DHK - Who the hell does CNN and Fox News think they are calling the Patriots cheaters? Brady or Jordan?

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, January 23rd

Hour 3: News anchors from CNN and Fox News are calling the Patriots cheaters. Keefe and Holley duke it out over dynasties and Michael Jordan, Jordan and Brady, and basketball vs. football. Update on the Charlie McAvoy injury at the end of the hour.


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Yeah yeah yeah to. Our number three dale in Hollywood T Sports Radio WEEI. Before we get back to the call we'll do that year in just moments here and I'd likely to go back to something we said yesterday which is that they. The theme. For this Super Bowl in Minneapolis and we're still twelve days away. But the theme is becoming obvious we saw it yesterday a lot. The greater the patriots are chiefs. That's the thing cheaters they're there they're cheaters that's why they're in the Super Bowl because they cheat. Always she. In fact when I typed in patriots on Twitter last night to witness the first drop down between the comes down as patriots she you know put patriots seat at the patriots and comes patriots heat. So we sought a lot yesterday on the talking head shows on all the networks when we were down two let's stadium we had them on on the monitors all around us and NFL network's talking about it ESPN's talking about it. Here's where you know where it's really going because now. The new loose networks are talking about a boy so let's start with Jake Tapper CNN respected news analyst stuff. Some are right now Callahan and screaming at me he works for CNN he can't be respected newsman but Jake Tapper AC NN is on the bandwagon. Talk about Super Bowl last year south. But it hazard cougars broke the patriots team I mean. This this is the facts as established by investigations there they are cheating team I'm sorry I don't you tell you a dollar for John Berman act. Good luck and I mean the facts speak for themselves but what will let fuhrman's own so what acts that I tapper. Jake Tapper now that's pretty much targeting Indians are responsible disclosure does Jake isn't telling you this as an Eagles fans huge Eagles fan now he and his father were at the NFC championship game. There weekend as guests of the Eagles he was tweeting out pictures that he and his down on the sideline before the game acidic I interviewed Lavar ball. I have known author else that was different that was Chris Cuomo that's so said Jake Tapper CNN. But don't think Fox News is is out of the hunt at Augusta because Martha MacCallum from Fox News ads in. One big ticket agent. Didn't teach it isn't or is already being questioned as some claim that this video. I'm harassing and did you. So that holiday each. Well I think girls that video. Now they got that they got there at the spot shadow Ali on the refereed and Brady looked fair there must be some treats you to sleep on Blake men with sleep. Giving Tom a little chess app by on his way off the field after the game proves that they cheated in the game on Sunday. In cahoots. With clean. Legally literally what it is yet but we just now but there's that she is all done Powell there. And I'm telling you by the time we get to Minneapolis next Monday that's all it is what it is that's what it's going to be nonstop. Can make a supplement reports where all the haters I'm looking nominee haters can we get on one shelf. Let's try all the haters honor let's let's throw we can do let's see what we can come up whether it's going to be a bunch. For equal voters. Marshall falcon well our own. Today offered by our staff. And he may not well around the city good week for Marshall Faulk or Donovan McNabb but I feel it yeah he's the mother has got to be worried about by the way you know more NFL network executives got fired yesterday that part of this ongoing investigation. I was looking at an earlier I apologize for not remembering the name of that and I know I'm I'm just saying as the investigation continues about. The alleged sexual misconduct to the NFL network. Two more behind the scenes executives lost their jobs yesterday and he Evans is still. Has his bench and I he's not he has been fired yet. But he is nowhere to be found. Well he hasn't really let us media that he less NFL media. Media week this year that just yet that the numbers are down. You know Steve Buckley has the column on this today headline relax patriots fans. It's okay to be a villain in sports. And I can see look I think he's going down the right road. And I was at are brought this up before let's say history is not kind to you. It's a history doesn't look at you ten years from now fifteen years from now on tape you know. We overreacted back in 2018 calling them cheap booze hooch you to enrich yours. Now they are great team and it doesn't it doesn't happen. So. Do you mean do you need than nation. The B or your program I certainly don't put you need to just bowed down to you. But it is one thing is to be hated and there's another thing I think to be called a cheater and that's for them to sort of diminish what has been accomplished. It's one thing to just but they got to hate the team that with a passion let's. Say they yet they. Disrespect you big of an issue. But you still have at it what are the things Obama knows comedy is going to be. Our Tom Brady played at least 45 what are they thought six it's 96 was not just his next