll sit next to Boca. If you sit next to me out the next to him area does olive branch right there actually and but let's sit next to each other enough. Now I'll bring a series isn't coffee drinker the but it won't operate coffee. Time the way golf is gonna be provided. Although they are saying is that really your only concern right now is a column I thought yeah yeah gotta start somewhere and then I think we should do it paintball outing. I think all of that is that all the way to go battle although it was high powered handguns. Brian is this is baby steps baby steps you know yes. Be there you know copies important just for attendance. Yet the audit program to prop alertness. Yes edit then you'll have to peel. And a lot yeah. Part of us right back yeah I'll do now obviously had to go to the adapt and be right back I promise the bathroom humor. That I got I don't know where I'm not out of not sent you here there's not a joke. So that's what's gonna happen on Friday on this side and and I know you guys probably know already but you know our listeners we haven't addressed it. That's what what is that will be here tomorrow just like bill was our Friday show we will not be here with live programming but it'll be best of programming. And we'll all be back to what we do next. 617779790. As I tell you right now and your potent girls that OK America here. Also it has thought he already knows that I'm going to I'm good front nine I get a chance at all. Yeah I've got to get out and they are directly at me at how little discussions yeah. You don't direct that doesn't I think about that they were intimately what happens and it works arsenal log time ago. But he'll be back for your birthday school vacation out what do you call it hurts Detroit and capitol grounds I would expect now. You're my Burton I can't wait to fund school vacation next lubrication. And then back for his birth. 6177797937. Its Dillon Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. I've made a lot more difficult time to get. The front of the net they got some looks from you look good offensive team and they get pucks are their heavy in front of the net but we didn't give an odd man rushes. However there was ever than they thought they earned and I thought we did a better job in the world is sort of belligerent who's scoring area gets the gold tenor. For some second chances. Some activity there and and managing the part of behind their deal out there forcing turnovers in the fortunate so. Played much more or to our style of play how we want to Wear teams down and eventually. There. Cassidy coach of the Bruins. I he has now told state full season in the national hockey late last night was his 82 game. Regular season game I'm talking. In his 82 regular season games now the Boston Bruins are 5320s. And nine. For a 115 points possible a winning percentage of seven ol' one. You'd think a coaching change made much difference for the Bruins close folks. At saluted a lot 130 point alarming that you know he completely changed their philosophy he he took the shackles off. He he's not saying I don't care about defense he does he just refers to be more aggress. They look the skill guys who more skilled very clearly a day I think a lot of times with clos it was such a defense that mentality that even some of the younger wings that they couldn't develop young guys a pattern of getting overstated. But some of those guys I didn't fell off feel as free where if you look at all the rookies and all of the second thirty your guys that are on this team. I would doubt they would all be this good with Julie as they are cast. And and that Cassidy was on Julian staff. 88 been along time in Providence before that there so maybe he had his own he had his own ideas of how this thing this. This thing was supposed to work. And but cold is called the coats are really can say anything right. I don't know that's it it's closed team at that point and added you know you're the assistant could do it this way the song I sense something different hues on this this and that you were a year that he's at Oregon beautiful here right right so we did well no yeah I mean he he was named head coach Catholic or mostly through the year. But he had spent like seven great years and Providence on time product right and and look they are there a different team. And now I ask the question rhetorically and will involve our listeners. Two guys didn't answer. Which team has a chance to go further in the playoffs this year. Bruins. Roads and the Bruins have a more realistic chance of winning the whole thing. That do the Celtics I think you look at it the Bruins. Again another team could emerge but right now Tampa Bay is the best team in the Eastern Conference. So how does Tampa Bay compare to say the cavs or the raptors just in the Eastern Conference. And then if they get to the cup final let's say they have a global roaming it's the cup final. They're facing Nashville or vague is whatever a very good team but they're not facing gold states it's more the make up of the lead I would say the Bruins have a better. Interesting though is the Bruins. And the Bruins and Celtics are similar situation. Where. You're in the Eastern Conference and obviously both in the Eastern Conference but I thought but the mr. there was half outlets have. That and it also share a building this amazing pit bull kept Boston in front of them and now how does that happen. Is that has that ever happened before but what stands out is. They pulled. Have a bowl franchises have the best player in the cockpit in the in the lead in their conference so that to me at city we've got. Oh god I got an Irish thing yes I cavaliers. Have LeBron James and the Celtics have to get by the cavaliers know cavaliers aren't necessarily the best team whereas the penguins have