DHK - Was the BPD tweet disgraceful?l Keefe: I want David Price gone

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 1: Dale, Holley & Keefe  kickoff the show discussing David Price’s future in Boston, and how there is no buzz around the Red Sox this season. J.D Martinez could be a good fit in Boston, but would not be a flashy move.The Boston Police Department’s tweet is controversial to many. Experts such as Stephen A. Smith, Maxwell, and more give their opinions.


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Yeah it's. Maybe I just didn't have my headphones turned up I have is that sometimes happens unity or forget things you know always you know have your headphones. Hell was he sane at the beginning of the open and at first. Now. Don't know sometimes you don't know what people are saying sometimes you don't own a bad thing. Children and you don't know what they're saying and maybe that's good. Sometimes I can't tell the. In the middle left yet it was his shoes of a change of policy of talking to go to the active before the other pursuits than we thought. Tomorrow Mercado. The positive gadgets. Can't just lets see already dollar rates aren't gonna be overloaded with that he's available he was talking to all right. I'm not why I bet that's why is that what he sent an overload me with negativity did Anna he should've said. Good start that's what he wants to be right at the stop doesn't matter none of that matters. Oh good acknowledge does not sell don't know what matters or matters funds and David Price whether you like a meteor or not whether he's entitled or not whether Astro is comparable. Or not does not matter. Anywhere in the postseason only question and it last year he he'd out of the bullpen he looked pretty good. But in terms of like I was or at least how he deals with the media. I don't think is gonna factor into his job. Is gonna factor into his performance and what not just the media bit defensive and how great the all that I gratuity than a factor and how he performed a factor in whether he sticks around speaking of wal PC I I'm now convinced he going now. EV thing and get an and I thought that was not the case I'd be the bearer of bad time don't wanna hear me lol wanna I'm sick of the good picture. Sometimes he's really good pitcher yes and on the buyouts and and argue is that he's overpay and 82 words that will tell you exactly why you. Stock last year constantly with nobody is performance got that out of him or it was that's not middle relief that is not what they paid exactly they paid him when he wasn't he wasn't healthy enough to start but that's probably well up front runner at third got oh she wasn't healthy enough to start all of though. One game he wanted to go like four innings he went longer than some of us are for violations started so he may be was healthy enough to start date and believe he was healthy enough to start. But had elbow problems throughout his career hasn't been in the unique elbow an accidental injury prone in his career. And uh oh what whether he whether he gets along well with beat writers unfortunately Andy is not at a factory to if you're covering the team. You want you wanted to be an important part of it but it really is although I don't care he's best friends those guys hates those are a lot of guys in Red Sox history. Will be an awful with the media fans and unexpected ten jets fans are gonna about it either they don't care about it they don't know about it. And it just come sometime you'd like. And like you to either medium underpants I mean and advocates for instance right. How knowledge you win you're really good show every one wreck but it's what you are to have you don't struggle bit and then here also piece of work. You know to the media and Turk Burnett fans have been like that this. What they should get better that's what all guys to do as you go go through and figure out media connections. So. You can be horrible to the globe and herald Providence journal. ESPN. WEEI. Dot com. But NASA. United manmade guy you know that attackers that he had and I cannot yet but Jokester upbeat I think he had them right. Pack. Grammy there's been recognized yeah demolished I imagine those guys you know about it you know listen in like 34 guys have to be nice to everybody else let him act. You know access on the offense behind you you know under five. I'll give you two words why David Price is not opting out of his deal which means you better hope he performed well because you're stuck with a Yu Darvish and in my interview. All a word that trumps that better. He's better than you're not know what my point is that economics. Have shifted in Major League base for your garbage well and eat Yu Darvish got 126 over five years. Little over twenty million a year right. You think you think this guy's an opt out of thirty million a year in and take his chances but he ain't going to 35 or four hours but that's but my point is. He's a much more accomplished right pitchers better let your guard but the numbers are such that for certain guys that he's not gonna get. I mean just take a look at the guys who were were still out there waiting to find a job whose great. Great I don't. All right what I and I want I don't think probably the numbers are are there right now. Four guys who are. Left some questions around him but I do you have the is that right Harper's enemy and physical at the same market you try pitcher and dropped Bryce Harper into this right now. He signed for over 300 million dollars no doubt in my mind. If if Mike Trout you somehow and it does not. Rest might drop three from the angels and say hey he's a free agent right now get tons of money. So I don't think it's just we're shut down everybody and the money has stopped for all great players in baseball if the money's got word. Players who have so moon kind of questions or you just not sure there's superstars they're dead but they're not great. Adding Yu Darvish is very good not great. So did they really good year. Eating to the chances out salary the Syrian model one can be signed for another four years after this. 32 million or 31 in 1932. And two point when he won in points. I just