time but now. How many. I however I had to come out there human and you know we've got way out people are still gonna finalists got nine album. Let's get eight of them you've really admit they're disrespecting you do you care wouldn't eight championships eight super balls. Six out. Now they're cheated they had good ads and the worst area I'm in cahoots with the officials saw a lot. You need that validation from people I don't know if there are dresses like Jackson Hole Wyoming and Council Bluffs, Iowa house like that one. There is a Minnesota have their biggest that if it gets although not yet wasn't giving of the campaign Minnesota bought that rob Parker. That enjoy and it's again Brady is a Lindsay our plans aren't firm without the bodyguards. But he's no longer idiots he gets released CNN fox they're saying well we don't know I and I should point out that I saw that the video that you heard that the cut from the video. Was Martha MacCallum last night she's actually patriots fan she was pointing out. The idiocy of people saying popular ebitda is this is what they're talking about. The fact that both the fact we're trying to point out here is Fox News is talking about. This stuff CNN is talking about this stuff. This isn't just you know it's so that I would also acres some near misses the news organizations are talking about it. This people explain where ago. Who we don't care right now. I know everybody the reason. We we all eggs get so fired up about it is because I think it does say things about your team and it bothers you want to respond. That that tired are you ready and its board but yet to get into better times the level about the flaky and at the end of the whole thing again and it's of the punches or the they spy gear that you have to explain. You know what do you think really happened in my what do you think the advantages are that. But they can costly bring those up and then you can't say they're nothing based on the 21 round picks and taken away and Brady missing four games if they nothing happens that's not true which is why patriots fans wanted to Robert Kraft to fight. Right to the death and I forgot to not give the end not say okay we except via. We didn't know anything that we're gonna take it because as soon as you said you'll take it you told the the everybody outside the five and have states we didn't wreck. Okay at the turn it around as Buckley says. Doctor Steve Buckley points out and you're the villain. Is that something you'd be full blown wrestling your rest and play eight guys and guys up wrestling would you run it we love wrestling loved run another wrestling guy in here she doesn't win. So he got it out of villain is village are village that for wrestling I think I was all right so I built a great and make most money but his buyout without air watch and rob last night yeah I didn't think that's 15 anniversary align your they don't go out. I just flat out lies about what you're not watching it. But I 72 year old man took the stunner last night on unanswered guy ready again after tweet about it so that's I know about it. The people who are watching that last night. Where they think all Americans pay attention to the villain villains can limit all of the good guys here's the difference though. If you're patriots fan you better pitchers in all your life maybe you know twenty years thirty years forty years five years well hello everybody pictures spared. That's your team. Aid you don't get to pick whether they're a hero or villain where's your wrestling fan you can pick whoever the hell you want to be your favorite person. That you like you may be like the bad guy bit you don't at all a lot of little kids like the late John CNET might likely that the whole Hulk Hogan. But that you can choose your pages spent like nope you're like the bill now. OK without a lot of people are okay with a but everybody is. They get there and advocates and going to tiresome some of the arguments together. You don't get and so it OK guys that the other team sheets your year build walked away from that it is obvious dig in the united delta part. You're gonna hear more and more and more of it before you get to Minneapolis you're gonna hear more when you get to Minneapolis. I mean that's going to be a much but one of the story lines quote on quote of next week. Is going to be. The NFL on the rest really wanted to patriots in this game that meant. Pretty clear as an F. Now we we said this yesterday but it bears repeating today we've spent we've sat here watched all the shows watched all the video. Those people who were claiming it wasn't pass interference. What are they smoking and it was clearly passed interfere in other side there's the blame the refs people all time record that's that's another whole group. And if you blame the refs. Amid usually that argument as kids that it does get you kicked out of any I just I guess I. All the routes now unless it's NBA lessons Tim Donnelly NBA was hurt kings fans our they're. But AJ blue hey I understand why he did it because he wanted to take the focus our guys luncheonette digital home all voters of what a bad game yet. About game. Including that play. We don't kill round minute there we are north cousin of the into the game we don't I've focus on the game Jalen. Game realizing lost three in a role I just be constant legs Orlando all of focus focus. Let's get back to the call 6177797. ID 37 Bob's on the cell phone