DHK - Patriots fan may need to start to worry about the future; Alien invasion in Keefer Madness

Dale & Keefe
Tuesday, February 13th

Hour 4: The BPD has given Holley the idea to tweet about Black History Month. The Patriots have offseason needs to address in free agency. Burleson doesn’t think they will make it back to the AFC Championship. Matt Patricia will do a fine job in Detroit, he is very much a player’s coach.


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Yeah to. Or even file our tail volley with the heat Sports Radio WEEI. And Michael the out Boston Police Department deaths in twelve noon since BP. For black history. And the two governing team they're ready as I get in trouble with their Twitter accounts. We don't know who runs the Twitter account are obviously concerned. The high ranking officer. Of what you between the I don't know who it is but they're making a lot of news in mandate tweet yesterday. That said in honor of hash tag Black History Month and we paid tribute to the Celtics legend red are back. For being the first NBA coach to draft a black player in 1950 field that all African American starting five in 1964. It's crazy thing about by not yet written the article in the NBA they. All black lineup was in 1964. Okay in in that line. Rule that is neat creatures they what did you name that line Obama to take a shot. Russell a shot pet fish. And how much you the rest are right. So I'm gonna go now this rusty look let's get the answer for this isn't actually up and take Richard a question that the backcourt is fine I'm missing a fifth. Welcome to get the case ominous day Casey Jones and Sam Johnson backcourt at a Midas. I'm an ago. Sat Sanders. At the war. On a goal Russell at the five. And I don't know why am gonna say Willie dolls but I don't know that correct they're willing dolls. Reminiscence about real obvious. I don't know them that all's. Sanders. EC Jones. Stands Ghazi got a Bill Russell he got bingo. Oh yeah great. Oh yes what at great questions and of the round of the week. In addition the story apartment six or also hire the league's first African American head coach Bill Russell. In 1966. It and there is a picture. Albright are back statue. With a Boston Police have on top of it. And then they got ridiculed it broke apart on its older they ultimately had to delete it and I apologize for. Hundred utter a did you see that at the time or did you see this after the fact I heard the heard about it or heard about. Everybody that there was not a very long. Yeah I'd say why I didn't I never solve the actual uttered I didn't see it but I heard about the what a disgrace it was how insulting was. And I and I just thought about it and I said well. This is black history this is part of black history now you're gonna say. If if the Boston Police Department or anybody else talking about black history is just gonna focus on white people black history that fit. Out in a bigger problem I think that's an issue seems wrong but I think the way it was phrased I don't I'd I did not and do not. Have a problem with some people do some African Americans do some African Americans don't. And I think we should hear from. You wanna doesn't most of all sides let's go at us Cedric Maxwell who was on early edition NBC sports Boston last night he is find the pre. How do you feel about there's about red. Originally being honored by the Boston Eddie Leonard Ross I have no problem will affect me Leo Mullen. The first day second day whatever it is this a cause this is not it's not black people's month is call Black History Month. And history of the league was moved because of grip are back. I don't even his farewell we get to what we're we're we're so politically correct that we go back here we. Take down which we which celebrates. His accomplishments. In Brussels accomplishments. Of what they did to. Make it gathered for all these people we tell at least the first black that you know how many people don't know that. Don't know those facts that ball sits up and said the first black head coach that the first black player that the first stormed out of blacks. I just it defies logic to me that we had this day and time I know we've got to be tribal. Because of may be what the president is doing right now in everybody has their own little place their stay in the it. But you do not have to be. The lack to be celebrated doomed like here's your mind is the consulate of which are. Max I don't I don't think the issue is celebrating radar back because everything you said was true. I do find it interesting that the first person they tweet about during Black History Month happens to be a white guy and so B model brother was the first. No I don't worry third every tweet tweet about Bill Russell. The second well was our back in the old elevated for some reason re tweet again about Russell would have been in that case I don't I don't have a problem with the so that's kind of Draper Lou reloaded yet Jerry tang at the beginning. Actually it. Out so great I don't buy back argument kind of different I think I don't edit how to get it out and out the first one's always a person I don't have a problem running that is good well it's also it's anything if the ranking like here's the most important kettle Black History Month I don't give. And they're not doing one person today that they just happened it was February. 