DHK - Sergio is a star in the making, plus ESPN's political tweet policy... not exactly consistent

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Tuesday, September 12th

Hour #4 and we delve in to the Jemele Hill tweets about Donald Trump and Michael says ESPN treats people differently based on how much they have invested in them.


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Fourth and final hour Daylon Hollywood heap. Sports Radio WE yet so what we learned today in our time together boys and girls here's a couple of things that we've learned. Once we find that. John Farrell gets the blame for anything bad that happens to the Red Sox who gets no credit if anything goes well for the Red Sox I think that's I think that's fair we learned that today like sort of resist this they have added an idea articulated detonated yesterday and I don't think anybody disagrees. Not well apparently not been in this town anyway are we learned that up Sergio dip. Might not get the opportunity on the on the mother ship to to ply his trade again after last night's sideline reporting stand. And I will say that's entertaining he was great and you'll credibly oh come on help in bury little hard on how hard did all this up. It's on the you don't wanna see more Sergio dipped last much manure all it only it's only if you thought it was going to be I'd I had no desire to seem bloody error second time in make a fool you embarrass yourself bears didn't wanna see him while living a quality honestly if he would come back out it's at they've brought him out a second time yes which they decided not to they didn't do the basics though so if if they have. And the second appearance had been like the first you'll want to see if bird yes yes or fourth yes probably yes I had far more and I am happy and and being dancers doesn't say good bye to Michael I don't. Wanna see. Your average sideline reporter it's a bit of a snooze I've I don't I don't wanna see that and I don't. Plus it's a star player. And can this is this really gonna sound mean but what are are you guys would be an astronaut look at the feature I don't know that they'll be mean let's be let's be real partner now us. If it's taking the patriots out of it. If the saints and vikings are playing like they did last night. And he special teams guy. Is out of the game. I don't need an update on how he's doing now. Now the what if you have a former special to her like Steve after giving you the update on the specialty care know about that I don't what he thought no that's going on. I'll most teams dirt guys that 35 to 53. Well I don't care who oh I don't I don't look at all as here and guys if I can't do they not Lee. I mean I please. I was won't let you know that Joseph just the guy. It's brain guy he's brain isn't CL. Question. We'll return guys now this is the same guys don't. Whoo there I've said in the past the on the middle and bottom of the roster is very important our work very hard it is important you but he don't care not for the dog yeah. I don't what the update on ER BI don't I don't want an update about team building. I don't look at a team building and an optional all been building their government got a I know now. I think the long view so Matthews later I don't like guest on the program what story boards I don't want to build a story sports blogger way to show the completed film. The guy goes down on punt. And then a couple minutes later they go to the field and we find out that may be twisted his ankle bit the world saying you don't care player number 38 for the north saints don't don't care now did you. Let's update one could have factored maybe year I don't know there's a big deal so I don't have an advantage it kind of fantasy team why did I don't ever ever family okay. Yeah I don't want sideline reporters at all not like sideline reporter while ago I thought I'm reporting for sure if. They eye candy he's Ayers they don't say I can honestly Sergio dip Liza can't leave my very handsome guy get that they thought I can't answer you with his answer is very attractive young men yes yeah it was great president as he looked by the way. Isa on the on the is that I based money ninety looks well it goes yard grow up. A lot of sizzle on Sergio lost Sergio and they never went Toomer again I would love to know. What happened there that I doubt very threw back to them was Ernie. Pace Sergio. Good stuff watch Pakistan vote go home. Or race or I don't know that what they say see I didn't eat like they were brought the pre Indians and they probably said that I've never been a sideline reporter put on shows like. Everett at you with my guess where it gets you right before take off. Bridget you midway through the first quarter ready to you have the star of the site and I'm sure he has an outline. Of what they're gonna go to you know oh by the way. The player gets hurt we needed a hostile over their get the info and don't relate back that's gas. And he was on once. That's never happened or watch the game was silent reporters on wants. All would be worse if they if they actually said to him after the first. Sergio winner approach back. Would that be worse or let him think he's gone back on just don't tell that he's not gone back to the law like having to be prepared to the village you're going to be on anymore. That's a bit of a blow. But that he kind of relax needs to watch the game from the sideline