about. I don't guys let's go out on our thank you. And didn't I didn't hear about the rap coming over to Brady if you go back to the beginning of the game when portal first comes out on the field. Ralph or don't reject it and and quite talking about that. Yeah doughnuts every Wednesday when early talked about it yesterday because there's bitty old bat. You know and and it's that it's that classic you can make a photo say anything you want. And the photo that was burning up the Internet was the official who looked like he was yakking it up with the patriots players in the end zone. When all you had to do was wind of it he'll back a little bit. And see he was the official who broke up the dust up between miles Jack and James White. He's trying to get the players separated and and trying to throw flags I think he's trying to do his job. And as they're starting to break up one of the patriots players says some until he starts laughing. And that's what allows snapped the picture lucky yuk it up with the patriots guys. In the American cares about being fair. I don't then they hate your team. And you. And en us they hate us but they hate they hate Bill Belichick they hate Tom Brady they hate the patriots they're sick and tired of us and by the way if I lived outside the five and a half states. I let them. Which are really all doing an all right I would I don't we talk campaign aide I'll let you know since celebrating the Israeli prime Manning. On the item would be all into Augusta until LeBron had hair they would. Right now is that there and front runner in Scottsdale. So I'll Rometty majors these these patriots me it's a little ought to do it over and over. Plotted downtown you know not paying item it you're not patriots fan do you pretty accents. Do you hate excellent you're susceptible are due on an odd yankees duke basketball. Hated hated. LeBron on the ninety LeBron yankees are different because we're relive the leg but do category. I loved ones you don't do a lot of I think about coach K Howard LeBron delighted when he got. Her life that I visited the Ali quickly programs are athletes and sports fans hate LeBron James yes they hate glass that's different yeah competing against the project when you're competing against every team directly at a particularly I. Say if you live in another it let's say if you're and I stayed there many states with no football teams. And there are some football there's something great to have football teams that suck that's true that Ahmad a couple T that are outside of the ANC so it at the Detroit Lions for your in my life span of alliance for Detroit now I'm watching the Super Bowl hate the patriots. My team had a what a chip I should since 1957. What are you. Don't hate them now I wanna beat them you ironic goal you are naive I'll I'll learn it. And how what to do everything that they do all all I've only got like you got Bob Quinn. I don't quit there were victory. He's his association with the patriots might think Matt Patricia is there the development but also the official victory they want to beat him. Cleveland Browns yeah I hate I hate the patriot abilities there's history there's a back story is complicated. But Nevada. Montana. Idaho and spent these teams are no attachment made it for the Broncos I don't know stupid. But if you don't like if you're in the middle of the country there's nobody I don't Tennessee into English well. The Celtics worker in the ninety's so you'd watch the finals every year. It was bulls suns armor for the suns whose poll sonics really the sun unless it's a jazz they hit the jackpot scoring. Let's tiger tiger rod that seems more that's okay individual yeah I totally different and I couldn't even explain to myself one pirate for the I want when you go all the time that was weird. Don't let you sports I don't like the team or even if it's even if they're not beating. My team I don't like the team at their hotel when vote them. I love that allowed just I love dynasties and loved teams it just put it together to build something. Are owed ninety's cowboys get paid daddy's countered for an eight and the Kabul. Cables the united got to weasel cap that's involved with the cowboys. How was that they weren't beat the patriots thought that he'd bring our retirement same guy who told a small persona that the hatred for the patriots was dying down he did he change is now an old guy and when those guys you take. Like one minutes yes yes one minute and it suits my as a why aren't yet that that's happened before he did show today responded he changed it did him did he was tapped as well it was a sad day yeah a bad day it was just misread the market there's a blip and mark on this craft. Did you take the San Antonio Spurs. Yes you're bored of them hate it when they're dangerous to struggle a passion to field a team like isolated like oh I was rooting against them most of the time must airplane LeBron. I'm just amazed by a a a an athlete. I can do it consistently year after year after year starts also means 44. And he's great in their forties so great. That blows my mind you can respect a player. It's still hate the team if you hate the player for example. Don't hate the player hate the game but LeBron and Michael Jordan choose whether or two of the greatest players of all time but it never cheer form I don't like either person I don't like are you like Jordan and Jordan grown up now. Why do they watch. Honor I'd like