DHK - Ray Allen breaks his silence on his Boston experience; Willie McGinest takes down Ron Parker about Patriots cheating.

Dale & Keefe
Wednesday, February 14th

Hour 3: Dale departed for the Bruins yesterday, and thus had to be filled in on yesterday’s wacky Keefer Madness. Red Sox talk continues as callers chime in. Willie McGinest defends the Patriots’ culture on UNDISPUTED. Ray Allen breaks the silence regarding his absence from Paul Pierce’s jersey retirement ceremon


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Yeah to. Every guy's coming out of the woods the way toward. You know I can never lead to a lovely and regulate dietary and when the parts that I've heard so far back a little troubling I mean I don't hear the whole complete. It was an acoustic story that had to be hopeful that things that. Terry dale. Had once had the people more realistic. Big Three love to have goes all sorts who would really don't delve series goes they're aliens and the loss to Virginia seemed to unseen I believe in ghosts yeah yes. Now you're believing goes even more area doesn't that that we landed on the moon believes an alien yeah worked out just because we have it does mean they had an. Definitely we are with the both. Big time both he could tell she can keep a close don't think that all of thank god Olympic alien guys guys guys both. You know this guy that might have to say aliens. Because it's I was able to describe key he said he parent and she wears a wig on where you live female black hair. Large black guys like pails and I'm Gloria helped pay Celtics got a lot of looks quite human long for sales. I rocking with a hit a multiple of beaten how exciting the you as a farmer so can't you see that picture got away you still Seacrest and Chris. I saw her about 45 months ago in her booty dollar promise that I don't borrow. He fathered a hundred it was music that you follow the hundreds and alien babies. Anything that I think I'm sure he's actually doing the right thing Colin supporting them I only guy you're gonna post office wall he's reckless you know I don't know what we're. A childhood love of god. A hundred kids. Go and re probably doing my Delhi hotel I'd watch that Ozal alien baseball games. Well yes yeah. If it ever your birthday parties are played eight and anything goes other name this kids don't I would say no and Russia elects a lift driver that we had Roslyn jumping all over Antonio Cromartie how about this guy's guy. It Arianna that hundreds of you don't have to remember ever having had a hard commodities are not the driver Dillon driver said he had ninety he couldn't get asked to name to this guy had thousands that is. The problem if you can own and there will be your children snack guy that we we side and we talked and he had no idea and let's you follow the hundreds of alien. Babies. A B aliens by a thing about it he first had sex Manila when he's seventeen he's now 74. You do the math. Yeah back. Fail. Help me and it's the the population of possible. Mates. Small ones I would I would updates scores and no. No. It's not a yes yet that big daddy. I don't know they break it to you earthlings. Why is he the only ice and the only one of the aliens seem to be attracted to he did not have an answer for that they have it was an idea I'd answer for. They have the same earthly powers and they have more of the more alien than. In her kind don't body was quite sure that prohibit bad off as an earthquake maybe he's part alien himself. Maybe they have the best traits. Both are okay that's that is my guess what I think one of the best traits of aliens well the long fingernails apparently. In jail the big all the guys yeah. Big and big she wears on. Yeah I don't know I don't know what's going and meta ever come across an alien that you know if that's well they probably have powers of camouflage or their shape shift that's a great point and that's true. Maybe I have seen him maybe I work with wanted to Baghdad every bit. And I think yes it is good news that German neighbors that well I don't neighbors get hands would rule now. Good ruler he can. Pasture if I think the same thing about me they have reason. I I ain't never leaves the house yeah. Again that he drags into the driveway of rushes through the door address evidence at that. I says on the radio talk Melissa McBride I. I'm a and there I. I know what they thought I could. Or party. We're gonna go to let out funny it was a good what do I don't know that it don't let that go well I don't credited. Yeah. Perry is bothered that you guys like that out there that this guy is out of that was why it was like the third mr. Q that our departments and back. Why you find the five listen on Friday power and goodness. With screeching halt it's yeah solemn regrets on content. I am. Gonna. Rotella alien yeah. Yes intercourse mailing absentee dad and I don't think it happening. She wears a wig on. A big guy if we ought to not to judge a book by its cover no I think it's fairly scathing look like it I only sort of judge this block he did look like a guy who would suggest that he had sex surveillance. Why do you think an alien would Wear a week. I think bush political reasons I. Well. Take a regular. Well I don't know might even more attractive at eight turek legacy. You an alien yeah did you wouldn't interest at an alien I get an alien showed up outside your house you just shut the door back to your business I think so yeah. That's. At the outer item inside I'd be very afraid. You'll still have to Mars attacks or work. It's