don't think you I don't think he's gonna top that the probably dark but rather how miserably is this year if you said the team's winning and he's good in maybe he does get along with a beat writers who cares for the fans are back on his side it you'll be fine but he does not strike me as a guy. Who enjoys his time here. We've already made well over a hundred million dollars in your career yet another. You're gonna still make money somewhere else next year maybe you don't collect every 1127. Are every as earned them to probably get close to a hundred. How much is your happiness worth what if here in Saint Louis they don't argue you go out there you got a four ERA they're giving a standing ovation every night but who would you prefer that I don't know. The I actually think that that there was some offseason. Pondering on the part of David Price and probably his wife and it certainly is agent. And basically it was David you're not gonna beat this if you opt out. So you better figure out a way to make this work he sounded surprisingly conciliatory as he sat at the picnic table today more than I'm used to hearing David Price down. It all I had to do it over again I might do things differently. And and that sounded like a guy who knows he's here for awhile. Didn't hear what we've got. A look at what's the free agent. You could that influence your. All of it and it's. Workers who live the market going into. Pretty star studded buffet here when they are trimmed it's your decision at all. It's. Opposite. Otherwise. Anybody else it's. I expect. It's when he better do because he tank top and the eyes are not getting our. He's not topping 32 million a year if he goes out and the marketplace as as you just heard Sean again same as Michael alluded to. You've got some big time free agents coming up in the near future. They're all gonna get a lot more money than than David Price is gonna get the marketplace. So he's York's. Yeah judge. And he's hard got to root for and Michael some one on one I'm gonna that's more enemies to athlete. A good pitcher I think you signed up for great you signed up for top three guys the American League and he hasn't been that. But also to see him before he got here are some less than his back and forth with David Ortiz and respect for the some guys. You know some of the media members of what was called nerds or whatever and maybe. Eddie back yeah he's my third largest Medicare solvent I don't know like you guessed it the hard got a written Eric Idle authors the door podcasts are worried that somebody comes off as a nerd if I don't recall I don't know proudly profess outlet out and not out there a different time huge different nerves are Smart dorks who don't like me. But I don't know you. He's always been a hard got to root for they're pretty gets off to that bad start. That is easy for fans to kind of turn on him and then when he's. Chirp about him on Twitter like just would you put that to rest which some of those that he's corny like some of the stuff with him and Astro. You know like I don't like Castro or do I and I loved dogs but to some of the public his his nickname during players beat him with Astros had battles that we can do better than that the way. I would hope it wasn't the only dopey name on the back it was her worst one day is pretty bad the apple as the odds ahead in only one worse than it was a barrel or what Rivera Royal Oak barrel. Hey I can put whatever you are bound manager John might edit my name a woman simply not skip. Farrell manager giant recent events and in on the jokes funny but he goes there the literally the only guy the entire staff. The guys sense as I do a remarkable lack of buzz right now to all our guys huge lack of thought maybe maybe as may be as bereft of buzz is I can remember you know our. It's just I think it's many admitting things working against him a perfect storm of things that some that is some that they can control some that they couldn't. Bruins had a great season Celtics have a great season the reds that the patriots went to a Super Bowl loss. We're talking. What they did nothing dated at a variety of any big cut and managers today and a warning that patriot who talk about on your round. The other team to talk about your round. Bruin that the Red Sox not so much. And they used to be that way into anything in the playoffs. They didn't do anything in the offseason they've moved on from the manager. OK you know it wasn't really a lot to get fine. Yankees got Stanton get a better controversy. Didn't become the controversy that that usually. Follows the Red Sox I think they did something really really foolish. We haven't talked about it. It they allowed the rookie best thing to go to arbitration yeah how did you are you serious. He's there's. On three million dollar and for your best player and you know lost did and you started again hey significant what are you saying what he. Doing that's the dumbest Boston arbitration hearings in the Bruins took ray Bork to arbitrage don't Tucker doing it yeah BO literally never ever anybody never not a guy it's never that you are all no matter how it's how the arbitration hearing comes out you lose. Right because your job is to sit there in the hearing and tell bad play or why he's not worth what he thinks he's worth. And he got antilock unit and make Lott didn't make the case we had you had been no if you want it Hillary is going and yet you know probably. Well if I can't make your case I should. I should add to figure out a way. To come to come to an agreement this guy but he did they play hard ball and well I'm talking right now you can you can say is an overreaction. Keep that is not going to be a long term Boston Red Sox he has knocking wood here three years he will not work he won't he will not be here. And I still won't sign up he will not signing his big contract will not be signed with the Red Sox. Is he's going somewhere else and oldies he scored an urge you want to out. I've known. Mexico and I don't need to literally everywhere everybody's gonna on yeah he's a great player he's only 25. Over every year is. But they still have them because baseball is crazy with the contrary I think you