confront it why they want six. They bolts into the ninety's from the Boston area you were a front runner now appear bulls fan of the not a bulls fan and Jordan for urgent George thing and they're so there's a lot of overlap look at what this guy is doing have a hard you'll like yeah that everybody likes you know you like something it's like does everybody like Beethoven Bach. They like he does great it's got and I did a great literally everybody likes. But it would have its greats. Of the respective respect that you that's great and Jordan was great and once was there that he wasn't. I'm not going up there I thought I Jordan jerseys were doubles is different but to appreciate what he's doing. Just got to put their on this and Karen works at always hated LeBron don't have that hatred to superstores by inviting. But it is saying that that's of the the front runner mentality is like I like to be a witness history. Witness so that's LeBron I gotta you know I'm hung on an observer a Tarver again in the moment yes so. You know why did you not watch. Any you don't have to you don't have to hear about your here on your uncle grandma grandpa tell you about hey what it was like in 19551965. And a tea. Because now what would Michael Jordan you were there with what it can't let your right here I just I love that aspect. So it's not necessarily front running it just can't believe I'm saying that haven't seen it before six myself that would Jordan hadn't seen it I like Jordan before. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's still a Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media. I'm the biggest Michael Jordan and you'll find on the planet but this guy is even more clutched in my can't look at Michael Jordan never Laughlin a five. So you can't make you more look when you've lost two games in a problem is for Michael he was too good for his own good because they never played a single game seventh inning those finals that these are all game 7 o'clock o'clock I go through here great you're begging will allow it to get the bat boy. Nothing got the point that you make would you try to bash LeBron how great my could do what he never went to a game seven. Now to try to clip that you showed Tom Brady have a bad deal you say if you what he should win the games that but to show we'd let you. You can't have it both ways today in speaking of LeBron James and the reason is it being here in east Iron Man Bologna this guy at age forty it. It's it's like east what do you do when he's finished eight at the end of this eighteenth year he played. That level of the LA once out of the Bob Hope but it's still football man and he still gets rock did miles and Jack not. Jacking up yet he got he got hit a couple of times skill but you can't say I've got the player bolt obviously deep into your fifteenth is the equivalent. Don't got laid off pit at AT and eighteen year the quarterback position. I mean I understand the chance always gonna take. The conferees sure. We'll have the time I I'm I'm left on but it was insane are this tough what the problem is they that a quarterback doesn't play defense now the dodger dugout staying on the same. It's suited up Soledad sailors and subject. So skip is trying to save them. Playoff playoff games are like game sevens in every what all of every one is like a game seven now there's. There's a game seven in the first round and there's game seven of the finals of game seven Tennessee Titans with game 71 round. It. Jacksonville game seven conference finals every game yeah you have got all I want it done so he's our. Look at what he's done with all these one and done and his record now was what 279379. In the plants. So yeah Michael Jordan never went to. And a game seven and it's tough and they had knowledge of basketball player verses. A football players and just completely different sports completely different playoff runs and that. Impact them one basketball player to have a team is much greater than one football player in avenue team. But it it but he's in that conversation out Joseph Montana is a long way back. We should stop talking about Joseph Montana Tech we we pass that that little. Might have a different sense who says he's the greatest post season quarterback it's all of our times over the oyster troubles because he everything else ever divisional Ronnie Norse conference championship you criminals is a player multi why don't you look at the whole postage and right. He it Mott was doing this on Sunday there's three straight years where he was. Out whose first game in the playoffs and and terrible performance but get smoked by the giants and tore up on your picks in just been terrible. But because people don't look back that far they just remember the Super Bowl assemble on the few miserable just like Jordan undefeated in the finals. That's better than Brady is Brady lost in the suitable but they're not taking into account all apologize and everything else right. And it as I said Peter King they used to be you know you can have this Brady or. Peyton Manning conversation one guy's a winner and one guy's like a step monster. Amount to now Brady's a winner and if that became a style and that of the three can model has been destroyed it's been obliterated. We got to have a New Britain now. It's just put it this way Celtics fans we always had this over. A Philly fan. Bill Russell is a winner. Wilt Chamberlain just got points a magic of what