a mobile edition ever got on the based on guys who made a lot of producer hot body in like old school like ET. He sent Gary when you're little it's very scary okay well it finger in and out so well did you vote it'll it is I thought ET. I'd be if it was like in the shed right in the garage I'm like yeah that is in the closet yeah clause that would be scary outlaws here. You wouldn't freak out I would freak out wrong but I would just let go to Tennessee here ignore it I don't immediately say. Let it go and what's going on a nick. Yeah I don't. You can see in my purse purposes for rappers like. Because he might have been creeped out by. Everything. To the weight creep to a halt right now whether the guy audio really attractive he painted them and some of whom were. It bore route it is news painting new aliens with mr. Right people have different properties did you know. I'll go through life I do this all the time got office I'll take O'Keefe visited keeping this idea and I look at what there's a lot of them out there. Q are you RE a depository. Of weird you know kept in a strange. Stuff yeah. We just keep shoveling it over to keep a dentist and I think it's a 2%. I think that's as a good story to tell. You not did you learn something I learned something that I learned a lot. For gas work the way it's good point too if I remember right. Didn't ET wearily at some point yes I think this guys just got CP he's got reality and movies all. Convoluted I think so too because movies they it is a very good move on some dozen missiles scary. Is carried out it would scare me and it's it's nice is a movie but it happens to you if you just. Doorbell rings you go there and there's ET standing at the door. So liking close encounters when they're looking for volunteers to hate you wanna go on the ship them to school with them not doing that you would go to other that it wouldn't say it now case gulp big difference between volunteering and going on the an alien on and one being in your backyard and you. You know trying to introduce yourself to. Big difference. Mark on any spacecraft. Are you guys for coming out now what it out but who aren't as well as a done deal 6177797937. Scott's intrudes very case got to scare. Yeah they do it. Right after that technically or beat up on hope that it Saul Collins. Is not the yeah all right so now I the other covered this year having about. Beat you know ridiculous thing that I agree units to drive me crazy for years that he knew that you should best. You know you're special Weaver and the most what are you I'm sure. Michael I at all all of that Johnson got on listening closers are bad hockey you're doing great earned. And spirit drives managers creep into and honestly like the you to exit instantaneously. Equivalent be happy. You know are three hitters in the eighth inning when it really matter if you did this which is just changed her insane stat. Make them pay when it matters in this if the one through four guys who went to five guys are up in the eighth inning. Annually. You know wanted to return meter whatever it is if you bring a man and equaled about you still have the leading occurring in some. Other relievers to get rid of years 6789. Guys or whatever they are. And the same goes in the kind loose particular situations just change the. It's the right idea. The chances that yeah like that it may now make you guys feel better about I don't know but I'm unsafe at at least he's thinking that you know I like the way your your mind is working Scott now it is it likely to happen. Is baseball gonna change that saves that no probably not but even GMs are just looking at the saves that I don't so I don't. With all the advanced stats all the or are things that we're like yeah there Miller got a pretty good contract in any anti that was based office saves. I don't yet of what he had a year to reaction pretty good save numbers but. His most effectiveness was pitching in the fourth inning in the World Series in the fifth inning or what he's one of the higher paid. Relievers in the game and he's not a forty city you're. Okay then that's a that's a good point but I guess form for most guys you say. I've given you fifteen saves. I met my stuff this stealthy. And I'm a dominant against righty and lefties but at Apple's fifteen saves. They're generally not gonna get a huge contract like what are you. Here's setup guy sometimes you can close you can close cannot necessarily closed or. Look I'm gonna take gonna tell you about. Sounds similar to meet at least as of I don't follow wanna pay it DHL monetary need to yield means just hitter and a DH is a DH. If somebody who's going to be personal. Until pilot a terrible compares certain. One DH is gonna play a good one. 14950. And knowledge can do is hit. I mean what's the complaint and it will be a complaint when David Ortiz is eligible for the hall of fame. Well you know holding uttered by embodies everything in my in the ideology every day here. He's a position player but he he had eight very specific committees asked to do doesn't well buddies up and a close or has any specific I'll ask you about a DH a good DH. I don't know we've ever seen one year. It's going to be got a a third or fourth line ups who's going to be batting four or five times a game. Might even when you're a World Series or three. As opposed to a closer. Who's not there in the entire game was not their every night. Who's gonna give you at sixty O'Hair games. And you know like when you can't go over about 6065. Innings aren't I god get. Yeah right right there between 56 feet by getting Michael I'll give it did that whole scenario is successful. Like it was with Craig Kimbrel for instance I was successful literary what's your issue. If it works if it if it's duel on the job as an hour's worth doesn't all of your most of the time economic threw it out and it works like nine times out of ten how many how many saves that he have been critical situations. On any saves yeah. Last year by the rule the call for RIA are that's sort of the idea and I are what is the idea was that the reality and I do one run saves how many saves we have overall. Last year 3535. Of those 35. How many were you looking anything. I'm in so glad we got Kimberly game this is a very. Hairy. Situation Perry. 