are traced and softly you're. You're on that team for a very long time and so he still had interviewed a sign a long term deal you should get another. What three really good seasons ago or four I think he's he's going to be here for a little while now after that legacy gonna play a single game in his thirties. For the Red Sox video right Michael probably not product it is one easier to get almost one easier at that maximize. These next few years. One thing out you're you're exactly right Michael to criticize the Red Sox for taking bookie that's arbitration but they won't criticize them for. Is not. Bidding against themselves for JD Martinez absolutely bowled by the way I'd like to have on this team. I I agree I heard Lou earlier today saying you know this team so desperately needs home run popped Jed JD Martinez gives them some home run pop they need it. I'm all for bringing him here. But why the hell should they keep upping the ante in what else is going form. What's the other offer Zuma is getting. I wanted to Toobin it's frustrating because obviously with Boras sees as they are getting more so is giving you more. And Boris usually wins usually gets his guy a ton of money but here we are pitchers and catchers are forty. In Fort Myers. Middle of February this guy's still out there. Maybe he just wants to stay in Arizona maybe as you wanna come to Boston it's here to bid against yourself. Absolutely not yet they are Friday take their leader. The CI wanted to they need power to be wrong need power but. Why do you have to throw an extra 25 million dollars into the pot went for Hillary there's no other team pitting says that high. And so for him. For JD Martinez and Boris. That would have been a top position. Is what they want is a couple of teams on the hook. So is that we're we're off the hook this up I'm doing is our final. Are our best and final offer this is it won't prevent that don't. Nothing so that's that's definitely what does that testify or offer. OK as well as now. Whereas now and if you don't wanna do that it will go forward at the bubbles on the council seat would camp with the rest the guys next week or. Simulator as we obviously have a bunch of money and around. We are willing to offer to you and if we don't give it to you give somebody else but not looking bats there's not a bad because we did it add memory I had it over now we got caught on to our extra to remain I was always a minute we lost it we put the spurs so we lost it. You're as good as you were two years ago. They don't animals from the UVP. Yeah those who this year 66. And NDP in a bad year to get back here's six things need to be right in the Italy. I think I think that that's the only thing. Lacking at the moment is in and leading this lack of buzz is that they haven't really done anything. I don't Martinez gives you a lot of bonds. His numbers are great. But thanks Stanton equals applause now you want talk about what does that mean the lineup maybe that that being somewhat similar but you're just talking about excitement for the team. I don't think JD Martinez does the baseball fans are we is fancy basal players certainly know he is but casual fans forgotten it 45 haters are there was they don't know home as well it's. Giancarlo Stanton Orson is a big named he might. He might not give you excitement but he gives you what you need JD Martina says it had Stanton all of our guard down and raising them to be going crazy who would have been gone crazy. The entire offseason. I went to that John Carlson coming home runs you gotta hit. In the American League 657034. Problem but that's the new home run champ big strong guy all of exciting and in the fact that the Yankees got for nothing. And as bad as Johnson stand back I illusion happening all over the place there was collusion happening in that deal. They're Jeter to give wrapped Stanton gave to these gentlemen about yes he did. It's it's obvious National League MVP here. We are wanna add unfairly to get rid of all of their best players yet and that probably that they've always stand and other deals were. As a sort of gave away was able morgue in those photos so. I hear it here you you take long I don't know what to do it disguising marketable of short a lot of good majority marketable carry it out power. He's done okay. It's got a thirty stories and a parity all these things. You take them. Yankee Stadium it's gonna take home runs away from no. There are a lot of home runs here. I it's a let me let me ask a a comparison contrast type of of question David Price his first year with a Red Sox. And I just looking at the numbers to make sure I I didn't route missed remembered this David Price. He threw 230 innings led the American League right struck out touring 27 guys. Excuse me so in a 227 it's it's also led the American League. But he struck at 228 guys. Any went seventeen and nine. Okay. It was zero. Three point 99 is just under network allows a lot cells are so Chris sales first year in Boston leads the league with 214 innings. Our strikes out 308. In a concert hour strike on Iran etc. I got a response start up seventeen and eight. Price was seventeen and nine his first year with Darren. 90 liked his own people wrong runner. Everybody they are let's be honest starts a huge part of that Chris sales started as the best pitcher in baseball. So April may you're looking at like the sky's the best he is the other way on sale made three fewer starts than priced in his first year. Yeah but sales that are so as definite battered aria he ended the horse and I'm like yeah I like it might my point is David Price is considered a failure. Its first year in Boston with. Well he's coming off the ticket prices coming off a year where he played for both Detroit and Toronto. He finished second in the Cy Young that year and was. Lights out you ERA the led the American League in ERA under two and a half the year before. Shows up the next year and is brutal the starts them what happens is your ERA is six or five C even when you're pitching well. It's still at the force for awhile Rainsy just looking at really this is not a guy you paid all this money to dipping of the contract. I think you