DHK - Sergio Dipp takes America by storm, plus a female announcer makes history

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, September 12th

Hour #1 and we're talking all about that strange ESPN sideline reporter last night, plus how America's first female NFL play-by-play announcer did in her debut.


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Like that keeps them in house. This is one of those days where I just gotta wonder what the hell's going on here doesn't make it Thomas since then I'll be honest. We meet at 1230 today high level meeting they think meeting the whole show with some balls that nobody was here government was there we could sit in the office for. An hour now yes you mean yeah. And then Michael the whole team how healthy that's just shot on our yeah I think I found out for an hour and a half I don't try to bills that don't go don't we have a shell at 2 o'clock or five. I was trying to help out rather. To a five. He looked at me like why you know me and another look at my views and I got a moving start times and its well. Depending on Eliot having hammered over I thought it was the most during trading and I thought they'll talk. I don't ever at doing the show has all red lights. Yeah oh boy I mean let's just right now it's not any prologue here very long time it's great article. That's an all time record though I've never seen that what happened now the whole timetable thing last night when I was wondering why's. What happened first Sergio dip. Or Ted Cruz tweeting out porn in the down love what I like hitting a lot of jail on no sleep mode I think I heard a fact that afflict. Which were do you enjoy more which went to Twitter more I don't know there's they're both great moments one of them was kind of like porn. Yes your own you know do you think about it Sergio do it could be a porn name and it is about making a lot of Herrera that credible like I don't know about race that is that maybe the best porn name wherever he does the Sergio this third. I don't know why I'm so yeah. Eight that he's got flexible and Augusta turnover was time for right don't got the call there at synergies they're out there front. Editor Paul put that aren't a part of our overall death star Sergio demise don't. As it Sergio is the ended up feeling bad for Sergio was the night went on at all among lately aren't and I felt bad for him right in Philly put the video out holy smoke them periodically I. Don't like it. This guy he's 29 years old and very bitter break you know it works for ESPN deport days but now he's on the mother ship. Is it a Monday Night Football yes it's a huge deal Sergio. And yeah it's. The charges have been so few days. Bet both the if you guys here on the view of remote to love just watching. Both men filled the premier. Watson now on the screen. This diversity in the background it's helping him a lot tonight quarterback at Colorado defense the best Indiana. I. I. Love it I love his debut was a little rough but I'm well get help what nerves and I can understand that there and Iran Monday Night Football OK so they'll go to him again he'll be much better so I can't wait hello. But hello Sergio. Says they've gone. I watching red hot at him game ready waiting for maybe that take him to Denver to do that. I promise you somebody and Bristol involved and called the producer on site and said do what I'd let him on the air again we've all pulled them apparently I mean it's like like asks yes sister I darkness in the started shelling started out and that's all screwed up enough about that but I'm so I'm really frustrated because he took on a life in the zone. They just look at its what are. It was everything asserted that people loved him because different. It was terrible great whatever you wanna call but it was entertaining. Never went to him again. That's brutal out there sing your guys sit in Denver you've got your press pass on an agony on the field hello. Does he make a IIIA half jokingly tweeted out a goad or we rooting for an injury. Just so we can get a Sergio to update because that's the cyber force of their four right is its. You know couple times the game but that also following up what happened. Thirty seconds after it's we have that terror wolf for the Broncos went down enough I might here we are going out now every time the play it was over I was waiting for Beth. Moments ago. All right and productive on their well let's go down Sergio that. Never an announcement it is. Defensive back in the. But that Ryder. But I. I had a lot happened on domestic don't do that didn't happen tonight Michael Fenway but I'll fight the odds are nice. They never once again that it they never went to him again. I was late for a coach interview. Going into halftime mostly for something right out of halftime I was waiting for Duncan injured that's his calling card going forward. A time I don't care if I did I do something. Don't be like every other sideline reporter now. Don't bring a little some extra two broke the fourth wall you know or like you look at out here