1012. In the Boca me I don't remember but sure America did you like that better than the odds got to listen on Friday. Okay yeah Alan we lose key element conversation out there there is doctors checked and there is good. We're committed by the way finished sixth in the American League in Cy Young vote to focus on man you must have been parent must have been better than you're given him credit that's a crushing it last year those. One and three strikeouts and innings or accuser he was good last year as well I'd I'd get your overall point late. How they're used to but that's sort of everybody that's also. How they develop these guys once they draft him whether their high school or college pitchers they go to the system and that's. Just what they're trying to do is what I feel good about it feel good about. Tony La Russa now being on staff the front office with the Red Sox. Because he was a game changer when it came to closers he kind of developed this animal that we have right now. But I think if if La Russa had continued to be active in the game he would come up with something else. That would have been an innovation so maybe in the front office he looked at it and says wedeman. I don't I did this it made sense when I when I had. A starter. Tech and tournament to a closer who was dominant that now makes sense to go in another direction hey Dave Dombrowski not to tell your young manager. Cora. Now all now John and clinical show little brother and all little I don't know of another coach always rather we can do it this way. Tony's in Bridgewater hate Tony. OK let's go opponent Tony. Technical questions Red Sox like that that the awards don't want brought up. It would you guys scored it'll guarantee that it is you know Aaron yeah now I can't go there I'm going to learn so that's. Rex. I speak podium that what what happens when they don't like Cheney's in all of the law also at all. We don't have to get rid of probably wrapped an incredible outfield right. So that's the accept this. Low level along I don't know why why that is certainly doesn't sound for its its money that's on. Marketable. Let's if you did JD marks the reason is gonna start you got you have too many guys are real are so it's an all or you DH him. Yeah DH him islands are handling out or in the first and then you're right that's more important as sort of audience what our quote while. Movies are now why can't. Go out. But he's not better but he's not better than anybody the Red Sox have in the outfield better than ten in a while and on the daily events and you let the great and left field I don't know he got somebody but you know what I would do Tony. You get fired up about this will play the first baseman DH and that he found that he would be an outfielder from me but. Will I ever watched art but the other thing I wanna several we're still fits with coral. Like we go to all of this guy's going to be an edit low cost up who says she's gonna be a great they don't know about. Because even if that's been edited that it necessarily. Know Nixon whipped with a Red Sox I wanted to change Deanna toward the dugout that's the biggest. I'm not look at our axes and holes stock like that what's the attitude you're looking for. A winning attitude of the team attitude you know whats the best that I mean he's. Are silos. I'm not I'm arguably the I'm I'm dead serious I don't know what what does a winning attitude me. Well let's elect John Farrell movie. He enabled these guys slashed almost page wanted things you can be able doubt. And he was like a side meteor it thinks like that and I. I don't stick this in sports that a manager in the in the Kohl speaking to expel them out to the wire. They didn't like each like pellets are a good group manages attitude reflects now. And last year it close on that he used to be able listing. I want I want scored a comment. And you know it's still little a little team. There's the planet OK okay in what Arctic are Tony. I am always wonder and am not argue with Tony I was here I want a winning attitude you what does that exactly mean they had last year. That winning attitude last year. In the playoffs. One division. Acted Activision titles and you fired demand they're very aggressive he thought he did that very aggressive on the base I didn't hear of Tony who are very big hole a little too aggressively focus on the negative side I heard. I don't know what I'm an elusive with Alex Cora you know they'll be off the island all of our bandwagon you know won't be that close it's close without the first time this is where I just separate from our managers. Okay here's a play at the plate. Guy went from second to home ran through a stop sign that and the manager says after the game you know. It took a perfect throw all I. A our major league baseball