always factors him in every sport that always factors it's a Chris sales making nothing for how goodies. David Price is making more than any pitcher in baseball more than any pitcher ever in the history of the Red Sox. Sony shows up as a for you array doesn't get a single Cy Young vote. That's brutal and then got a lot of people root against you whereas Chris Sale shows up. Was gonna win this item at the core clover you know went off a rocket at the end of the year and what sells the finish second. I think that I think the idea I think the one run ER a difference is pretty pay although tale to your point I can see I don't think price was a failure is one on sank. While a failure strong failures from wasn't what it took the ball every day he was paid 35 auto lineup and wasn't the guy who was advertised. Right on that and that's in the regular season. But neither guy was as advertised in the post season true. And they're in their first starts of price in his first start against Cleveland just terrible. Assailants first start I against the Astros just absolutely awful. And then he came back in a pretty good in relief until then though it didn't look good in relief in. So David Price at least in his second pro season with the Red Sox. Was reliable. By the would you give David Price. The contract that you gave him and you know that he's gonna start his first stars in thirty years old already. Are you assuming the first two years are the best on the contract and in the last two you can understand it might suck those two but that's the cost of doing business so when you show up. Would the year reelect all hopefully that's the worst one but. Chances are wont because look at any pitcher who makes who has won these hundred plus million dollar deals the last year on their contract is brutal. It was weird are played out too because sailed out to his great start right and ebony was awesome and shut people down and then down the stretch rocky. Yep flip side David Price got off to a rocky start that down the stretch he Kadish better lies in print and look pretty good. But both of madness and this is all about the post season. I really care what they do practice stay healthy in the regular season pitch all right shut it down shut it down in the post season that's how the Red Sox. Have one. Three World Series titles this century somebody has stepped up and been that guy has been that post season ace even if they weren't the regular season and yet. And yet David Price was oh and two with an eight point 38 ERA in the post season last year but he's considered a success. He's he's he's the guy were and I think keep cylinder David Price last year. I mean Chris Sale last Charleston as ever and I'm Chris Sale of one to eight point 38 NRA is bad. And and and yet he's the guy we hold up. I think I think keep you you kind of hit that make twelve million last year that's huge party at a price made thirty million last year so dammit he should pick like a. Our number one and maybe somebody has won where they remember where is our college blame somebody never wants our number that. Doesn't blame anybody it's always his ball if you give them a home run it on him at. David Price. I don't know some parents every there there are certain things that he says. All different kinds of excuses that you'll make a big Chris Sale just beat is an easier guide to to root for and so. You know six innings three runs you can look at that either way you know bit if its price doing that cut off you need a lot better but sailor iconic got to that one out they're needed avid stuff today. But he counted he did what he could they don't make excuses for him more than you. Oh David Price. And we do. Are we make excuses for sale and we we look for reasons to criticize prices seems in this town. Maybe it'll be different this year but somehow I doubt it otherwise the police department has had to issue an apology. For something that they tweet it out we'll talk about that we will talk believe it or not about the Bruins at the possibility of being in the trade market with the the very real. Option in most people's minds of being a Stanley Cup contender. A lot of things that will put on the table as the afternoon goes along 6177797937. As the telephone number text line is 37937. It's dale and Holley with Keith Sports Radio WEEI. On February in the United States is black history. Boston Police Department earlier this week put out 88 tweaked. In honor of Black History Month and it had to do with read our back of the Boston Celtics. And they were pretty roundly criticized for it. And I had that the general gist of the of the criticism was its Black History Month rent our backs not black can we point out who can we celebrate. Black. Athletes the historic figures authors actor whatever it is for our queuing up to celebrate black people during Black History Month. The Boston Police Department took down the tweet apologized for the tweet. I don't think they should than either. Who started it. The criticism booster or the criticism started start at a grassroots level. I don't I don't Tito Jackson will get them through an excellent question I'm not started as just as it was. The replies on the next week as word I think I'll look at part sorters are successful of his head like you know Twitter and senator believe what everybody says her or take our recess on what that you're gonna some long days. I mean I think there are a lot of things to. There are a lot of things consider here. Starting with who was honored during Black History Month. That we can go to. What's the responsibility of the Boston Police Department on social media during Black History Month I what do you what a year. From. The BP. We just talk about black police officers. We talk about things in this city. We talk about some of the episode is shameful episodes and BP. We talk about people in the department who only talk about police officers. Black police officers and how far they've come I got to mention yesterday Willie gross we're gross and number two in the department he's number two behind. Our commissioner Evans. He's a first black us superintendent chief. And BP. He is walking talking living