the best player. And maybe the best team. And really not I'm not I don't right now they're not let. Talking to my -- now the argument we made for that I lost it lost ten more games in regulation and the Bruins happened but the same argument we make for the cavaliers that they can never to listen to this as a team has LeBron James never dismiss the team that into the final six seconds earlier Ron impacts the game more than Sydney and what he's been wins and losses but we always give him credit because he's been their year after year to year. And the penguins have won the last two cops. So we can say all the gate they suck right now but. If won the last two cops. You can't just. Stay out there they're all done that drilling castles awesome and the Bruins are that are the new thing. Sabbatical at the Celtics. Really I'm gonna go to Celtics I don't I don't. There's no Golden State in the NHL like and others Sidney Crosby he sees LeBron but there's no. Golden State and what are you that you hold up let's say this team who beat what it would be Tampa Bay because they've got the best record in the league right now I guess it would be and that's really don't really he has gold and they don't they don't equate. You think Golden State has an easy path. To the NBA finals I don't know I think there's a fairly good odds are they're supremely talent going to mean there there they have the best talent. Emily. They're there's no question about that but I think they can be it can be beaten and the years ago this is the other reason I like. The Celtics. They play a Golden State. They can play let them. Yeah right can't they they can play wit them they can beat me and they can beat him now as the front review. Haven't yet they have beaten in seven games here probably hadn't seen evidence that apple is setting a bad back then that they can't accept that they don't file the bottled water off another part matte and if they had a different remarked that in a great sense that not only were you don't come. Yeah he's got a bit of that they match up well with the Golden State doctors say they have been okay personnel wise they can match up well Gomes. I guess. You. Can't unite not jump while they do. Especially good. Your way market's march back. He's on the left like ours from the last serrated handled Lee's hands OK so you look at their guards district is in their guards you've got markets Smart to do and you've got teary rosier the warriors also recognizes our guards to best players forward. I don't know territory if not their best player I don't know if these guys play in the league are now back and forth back from three to rant and an direct and curry but. The fact is they can they can handle curry they can match of a carry. Yeah I guess I just think that there's know. Defense is still better than any NHL team that the gap between bold statement next team is more significant Al Horford and in the African dream on the same guy says. And Al Horford better always. With the out there all of a sudden they're like our you can dog it forever reason now that says of the publisher of the best basketball I don't think the best you've already planned may not have the local state got our habits. Shut down per gallon on average element are here I that you are sort of towards little things I don't I don't I can understand Italy's courts that's out there and I don't try to overall abuse. The appliance there I don't know I was struck by now but it's yours you don't think our workers have a better season. Like the Dow we're going semantics I slid as the better season. Probably the idea how I think I'll workers about a player on the other guy. And didn't. Since Andre. Michael talked about their magic GM hat on. You've won these two guys for teams update you got taken out and that's different that's also another 300. Semantics I you don't antics pale I wanted to clear are we talking with you would be are we talking about the playground we talk about salary cap. Because or are talking about the playground. That was at delta IG impoundment that have to think about this article regarding how much corporate it's almost reflexively think he's better Al Horford it ranks where as is our best players in the celtics'. Depending on wind all united you can't how important your second best player is on corporate segments where now Norton always was sentenced market Warren's Jalen brown of the segments of the then fine. It. Arguments I always been clean it all star team but OK now I don't think for a browser and yet. For now not yet. I'm surprised right away on green is fifty shades crazy. But he's better player than they. If gold states. Fourth best player yeah that's that's Croats were entitled detail that I finished thank you may also again at that we're excited to. Yeah why is why his dream on better than Horford was battered for. Better shooter. No not through what better and better pass it don't ask him did he reached out and wash okay better rebounder. Yeah. Maybe maybe may be barely yeah much better defender. A lot better under Obama much better defender I don't last year. More consistent I think I think corporate about a three point shooter in a war for the better free throw shooter and a corporate is. Order form for a shooter walked across the board there's not really a lot. Dream on is great with Golden State he's great with them by allegations that the U I don't know my great if you say he's available in free agency. At the Celtics you know. The way we got excited when when Gordon Hayward sign all men July. This LT Scott Gordon Hayward here's a story on player to be on. If if you're if you're starting a team. And you're starting new with. Trademark green you have a franchise is different. On the Horford. So that it's pretty clear cut repair the economy at a Horford