looking at the screen right now during the day that Eric goes on the field at this isn't the year old has zero play right out not didn't pull I don't do that. And abused I felt. Bad form and you know this this is his chance his big debut yeah he kind of screws it up they burial and I think and they have ferret out bad. And it puts out the video. I mean first of all okay. Sergio on the break it to you know once suggested you were disrespecting anyone which is what he said the video I meant no disrespect. Tony Snow that. We just said you choked. You kind of you know missed a little bit there were hoping to see you have a chance to redeem yourself or maybe some will throw open for more of the same pretty scary it's scary moment. I'm Aaron obviously nobody every got an act that's these monitor the public and elected. I that you're 129 get your first opportunity and thought that any kind of usually did have fun when initially he didn't have the could respond there was also little tweet they needed to OG a little piece. And then like a wink face sort of error like ice how to had this guy and get them good pass and don't back. Maybe we'll look back on video I stay wants the rest of the game hard basketball league and hotel oh can't you all packaged up on the next flight out to be at your house fire line reporters doesn't like everyone knows Sergio. Yeah I don't thing you're wrong thing in on look at this grain in there may be a little uncomfortable. How about a conspiracy what it really got. How about this. They had a feeling that Mullen was gonna take the PRI. So let's put somebody on will be a lot worse than Beth now that I I love that conspiracy of the year last night actually at first about Rex Ryan who was awful so between Rex Ryan Sergio detrimental but most amazing that this Greta birth while she was really got you let's go if you get that she she did a very good job she newer stuff she her call was spot on. I I I judge play by play announcers like don't tell me numbers okay. Tell me names and she told you name names and if she was good Rex was terrible Rex laws Sergio was. I don't know is a great vision now the other thing they are. He's not calculated Obama one time I was an awful. Those powerful it was interest it was memorable Hillary are talking about her interest in Rex Ryan. Didn't he feel like one of the guys have filled in for act to a messenger and I Saltalamacchia just moved there late and if you're a football game it's money and it all excited about it. He's like a bad moments most of the game had to do is care color commentator she's caring that he's just like wow look at that. Did you think yeah okay what happened here was this which is not her job right so. This is. They're talking about football in Europe Europe and lifelong football coach welcome you have you have to. Come up with some pretty good game plans against a Bill Belichick share some amid at all but I thought all the winners Philip ballot check. And I say against what will go on Tony Dungy slash. A Jim Caldwell. And the colts QB knocked off some some pretty impressive quarterbacks yes. Give us some of its. So what's it like you know league if facing a good quarterback Oregon offensive what are you looking for what's happening and tell some stories you know what I. I don't think this was which would be it a legitimate take here are you know he's he wants another coaching jobs who's afraid of step on somebody's toes literally that was it. I think he choked to. Just that it differently than Sergio did you know he what is this glib. You know all youngster when he's doing press conferences. Stick him in front of a live microphone and camera and also does like and. But I can yeah it's weird colleagues that he choked because I leave it was shouldn't be that much of a stretch form. You're working in New York yet the New York media around all the time. From a jet with 67 years with the jets. And apostles part of Europe and irony. I've done on the date of about New York City yeah. You've had Mozilla team in New York you've had a lot of like yeah that's true that's true. We have a lot of thoughtful fashion and a lot of people around you and a lot of cameras around you don't want interviews. Tony wrote got his job because he's right with the media to my mind was aren't great yeah let's say Ryan supposedly did Beckett Nvidia. Expenditures that I don't get I don't know I really bizarre wife struggle like that actually took a couple sleeping pills or some the of the elderly and now the he had no energy. These wells felt that on Sergio dip and probably get AV do you feel bad for his body Sergio that's what we're doing and the depth against Carolina did down there Carol and but I don't want. Being but if you're watching that that first game you're watching the saints and the vikings. If you look at them. Did you make that Jamaica low connection OK at the vikings can do this to the saints. And make Sam Bradford looked like Drew Brees. Drew Brees of like Sam Bradford what happens. When the patriots play the same. Powell served