when they're like hey be ready that's not here's the thing to do it very gallery gathering Intel over there they never go to you again. I jails said I don't want sideline reporters and started you know what I you know what I don't want what's up I don't want. Cookie cutter sideline reporters Saturday as show. Country OK I feel. Yes really a question get a little comic crime and but I. A sorry it's definitely iron. Interesting question it was good for the final week before the dogs out there and cheap. She wanted him to say yeah. Talking about democratic but you know don't have I think she generally thought he was talking over talking of power. It's now an idea you know it's I think he well I I don't it's not yet. She definitely did that's why she clarify are you talking about to recognize you here just kind of accusatory. Tone towards him do you ever kind of crying in her tone. Now there are folks who you know work for a living they'll stay up late. Other folks who you know work for a living get out of get out of work at 5 o'clock. And some of Emerson who Sergio that what's the Sergio dip thing so last night well first off Sergio did the first thought. Our kids in the car it. And I. Tell the kids the column no notice I really thought about it because Germany. Though a last night there are two Monday Night Football games the late game. Was in Denver. And out best moments to the play by play Rex Ryan did the collar on the sideline reporter with Sergio dip. Who I have to admit I'd never heard of until last night of the lot of debuts he works for ESP ND port case. I don't watch ESP ND port taste I haven't seen him before so at what point early on in the evening here at small ones went to the sideline. Went to Sergio dip this is what you heard this. That vote with the if you guys here on the view of love love to watch you. The event goes the from the air. Watch him now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defensive back in the NFL. I mean it's perfect inter resilience of the great ways we've got a lot of them got a lot of attention. That coaches have to sell it there on the black water and I bet I. I don't explode at any so much Sergio is a pleasure to be ahead. So it's a Twitter kind of exploded last. I hired Twitter just sort of went on beyond that there wasn't out of your pockets and not want more of that you know I don't I don't know about it see him embarrass himself against Paris if he came out the second time that would and you know clearly saw you know Lott had a case in their first time. I can understand that everybody would making your Monday Night Football debut look at it sounds good looks good did a good job. If that happened yet no desire to seem to back out there and looks still a little more on the aisle you are more stupid now more I don't. I have to not is stupid stupid I passages that I'm not gonna give you just let the. Rule on the saw a lot of reporter near the news and hears about you guys like boring it's nor are you see this guy's argument about nonsense at all what the hell he's saying. That's honor of the judge oversaw a line and you know just the audits by millionaires and older as liberal programs that is the loud stadium America on result. Doctors what sort of exploded yet that it really exploded and and Sergio kind of caught some grief. And that brought a response from that team and ESP MR I late August I've worked with many people in that sport from all over the globe. Who comment live on the year English is their second language in my respect for them doing that is absolutely un bridled so the Internet. Trolling my colleague Sergio dip last night really ticked me off. Sergio was working the sidelines of our Monday night and a film nightcap in Denver is first report was not as smooth as he wanted you've probably seen it it's all over today and tariff. The trolls with Sergio does not need me to say anything today he said it on the line. The knee. It's represents something there. Probably he said his first report wasn't as smooth as he'd like to be no Bob that was sees her and yeah I thought well. I doubt it check it apparently was his first report where usually they actually wrote and while Charles in the building where little effect on our site whose we shut those guys down. There was no other opportunity. For Sergio to average. It was. Average report from Simon reports how many they get an 8342 lottery now not only two to three great element that I thought that's what -- although I don't hear much from the at least once a quarter -- I don't really I think they are what's at halftime but that you've yet to start at right back coached before the game under state college football they interview the coach is on the little adding a case of the things that are before the game. You have the halftime interview the report what happened there injury worries the average of four guys here that that seems high to me about it anyway. He had won now three had three teams but off five seems way behind me. Ascap and happened she's the sideline reporter for Notre Dame oh yeah exactly it's not edit and if there's an injury in the game they're gonna come around give you an update on the injury suits depends on suck it out they just make over the when they're going over how the broadcast is gonna go how many are insulin scientist guys in your cheek he's actually NFL's I. Stood underneath them on veterans beat