2 to be their 3 February 3 overall originally had Bill Russell I'm sure they got they got. Not much reaction to that get reaction off the controversy. Unfortunately. But anyway Tito Jackson he was on radio station early today was candidate for mayor city councilor. And I like this clip unlike the a number five fellows Tito Jackson. As somebody who was obviously quickly critical of the tweet should have been taken down immediately or is this something that becomes a leaping off point for discussion. What are one country it does become a leaping off point for discussion Olympic it. It becomes a leaping off point for the Russians won the all complete apartment if not a reflection of on movie. And actually that's discussion that we should be content without. You have organization that has nearly twenty car part people and they don't plan out what each. No had a conversation about who who who you are should honor over the course of are lectures tomorrow on wait a Christian walk out of the year. So why do we have a meeting to say I should take while we honor the first one here where we are social all we've apartment or trigger triggered this out. It gives that amount to me that Obama would make. Missteps. Are are increasingly able to represent the whole city most. I think guys are actually an excellent point from Tito Jackson. And several. It is a question I have to. What is there what is their policy will what feared Twitter tweeting rotation they tweet. Just when the spirit moves them to the tweet out on on certain dates. Did. They have some bodies they have yet to say it's wore white people parties to six month average winter is Twitter based what do from the Boston Police Department okay if not Twitter from. That's where I'm going to get you know I've Black History Month history lesson you. What I say they are probably better places than a Twitter account I myopic it wouldn't necessarily go there this that this that this is the Twitter account. And the Boston Police have been doing I'm not Jane down mulling the option on the Labor Day or do anything they didn't have to even they put weak but internationally and they did. So don't take what you step into that arena. Now that there's an expectation but this is why I think it's also great point from from Tito tactics I don't know what their policy is. But you. Rich keep yes have inspired me good at this conversation I can't say that I'd like conversations are good too many people talk about policy and the national arena. Court just screaming at each others tired. They're really not about and that's good. And nobody's listening draw screaming at each other yelling yelling yelling yelling and walk away he say that person is an a hole and personalities as Jon and each other okay that's not. That's taken us anywhere. And I say that I don't. You are are considerably and so the report but a fact it was edged just got to be careful. So and instead of screaming. At each other. Probably have a conversation. In lead to something productive and when you were talking about. How what what they could have done the Boston Police Department earlier in the show you gave me an idea and I'm gonna start doing starting tomorrow or tonight. This every day it something out on optometry jutting out yes that is relevant to Boston and black history some of the stories will be known. Some of them will some of them will be unknown there are a lot of very credible people. Who who are living in the city creating history who did live in the city. Created history some people or our our have moved on. I'm no longer with us. And some are right down the street from you and they're doing incredible stuff and you may not even know. Not to tell you how to how to do a pretty can also provide links maybe get further reading on narrow places to go where articulate what's so much NetSuite so that people really wanna learn more in that department with -- -- and more comfortable with 140 characters to enforce our gutsy lady who radian for too much history business history now that's a that's provide a link in the regularly play Italy and let him go over the priority objective I mentioned people screaming at each other they actually didn't do it this time but dobbs first take Stephen A Smith. He had take on the Boston Police three. That we but wasn't discipline is disgraceful I can appreciate what radar back meant to the game of basketball I appreciate opportunities he gave. African Americans work 404 of them to do that. Awful Black History Month. It's an insult to black people. That's one make sure that unclear about don't prefer. Too cute movie in these times politically. The wave that comes off whether it was intended or not and let's give them the benefit of the doubt see it wasn't intended that OK but the way it comes off is trolling. But particularly from law enforcement. Particularly in a place with a reputation. Deserved or not like Boston. On Black History Month to show a white coach and talk about the contributions he made it feels like I'm Schwartz who many trolling. And more importantly he gives that impression that you have this insatiable appetite. To celebrate someone white as opposed to someone black which is what can just go with is one of the reasons while we have such a big divide and a nation way to go. I