for the last but I. TV off. So we didn't get overconfident last night looking at that saints' secondary and they can. Oh my god Sam Bradford does this to them well what the last four years may be the saints defense. Particularly their secondary has been just a joke but they get torched every week by everybody that's right and so that hasn't changed at all that's all I noticed was yesterday. That hasn't changed Sam Bradford could do it but you could throw anybody out there and they would have a good game against the saints check it would look at the game logs from last year or so. This is one where I said before you know wrong struggles in week two heated week one against Eric Berry appeal to more concerned. Cynthia what Tom Brady number doesn't light up the saints. I don't know how you gonna make excuses for brackets are terrible. Did offensively I mean I had a favorite team anyway but we know defensively they're one of the worst monthly. They've had so many. Defensive. Band aids so many. Defensive coordinators or this guy is gonna turn them around a gonna try this approach. I'm shocked if if you look at them the quick they did I know. You know they they decide to hold on to hold on to their draft pick. And and make some. And make some good defensive picks but still not enough they really should have been pursuing Malcolm Butler aggressively. And as a start no probably a lot more is don't have anything and nothing to be afraid of. There was nothing not in their offense is just not very. Like I know they'll probably end up scoring a lot of points in the once they play in the dome and the pitchers have to go to the dome where Drew Brees is a completely different quarterback there. The only guy right now that they lost cooks. And it really replace them with Thomas on the team last year. So who'd they have I mean they have Peterson but that's a different kind of player to breeze to use anybody by his explanation on Twitter about idea. The video that we all saw him glaring in saying something that currently Sean Payton ought to just and we have to run the the ball up their donkey. No there was no beef blacked color coated donkey. Run and their dog run it up there aren't. They call him doc brought out their donkey first of all I don't believe anything he said and he did he wants candidate and that was yes. Now how could Adrian Peterson gold with team that's got Drew Brees. And not understand that they're going to probable for the Iraq. How does he not know that you know I know that you know that everybody knows that the last ten years of saints football and we kind of get the idea of an airliner now all of a sudden he shocked that you know I know we're back in Minnesota and ready once the scene here but in a critic Carrie at a lot. Yeah. Not on your first and guy gather at their sorted problem there. You know I completely strong headed guys you know it is speaking of strong and we had a call yesterday. At a caller who said something for the effect of the reason the ratings which are ratings and have found it's only week one party haven't conversation but I hit his his suggestion was. One of the reasons is we keep hearing you know about some of these bad guys and how football is bad for review and you know how do you hear that. And then go watch football and not have some type of conscience so. You know I mean I'm against panic and onshore and that flies. I don't have fits of conscience when I watch football on CD ago. Maybe I should I don't I'm I'm being honest judgment solid about god yet to you know that properly and are judging job. Yes that wow how that I have got like football I could you not think of CT every time you watch football but I don't. But I've had. I just couldn't shake it before the game. Now they go on around me you know the showing. You know Minnesota and they make it ready for Randy Moss in the tribute to him are showing different people and it showed Adrian Peterson. And he was signing autographs for people. I look at his arms. We yesterday afternoon when a shell gas and ash into the warm up and said I said look at the arms are just an accurate arms of Adrian Peterson. And I'm thinking. This is the same guy. Who use those arms to. Abuse he for a guy at the time for Euro. And I just couldn't I did I just have a hard time getting past with Adrian Peterson. And a lot of guys foes are patriots over their spots that you you might sound of the pats don't you have so we're glad I'm so glad I did and you know. Who knows you know we all have like that. It's counsel that's my thing and maybe it's because you know I'm on the dad and I just can't imagine that but your thing might be something else now we shall we went all last week. Talking about Kansas City and how Kansas City dominated the patriots how great Tyreke was. But nobody McIntyre were killed. Why he was available to the Kansas City Chiefs and is if you don't know that story just briefly Tyreke deals available because. The city's strike a woman. He struck a woman whose girlfriend he's Czech woman whose girlfriend