Chamberlain had the points and had like eight championships. I did say always who later. Now it over the have given our directly into an argument. Tom Brady wins MVP this year I got a pretty MVPs in the regular season. Outstanding Arafat. As I have about betting a spot. But Tom Brady if he continues to play like he wants it let's say perfect forget about forty. They play two more years. Gonna have more passing yards than Peyton Manning. Rice or taken records away fanning in the what are you left to a place two more years got more touchdown passes and Peyton Manning. He's 51 touchdowns behind Manning now and 33 and a passed ball. Yesterday that the so he has the he has the best of both because when I look at athletes. Yeah you do have to consider numbers and it's a competitive event got a huge ego is theatre we wouldn't. Those skips original argument is pretty more clout than Jordan. As you said is really devote as hard courts in May more than anything else. But resolved more of these disparate there is right there I mean the first six years Jordan was in the league. They didn't win a title. Right team wasn't good enough now I'm not blaming him obviously spent seven years of the first ever get one year he was hurt bond due in play but their resolve those are years where I've got six on the data here signals is that our seventh year went right and I don't want anyone does that so so the first six years he's in the league they don't they don't get to the end -- took the champion Russia couldn't beat Detroit they went three in Iraq. Then he takes his your vacation and it's down with Tito that he comes back and they don't make it again. In in 95 date they don't make the NBA finals and and a half year airplane happier lost Orlando. And then you know they had three the three in a row after that. He's he's great he's been the best basketball player who ever lived in the same way we think Tom bradys the best football player whoever left. Did distance Brady has put between him and everybody else. Is so great I think that's the difference between him and Jordan Jordan's great and it's also what it's not like you know he. Magic Johnson can't see Michael Jordan Larry Bird can't see Michael Jordan. This is gonna come across very pro patriot very pro Brady Oca also more difficult to win a Super Bowl in my mind that an NB chant yes. Right look at how many Moeller has won guns. Yet what about the Dolly that you just just look at the history of the lead. And if a guy winds. To worth three is unbelievable like oh my golly if there's a shortlist Montana Aikman it's it's Bradshaw these guys. If you're in the NBA era good team chances are not only do you win more than one it's Hollywood back to back titles right I'd like to relate back to back in three athletes are out out of the realm of possible. That's the expectation that I almost commonplace like two categories are three categories category of guys who never got great players and everyone okay they're kind of pushed over to the side thanks a lot. Yeah you come to the club and on to the private room. And then there are these great players. Well he only won one let me only here Garnett are the only one when championship. The guys where they're you expect him to have multiple zones are infighting Colby act. Again. And coach we have five Jordan thing you know you're doing this. A united realizing. You're talking about a lot of guys have multiple championships like it's no big deal because it's expected in the NBA to your point yeah. In football a tight back and back six. If you face a quarterback of six. To. We're both the over urges back to back is like the picture for the Los wants to do they could do it again where's in the NBA flip through there there was plenty of ActiveX. That would be like it would also be like Jordy. Patriots won three out of four and the beginning of Tom Brady's career they went three out of four now. Imagine Jordan at age 2425. Winning three championships in four years and then doing it yeah right like 38 to forty. Fifteen years let's hear it. 6177797937. We get right back to the calls we knew coming up next Sports Radio W yes. Inactive an affair you know you're. People love to hear what people live and other people get chances. You know I think this every year is different in every year's elections difference that Rasheed and stiffer and noticed he murdered them and so. You know people like that out and you know it's their prerogative to do what they want. Even Tom Brady gets that I guess I'm the understands that they would like other teams in there. The final thought I'd I'd put on this Michael Jordan comparison is this. Is that Brady has clearly ban. Among the best players in his game for much longer period of time in Jordan once Jordan's first NBA championship came when he was 28. This last one came when he was 35. He won championships at 2829 and thirty and then again at 3334. And 35. And then had a couple of somewhat for forget years after that with Washington threat you know Brady if you feel back to 2001. And now we're in 2018. And he is still not he wasn't the best player in the game in 2001. He was just starting down that path. But I would say 24 year old Jordan was a better player than 24 year old Brady by far. Even though all of yeah when shark idea that Larry right leg but 383940. Year old Tom Brady is much better than Michael Jordan was at those ages. Yeah and also this is where you have