don't think that the tweet was disgraceful. And that is very carrier over overstepping out and I also think this wasn't. If they haven't read our backs we generally just celebrate read our back the number of granting agencies wanting that but that that tweet specifically is talking about. His impasse. Packed as it relates to. Black history with the with the player drafted with the all fox Carolina and hiring a head coach it wasn't. Here's Larry games red wine and like let's take a look at read like that that wasn't what it was about. But obviously the Boston Police felt that either they felt that they screwed up or are enough people are gonna pressure on how can they are deleted it. I think it was just the pressure is the pressure now of these things if any get going quickly. Once somebody and there's there's some some some points some touch points you get to. Where you've got to say some you've got to back off once you were called. Or racist or racially insensitive. By now if you're called day sexist or you're you're you're one of those guys you know how do you really hear what the your your part of the meat to movement. And you are on the wrong side of it. You've got to do something yet act quickly at just the waiting is it gets going quickly. And and you Clark had a take a pause in saint ligament loose and let me explain it to you. This is being misinterpreted no homes you know if you move into fast has moved its move into too fast for context. Is moving too fast for a nice little sit down a town hall meeting no time for that C got to act. In the Boston Police acted quickly about the police department acted quickly and said they were sorry and he took it down. So we could taker thoughts on this if you wanna get in here we have a keeper madness. My leader like this key for bad service here that has revisited it is sort of we have won enough about fifteen minutes coming up. Also a former NFL player now a member of the media would they really. Hot take on the patriots in what they're going to be doing next season how far they're gonna go next season at all of that coming back as well yeah. Hello Michael if you checked the Boston Bruins official Twitter account. You will find that you may have been pretty accurate here. Vote over mr. cherries is tired so grapes grapes turned. Tone it down for that I have solid black suit boy ate my striped shirt gray striped and Aaron. They're yellow Bruins coach wants Dale's Grasso the outlandish and I try to keep up with god. Jerry you may change human you know first intermission and me he may put something else on. I rolled right back sports rated W media. They'll I would keep Sports Radio WEEI tail off for bruins' three game fees and flames tonight over at the garden Becky for madness coming up about ten minutes from now. Nate Burleson and former low watt receiver now of the NFL network and yes CBS pregame yes yes I think is usually the only ones I've heard say this about next year's during the pitchers to. Which team are we he's likely to see playing in championship round next season that duke so I've persists in leaving. Guys getting older there's a little bit of that disconnect it just saying. This almost this bad news completely this year for her reports that Belichick Brady craft were on the same page. Josh announced almost flat moved Deon Lewis might end up leaving this all these different pieces that are not going to be the same self. For the first time in a long time existed doesn't send Morocco soon impacts in the again. Personally ideological signaling them paths yet yes or a jumps out it affects the New England packed yet. If you slap the New England on almost always got to take it any I don't think I've ever in my nationally. Called them the path. Now that's that's kind of our thing we had to say we see the pack says parents knowing him past the New England that scenario if you've ever confident. Editorial about pat. Knowing that he's saying that they're not gonna make the AFC championship. And a seven straight years he San. Next year they they want to because because Jacksonville. Against Jacksonville and Pittsburgh Pittsburgh. He took the whole thing was was blown up I was about to disband and all of the whole thing almost blew up. Patricia left a gain of almost lot of debt is almost like he's back he did in the and I don't think Dion Lewis gonna leave. Money doesn't and he should while he does but he's gonna get it in at running back ironic a lot of money. And that it hits kind of running back and he thought the cut back where a team which say yeah a regular 220 Tony times a game. And he's got a carriers. Is either part of a running back stable and that I think he's very good but he's one of those guys where. He's he's he's he's a cleaner. Is that gonna make a ton of money. On the open market had just don't think so now. Probably and he's an injury risk. He has used it was surprising how healthy was being globally the registered career he'll be viewed that way that most of the pitchers on line there's some guys there that while they could say healthy they're there all that but. Or how you would bet against them with a Brady and Belichick along coming back. Ron I know he's met on the go that like his best that would Diego and prompt I don't look back in and maybe you know they're they're not committed. I