them. You mentioned IQ can I can text or image thank you mention of sound brighter. And look at this article I got girls actually hurdles numbers look at the right. That's for. I would never with the broadcasters. Would know you're never around knows me right on the eleventh best runner. And they lay off Sergio your friend captain decides that taxes Arlen Arlen support surgeons. Goodies on T Sergio Marlins all of my all about the surge in that. Need to mention eye candy and I know that's a provocative term for some may benefit the term for I mean anyway added me but I think it's. You don't now so somebody called you like candy I would I open. Easier. You say he's. You mean the iPad is somebody I doubt right now that would be awesome I'm a kind I would love that you know but. Nights nine to midnight and can be I can't be sure ten women can be eye candy most people are using it as a term for women. When there's talking about eye candy but the point is. And reporters income and all shapes and size that's a great appointment and I want them to come in all shapes and I don't want them a look a certain way I went in the sound certainly ought to be blonde. In female that talk and ask them. Don't know and no problems at mass and I don't think a message and other diversified. Changed up a little bit and had. They have a gearan Austin round before Keyaron. His silent reporter yeah at red socks tan and Garrett Austin and had Heidi she's on an end. It is here Jamie. That that happened it's happened ever allowed Saturday. Yeah knowing that I also had Judy Dowell ran. They go way outside the conference and hazel. He's saying yes. But so your overall point on problem or does that make you want you to different how do you care or why not have different sound different but entertainment as president I now needs this strike is done it Tom Caron has done it right. For though. And a great guy. But I think I think the point and I've heard some people alive as we said earlier he put out a video today. On Twitter and which he roared dynasty out at royal. Am I felt that from last night after the video I didn't feel as bad form. But basically. He pointed out that you know he is say out a Mexican American and he was born in Mexico raised in California went to school in California. English is his second language but he's very fluent in a second language it's not like. Like Pedro is amazingly fluent in a second language I think our team. Let's listen to let it check us out here here's. Here's Sergio dip sorry kids Sergio Phil. During his explanation of. It's been. Couple of hours trying to digest which just happens to me. 29 year old Mexican. Guy. It's 9/11. I'm in Denver Colorado. And this is yet felt. Monday Night Football game between. The Broncos and chargers. The biggest. Stage possible. I was setting my elementary school. September 11 2001. Because Mexico. California. Born in. Mexico. Back four and Mexico. But growing up in the American environment. As of in Horry. A minority. Like head coaches. Vance Joseph and I think. So why wanted to do was to show some respect. Making my debut as a minority. On America on national T. The biggest. Stage. Under most heartfelt day. In this great country NATO. Led immigrants. And on some people's perspective. It always wrong. But I truly meant no disrespect. Because. All I wondered do. Let's show some love to this to. Historical. Head coach. Hopefully I don't know lieutenants. And this year. On make the most. It the altitude goto. At mile high there well let me just heard that somewhere. Let me just say this no one's said humans any disrespect you're not a single person said you were disrespecting. Either of the two head coaches he's he lost that there yet you know eating it's kind of tight end at nine Garland 2001. An elementary school. How is that possible with two point nine the that there would have been thirteen thirteen. And Giuliani great. I'm 33 other senior but the talk about. Yes we're Christian tried defended earlier willing Californians are really elevate. California interest only solution and it's during an idol school or college or not. It's your third year third grade stuff. Right okay now are you ready for Ford is going on about being a minority among the football let's I was I was you know here's the guy who's. First time element laughable and any must have looked. He he he he made the moments in big moments is picked to be on Monday Night Football as great as well that's a great huge. And it's fantastic to do that under thirty. None of us here can say that has happened for us so that's that's cool searching and I'll sarcasm that's an ethical achievement. Now it's like people who are young people who are interested in in journalism and whether it's print or broadcast. And our. Making it good for them a reform. But he made the moment bigger than it needed to be number one. I am anyway and advance Joseph I know ESP animated figure not a big deal it's not a big deal now we've seen. Black coaches in the league before missing black coaches meet in the Super Bowl before it happened it happened almost think of what ten years ago. Tony Dungy Lovie Smith RD happen. A two black coaches in the same division immediate future the Marvin Lewis Mike Tomlin. It would everyday. That's why do it very tired tight okay that's not a big deal about my when she's not a rookie. So she has done football games before she has worked