was the celtics' fourth best player until about a third best players. He can't know until an added that figures by the time we get to the NBA finals in June. Who knows that right now Jason Tatum has hit the wall as he over does he scaled a wall or that he just. I you know your way you're two away from being the sentiments for. I think they got a shot. The answer the question who I think the Celtics have a better at odds of winning a championship I don't think either team's gonna win the championship this year it's not less that's I don't that's fine and that's fair but probably act emanating plot entirely Eckerd must ask which team is a better chance which team is gonna have a deeper playoff run I think it's going to be the Celtics. About but are you nervous at the Celtics. Get the Cleveland in the second round right. My nervous on the Cleveland Cavaliers were tour know what they're new look lineup now. Darren how about I think or keep you up at night nervous but just the win that. Be able but the concern I'd so there's your voting internally we got one vote that says the Celtics are gonna get deeper in the playoffs we get two votes that says the Bruins are gonna get deeper in the blast but let's be honest. One of those votes is bought and paid for Israel now so it's really want to one would an extension. In any case he can't listen to you can notice this off this is off. Not a turtle back on I don't want to turn back on that I don't care you know you. You've got the real information you've got a real information not not the speculation. In the. And they just go with a wild. Hysterics. That come through sometimes on our. Or text line. I would get your opinions to 6177797937. His telephone number text. Also it obviously and I think and tax line is 37937. At stale in Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. 6177797937. I turned it on like told me to death and the roll over. While one is on. Well I don't publicity don't. UTH volley wasn't seven they want what the heck yeah I've always you even freestyle the Tuukka Rask song you can't pick the Bruins you've broken my heart. All men illicit. Odds got a point talked to rich keep rich he knows it's Richard's fault now no none on file he knows this better than most. Today is. February 14 happy Valentine's Day to you thank you and as soon as well this the way Phillips reports are now Bert completely yeah it. They outs you all about the Bruins and how they're going to be fairly accurate periods for your birthday tomorrow you'll have a different regulator in the show be patient my friend being patient you got. Really all fired up about the Celtics also manipulate. You have not been as strong in the fact that they can beat the warriors in the series. We're a company matchup well with him it's a good matchup for the warriors. See that that really is semantics now. I yeah I can't Italian and a seven game series and articulate Austin. I'm in Boston. The car I don't I department will be right that's right right garments that have confidence that topic buffet that and how they've now let's get a vehicle or it's Edward you. The goal skull and gave Aries you're picking the Celtics because they're now beating Cleveland and Toronto eight. Homer well get a beating Cleveland Toronto and gold stay at the you have to you know and yes I do yes I work for NASA they have the Bruins games that explains me why it all works for NBC sports Boston. Yeah on the water that has been bought yours yeah Portland I'll that's the only god why they have to play. It it's not gonna work at their Matsui and aren't gonna play at the plate run total and and thankfully they do I must because of the once he or like one of those teams loses. And believe pointless post seems Lewis is too old or not Cleveland since they make are traits they got. Jordan Clark even Iran and great they were gonna lose to anybody other than Boston or Toronto they sold abroad. That that's not a guarantee of. You were just talking a second dog like the best player you're talking about Sydney Crosby that each yet ruled that there billion there and I got the rules of the first round it would he's now not now have our. The birdie on every now. May our sector. The second round. That by the Celtics have been the Q3 Q that's into the second round match of the consultants will take take over the number one seed again not because they're right. Like what a game and a half out right now voted by the other shopping about the way it's all right I don't what that there are probably well. Bounced back they've they've hit a rut there for your 2018 champs are the Celtics and it's great he just talked myself in this I have hopefully I want to thank god has backed into the corner about tonight. We start off I don't take certain now say yes the Celtics. How we go from what should the Bruins trade for Rick Nash to the Celtics are gonna win the entire thing back up and edited let us. Excuse that well let's let's back up in number one I think let's let's be reasonable here can we please be reasonable. We eat we can you guys I don't start with you got so unrealistic of the original what do you have when a look at these like it's not yet please. Without even the I refuse to look at the stance. On that the united you know laughter I don't. Right now I would bet he'd ever you know the stats are gonna tell the difference the world and they're gonna again or better yet they got through you know what does that thought. And I got to look at Al Horford stats vs dream on green like god I hope they will turn out in my favor. This internal that's true in terms of looking at a basketball player you tell me. It's late I agree I think dream on green before we get the whole warriors Celtics and and the warriors are at a disadvantage against the Celtics and their freedom planned. But for the thought that you tell me. It's a big dream on is a superior player. Al Horford really. Yes he's better at what is it you haven't pictured on anything I don't look at the numbers. Okay yeah let it go we go out and urged. Out her Mora says it more steals. Defensive player of the year last year are you can guard. They haven't given up New Orleans this long time ago word yet this year long time ago award yet way back in seventy he's averaging less points spotlight to. And everywhere all I would rather have him agree and he guard more position woods is you're looking at the numbers for an eye after a greener what's his frugal person. Among greens that senators 44 point six blog Al Horford. 