to to make the comparison you happen to add a lot of things in you have to use your imagination. And that time travel and all sorts of things just to make this thing lineup. Michael Jordan when he was a rookie was that 84 yes 84 so 84. Magic in the league. Larry easily. Eight in the only averaged 28 point two points a game is a rookie. Yeah 48 point two as a rookie right felt some magic in there very easily. Kareem Abdul Jabbar. So some terrific players in the league so he's competing against those guys and then when he won a championship. Mary was toward the end his first chambers of Larry's winding down but magic. He beat magic in his first championship Isiah have all these guys. It was it would be as if you have Tom Brady to make it a fair comparison. Have Tom Brady be in the same league with. Montana. And relate Peyton Manning which he did but I also breeze and also Rogers whose early on the southern Micah but those guys is. But once he breaks through because those guys to pay matches up I don't think anybody else does. What you'd like to the but at the end of Larry Bird raiders through the end of that data and not firsts. Like the Larry you. And 860 ensure that the only ones. I'm saying once once he broke through. That their mother Betty and ask how dark vision and then you're Brady has now. Our harbors of line what's the pistons scuttled once everything else then you know I think about some of the people we've beaten finals Charles Barkley. I cried Karl Malone. John Stockton. Gary Payton. The Rain Man there's some really. And you know Kevin Duckworth had kept up for a senator Arlen Alan out our great James where the magic job yeah Frederic Larry asked. And I say at Twitter follower points out Tom Brady's because when it racing as hey Jordan never lost when he got the finals rays lost twice when when he got to the Super Bowl. Both Super Bowl losses he had fourth quarter drives that put his team in front right. And then his defense couldn't hold on. In both of those cases. What he could control he did. And and put together fourth quarter drives that scored touchdowns that put his team in front and then the defense couldn't hold. Grabbing his pretty clutch and in even in those games but again that what I don't I don't look at it that way just because of him in the first Super Bowl. He going got to pick sixth you know from from time line and you know and and clutch field goal all those things so. That's just the nature of it Unita Shannon Sharpe is explain how you feel it was one side you know we understand principals I was the argued the quarterback in the NFL today. Even though they only play 50% of the game has just as much impact if not more then a an NBA player right now or in any software. Back to the calls pats on the cellphone attack. You don't. Just go back on the officiating with a major in negotiating and Saturday. I was watching YouTube video that made of the highlights of the into the game. And Bill Belichick come out on the field in Boston read and interpret it either that app you'll have occupations is. That. I don't know anybody that bill targeted mostly ignore it. This is out of the isn't after the yeah. Introductory price of doctors let them sidelined. I invited everybody gonna let up but it was a kid. He bombs and visually dug out all our she. I don't believe that. I don't get on YouTube highlights and the game reignited very good luck becomes a quick bite and are required on the field among likely duck the. I had there there is just no way you take the charities every guy if it it here if your Bill Belichick why would you do that. The game's over you can have to deal with these guys at some point in the future right. As it is gonna retire cleat. It was it was a sigh judge she's acting. Is if he's as Africa. Now I don't think you bumps them. It's sort of little weird because that's a bad Cameron and as a friendly exchange not really now. He says some of the zone I care I don't know what it is I I would bet my anything on that as a few but maybe they'll hit it short like that. That's pressure but I I don't know I would say actors like he wouldn't be real real happy at that point right in. If it makes zero sense under the conditions are under those circumstances were confined to better. Yeah I don't know I don't think it's a few but that's a tough field if I. Find it because I just don't believe that happened Tony's on the cellphone hate Tony I don't. Thank you. I know I want to understand. Front you'll all. Why it's so important that want to play are these so much better than all the other players. Went eight different sports. Circumstances. Different. Brands that are I got the football world watching Joseph plan and a that was manager. And eight. Is there is. Gorgeous and I think your luck records is gorgeous. Beautiful. And so why why don't eat. And. Yeah. I'm Tony Awards states important is just if sports conversation and that's sports fans do doesn't mean anything if you say it's in Montana and Brady are the same guy that you probably would be. Having a drink as we got this animated conversation about. Brady or Montana or or Brady or Jordan as the people say it doesn't matter but sports fans generally get into it there's no right answers to. Competition that's ultimately. A number of techsters said that what happened Diaz the official is saying something like congratulations or nice game and Belichick saying bang Ki. Yes well at. I I don't