think they are at our David Vegas favorite to win the Super Bowl they are again so I. You can also go not only drunk. The possibility of losing ground you know you're gonna lose Malcolm butler's well that's right welcome butler's guards in another quarterback your OM one without Butler. This past season guy didn't play couldn't win a game without Malkin without. Some don't think about kick out or probable that high tower coming back here gentlemen coming back. I think they're going to be soon gathered relieve the of the reigning MVP of the league. And if you're missing one of your best offensive players of one of your best defense of players. And so Matt Patricia. A nice defensive coordinator rate gliding glad you're here for this time but I don't think that's going to be the difference of them being the best team in the league. And them for the first time in bowl B eight years falling short losing in a while part of the divisional round. Go witness sees the V favorites when they just they are ready yet there's a whole game right back in the AFC east. At least of home game and a wildcard. Round but most likely number one or number two seed which they usually do right. Yeah I don't I don't see that things fall apart just yet not yet. But sooner rather than later resident Tommy current been talking about life not ask us about he had if they don't charge on had to call mullis he turned on. Matt Patricia. Now during a deterrent on I've got to tell if he's never really rebellious and he's not a that he hasn't been a fan. But before the before the playoffs started he was saying that this is not the most talented patriots team the teams at that counted on average player average player coaching offense now. So there coax them they make some Super Bowl they got a top five defense on a bit in points allowed. They give up 41 points in the Super Bowl. And he says well look at this guy's a great coach they gave up 41 points and who probe possible element how they get there. I went ahead guys about is a bunch average talent just Hannity all their way right well and I don't think he likes the way answers questions I think that's what it comes to big event of the news conference calls he's not a fan of there's a lot of press conferences for the Barbara asking him you know weeks and weeks ago when you know we thought mcdaniels going the colts like who who would be better who's the better spot in auto stuff. And team did not expect Patricia to be successful coaching Patricia will be because he's got actually quarterback is quarterback he's and it's against teams that terrible. Race you don't have to gimmick defense a little bit better he's in good shape Jim Caldwell was fired with me. Winning record it is and seven a share of cynical but overall yeah I'm a Detroit yeah I had a winning record no playoff ones all right. I don't think so yet to Torre c'mon other extras must be real investors thus legally get a win a playoff game and now Patricia is gonna look like. Wayne fonts there was a stat about victory and I hope it's still true but years ago that was hilarious. Mitch album. Of sports reporters author of Bob a great book called fab five fab five that book no opportunity Tuesday's would Mori also wrote Tuesday as of or that I did because I read fab five and I loved it so much yet to reach these. You didn't like you're my weight of its best angle went into extras lever. And about more room at the code as it is definitely. The more I did not like that look up monstrosity. I thought I would I'd be back here for. Not for me big time with others care for other. Is it though thank you as well Mitch album once. Maybe he was working for the Detroit Free Press he still made I don't know. But yeah he wrote that one thing that hears that. Once a guy gets fired from a line. He never returns again. I go lions coaches what are the what the leading your debt at all I've really your done so. I think they're. I Wayne follow us on the great ones Bobby rods the and Jimmy shoe awards yeah I've never had coaches again. I'll get to that they're still being leader Schwartz is in the league but like not a head coach Steve Mariucci. Now it's his last job or get off. Jim Caldwell. Would we miss another one in there and got a call somebody in there but that's a pretty good what it's like the black hole when you act like you. You go very fair that every if you can't make it work in Detroit I guess destroy the club guy who took the win. Who grew out past the double overtime one's name Marty Marty morning Marty's going my way it is there for two years there. So that's about these are Bobby Ross purity says it supports. All rob Merritt Alley where rob Merritt Island okay. Matt Patricia Allen admiral and a call made the playoffs two out of four yours there are some Patricia at least estimate the playoffs and three winning seasons Patricia win the Patricia is a you have thought you'd be got a big head coach. I do. This is me his I want arrows guys. He. And I'll know he will be a failure he goes in the Detroit media says this guy's districts are they dislike shut this down the thought that he'd try to be bad guys get a post acquire I don't think he will be. Ed the pencil on the year at a press conference people really the joy that what he's not a landfall and bodies had the pencil as a defensive coordinator here