50%. Since the nerve to different corporate person is that in a long ball 43%. Horford was heard 30% bird per month 30% is not taken place and while that's the raw driving them back if I exactly make them lose games and now everybody honest I'm a little surprised frankly. It is not a bigger disparity in points for the quarters. But I did not trigger more pressure well let me break on eleven what we don't well I. That's another but neither guy is eight when he points courts but guess what another reportedly stripped of their fourth option off what I want to. Purdue is okay that's not that's never it's that they're never in the game plan for Horford would have called on the fourth option. And Horford the third option. On that under certain rights for unity elections coral but more. And he doesn't that's fine but that that shouldn't be what what. Is the difference it's Minnesota it's on the court. I think they work for green have different but I don't there are so many things that were happening in that conversation went to kind of isolate them or too little break now it best player on the right out of Atlanta series. To go interpreter segments where. Come line muscle Tucker yes they're best player Harry Carey for best player Thompson is it. I'm like you know Jamie Oliver I. Yeah. God or god what about I know now they are three dollar or best players that are subject they'll have that against every mostly out. But it is the entirety of the roster and the Celtics. Have the personnel. To deal with what the warriors through thick the warriors well they do they have Brad Stevens they've always well they are all we definitely got it right they don't belong on the floor. And they didn't have had little man that's because we have Aaron being sent through their ballot and in a lot of it was red Munro counters it Munro and down the Munro well I think Monroe they got to figure out if I didn't like it and they got a good good agitated than a lot of good yeah I got it. The crazy thing is if they play the warriors that's not really a Monroe kind of game probably not it's likely plan. Like they did on Sunday that should've been more from a rope game they got to figure I think Brad Stevens it's on him I'll put this on Stevens. He's got a Figaro figure out a way to incorporate Merom are growing and Gary Walters can use. And they're not using them correctly yeah. But if they had Gordon hit like a healthy Gordon Hayward that they're really Coca may really got something give another guy averaging 61 I think art that Hayward yet by Iraq and have all star they were I wouldn't think. Eating easier bill recover from that injury issue here and play really well I think we'll be able to score. I hope so. Basket the calls that you guys 6177797937. By the way you go to the dale holly and Keefe. Twitter account there's a little quickie poll that Jason Rossi put up. Which is which team will go further this post season. Bruins or Celtics obviously. I will tell you that 68%. Of you at this moment have voted Britain's director right or skirt 68 that's all. And and in Bruins fans we're here we're here for you thank you. Thank you for just we spent the last half hour discussing whether. Al Horford ram on three guys that are playing the ideal Larry how are you know we are here for what we welcome your right McDonough thoughts as well John McDonough a Kim's New Hampshire make him I need to match. They can have a good guess Arctic. No you right now you know energy to talk rides on awesome. That's a return OK he sounded really now he's Alice dogs can hear guys out there now you're gone and you hit mute on your phone on site and now they're gone. Let's go to some toughs and Katie hear me that. How can hear me now and I think it might deny north Providence at night. I Geithner is all I I called a couple days ago and I'm Adam kind of vote contention that equity Balkans. I specifically criticized Brett Stevens off and you gave. Exact same thing people did. With John Barrow where people point out within its stupid thing he's still all of the team's record great okay could that most of cover. Doing something wrong right. And Mike armor for your call our number defending John Farrelly there we have got them right now I'd ever I remember you calling our member you criticizing Stevens. And I think we agreed and I remember if I'm not mistaken you have like a two part I remember you might watch out now our neighbor our whole conversation. You add two points and Harris and I agree with you for the most part. Just it's really like 20% of what you had to say what were 25% of your comment was 75% or about. The thing is rates they take and its negative example you know forget about I would call about the and horrible and that's what you would be it OJ on browns' second best player on the well let's take it take this for example. If the guy the benefit the most from being good transition team right. Except that's not. Andy you'd rather walk the ball the floor for a long Marcus Morris to then you know have Jalen brown dunk in transition. And on top of that evidently it seemingly fine for