for ESPN this is not a 29 year old broadcaster getting her big. We made it bigger than it actually is. My main picture of what you are trying to end an eleven. I broke. It is. There's about this possibility. Because we've been saying ESPN wouldn't put him back edited. About the possibility that he was too much mass to go back. That first volley knew we screwed up its first it. And second ball if he was dumb enough to go on social media. He knew what the reaction wise what he was just a mess and and they and they kept saying we can put him back on look at him. No if you were watching him on social media last night he was eating it. There's all about it tweeting parents do but I thing about it is what it's like being famous and everything that he was eating out. Yeah it's the impression that was more post game now what did those senator knows him during the during the. Yeah. Yeah. Edward don't question. It. I want you don't let Albert Sergio at the judge's home all that knowledge and you like that out too much about Sergio Aaron back to relax there will work relaxed. Oddly ability and we feeds that go well I don't bobbled it saw the effect. Of that is they all relaxed and able. Thanks Bob. He's really suffers colleague. But the minister. He can say that it is that he set a good job he's not only is that a form the one area and secondly why are you is right in language which is what impressed that impressive but it is plucked out of the crowd like a year ago this guy is a broadcaster and they felt like he could do the job. He added beat out about other people to do that job. And given one chance and he's done like. Yeah right. At the age of this historic matchup. There in Denver in the near double header or they're older and Denver might have football artists are game already. First game a year ago with a 1015 a month and when he c'mon now. All right this I played it there and there's your game yet 6177797937. Connors on the cell phone iconic. They got aunt who just got into the Sergio thank Jim or. Com don't you try so apologetic and that was you would respond to ESPN they pull them the you know people there saying that you know because disrespect. He's coaches like we're not gonna act on it though is that respect that maybe. That could respect my makes no sense yeah I went and watching how they. Candidate ESP and so I mean I I I could. And that's why when I was there it but I wouldn't Natalie thought that a certain amount and there's so PC and they. Everything you know so early so oddly you know to to our American head coaches you know they blocked their auditors don't disrespect them on Monday don't Bundy that book. On nothing and he said as bad as bad as his one report was. Nothing was disrespectful. At all. I completely agree but I'm saying are these by the is being talked like that. I got to understand why you be so apologetic. Our lives that Conner at you that or he probably got bombarded with tweets at the ones that he solved may have said that was probably didn't speak to the majority can I incentive those are down to those really the narrative coming out but maybe. Your product can be to scroll through notification in May be a fuel but how disrespectful of medi cal last comment out it was like all really vigorous as it's unfolding. Opt for all of should you look up there's a two minute somber video. How dare you urgent after you talked to Sergio is himself really pentagon. There's gotta gotta have a god for apologies. You know he's got an apology I got out apology guy 6177797937. Sergio will actually play into. A keeper madness that's coming up by about twenty minutes from now. Promise it'll be it'll all be worth at 61777. I seven. 937 Daylon Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI. Fox Sports Radio. BI. I out. I've been texting back and forth now and and she said you know you can mention it if you want. UPS that I've I didn't know you were discussing this I just thought tap tap. Who does sideline reporting for Notre Dame football she said in the Georgia game this past weekend big game obviously. I was on the air and nine times. Plus providing to Ricoh and Doug with information in the commercial breaks that they could use Mike would just say Catherine told us during the break. So she's she said in in in those instances we don't sideline reporter Notre Dame football on NBC. You know she was she would be on a lot more she's an actual face time. Probably four during a game everything else is voice only injury updates sideline trend stories that senator. All I need it was atlas over the lot all I needed from Sergio didn't get it there's nothing in the couple times a quarter killing an eight cards and then depending on injuries or wherever else and it changes the guy wants. Support both moans and Rex Ryan have a digital camera and silently it was funny because Katherine actually said to me she said that. Ports Sergio she can watch the game last night she supports Sergio how many times did he end up being on 22 count. It was pretty easy eight hours now we we did that hour. Tell us I mean I honestly. As entertaining as memorable. There's just so surprising. Is as is so used to a certain rhythm from sideline reporters yeah. And a toll he he jumped out of that rhythm and created a rhythm of the zone it is all right yeah I didn't think oh what a disaster he kept the Baghdad back and I honestly didn't think that. I did not