on his girlfriend was pregnant. So. Yes. The caller I may be quickly dismissed them a little too quickly some people. Maybe some people think about the effects of football or think about some of the characters who are or on NFL teams. And it's tough it's tough to just get back into the games without thinking. On my chair for the scout. Well and then again. Concern that also gets into the guys taken in me and that sort of something that we sort of dismiss that it yet not comparing one offensive the other and in their very different but that's held secrets and Peterson did as much worse. Not to some people though went to the three of us it is hot but it it it if you beat a child. How could I L and suggest that about war a lot of the phones people talk about that's his son they'll say this is America others say they'll talk with a disciplined over the last month I think we've just taken enough calls to realize that. They are gonna get a push back from me on that but there'll be plenty of people that are watching football or claim that they're not or affected by it by. Players choosing to kneel or sit during the anthem. And they are not not watching because Peterson there might be some people for that democracy your thing like there's there's there's a group of people that are upset with football all for different reasons. I don't know for your compasses. Who your your moral compass out one thing is illegal. Adrian Peterson. He got the they thought it was illegal. Which it is endangering a child and the other thing is a part of your right as an American citizen. So. I would say it's a it's a big difference but to your point Keefe. No I I agree it's a big club might point out I think that there are there are definitely yeah I look at and say hey that's my thing I know it's your right as a citizen but it's my right you know because think about protocols we took that said if Tom brits look at me they wouldn't want the team it was I don't know if they were doubted they would follow through that but that's what they said at the time mother are some. People for whom that is a a passionate sucked up a point of saying it gets just as much passion as the anti Adrian Peterson in the anti tire retail the anti Greg Hardy people there there's a there's justice and maybe even just as big of a group. Which is which is crazy to me but I I think just based off all the people we've talked to or the last few weeks it seems to be. On justice yours that I am or more. Well we got a chance to see him last night and you know what. He looks old and slow him over the hill the slope they're very slow but you know we said the same thing last week about ground. Or a lot of people did you know that he looks slow and now Chris Hogan couldn't get separation and all these things that we expected change. It week to may be changes for Adrian Peterson and the saints as well I'd be surprised that I'd be surprised the patriots got gash on the ground. A combination of of Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson. But if that happens in the defense it wasn't just a communication issue wasn't just and only this. Lost his technique there on that play in led to led to a big run. If if they get. They get beat up by the New Orleans Saints everybody everybody should be worried and I'm not a government debt of top five defense now. I thought it appears that dot com. I've dug yourself a bit of all of already that I might have a better chance at the Roger Goodell will sit in the stands at Gillette bent them now one that is an irony. We'll know that go on forever that's the beauty but Michael if you never have actually lose professor you just keep said. Since the terms next time he's in and you don't you don't know. We should capital little time limit on but now I. I don't think that there's any chance that could Elkins in the stands and I don't think there's any chance this Patriots defense will be top five defense. All currently currently 28 when he OK got thirty seconds while 32 teams and play aren't so their 28 out of thirty. So that a point nine southerners and also says there are thirty teams played right the only true. The hurricane force the bye week you know in in week one for two teams everybody else place like if your company says it's going on on the on analysts here. Called the colts allowed 46 points and got only one. But it's on them up any time fifteen or did it any more games fifty more opportunities and Jeremy AFC east. Yet AFC east at your job do best quarterback you got to face all year in the AFC east may be Tyrod Taylor whose. Not bad not good. Or or Cutler. Who's not better not. Most of our worst announcement. Alex Smith fourteen escort actually that's that you told me. Dollars accounts from. I was here tournaments are that I had to go to our car better. Peter King will join us at 330 today op Patrick Chung within a player's association meeting yesterday. He'll join us just after 4 o'clock. We'll get to smother stop and get your calls live but later on as well it's gala Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. Folks