black history. Hamas and tweets about him or does everybody my. Then maybe they'll do it I mean does that I got right thirteen but about what what do we have. That's that that's my question is that I. And as Twitter account I kind of I want is not even excitement criticism with the question all right I would say it's a Twitter account of what they normally tweet about late. Waited they don't have to do if they were right on public and I'm like I can't wait to see what Boston Police tweets out today about Black History Month. Do I think it's an within reason but I think if they wanna have a tweet about Bill Russell great they wanna more about Robert did right right exactly what Europe. I wonder it. And I don't I don't know this day and we we get we that we have to if figure this thing out because they have already. Deleted the tweet correct if stated that the latest week. And went on what we're sure Evans by the way put out a statement today yesterday on Twitter he said. On behalf of the Boston Police Department I offer my sincerest apologies for last night social media post on black on Black History Month. The tweet was insensitive and does not reflect the values of the Boston Police Department and quell. Well we went out at Aruba between it was insensitive to some people. It was and as sensitive to some Agassi after knowledge separate. You know I I don't know this to be true but I wondered and this is that this article here is cynical me. When they waited about Bill Russell. That was February 11 there they're tweet about Bill Russell as a REIT week. While in the first and I think February 11 with a couple of days ago what's the first one on February 3. Down on on the eleventh they tweeted out a picture of Bill Russell shaking hands with the Boston Police all right sir. And it's that we pay tribute to Bill Russell one of the greatest Celtics of all time in first African American head coach in the history of the NBA when he was named the Celtics coach November 15 1966. Article appeared in February 3 evidence in potentially so public archer every third roughly Bill Russell and I believe Bill Russell has a February birthday. As of February to suggest adding it was yesterday was yesterday in laws yet as his birthday. Are so. That Bill Russell reed and every believe it or not everybody doesn't know. Trust me everybody does know the Celtics were the first team to have an all black starting five everybody does know the Bill Russell. Was superb first black coach and NBA. Heard I don't know that the Celtics had the first black player in NBA and it wasn't Bill Russell. So. That to make the argument of I these are stories that are known even at the stories are no home. The stories should be repeated no story should be repeated. Thank you your own family history we get together on Thanksgiving. There are other thing grandma grandpa tell the same story. Or you did this when you were seven years that I created a thing here we go here we go but that's all right its power and its powerful. I don't have a problem that but my my problem is the cynical part of the problem is I would bet there was less response. To Bill Russell. And that tweet then there was this one. Me and our response to the controversy then to the. All right all right well most people start talking about the Red Auerbach sweep they sent us the first person they've they've imposed an honor and a I don't know what's wrong here here's what they that tweaked that they deleted it was a picture of the hour back statue actually wearing the Boston Police Department path there. And and it said quote. In honor of Black History Month. We pay tribute to Celtics legend red our back for being the first NBA coach to draft a black player in 1950. Field and all African Americans starting five in 1964. And hire the league's first African American head coach Bill Russell in 1966. On well. So is that not a part of black history that's a part of black history but. Read our active. They took it down within an hour of posting here. And show. And I know I think guys and I'm bumping on the spot here but let's let's roll it owns finals played out. So let's hear. Tito Jackson was on nine K and C today. And he let's let's play the red are back. Clip clip number ten Tito Jackson talked about read our about. Okay. An opportunist I I actually think it's IK in seed number four is is the normal looking for you thinking they had done you know Chuck Cooper in. Only did Bill Russell and then maybe a few others that that would have been appropriate it's not in an inappropriate in and of itself as your. Your point. Or what the issue is again order from Boston I am a muscle determine emotional return to their latter part sort repaired and when it comes down to it. We really have to do it now is that are believed this to restore. It's great may have main route back. On this one that is commonplace and in Arkansas. Aren't there are many people stories have not been told it many struggles. That full that's full I'd have not actually understood. An and there's always there's many folks that are still happening in the city of Austin. And so we have an opportunity. In our time to acknowledge some of those faults once we've exhausted that but I that we can have another conversation. Art as Tito Jackson ran for mayor against Marty wants Marty Walsh also. Condemned the tweet yesterday. A guy I think we should be having conversations about it conversations not an and I don't think Twitter did this just me I don't think Twitter is for conversations. For the most part. It is it's hard to do it. In the at 14280. It's hard to do it not just for the time constraints but because of you know you don't know the odd tone. All the time. Where people are coming from you don't know the agenda all that stuff so I'm adding Twitter app working OK here's announced. Whole whole host telling stories was charged with on the stories all of us. Tito Jackson tells stories Michael Holley told stories. Are 977 last year to the whole thing on black history we don't know. Do we have to look to the Boston Police Department they're just literally how effective are also I don't know how many followers do they have. A