say anything. He didn't swear. In. Like mistakenly let it rip a player or something you aegis throws his cadence all. And then it got really intense there at the end zones where he got things going kicked and I are little repetitive. They're kind of fired up kind of maybe I don't know where volatile. Emotional part of life while I liked it though a lot of life through after the but I don't like that in Al dale. This EG China Indochina tennis to a quarter like I just want to see him screw up again. I think there's a there's our nation and Aaron you want I don't I don't know. Why I enjoy so much and I loved it see I I didn't. Have any desire to see and scroll up I would have loved to see him. Come on a second time. Pull himself together duel that legitimate report it's OK you know what kid had nerves first time on I can't blame them I would too away you'd. Those crazy that south locked into the game after that. And I wasn't really planning on watching the entire game but I did it then what I would change the channel and they come back in if I didn't timing up just right of I don't know that I'd miss them and at that that the look be a winner is no better Twitter nothing American out there. And I was afraid he'll leave the room get a snack than this and I don't wanna miss. If this guy comes on because you know is going to be for thirty seconds and be easy to miss them if there are gonna rely on for very much after that. BA never never saw him again and dare I say we will never see him again. Erica see you again and I can't believe. Now British and that night I know does it does his job is to do you pay for the whole game I hope so they made a mistake. They made a mistake in missing or that way by a lot of buzz solve that game while there was going to be buzz that they've gone back to be more bouts but if they never even used managed just used to you know. Cookie cutter guy then we wouldn't be talking without warning topic in at all. That's our leaders are moved there haven't talked about the game that happened there on the game there's a buzz. There and see the whole idea of you know any pub is good pub I'm not sure that that applies today ESPN had to put out idea a release. In which they exist in the search results back yet and I'll release are so I don't know if they put out early in which they distanced themselves. From Janelle hill. A ride she did tweet she got into a bit of a tweak beat last night and one of the things she tweeted I'm paraphrasing and and haven't for enemy. With the Donald Trump is a white supremacists to paraphrase that you've got that letter was an exact answer and that she added something about you shouldn't be surprised that he surrounds himself with people like that in he got it so this afternoon ESPN put out a release in which they said that now. What Janelle hill wrote does not represent the feelings of ESPN. Odd date and I am yeah I'm paraphrasing what she did was inappropriate and she's been informed. But that's the case. Now when they didn't like what Curt Schilling tweet it out they fired his acts wreck. They blew him out the door. And this is why this is why companies. Should not make up policies. On the fly or even have policies like if you do this then that's what happened to you well you don't know what the circumstance and all of the fame and here in here's the other thing let's just be okay businesses cut away to be yes. This is what it comes down to. They didn't see the value in him they didn't like it may be proud for political reasons. Was chilling probably because of political reasons or they just something about his personality. And they found a break I don't know what it was they didn't like him. They got rid of him. And they try to wrap around policies policy you wanna him to go. Same thing will win we had the rob Parker situation he's not a brother he's a quorum barber of the outright right wit with with rock with garden area hard victory. So on that said. You had rob Parker. Carrie champion. It Stephen A Smith. Has Tippett is here Barack. For all all okay. There's one person on that said they thought was expendable yeah with rob Parker heard pops. Policies that fail if it's not company policy whenever David looking for a reason record so. Up or or it only way to gallery is getting too hot yet or whatever somebody's gotta go we've got to do something. They moved on from rob Parker was easy. They see the value. Or they think they see value in and to know. They don't wanna fire but so. Yes and yourself pointed that just makes you look Brad Bryant is the end because then give a look at that little better policy fifth. I'll dollars and now. An apology ships it shifts depending on what you want and hoot what some bodies contractual status is or what you are what your politics are just be honest about it. So you can't really. You'll find yourself. Looking foolish if we just kind of come out with some blanket policy in this is how we do things. And then it just so happens that one of here one of your employees doesn't employ that you like. And I have a decision to me. Are you are you consistent probably not. But if somebody just let makes you look makes you contradict yourself and you probably do something like. Or somebody that they didn't like you did what rhymes salons and a couple weeks ago. But it it would it and I answered it was a well I like him like they're like -- well you know the raised