that felt. Watson now on the green. This diversity. A lot they. Quarterback can follow. I've worked with many people that support. Comments live on the air English is their second language. So yeah Internet trolling on college Sergio did last night really ticked me off. Surgery was working the sidelines on Monday night. My dad in Denver this first report was not as smooth as he wanted you've probably seen it. Better the trolls but Sergio does not need to say anything today he set it on line. Bob your bosses said they didn't let him back on the air right god bombed out your high horse slob your bosses the people who make the decisions ate your network decided now when the impact on him yeah all right they get another chance. So they don't another chance Bob it's not just the big Internet trolls employs your executive patrols lump them by the way I. Are there holes if you yea they can't I want it or Sergio of people they just one or that they just wanted to be able market and what I want to be in more and more Baltimore I don't mean let me ask you if that side. Art that loser flip side best. Who is the best sideline reporter Sergio. I mean other than Sergio did are him I don't I don't know I don't know if there's one word of Doris Doris Burke. And Jeff but how he can't react good final but in my antibody product and it does that question my point is. Most of the time uniting and you're not thinking about and announcing where I'm really looking forward to this report now Doris I do look forward to. Her her interview before it was George you know what you know what was. In the congress they OJ Craig tonight's tiger oh why why Craig Sager is something different it's difficult at least what's what's that. What was going to be wearing and that looks that he would get from other players. Sometimes he coaches aggressive questions they didn't like coma and. But let's be honest it had a good time with them and more jobs the mayor particularly in this business bought. A you can do the game out of five out of debt and I got to disagree with you guys they didn't have a good time with. They wanted to market more. Well I don't know let's be let's be I really enjoyed it wanted to back on ya if you wanted to another trainer what you want to see what was gonna happen back end and don't you wanted to another train devil if I want to see him do well is second hit you wanted to O'Donnell as you do well but I must adherence and you'll never awful but I don't but a -- to you would be somebody is an awful loser John houses are probably some of the post it I mean there's there's always with them like about every day -- means that we all Rex try Hampshire did Beth moans that does it matter. But I. Anyway I'm I feel like it was beat when I saw. It was people around fund that they destroyed it but it was to me was that a good natured way even those same people saw his tweet about your with the apiece aren't in the in the the wink emote Jeep and I got this guy gets it and like you they are kind of inform them I thought. On Twitter that gripping Bob Lee's there does stick up. I don't know how many Twitter followers he had before his national. TV debut I don't know. Right now he's ahead and probably bored since I last checked he's an 130000. I'm guessing he probably had about 5000. Five to ten out of that nobody ever worked for ESP talk a bit but I 151520000. Before last night and now he has and now he's up there yes everybody's talking about Sergio dip. I'm not trying to say that it it's an easy job I would be able to do it I think intuit an amazing job but you're not going to a game looking for is sideline reporter most of time. I 5% of the time. That's not what you're looking for edited it last night you don't need one they never went back to him again we're so it's lawyer Matilda is good sure he's very good her interviews again you know and now you know the top of the players of the game these three guys they lied appeared to quarterback was amazing and I talk about my good stuff. Reports during the game. The patriots are saying this guy's question borderline teams so this is what they do all the time that Wright is our question boys are coming back if anybody who coaches who don't wanna be interviewed. I don't. Tune in to a game with all respect in the south of where I don't. Tune into a game saying I need to hear from the sort of way to lose them. There so but probably shield to foiled last Thursday. Comes back after halftime and says I spoke to go ballot check and he said this in this in this. I spoke to Andy Reid and he declined to comment. I universal we harness around yet he read while talking on a check well that what was that. So did you ever want to finally do something negative a good nugget if a coach or player or Fuzzy coaches willing to talk about it. But. You know. You know the you don't really pay much attention to whom he was he was good for business last night coming hypothetical the public. It's more time do you spend watching that brought the whole simply because