half a million. Slot though about current showed Arizona I had I got to let you can't really I mean I think people. C'mon late this isn't where you turned to look I I wanna learn about Black History Month will be followed the Boston Police Department and they're gonna tell me everything I need to know about it or to all of us. All of us tell the stories stories that are unknown stories that are known steroids to people who were there. What I would love to oh sure sure no Bill Russell with the first black coach in NBA history but I love talking to anybody who. Who was fair. And could tell me the atmosphere. As he sat Sanders sometimes. I see them now grandma. Tommy hinds and tell me what it was like it's not what it was like to travel what was he like. In this situation. What how to putted up fans respond to him. I wanna know that stuff even though you know the general storage some. Give me some new wants is some nuts and bolts were hungry for information even for things that we think we already know. I can't believe we we got to this point with the story and is it something deeper. It's something deeper is it is that as their lack of trust he beat the Boston Police Department is putting this out. Because. They are uncut is yours or some psychological discomfort with thing. From BP. I did without your brother got a raising black people. If you're worried about Twitter responses that some largely if you were in a column Michael and you just look at the comments today and this is vitally need I know eight my job when he doesn't write economy but don't comets like this must do what everybody feels as though everybody else is I don't think so and so you're looking at this and you go through. And people who don't understand get paid and even read the tweaked. They like the tweet in their time already are back saying what he did but drafting and fielding an all black starting lineup in hiring bill Russell's head coach. That's all there to meet that would all be apart of black history. But I think a lot of cynical people in and where trolls everybody else they would deceit. Hash tag Black History Month in a statue of a white guy and as they all got a pretty did not end and they would see Boston. This is how many of the responses or even a little Boston brilliant you don't know anybody could figure out the location on some of the people but. They might just been responding because like oh my god here's classic Boston trying to shoehorn in a white guy in the Black History Month even though I would say he wasn't import. Figure a black history and it can we get I can't see number six KC number six. Could you realize Tito I assume that it's kind of a when you say only in Boston that's kind of thing racially charged. Way of wording it in and of itself when you agreed to say only bought you know thinks this could happen anywhere else. Won't mean we're not a well if they honored just you know they honored Don Haskins and El Paso would you find it to be or not what Branch Rickey. There that issue has been. When it comes to wheat we have storied history art and Austin are round on. We look pretty late. I took game when it comes to a certain schools and and a white. How the development from like in the city of law and how we get we can't go around musicians. Well we've got a goal from. You know the issues that you guards are what Christian four here on on your station. I guards we gotta talk about these machines could understand we don't live in a world where you only allscripts. These issues are we work every and so won't we won't we you know something that's racially disparaging or. What we do something there are conducting misses the mark east Bannister has told bill that's a reflection of city. I grew part of it part yeah. Late on desegregation. And having to go through it that's anything. But as he also said that is everybody to say yet in a Boston was not late. Compared to the rest of the country and it's unfortunate Ella all off everybody should be ashamed. Everybody should we Donald Robertson for 1954. But people in Pollock. Frankly noted they they were using states' rights and saying we don't have to do their do everything they could. Not to have. Kids of different races go to school together so to happen in Boston and a very public way and happen all over the country. That's. About it only being in Boston only a loss in Chicago got a with a Red Auerbach equivalent would be but it should let's say Chicago Police Department weeded out in honor of Black History Month. A a white guy and a statue of white guy or old white guy that had something to do a positive for Black History Month but. Would there be the same kind of backlash there would they be forced to take it down and issue an apology thing. I was trying to think of like who they'll be carried out and we got our our elements I don't know but probably probably read our company well I know that I mean there is no. It's what Callahan was talking about if if the Los Angeles police department put up a Branch Rickey tweaked. In celebration of Black History Month for. You know being the first to break the color barrier in bringing. Jackie Robinson into Major League Baseball would they then beat with a backlash be such that they be forced to pull it down in LA. I don't think so. LAPD. And David did okay today that they I don't know they want out of it. But but that's why I keep saying a public keep going back to the source. BP. And there was there was resistance and there was there was a mockery of what they were trying to do. And it is it mockery because you don't think. You don't think they're doing the right thing you don't think they're capable of doing the right thing what what is that or is it just thing is just racial dynamics. They talk about black people. I don't care. If there are white people who were a part of some the most important. Events in in American history well we'll we'll talk about them on March. It. I think yeah yeah it's all about not now I got it figured out JJD and it. Where what we have been died February 1 I'm sorry. You can't talk about it. I'm so let's global we'll get the calls that you guys and the other sanity wanna play one