know the way to go by the way it's a whole lot more sense to me then Molly and we're gonna. That's great that's the one there and I can't read the lift of the of the video of complainer but doesn't it sort of looked like nick is definitely do that they're crossing the official says sound like hey congratulations. Yes and he says thank you. We can definitely be that I put my money on thank you was supposed to bleak view of there was a you know it there now are horrific one word. Of course he said thank you because the patriots are chin urged. And the game was in a bag. The refereed delivered it to loan. What else would got what it why would be so mad that he would say that to an official. In the aftermath of winning an emotional AFC championship game and you're headed for the super ball. All the guy who tweeted out the of the link of the video going to cover shoddy job of the video but. He wrote. Rough congratulations bill Belcher thanks for your health. And these guys. I riches and more we came rich I don't. Let him get this month. Want to chime in on the you'll look a whole cheating. Aspect and I don't really believe that they cheat Kirk say. I think they used the rules to their advantage in a good example is Q do you think there's any other key look at that probably. Practice isn't perfect. The pass interference call. They're question. Every guy should they shifted down. How many times did it happen on. A couple. I mean it it seemed like it happens all the time with them they just throw the ball toward the receiver would never backed out and and they get a call. If you practiced it enough to protect. He should probably take a page out of you know. Other kind of playbook out of pure cheating on patriotism and liberals it to their advantage. Ella in some cases. And I want to shut it yeah I would doubt that that's prodigy. A whole camera thing even though I think it's too but I do think it's cute. Really think it's. If you're gonna allow somebody to be in the press box. Have binoculars. And just focus on old school this is it's a different world now but back in the day that it allows some lives in the press box. Have binoculars and write down everything. Coach is doing. If you analog in the sit there and talking to a tape recorder. And say this is what's happening this is what I see you can play it back to yourself later. Then why would you all video camera to donate at the edit I just I got all the most of it but the fact is if their rule. They said you can't do it patriots did it so yes you technically have to say it's cheating to Los draft picks it's a loss of money yes. I'm heading for the garden Bruins by the New Jersey Devils tonight without Charlie Mack away which is concerning but I'm told. He's everywhere they can carry this properly and that he spent a month with this now being very closely monitored but he's been playing for a month. He just decided you know what let's just go get this taking care of and get it over wisdom. That's what I'm told cell audit by the New Jersey Devils tonight. Hoping to make it. Seventeen straight games with a point. Ruins the Bruins were there and hard to pick against the right now know Taylor Hall for New Jersey. He's out her right now so. So. Tonight are you going. Michael quarters or Brooks Brothers or. Tom Ford. Well naturally it is in the suit bag I I don't look at the brand so I don't know how to make up but now. Your clothes on my door flew right Yuri you all the Mac you know I haven't slugger I have risen it's as well about a half mile from my house where I hope I take my stuff no candidate this other shut down and I I took most of my stuff. That a day or Tubal 40 you got lucky and also and we'll get an email on Friday San Hayward or bankrupt now. We'll try to figure out how to get your stop acting via me another email today from them. She's saying yeah the bankruptcy court's got to decide how we're gonna get your stuff so elusive but he says. I got to a suits and nine shirts sitting in suits and I can't it's about. He's in his word T shirts and my shorts at this who rule this year and I'll have the tag. Is correct. It's trying to figure out how to get him close yeah they did they Obama opened the door yeah I think again either now there is sent out. That's the big thing with them now right Beriault zone and not physically here they've got they've got a problem. So yes I have my stuff Lou doesn't have all his stuff that I you guys have by an hour ago at 6177797. I don't. Resent you say for another minute shall we can't. Even if some god swoops in for another minute political dynamic at it and that's another isn't another. 3035 seconds. So we preview the next hour Michael would have liked to go patriot hater which is always a tried and true thing there are plenty out there like a Ryan Clark there are others or. You wanna hit on your guy LeBron James and you can defend LeBron James is in threat of LeBron James and IT and troubled cruel and our guy doing your got a great defender those guys. Wells. A deal it's like to go. Texas as Texas is nobody cares about hockey dale squirrel you know we'll also have just could you don't care about on an up. Got to get yourself or did you get your mind right and I didn't have had negative yards sorry I just went right there got to work without Billy Jaffe when you are right now I gotta say that yeah it's bad now that I'm an average sale later at 6177797937. Sports Radio W media.