you were waiting to see the 100% of them to be something that. You've got the dollar because you wanted to see a train wreck yeah what's by the way us all of us. Are like that but this idea that all we just wanted to get another chance we want him to suck. Well we wanted to come back on kids all kinds of more can't you can't. Give him another chance to shock so another chance to entertain. Yeah who knows what he's gonna say effort that's right he's our these cardboard cut out of Syracuse I think differently and we don't Osce even Nolte is one of those cardboard cut out now he's got he's clearly not god so he he so choked away the moment. I don't know what an idiot what fashion they'll get passion in there they did a lot out of Corey is almost like he's gonna start crying. Who serve up close and yet there was messaging panel was. Held after the fact the message was beaten Anna. The heartland of the video thing I thought he actually lost me as worse than I was Leland bad forum last night until I saw the video this morning it's like stop at just. All the little funk pop and just say you know what. That didn't exactly go the way I planned to say boom goes the dynamite up where everybody is yet and it's on. All he did say that I get another chance I'll make the most of it yet I think it be given another mother ships not gonna give it told I was walking somebody. Some of the fire him now hit back and support case today so the point out I fired him. After last night I just don't think you'll see among ESPN or ESPN two anytime I don't know why c'mon it's one that I'm there if they hit it correspondent play. Shooters shoot keep showed. And I thank you think it among they didn't let him shoot twice that's too bad for you and I think it's like 1230 at night and you can't throw it down there for a quick. Here's the update on is an injured player or here's what I saw nothing. It has some of their players shorthanded last night moans and Rex Ryan I don't know southern part that was really plagued shorthand girl gave ourselves some games we've seen have to sideline reporters. The third American and that's what I did Jay Feely are kicking expert why it took an X. That's diplomatic ticking experts that got replay additional icebergs just they just mail it in on the 92 monitor detects too says an Anna I'll just read it worked for ward. Beth Mullen was awful. You guys are just too scared to tell it like idiots I am okay Gallagher thanks for the text we appreciate you tuning in. I'm not the only person that enough guts to tell it like it really as satisfied how do in this text you'd genius tell me why she was awful. Other than the fact that she's got breast. Well a oh well anyway okay that's so nice that guys issue was that it was a Sheikh. The active issue on shore. That's it. It wasn't an angry well again this is just one person's experience on what are putt. I was late for the angry this deal what does she do it billions worth thing adding get back is Sergio dip took over they had record crime being so bad. Took over everything. The sheik or did the game and that swallows watch I realize chemical I have heard her before that was some of those persons I've. Senator caller hurt her two college games before gas. But she's got she's got a game coming up on CBS and NFL game which I actually find little weird. You've worked lottery ESPN but she's doing a CBS game it's like this awful game it's like Cleveland and Indianapolis or something rat. But she has at least. One more and an ST on and that's the other thing I know there was a lot of attention paid about Marlins last night. And and I trust me I have I have respected dale you you should know this. Play by play people is it something that I wouldn't be able to do I just I just I. Don't have an interest in doing it there's an art to it that I don't have OK fine so they are they're really good all the play by play people have respect for. But it's not I. Just like Osama reporters you don't go into a game let's is Kevin Harlan. Mom or or or Al Michaels or wanted to market there's so many unmarked there's so many play by play guys. That are nondescript. Record just OK there are giving you the play by play you don't even think of them. They have come to me how many how many work for fox how many workforce TBS ESP there are tons and tons of them. And you thought I ought to at least five or six cruise very. Whether it's college Les Paul Collins college football college basketball pro football pro basketball and so many games it if you're not even thinking about it so. It's a bad moments was awful compared to who compared to Harland on everybody's or. But who we compare to. Yeah she's awful compared to compared to what. Yeah she's a she was perfectly fine as a play by play on. Hurt her duties aren't. Well unfortunately she had to assume some of Rex Ryan shiatsu because he went eight ball. But normally that's not her job in order to a couple of times there was Rex Ryan would say something or you just say a word and a follow up and if you go wherever you go