yes and they'll concerts he's a guy who really. Okay the rocket is not the next he's not the next Belichick says hold on account Telus had unfair that that takes him down the Belichick road. Belichick very Smart so as Patricia. Here's the difference I'd say Patricia is more of a more of an extrovert. More of a people person than Belichick and the Belichick can't connect with people because he can't be cad but for now wants to view yeah it's he's sort of medical officer that's like that's his bedrock commitment that's what he's about. Just really having good relationships with players. And so suddenly go back in April since points and how the whole thing almost pull up and in the case that all the really just losing Patricia of their heart and have our rails back I was in knocking them Malcolm Butler. But authorities coming off an all pro season if it's his worst regular season he's had in the last three years there and hearing as is worse it is where season as a patriot. Yet it was still or is probably that's fine I see you as a starting corner in the league but he is not somebody that you were you were thrilled would Gillmor passed the body by the end of the year used the better corner I think I don't know other guys somebody tell me pro football focus had him nine number 68 or something like that the league Butler. That's solidified her arm but I feel like they got through it but read three starting corners is three quarters is really what I guess that's what I also throw out the pro football focus rankings where it doesn't help my argument right I don't know what I can make our average sales and I appreciate the honesty that I'm right there are no they're too so they'll go out another quarter though they'll out of running back they'll bring back young Lewis hopefully we'll get an athletic linebacker in the draft backup quarterback and boom there's your offseason. Eric in a winner caller earlier asked you know we'll Josh McDaniels be able to weigh in on some of the draft picks. Arnold all the sudden. He's NB a draft who related to let him in the room well delta said open opens world hoping opens the door it's open on the world so you gotta be in there for that this would open opened my world view but stickam in this room how would you feel anybody. Besides your wife says I want opened my world to you. Personal love like that that's for sure I can actually. Crustacean that that with just an about it that would be tremendous I don't know how I'd respond to anybody seductive and the and I'm bitterly Harold and I like viral. And then then it's a deeper conversation. What by god to make you think. That what he. Open up your world to me I like boundaries tonight in a baby I think we need to talk to keep it to yourself that you misread us. Memory and I think something I want to tell you every you know I have. Everything about him he's been so. Sometimes I'm awkward and they get maybe it is a bad or wrong way. Yeah I don't even like texting people let alone having a hole opened up the world. It outs chorus at the same thing today he did. If not was he brought think kinda busy being ironic that I didn't read that quote as saying that he he's giving his approach neglected yankees. Tweet was. The. A body is saying. Shining shimmering splendid day yet which is actually the sun there but he cannot do that but anyway patriots and it's attributed to make sure I say yes. Pictures and read a lot to change your background and in April and just on with a with a hot take there aren't that down and and free agency we ever talk about draft picks and oh yes right. Makes a moves in free agency and so some money to play with give Tom Brady new contract ready. It under contract right. I heard in fact he passed two hours ago OK Larry gets is the most of that is I don't know what Austral wasn't most of the laws to adopt them. You know roughly OK yeah so he gets a new contract though. You play around with that money a little bit create some more space and so over pre tax laws that are we have a very special key for madness. And it comes your way and exports are you WEEI. Final drive today keeper Matt has brought to you by air arrest restoration specialists if you manage the facility and did not receive the frozen weather service you needed for pipes or floods. Becoming an RS restoration specialist priority service clients today learn more errant serve dot com it's also brought to buy cars for kids. Go to your card up the child today is get your free pick up an 877 cars for kids or cars for kids dot com. Yes I'm ready to keep her madness. Racked up one up directly for medicines he had talked about ducks wearing clothes and stuff what did you say it's gonna be like reefer madness. Good deal of rebuild of the men and I think I hate hate. So he's just gotten a lot. I don't think this is one of the strongest segments. Let me tell you something I played high level myself. Being. And I send me naked pictures and I can yet on the World Series. I was doing you'll go you know she happened to anchored around out there go right Tuesday Kiefer madman let's get a let's get short Michael of a keeper madness revisit it would go back to the same show their exit interviews that we had. A few months back there was a woman that. Who love me sweet love to ghosts puppy yeah Meredith are currently. She made