it and Bret Stephens mind to have basically runs that would Jalen brown in the week I corner. And the ball stayed at the floor guy's strong side and it never goes the other way. Digital packet to the angle minutes at a time. Without even touching the ball and somehow he still manages to be the second leading score on the ski I don't understand what was trickle. AV because he's better than you're giving him and that this system is better than you're giving it. Don't know if I know that couldn't be accurate with that dale out over the last fifteen games. There at the 26 ranked offense. You're making my mind numb you did this the other day OK but I took us back. Opponents 16. Out there and isn't it Michael go to no stats then here is that we know that's gonna look at the that's what this let's grab that. Have to watch I don't wanna talk about balls that went on about ball because it'll. You know after I thought okay this could pump day all the book all of puck day. There so. You know you say. How what the stats you know there might be somebody who scores more than Bergeron does that make that mean they are better player than Patrice Bergeron. They have more than his 27 goals. I made in some cases but the OPEC most if not now Brad marsh and has more points than Bergeron and it better player than a merger announced. So is great player though the ball great yet there. Are both great players. Are Bergeron is there we said Bergeron is your best player. Now that probably ended march out of it that not glad he's here early two goaltenders. I'm Al count the goaltender and I'll say well then that's different conversation. Not for me isn't all that's okay same answer though Bergeron still about sort of the best player but marsh and how it is predict Bergeron is a legitimate MVP candidate and the city Tuukka Rask is a vezina trophy but not an MVP can't okay. On. Which is currently MVP who it's supposedly zone. It's like saying to raise money winning defensive player in the are sort of like an MVP for defensive player sat back and say hey have you found that sort of analogy works I don't know. Tax and Connecticut hey Jack died on. Ahmed all of that folder right exactly which are holed. It it's probably not your fault and might be it could be but I'm it give you the benefit of the doubt it's not your fault it'll hold on there. Somebody else. Widget all right I don't click OK gotta go do. Tonight I'll give him one more to ask one more shot for camp I'd call that day tea down. They got it done and it better. And I think god they'll pick that might go further than the current they get back their form and I get back Gordon Hayward. I do think the current have a lot of experience in the playoffs and not aren't yet pat and a bag to drop Alley there people in fortieth set up my back. Donnie toward light it up and Andre outlet the outlook you'd be what he's doing it without either backed it but he's out and healthier. Oh yeah easy he's insane but so is so good this year between Mitt they've they've had some guys the Bruins owner the right there with him very. It's so again I don't view there way point behind Tampa Bay and they played two fewer games than Tampa Bay yeah I think rental is better yeah goals against his better. And a look at what the gap why is the company points of a lead the Tampa haven't been really close I don't know a lot of last month relate. 1215 points ahead of yet so there they're playing much better right. So good dale and I just did you or go to correct stuff now none of took around us he's awesome we know that her brother from another mother that's yet to come Michael Rask atomic. Is it birthday February as well thought I I don't know finex a bachelor that if I march. It is in a market tomorrow right here you know right here there's so close so close but we were born the same hospital may be. I don't think on an individual sport and it's got a lot of kids. Finland you know the Ellsworth is definitely and I'm not I don't know yeah I don't know me yeah. It's important. Finish the puck and they don't know it but note the Bruins Alex and educate us on this. How this happened because coming into the season nobody nobody said all the Bruins are one of the best teams. In all of hockey and they made the playoffs last year let's see they can make the playoffs again and have a championship contender. If the kids can grow up they'll be something one day but all of this right now house. One I got healthy they started the season with a bunch of injuries that were missed a bunch of guys and when people are saying what I thought said the Bruins are gonna be good. And I kept saying I don't know yet that the team that we've seen isn't the team wasn't until just after Thanksgiving that they got. Release some semblance of their full roster back the kids are better than anybody expected. That shocked everybody. The Bruins have more points from rookies than any team in the National Hockey League by a pretty wide margin. That's shocked people. The veterans are playing better than expected Zdeno Chara looked rejuvenated. Patrice Bergeron having his best off by offensive season ever took Rask has returned to vezina trophy form at all those things in together. And and they surprise people including me. That they are a better team than I thought they were going to be a thought to be a playoff team but maybe what a rounder to maybe. And now I think they're going to be in the Stanley Cup final. Philip documents. I goodness as I did today announced today that the of this and get excited okay and to show. They've doll will only warm inside and get more now that yeah you know Arnold is not an hour after a lot there's some worn out. Right well. And what's sex led seven. 7797937. Is telephone number it's dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.