players ain't gonna tell me that a major leaguer did Major League things. That's why we watch Major League Baseball because we expect that. 6177797937. Is telephone number it's dale and Holley with teeth Sports Radio W media. I could here fellas were. Conspiring over their solid and sure we're doing here they were talking about you you know a dead end of the secret that they don't wanna hear the response. Andy go ahead and do from what we were talking about go ahead of that thing. We just bought it you sit in the last thing with a bomb which fund the patriots at. Well which phone was watching the defensive signals of the other team. More than fair I'll would have been the office. Do you go to this side of the wall. The special all of that yeah I've got just what. They're like we we liked the graduation rate for players in New England we're very hard right so did weapons more players if we would have no. The place. That would have been six or seven months of bubbles instead of Ottawa but we don't want. Yeah well on any bench would have been close like one that I think it'll settle you're not there. So please. It is and how. Aren't you waited too big. You go documents grow Willie. But yeah. Are there was. What. He's an idiot obviously we have not willing sample out I don't know I don't know Willie. I wouldn't call Willie an idiot from here let alone from right next to my son rod Parker yes I got this slide I got to get in debt. And any thoughts or valiant defense this again with lilies of defensive player yet that doesn't actually make. A whole lot of sense does it now. So why did Willie agreed to go on nation when he. Alana. It's good it would you go on with him and and they get the rank and a lot harder for it or hate it why don't you're right there very long I'll Wear it OK as long I ballpark I think I can handle it. So I ended woods the other. Locked mr. Annan discussed the wage stuff about the team being all I like that lets them. C'mon say our coaches it's a figure coach are based explosives he's never been in that locker room were never really shared back coach or understand. All the water got to create that culture Matlock rule. Amongst the players there's a certain amount of pressure that we created because we wanted players to play and be accountable and abuse certainly we have a lot of times that Locke ran. The teen and things that really get up to Belichick into the coaching staff and all that slow. It's a certain way I think you've got to conduct yourself. And you gotta have your business and you gotta have a certain work ethic. And they adhered to that and understand at a certain level that's expected. If you're free agency or a free agent or you're drafted you go you gotta you gotta you gotta fall alive because. This system in the machine was a certain way if you go and and you handle your business in your profession and you do your work you're gonna have a lot of fun like we had a lot of fun while. I'm films it's a great point by Willie I. Which charges remains it's an obvious one and a great one and I I should have brought it up earlier ruling Johnson. Was talking about playing for the patriots and I instinctively went to the coach inseparable he's absolutely right. And in running through the play and many patriots could back him up on this. You know during that time and they still have this in place I don't know who those guys are now maybe it's probably no Brady is one of them. Brady of course authorities now is one of crock I'm an hour album high tower. But when Willie was there it was really. It was heady. You know tied to higher to a degree. Those guys and and and Willie and tad he used to happen because they just sit across from each other and except by the door. So income Yankee bias so you come and it is looking you up and down the future about you're trying to leave them looking you up and down there all over you. And harassment love all of the Harrison story when he came from San Diego. He thought he had all the answers. And they start messing with them Willie and tap a Willie and Teddy were messing with them if you get him on board they kept saying in a nice way. I can't see on the radio yeah I think this is that San Diego. So I don't care what she did San Diego you're here now and we see something you rethink you could be. A leader. What you gotta do it our way to do at the San Diego way if they never want anything we want something and we wanna continue winning. So that's why it's so also goes back to the point where Elaine Johnson wouldn't want that even. Well it just made out of law that or is there a point out maybe her death from Chris Long or heard that from somebody yells and live for as long as my bet that probably areas because you for one year alone and wanted to leave our way may couldn't get out of town quick although blood came back. I don't blunt they get more funnier than in Pittsburgh. As a lesbian what he wanted to do was get away from Mike Tomlin and come back here but like you're not gonna ought not all 53 guys are gonna feel the same way not often teachers and day out I love going to work for the patriots I'm having a great time like. Some of the guys that might not have the contract that they want or might not have the role on the team that they want or whatever it is. That's gonna sort of dictate whether they think it's fun to be in the Wimbledon not worth the guys that are out there because the winning is there at the winning is there's a right away you should be having more fun. But if you don't like how