of the couple blow when we come back Cedric Maxwell appeared last night on now. The early edition on NBC sports Boston wanna hear his take is well 6177797937. Its telephone number we'll get to your calls in just couple minutes Daylon holly with Keefe. Sports Radio WEEI. Social media is saying Boston and they still won't get it. Way to go guys is really miss that missed out on this and again it really didn't come down hard so much Soledad between. And that we think we should be there should not be the case. The people that you you know factor you pretty you'd be years. How collectors got into him here and who want to warm front runner that. And that's important or news. It's true let me today. That is there. A front Burton channel four speaking to Cedric Maxwell. Max was just mocked on mercifully by. Paul peered over the weekend in my opinion took way too many. Slings and arrows he did he got him a few times pretty goes on after party at all in good natured fun. The last night I didn't see it but but Max was on early edition I'll get home in time to see it. By the time we get off the year here it's kind of tough for me get home in time for that so Cedric Maxwell was on. Mon early edition on NBC sports Boston and Cedric Maxwell talked about the Boston Police Department tweaked how do you feel about this. About red. Originally being honored by the Boston Eddie and I had a rust I have no problem affects are going to be and me I'm not looking at first base second they would ever. Is this a cause this is not it's not black people's month is call Black History Month. And the history of the league was moved because of grip are back. I don't even his failed while we get to the point where we are we're so politically correct that we go back here we. Take down which we which celebrates. His accomplishments. In Brussels accomplishments. Of what they. Make it gathered for all these people we tell me is the first black that you know how many people don't know that. Don't know those facts that ball sits up and said the first black head coach Ed first black player that the first stormed out of blacks. I just it defies logic to me that we had this day and time I know we've got to be tribal. Because of may be what the president is doing right now and everybody has their own little place there stay in the it. But you do not have to be. The lack. To be celebrated during Black History Month is the consummate a portion. Next I'd I don't think the issue is celebrating radar back because everything you said was true. I do divided interest being net the first person they tweet about during Black History Month happens to be a white guy and so B model rather it was the first. No I don't worry third every tweet tweeting about Bill Russell. The second well was our back that they hold that lead headed for some reason re tweeting again a ball Russell would have been in that case I don't I don't have a problem with it. It. Don't avoid -- second voice was Kyle writes nice that your voice Argyle isn't little third voice move while Israel if that's the kind of very very first voice was your thing we're setting up Cedric Maxwell so they're tigers' Max. I'm actually excellence and thought max's respond with intelligent well thought out aren't they count paper is also there now we'll listen to Stephen basement. That's not a began this is I'm sure measured. If they. We but wasn't of these departments disgraceful I can appreciate what radar badminton game of basketball I appreciate opportunities he gave a lot African Americans but. Awful for them to do that. Awful Black History Month. It's an insult to black people and I'd swear make sure that unclear about don't prove to. Q gloomy in these times politically. But wait that comes off whether it was intended or not and let's give them the benefit of the doubt see it wasn't intended that OK but the way it comes off is trolling. The particularly from law enforcement. Particularly in a place with a reputation. Deserved or not like Boston. On Black History Month to show a white coach and talk about the contributions he made it feels like I'm Schwartz who many trolling. I'm more importantly he gives the impression that you had this insatiable appetite. To celebrate someone white as opposed to someone black. Which is what Disco what is one of the reasons while we have such a big divide and I'm nation way to go. It is one of the reasons we have a big divide our nation because. Tweaked brought out those emotions. The tweet. Brought out those emotions. And it was put on the Boston Police Department. Total Holmes also was behind the tweet. I don't know who's ever I don't know who's in our behind their social media account what was that and now they are they directed to do its errors or research staff is that we're gonna have all the I have about all of this doctor and father of a meeting about what to weed out tweets as they have they had during Black History Month of disposed to that Bill Russell I think so I thought I could tell they did one in honor of Paul Pierce but it wasn't necessarily for Black History Month on May celebrated all right outnumbering Larry was good solid there were celebrating its number retirement obvious about it. Got it. Now companies when he days I I am I see attacks that says new all of this that red did for the black community until this week came out. And that was max's point is well that and I don't live there are a lot of people don't know I had that read the first black player had the first. All black starting five that's an first black head coach a lot of people don't understand that. Sorry Max I don't think the Boston Police arms trolling when that I'd Max Kellerman not Cedric Max out at Maxwell I agree with Max Kellerman shocking I I don't agree with. I'm offended by the street they have Boston Police Department February 9. Our chief gross had a wonderful time celebrating hash tag national Pete today and hash tag Black History Month. That's worse to me than rent out. They put pizza day ahead of black history of her. Worth as he's today that's weasels though there aren't taken Iowa down yet. I'm looking through they have. I think the only people they have really