why. He had Billick answer which is the perfect one were right how popular are we need all. On racks and racks. Here's my cabinet less annoying sounds a little bit alive was when he referred to there's a play that the Broncos ran he's a guy every team. Runs as they stole from hated patriots like a good thing that dismal little little life committee just. Went back into the jets should've counted and it is a bonus is arrogant line from ocean for the patent hate them how cracks. While now they got me fired in New York it's up like rec it but one can then there was. Look I'm not sure that your entire season can end in week one. But it might be possible. We'll talk about a team that may be just in that position we'll get the calls that you as well at 6177797937. It's Daylon Hollywood Keefe. Sports Radio W media can. Fastballs on the up play by play call last night. When the patriots lost Julian settlement for the season we had some callers and techsters in tweeters to the program who suggested. The patriots chances of winning the Super Bowl just ended. He was that important he's the security blanket for Tom Brady. I don't think any of us agree would that it is a big loss to be sure no doubt about that but they can find a way to work around it. Keep during trending now atop the David Johnson David Johnson out until at least week twelve he may be out for the year. Last year he accounted for 36%. Of the Arizona Cardinals yards 39%. Of their points. And they overcome that or is their season done in week one. They're done they're done never last year they lost week one to the patriots air and they said. Bruce there documentaries like Ariel like that that really can fried or season. So that's software a week one loss the patriots even without Tom Brady is gonna screw up their season you'll lose your best player. The best all around players David Johnson and deals were the numbers about how much he. Impacts the offense also I don't think there are great team anyway brightly there are on the a leveler too below it a true Super Bowl contender so they wounded or they did everything to go right to really be in the mix tonight remove him their skirt. And just like the did you you start out by making Julian Edelman point. If you think that Julian cattlemen leaving the patriots will throw them off course and totally disrupt their offense that point we can't be effective then. The patriots are as good as you thought they were if it Julian at the lawsuit Julie Julie and out of settlement takes away from nineteen you know and makes you. I'll barely a playoff team or eleven and five now in the regular season or twelve Ford then. You know may be the patriots are who you thought they were so I think they are still do that's why I'm going with this top five defense and just to be clear. My top five standards are points as number one it's my most important category coach the most important category is its points allowed for me. Good news and their 28 from the NFL and nine and 28 in points allowed take an actor 29 point nine Indianapolis is thirtieth. Two teams haven't played yet Eric so Eric I'll go with that and because. They're better than what we saw. On Thursday night. And even though Chris Hogan struggled in that game in a frantic cooks Hattig a good game but ground not necessarily. I think it was just a combination of a lot of things going against them. I don't I don't see the patriots after one game being on this team that. Really struggles to find talented players and is going to be a tough go without settlement. I don't see that at all. I'm an offense I think they're gonna deal to be okay if I'm not gonna look after last night I'm feeling cocky about this week yet either opposite they're angered defensively I don't think they're going to be 29 in the league but I also later the top five a part of it also is that is the schedule them this year. That's that's out sneak up on anybody we knew they actually played real quarterbacks this year. Obviously the division games are terribly mention that eluded us about revision nobody they're all terrible but. Everybody in the NFC south has a really good quarterback Kurt good to great quarterback that's an eye on the sliding all of yeah you got Derek Carr and Ben Roethlisberger this year so. I think you're dealing with the some real quarterbacks though. I don't think they're built to hold teams to say thirteen fourteen points as often as you did a year. I would just say I know relatively speaking it's all relative and and nobody's I'm not going back in time hey Bill Belichick you'll be happy about talking about 2004 good writer Tina and I am the or anything like that. Public 2016 last year where they agreed defense. Did you get did you think they're patriots were. I think we saw all season saying they were a lot better than they were getting credit I war because we were using points is as our as art. Barometer and they were great yet on I don't know why it's there are yes that would because I think. For 2016. They were agreed to yet so they are sort of for the