you're being used that yet maybe you're gonna pout about let's give you one more McGinest talking about again as he said in the previous cut this is say a player driven thing not a coach driven thing. I don't know about. Worked locker room was referred to boom we had camaraderie night every week we will go while we different position groups like the linebackers who while the London sometime we bought the old line to the DBs were booked. Like we went out hung out with party all the would you wonderful ball games we we we we had those bidders we had those things amongst ourselves. And like you know electricity in the off season one cab recovery kept whatever from a working in a third hole sooner. There were hang about and was like mayor can take me and I got you got padding down make certain. He's not why. The appropriate would it all. A lot of different things like picking minute we've worked out. He was like wow this is really cool we walk in the lock will. All the guys are in a player willful ball there haven't funded talk today in what each other brought all the different guys Belichick helped him to lock rule. All the guys McDoogle whistle he walks through starts laughing they keep quiet if things keep happening. Like I don't understand like the perception. And I know it's it's because they've blocked out a lot. They ignore a lot of doors and they want people with being made there's certain. There's a certain way you gold bottle whatever when it becomes for the patriots it's not all business this game has to have fun. To sign a dollar an hour and a lot of and here's what I think it is okay stuff that. Let you hear stories sometimes like the up and we've seen video NFL films video on and they'll screw open drill and and Belichick will be swear an out and start all over again Alan and I write down in there doing pushups. He coaches them hard when they're on the practice field. He wants them do things the right way. Don't don't mess around here this has worked time do the drill properly let's get this get our work done let's do everything like we're supposed to do. And and guys like playing Johnson take that to meat or let's please like you're at every minute during. I thought I don't think that I think he knows better what Larry Johnson and many other players he's not alone he did say that well. What a lot of players think I don't think I don't wanna work at heart. I just don't want all get coached hard I don't wanna working coach or are they celebrate. Where man. The team like the Eagles in their dog masks and you know their third or fund their little fun way of doing business when they win and they say okay. C. We don't have to work. That hard to win a championship but do you think they work hard. You don't actually worked our growth really did work hard cadets I wonder I like some guys maybe at that maybe it's a little bit easier prettier and NFL team again a competent coach David there's not a lot of competent coaches. You still have to be in shape but you still have to work hard to mention good politely refrain. I wanna sacrifice as much as those guys and sacrifice that's probably I don't wanna have restraint. Wanna be able to say whatever I want us today. Without somebody televised through amid that that's part of it because a lot of it for them is not just. When you're practicing right not just on the field and I leave it had to book I say what am I allowed to say that's right and Chris Long very talkative guys that could be one that was and is thrilled Ochocinco all these are guys that. They wanna have this kind of personality but they wanted to have a a documentary series that comes out fifteen minutes at a time on FaceBook ones that you probably think that. All of which can yeah you can do well six commonwealth one dollar and anyway 6177797937. We read back to the calls that you've coming up next Sports Radio W media. I would rather have this and have that stolen base coach stand up there. Ball within but it is an ugly things about you talking about Bill Belichick in the it's good for the full cup short bodies of what the podium person for players who were going on it's all that it. But a lot of stuff aside people over the outfit that you talk about what he's still got the press conference. Don't we talk about the players and everything else or you'll have the bullet bullet for the do you good to talk about the players talk about what does that mean there is all the hope. If that's the worst thing you can talk about isn't that pretty much a good thing. You know. McGinest was fighting against an unarmed man they resonate yet rob Parker out of the body bags allowed. Segment every what is he gonna say yeah it poses big thing out from barker picnic really about second third as well as you press conference that's all I really think yeah. And you try to be nice about it there's a couple of people don't realize the body that was idiots like you would do what they don't realize that what else they talk about music. You're so focused on the east post game press conferences. Added that what that leads to. Tell you how much fun or lack of fund these guys are such a hatred. It'd look threatening your right hand and a guy like rob Parker so desperately hates Bill Belichick. And and by extension obviously Tom Brady are products answered Tom Brady bench that heat some called Tom Brady Lance Armstrong. That the bike there this all goes back to his hatred for the patriots success and the guy at the hell. And he just he ties himself up in knots. Gators try to find