love to ghost yet she never saw the ghosts. A classic ghost yet she'd go into the it's going to a certain room others assert. If if so fitness. Oh to display what handle that and timely. Weightless is is way. But wait list that does matter I don't think most. If you wanna be described that way. Definitely weightless during the actor no Olympic weightless no that's not an hour ago ads are compliment to me now to interviewers. From. From a England that they were angry people come back on the program to date. So this these or bag and also a man eager to hear from they are back with a story maybe more interest not post this time. We deal with a little bit different to you all fuss is leaning counties was the agent right what what happened. Alien encounter talking and older gentleman they're different locations. So they're doing their show from one in this guy. With the New York City background her final words from world later on. But a ambulance we're dealing that encounter that's right when he was eight was when he first. And count and two in early or dark green counters or interactions. You're gonna I'm OK here we go all right. Well I was. Living on a farm. And I was behind a barn playing at the base of the tree. And I heard someone say that David behind issue. And I turned around and there was this little hairy guy coming out of the woods the way forward. Okay see you know what that and could debate and its. When they let the little area while I'd say well I'll ask you what would you do you heard somebody call in a decade yeah. Turn around Crandall hairy guy. Would you lose weight and say it was without I don't. I if that had become I think you look I don't know each other -- not to get out that I might add a terrible question but that's a waste that time did you by the does get out I'd probably Ronald got you got out of rob I would do the same thing yet and I turned around and there was this little hairy guys coming out of the woods the way toward me. And his eyes were allowed to blow away. Classic alien by the way glowing guys in glowing guys he was. Was married and charging toward a new little hairy little hairy guys who have been much maybe it could have been. Whose the whose income Robert. And he scared the hell out I didn't know what to think horse scared very scared so I scrambled back. And I ran to the ball on another look back and he was. Turkey had turned and was going back into the woods. Ego and outlet that day I still remember that and I went back out in the barn. I still won't be remembered as a way yeah you can never forget how could you know what day of it slipped your mind Arctic are about to the barn. He probably left something there. The Orioles a different area of the military guys trade human being tree no no. Well are probably things in my eight years old and yeah inquisitive he's in inquisitive mind I think you know we talked about moving back to your kid here. You don't wanna move that point to go wanna move yet you know. And I was looking at the edge of the trees. And certainly the little hairy guys stepped out from behind the tree. Then outran them. This was the beginning of many encounters. With many different kinds of aliens. Yes that's right. What's amazing about society what's that art that you could be it could be driving along and could be on the bus on the train. You think. Hey you're having. A similar experience. They're not the people right you're not near not severely by having different experiences terrain and folks out there and interesting gentlemen all sorts of things running through their my that's correct. I'm one of them at one of the day is that can't seem picking the tainted says it to have a relationship with this wasn't just for you lost to Virginia if you didn't seem well. Let others. Get this gentleman I had sex with aliens. Has had sex avail and it's what he's. But that he's about. And he lost his virginity wouldn't seventies a matter at eight the courtship began when he was they and then when he was seventeen. He embedded wanna deal is. Speaking euphemistically minorities I actually talking about it sent real novice and I tegra aliens yet the people probably is day you know going over there. History node IRL based. Obviously yeah yeah on that activity and I think the fact that I. I can't see you picking the tainted says it to have a relationship with this wasn't just for your loss to Virginia if you didn't seem. Yes I've yet but I'm and they and they say this is crescent the BA inquest yes. The alien is named crescent she's a female alien you what are you gonna learn years he. He's a very good artists this gentleman and he will. Paint or draw some of the. What you see them aliens aren't here the BA in press yes he wasn't. There Wright little and Henry like to guide you've seen before this is this is that it looked at different forma de what does she look like. Well she has. I think she wears a wig I'm not really sure but she has black hair because that's. We've he's banged his failure reviews and you know what would you looks like well he thinks she has black there and I think he's going to be away he's a crackdown. It's sweet love is love is my guess lovemaking and a or large black guys. And Miller's goal of what that. The first time all these guys go wage also got. A large black guys I have I am very pale