year that yeah. Well for America a great defense last year to a team to a defense that won't be a top five and I know he had some yes some odd departures. And so now you guys tell me awhile ago that the departures. Won't miss them and that we'll have to but we have some upgrades that's a cute guys and make it in nineteen you know point you and dale. I like Gilmore more than writing articles you know war is an upgrade of Ryan you know in the back in game one but on game one game when it. Oh lead in now do you think he's an upgrade over Logan Ryan he won't set. On Wednesday. Oh yeah well remembrance at my other you like look at what they and you keep making those snide comment yeah bring it up what is that is Stephon Gilmore better than Logan rimes I'm not right now. So it's organic what applies not right now I. Wouldn't be right. Our who'd you rather have right now Logan running attack they go commuter hub would rise up and and I think I'd I don't wanna Isiah Thomas since than and I guess I do affect you because it's not just is now are not well I'm not gonna bring them obscene it's not just. And it's these sports problem and I get hot if they fit into the scheme fit and everything that he play together also they have more guys that need to sort sorry to play together and in the hour in the scheme here they have some new. New line backers knew outside your defenseman type guys compared to last year that more familiarity but you know he got the Jamie Collins which are there other ones to pull them well they did but also for Michael's. Season. And where they ranked in the season he put one half years county map of the games so he was an open. I just wanna continue to cause you guys like a good job call me like he did obviously appreciate you love you guys. So hubs when he does go back since some things that. Now let's go back to the thought he said that he like I said about our guys and they did yeah. Summit here. Yeah it'll help build that is going to be there are proud I was that day who both said it would be ninety you know I was and to evolve our rock our rock Iraq and I didn't move Americans. Don't. So what I was saying Gilmore reverses longer right come on ride clearly that's that low Gilmore we'll see. Talking about missing Chris well see there's an opt out of latency well they. Said. I don't I don't I don't don't work better are okay here though if Joseph or is with the and I challenged him weak front. If you think Gilmore is better the ride you thought. Tony Healy was an upgrade over Chris Long. And or two ball and so what I convinced about the defense last year until the very end so I thought that they've been a little fluke you I don't know they were they were great that year. But it took us what sixteen weeks to finally be convinced that it so I wouldn't be shocked if they went if they regressed the world even the guys that were here yeah there lets you know you've brought in now doesn't know they had one real lockers. His other upgrade. David yours as a as a proposal now all plays that I saw hunt for the artist and I don't. I did yeah admitted to LP gonna just among what you see why you like to judge and orbit to what you saw. It's a great things from either no apparent pay an open candidate may accomplish it output Harris on the field David Harris is an effort to snaps. Seems you're always out there and it's. It was awful we'll see if McCain and Obama and it was a great palladium it's not a particular snaps the meat and attack you don't give up a touchdown Jesus juice that reserve poured it in what's now the facility that I feel better odds eight days ago what the dale keep logic here all it got very well obviously if you. I go if you say the defense. Upgraded in the offseason and the defense was number one in the league last year. You shouldn't be surprised if I say they're gonna be a top five unit. In 2017. And her colleagues since I think I'm wrong when I said they upgrade and their competition is is not much to speak of the competition last year one team. We kept hearing hearing during the playoff game. Maybe Houston Texans are number one deep into I think they're going on yards there and how are they Dickens yes the number one defense in the league. A bad team. It's gave up more points than they scored but that's the number one defense in the league and then make a lot of sense to me so I don't appoints first I'll go with yards second and I think the patriots are going to be all right defensively I actually think they're gonna be very good. Outstanding texture size bed texture says Gilmore. His colleagues knew Palmer it's you know a lot all you and it's not it's obviously pretty good by the Palmer is written as glad that glad they didn't if I'm. Go back breath then that is great that again in the past is different between the guys that you ever backed out. Way ahead. He's and state. Well yeah. Now tested noted I noted yeah. A lot of coal and it. I don't it's like 77797937. Is telephone number it's Daylon Hollywood Keefe Peter King bottom of the hour Sports Radio WB.