in a story let's clean up Barak Brian people make mistakes and you know he's he's back on these back in the which again I think I think it's fine. In the bumper okay the company does not think this is an I reporter whereas in the company does not condoned British and distancing ourselves and we have told I had such employees that we're gonna do it we move up. I do have to think though that there there is a political bent to a lot of I do I do honestly think that that if if Gmail hill not that she would go on saying if she said a similar sort of thing about Barack Obama. She name more trouble than she is she took a shot at Donald Trump and I think the political leanings of ESP and is decidedly. To the left. And I think OK you know she probably right so. Due to melt don't you ever do that again wink wink nudge nudge you know you know there is Schilling's case. You know they could fall back on the you know we've told people that they shouldn't do this ought to know hill's done this before by the way. She's got political with her Twitter feed in the past start yeah she's not afraid to do that it's just her political thought. Agrees with the that a higher ups at ESPN so dumbed Trammell I've told you before this is a stern talking to. Soccer you gotta go clean your death got you got to get out here and he had done it before you yes and they had supposedly sets aren't. But I but I just think it and they agree with her political leanings they disagreed killings of. They agree no because I don't know who they. Who are we talking about he's at a higher ups who is it that. Is it her immediate. It's our media all of our third fire but who who can hire and fire. And open to political. Leanings are of that agreement I've actually been named the top seven people there tops six people there the exact urges that one. I'll let but I there Aaron hey I got a little things from ESP undated is a liberal institution. There are feelings like that. Do you know do you know can you say for a fact I know I can't. You say for a fact that the top four people in charge I don't know I don't know it on the or exactly that you know they might have who knows maybe they have. A top supporter. As are number two person I don't know. I think I think it'll where do we really need you be naive to say that politics doesn't factor into a lot of decisions but it's the politics of Republican Democrat and is the politics of who sang it at the company is if Sergio dip says that. I noticed politics of Sergio did says that. On him late we got a video about I don't know he thought he gets fired. If in doubt don't nobody SP and all of that of the video that Sergio put out and out but don't let it pass from my appointment my point is. If depending on where you are in the company so they're the politics of where you stand politically who you vote for and that is the politics of. Who who you are in the company and how does the company perceived view. So if politics is part of it. But not that that's part of the story can be a major part of the story but if not the entirety of it. Just like any any any place of business. Just like year. Depending on who says something you can say things that an intern can't say. You can say things. That producer here today. Thank you dominate you you'll have you'll have more I mean I can't you can't just you can't sit down and you expect that that's a battle. Like I should have done that unless your name is Kirk and and I don't think that's stroke if you hit it it vineyard at twenty years vs being here three years. You know there's just that there's a hierarchy. Whether we want admitted don't be fired little and too when he uninterrupted here. Really are applauding senator updates here. You know at at and then I gotta say. OK see this as. That this album and a prominent. Be unfair. For Marcus. I'm gonna be unfair to him the most talked about without talking to Barack I hear from market that we're not gonna hear from him. An artist against the rest of the guy name and I'm not now not just because replicates gets a break because of what I see in the end there's another markets and Jerry. So this is why can't talk to you. It's like you have ever fight it out but but they've both. Defending ESPN. Other senators are very quietly been so what you heard me say what you in terms of defense as opposed to. Just kind of look at the entire thing to I had at all have to take their common I'd put it but I want it or agility he can't do with it because if that's what you hear me doing. We can't really have a conversation. As you come into the conversation saying oh yeah I'm defending. Depending ESPN I'm depending tweet depending Janelle hill. I'm just telling you that the congress that when it comes to making your decision about who stays and who goes. I have my eyes wide open on this. Sometimes there's a valuable employee. You see something really stupid. And get away with it. And the Arab employees. Who are not valued from the eyes of the company and they say things that are just kind of borderline. And there's no tolerance for what they're saying. That's it ESPN. I think WEEI. That's where you work unless your business for yourself when you're the person saying and doing the stupid things. That's corporate America brought him. Keeper Matt this is coming up next Sergio dip actually let us to this one Elena Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media.