different ways to kind of poke holes in what they do and when you have a guy who was a big part of the team especially early on that he can just backed down each thing that you set it. And I guess it's I'll call only right when you sit there are debating with us skip or whoever else that's one thing where Melinda Guinness that merited. It's a little bit is how it was no fluke with little more difficult because you actually. You know there aren't out there are you cheated you as a vaccine out facts that aren't necessarily fact you have a guy who's got inside information. It may be out Parker did mean to do this but. As a result of that conversation we've got some good stuff from Willie mcginnis. Some really good. Inside information. About how they how they approach things and we will we already had a sense of some of that stuff. Will be able to see it lose some area of specials that the patriots have had that was good to hear that from Willy he's absolutely right that well. It doesn't happen doesn't it also rumored to talk about like you know the players and how some of them may be really vocal and how they they wanted to hockey look at all the players that were on that team. Did throughout the history of the pages but specifically say you know from all want to 07 or never. And you look at how many of armor in the media now like today said hey it's not gonna be all about me I'm not going to be. Saying a bunch of crazy stuff as while Mo player. But I'm William against the wanna work for the NFL network and Tedy Bruschi wealthiest yen Rodney Harrison and you know Damien Woody like all these guys have. Gotten jobs in the media they're able to say whatever they want but while they were a player is an art they got on board this is how we're gonna put and then so. They were just an extension of what coach Belichick wanted them to do and that's. One of the reasons why so success is it real. Bug I mean obviously those bugs some guys some guys wanna be able to say whatever they want me you know yeah I got a brand to build here and I'm I'm gonna be wacky and wild and I would think in in most cases for most guys OK fine and this makes that this makes likes it like simple I don't really think about it. I mean bill's giving us the talking points today. I did talk about anybody else I'll only talk about me I need to play better right now the guys I. Concentrate on my job more dating guys like Chris Long differ a year Martellus Bennett if there for years although he ended up coming back to them in a fell apart the hurt. But in certain guys might he'll do it then but. You know what Antonio Brown. I have a lot of fun here at what he would you buy into that or knock out Iranian he'd probably rather do his own thing in. And still have successfully probably would though it probably would have thought for a whole career. I think any again and afterwards units you were there Randy Moss is amazing but then now. You know the contract thing and that's not only fell apart at the end because of the contract option wasn't because of of -- -- -- -- what is advocates opera the contract is also can you -- never wanted to talk that's the funny thing right on out of there before and now you can't shut about it and never you never. This crazy about the media as a player anywhere but the contracts hat because you're dealing with the head coach is off the guy you're dealing with with the contracts it does come apple. Malcolm Butler we think they had something to do with a two columns are -- are they aren't we went almost I think updates like that I buy that take about dump that I didn't think I thought about this mystery though that's right that's the records at like we had to actually say like we had to give a cold it's a week when conceded the words the right with Ella and and and now all to be where there's got to be one Eminem or a B word what's got in one of those because the minute you say it and now immediately you know don't call Carlos what coach wouldn't want to. That means so with a Randy Moss you write it wasn't about hey we don't want you you know having a reality show and doing all these extra interviews but it was. Aren't addictive you'll figure contract some guys can handle that let others can and others could find if you're gonna. A way to the end Blake demo forty the most figured out at the end of the year and I'll get my money. Other guys ate it wears on amendment of having to get traded earlier and so that's also part of you know if they're able to fit in knowing. Do we expect. The room not changing a lot blustery now I want also to Iraq why would that happen well and there there was the thought that that at some point or another Bill Belichick may have some fences to mend in his own locker. I think so. I think those fences will be mended. And then you continued I didn't go to our usual after us and at at at and gets healthy. So in that in itself a change of not speak now does he explain himself much sometimes you just. Yes we know more than I would I finished my way to facilitate. This is what Dylan is not a new thing doesn't fly and he knows it means he's Smart out there understand that. Every player just knock on. It's gonna accept that and keep moving forward epic is to his benefit just to get out there because he doesn't. There's some resentment from some players wore on the roster. And we had a chance. We had a 2% 5% better chance to win Super Bowl you took that away from us by leaving Malcolm Butler dressed on the sideline. And all you Telus is again what was best for the