and I highlighted and Bill Russell and red are back and now and John Russell and it brought the Bill Russell tweet back. They're not when they got rid of the red car I like to do that on a day you're not right now we know the storm here no doubt they are but just not not about god not about not apply. All of the Boston Police Department Twitter feed and usually it is as you might expect Neil law enforcement matters and you know the roads are closed down in this area because of a water main break and yell things of that nature. Op but. I took it as a sincere attempt to celebrate Black History Month now. I didn't hear all of Tito Jackson this morning but my understanding is he said he he said something along the lines of we already have the shortest month of the year for Black History Month. That's an old joke I yeah I know that I know that this is some of that that's about it is it's an old one that somehow the number of days in the month that is an indication of what we think of the community the sentiment behind me. Calling it like history February agreement. It's for a may be the birth month and I liked it better than it was horrible loss in and out without. Yes yes big Valentine's plans I've bounced transplants yes you go August 3 birthday Robert monthly. That was a birthday gala which I think that what you got to know about it when I think of Michael that they want us I didn't recognize athletic guys and happy birthday to Rossi yeah he was offended. Yeah he's like you know again I think I'm a grown up on it and that had a birthday sentiment it went to Britain. It's February 26 to Monday as unrest and it is two hours. God of accountability that we countered I got it until like hey no problem like Kate no kidding can't a I can gift. Our elderly our buddy LB he is a leap year date. How about that he only gets birthday every four and outward about him to about the fifth that's hurt for what it's like hands if at all and I however the number is I don't know. I I we Hugh Keefe sorry Max Kellerman there was no trolling and all those patrols I saw. Yeah I mean and with Steve today as saying that it's it's an and it illustrates it's an insult to black people some some black people. I could occasionally you're all black and I'm betting that and I think that's what we're we also have to I get into uses a hard has been hard struggle. Free for years. You talk about sensitive issues. And to have disagreement. Among black people. Sometimes it's from the from the perspective of white people have a lot of black people probably can relate to this where you have. If you're talking about something sensitive racial topic. With the white person and white person in America you say well I got a black friend who doesn't have promised that it all so it's not a top. I don't I half Tucker who does not generate currently we can do it that way we are not a team let ripen on the flip side. And that I'm always you know maybe even too careful with this. I'll tell you how I feel about it how much how I feel I don't take that as that's what Michael Holland but the I don't want to think I am speaking war. 12% 13% now 13%. Roughly. Of population. The United States of America. Are people. Opportunity. And I never factored out speak for all of them are yet well I don't know we have 330 million people. Yeah that's about right 3315 you know 13% 350. Not to back and there are yet I. Sat down on everybody but close to feel the same about it. But this Halloween. I wrote this this is how we grow those how to get through it talk about these things that just shot and people hounding. Trying to shame I'll take it down. They did delete the tweet. Do you think there. Yeah. You're a phrase it's tough driving Cory ever though look and work here what one word that. That start to get annoyed with was narrative. An error there it was than there narrative I narrative but here's a phrase I don't hear anymore tone deaf. So to do to tell the truth to that I do think it is yeah get a is. Everybody doesn't. I say without the ball. What else don't bother you today like to speak brother folks I don't think about that as the day after my final offended by something. Everyone everybody and I don't affect everybody is yesterday at this time dale Michael comes at a I don't have people always have a great if I. Then another visit grandma sitting right now but still is that you'll set today I am upset political hot today but I love it. Still love you follow the Boston Police Department when. I don't but maybe I shouldn't eat it he. If you should get their genre for our 21000. Others you know including jail since guy what was that. It was Marconi. And an Emmy winning in India wants them you have an enemy not what I don't and don't remember now Chris Malone did tell me a ninety sevens and one something with a black history bank last. Last year. As an enemy I remember I remember you when and and what was the name me but it is at odds are it wasn't I there was some great feel for Nobel Peace Prize for outlets at that time we are gradually add that one at that time. We just went over. A bunch of a bunch of people who. Our significant history of Boston for Black History Month. We came public. We came up with some stuff was running back analysts read our back and analysts last not dead but he will be on this year so it. What you do that again I could help the Boston Police Department with that if they want. I sure they're listening people doctors. Lawyers. Athletes musicians. Authors radio host TV host authors. Roger and Greta prosecutor Tommy what elements here. You won all of you one quote unquote knocked us by award for you. Got I don't I. Don't I didn't. A vital oil out of that. I am so honored how you witnessed them to win this I'll sound bites deeper view you know I've gone to jail when I'm not one other thing I know and wearing jammies and I don't know what it's alcohol. Half huh. Hey finally you say this is all you get this album award. Congratulate got a hundred. Catalog here and are already out there have been occasions aroma of Michael letting something go the sound but it words 617779793. Sell your garbage on and next thing. Sports Radio W Lee yeah.