face. The humor the body looks quite human. Yeah and they'll think she has run along fingernails. Long fingernails on broker. Is in week. They guys. Pale and long and overthrew the picture of the aliens say that he didn't and yes how are you hated your pain that he shared yeah. Why why why do you think an alien would Wear a week. I think bush that it reasons. Okay you've you've painted hundreds of pictures of of your encounters with they would be getting some of them terribly graphic that you pet. He paints naked pictures of the and that's eroded terribly terribly graphic and do you have and he tweeted that are here. If he's effort he's still working okay effort you're gonna get a good look at that. We the end and some of them terribly graphic that you have painted guys like slave ship and he said that you follow the hundreds of aliens. Baby laps he's fathered all worked hundreds. Or alien base I think need to be more responsible and who figured they. While they. They put him on the ship. And they stack them up there in light cases that religiously. The babies that in the area it paving oddities that they stacked on top each other in like these like clear cases you can see him. They look a lot like doing. Here are some of the that he. I and they show you them. Yes why do you think they chase. I'll wait a minute well. What awarded her what I noticed Barack judge that is extremely white man you always bodies and disrespectful piano like wow. I would have stopped the interview right nobody answered the question that you wealth. That's guy he works in the deli counter and help locating new agency what what what is it about you. I don't know maybe it was just because I was a little kid playing at the base of a tree. Aren't confident enough not back about me and I don't accept that answer. Unless the team today ninety telling everyone what they let liken that they come and visit you I mean why don't need to send themselves to everybody you know that's something out of luck you know. Have you lost them. You know I have a disliked I must always have for reason and I would do whatever they yes. Mean do you we got that yet hundreds of kids. Got pretty clear with a do you still see crescent. I saw her about 45 months ago. Oh well we just showed a picture of what they did that apple. So hit bit of color of the vehicle similar to the human form any pain in the news that it blurt out. There's one question in the NASCAR what's the novices he has relationships with alien craft. What happens that you don't you never know let's say it's a random encounter. What happens if he starts to date somebody at the deli you know somebody at work cure. How will hate taking is it is an open relationship we think it is yen. I don't know are they bound by the same. So life. Decorum there like Harry here and there killing our I don't know and can't date me and her I don't it doesn't have arrangement now I don't think so. You think about looking at sunset at instead of in the touring had did you pay lots of pictures of them why why don't take effect and then it's pretty. I did. I don't know I I just never how's that. That's him getting busted. I can tape I Larry Johnson would be right you know because you Dina for us next time you say one yes. If that's hand yet to ever tell you honestly tell me about it before and yeah I'll do it. Because you're seventy full now if that's any encounter at the ages of eight. Let's say they you know then you know you spent Seacrest and remain until the very well now on and on any sort of relationship you might like a little sort of keepsake look at little picture volume that. Corporate I think yes. And thank you very much for joining us today David if it's lovely sunny days are facing a wait we wait for the fight takes a variety of anything you recommend this to get logged. He could tell she can keep a close down with the ultra. So this really bags which today answered this question the age old question Michael more realistic having sex with a ghost. For aliens. What do you believe more. Or do you believe combo. Well rewards Brodeur and I don't know about that I'll organizers politicos woman had a week. That's her boyfriend saw the coasts through our window report predicts ago as a neighbor workers are in favor of the I think aliens. Morally nor can trust him. It goes about his eyes and I turned around and there was this little Harry got coming out of the woods for weight toward. I know that. It because the showed that we've recently though questions dale holly WEEI and it picture of the unit nosy and honest with those hot alien two Rossi. O'Keefe and. I see you here over the the Owhali a Twitter account what like that you or her brother liked it to work I know this won't do it supposedly cared for rewards. Cry a lot about the HK that's where we're working here and now rush Hannity and I T shirts about turnout as they I love the show. I've dropped that can. That's a little out of your way don't quit and I had a hand in hand yeah not a wit might. That's what you heard that the manager's attention through the the top there I think cells and that anything over the importance of anything else going on how they're not I don't think so art that's gonna do for us we are all back tomorrow. Starting at two Mott is in next I'll be here for the that first hour. So go nowhere.