team while we don't think so and that will just continue to come up unless it's dealt with got a deal with it. Problem I wouldn't say so S. Do you think he's reached out yet that team leader says he now we there was I I think Linda. Holiday. I tweeted out a picture which made it appear iffy if it's current. But they're off on some tropical island somewhere affirmed at end and I have no issues that by going but my point is I know we knew it was around the building we knew we had dinner at the obvious with Robert Kraft we knew we had long meetings with Josh McDaniels a long long meetings do you think at any point there was some sort of reach. From build to that the team leaders that I announce. I don't doubt about it a little off to a later. It is going to be different though because you know next time they meet as a team. There's going to be no Malcolm Butler there. And we'll see how much turnover there is a lot of guys. They see fit and bring back burner and your editor court defensive players were all there I think you will have to talk to all of us are learning now. I think everybody Stewart every organizations should just you get together to let that let them step out to get it out because if you look at. The product I try to parties for example 5 o'clock but once an hour. So Friday I just get that area out. Howard what what's your heart like festive let's undermine a fresh airing of grievances there get it out there. And then you can either get better or not. But if you look at if you look at Malcolm Butler and how we're talking about it a week later. Almost two weeks later. The players are doing. Only the players that are thinking about it guys we're gonna talk about combating of people there year we had withdrawn when I had to do that. Let hears it this is just. From February. Of 2018. Look at the other story that we haven't talked about much today. Every hour. Rail and still want it to grab. Are you won the championship. Years ago you left for Miami what was it six years ago. Oh yes thousands well yeah a 101213. Surrendered five sixers beat up from Miami. You're still. Talking about it and you're not here. And I can understand this because not not because you don't respect Paul Pierce. It's because you're afraid. Apollo you'll be received you don't wanna be embarrassed the very proud guy how these guys he's very proud you that are Prague and do you think she's very star pop. Who knows maybe maybe Rondo gets in the cold shoulder. May be it's awkward between he and the doc. Maybe Garnett pretends like he's still can't hear Mikey did that birthday Hal and I know where it goes over any and look at them as often that was six years ago because of the situation hang them because it has that been handled. They haven't aired it out. And you see. If you think that this thing has got to go away because. It's a new season and then. Tired of the September 2018. And you'd think about another Super Bowl around that time itself doesn't heal any day. Got to be communication. A giggle golf with George Lopez added our past and I totally honest. Half our solemn looking at the nth degree and fees and and that the posting here. And he says and I'm quoting here over the last few years I have been B rated lamb based it and had my name's smeared. You may not wanna hear this but I will always BA Celtic parentheses fact close parentheses. He he has taken some heat around here he hasn't had this rest has he been B rated land based it and had his name smear. Yes yes if you experience docks at this doc to guard Gary Washburn. Listen I think that's gonna happen rivers that have potential victory reunion. I did think it would have been great parade had been there but there's just angst right now and it raised defense. I don't out of upcoming I can tell you that because I talked to him personally. It is no piece you know it was the right time he related wanna take anything away from Paula be a distraction and you won't be and that's what we've got to convict him. If he would have been there the fans would have cheer for him that will happen eventually you've just got to figure out where docs right. Specially. Event that then I'm Richard from when all that. You know that that everybody misses was devoted to not have been there would should but but elegant dale this as a chance and Ray Allen. Struck only one who thinks of of things in these terms if you space or time on and sticker if you spend your time on Twitter. And you deal with the response there and you try to project that into the majority. Opinion you won't leave the house. Hester I don't think of elite you know I don't think everybody else look at what you do you think every time. You show up somewhere somebody's gonna have Sutton sarcastic to say. And that wasn't the audience that was in that crowd of talent that was one of the this this sounds dramatic but it's true. As one of the coolest things I've experienced from Boston being there on Sunday. I don't came in Monday's don't you love to play hard man I was you can't get emotional guys in the mostly should. I generated I was already number retirement I was thinking it and I've taken mr. part of the government like it here and there are. That's all of that alphabet is because that happens on the different accurately the very I. That's. It's like at Joseph I don't here tonight we actually I thought like yeah like. Explain this to my mind about. I. A 617779793. Settled back to your calls our final drive coming up at 545 thereabouts Dylan Hollywood keeps Sports Radio W media.